The truth of foreign investors buying A shares: 200 billion yuan in goods swept in the year, Shenzhen City becomes the focus of hunting

The truth of foreign investors buying A shares: 200 billion yuan in goods swept in the year, Shenzhen City becomes the focus of hunting

The truth about foreign investors buying A shares!

The stock market is down, why does Northbound Capital insist on buying and buying?

During the year, 200 billion yuan of goods were scanned, and Shenzhen and foreign investors were unable to understand the actions of Qianqian Securities when it was becoming the focus of fund hunting!

  At the beginning of this year, many people felt that foreign countries could participate in the A-share market.

But when the market runs to September or October of this year, you will find that foreign countries are not so magical.

Judging from the performance of the market, it can be said that they cannot defeat industrial capital.

However, from the data point of view, foreign countries do not care what market participants think of their investment actions. They only have one strategy, which is “buy, buy and buy”!

  WIND data show that on October 18th (Friday), the capital of Northbound decreased by 12%.

At $ 4.5 billion, net inflows were interrupted for six consecutive days.

At this point, the capital of the north has flowed into the net in 1992.

5.4 billion.

Since November 17, 2014, the Northbound Passage has been opened for nearly 5 years.

  As of October 18, foreign countries have made net purchases for 5 consecutive years, with a total net purchase of more than 8,400 trillion.

Recently, Shenzhen’s stocks are obviously more optimistic about foreign stocks, and the net inflow of funds is stronger than that of the Shanghai stock market. During the A-share sell-off on the 18th, Shenzhen’s stock market is still 2.

Net inflow of 4.6 billion funds.

  Unless the A-shares have risen too much, the strategy choice in most foreign countries is “buy”. What do they think?

Is A-share really safe now?

  What stocks Kitakami Capital holds? First, let’s take a look at what Kitakami Capital bought.

Judging from the Shanghai stock market situation, as of October 17, the transaction data, Beijing Capital currently holds a total of 871 shares, the company with the highest proportion of outstanding shares is Shanghai Airport, followed by Founder Securities (rights), Angel Yeast,Hongfa shares, etc.

There are 13 companies holding over 10% of the outstanding shares.

  Let’s take a look at the market performance of these stocks this year. The overall performance of companies with a high proportion of outstanding shares is indeed quite good. Weir shares rose 232 during the year.

At 7%, Baiyun Airport surged 120.

Only 44% of Fuyao Glass saw a slight decline.

  However, on the whole, 28 of the 871 stocks doubled during the year, and 555 stocks rose less than 20%, and there were a lot of lightning strikes, so the rich winning percentage was discounted.

  Looking at the situation in Shenzhen, as of the 17th, foreign holdings of Shenzhen’s 1136 stocks accounted for the highest proportion of the market capitalization of China Test, with a share of nearly 22.

99%, Yixintang, Tiger Pharmaceuticals, Midea Group and other shares hold the top shareholdings.

A total of 16 stocks accounted for more than 10% of the circulating market capitalization.

  Similarly, companies with a higher proportion of Beihang Capital’s shares in tradable shares performed quite well during the year.

Among the top 25 stocks in terms of shareholdings in circulation, none of them fell during the year, and four stocks doubled during the year, namely Wuliangye, Tiger Pharmaceuticals, Huatest and Jereh.

  Among these 1136 stocks, a total of 49 stocks have doubled, and the stock with the largest increase is Leading Intelligence, which increased by 278 during the year.

4%, Hudian shares, Wuhan Fangu (rights), Shengbang shares, Shuangta Food and Yisheng shares all increased more than twice.

There are also 655 stocks that have risen below 20%, a slightly smaller proportion than the Shanghai stock market, but there are also a large number of stocks that burst.

  How much potential does the foreign country have? So, does the foreign country still have the potential to buy in the near future?

  According to estimates by Guosheng Securities, considering that the size of global index-type tracking funds has remained basically stable, the distribution of mid-cap stocks has a certain diversion effect relative to large-cap stocks. It is assumed that the incremental funds are allocated to large-cap stocks.It is expected that the incremental funds obtained by large-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks will be approximately US $ 18.9 billion and US $ 12.6 billion, respectively, approximately 132 billion yuan and 88 billion yuan, totaling approximately 220 billion yuan.

