Gigi Lai never……

“You are a star painting girl?”Zhu Minglang, although I don’t want to believe it,But looking at this woman’s temperament is completely different from Lai Yunzi,He had to ask this sentence。
“Ok。”The woman nodded,She helped the orchid,Then his eyes slowly lifted up,Take a look at Zhu Minglang。
Her eyes,Deep and blurred,Although equally beautiful,But gave Zhu Minglang a feeling of being insight。
Her eyes,As if you can see through your own surface,See my inner world,As if some thoughts in my mind,She will see through。
She just looked away,It seems to be out of a kind of original intention that does not want to insight into the hearts of others。
do not know why。
When Nan Lingsha talked about the prophet,,What Zhu Minglang thinks of is the old sacred sticks of street fortune tellers。
Can look at these eyes,Zhu Minglang began to believe what the prophet said。
“We will leave the capital tomorrow,I originally prepared some dragon and beast cars for Yunzi……”Zhu Minglang said。
“She won’t wake up temporarily,But don’t worry too much,She just needs rest。”The woman whispered。
“That’s good,The girl also looks weak,Rest early,Late at night,I won’t bother。”Zhu Minglang made a courtesy。
“later,I may be all the people who are awake。”Woman whispering。
“Oh,Yep,it is good。”Zhu Minglang don’t know how to reply for a while。
“Departure tomorrow,Can I leave the city from the imperial city in the north?”Li Xinghua asked。

Suddenly a strange call came in,Wang Youcai’s heart trembled,I thought about it and got connected。One call,A man’s voice came from inside。

“Wang Ge!I am Niu Xiaohu,Brother Wu was taken away by the police,He left the phone to me when he left,I didn’t receive it just now”Niu Xiaohu’s voice is very low。
Wang Youcai listened,Head buzzing,I didn’t expect this to come so soon。He asked in a daze:“Where are you?I want to see you”
“Wang Ge!I’m in Zhangjiacun,Come here if you are convenient!I am waiting for you at the entrance of the village”Niu Xiaohu whispered。Wang Youcai responded,Hung up。
Really missed a hundred secrets,Why did he forget this Niu Xiaohu,Except for Wu Wu,The one who knows them the most。If you don’t seal his mouth,This person is a*。
Zhangjiacun has reached the edge of the city,It seems that this guy is also a little scared,I should have hid outside。Wang Youcai drove the car,Took more than ten minutes,He has reached the entrance of Zhangjia Village。Under the dim street lamp,Wang Youcai saw someone standing far away。
He just drove the car over,The man walked over,Wang Youcai took a look,The person here is Niu Xiaohu。Wang Youcai said coldly:“Get in the car!”Niu Xiaohu did not speak either,Pulled the car door and got in。
Wang Youcai parked the car in a safer place,Then asked softly:“Why are you here?”
“This place is where Brother Wu recently moved,I lived with him recently。Today we saw the police coming,Brother Wu put the phone in my hand,Took the initiative to go out,Unexpectedly, people only asked a few words,Took him away”Niu Xiaohu lowered his voice and said。It seems he still has some lingering fears。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:”Turn off Wu Wu’s phone,Remove the card and throw it away“Wang Youcai whispered。
Niu Xiaohu nodded silently,I immediately turned off Wu Wu’s phone,Removed the phone card in front of Wang Youcai,Thrown out of the car window。
“You can’t stay in this place,It’s best to hide somewhere else。This time,Catch everyone。Wait for the wind to pass,You come back again“Wang Youcai whispered,Secretly glanced at Niu Xiaohu’s face。
I saw Niu Xiaohu breathe out:“Actually I wanted to leave the other day,But i…“Niu Xiaohu suddenly stopped as he said,A look of embarrassment。
Wang Youcai is the one who came here,He didn’t speak anymore,But took out the wallet,I took out all the money in it and counted it:“This is three thousand five hundred yuan,You buy a ticket to go south,The rest can be used for a while。You have to find something to do,Understand?”
Wang Youcai said,Stuffed the money into Niu Xiaohu’s hands。This twenties gangster,I was moved by Wang Youcai’s actions,He choked and said:“Thank you brother Wang!Brother will remember you in this life。I’m leaving tonight,Brother Wang, take care”Little Brother Niu said,Pull the car door and prepare to get off。
“slow!Don’t go back where you live。Go directly to Bucheon by car,And then go south from the train,do you understand me?”Wang Youcai said softly。

