The nuclear submarine hits a month, and the United States should give a statement.

US Navy Nuclear Submarine "Connecticut" hits unknown objects when he seas out in the South China Sea, and the submarine is damaged.

The United States has been covering covered in the past month, and there is no clear explanation to the world. Why does the US nuclear submarine collide in the sea from local? The US will send a nuclear submarine quietly sneak in the South China Sea. What tasks are to do? What happened this time? Why hit it? Whether it causes nuclear leaks to bring nuclear pollution to the ocean environment … The United States owes a description.

For a long time, the United States has "sailing and flying over the freedom" flag, frequently dispatched aircraft carrier, strategic bomber, nuclear submarine, etc., the weapon platform, showing off the force in the South China Sea, and hurts the waves. In just half a year of this year, the US has nearly 2000 times to China’s sea air, and there are nearly 2000 times to China’s large-scale maritime military exercises over 20 times.

These dangerous moves themselves in the risk of derailment, seriously threatening international route safety, this submarine accident is a alarm.

Nuclear submarines are damaged, and they must not be seen as "voyeurity" hit the head after the head, I can’t do it.

Previously, the US military deliberately concealed, and after 5 days of collision accident, I only published an unknown short statement, follow-up to continue to cover up.

Such a way of handling is a visual reflection of the lack of transparency in military information communication in the United States, further solidifying extreme irresponsible national images. South China Sea is part of the Guangyan Pacific, "Connecticut" nuclear submarine collision is a serious incident that threatens the safety of the entire region.

The US must conduct a thorough and open investigation, and take a statement to respond to the concerns and doubts of relevant regional countries and the international community.

The US nuclear submarine has hit the international ancents and justice. In recent month, the United States has spent the truth of hiding the submarine accident, but regardless of the beauty of the United States, the fact that the United States has always been unreliable, untrusted, is the largest risks of international nuclear safety. It is the biggest scourge source in the South China Sea and the largest destruction of world peace and regional safety.

“Also,What Secretary Wang said is right。Where I happened to be passing this afternoon,So I stood down and took a look,People have money,The preparations for this groundbreaking ceremony are particularly adequate”Feng Xiaowei smiled and said。

Xia Jian thought about it to Secretary Wang:“How about this!Here you give Deputy Director Zhao an order,All the members of their police station,Fully armed to the scene tomorrow,Create momentum first”
“Damn!Chief Xia’s mind is flexible,I’ll go to Deputy Director Zhao to arrange”Secretary Wang finished,Get up and go。
Xia Jian took a sip of water,I thought about it and asked Liu Zimin:“How is the job I arranged for you some time ago?”
“Are you talking about running a canteen in our village??”Liu Zimin asked with a smile。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Correct,I said it before,Meng Jiucheng allocates all expenses,This also belongs to the infrastructure construction work in our village。You said everyone doesn’t even have a place to eat,What kind of work are you talking about then”
Liu Zimin smiled and said:“about there,The place is in our backyard,Deputy Director Zhao has ordered the place to be cleaned up,The chef is from Hu Wangzhuang,Waiting for money now”
“how?Is it difficult?”Xia Jian frowned,Asked a little unhappy。
Liu Zimin glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“Director Meng has already typed up the report,But the city has not yet approved”
Xia Jian just listened,Stood up immediately。He grabbed the phone on the desk,I called Meng Jiucheng。One call,Xia Jian said to Meng Jiucheng:“Director Meng!If the township government can’t approve the money for building a canteen,,You just pulled a cart of wood and bought it yourself,I’ll take care of it”
“Chief Xia is relieved,I will go to the city again tomorrow。If they don’t approve,I really did it”Meng Jiucheng is also full of fire。
Xia Jian hung up the phone,A little depressed sitting behind the desk,Didn’t say a word。Feng Xiaowei glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Do not be mad,It’s really impossible to be angry about this”
“I really can’t figure it out,Our money is used to build the canteen,They still have to do it,What do you say this is?”Xia Jian said grumblingly。
Liu Zimin said coldly:“Or let’s ask for the distributorship of Linzi”
Feng Xiaowei smiled and said:“Easy you said,This forest is on our site in Donglin Township,But it also belongs to the urban management。Does not produce economic benefits,No one can see。Can sell money now,This right anyway,They won’t let go,This is the rule”
“Nothing,I will talk to Mayor Chen tomorrow”Xia Jian said,Took a long breath。
Liu Zimin sat for a while,So I went back early。Feng Xiaowei secretly glanced at Xia Jian who was a little unhappy and said:“I made some supper,Let’s go have some!I guess you are hungry too”
What Feng Xiaowei said,Xia Jian really feels a little hungry,Maybe this is conditioned reflex!Xia Jian hesitated a bit,So followed Feng Xiaowei。

Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。

Zhou Li scolded with a cold smile:“Xia Jian!Don’t pretend to be upright here。No one will gossip when you go out now?You better sit down,Otherwise, Zhou Li will go crazy,I’m afraid you haven’t seen it before”
Seeing Zhou Li look a little crazy,Xia Jian had to sit back again。In case this woman’s brain gets water,Yelling,Then he jumped into the Yellow River and couldn’t clean it。
Zhou Li saw that Xia Jian was suppressed by her,She just walked over gently,I don’t know where I brought a bottle of red wine,She also held two red wine glasses in one hand。
“Foreign goods,I heard the price is not low,Let’s chat,Drink two glasses”
“No need to,I can’t get used to this stuff,You still drink it alone!I can drink if I have alcohol”
Xia Jian rejected Zhou Li in a cold voice。In fact, over the past few years,He slowly accepted the wine,On some occasions,He can still drink a few drinks。
Zhou Li has no Li Xia Jian,But put the red wine glass on the coffee table,Then open the wine bottle,Pour a little into two cups separately。
“Drink it!If you really can’t drink,Then I’ll let someone get a bottle of white wine,You drink white,How about i drink red with you?”
Zhou Li smiles at Xia Jian, who is so charming,Push the glass with red wine in front of him。Xia Jian hesitated,But still served。He understands Zhou Li’s character,She is a master who does what she says。In case the whole bottle comes up white,Wouldn’t he be worse。
“Ok!Then I will drink less,It’s ten thirty now,Eleven o’clock at the latest,I have to leave here”
Xia Jian said,Raised the red wine glass and took a sip。But to be honest,This red wine tastes really good。All these years,He also knows a little about red wine。
Zhou Li looked at Xia Jian,Suddenly burst into laughter:“Xia Jian!You just pretend in front of me!These years,You still drink less of this red wine?Woman you still sleep less?”
“Zhou Li!If you want to talk like this,Then we really have nothing to talk about”
Xia Jian said,Stand up again。
Zhou Li rushed over,She pushed Xia Jian back。She choked up and said:“Xia Jian!I didn’t expect you to be so ruthless,Anyway,We also had a happy time,Did you forget?”
“I forgot,But you changed。What do you mean by what you have done all these years?You are playing with fire!do you know?”

After this process is completed,The middle-aged woman wiped the sweat from her forehead and said:“Your cold is terrible,It takes three days”