  According to the statistics of the MSCI’s current disclosure of A-share mid-cap and large-cap stocks, there is a significant difference in the proportion of large-cap stocks and mid-cap stocks. The large-cap stocks are mainly driven by non-bank, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, real estate andHome appliances; and the funds driven by mid-cap stocks are mainly distributed in medicine, computers, electronics, chemicals and 杭州品茶夜网 food and beverages.

  Judging from the distribution of market capitalization of some listed industries, large-cap stocks prefer financial real estate and large consumer industries, while mid-cap stocks give more focus to growth industries such as computers and electronics.

Although mid-cap stocks receive less capital than large-cap stocks, the current market value of mid-cap stocks is also much smaller than large-cap stocks, and 88 billion buying orders can still stir up a lot of spray.

  From the overall situation, although the market is sluggish and some stocks have been estimated to be relatively high, the pace of redundant and continuous scanning of goods has been stopped, especially in the recent Shenzhen market, which has been frequently scanned for goods.Since October, the Shenzhen Stock Connect has bought 91 net.

0.5 billion shares.

  Let’s take a look at the Shanghai market. October’s performance was significantly weaker than Shenzhen’s, and the oxides in July and August were also much weaker than Shenzhen’s.

  Let’s take another look at the truth of foreign A-share purchases. According to rough statistics, from November 17, 2014 to the present, important shareholders of listed companies have reduced their holdings by approximately USD 652.1 billion.

From the perspective of the market’s buying and selling power, the purchasing power of Kitakami Capital is slightly higher than the pressure to reduce holdings.

So, under this background of non-crazy cash flow, what causes foreign capital to continue to enter the market?

Brokerage China reporters interviewed several foreign investment managers based in Hong Kong.

  Brokerage China Reporter: What is your basis for continuing to buy A shares, and why is it so different from domestic investment?

  Investment manager: The operation of large funds is more about macro factors. Relatively speaking, China’s fundamentals are better than that of most economies. This is the most important reason for foreign investors to buy A shares.

In addition, domestic-funded institutions have some annual assessment tasks, but foreign assessment mechanisms are not the same as those in the Mainland.

We also have our own set of evaluation methods and value recognition.

  Broker China Reporter: If the fundamentals are good, why are there so many industrial capitals to be reduced?

  Investment manager: Among A-share listed companies, there are indeed some problems in the manufacturing industry, so foreign capital allocation is relatively small.

Our focus is on consumer, financial and other defensive industries.

  Broker China reporter: It is estimated that these stocks allocated by foreign countries have always been very high. Why are they still buying?

  Investment manager: In the past, A-share consumer stocks were traded at a discount, much lower than foreign consumer stocks’ valuations. Now it is foreign countries who buy them into international estimates.

At present, the consumption of A shares will not be obviously bubble, and one point is basically regarded as a premium for growth.

  By the end of last week, Anta is estimated to be the same as Nike, Moutai is similar to Diageo, and Polaia is similar to Shiseido and fancl, so it may be basically in place.

Therefore, from the perspective of capital allocation, consumption may also face structural adjustment.

  Reporter of Brokerage China: The Ministry of Finance is working with relevant departments to study and draft the consumption tax law. What do you think?

Will it affect your configuration?

  Investment manager: On the whole, the central government has made it clear that the overall tax burden must be kept basically stable.

It can be understood that, in the form of consumption tax, some of them are initially transferred to the locality.

Local governments will use the benefits in a targeted manner and have the incentive to stimulate consumption.

At present, the external environment is unstable and the interior cannot be driven by real estate. Consumption is the only item of GDP that can be relied on.

Because foreign countries see this clearly, they are directly consuming.

From this point of view, I even think this (consumption tax law) is a positive.

  Brokerage China reporter: Recently, China’s housing stocks have been very strong, which has even driven real estate stocks in A shares, and foreign exchange is alloting real estate in A shares, but at the same time, the government has clearly not taken real estate as a short-term economic stimulus.

What kind of logic is this?

  Investment manager: First of all, make sure that not all real estate companies will be okay, but this time is the easiest time for leading companies.

First, the loan interest rate is cheap, and second, the land acquisition cost is low.

House prices have not decreased much.

