After the General Secretary has repeatedly examined, what did Hebei ecological governance do?

In December 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping took the cold of zero and down, and went to Yuping County, Hebei Province.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he has visited Hebei, and has repeatedly adjusted structures, governance pollution, and repairing the ecology. Keep in keeping in the general secretary, what did Hebei do in ecological governance? Xinhua News Agency reporter has recently visited all over Hebei. Shijiazhuang Citizen Wang Yichun is a photography enthusiast.

Starting in 2014, I stood on the balcony every morning to give the sky, a habit of him, and the folder stored in the computer was named "Tracking Smog". He said that when pollution is serious, don’t say a distance, it is the opposite building.

But now, the grays in the photo is less and less, and the blue is getting more and more conspicuous. "I changed the name of the folder, called ‘Tracking Blue Sky’." "Sky Photo", witness the road of green development in Hebei. "The country’s 10 pollution, the most serious city, accounted for 7.

If you don’t want to adjust the structure, you can’t explain the history and people. " The one-in-one needle is pointed out, but also indicates the direction of effort.

Taking the courage to control the harm of pollution with the courage of "Strong Brothers", the pain of smog, Hebei has experienced a major change in development concepts and practices.

On December 17, 8 years ago, Hebei concentrated on demolition of 18 cement enterprises within a day. Pain in each time, vivid. Except for older. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the added value of Hebei high-tech industry increased, and the national high-tech enterprises increased more than 9,000 in 2020, and this year is expected to exceed 10,000. This year, the national air quality comprehensive index ranked ten cities, and 7 have been reduced by 2 in Hebei. According to Li Jinyu, the Director of the Ecological Environment Department of Hebei Province, the average concentration of the province fell by 104 micrograms / cubic meters in 2013 to 2020 micro / cubic meters, down by 57%. 11 months ago 2021, the number of excellent days in Hebei Province was 243 days, more than 11 days over the same period last year. "I wouldn’t eat food, I can’t eat sand!" Zhao Yanjie, secretary of the party branch of Saihanba Harry Village, said that the village has established nearly 200 plantation professional teams, and expanded nursery under the guidance of Saihanba mechanical forest farms. Planting the scale, hard is to plant all the thousands of "?". Harryha Village, "Looking up at the mountain bald, looking down in the river. The mountain is getting down the river and rushed away the trench.

The wind is difficult to blink, and a firewood is running away.

"Today’s Harrosha Village, raised the pluma deer, engaged in farmhouse music, village collective revenue from a poor two white to save 10 million yuan," green treasure gallery "bonus shared together. In" Flying birds do not don’t cover, Huang Sand cover the wilderness Creating Linhai 1.15 million mu, Saihanba, turned into the forest sea. In August 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that in Chengde in Hebei, it is necessary to inherit the spirit of Saihanba, deeply understand and implement the ecological civilization concept, and make persistent efforts, second time Entrepreneurship, re-establishment in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle. Succession (drone photos) in the Saihanba National Forest Park, taken on June 27, 2021.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shizhen’s people around the surrounding area of ??Hedien Machinery forest, relying on hardworking hands, earning more than 600 million yuan from this vast forest. The person in charge of the forest said that by 2030, the local forest area will reach 1.2 million mu, and the forest coverage is increased to 86%. At the beginning of 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping was in Beijing, Hebei Province, presided over the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disapprove Olympics, and issued an important speech. It emphasized that it is necessary to highlight the green office, promote the development of sports. Construction combines.

"One year a year, from spring sculpt from the winter", Beijing Winter Olympics snow project holds the land of Zhangjiakou, undertakes the heavy retention of water storage, blocking the sources.

In the past, due to the destruction of vegetation, some areas became a sate of sandstorm.

With the promotion of Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan governance, the advancement of the construction of the three-north protective forest, the scene of "Huangsha Time" is not visible.

Zhangjiakou City Chongli District Forest is dense, Changchengling (photo on July 29, 2017). Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyu took the Winter City Chongli, and the mountain layers of the mountain laminated forest.

In recent years, see the green and plant trees in the past. Yang Jianzhong, chief engineer of the Forest Herry Bureau of Chongli District, said that the forest coverage rate of Winter Olympics has exceeded 80%, which became a ski resort, outdoor sports heaven. Xiongan New District is a city with less history in the history of traditional Chinese buildings – ecological priority, blue-green dominant. In January 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the Xiongan New District and said: "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, and Xiongan New District is to reflect value, increase attractive.