In the lush tropical rainforest of the Amazon。

A thin body stands on the head of a serpentine snake about 500 meters long,This giant snake has a huge jaw unlike the python that can open,Whole head‘delicate’a lot of。This is a Tier 4 planetary monster that can be ranked in the world,Warnamby,Also number one on earth‘Trainer’Zhang Chong’s comrades。
The guard is beside Zhang Chong,They are a huge butterfly with a wingspan of over 100 meters and a head 80 meters high.,The whole body is like a huge mouse made of metal。
And Zhang Chong himself,As a disciple of the strongest man on earth,In terms of strength, it can also rank among the top ten in the entire earth。
And his opponent,Is a relatively small head,Wingspan is no more than fifty meters long,But a bat with amazing momentum。
“Bloodwing Bat,You have no way to go now,Or obediently let me show my mark,Either,Die here!”Zhang Chong in order to ambush this monster,I spent three months in the Amazon。
This is a powerful king-level monster,Comparable to his mount。But the speed is extremely fast,Not even less than his 5th-level spiritual teacher。
Such a monster,Naturally makes him very greedy。
“squeak~”The giant bat knows it’s hard to resist,I can’t run if I want。
And its thinking ability,No less than human,Think a little,Since it doesn’t want to die,Can only helplessly surrender。
“So good!”Although Zhang Chong is happy,But didn’t approach it cautiously,His close combat is not strong。Separated by tens of meters,Use Soul Brand。This soul imprint is naturally not a means to completely control the soul,However, there are some control and restriction abilities on the branded monsters。
Military Department of the Chinese Government。
The strongest Chinese military,Jia Yi, a fifth-tier expert, sits in the training room。
Among the strong on earth,He is backed by the Chinese government,On Rich Resources No Less Than Hong and Thunder God,And have a good relationship with Li Ming,There is no shortage of many secret methods。On strength,It can be regarded as only Li Ming and the other three(Of course, everyone knows how much this second gap is。)
now,He is sitting cross-legged,The body surface is glowing with ochre force light。
Soon this light covered a few meters around,Formed a tiny field。
But this field only lasted a few seconds,Soon disintegrated。
“The secret that Li Ming gave me is really powerful!”The strongest man in the Chinese military sighed:“Now I am very close to the domain,But unfortunately, it’s still a bit short of the complete formation of the domain,It seems that I still lack a trace of my accumulation。”
“The Three Powers of the Earth,Although all are related to China,But Li Ming is the one who really remembers this incense。But also right,Hong is a killer after all,The motherland failed to raise him,No wonder others。And Thor’s funny。。。”Jia Yi shook his head。“The secrets given by Li Ming helped me so much,I am afraid it will be of great help to other star powers in China。Plus the technology he gave,Soon our country will be able to completely suppress the other four major countries!”
Jia Yi was born before Nirvana,Is from a military family again,To Emilien,I actually have some resentment towards the neon country。

at《Game time》The second day of the new issue,Many mainstream media have reprinted this article on the watch,And this matter has caused a lot of discussion in the media circle。