Many A-share fund managers still treat all real estate stocks as cyclical stocks.

Even if the current stock market is not growing, the integration bonus is enough for many leaders to eat.

  Brokerage China Reporter: Since many manufacturing industries are in difficult times, why have so many foreign investors bought Shenzhen stocks recently?

  Investment manager: This should be an arbitrage behavior.

You can see that the situation was similar in July and August. At that time, MSCI had to expand its capacity, so there was a lot of money to go to Shenzhen to play games. Because Shenzhen’s stocks are generally small, incremental funds have a larger marginal impact on market value.

This time is also similar. In November, the percentage of MSCI entering the mid-cap stocks increased to 20% at one time, and some foreign capitals will deploy these stocks in advance.

  However, please note that most of the mid-cap stocks mentioned here are concentrated in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In addition, the size of the funds in the mid-cap stocks this time will have a greater impact on the market value of the relevant stocks than the large-cap stocks.Judging from the distribution of mid-cap stocks, most of them are in Shenzhen, so Shenzhen is more concerned about capital.

Zoomlion (000157) third quarter performance review: performance growth surpassed peer cash flow continues to hit a new high

Zoomlion (000157) third quarter performance review: performance growth surpassed peer cash flow continues to hit a new high

The event company achieved revenue of 317 in the first three quarters.

5.5 billion, an increase of 50 in ten years.

96%; net profit attributable to mother 34.

8 billion, a growth of 167 in ten years.

08%; the growth rate of revenue 苏州桑拿网 and profits have remained at a high level.

Q3 achieved revenue of 94.

9.3 billion, an increase of 50 in ten years.

33%; realized return to mother’s profit9.

4.0 billion, an annual increase of 105.


A brief review of the first three quarters of performance growth surpassed all peers, and each product industry segment has steadily increased.

The company is the only company in the construction machinery sector with revenue growth of more than 50% in the first three quarters. The core reason is that the company has differentiated, high-growth tower crane products, and increased the market share of concrete machinery and construction machinery cranes.

From the perspective of products in the first three quarters: ①Concrete machinery revenue was approximately 10.2 billion, which will increase 44% in the future. The 杭州夜网 growth rate will increase by 13 pct compared with the first half of the year. It is judged that the market share has increased; ②Engineering crane revenue is approximately 9.7 billion, with an increase of 62%, Although the growth rate was 8 percentage points lower than in the first half of the year, it was far better than the automobile spreader industry32.

5% sales growth, the company’s car market share in the first three quarters of 27.

8%, an increase of 4 per year.

5 pct; ③ Tower crane revenue is about 6.3 billion, an annual increase of 109%, the growth rate is about 71 pct lower than the first half, but the benefit of prefabricated construction is still growing rapidly and the company’s leader is quite solid.

Profitability continued to increase every year, and operating net cash flow created a record high for the same period.

①The gross profit margin and net profit margin in the first three quarters were 29 respectively.

82%, 10.

96%, increasing by 3 each year.

45, 4.

76 pct, judging that there is still room for improvement in the future.

② The expense ratio during the first three quarters decreased by 2.

76 to 17.

51%, of which the financial expense ratio decreased by 1.

4 to 2.

88%, R & D expense ratio rose by 0.

53 pct to 2.

3%, the sales expense ratio decreased by 0.

22 pct to 8.

72%, the management expense ratio decreased by 1.

67 to 3.

6%, overall strict cost control.

③ The net operating cash flow in the first three quarters continued to create a historical high for the same period, reaching 49.

6.2 billion increased by 62.

5% is 1 of net profit attributable to the mother during the same period.

42 times, indicating that the company’s performance “gold content” is extremely high.

The two new products quickly increased volume.① The first three quarters of high-altitude operation platforms have achieved revenues of about 400 million, of which Q3 arm type sales have been 300 or 400 units. It is estimated that the high-altitude operation platforms will gradually earn around 600 million and the volume will exceed our expectations; ② The first three quarters of excavatorsWith revenues exceeding 200 million, of which 8 and 9 have exceeded 100 million in a single month for two consecutive months, we therefore keep a close watch.

Judgment of industry growth: Judging from the high base, the overall growth rate of the domestic construction machinery industry will shift in 2020, but it will not fall significantly.