"Not long ago, the design was three seasons with flowers, evergreen in the four seasons, the total area of ??18 square kilometers, became the casual card of the local people. Lost soil, Chengcheng County, the peasant Liu Yuzhao, said, the first time I saw such a big Park, in Xiongan, very happiness. The first large reservoir in the Government of New China, the first large reservoir built in New China, was one of the main water supply water sources of Beijing. However, since the late 1980s, the reservoir is over-reclamation , The sewage of the sewage, the water in the reservoir area is severely polluted.

From Xinshenburg Village, Huailai County, I went around 500 meters south, I went to the entrance to the National Wetland Park of the National House Reservoir.

Huailai County has started construction of National Wetland Park in 2017, and Xinsburi Village will flow into the Wetland Park 3000 acres in the village. The villagers have a subsidy of 1,000 yuan per mu, and can work in the scenic spot. The villager Hou Jianjun, who was the security captain of the Wetland Park, said that the original five acres of land, remove the seeds, fertilizers these overhead, how much is it left a year.

Now he and the lover have more than 2,000 yuan per month, plus the subsidies of land circulation, and "turn over" in life.

"Slowly aware that how good is the main reservoir protection, how good is the development of.

Hou Jianjun said. Recently, Xingtai City, Baiquan, Dog Headquan and Heilongtan, etc.

After this, it is the effort of the underground water super mining comprehensive governance. In recent years, Hebei has reduced the groundwater over the groundwater, and more than two-thirds of super mining counties realize the groundwater level to stop recall.

Many squids that have been traced many years have now reappeared in Baiyang. Zhang Fuqing, the village cadres of Xia Zhangzhuang Village, Anxin County, from a small life in Baiyang, and began to serve as the village-level river in 2018.

He said that the squid has a high water quality, and it has once again proves that the white depth is getting better.

On February 23, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that in the investigation of Xiongan New District, the construction of Xionganfu District, must repair Baiyangqing and protect it.

Baiyangdian ushered in the largest systematic ecological governance ecological governance in history, water quality in 2017 is inferior V-class, most of the water has reached Class III after governance. The environment is not beautiful, the ecology is good, it is related to the happiness and sustainable development of the people.

At present, Hebei’s economic transformation and upgrading tasks are still arduous. The ecological environment is far away. In the critical period of climbing, rolling stone, the rock, will continue to force, for a long time, for a long time, to the modern economy, the beautiful Hebei continues to move.

40 key projects in Jilin Province, the contract, the contract is 32.6 billion yuan

Original title: Actively embrace the capital market continuously optimize resource allocation to build investment cooperation hot soil entrepreneurship garden on October 21, listed companies and investment institutions will be held in Changchun. Jing Junhai, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the scene and speaking.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Han Jun hosted the scene.

40 key investment and equity financing projects in our province have been signed, and the contract amount is 32.6 billion yuan.

  Jing Junhai represents the provincial party committee, the provincial government, and congratulate the successful congratulations to the Jilin Bank of the Listed Company and Investment Agency.

He said that listed companies, investment institutions are important cornerstones in the capital market, which is the backbone of high quality development.

The activities of this event are the actual actions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Jilin Important Speech. They are both launched companies and investment agencies to cooperate in Jilin to create good opportunities, but also provide more Jilin high-quality enterprises to provide a capital market. A vast stage. I hope that the majority of listed companies and investment institutions have carried out high-efficiency exchanges in Jilin, establish a stable cooperation mechanism, and inject capital and contribute to the development of Jilin Zhenxing in the new era.

First, give full play to capital power industrial transformation booster roles, focus on Jilin "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy, aim at new energy, new car, new materials, new agriculture, new tourism, new e-commerce development, docking capital Market, guide capital agglomeration, and accelerate the promotion of industry-based high-quality and industrial chain modernization.

The second is to give full play to the role of capital power results to transform the catalyst, build a gold-integrated service system of political production, promote capital chain, innovative chain, industrial chain, talent chain integration, promote science and technology, capital, high level of industry, high quality development . The third is to give full play to the growth of capital power enterprises to grow incubator, continue to enhance investment financing services, and promote the vivid situation of the development of thousands of military teams in Jilin enterprises.

