Chengdu Xindu District completed the risk of risk census survey

As of October 26 this year, Chengdu Xinshu District took the lead in completing the family disaster reduction capacity of the regional risk census system. The new capital emergency system risk census survey stage fill the rate, quality inspection rate, and audit rates are 100%, and in time, the census data is reported, followed by provincial and municipal requirements and standards, and all work indicators are in the forefront of the city. On February 20 this year, the relevant notice was issued in the new capital, and the regional risk census leadership team confirmed the work requirements and job responsibilities of participants, and prepared the first national natural disaster comprehensive risk census in the new capital. Solutions and implementations. The Census Leading Group requested that all relevant units clearly referred to the disaster risk and hidden risks in the district, and identified key regions and disaster relief. Risk census is mainly divided into two works in work.

The industry is mainly through organizing industry departments, town (street), villages (communities) and filling the unit staff training, opening adjustment, progress, access archives, telephone query Q & A, sending letter, data quality inspection, computer-end data entry And the stamp data is organized, etc .; the maintenance work mainly includes the use of mobile app to conduct on-site fill in the unit space zoning editorial verification and positioning, unit information on-site verification, field advocacy, on-site guidance training. At the same time, members of the regional risk census leading group actively participated in the national risk census technical regulations for the national and Chengdu Census Office, grasping national requirements and standards, and correcting working ideas and methods in a timely manner, clarifying responsibility, division of labor, and The time node ensures that the census investigation is solid and orderly.

At present, the Xinzu District Census Office has completed 468 investigations, total collection data 11555, involving schools, medical institutions, public cultural places, A-level tourist scenic spots, etc .; completing 335 surveys of government disaster reduction capacity, total collection 5122 data, involving 9 government disaster management capabilities (involving 9 industries), government full-time and enterprise firefighting teams and 5 equipment, disaster relief materials reserves (points), 123 emergency refuge places, social organizations Ability of 5 disaster reduction capacity data and community (village) disaster reduction capacity data and community (village) disaster reduction ability; 1417 household disaster reduction capacity investigations involving 29 communities (villages), and completed 3,8070 filled data.

In terms of historical natural disasters, the 1981-2020 flood disasters, earthquakes, etc. in the national prefabricated new capital, the seismic disaster information, etc. The way, independently fills 713 surveys of historical disasters during the period of 1978 and 2020, including 130 general information, involving the drought, floods, typhoon, wind, low temperature frozen disasters, earthquakes, etc. 9269 . In terms of work in the work, 22 harvesting companies, 73 refueling stations, 123 emergency refuge sites, including data confirmation, geographic space graphics, and on-site, line, facing calibration, Relevant information on major hazardous sources in the region is verified.

Assist industry departments to lay out on field findings, including 20 schools, more than 20 hospitals, 5 commercial complexes.

In order to improve the risk management capabilities of the disaster in the disaster, the district generally combined with wind prevention and mitigation publicity work, through the interpretation of the household, hanging publicity banners, publicity manuals, postparts posters, etc. Citizens publicize earthquake, floods, heavy rains and other disasters and self-help mutual rescue basic knowledge, leading to the main methods of natural disasters, grasp emergency risk, and improve the risk of natural disasters.

The new capital risk census leadership team is required to actively create a good disaster prevention and mitigation atmosphere, innovate the national risk census investigation work in the new capital, popularize the promotion of national disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge and disaster relief skills, and create a good atmosphere of national participation, Improve residents’ disaster risk prevention awareness and ability.