Media and media reporters,Should we report anything that has nothing to do with the direction of this journal,But content that has the media’s realistic spirit。About this topic,More and more media and media people are involved,The influence is also growing,Can be called an industry storm。
of course,This is something that even the initiator Lu Menglin did not expect。
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Two Stay out
Wake up,Xu Kaishan looked at the young girl who was still sleeping beside him,I can’t help but think back to when I was young,I’m still old after all!Deal with these young women,It’s getting harder。
I don’t know how that Korean woman would feel in bed!It’s a pity that she was taken by that one,It’s probably not a turn to get involved。Xu Kaishan shook his head,Throw all these unrealistic ideas out of your mind。
The universe is set!Xu Kaishan felt somewhat uninterested,Getting older,Life is getting easier and easier。
at this time,The phone rang on his bedside。
Xu Kaishan presses the phone,Rough voice:“Hey!”
“Xu Ye,Something bad!”The voice of Cheng Yu, the second person of Jinshan Group, came from the phone。
“That was double-regulated by the Commission for Discipline Inspection!Some media broke the news about his watch,Just taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection this morning。”Cheng Yu said anxiously。
“what?Watch?What does this have to do with the watch?”Xu Kaishan didn’t understand it for a while,Asked rhetorically。
“The watch he brought is worth several million!Photographed by the media broke the news,The Commission for Discipline Inspection will definitely check the source of his property。We will also have trouble!”Cheng Yu explained。
“How could there be such a thing!Find someone!I’ll call someone to help!You immediately organize a meeting。emergency meeting!and also,Ask the finance side to fix the accounts,Don’t leave a handle。”Xu Kaishan eagerly said。
“it is good!I will convene all high-level meetings now。See you at the company at ten。”Cheng Yu said quickly。
Xu Kaishan hung up the phone,Never mind to stay in bed anymore,But immediately dialed a number。

The boss nodded quickly:“can,can!Nothing wrong!”

Chapter Five Hundred and Eighth Zhong Wenqiu’s harvest
Boronite is too hard to find,perhaps,It will be difficult for everyone to meet again,Its output is too scarce。Not like a diamond,There are not as few diamonds on the earth as everyone thinks,The price can be so high,It’s completely fried。
While eating,Everyone come to Zhong Wenqiu’s home。His parents are very happy about the arrival of Populus,Very enthusiastic。They don’t know the situation,I mistakenly regarded Jiezi as Hu Yang’s girlfriend,Zhong Wenqiu quickly explained。
“Ouch!Such a good girl,Pity,Is a Japanese。”Aunt said。
indeed,柰子 looks really beautiful,Almost all male viewers like it,Not even disgusted by her nationality。
Recently,The behavior of 柰子,Also got everyone’s approval。
Hate the Japanese is our daily emotion,But good things,Does not prevent everyone from admiring and loving it。Not to mention,Jiezi is still a fan of Chinese culture,Pro-China。
While eating,Everyone just pulls homework,Talk about some relaxing topics。Zhong Wenqiu’s parents learned that morning,Brother Hu picked up treasures for his children again,More happy。
The young man from Zhong’s family got close to Xu Hong,They are interested in big stars,Hu Yang and the others are no longer surprised。
For this meal,Zhong Wenqiu’s parents have been busy since the morning,Buy the freshest dishes etc.,They cook home cooking that is popular in their area。
After eating,Zhong Wenqiu got it these days“baby”,Take it out and give Brother Hu the appraisal。

Anthony·Fokker’s voice is trembling,He feels like he is about to cry。

no way,Chen Geng mentioned that he took a few law firms, all of them the most prestigious in the Netherlands、An international law firm with a long history,Simmons Law Firm,This law firm was established at the beginning of this century,They have more than1500Employees,Their customers include many“FTSE100index”Business and《wealth》global500Strong enterprise,Even top global rankings10Investment bank、Large financial groups and more than half of the top European rankings50Of hedge fund managers will ask Simmons Law Firm to provide legal services and advice,They have more than20Offices,Distributed in Europe、Middle East and Asia……
such asFinley Kumblelaw office,This is the second largest law firm in the United States,The number of lawyers under this law firm is as high as700Multiplayer,And the energy of this law firm in politics is extremely powerful,Among them are the friends of Reagan、senatorPaul Laxalt;
Not only that,Finley KumbleThe best thing about law firms is that they serve more than one senator,Among themJoseph Tydings、Russell B. LongHow old are seven senators?,You say it’s not awesome?
simply put,This is a group of powerful、Experienced professional lawyers who always satisfy clients!
Chen Geng’s meaning is obvious,If your people dare to racially discriminate against Lao Tzu’s people,In a disguised form or directly engage in ghosts in the cooperation projects we have previously agreed upon……As long as your Fokker plane provokes me,Lao Tzu will use these professional litigation sticks to make your Fokker planes dying!
Where to go,You guys figure it out。
First703chapter Let you know a real west
“Mr. Fokker,What did Fernandez tell you just now?”
Take advantage of the gap,Fokker Group Vice President Floris·Rokusen to Anthony·Fokker asked in a low voice,He noticed,Originally very happyboss,Fernandez·Chen didn’t feel good after talking about something。
“That bastard!”Anthony·Fokker’s Hate:“He dared to threaten me!”
Floris·Rokusen was shocked:“He dared to threaten you?!he……he……”
Is this guy stupid??Floris·Rokusen can’t understand Chen Geng’s approach at all:Threatened Mr. Fogg at this moment,What good is it for you Chen Geng?
Anthony·Fokker was surprised and scared:“This bastard tell me,He has been with Simmons、CMSAnd Long Road, these damn lawsuit sticks, reached a cooperation agreement,In addition they are also withFinley KumbleV、Brobeck, Phleger & HarrisonAnd the Gott brothers are strategic partners……Floris,Our previous plan needs to be revised。”