The fourth is to give full play to the role of capital power reform and opening up, actively participate in the national enterprise mixness of our province, providing the capital service of the province’s private enterprises, all risk dimensions, and injected the source of high quality development in Jilin.

We must actively embrace capital markets, continue to optimize resource allocation, and create investment cooperation with hot soil, and start a park.

  At the scene, Li Hui, the president of the Chinese listed company Association, deputy director of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, deputy general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, said that it is necessary to collect the strength of listed companies, play the role of capital market, better serve Jilin High quality development. Liu Bin, Chairman of China and Energy Saving Wind Power Co., Ltd., Chairman, Chairman, Charlin, Qingdao, Deputy General Manager of China Building Materials Group, President of China Building Materials Co., Ltd., Chang Zhangli, Zuosing, President of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Expressing the willingness to expand its investment and deepen capital cooperation.

  During the event, each city (state) conducts investment policies, industry special introduction, and the relevant departments of the relevant departments, and the relevant enterprises have focused on investment and financing, and negotiate with the investment institution. The live broadcast is available throughout the game and watching the number of 600,000.

Provincial and Changchun City leaders Hu Jiafu, Cai Dong, Prince Dian, Provincial Government Secretary-General An Guiwu, representatives of listed companies and investment agencies across the country, relevant departments, municipalities (state) and relevant enterprises to participate in the scene meeting.

(Reporter Hui) (Editor: Wang Emperor, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

A man did not wear a mask in Dalian, the police:

Extreme Journalist Ma Haoran November 12 A video that has not been wearing a mask man pushing the police, triggeting netizens hot discussion.

The extreme news reporter learned that the police have been intervened in the jurisdiction of the incident, and the cause is under investigation, and it will be treated according to the specific situation.

The video shot of netizens showed that there was a "big white" who wrote two words behind the protective clothing. There was a good intersection of the road near the community. He did not wear a mask man. Why did you know why? on the ground. Extreme Journalists noticed that men were more excited during this period and asked to call 120. Ms. Zhang, the resident of Xinhua Community, said that due to the serious epidemic in the local area, the community has been controlled. All residents have to scan the code and wear masks, and they can be travelable after the body temperature.

But the man did not wear a mask, although I don’t know why, but I have something to say, and I should not be able to use my hand. The video triggered the hot discussion, everyone said: "Do not wear a mask and put the police, must find out the reason" "Why don’t you wear a mask, you are not afraid?" Torp. "

On November 13, the staff of the Zhenghe City Public Security Bureau told the extreme news reporter, on the 12th, there were police officers to be inhabited by the residents, and the police have been involved in the incident, and the specific cause of things is investigating. Process will be made according to the specific situation.

CITIC BANK HARBIN TAIL Lanceerde een illegale publiciteitsfonds

People’s Network Harbin 25 februari (Yang Xuenan) Om de "preventie en verwijdering van illegale fondsen-verhogende voorschriften" te implementeren, versterken verder het bewustzijn van de mensen, verwerpt het illegale fondsen-raising actief af van de bron om illegale fondsenwerving te voorkomen Risico’s, CITIC De Bank Harbin Branch heeft zich gericht op het voorkomen van illegale fondsverhogingscampagnes, en de maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid voor het beschermen van consumentenrechten is ge?mplementeerd.

De communautaire publiciteitsactiviteiten die "wegblijven van illegale fondsen-verhogende samenwerking en het goede leven".

De Branch Haxi, de handelszone-tak en de verkooptak en andere instellingen gingen actief de omliggende gemeenschappen in voor en na het voorjaarfestival, uitgegeven promotiemateriaal aan de gemeenschapsbewoners en legde de aard, kenmerken, kenmerken, hoofdmethoden van illegale fondsenwerving uit, Velden met hoog risico, gevaren, enz. De lof van communautaire inwoners, die communautaire bewoners helpen om illegale fondsen-verhogende vallen te omzeilen, de risicopreventie te verbeteren en bewustzijn en het vermogen en het vermogen van de controle te verbeteren. Lanceer de "Leermethode met Legal Protection Small Family, voorkom niet-erfenis" Theme.