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Changzhou District: Innovation "Five Long" Party Member Model Concentration Community Governance

In recent years, Changzhou District, Zhangzhou City, in the promotion of the residential community, and actively construct a new model of "five long" governance, promotion of residential government, advocating the rule of law, and party groups. "Integration, let the people become" watchers "from" bystanders ", become" big chorus "from" Direct Opera ", and focus on solving the troubles, troublesome, worry, and activate the" nerve ending "of urban governance. Creating a service-based grassroots party organization, opening the party organization to the "last meter" of the people. It is preferred that the "five long" party members, the savings reserve power is leading the community party branch, and the online mobilization of the military will transfer the cadres, retiring the soldiers, retired old cadres and enthusiasm have the ability to have a strong party member center, and then according to the ability "Four" standards with prestige, have a warmth, and enthusiasm, through the bright identity, self-recommended, music to promote the masses, dare to take the superior selection, etc. Missionary captain, the "five long" party members and other "five long" party members, etc., for the positioning of the main function of the community, establish a list of "five long" party members, find the "five long" party members’ function "coordinates". At present, there is preferable More than 1,000 five-year-old party members, through "bright identity, bright vital responsibility, bright commitment" three bright activities, the above wall form brightly "five long" party members responsibilities, service scope, contact objects, specific measures, tailor-made sunscreen service Commitment, let residents recognize, find, and simultaneously detect the community party members of the enthusiastic community, a total of 568 residents, establish a "five long" team reserve library, and do a good job in "biopsy".

Linkage multi-party participation, realize the organization to jointly intensively, establish a joint conference system, relying on the "Democratic Reception Office", the Community Party Organization, the Community Party Member, Resident Representative, Ownership Committee And the person in charge of the property service company, highlight "Everyone has said that the requirements for the construction, management, and service". With the "five long" party members, play the "five long" party members, establish a volunteer service station, form the neighborhood volunteer service team, leading various volunteer service organizations, and organize "all five solutions" "love "The new era" "Love Civilization Practice Class" "Love Parenting" "Love" and other public welfare service activities, "the month has the theme, Zhou Zi activities, Japan have fun". Continuously deepening party members to the community "double newspapers" activities, promote party members such as judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, teachers, doctors to participate in the community service, and guide them to participate in cracking governance problems.

Since this year, with the assistance of various community volunteering organizations, 387 neighborhoods in the community living area were successfully mediated, which greatly promoted the harmonious coexistence of neighborhood relations.

Implementing the basic guarantee, inspiring the "five long" vitality to take property deployment, transformation, lease, etc. Service venue.

At present, there are 36 seats in Changzhou District, street, community, community, community, community, community, set, improved the party members, mediation, Xuan classroom, neighborhood center, with a total area of ??18,257 square meters. Actively integrate property enterprises, street headquarters team, double reporting unit, love business and other resource power, joint two new party organizations to help, oversee integration of all kinds of policies, funds, resources, projects, first implementation of community office Fund, activity funds, special support funds for public welfare undertakings, opened "five long" party membership work account, through financial, residents raised a point, social donation, "three one" approach, accumulated funds 100 Ten thousand yuan, providing strong support for "five long" party members to carry out activities and services.

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De eerste drie kwartalen van de bewoners die in de lijst zijn geplaatst: Jiangsu en andere 9 provincies rennen om "National Line" te winnen

9 Provinciale bewoners Het wegwerpinkomen heeft het nationale gemiddelde getal National Bureau of Statistics overschreden, kondigde de gegevens, de eerste drie kwartalen, het wegwerpinkomen per hoofd van de bevolking van de nationale inwoners bedroeg 26.265 yuan, die in dezelfde periode van het voorgaande jaar verhoogd, prijsfactoren in mindering is gebracht , en werkelijke groei%.

Contrast "National Line", Shanghai, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong en Liaoning, de mensen mogen het land domineren. Onder hen is het wegwerpinkomen van de Capita van Shanghai-bewoners 5.8907 yuan, en het wegwerpinkomen per hoofd van de bevolking van Peking is 56.498 Yuan, wat meer dan tweemaal het gemiddelde van het nationale gemiddelde is! "De oude drie" Zhejiang wordt gevolgd, het disposable inkomen per hoofd van 44712 ??van 44712 ??in de eerste drie kwartalen; Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian 4 provincies "30.000 yuan club", het disposa-inkomen per hoofd van de eerste drie Kwartalen is 37572 yuan, 36227 yuan, 35694 yuan en 31781 yuan.

Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Inner Mongoli?, Anhui, Hunan, Hainan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hebei 12 provincies per hoofd van de bevolking meer dan 20.000 yuan; de resterende 12 provincies in de eerste drie kwartieren van de inwoners van de inwoners van de inwoners van de inwoners van de inwoners van de inwoners 15.000 yuan -20000 yuan interval.

China NIEUWE Jingwei merkte ook op dat Tibet, Hubei, Yunnan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guizhou, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang en Fujian 13 provincies, het door de bevolking van het hoofd van de bevolking van bewoners, jaar-op-jaar groei , overtrof het land.

Onder hen, Tibet, Hubei en Yunnan 3-provincies gerangschikt in de top drie.

Bronnen van looninkomen zijn gegroeid in overeenstemming met de bron van inkomsten, inclusief looninkomen, netto-inkomsten, netto-inkomsten en het netto-inkomen overdragen. Volgens het National Bureau of Statistics is de salaris-inkomsten per hoofd van de bevolking van nationale inwoners in de eerste drie kwartalen 14.917 yuan, de naam verhoogt%, goedkeuring van het aandeel per hoofd van de bevolking per hoofd van de bevolking.

Fang Xiandan, directeur van het Ministerie van Bronnen Onderzoeksverdeling van het Staatsbureau of Statistics, wees erop dat het inkomen van loon stabiel is, en het inkomen van bewoners spelen "Crimp Stone".

Fang Xiaodan heeft geanalyseerd dat de eerste drie kwartalen, de nationale economie bleef herstellen, het beleid van de werkgelegenheid prioriteit bleef versterken, de vraag van de markt nut verhoogde, de werkgelegenheidssituatie van stedelijke en landelijke bewoners was stabiel en goed, het ontwikkelingsfrequentie van de Urban Investigment is erin gedaald Februari, sommige regio’s verhoogd minimumloon Het loonniveau van de plattelandsarbeid in de buitenlandse werknemers is hersteld, en het loon van bewoners zijn gestaag toegenomen. Volgens de nationale migrerende werknemersbewaking en onderzoek bereikte het aantal plattelandsarbeid aan het einde van het derde kwartaal 18,33 miljoen, een stijging van 3,51 miljoen in dezelfde periode van het voorgaande jaar, en in principe teruggekeerd naar het niveau van 2019, en De solide basis voor het inkomen en de stabilisatie van plattelandsbewoners. Het is vermeldenswaard dat de stedelijke geboortestad wordt gezien, het disposable inkomen per hoofd van de bevolking van stedelijke bewoners in de eerste drie kwartalen, de naam groei%, aftrek van prijsfactoren, daadwerkelijke groei%; landelijke bewoners per capita wegwerpinkomen 13726 yuan, nominale groei% , aftrek prijsfactoren, daadwerkelijke groei%.

Het beschikbare inkomen per hoofd van de bevolking van plattelandsbewoners en de werkelijke groei is sneller dan stedelijke bewoners en een procentpunt.

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Ding’an County People’s Procuratorate held a press conference to introduce the media to the media to properly proppiably proportionate from the wide system

On the morning of December 18, the county people’s procuratorate invited a number of media such as Legal Daily, Legal Times, County Rong Media Center, and held a press conference in the conference room, introducing the media to the media to adapt adaptation and penalty from wide system work.

At the press conference, the relevant person in charge of the county people’s procuratorate notified the county people’s procuratorate to hold critinin from the wide system work, and answered the reporter’s question. Detiled questions about the entire process of pleading crimes from the broad system, the important meaning, applicable conditions and stages The problem of waiting. According to reports, on October 26, 2018, the sixth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress made a decision on the amendment of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, formally established pleading penalty from the wide system in legislation.

Cappiria, penalty from a wide system, by applying a criminal suspect that crimes, the defendant is given from the procedures from the procedure from the brief or entity to achieve effective punishment, strengthen the human rights judicial guarantee, and promote the criminal case, saving the transformation, saving judicial resources. The purpose of resolving social contradiction is a major reform in my country’s criminal proceedings.

It is understood that after the recognition of critics, the county people’s procuratorate quickly act quickly, fully implemented, January to November 2020, the county people’s procuratorate accredited from the wide system applicable rate, and the application rate of 11 months is 80. % Or more, especially in October, the applicable rate is 95%, located in the forefront of the province.

