The big formation under the blessing of the Holy Fire is many times stronger than before,And once the counterattack is activated,With the power of torch attack,Even sharper,The most important thing is,Whether it is normal operation,Still launch a counterattack,The spiritual power to be consumed is much less than before the Holy Fire blessing,This is undoubtedly great news for the Five Elements Island in trouble。

I’m secretly smacking my tongue after a short estimate from the cloud,The spirit stone that barely lasted for a month,Calculate according to new consumption,Has been exaggeratedly expanded to a year or more,As long as the holy flame does not cease,The effect of this blessing always exists,He knows,The two fireballs sent by him and the elders only supplement the lack of attributes,Just icing on the cake,It is precisely the three holy flames sacrificed by the teenagers that really play the role of pillars。
More than Liyun,Everyone once again looked at the boy’s eyes full of various complex emotions,doubt、Horrified、Surprise、In awe and so on,Even unabashed hatred and hatred,These uncoordinated eyes are mixed in the crowd,Just a short while,Disappeared。
But almost everyone thinks,It is because of the smooth holding of the sitting ceremony,The boy was very lucky to be recognized by the Hall of Five Elements,And this greedy young man may have absorbed the power accumulated in the hall for tens of thousands of years.,Otherwise, how could there be three sacred flames in his hand??
To put it bluntly,The teenager is just a lucky one,A mortal being caught,Itself a miracle,Encounter with Love Again,Lucky enough to explode,It’s a pity that none of the thousands of sages on the Five Elements Island can be so lucky,Even Lihuo doesn’t compare to it。
Everyone has mixed feelings,Today blessed the defense formation,This youth merit,But not infinite,Capable,I did not cultivate it myself,This move is more to reveal the ability and authority of the new palace owner。
I don’t care what everyone thinks,The teenager is now focusing on stimulating the holy fire,Strive to drive all the remains of the main hall to participate in a certain regular rotation,Looks very strenuous,But he keeps insisting,One third of the wreck lies in place,No one knows the role of the wreck,Only young people understand。
The boy inherited the earth fire and fire spirit one after another、All the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit of the Five Elements Temple、Memory and wisdom,Before leaving, the Holy Spirit handed over the three holy flames that had been preserved for many years to the teenager.,Plus the ground fire he already has,Only lack of sky fire,This is also the reason why the Holy Fire Temple has never been restored,The Holy Spirit repeatedly warned the young,Less than last resort,The four sacred flames cannot be fired,Otherwise there will be a disaster。
and so,The young man also kept a kind of rootless fire,Otherwise, the blessing of the big formation will be even more terrifying。
It’s a pity that young people haven’t systematically studied divine power,I don’t even know the spiritual power transfer method of getting started,Just communicate with the earth fire fire spirit、I learned a little bit in the quarrel,Combined with their chaotic memories,Can barely maintain the output of spiritual power,His qi sea dantian is like a vast lake with smoke,But the only channel for releasing water is a tube as thick as the mouth of the bowl。
Puff,The boy is already sitting on the ground,The left and right hands are always in touch with the three flames,After body quenching,These methods have no obstacles,The difficulty lies in the lack of spiritual support。
“I will help you!”Stop drinking,Wu Ju squeezed out of the crowd,He sees that the young man is weak,I have to help,Not only him,Many people can see。
My torch is not close to the teenager,Then there was a figure obliquely stopping him,It’s the elder of Hou Tu Temple,This person rushed to me with a smile,“If on spiritual power cultivation,You seem to be worse。”
“How are you?”I’m a rough one,Straightforward temperament,On weekdays, Huo Tianzun and Uncle Qiu are very caring for him,So the concept of hierarchy is very vague,Talking to Liyun is carefree,Not to mention the elders?And he doesn’t feel cold about the behavior of the elders of the Houtu Hall,Was suddenly blocked,Naturally unhappy。
“Help。”The elders of the Houtu Temple are not angry,Take two steps while responding,With both palms, you have to pat the boy’s heart。
A muffled bang,Another figure rushed out,Is also facing each other,Happened to stop the elder of the Houtu Hall,The person here is the elder of Yi Shui Hall,Both sides are equal,Under infuriating,The two took three steps to stabilize their figures。