Daqing Branch, ZTE-tak produceert actief korte video, scène-drama propaganda om illegale fondsenwerving, LIJIANG-wegentak, Dacheng-tak en Xing-tak actief door de online salonactiviteiten te voorkomen om illegale fondsen-raisingsactiviteiten te voorkomen en tegelijkertijd het operationele netwerk te voorkomen Elektronisch scherm scroll om te spelen om te voorkomen dat illegale illegale de fondsenwervende slogan, gelegen promotiematerialen in het openbare onderwijsgebied van de hal, en de speciale persoon werd aan de klant gepresenteerd om illegale publiciteit en onderwijs te voorkomen. Uitvoeren "Rationele keuze-investeringskanaal" Old University Lezing Activity. Groepsubbranch van de ouderen-universiteitsklanten houden een "typische illegale fonds-raising-activiteiten" Knowledge-lezingen, introduceer de senioren aan de seniele klanten, om een ??valse project te cre?ren, om een ??valse propaganda te cre?ren, familie te gebruiken om vier gewone illegale fonds te misleiden -Raleiserende technieken, door scenario’s de manier om de illegale fondsen-verhoging van de misleiding voor de oudere klanten te introduceren, en laat de ouderenklanten het "vierachtse denken en andere nachten" -methoden van illegale fondsenwerving en het voorkomen van illegale fondsenwerving begrijpen, begrijpen oude klanten om illegale fondsenwervende vallen te verbeteren. Bewustzijn. Deze preventie van illegale fondsen-raising publiciteit en onderwijsactiviteiten is zeer erkend door communautaire massa’s en klanten.

Citic Bank Harbin Branch zal de reeks van de consumentrechtenbescherming blijven uitvoeren, maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen en een servicemerk van de "Crossting Tempert Temperature" van Citic Bank verdere tot stand brengen om een ??goede financi?le omgeving te cre?ren.

(Editor: Zhang Qi, Li Zhongshou) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

China: Resolutely opposes the US affectional accusation and smearing China Religious freedom

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian Xue Wei photographed a reporter question, the US Secretary of State Burlin issued a statement, listed Russia, China and other 8 countries as religious freedom "special concern" objects. The Chinese side responded to Zhao Lijian, said that China resolutely opposes the US universal accusations and displaced Chinese religious freedom. The Chinese government protects the freedom of religion in citizens according to law.

There are nearly 200 million people in China, more than 380,000 people with religious faculty, and about 5,500 religious groups, and more than 140,000 religious activities registered according to law. The people of all nationalities enjoy full religious beliefs.

  Zhao Lijian said that the fact is better than the eloquent, and the lie repeats will not be truth. The "Islamic phobia", such as "Islamic phobia", etc., causing a lot of tragedy. The US does not reflect from the province, and it is also considering the facts, frequently use religious problems to interfere with his national government.

The US should face his own problems, do your own business, respect the facts, and abandon the prejudice, stop using religious issues to engage in the trick of the country.

(End) Editor: Wang Haitao.

The spirit of the 13th Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Session of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee in Chengbei District, Xining City

On August 4th, Xining City, Chengbei District, Chengbei District, held the Standing Committee of the District Committee, earnestly conveyed the spirit of the 10th National Conference of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and arranged to implement the implementation.

The meeting emphasized that the whole district must be carefully studied, resolutely implement the spirit of the 13th National Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, further enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", and "two maintenance", remember " The big man of the country, quickly set off the learning and propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the 13th National Conference of the Provincial Party Committee. First, we must deeply understand the significance of the plenary session, to promote the spirit of the Plenary Session of the Provincial Commission as the current and future political tasks, accurately grasp the ideas, target tasks and deployment requirements proposed by the Plenary, and promote the implementation of various work. Second, it is necessary to fully implement the requirements of "six more" "six new", refine, solidify, and avattern, promote the success of various target tasks.

Third, it is necessary to combine the "decision" and "opinions" adopted by the 10th National Conference of the Provincial Party, and propose specific initiatives to promote the construction of ecological livable quality.

Fourth, in order to combine the actual, we will learn the spirit of the 13th National Conference of the Provincial Party Committee. Fifth, innovation planning to learn new ways, actively play the district, town (street) preliminary team, the new era civilization (station) and other positions, let the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee 13th Ten All Meetings, the spirit of the spirit, entrance .