Lawyers on duty provide legal assistance to 100%, and a book signing the value class lawyer is 100% in the field.

112 pieces of court, including 23 ordinary programs, 80 simple procedures, 9 tippers, maximum optimized resource allocation, saving judicial resources.

The United States has suffered at least 30 dragon tornadies overnight in the United States.

December 11th, the scene after the Mayfield dragon tornado in Kentucky, USA.

(Xinhua News Agency, Carno, Sanchez), uploaded to social media video and photos show that the brick building in Melfield Town, Kentucky is a flat place, and the parked car is almost rubbed, Grets The county court architecture has collapsed, and a church is collapsed. "It looks like a bomb," 31-year-old resident Alex Goodman told the Agency reporter. The tornado has led to more than 70 people in Kentucky, many of which are workers in a candle plant in Mayfield.

According to Behir, this candle is destroyed by the tornado. At that time, there were approximately 110 workers in the factory, and about 40 people were rescued. If you can find survivors under the ruins, it will be "miracle." "This is the worst, most destructive, and most deadly tornado event in Kentucky.

"Behiz said, he is worried that the number of people in the state may exceed 100 people.

  Pech Thege Roof 4 hours to the candle factory, I hope to find the mother Gil Mono, who can work in the factory.

She said: "This is a disaster.

"Behiser announced that Kentucky entered the emergency, and 189 state national guards put into rescue.

  Duzhou lost weight in the southern city of Illinois, Edwardsville, Amazon, was attacked by tornado, about 100 workers were trapped. James Whiteford, Edwards, Tell Media Reporter: "45 people have safely escaped buildings, and 1 person was taken from the aircraft to the regional hospital for treatment, and 6 people died.

"Amazon founder Jeff Besos said in the social media twice that" heartbreaking "is" heartbreaking "to workers.

  According to the French New Society, this wave dragon tornado also led to at least two people in Arkansas, four people and one death in Tennessee and Missouri respectively. US power tracing website data shows that more than 500,000 users in many states are discharged from the dragon roll.

The green fruit Yongchuan Ji’an Town has matured more than 20,000 acres of pears.

The pear is covered with branches. Xie Jiajie’s pear cultural culture has also been excavated and protected locally. At present, Ji’an Town has created white rock groove, Huahai Villa, cat, chicken, and Zengjiapo and other pear spots and arrow temple Li Hua attractions, build a special blueberry garden, cucumber mountain health valley, cloud hills and other special agricultural parks Coordinate the development of ambition, pick, hopping, and feature parks.

  Next, Ji’an Town will continue to promote the development of the pear industry. According to the "new business main body, a group of special agricultural parks will drive a batch, planting a number of largest people to plant a batch", enhance the "Ji’an Pear" brand awareness and reputation, promote The industrial chain extension and supporting facilities are perfect, consolidating the characteristic agricultural foundation, and we will promote the revitalization of rural villages.

  It is worth mentioning that more than 20,000 acres of pears in Ji’an Town have matured. From now until the late September, more than 10 high-quality varieties such as Huanghua, Crown, Xia Yu, Park Huang, Xueqing, and Em 2 have been listed.

Visitors can enjoy the blue sky and blue water along the way, taste the fresh and delicious farmhouse, and integrate the frank folk customs.

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The second batch of political and legal teams in Shanxi Province rectified provincial political and legal organ leadership team collective conversation meeting

  Original title: Lin Wu’s second batch of political and legal team education in the province’s second batch of political and legal teams, the leadership team of the provincial political and legal organs, emphasized the courage to cut the blade, resolutely remove the fraud, efforts, forging loyalty, work, politics, the military, the iron army, September 8, the second Batch law team education rectifies the provincial political and legal organ leadership team collective conversation meeting, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Provincial Political Legion Education, Hosting Leadership Leadership Forest Hosting the meeting and speaking. He emphasizes that we must learn from the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law and the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of Xi Jinping, and Implementing the General Secretary of the Popular Secretary on Political and Legal Team Education and Reorganization, Further Enhancing the Political Station, Strengthening Responsibility, Strengthening the Second The deputy team education rectified and walked deeply, and strive to force the Shanxi political and legal iron army who was loyal and clean, and made a satisfactory answer to the party and the people with excellent results. The provincial leaders Wang Yuchang, Lu Yansong, Shang Li Guang, Chen An Li, Sun Hongshan, Feng Jun, Yang Jinghai attended. Lin Wu pointed out that since the second batch of political and legal team education rectification Education, English education "four education", and strive for education and rectification.