“Thank you doctor,You want to give me a shot again!I’m from outside,Urgent business”Song Fang said weakly。
The middle-aged woman shook her head helplessly and said:“No matter how urgent your business is,Your illness needs to be cured immediately,Otherwise it will be dangerous。You do!I’ll get a needle now,Hang a bottle first。If there are conditions,I suggest you go to the city hospital!Burn it again and it will burn out”
Song Fang glanced at his watch and said:“Row,Hang on to me!But let it go,It’s seven o’clock,Must be lost at nine o’clock”
“You don’t want to die?Got such a bad cold,Is there anything urgent to do”Middle-aged woman on fire。This is the person responsible for being a doctor。It can also be said to be medical ethics。If it’s an ordinary person,Do whatever you like。
Song Fang looked at this woman a little gratefully and said:“Doctors!Let me be honest!My man was released from prison at ten o’clock,I have to pick him up。If he doesn’t see me when he comes out,I’m afraid he can’t stand it”
“Damn!OK OK,I’ll give you an injection”Middle-aged woman talking,He quickly put a needle on Song Fang。Then I pushed a lot of medicine into the bottle。
Less than half an hour,Song Fang suddenly felt a lot more relaxed,Measure the temperature down,Rong unexpectedly to 38 degrees and 5 degrees。The middle-aged woman took a breath and said:“I didn’t expect you to be so good,It’s not easy”
When Song Fang was about to speak,I found Wang Degui and Chen Yueqin walking in。As soon as Chen Yueqin came in,He cried out:“What’s wrong with you?You hanging water,How can I receive it?!”Chen Yueqin was walking around in the small clinic in a hurry。
The middle-aged woman glanced at Chen Yueqin and said:“Are you her in-laws?!Really irresponsible。She burned to 40 degrees,If you burn it, your life is in danger,You still remember to pick up people”
“what!What exactly happened here,Why are you still sick at this time??”Chen Yueqin,I stomped my feet in a hurry。
First1886chapter Wang You sent to prison
Chen Yueqin doesn’t care about Song Fang’s condition,But worried about how to pick up her son。What she said,I feel Song Fang is sick and choose the time,Artificial。
“I said this big sister,How can you talk like this。This person has to choose a time?Can you control it yourself?”The woman doctor can’t help it,I choked on Chen Yueqin。
Wang Degui’s face can’t hold it anymore,My wife is showing his ugliness in public。His eyes screamed:“get out!Don’t embarrass me here”
“Hi!You old man,What kind of evil fire at me,I’m telling the truth”Chen Yueqin is still a bit reluctant。
Song Fang took a look,The old couple are going to have a fight here,She quickly told the female doctor:“You count the money,I’m leaving”
“what!Your fever has not gone,It would be dangerous to walk in such a hurry”The female doctor asked worriedly。
Song Fang shook his head and said:“Nothing,You pack me some more medicine,This bottle is mentioned in the car and then hit,Just on the left arm,Driving has no effect”Song Fang said with a smile。
Seeing Song Fang’s determination,The female doctor gave Song Fang some packages of western medicine,Tell her how to take it,And then count the money。This time Wang Degui’s movements are fast,Not waiting for Song Fang to pay,He took the initiative and took out the money。

The manager sat down,Xia Shuyue sat on a stool next to him,“Boss,I have worked very hard。”

“you need to know,I don’t watch the process,Just look at the result,Whatever you want,No performance,Say everything equals zero。”
What more does Xia Shuyue want to say?,Colleagues walked in one after another,She had to find another place to sit down,The manager ordered the number,“It’s all here,Meeting!”
The manager is a thin man in his early thirties,He looked around everyone,Eyes jealous,“Nowadays,I beg everyone here,Pull me a list back,We haven’t had a business for a few days。”
A salesman complains,“Manager Tang,My leg is going to break。”
“Isn’t it broken yet?,You have to stimulate your inner motivation,Distribute business cards in various buildings,Multiple shots、More introduction,Carpet search for customers,A group of people out,Impossible to find a customer。”The manager said strongly。
“It was okay before,But we went a lot,Now the front desks of many companies are very resistant to us,As long as I hear it is here,Is going to beat us out。”Someone complains。
“Things are dead,People are alive,Use your brain to find a way,You can ask your friends and family for foreign aid,Let them help,Maybe you will know one or two bosses,No business?”Manager said。
“I know a lot of bosses,It’s either tofu or bean sprouts,None of them need to advertise,Ugh。”A boy laughs at himself,Made everyone burst into laughter。
The manager laughed too,“I don’t listen to the reason,I want your performance,Performance!All right,Adjournment,Go to the market and work hard。”
Everyone started to go out,Everyone hurried away with their own information,Xia Shuyue frowned,The manager called her,“You come to the office。”
“what’s up。”Xia Shuyue followed to the office。
The manager took out a file bag from the locked drawer,“This is the bid for the arc extinguishing company advertisement,You go send it。”
Xia Shuyue doesn’t move,“Why let me go,I want to go out for business,Don’t delay me,You just said that my three-month trial period will soon expire,It means that we have to rely on the sky to eat。”
Manager sighed,“You say you,I say every day I don’t have resources,Now i give you resources,You still not happy,Arc extinguishing is a big company。”
Xia Shuyue tilted her head,“Pull it down,This kind of good will not fall on me,You just let me send the information,Take it and leave it at the front desk,People would never read the tenders of a small advertising company like ours,It’s not a trip for nothing,Waste my strength。”