First, although the industry has promotions, it adheres to the bottom line of down payment and has no overdraft demand.

In fact, the update cycle has not yet ended, and it is expected to continue until 2021, and the logic of manual replacement has long existed.

Once again, although the growth rate of real estate development investment has a downward trend, the absolute value is still high, but the speed is slow; infrastructure plays a stable economic role, and the growth rate is up. Infrastructure investment (excluding electricity) increasedSpeed up to 3 respectively.

44%, 4.


Finally, the competitiveness of domestic construction machinery has increased, and exports continue to be optimistic.

Earnings forecast and investment rating are based on the above analysis. It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 417.

60, 469.


7.2 billion, an increase of 45 each year.

5%, 12.

4%, 10.

1%; net profit attributable to mothers is 43.

60, 51.

42, 57.

47 million, an increase of 115 each year.

8%, 17.

9%, 11.

8%; Maintain target price of 6.

89 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk factors: the risk of gradual fluctuations in the construction machinery industry

Five advantages for girls to choose a career

Five advantages for girls to choose a career

In particular, female college students have the following professional competence advantages.

  1.Advantages of language skills.

Women use language vocabulary better than men, and they are better at grammar, sentence making, and reading skills.

Generally speaking, women’s military writing, editing, translation, broadcasters, education, reception and negotiation work can better display their strengths.

  2.Advantage of thinking ability.

Women’s image thinking ability and detailed thinking generally have advantages, so they are suitable for image design work, such as clothing design, and their works often make people feel harmonious, elegant and beautiful.

In addition, there are also outstanding talents in literary creation and literary performance.

  3.The advantage of communication skills.

Women are generally docile, amiable, easy to get along with others, rich in feelings and good at understanding others. They have demonstrated interpersonal skills in social situations or work collaboration. Therefore, they are suitable for administrative management, office secretaries, public relations, sales,

  4.Advantages of management capabilities.

Female college students with higher education are well-educated and able to listen to opinions from various quarters. They are good at working with others. Therefore, they have become the management of institutions and enterprises.

  5.The endurance advantage.

The ability to work long and tirelessly under relatively dull conditions is a major feature of women. Most women work with patience, a serious attitude, and an alternative sense of responsibility. Therefore, female college students are engaged in finance and computer operations.Survey and design can give full play to its advantages in the internal affairs, data management, library information and archive management.

The principle of acupuncture and weight loss is good. 5 precautions

The principle of acupuncture and weight loss is good. 5 precautions

The principle and effect of acupuncture and weight loss have not yet found obvious alternatives.

Acupuncture weight loss mainly through the stimulation of acupuncture points on the human body, thereby promoting metabolism, regulating body functions, and achieving effective weight loss.

In addition to the role of weight loss, acupuncture is very helpful for irregular menstruation, insomnia, poor stomach and infertility.

Why is acupuncture weight loss effective?

Regulating gastrointestinal function: The comprehensive effect of gastrointestinal conditioning is reflected in the two changes of appetite loss and smooth stool. We know that many obesity causes too much, so the regulation of gastrointestinal function has a great effect on weight loss.

I don’t want to eat anything like this. This is a phenomenon that many people who can accept weight loss can observe. Because acupuncture can prolong the time of gastric emptying, it can suppress or even reduce the original appetite.

In addition, it can improve the function of the intermediate.

For example, some people with constipation are in the process of needle weight loss, while the peristalsis is strengthened, and the excretion is also enhanced. This is the result of the interaction of the needle.

Improve the body’s metabolism: the metabolism of the needle to lose weight, including sugar metabolism, metabolism and so on.

Needles can increase the speed of metabolism, so that the body burns slightly increased, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss, in addition to the extra people have metabolic function disorders, some are mild metabolic disorders, and some are glucose metabolism disorders, in the process of needles, you can see metabolismImprovements, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia patients, often can be adjusted during the needle process.

Improve endocrine system function: Excessive excess occurs in these stages of puberty, postpartum, and menopause, especially women, which are very short periods of endocrine changes.

In the process of needle weight loss, a large number of women with irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and other symptoms, did not treat these symptoms during the weight loss process, but often through the needle, can improve the original symptoms, which are the result of improved endocrine.

Acupuncture Weight Loss Precautions Acupuncture weight loss is a gradual process.