By the second half of the year, the meeting request, the spirit of the 13th National Committee of the Qinghai Provincial Party will implement the spirit of the whole district, with the true and pragmatic work style, solid work results, focus on ecological protection , Project leaders, urban construction management, people’s livelihood well-being, and five aspects of reform and development. (Source: Fan Shengdong, Propaganda Department, Chengbei District Committee, Xining City) (Editor: Chen Mingju, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Qixian New District High Quality Party Construction Leading High Quality Development

Original title: Xiongan New District High Quality Party Construction Leading High Quality Development Party Construction Leading Enterprises Winning Xionganxin District High Quality Party Construction Leading High Quality Development Recently, Xiongan New District issued a number of measures to carry out the "party building leadership enterprises to win" action"The Xiongan New District has been set up for more than four years, and the construction has a comprehensive speed and press the "fast forward".

Recently, Xiongan New District key construction project was concentrated, 21 total investment of 21.5 billion yuan, marking a new level in the construction of key projects in Xiongan New District. The construction of these key projects is designed to lay a solid foundation for the goal of achieving "shades and image" goals next year.

In the face of time, the construction subject, the construction standard is high, the construction standard is high, the party’s ideological advantages, political advantages, and organizational advantages are transformed into the powerful cooperation of development, and the new climax of high-standard high-quality construction Xiong’an new district has. Major practical significance and long-term strategic significance. To this end, the Xiongan New District integrates the deep integration of party building and project construction, realizing high-quality party construction leading high quality development, as an important starting point in the current and future party construction work, focusing on the center, service overall situation, adheres to party construction and business depth, In the key case, major project construction first-line actively explore the joint party construction mechanism, from the area headquarters, the project office in the county and township and township, village street party organization and project construction units to form a political enterprise, coordinate the problem of project construction, cohesion joint interaction Construction of cooperation.

Party Construction Punction and Create Project Construction Project. The Xiongan New District has recently carried out the new district leadership contact state-owned enterprises, residential enterprises, strong people’s enterprises, through "six" initiatives, that is, at least one company visits a company, at least one talk, carry out a policy guidance, solve a business Reality difficulties, promoting a production (service) project, jointly conducting a theme party day event with the corporate party organization, promoting the new district and enterprises to accelerate the formation of pragmatic and efficient work.

Carry out the "service enterprise first-line" activities, leaders from the party work committee, leadership leaders leaders in the department to track the company, implement "four-band, three questions, two records, one feedback" "4321" service enterprise model. "Si Zi" is the topic with the aim, with the service, with feelings, "three questions", asking the development status, ask difficulties, ask the development needs, "two records" to do a good job book record, do Good task list record, "a feedback" is given to enterprises to make feedback on issues, improve the discipline rights, participation of the enterprise to the business environment. Party Construction Federation forging Party members have a hard style. Focus on the project is the main battlefield, carry out the "three first-line" branch, party members to compete, and promote party members and cadres service enterprises and service projects. In the new district organizational party to carry out the "transformation work style, create a model organ" activity, guide the new district three counties, various agency units in project construction, business environment, etc. Party members and cadres "win flags first", force major projects to be in place early, early production, early treatment.

Promote the construction of the enterprise "The construction site is the party flag red, the first line is a pioneer", with the "four hearts" to guarantee "five new", promote the "Three-year Breakthrough" "Three Years" Targeting Targets with High Quality Party Construction, Incentive Party Membership Play a pioneering model in the construction of the new district.

Party Construction Branch Building a First-line Fighting Fortress. Give full play to the party building of the Xiongan Group, improve the party construction work system, improve the party construction organization system, and promote party building work, promote the integration of party construction into the company to govern, extend to the grassroots, give full play to the corporate party committee to put the direction, management, the general situation, and promote the implementation of the leadership effect.

Give full play to the combat fortress role of the first-line party branch to carry out the production and operation work, promote the establishment of party organizations in the Group’s second-level subsidiary and new set up subsidiaries, and explore the establishment of government and enterprises in the project line, and the village enterprises jointly established the temporary party organization to achieve the party. Work and organizations are fully covered in all key projects and major projects.

Regularly hold a joint meeting of the Party Construction of the Enterprise, discuss major matters in party construction, coordinate the difficulties and problems of development, and link to the top and bottom linkage, and strengthen the close links in the grassroots party organization. Party Construction Join to Stimulate Enterprise Body Power.