Secretary Wang said with a smile:“stop looking,I don’t know what happened again,She drove away without even saying hello。Seems to be summoned by the mayor again!“When Secretary Wang said this,,A weird smile on his face。

Mayor Chen Jiang’s office,Ma Xiaofeng sitting on the sofa,Her face is also very ugly。And Chen Jiang is also angry,He lowered his voice and said:“Mayor Ma!I stand against the crowd,Transferred you to the most promising town of Pingyang,I didn’t expect your ability to do things really made me doubt“
“Mayor Chen!I just do not understand。This project of Zhangyang Village is a good project recognized by everyone,You got stuck here on the approval,The next five million loan,I can’t approve it when I get to the market。Xia Jian now raises his own funds,Set up this flower planting base,I don’t know why you are still upset?“Ma Xiaofeng gathers courage,Speak her heart。
Chen Jiangyi listen,Slammed the table and roared:“Ma Xiaofeng!Are you so savvy?All right,This thing ends here,But what I want to tell you is that the loan has nothing to do with me。Go back and be your mayor!“
Chen Jiang finished,Turned his face aside。The sigh of breath in his heart hasn’t finished,But Ma Xiaofeng pretended to be deaf and stupid,I’m not one with him anymore。
Ma Xiaofeng from the city government,The whole person looks listless。She doesn’t understand,Such a good project in Zhangyang Village,Why did Chen Jiang do this??Is it because his brother and Xia Jian have a holiday,He is going to burn the flames of war on the people?This person’s mind is too small。
When Ma Xiaofeng worked in the township government,Always average staff。A chance,She met Chen Jiang,Since,She was promoted very quickly。From Deputy Mayor,To the mayor,Was transferred to Pingyang Town。This is something ordinary people can’t do。
Ma Xiaofeng is not a fool,So she worked hard with Chen Jiang,What did she do?,She always tried to obey。But when she got in touch with Xia Jian,She felt that the justice of Xia Jian,Often shame her。
Contest many times,She was convinced to lose。Especially her husband ran to Pingyang Town to make trouble,Xia Jian not only did not stand by,But to help,This made her thank Xia Jian from the bottom of her heart。
But Chen Jiang refused to let Xia Jian do something in Pingyang Town,He face to face,Set behind,I wish Xia Jian made a big somersault on the Zhangyang Village project。But his wishful thinking was wrong,Save more than 5 million interest-free loans,I got stuck when I got to Chen Jiang。
Ma Xiaofeng was for this,I even had a red face with Chen Jiang,Where did their relationship start,There is a crack。What annoyed Chen Jiang,Even if the five million loan is blocked by him,But Xia Jian made another five million from other places,And also held a ribbon cutting ceremony。
When Chen Jiang heard that he went to many journalists,Blame him for not getting angry,So I immediately called Ma Xiaofeng back,He wanted to use this,Give Ma Xiaofeng a good reprimand,So she can stand in line,But Ma Xiaofeng’s performance disappointed him。
Standing on the side of the road,Ma Xiaofeng glanced back at the municipal government building,She said silently in her heart“Ma Xiaofeng!I’m afraid you will never come to this place again“
Early next morning,Xia Jian, who was sleeping in bed, was quarreled by footsteps,Just listen to my father Xia Zecheng shouting in the yard:“Get up soon!You bastard in the newspaper,Or provincial newspaper“
Actually, I don’t need my dad to come and tell him,Xia Jian knows too。So many reporters came to interview yesterday,No matter what,There should always be a small headline report!
Get dressed and walk out of the room,Xia Jian saw that his father was standing at the door waiting for him with a newspaper。He took the newspaper a little guilty and asked while reading it:“Who gave you this newspaper?”
“Who else?Zhao Hongbai!“Xia Zecheng gave the newspaper to Xia Jian,And then the little jogger left。He should go to his canteen again。