At present, the second batch of education and rectification enters the check-in change, the clues are inspected, and the problem rectification is completely unpleasant, and it directly determines the effectiveness of education.

Provincial political and legal organs should consciously stand in politics and global heights, brave in the blade, and resolutely revolution and remove the disadvantage, and promote education and rectification.

  First, we must improve political stations and further enhance the mission of carrying out education and rectification.

The leaders of the provincial government agency are both educated, practitioners, practitioners, and organizers, promoters, to enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", effectively put the thoughts and The actions are unified to the central and provincial committees of the provincial party, around the "three prominent" "three tasks" "three links", the whole – roundness, anti-corruption police, so that the provincial political and legal organs will further optimize, discipline style Further improve, the quality capacity is further enhanced, and the law enforcement justice credibility is further improved. Demonstration will drive the province’s political and legal organs to strengthen revolutionization, formalization, specialization, professional construction, better shoulder the responsibilities of the party and people.

  Second, we must grasp the policy strategy and further promote the effectiveness of the key link to check the key links. In accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial committee deployment, we will adhere to the "two rounds of" in the "two rounds", and the policies are guided, and the internal force is inspected, and the inspection and punishment is really hard. Adhere to the "two-sided people", "two-sided people", and complete investigation of the party’s unfaithful "two sides", and investigate the "two sides of the party", and investigate the "two sides of the party", and investigate the "relationship network" "Relationship Network", "Relationship Network" Law enforcement judicial corruption, strictly checking the party’s 18th National Congress, and resolutely remove the horses of harmful horses and resolutely safeguard the body health of political and legal teams. Third, we must adhere to targeted therapy, further rectifying law enforcement justice outstanding issues.

To fully investigate the target, carry out the big investigation big, establish a problem account, formulate the rectification plan, one of a well-remediation. It is necessary to dig deep into the root cause "lesion", and analyze the deep reason, adhere to the disease, the next treatment, time remediation, promote individuality problems and common problems, the problem of dominant problem is solved together, ensuring solid results. It is necessary to improve the soil soil, stick to the side of the border, establish and improve the righteousness, the constraint, the quality capacity, the cadre exchange, the "Forbidden List", from the long-term mechanism such as preferential control, use the rule of law thinking Reform Thinking, Institutional Thinking Crack the Deep Problem of Exposure of Education in Education.

To open the door to rectify, listen to the people’s voice and appeal, deepen "I do practical things for the people" "I am a grassroots solution" activity, do the voice of the people in education and rectification, grassroots opinion is solved in education, constantly Enhance the people’s people’s feelings, happiness, and safe sense.

  Fourth, it is necessary to focus on the symptoms and the role of the law, and further create a good political ecology in the style of the political and legal system.

Combine education and rectification and purification political ecology, strengthen the "furnace" quenching, inheriting red genes, strict discipline rules, profoundly drawing on Liu Xinyun, violation of law, especially serious violations of political discipline and political rules, consciously do political understanding People, old people. It is necessary to adhere to the Germans and both, with morality first, choose cadres, deepen the source, Han Dynasty, raise gas, solid, and play the leading role of the organism belt system, so that the province’s political and legal system is More fill, politics is more clear.

  Five must catch the "key minority" to further strengthen the supervision and constraints of "one hand" and leadership.