Give full play to the role of Xiongan "Smart Party Building" platform, in time to absorb the new enterprises to join the platform, use the platform as a gathering of central enterprises, state-owned enterprises to serve the high-quality development of high-quality development, publicity position, and realize the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and non-public corporate parties Organize resources form a strong party building alliance. Focusing on the design and implementation of key projects in the construction of new districts, exploring the formation of "organizations to build, shared sharing, resource sharing, activities, advanced joint learning, cultural and create" achieve "concentricion, innovation" A win-win "" Ten Communist "development model, build a new pattern of the party building alliance in the regional development region.

Strengthening the contact guidance of the party construction work in the residential enterprise, will have a will, capable, creative central enterprises, and state-owned enterprises identified as the interconnected platform round value unit, and a certain number of party workers went to the new district Party Office to work with the work, by The party group work department and the wheel value unit jointly responsible for the construction of enterprises and party construction activities within the new district, the construction of platform operation and maintenance, resource sharing exchanges, and the promotion of enterprises, promoting the quality of enterprises. Party Construction and Construction Improves the Quality of "Two Coverage". Solidly promoting the party’s organization and the party’s work effectively covered, deeply exploiting the unobtrong enterprises, implementing the establishment of party organization conditions, implementation should be built; for the establishment of party organization conditions, adhere to accurate selection, At the principle, select the party construction instructor to determine the party construction work contacts, and actively carry out party construction work.

Strengthening the political leadership of non-public enterprises, with the goal of the party building, strong development, according to the production and operation, good corporate culture, good labor relationship, good part of the party, good party members, good social evaluation, widely "double strong six "Good" activities and party members demonstrate, party members’ responsibility area, party members public commitment activities, promote the company’s party organizations to perform their duties, and the majority of party members are based on the position of the position. (Reporter Cui Congjong) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

The first lesson of the school, Anhui Medical University, from new crown pneumonia, new characteristics

Students learn the course on the dormitory.

In order to effectively maintain the safety and stability of the school’s prevention and control, help students improve their personal protective awareness and the consciousness and initiative of the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the Expertise of the Anhui Medical University’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Expert Group specially produced curriculum courseware, focusing on new crown New characteristics of pneumonia, incorporating 7 individual measures and 2 management systems, etc., to conduct comprehensive sciences to students, guide them to maintain a reasonable and objective positive attitude and enhance prevention awareness.

This special "The first lesson" not only built the foundation of the "epidemic prevention first", but also opened the new semester of the order of the Anhui Medical University. On the first day of the school, the school has opened a courses 231, 251 teachers, and more than 10,000 students. Through the online teaching software, the principal Cao Yunxia teaches the "Obstetrics and Gynecology" courses in 2017, "Women’s Reproductive System Anatomy", and combined with the pelvic model, The graphic and highlighted content, the international students are interested in.

It is reported that in order to implement the leadership of the new coronal pneumonia epidemic situation prevention and control work in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn in the autumn in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn of the autumn in the autumn in the autumn of the Epontead of the Epidemic Prevention and Control of the School of Prevention and Control. Zhou Dynasty’s second week theoretical courses were all carried out, and the experimental courses were launched under the line of small classes under the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

In addition, in order to fully protect undergraduate teaching quality and teaching effect, the school launched online teaching training in line on the line on August 19th, and held a new semester teaching work prepared for the first week, and made a smooth development of the new semester teaching work. Foot protection.

(Huang Liying Chen Xin Shen) (Editor: Huang Yan, Palace) Sharing let more people see.

People’s Net Assessment: Improve the Constitution to the new level

Adhere to the constitutional government, constitutional ruling, and comprehensively implement the Constitution, which is the primary task and basic tasks and fundamental tasks of the country to build a socialist national rule of law. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has advanced the whole-scale effort to governing the country with unprecedented efforts, putting the implementation of the Constitution in a full-scale position of the country, and adopts a series of strong measures to strengthen the implementation and supervision of the Constitution, and maintain the Constitution. Legal authority.