Suspicious of life,Qin Feng couldn’t give an answer at all。The students around me are very depressed。

See this scene,Qin Feng took a deep breath and said slowly,“See it,It’s so tragic。If anyone wants to quit at this time,I won’t stop。Ready to leave!”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,And the stimulus of companion death,After all, one-third of the students could not bear the pressure and plan to leave。
As for what lifestyle I will choose in the future,This is not what Qin Feng could predict。Even if they are leaving,Qin Feng didn’t want them to return empty-handed,Do not
Only gave them two months of internship fees,At the same time, I gave them a regular salary。
In other words,Every member who left,There are more than 100,000 in hand。Such a sum of money,Should at least be able to change their lifestyle。
As for the people who stayed,Of course Qin Feng will have other rewards。It’s just that there are too many things to deal with now,Can only postpone the remaining members。
Because the two sacrificed were bombed directly in the air by a fighter plane,So the two can be said to have no bones。In this way, even if you want to bring their remains back to China, it will be difficult to do so。
When Qin Feng is embarrassed,While thinking about what to do,Satellite phone rang。The person looking for him is the chief!
“Hey chief?”Qin Feng’s tone at this time is a bit low,Because he feels uncomfortable,At the same time, I don’t know how to face this chief。
Fortunately, the other side is not angry,But said in a very plain tone,“I know everything。Now you are coming to the capital。Must come,Understand?”
“I know!”
Qin Feng didn’t refute this time,Because the sacrificed coaches were sent by the chief executive。Even if I didn’t deal with the big chief,Now he must give the other party an explanation。
So this time he cannot refuse,And will arrive at the scene。
“But I have to deal with a certain student’s housework。”
“it is good,You can arrive in three days!”

“Lord Qiao,You can just say that seriously,The two of us came to this monitoring room together,And the monitoring is also adjusted under your nose,Just ask,What do we do,It’s hard to pass your eyes?”The dean said word by word。

“you,you,you guys……”Qiao Shan can’t think of anything to refute the dean。
The dean is right,Surveillance is called under my nose,And the reason why I am here,Isn’t it because they’re afraid of doing tricks behind their backs??
But how do you explain the humiliation??
The dean saw that Qiao Shan stopped talking,I know that Qiao Shan has listened to his words at this moment,It’s not that strong anymore。
He said calmly:“Lord Qiao,Look at our monitoring,This matter is indeed not in our hospital,You just think about it again,Did your arm hurt before it was sent?,You just didn’t feel the pain at that time,and so,and so……”
Dean said that,Suddenly I can’t continue,He himself thinks this is impossible,How could someone not know after being injured??
Not to mention that Qiao Shan is not an ordinary injury,But a broken arm!
really,When the dean’s voice just fell,Just listen to Qiao Shan cursing:“You fart,You don’t know if your arm is broken?If you don’t give me a perfect explanation for this matter today,Just wait and see for me!”
After speaking,Qiao Shan said angrily to the nurse who pushed him over:“Push me back!”
The nurse glanced at the dean embarrassedly,The dean waved helplessly,The nurse pushed Qiaoshan out with a furious look。
The people in the monitoring room are behind Qiaoshan,Ask the dean:“Dean,Look at this……”
At this time, the dean also because of Qiao Shan’s words before leaving,And extremely depressed,Ignore the question from the monitoring room staff,Just walked out。
He needs to think about it,What should I do next?
After all, Qiao Shan is the son of Jiangnan Qiao family,I can’t afford it!
And the other side,Xiao Fan has sent Qiao An’an downstairs,Xiao Fan said:“Go up,Go back and think about it,What do you want Qiao’s to do?”