“I won’t ask you in my next life。”Xia Shuyue turned her head aside,Do not look。

“It’s all like this,You don’t want to talk softly。”Wang San sighed。
Xia Shuyue is still tied up,Wang San brought milk with a straw to her mouth。
Xia Shuyue still tilted her head to one side,not talking。
“Not bad,cowardly,Tell you,Someone wants your life,I can’t help it,Take money,Ward off disaster,I can only do this,You better eat some,If you don’t eat,I’m afraid it will really die,What I said in my heart。”
Wang San delivered the milk to Xia Shuyue again,Xia Shuyue craned her neck and drank milk,She calmed down slowly,Be clear,Have to survive first,To find a way to escape。
Wang San broke the bread into small pieces and fed Xia Shuyue,She has finished eating honestly。
“You just stay,Don’t want to run away,Sparsely populated here,If bad luck,No one on the road,You will die 100%。”Wang San put Xia Shuyue on a disused chair,Tie her to the chair。
Then wash your hands carefully by the river,Go to the farm to return the motorcycle,Back to the restaurant,“Are they still awake?”Wang San asked the boss when he walked in。
Boss shaking his head。
Wang San then walked in too,Sleep with them,too tired,Running around tracking,Also kidnapped,Go buy pigs,Pretend to be a pig,He is sleepy,I really fell asleep soon。
“Wang Ge,You wake up。”Someone is shaking Wang San,He opened his eyes in a daze,It’s Zhu Yi。
“It’s getting dark,”Three up,Kick them with their feet,“All get up,Work。”
Zhu Yi got on the van with everyone,On the way to the pier,He has been asking God for blessing,“Don’t accident,Don’t accident。”
About five kilometers,Only a few minutes drive,It’s very long for Zhu Yi。
“It’s getting dark,Will she die?”People who participated in the kidnapping together,I thought it was just a farce,I’m scared now。
They think of a pregnant woman,I was tied up in the morning until now,Did not eat,Also panic,No one cares,Also start to worry,If something happens,This is a murder。

And Peach Blossom as the place of residence,It is also a Qimen array and agency.……