Since the 13th National People’s Congress and its standing committee, we have seriously implemented the legal duties to promote the implementation of the Constitution, strengthen the constitutional supervision, and strongly maintain the constitutional dignity and authority, and safeguard national rule of law. From the establishment of the National People’s Congress Constitution and the Legal Committee, the National Flag Law, National Nummat, and better maintain the national image, promote the spirit of patriotism, let dignity to defend the national flag and national emblem become people’s conscious action; to modify the electoral method, increase the county and township The number of representatives of the Level of the People’s Congress, consolidating the basis of the people’s congress; to adapt to the deepening of national monitoring system reform needs, formulate a public officials, formulating the supervisory officer law … Since the 18th National People’s Congress, especially the 13th National People’s Congress Since its commitment, the relevant legal system related to the constitution has been continuously improved, the constitutional norm, leading, promoting, and guarantees to give full play. The foundation of the Constitution lies in the support of the people from the heart, the greatness of the Constitution lies in the belief in the people.

Since the 18th Party Congress, the whole party’s all-in-society society has been in depth to respect the Constitution, to learn the Constitution, to comply with the Constitution, to maintain the constitution, and promote the spirit of the Constitution, vigorously promote the spirit of socialist rule of law, and continuously enhance the people’s constitutional consciousness. . With the continuous increase in the general law, the socialist rule of law culture is deeply rooted in the heart, the constitutional law is supreme, the legal concept of everyone is equally, the legal concept is firmly established.

The implementation of the Constitution is an important responsibility to give the Constitution to the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, especially the 13th National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress continues to advance constitutional reviews, ensuring laws and regulations and policy documents in line with the Constitutional provisions.

According to the requirements of "there is an essential, there is a need to review, there is a wrong correction", the procedure mechanism for filing the review work is more robust, active review, and the special review is constantly increasing, and the supervision has corrected a group of constitutional laws. Standardized documents have played the effective effect.

Maintaining the authority of the Constitution is to safeguard the authority of the party and the people. Defending the dignity of the Constitution is to defend the dignity of the party and the people. Guarantee the implementation of the Constitution is to ensure the realization of the fundamental interests of the people.

In comprehensively completing the new journey of socialist modernization, it is necessary to pay more attention to the important role of the Constitution, strengthen the implementation and supervision of the Constitution, and maintain the legal authority of the Constitution, and include the national undertakings and work in accordance with the law, and the rules of the country. The constitutional system is better transformed into a powerful effectiveness of governance. (Editor: Yan Shuai, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.

Special items such as blood samples are followed, and Beijing Customs fully supports the test of Winter Olympics.

On December 8, Beijing Customs released the news, recently the acceleration of the acceleration of the Beijing Diping Testing Laboratory. It is understood that this is the first time the test sample taken before the Winter Olympics in the laboratory.

The imported test urine sample is the first interview sample before the Beijing Diping Test Laboratory Winter Olympics. The sample test results will directly affect whether our laboratory Winter Olympics stimulant can be carried out smoothly. Mr. Sun, Beijing Diping Detection Laboratory, said.

As the only laboratories approved by the World Anti-Dresser Agency (WADA), Beijing Diping was undertaken by the world’s anti-doping institution (WADA), while shouldering the heavy responsibility of the Beijing Winter Olympics. In addition, the laboratory also accepted the test sample from the World Anti-Doping Institution (WADA) to assess its detection capabilities, testing levels, and related services involved the import and export of samples such as athletes, urine samples.

Photography: Beijing News Group Reporter Liu Pingduo is understood that the Customs of Beijing Customs is also a special item in accordance with special items, and has developed a number of measures such as special items and integration, and the eligible goods will be taken. With the check, it is accompanied that the entry and exit green channels of special items are settled, and the customs clearance efficiency is improved while making supervision.

Since the first half of the year, Yizhuang Customs took the initiative to visit the Beijing Diping Testing Laboratory, quickly formulate inspection programs and emergency plans according to the specific circumstances of the laboratory to ensure that the sample samples came to seek. Beijing Customs Health and Quarantine Department Rui said that Beijing Customs has always supported national anti-doping work, ensuring electition of winter, to help pure sports. On the basis of risk analysis and evaluation of the stimulant test sample, we have developed a management approach to develop blood samples related to stimulant testing, and the urine entry and exit is developing strict and efficient approval. In addition to opening up an approval of the green channel, Beijing Customs also optimizes special item inspection processes while also supporting international anti-eager institutions to sampling at any time to my country athletes. The inspection of the international anti-residence mechanism has a temporary, uncertainty, and the high-efficiency requirements of customs clearance requirements are high. In order to maintain our reputation, we give this kind of test sample with the approved service to ensure the smoothness of the test.

Tian Rui said.

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