It is unrealistic to expect to be able to become a stature if you count on a few stitches.

At the same time as acupuncture, develop a good living habit to effectively prevent rebound.

In the course of acupuncture weight loss treatment, there may be anorexia, thirst, increased frequency of bowel movements, fatigue and other reactions, which are normal.

Through acupuncture treatment, the internal function of the body is constantly adjusted, and the metabolism is gradually accelerated, and the energy is continuously consumed.

These symptoms disappear when the body re-establishes balance.

If a patient suffers from dizziness, pain, nausea or other symptoms in acupuncture, it is an adverse reaction to acupuncture, and treatment should be interrupted immediately to prevent accidents.

Increasing adult consumption is a necessary condition for weight loss treatment.

But do not advocate a campaign to promote endurance and lasting exercise.

For patients with abdominal obesity, abdominal breathing and abdominal activities for about 20 minutes before going to bed are good for reducing abdominal abdomen and laxation.

Acupuncture weight loss should also pay attention to control diet, overeating during acupuncture, casually eating, can not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

But controlling diet is by no means equal to “kidney therapy” and does not advocate excessive dieting.

Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is a profound science. Patients can only achieve the goal of losing weight if they receive a treatment without any side effects and overall adjustment and treatment.

Acupuncture weight loss is actually helping us to get rid of some bad eating habits and treat some body diseases that cause obesity.

Weight loss treatment must be combined with treatment, exercise, and diet in order to be effective.

What should I do if the elderly get sick?

What should I do if the elderly get sick?

The disease is a disease in the field of consciousness and movement-perception system disorders.

In old age, typical rickets are too common, with women being the majority.

  Patients generally have certain personality traits, such as mood swings and feelings over reason, and it is easy to shift from one extreme to the other.

Especially when dealing with people, when they are friendly, they have their own hands and feet, and they love their lives. When they are evil, they are like enemies, and they hate to die.

Sensitive to the suggestion, the words or demeanor changes of the surrounding people can play a suggestive role.

I like to be self-centered, I hope to get everyone’s attention, appreciation and sympathy, so I speak, and my actions are artificial and exaggerated.

An imaginative and imaginative person with obvious personality characteristics.

It is easy to attack with certain mental stimulation; the body is weak, long-term tired, and mental depression can also cause the onset of rickets.

  Older people have less ability to adapt, and they are less prone to complications when they are troubled and stimulated.

But it is also in the old age that people will encounter special changes, such as family and friends, family disharmony, neighbors are not jealous, suffering from diseases.

People to the elderly are easy to move feelings, accidentally childish, variable.

Therefore, people often call the old man “old child.”

The old man’s brain is partially degraded, and his ability to control his feelings is poor, so he is prone to rickets.

  The clinical manifestations of the disease are diverse.

People who call rickets are “disease imitators”, that is, the symptoms of various diseases may be imitated by rickets.

According to the symptoms, the disease can be divided into two categories: the main manifestation in the body is called the conversion type, and the performance in the mental aspect is called the separation type.

  The conversion rickets in the elderly are mainly manifested as motor paralysis, such as hemiplegia or paraplegia, loss of sound (caused by vocal cords), and blindness (which can still be felt by ambient light stimulation).

In addition, there are symptoms such as pain.

  According to reports, an elderly woman has a headache and a headache.

I have had several abdominal operations.

When she checked her medical history, she found that she had a vertical abdominal pain with blurred position when she was young from a young age.

And insisted on surgery.

As long as abdominal surgery (no internal organs) is performed, abdominal pain will disappear.

The doctor asked the psychiatrist to consult and diagnosed as a rickety.

  Separated addictions in the elderly, the symptoms of which are often expressed as excitement.

Patients can cry, laugh, sing, and perform a variety of performances, as if they are acting on stage, or like ghosts and spirits, such as the “dancing big rope” witch.

Others seem to be demented, letting the nose.

She pointed her eyes and let her right hand stretch her left hand.

Even so, patients are more clear about dealing with critical and complex issues.

  The course of the disease is generally short, and most of them suddenly appear and suddenly disappear. Only a few of them are significant.

After a sudden termination, the patient cannot recall the state at the time of the attack.

  A person with a paralyzed patient is a person who has had a rickets.