Xia Jian was thinking about this,Bai Li took out the random listener from her briefcase,Then put this tape in,And put the headphones in Xia Jian’s ears。

Xia Jianyi listen,The whole person stood up excitedly。In the original tape,What contractors said to report how Li Yueming had sex with Wu Xiong。
Just heard a few words,Xia Jian was angry,He said loudly:“Mr. Sun!Let everyone go back and write me materials。 This is not something you can understand right away,If the problem involved is big,Even if you leave,Will catch you back”
Sun Xuefeng wiped his sweat,Announcing the end of the meeting。Li Yueming also wants to take the opportunity to leave,But Xia Jian grabbed him and said:“Vice President Li,This tape is all your business,Don’t think about leaving”
Li Yueming had to sit back again,He may realize that something is a bit serious,So he is also honest。The person most afraid of may be Sun Xuefeng,Although he didn’t do some things,But he isSTHead of branch,Something like this,He still can’t escape the blame。
When the people in the conference room are only a few of them left,Xia Jian said to Li Yueming:“The evidence is here,Are you telling us or the police??”
Li Yueming’s face is pale,Where he sits dumbfounded。
First2205chapter Can’t afford to hide
Xia Jian asked Bai Li to remove the earplugs。The sound you listen to is not too small,As the tape turns,Which contractors’ complaints came from inside,Li Yueming’s hands are in everything。
Even more funny is that there is a marble boss,Said Li Yueming treated Sun Xuefeng as air。This sentence made Sun Xuefeng on the side completely angry。
He punched the table and shouted:“Li Yueming!I trust you so much,You treat me so,Really chilling,You will get retribution”
Sun Xuefeng does not care about the existence of Xia Jian and Bai Li,He came out,Looks terrible。The evidence is here,Li Yueming confessed。What he meant by doing this was to let Xia Jian handle it internally,Don’t hand him over to the police。
But what people didn’t expect was,When Sun Xuefeng walks into the meeting room again,There are already two policemen behind him。
“I’m sorry, Mr. Xia,I will not tie him to the law,I’m sorry for Mr. Luo’s great love for me”Sun Xuefeng gritted his teeth with hatred of Li Yueming。
that’s it,Two policemen took Li Yueming away in front of Xia Jian,And took away the first-hand materials they had。
It didn’t take long for Li Yueming to be taken away,Zhang Xiaodong and Zhang Yong were sent back by the police。In Sun Xuefeng’s office,Zhang Yong explained to Xia Jian the whole process of being arrested。
Okay,The paper and pen on their bodies were found,But the tape was hidden in their detention room in time。This group chased Xia Jianshi last night,No one happens to be in the room。And this time,Xu Feng looked at the opportunity and got into the room。
Zhang Yong knows that they won’t be able to get out for a while,So Xu Feng brought the tape out first,Only then has the crucial moment of this morning。

“Became!”Face‘pale’The world beast Mohe sneered,But didn’t hunt down。

Cast the Sixth Law of the Beast,The consumption to him is also great,Now he doesn’t have much energy left in his main battle deity,Even a Tier 6 world beast can’t completely suppress。
Naturally not effective,He intends to dissipate this deity directly,Then other clones absorb energy。
After all, if you kill the Infinite Hall Master,Those enslaved world beasts naturally fall beasts,He can directly become the Beast King。
Even if you didn’t directly kill the Infinite Hall Master,His attack power can also tear a crack in the Void True God armor,As long as the ultimate light of destruction penetrates,Can continue to expand the damage in a long time—Until fall。
of course,Infinite Palace Lord can also suppress damage by transforming into a world beast form—The issue is,The infinite hall master in the form of a world beast is weaker,It is equivalent to transforming into the self before the seventh step under the operation of the rules。
As for the Infinite Palace Master completely blocked this blow—He is going to run,But he doesn’t believe in this possibility!
But then,Smile on the face。
Chapter Forty-Five The birth of the Beast King
The world beast Mohe wants to dissipate the deity,But found myself not only unable to dissipate,Even countless clones dissipated under the guidance of some kind of force。
of course,The energy dissipated by the clone is all concentrated in the body,It made him recover about 30% of his strength。
“The sixth iron is at work,I must kill the world beasts of the primitive universe!The Lord of Infinite Palace did not directly fall?”
“wrong,The Lord of Infinite Palace did not bring the Beast in his most precious palace.,Otherwise I must have sensed it before!”
“what is the problem!”The world beast Mohe has a hideous face,Look back,What he saw made its heart sink。

Xia Jian thought,Just right,I didn’t do it anyway,I’m not afraid when the police come。Suddenly he remembered that he could not see the police,The policeman must look at his ID card,But also to register,Do this,Isn’t he exposed everything??