2015 AFC Champions League-Yu Dabao breaks the door to conquer the red Guoan away 1-1 Urawa

2015 AFC Champions League-Yu Dabao breaks the door to conquer the red Guoan away 1-1 Urawa
On the evening of April 8th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the 2015 AFC Champions League group stage continued. Beijing Guoan played away against Urawa Red Diamonds. In the first half, Guoan played an advantage against the main goal. Yu Dabao broke the goal in the 34th corner kick.Fei Zulau missed two single-shot opportunities; in the second half, the Urawa Red Diamonds made a big push, and Japanese international Samo Chino also used a corner kick to equalize the score in the 74th minute; in the 77th minute, Yu Dabao header hit the post;In 88 minutes, Lang Zheng was sent off with a red card for retaliation, and eventually the two sides drew 1-1.Guoan 4 wins, 3 wins, 1 draw, 10 points, Urawa Red Diamonds only scored 1 point; in another game in the same group, Suwon Samsung defeated Brisbane Lions 3-1, Suwon points increased to 7 points, Lions roar is still 4Minute.  In the first three rounds of the group match, Guoan topped the list with a three-game winning streak, and Urawa Red Diamonds lost three straight to the bottom.In response to the situation of the group and the objective situation of the week’s double match, Guoan’s lineup has been adjusted. Deyang, Batara and He Dacheng all served as substitutes in this battle, and Fei Zulu started forward.In this season’s lineup configuration, only one foreign aid, Urawa Red Diamonds, is out of the local starter, but it is still the main effort. Because the suspension missed the third round of Guoan’s 2-0 victory over Urawa and World War I, Nasu Dailiang will start.裁判向武藤雄树出示黄牌朴成李忠成争顶  客场作战的国安开场即拉开阵型积极前压,于大宝与宋博轩在两边路均连有冲击,徐云龙也曾上抢到前场策动攻势,Park Cheng missed the low shot.In the first quarter of the match, Guoan formed a certain advantage by passing the game, and there were even steals in the midfield and the frontcourt; Urawa Red Diamonds was in a situation where it could only seek to counter a fast break.At home of Urawa Red Diamonds, what is clearly audible is the cheering of Guoan fans.In the 17th minute, Muto Yuki invaded Zhang Xiaobin in front of the Guoan restricted area and received a yellow card.  In the 24th minute, Zhao Hejing crossed the right from the front, Shao Jiayi burst into the penalty area and fell to the ground when the ball was freed. Shao Jia raised his hand to the referee to signal the foul. The referee ignored it.Guoan missed the perfect opportunity after 1 minute-Shao Jiayi split the ball after attracting a double in the midfield, Fei Zulu forwarded to form an absolute single-handed ball, but Fei Zulu faced when the opponents were unable to chase backThe goalkeeper’s low shot was weak, and Urawa Red Diamond goalkeeper Nishikawa Zhouzuo stood and intercepted the ball.In the 29th minute, Urawa Red Diamond’s left highball impact was passed by Hashimoto and the front pass. Ishihara Naoki’s middle pass was shot and missed under Guoan.  