Conscientiously implement the party and the party "on strengthening the opinions of" a hand "and leadership supervision", continuously improve the discovery and solving the ability of the team construction, leading the cadres’ own issues, staring at all aspects, hosted the key people, manage the crucial At the critical, strengthen the management of human belongings, strictly enforce the three provisions of the intervention judicial ", standardize individual matter reports and family employment behavior, adhere to the supervision and inspection of normalization, analyze the normalization, rectification, implementation, and implementation Do it in daily, strict. It is necessary to keep in mind that the power is given by the party and the people, take the initiative to accept supervision, correct use of power, and ensure the right to use public rights, use the right to legal according to law and integrity. Lin Wu emphasizes that the task of maintenance and stability is difficult, and the political and legal organs at all levels must conscientiously perform their duties, adhere to the responsibility of the defender, defend the soil, defend the risk awareness and bottom line thinking, and resolutely hold the safe and stable bottom line, build a private line The capital is safe and stable, "protecting the city", to protect the performance of safety, and stability to inspect the results of education and rectification, to promote high-quality development of high-quality development in our province, a stable social environment, justice environment and quality service surroundings.

  The Provincial Party Political and Legal Committee, the Provincial Court, Provincial Procuratorate, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Justice Department, and Provincial Prison Administration leadership team members participated in collective conversations. (Reporter Yang Wen).

The spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee caused enthusiastic response from the Democratic Parties of Jiangsu Province, and there is no party.

Original title: I am working together, and I am a re-declaration of the initial mission. This is the restart of the continuous struggle.

The Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Plenary Session of the Communist Party of ChinaEveryone is unanimously, it is necessary to unite around the party center of Xi Jinping as the core of Xi Jinping, fully practice Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist socialist thinking, with history as a training, create the future, fight, and do one, for the second hundred yearsThe goal of struggle, realizing the Chinese dream of the great revival of the Chinese nation and unremitting struggles.

From history, the great deeds of the Zhao Ru Yue Yue, the Chinese nation ushered in the past, and the great leap to stand up and richest. In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has always practiced the initial mission, united the people of all ethnic groups in the country, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the great revival of the Chinese nation showed unprecedented prospects.

"The plenary session profoundly elaborated the major achievements of the Communist Party of China. The system summarizes the valuable historical experience of the 100-year-old party leading the people to carry out the great struggle.

"Chen Qinglin, Vice President of Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that as a Chinese medicine worker, we must always adhere to the concept of people, life-oriented, and have achieved tradition through creative transformation and innovation. The greater development of the Chinese medicine industry, helping the health of China’s strategy, adding bricks to the great Chinese characteristic socialism. "History is the best teacher, the Chinese Communist Party’s winds, the rumor, is a glorious history of practicing the initial mission.

"Democratic member, Associate Professor, Marxist College, Nanjing University of Finance, said that as a leading college thinking, the" China’s modern history "course, will strive to integrate the spirit of the Plenary Session into the teaching work, so that the classroom has become A important position to the spirit of the Plenary Session to the youth students.

"Two established ‘is the current call, history selection, and people’s heart, and have a full practice basis and theoretical basis. It has decisive to the development of the new era of the party and national business. Ni Haiqing, the vice president of the province of Know the Association, said that we have no party to resolutely respond to the call of the Party Central Committee, and the new era is working hard, and the brave is going forward, give full play to the intellectual advantage of talents, and put personal ideals Integrate into the national development of great industry, making greater contributions to achieving the second hundred years of struggle.

Always do not forget the beginning of the same party "Why can we succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed? The Competition is a comprehensive summary of the party’s 100-year struggle to achieve major achievements and historical experience, so that we are more determined, more consciously practice the initial mission.

Liu Can Musu, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General and Secretary-General of the ACC and Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, said that the RIA did not forget the initial heart of the multi-party cooperation, and always remember the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party. Wind and rain, the glorious history of Wei Wei, based on the broad platform of many parties, and fulfilled the participating party functions, giving full play to the advantages of the Ministry of Culture and education, contributing wisdom and strength.

Director, deputy main committee of the Ministry of Public Education, and Qian Zhenming, Director Suzhou University, China Characteristic Urbanization Research Center, said that in this risk challenge, the era of change in this risk challenge is more than the power of conjunction with a common struggle than in any period of history.