“and many more!Don’t call the police yet”Xia Jian stopped loudly。
The lady boss glanced at Xia Jian,The corner of his mouth curled up and said:“No alarm,But you can’t make a big noise,I need to deal with this as soon as possible,Otherwise be heard by others,Affect my business”
Xia Jian responded,Turn around and say to mustache:“You are extortion,I don’t want to care about you tonight,Make a price!”
“Is your kid quite familiar??Want to play,I will beat you down”Moustache talking,Unexpectedly, he punched Xia Jian again,He is a sneak attack,I want to regain the face that I was so empty。
How can Xia Jian play so well?,I saw Xia Jian not moving,Just flipped right wrist,One trick to wrap the wrist,I have twisted Moustache’s hand back。Xia Jian kept pushing hard,Mustache can’t move at all,Big beads of sweat ran down from his face。
What his accomplice saw,Hurried forward,Said with a smiley face:“OK OK!Just have fun,Everyone still talk about business”Xia Jian thought,Play,If I didn’t have someone murdered,I really want to play tonight。
The boss said with a smile:“All right,Peace is expensive!”
Xia Jian let go,The mustache retreated with a grin,Suddenly became more honest。The boss said:“What about you!Really hard to say,But it’s almost enough,Everyone is away,Isn’t it easy??”
“Take out two thousand yuan,Otherwise, if I report the crime,You have to go to jail”Moustache raised his neck and said。This guy seems to have found Xia Jian’s weakness。
Two thousand yuan is not from the pig,Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“OK!I’ll maimed you first and then give you two thousand yuan,You really thought I was a fool,You can’t run away even if you are in a hurry”Xia Jian gritted his teeth and said。
Woman sitting on the bed,Take a look at Xia Jian,I lowered my head timidly,After all, a guilty conscience。
“Damn!Your heart is too dark, right!Two thousand yuan is too much,A thousand yuan!if possible,You just make a deal,if not,Call the police!”The lady boss coordinated and said,It feels like she is still helping Xia Jian。
Mustache thought for a while and said:“Ok!Since the lady boss has come forward,That’s a thousand yuan”
“No way,Five hundred yuan,I won’t give any more points,Report to the police,I didn’t do this anyway,Don’t be afraid”Xia Jian suddenly changed his mind,He said very firmly。This person is good at being deceived,The donkey is ridden。It seems he won’t be a bit horizontal,This guy will not let go if he catches his weakness。
A mustache,Immediately jumped up,Roar loudly:“No way!I want to call the police,You thought you were playing chicken for five hundred yuan!”Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Thought,This woman is no different from a chicken。
Although the mustache is noisy,But he never went to the phone,Xia Jian saw this scene,He feels a bit regretful for his big shot just now,So they are also afraid of calling the police。
“Five hundred is five hundred!Noisy here in the middle of the night,Not afraid of shame”The woman sitting on the bed suddenly yelled。Xia Jian thought,Who is this ashamed?,What a thief shouting to catch a thief,This world is so incomprehensible。

Came up the mountain behind Ming Shizun,There are many people from Ming clan,These people are also the backbone of the Ming family,Among them are the elders of Ming Shizun’s uncle,But they all silently follow behind this son’s brother。