Should pay attention to controlling their own feelings and anticipation of reason, can not let freedom of feelings vent, and can not be used as a way to blame others.

The means of tormenting loved ones.

  Some people in the family are suffering from rickets. They should give more comfort. Don’t use the words and actions when they hit them as jokes.

Inevitably, it is impossible to move in all kinds.

Nor can it be too cold.

When it encounters a dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction, it can neither be accompanied by sound and help.Can’t send a rumor.

It is to help patients calm down and analyze things objectively in life.

Avoid being caressed.

However, people who are ill are very sensitive and very fond of face, and must pay attention to the proportion when accompanying personality.

Try not to eat garlic

Try not to eat garlic

We all know that garlic is not only rich in nutritional value, but also has a sterilizing effect.

But the garlic taste is too irritating, and people with a weak stomach will not be able to bear it, and even have a “burning stomach” reaction.

In fact, if you are not used to garlic, you can get the same benefits from garlic seedlings.

  Garlic sprouts, also known as green garlic, are green sprouts from the embryonic development of garlic to a certain period.

The spicy taste of garlic seedlings is lighter than that of garlic. In addition, the garlic aroma it has can add a small amount of flavor, so it is more easily accepted by others. It is often used as a vegetable cooking method and an indispensable side dish for Sichuan cuisine when making back-boiled meat.

  In some ways, the nutritional value of garlic seedlings exceeds that of garlic.

Its dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, carotene and other nutrients are higher than garlic.

  At the same time, garlic seedlings also contain allicin, so it has similar health functions as garlic.

Garlic seedlings have strong bactericidal and bacteriostatic capabilities, can effectively prevent diseases caused by environmental pollution such as influenza, enteritis, and can also promote the absorption of vitamin B1, accelerate metabolism, and quickly restore physical strength.

  Garlic seedlings also have a significant effect on lowering blood lipids and preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, which can prevent the formation of blood clots, and also protect the liver, which can prevent cancer.

  Garlic seedlings should not be cooked too softly, so as not to damage the allicin.

When cooking the garlic sprouts, just fry in the wok over a high fire until the aroma of the vegetables escapes, and immediately serve it to enjoy the refreshing flavor.

What’s so special about choosing clothes for your baby?

What’s so special about choosing clothes for your baby?

Here are some key points for choosing children’s clothing that moms should remember!

1, complete and detailed description of the purchase logo.

“Consumer Instructions for Use of Textiles and Clothing” stipulates that the instructions for use must indicate the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product number and specifications, content of raw materials, washing method, product standard number, product quality level,Product quality inspection certificate.

2. Touch and choose the right fabric.

Children’s clothing is best to choose natural materials such as cotton, and pay attention to its comfort, stretchability, sweat absorption, breathability, warmth, and shrinkage.

3. Take a look and choose a color.

When choosing clothes for babies, try to choose light-colored, soft-colored, non-fluorescent powder; dark clothing is rubbed by the child, which can easily penetrate the dye into the skin, especially some infants love to bite clothes, dyeChemicals can get into your child.

Do not choose clothes that have been treated with anti-wrinkle, do not buy bleached children’s clothing and clothing that is particularly bright and colorful, because these children’s clothing is particularly high in formaldehyde.

4, smell to identify the smell.

Smell if there is a particularly strong irritating odor on the children’s clothing (such odor in the furniture city).

5. Check the decorations.

When choosing baby clothes with decorations, first check the firmness of the decorations to avoid harm to the baby.

Check whether the zipper, seams, etc. of the clothes are flat to avoid damaging the baby’s skin.

6. Remove foreign matter from the packaging.

Before wearing clothes, remove pins, pins, labels, etc. from the packaging.

In particular, remove labels from the skin to avoid damaging the skin.

7, newly bought clothes should be fully washed before wearing.

Water washing can remove “floating” from most clothes, free formaldehyde from dirt and fabrics.

Pay attention to washing instructions according to the product labeling. Baby clothes should be separated from dark and adult clothes. It is best to use baby-specific laundry detergent.

Warm reminder: If you feel that your clothes are uncomfortable during the process of wearing clothes, you can go to the quality inspection center. If you confirm that the clothes are a problem, you can complain to the relevant department to protect your own rights.