With the support of the fans at home, Urawa Red Diamonds made a continuous impact, and Guoan scored in the 34th minute-Fei Zulau also got a chance to insert a single-pole ball before the midfield start, but was chased after a long distance dribbling.The player was prevented from breaking the bottom line; Song Boxuan took the right corner, Xu Yunlong nodded in front of the ball and crossed the ferry.In the 36th minute, Urawa Red Diamonds made a continuous impact in the Guoan restricted area after passing from the left. The shot near the Kashiwa Yangsuke small restricted area line was wonderfully sealed by Yang Zhi.In the 42nd minute, the referee thought that Yang Zhi delayed showing his yellow card.Guoan led 1-0 in the first half.  Easy side, Huraura and Red Diamond formation front pressure hit continuously, Yu Dabao continued to withdraw his defense and blocked the opponent’s attack.In the 55th minute, Naxu Liangliang elbowed Zhou Ting’s back when he was competing for the high point, causing Zhou Ting to bleed slightly. The referee ignored the complaint from Guoan.After 3 minutes, Song Boxuan touched the defensive player and fell to the ground in the red diamond restricted area of Urawa. The referee ignored it.  In the situation where Guoan is difficult to form a pass-through control, Song Boxuan and Fei Zulu have taken the ball to break through, Park Cheng won a free kick, and won a chance for Guoan to stabilize the situation.Shao Jia was able to decline and suffered injury, and was replaced by Deyang in the 66th minute.Deyang’s appearance and the formation of continuous transmission and cooperation with Fei Zulau, the national security scene changed, and the formation reopened to form a stalemate with the opponent.The desperate Urawa Red Diamonds ran out of three substitutions ahead of schedule.  In the 74th minute, Urawa Red Diamonds equalized the score-Jun Takagi took the corner from the right side, and Mizuno Tomoko header.This is the first goal conceded in the Guoan AFC Champions League.In the 77th minute, Guoan made a threatening attack from the right pass and Yu Dabao headered the ball and hit the post to rebound!Directly shot into the arms of Xichuan Zhou Zuo.In the 85th minute, Guan Gengui’s right wing broke through the low shot and was confiscated by Yang Zhi.Since then, Yang Zhi has attacked again to resolve the opponent’s left attack.  In the 88th minute, Zhao Hejing was injured and fell to the ground to stop the game. Lang Zheng suddenly rubbed with Li Zhongcheng. Both of them even collided, Lang Zheng raised his arm to the opponent’s head, Li Zhongcheng quickly fell to the ground, the referee will LangRed card sent off!In the four-minute stoppage period, Li Zhongcheng again smashed Xu Yunlong, who had fallen to the ground, with his forward momentum during the fight.Eventually the two sides drew 1-1.进球信息  北京国安:第34分钟,于大宝在角球攻势中破门  浦和红钻:第74分钟,槙野智章在角球攻势中破门红牌信息  北京国安:朗征(第88分钟)黄牌信息  浦和红钻:武藤雄树(第17分钟)  北京国安:杨智(第42分钟)首发阵容及换人  浦和红钻:1-西川周作;5-槙野智章、4-那须大亮、33-桥本和(66Minutes, 31-Takagi Toshiyuki), 46-Moriwaki Ryota; 8-Kashiwagi Yosuke, 16-Aoki Takuya, 14-Hirakawa Takatsuki (46 minutes, 24-Kuan Gengui); 19-Muto Yuki, 11-Ishihara Nao树(72分钟,22-阿部勇树)、20-李忠成  北京国安:22-杨智;31-赵和靖、13-徐云龙、18-朗征、4-周挺;6-张晓彬(78分钟,17-Battara), 8-Park Cheng; 11-Song Boxuan, 29- Shao Jiayi (66 minutes, 10-Deyang), 19- Yu Dabao; 21- Fei Zulawu (Wood Fire)