“Is that the eldest son of Ming??So majestic,So stylish!”Among the crowd,A girl asked softly。
“Not bad,He is Ming Shizun,Known as the most outstanding junior in the Ming family,His father is Ming Liuyin!”Someone replied in a deep voice。
“what?Is Ming Liuyin’s son!Oh my god!so amazing!”There was a burst of exclamation from the crowd。
Although the strength of the Ming family is strong,But Patriarch Mingliu’s reputation in the court is extremely high,Everyone heard that Ming Liuyin’s son is here,All staring at him intently,I hope to see the shadow of his father Guo Shi Wushuang from that kid。
Only those warriors brought by each family are not very convinced by Ming Shizun,All these martial arts practitioners are proud,Naturally, I don’t think much of these princes。
Gu Ran stared at Ming Shizun fiercely,Asked softly:“Sister Xu,Is the person to be duel Ming Shizun Ming Gongzi??”
Xu Minyi listened to this,Suddenly happy to laugh。
“Silly boy!how is this possible!Son of daughter,Do not sit down!Ming Shizun is not full,How could he go to compete with others!”Xu Minzhi laughed。
At this moment,The lady in red next to Ming Shizun,I just turned my attention to them。
Xu Liang looked at this side with red sleeves,Can’t help but frown,Bow your head,Staring at your instep,Refused to look up and meet her。
Xu Minyi sees his brother like this,Immediately rolled his eyes with anger,Whispered:“Xu Liang!Are you so boring?What are you afraid of?”
Everyone realized that Xu Liang’s expression was different,Have secretly guessed in their hearts,I don’t know what’s the connection between this big brother Xu Liang and the woman of Ming Shizun。
Xu Liang was scolded by his sister,Had to barely raise his head,Wait for him to pluck up the courage,I want to remember him
When the woman with heart looks at each other,The other party has already drifted his sight in other directions。
now,Xu Liang’s heart was throbbing,I don’t know if I should be lucky,Should I regret it。
three years ago,He was coaxed into a licking dog,An Xin be one of her spare tires,I thought I met true love,Later I found out that I lost my true feelings and discounted money,Had a big dumb loss。

“I don’t know if this guy did his homework before crossing?Still the fact is,Anyway, the first emperor Yingzheng Longyan Joye,There are still so many territories in the world waiting for him to conquer the Great Qin Empire,Can Emperor Yingzheng be unhappy??Then the Great Qin Empire began to prepare to continue the war。”

“As a result, Emperor Yingzheng curiously asked how many generations the Great Qin Empire passed down.?Are there any changes in the Great Qin Empire thousands of years later??This guy bluntly said that the second generation died,Then directly explained how the Great Qin Empire died。”
“Liu Bang,Xiang Yu,And Chen Sheng,Wu Guangcheng is wanted,And then be directly beheaded,As for the survivors of the Six Kingdoms who were originally set aside by the First Emperor Yingzheng, they are also implicated.,Was directly assigned to make a living outside the Great Wall。”
“And Zhao Gao,Was beaten to death directly above the court,As for Hu Hai,Although not dead,But it’s probably enough to live a few years,The eldest son Fusu was established as the prince of the Great Qin Empire。”
Li Qing remembered the fellow traveler I saw yesterday,Qin Shihuang Yingzheng does not know how many generations of descendants,Said with a smile,His daily fun is to listen to these strange traversers telling their legendary experiences。
He always thought,The first emperor Yingzheng is Mingjun,Destroy the Six Nations,Book with text,Car on track,Unified text,Unified measurement,I also think that the fellow traveler did the right thing。
At least a map of the world,Let everyone know that there is so much land outside the Central Plains,Those ambitious heroes will not work hard for the land of Kyushu, Central Plains.。
If according to history,Li Qing remembered that the other side of the mainland seemed to be the period when Alexander was invincible.,Li Qing is very curious how long Alexander can resist the Great Qin Empire?
“Qin Shihuang Yingzheng?That fellow is quite good at playing。”
Jingtian heard Li Qing, the lord of the taverns in front of him, said that the starting emperor Yingzheng,Said quietly,It seems that the world that the foreigner visits is mostly a parallel world,I don’t know what Yingzheng members will look like when they know this。
“Who said no,Qin Shihuang’s Yingzheng ended the troubled times of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period,Unified the overlord of the Central Plains,It’s a pity that this fellow stayed in that world for a short time,Before the Great Qin Empire set off,This fellow left that world。”
“Then after coming to the tavern of the heavens,Tell us about his legendary experience,It’s a pity that I can’t travel to other worlds like those fellow travellers,Otherwise, I will directly report the thigh to Tang Taizong Li Shimin。”

Old man Wang nodded:“This thing was originally made by Lihong,Since he told you to play before he left,That’s yours,What’s the problem?”