At this time, Huang Rong intends to guide Chu to come in.,Chu Deirers don’t feel uncomfortable,But Ouyang Feng outside,I really don’t dare to be be good for a while.。
On the one hand, it is a diagonal flower.,on the other hand……I don’t want to make the scene too ugly.,Otherwise, isn’t it a revenge??
“Since the yellow niece is not good for the old man,The old man is outside, etc.。”Ouyang Feng’s voice,Directly wearing a transition of heavy institutions,As if it is in the ear。
“uncle……”Ouyangk is a little anxious to call Ouyang Feng。
“Urgent,Since you are asked,I can’t get in it.?”Ouyang Feng frowned,Slightly reprimand a sentence。
After that, Ouyang Feng also explained:“And this peach flower array,More delicate than outside,Brother sex,If you are good,Maybe there will be a means of jade,Even if the uncle will keep you,I can only see a ruins.!And ten eight nine,There is also a secret path……
We are outside, etc.,Slowly explore the road with a snake array,Also surrounded by surroundings,If they come from the midway,That’s better.。”
Obviously Ouyang Feng’s meaning,Not can’t be tied,Instead, it is not like a bandit to break the housing tie.,Something……
“Yes,儿 心。”Ouyang Ke is a real mistake。
Chu Deirers attached the way,Walk through the garden all the way,I saw Huang Rong、Muyiqing also has Yunlo。
“This Ouyang Feng is still difficult to deal with it.!Rong Rong,There is no passive that can go out here.?”Chu Deiren asked Huang Rong asked Huang Rong。
Did not pay attention to the embarrassing atmosphere between three people……
“no,Ouyang Feng must also guess a secret path,His snake array,It is fully able to monitor the monitoring of the four sides,And there is only one in the sea of boats.,We can’t take a passive to go to the sea before him.。”Huang Rong said calmly。
“You have a message, no news?”Chu Deiren asked after frowning。
“no。”Huang Rong shaken his head。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,Afterwards:“Then there is only one way to try it.……Where is old urchin??”
“Old urchin?You said that I am Wrongtong in the cave.?You know him?He can deal with Ouyang Feng,Or Ouyang Feng will give him a face?”
Huang Rong exposed the color of doubts,Obviously in her heart,The old man is fun,But still is not her opponent,There is no help to the situation in front of you.……
Chapter 289 Old urchin
Huang Rong left home before,It is precisely because she is coincidentally discovered that the yellow pharmacist closed in the grottoes.,And think he is interesting,I often find him chat.,Also send wine to him,The result was found by the Huang Pharma.,I scold her a meal.……
The Huang Rong also mentioned the Chu Deirens,However, Huang Rong only knows that he is Zhou Botong.,The specific origin is not known,Even if I walked to the rivers and lakes,There is also a rumor of Zhou Botong on the rivers and lakes.。
And normal speculation,Since this old man is no temper by the yellow pharmacist,Natural martial arts is certainly invincible。
kindness,Old auspicious Zhou Botong at this time,I think so I think!
Zhou Botong is under Taohua Island,Saying is just because the Huang Pharmacist is angry。
After Feng Yizheng after the birth《Jiuyin Zhenjing》,Heart intention,Huang Pharmacist mound Zhou Botong and《Jiuyin Zhenjing》,Forced him to hand over the secret,Materiah,Zhou Bentong naturally disagree,After being caught by the Huang Pharma, Taohua Island,Also interrupted the leg。
Huang Pharmacist worried that Zhou Boto directly ruined secrets、Jade,Therefore, I don’t dare to force too much.。
In the end two people agreed,Zhou Bentong can’t ruin the secret,Huang Pharmacist will not win,Just not let him sneak away。
The yellow pharmacist these years will be appointed,Send people to send meals day,Never poison,But often“Bihai tide life”Above Zhou Botong。
Zhou Botong is not as good as the yellow pharmacist,Don’t be firm enough、Will is more general,Everything is fuller enough!
Therefore, in Zhou Botong,I am not the opponent of the yellow pharmacist.……
But in the original,Zhou Bentong“Left and right patron”Guo Jing,Let him accompany him to play four countries,I suddenly want to understand a truth.——No one can win two Zhou Botong。
Originally, Zhou Botong has developed this trick.,Just to play myself with yourself,I didn’t think about it for the enemy.。
From what he wants to understand that this strike can be opposed to the enemy,Zhou Botong is a shot、God carving period“Biwu first”、“Pass the first”,Guo Jing, same will be paced around,Probably because the dragon 18 palm is more good at,Not both hands fighting, equivalent to two people,So there is no longer showing left and right patronies in the later period.。
Zhou Bentong is in front of the front,Also never lost——Just he and the blood knife old ancestor is the opposite type,Blood knife old ancestors are playing a few,Zhou Botong is a fight,I am afraid of snakes、It will be fooled,The spirit is also easy to stimulate,Extremely unstable……
certainly,In the big rivers and lakes,Chu Deirers also doubt“Left and right patron”Not only is the heartbeat, then it is so simple.,Otherwise, now use Chu Deire’s focus.,Can completely draw a row、Right hand painting,But still can’t use yourself as two people。
Even if the arm can worry,Meridaus is also not two,It is just that the concave shape is not very meaningful.。
Original Chu Deirers come to Taohua Island,Just for Zhou Botong,Take a look at him“Left and right patron”,Is it another mysterious?,Two is also for the whole《Jiuyin Zhenjing》!

Gigi Lai never……

“You are a star painting girl?”Zhu Minglang, although I don’t want to believe it,But looking at this woman’s temperament is completely different from Lai Yunzi,He had to ask this sentence。
“Ok。”The woman nodded,She helped the orchid,Then his eyes slowly lifted up,Take a look at Zhu Minglang。
Her eyes,Deep and blurred,Although equally beautiful,But gave Zhu Minglang a feeling of being insight。
Her eyes,As if you can see through your own surface,See my inner world,As if some thoughts in my mind,She will see through。
She just looked away,It seems to be out of a kind of original intention that does not want to insight into the hearts of others。
do not know why。
When Nan Lingsha talked about the prophet,,What Zhu Minglang thinks of is the old sacred sticks of street fortune tellers。
Can look at these eyes,Zhu Minglang began to believe what the prophet said。
“We will leave the capital tomorrow,I originally prepared some dragon and beast cars for Yunzi……”Zhu Minglang said。
“She won’t wake up temporarily,But don’t worry too much,She just needs rest。”The woman whispered。
“That’s good,The girl also looks weak,Rest early,Late at night,I won’t bother。”Zhu Minglang made a courtesy。
“later,I may be all the people who are awake。”Woman whispering。
“Oh,Yep,it is good。”Zhu Minglang don’t know how to reply for a while。
“Departure tomorrow,Can I leave the city from the imperial city in the north?”Li Xinghua asked。

Suddenly a strange call came in,Wang Youcai’s heart trembled,I thought about it and got connected。One call,A man’s voice came from inside。

“Wang Ge!I am Niu Xiaohu,Brother Wu was taken away by the police,He left the phone to me when he left,I didn’t receive it just now”Niu Xiaohu’s voice is very low。
Wang Youcai listened,Head buzzing,I didn’t expect this to come so soon。He asked in a daze:“Where are you?I want to see you”
“Wang Ge!I’m in Zhangjiacun,Come here if you are convenient!I am waiting for you at the entrance of the village”Niu Xiaohu whispered。Wang Youcai responded,Hung up。
Really missed a hundred secrets,Why did he forget this Niu Xiaohu,Except for Wu Wu,The one who knows them the most。If you don’t seal his mouth,This person is a*。
Zhangjiacun has reached the edge of the city,It seems that this guy is also a little scared,I should have hid outside。Wang Youcai drove the car,Took more than ten minutes,He has reached the entrance of Zhangjia Village。Under the dim street lamp,Wang Youcai saw someone standing far away。
He just drove the car over,The man walked over,Wang Youcai took a look,The person here is Niu Xiaohu。Wang Youcai said coldly:“Get in the car!”Niu Xiaohu did not speak either,Pulled the car door and got in。
Wang Youcai parked the car in a safer place,Then asked softly:“Why are you here?”
“This place is where Brother Wu recently moved,I lived with him recently。Today we saw the police coming,Brother Wu put the phone in my hand,Took the initiative to go out,Unexpectedly, people only asked a few words,Took him away”Niu Xiaohu lowered his voice and said。It seems he still has some lingering fears。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:”Turn off Wu Wu’s phone,Remove the card and throw it away“Wang Youcai whispered。
Niu Xiaohu nodded silently,I immediately turned off Wu Wu’s phone,Removed the phone card in front of Wang Youcai,Thrown out of the car window。
“You can’t stay in this place,It’s best to hide somewhere else。This time,Catch everyone。Wait for the wind to pass,You come back again“Wang Youcai whispered,Secretly glanced at Niu Xiaohu’s face。
I saw Niu Xiaohu breathe out:“Actually I wanted to leave the other day,But i…“Niu Xiaohu suddenly stopped as he said,A look of embarrassment。
Wang Youcai is the one who came here,He didn’t speak anymore,But took out the wallet,I took out all the money in it and counted it:“This is three thousand five hundred yuan,You buy a ticket to go south,The rest can be used for a while。You have to find something to do,Understand?”
Wang Youcai said,Stuffed the money into Niu Xiaohu’s hands。This twenties gangster,I was moved by Wang Youcai’s actions,He choked and said:“Thank you brother Wang!Brother will remember you in this life。I’m leaving tonight,Brother Wang, take care”Little Brother Niu said,Pull the car door and prepare to get off。
“slow!Don’t go back where you live。Go directly to Bucheon by car,And then go south from the train,do you understand me?”Wang Youcai said softly。