Unable to complete self-redemption, Zhou Qi quietly disappeared around the corner .

Unable to complete self-redemption, Zhou Qi quietly disappeared around the corner .
Zhou Qi still did not play an eye-catching performance.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe Chinese men’s basketball team lost to Venezuela 59 to 72, 1 win and 2 losses to end the Basketball World Cup Group A game.After serving errors with the Polish team in the whirlpool of public opinion, Zhou Jin even faced with the difficulties of the opponent’s internal line, his performance is difficult to be called “self-salvation.”On the next day, the hot search responded to the initiative to take responsibility for the gold. The Chinese men’s basketball team played against Poland on the night. “Zhou Qi’s serve error” went on the hot search, and once followed the orange “boil” word to show that the topic is hot.The Chinese men’s basketball team led by 5 points from the last minute of regular time to 3 points in overtime and missed the initiative to advance to the top 16. Zhou Qi also surrounded the vortex of public opinion.At midnight, “big brother” Yi Jianlian said on Weibo: “If you can’t stand together when you fail, I don’t think it will succeed in the future.The picture is a scene of Zhai Xiaochuan and Zhai Xiaochuan pulling Zhou Qi from the ground.After that, Zhai Xiaochuan and others also supported.Less than 14 hours after the game, the Chinese men’s basketball team once again came to the Wukesong Stadium to prepare for a “life-and-death battle” with the Venezuelan team.As the coach Li Nan said, after a highly-regarded defeat, what the team needs most is “turning the page” and highlighting “we trust Zhou Qi”.In the opening time of the last 5 minutes of training for the Chinese team, Zhou Qi has been practicing free throws.After the training, he responded to the mistake.The 23-year-old young insider admitted that he had spent a “very difficult night”.He buckled the hoodie’s hat on his head, “Anyway, the ball is trying to me, and my responsibility is definitely the greatest.”He answered the question with a calm tone, saying that a dramatic game has baptized his mindset and on-the-spot thinking, and will adjust as soon as possible to go all out with the Venezuelan team.”Zhou Qi did not take advantage of the internal confrontation.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang photo-rescue 5 criminals left the field to get 8 splits more than an hour before the match, Zhou Qi is one of the first men’s players in the Chinese men’s basketball team to warm up.When he appeared from the player channel, there was a burst of cheering from the upper and lower stands. Zhou Qi waved his hand and went straight into the field, picked up the ball to practice the free throw and three points.When introducing players on the field, the broadcaster first pronounced “No. 15”, the name had not yet been spoken, and cheers had already sounded.When Zhou Qi’s name was pronounced, Wu Ke Song was higher.He clapped the team one by one and then ran to his place to stand still.Like the previous two games, Zhou Qi continued to start tonight, still getting the ball for the Chinese team in the jump ball.Nearly half of the first quarter, he picked the ball after the three-point line and chose to advance to the basket, and was counterattacked by his opponent.With a pity of regret, Zhou Qi quickly pursued and defended, successfully interfering with the fast break of the Venezuelan team.After receiving the rebound, the audience immediately applauded.In the last three minutes of the second quarter, Zhou Qi played again, less than half a minute later, in the fight for the offensive rebound, causing the opponent to foul and win the free throw opportunity.The first penalty, the ball came out of the basket, the sound of “oops” on the scene was immediately overshadowed by “refueling” and “steady”.Zhou Qi adjusted his breath after catching the ball, made a solid second penalty, and then retreated to the basket, pressing the opponent’s fast break layup on the backboard.The Chinese men’s basketball team had chased by 7 points in the fourth quarter, but Zhou Qi made two free throws at the front of the basket in the last 2 minutes and 55 seconds, and the opponent scored a goal using the offensive and defensive conversion.Immediately afterwards, he wanted to make up for the effort with a single shot from the basket, but failed to take advantage of the confrontation. He hurriedly missed his shot.The defeat of the Chinese team is set, and the cheering sound is replaced by “Li Nan’s class”.Zhou Qi scored three fouls in the last minute and more, and gradually left five fouls. He made 3 of 8 shots out of the night, surrendered 8 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks and 1 turnover. 4 free throws only.Hit one.Fans on the scene lost their expressions.Sauna, Yejiang Wujiang photo mixed mining area went blankly and walked away to the final whistle. The host also called on the audience to “send applause for the Chinese men’s basketball team who fought hard.”The brigade “has not ended, they have to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics through qualifying,” but the spectators who backed away from the stadium did not respond.The host’s voice did not fall, Zhou Qi had appeared in the mixed mining area before the head coach Li Nan.He walked past the reporter waiting outside the fence blankly. Someone called him, but he ignored it and disappeared around the corner.Tonight’s match, the Venezuelan team’s teamwork made the Chinese men’s basketball team very uncomfortable. The three major centers scored positively and negatively in the game.Li Nan admitted frankly after the game that he prepared to hit the ball before the game, but the effect of the implementation was not good. The arrow’s “inner dependency” was magnified tonight.In addition to technical and tactical factors, the head coach, known as the “class”, also admitted that the defeat against the Polish team was still brought to this game.”We also did some work for the players and talked to them, hoping that they will cross this threshold, but this time, their confidence in the game still has some influence.Fang Shuo also said that the loss put more or less pressure on the team, and to improve the qualification of the Olympic Games, the burden must be changed.”Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Chen editor Wang Xihuang