Ok!The boss here says so,Hu Yang is also welcome。
“master,Help me cut a few,How much does it cost?”Hu Yang asked。
The master of Jie Shi said at will:“Then just give one。”
No one expects,Such a piece of material can also solve jade,That is to play with the young man Populus,Let him do everything。
Of course,This is also to give Xin Zhao face。This young man,After all, Xin Zhao brought it。
Populus drew a one hundred yuan,Hand it over:“In trouble,Help me cut it from here and see。”
The master Jie Shi stuffed the money into his pocket,Start work right away。
in fact,Stone cutting is also a science,Not simply cut it off,Is particular,Like Populus,Just guide,It makes people feel like a rookie。
What we want to cut is not an ordinary stone,But a precious rough stone wrapped in jade,The cutting method has a crucial influence on its value。
so,Before cutting,First, we must carefully analyze the jade rough stone,Minimize damage to the internal jade during the cutting process,So as to maximize the value of jadeite rough。
Professional master,According to the specific condition of the original stone,First understand the structure of rough,Roughly guess the possible distribution and trend of jadeite inside,Draw some lines,Then cut along the line、Microdermabrasion, etc.。
First cut,is the most important。
After the first cut,It is necessary to have a general understanding of the overall situation of the jadeite rough,Flaws in all aspects、The crack has an analytical profile,To determine the subsequent cutting direction。
After the slicing is complete,The rough stone needs to be reviewed again,It is necessary to understand the green distribution of rough stones,And find the worst part of it,Start from this part,Avoid damaging the high-quality parts of the rough stone。
in fact,No cut,Reanalyze the rough stone。
and so,Cutting stone is also an art,Is technical。Their business,Ordinary salary is not low,Well done,Not even worse than those who are general managers in large companies。
Xin Zhao and others looked at Populus“mess”,Didn’t stop。
Young man!Make him make a mistake,Let him try the taste of failure,Definitely a good thing。

“Call you!Too much nonsense!”Talk about it,The old warrior makes progress,Yaoyao punched out。

This punch,As if the air between the two was sucked into the fists of Old Zhan,Created the illusion that the entire space collapsed inward。
Taoist Li Shixing is worthy of being the heir of Wudang Zhenwu,The reaction is also surprisingly fast,Palms out,Gang Jin burst,Fog on both palms,Facing each other’s fists。
boom!Fists collide,Made a loud noise。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fifty First in the world
Old Zhan’s fists bulged,There is a faint brilliance flowing in the flesh and blood,An extremely terrifying explosive power appeared in an instant。
Wudang Cotton Palm of Taoist Li Shixing,Specialize in softness,Gang Jin stratified burst,Turn body sweat into mist,Eruption from the pores,Played the effect of unloading。
It’s a pity that Zhan Lao is too powerful,Taoist Li Shixing’s cotton palm is exquisite,But can’t get rid of such a powerful force for a time。
After one punch,The posture of the old man remains unchanged,Sit on your hips,As Arhat,Fist bursts like fried beans。
But Li Shixing Taoist obviously suffered a dark loss,The shoes under my feet squeaked overwhelmedly,A sharp friction with the ground,The upper is twisted,Showing three toes。
And at the moment,Taoist Li Shixing’s feet seem to have an extra Wang Qingquan,The ground becomes wet,And then the right heel suddenly disappeared,Actually fell into the ground。
It can be seen that Old Zhan’s punch is unmatched,The strength is so strong that you can’t resist even the strength and the palms。
Talking late,Then soon!The old war survivors,Foot on the center line,Body like a tiger and leopard,Jumped up,Strong wind blowing,The power of fist claws envelops Li Shixing Taoist person in it。

Yun Minzhi’s eyes changed when looking at her son,Originally she just wanted to hear her son’s true thoughts,Don’t like other girls,As long as it is justified,She can accept。