The times gave the new historical mission of Democratic Party. We must adhere to the initial, firm beliefs, consensus consensus, and promote future careers in the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China.

"The brilliant achievements of the Chinese Communists in the practice of struggle, contain the wins of the 100-year-old party, condensed the precious historical enlightenment.

Wu Jiankun, deputy main committee of the Agricultural Workers’ Party Committee, said that the Plenary is not only compliant, but also highlights self-confidence, as a socialist Party, the next step, will learn to implement the spirit of the Plenary as the primary political task, guide the Education Party Party Party members condensed ideological consensus, fulfilling their participation in political functions, and adhere to the initial heart of cooperation, and served as the mission of the times.

Strive to take the new era of the 19th China Sixth Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communist Party is a hundred years of glory, and it has deeply summed up the valuable experience of the Communist Party of China. The strong power is very significant for realizing the second hundred years of struggle.

"Hundred years of brilliant achievements have motivated people, and the experience of struggle for hundreds of years is precious." The deputy main committee of the Command Party Committee said that in the second hundred years of concentric struggle, we must play the strength of the Gongtue "Qiaohai". Further gathering Qiaohai resources, the power of domestic and foreign countries, helps the talents gather, further focus on the manufacturing of strong provinces, smooth "double cycle", develop digital economy, promote rural residence, and promote the high quality integration of the Yangtze River Triangulation Investigation and research, actively consulted, and went to write new brilliant chapters with their attention.

"We will study hard, comprehensively implement the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, and earnestly unify the thoughts and operations of the city’s major members to the party’s decision-making and deployment. Political foundation, always with the Chinese Communist Party with the same morality, concentricity, concentric peers, unwilling to listen to the party Chinese, and walk with the party.

Lu Minzhi, the owner of the Nine San Society, Wuxi Municipal Committee, said that the scientific and technological talents of Jiu Sanxue Society will fully play the advantages, focus on the center, service overall, in the new journey, brave, and new work.

"Studying the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session, my biggest experience is ‘three more firm’.

"Vice Chairman of the Provincial Industry and Commerce, Zhou Haijiang, the party committee, and the chairman of the Hongmei Group Co., Ltd., said that he has even strictly determined the confidence of socialism with the party forever, and he is more firm. "People-centered" development concept. "In the new historical stage, we must consciously put the common prosperity as the mission, further strengthen the party building leadership, constantly improve the modern enterprise system of Chinese characteristics, ensure the ‘two health’, high Quality development. Zhou Haijiang said.

"We must be strongly promoted to the peaceful and unified process of the motherland, further promote the New Times and Taiwan and Taiwan Alliance work, and strive to promote the exchange of Sumai exchange and promote new contributions.

"Provincial Taiwan President, the banks of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Taizhou, Zou Zhenqi, the host committee.

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Tencent apologize UP master: some product design is not perfect

Today, Tencent’s content open platform public account issued, Tencent said in the apologies, the network transmission penguin number uses video content to complain to other platforms, and even the original platform account of the original platform account is not true.

In response to the question of the operation problem of MCN institutions, including the commitment to enter the station, the MCN maliciously reported, or if the creator in the third party account and password in the third party account, Tencent said continued follow-up processing. .

For creators who have already settled, if you want to withdraw from the dawn plan, log out of your account.

If you wish to continue your account, Tencent will continue to serve.

Tencent said that the dawn plans to have problems in any part of our part. We respect and cherish everyone’s opinions and feedback, and will also reflect on the problem, learn lessons, and apologize to the creators again. According to domestic media reports, shortly, some B station UP main issues have shown that there is an infringement in the dawn plan of Tencent Content Open Platform.

But when the penguin moved his B station video, his B station original content was reported to be plagiarized and was asked to get it.

It is reported that the dawn plan is an incentive plan that Tencent has been released for the penguin. Tencent enables the program to an MCN company. The company is responsible for attracting the B station 50,000 fans. UP master, handling the UP main video , According to the amount of playback. [Source: Fast Technology] [Author: pick] Editor: kJ005.