but,He opened his mouth and didn’t even look at each other,So what have they become of their elders??
Co-authored this is pushing my son into the fire pit?
Although Lu Yao’s background is not satisfactory,but,The character and appearance are still decent,Why is it useless in my son’s mouth??
It’s not that she touts her son,But the fact is,Whether it’s looks or ability,Huo Yunhe is the best among his peers,Character even more。
Don’t know when,Became unsmiling,She once thought that men are so good,It’s more reassuring than those glib tongues,But this age is getting older,The sight is approaching the 30th mark,Still refuse to have a girlfriend,She was worried。
Not only there are no women,Even secretary assistants are of the same gender,Those rumors are really bad。
Family like them,Pick a daughter-in-law first,After all, the mall is like a battlefield,The rapid changes make people hard to guard against,In case there is a mistake,In-laws can also help,This is why the families are married。
I finally got my son to agree to a blind date,She is so happy,Act immediately,Mobilize your friends,Bring all the photos of girls who meet her criteria,See with mother-in-law。
A huge stack of photos,The mother-in-law met Lu Yao at a glance。
The two daughters of the Lu family,This is raised outside,They haven’t seen,It stands to reason that I should have a blind date at home,but,The son only regards Lu Xin as his sister,There is no feeling between men and women,No matter how good the conditions are。
to be frank,She didn’t match Lu Yao,So many girls,My son is so good,How can you marry an illegitimate daughter??
She doesn’t look at people with colored eyes,but,Would not like to plug A woman who can satisfy other people’s families,Lu Yao is the kind of child born to a woman,Daughters are more like mothers,In case Lu Yaoye.
If this person has nothing to do with her,At best, listen to gossip,Will not comment,If you are in-laws,Need to consider。

San Sheng III Pillow Book Wang Xiao talks about Siming like Feng Jiu: restraint is a good thing

“San Sheng III Pillow Book” Wang Xiao talks about Siming like Feng Jiu: restraint is a good thing
In addition to starring Dili Reba and Gao Weiguang, “Sanshin III Pillow Book”, which was broadcast during the Spring Festival, Wang Xiao, who returned to starring in the “Pillow Book”, appeared in the play, and the barrage was brushed up.It ‘s him again, ”and“ Si Ming is back ”.On February 19th, Wang Xiao accepted an online interview with the media, and played the fate of his life three years later. Wang Xiao said that he wanted to make up for the shortcomings of this character.”To be honest, the acting” San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua “was pulled in by the staff. At the beginning, I really felt that I couldn’t do the job of acting Xian Lian, but this time I continued to play Si Ming, partly to make up for the last time.The shortcomings of character handling.I also worry about the repetition of the characters, so I need to find a balance between continuation and adjustment. The life is still that life, but it will increase the concentration of the character a little more. “In The Pillow Book Wang Xiao plays Si Ming.The picture comes from the Internet. Since the opening of “Pillow Book”, Wang Xiao played the role of “The Complete Book of the Eight Diagrams of the Nine Chongtian Walking”, and “The First Screenplay of the First Dog’s Blood of the Eight Wastelands” contracted most of the laughing points in the script and enriched the expressiveness. “”Bagua Face” was also inserted into the emoji package by netizens, and he correctly thought about the character of Si Ming’s Bagua, but Wang Xiao named him: “Si Ming’s job is to write everyone’s fate, how to complete it without communication and reserveWhat about this job?So here we are gossip, where he is the accumulation of work.”In the” Pillow Book “, Si Ming, who loves to write dog blood words, still has no clear emotional line, but because of Si Ming ‘s meticulous care and spoils for Feng Jiu, many viewers are two personal groupsThe “Nine Life” unpopular CP came up. Some original fans said that the feeling was indeed buried in the novel. Some netizens turned over the interview of “Three Life, Three Life, Ten Miles, and Peach Blossoms” three years ago.Even more because “His Royal Highness” is Shi Ming’s exclusive title to Feng Jiu, and loyal fans have carefully counted that in the first 30 episodes, Shi Ming actually called 78 “His Royal Highness”, which was warm and warm to Feng Jiu.The pet’s performance made the audience give him the title of “daddy boyfriend”.Mentioning Si Ming’s feelings for Feng Jiu, Wang Xiao has his own understanding.”He is still restrained, restraint is a good thing.司命的克制应该源于那句‘勿动俗念’的台词,这个好比是你喜欢这块蛋糕,但你自知承受不起,可你看见那块蛋糕的时候,那种喜爱的眼神是Can’t lie to anyone.Wang Xiao laughed and said that he did not expect the audience to form such an upset CP. For the first time, he saw the word “daddy boyfriend” on the Internet. It felt quite funny, but the message that impressed him most, butMany netizens left a message on his Weibo private message: “I will kill the emperor for you!”.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian