De steun voor de voorlopige "wegenkaart" van koolstofneutralisatie komt eraan!

Originele titel: de ondersteuning voor de voorlopige "wegenkaart" van koolstofneutralisatie en ontwerp komt eraan! Hoe het doel van koolstof in koolstof 2060 te bereiken? "’Technologie is de koning’ zal volledig worden weerspiegeld, die naar voren zal komen, die het voordeel in de toekomstige internationale competitie zal bereiken.

"De academicus van de Chinese Academy of Sciences Ding Zhongli zei op de 30e dat in het midden van koolstof, de wetenschap en technologie van mijn land ver weg is.

Op de 7e academische jaarlijkse conferentie die op dezelfde dag wordt gehouden, heeft Ding Zhongli een speciaal verslag gemaakt in de titel van "China" Carbon en "Framework Road Map Research".

Ding Zhongli introduceerde dat de wetenschappelijke en technologische behoeften van koolstofneutralisatie, de China Academy of Sciences een groot consultatieproject opgericht "China Carbon Middle and Framework Roadmap Research", het doel is om een ??voorlopige routekaart te ontwerpen, terwijl u de "wegenkaart" implementeert, Voorstel Operationele niveau-suggesties.

Het project wordt georganiseerd volgens het afvoereinde, het koolstofuiteinde en de beleidseinden, het project is omgeven rond de toekomst van het toekomstige energieverbruik, de niet-koolstofe evenredige fase is verbeterd, en de niet-koolstof-energievoorspelling, niet -Carbon Energy Technology Development Herderbehoeften, Land Ecosystem Contrein Huidige situatie, Land Ecosystem Toekomstige koolstofpotentiaalanalyse, Carbon Collection and Dutching Seapying Technology Assessment, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau toonaangevende totale demonstratiezone suggestie, beleidstechnologie-analyse en onderzoek opgericht 9 onderwerpen. "Geef eerst een raamsaanbeveling voor discussies met wetenschap en technologie, fixeren en verbeteren.

"Ding Zhongli zei dat de academische gemeenschap van mijn land zich moet houden aan opening van attitudes, brede deelname, een verbeeldingskracht en creativiteit spelen, koolstofneutraliteit verwijst naar kooldioxide mensen tot emissies (fossiele brandstofgebruik, landgebruik, etc.) is menselijk actief (houtaccumulatie , Body Organic Carbon, Engineering Sea, enz.) En natuurlijke processen (oceaanabsorptie, erosie – depositieproces koolstof begraven, alkalische bodems koolstof, enz.) Om de netto-emissies te bereiken. Mijn land heeft toegewijd aan de wereld, streven naar het bereiken van 2030 koolstof Pieken, 2060 jaar geleden. Koolstofneutralisatie. Van koolstoppen tot koolstof, slechts 30 jaar, ver van de tijd inzet van ontwikkelde landen, is veel moeilijker dan ontwikkelde landen. (Dong Ruifeng) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Xu eerder.

Deep moving "Internet + Government" makes the process more smooth

  Reporter Huang Yan "I really didn’t expect that temporary ID cards can be ready to do, and they can work hard.

"" Formerly to send out the work, always forget this ignore that, now the app is pre-trial, and the material is handled once. " "The word of the people is the best appreciation for the establishment of the rule of law of the rule of law in Liaoning Province.

  According to reports, Liaoning Provincial Public Security Organs build "Internet + Government Service", increasing online service portals, through online applications, online acceptance, remote delivery, etc., broadcasted service channels, smooth service flows.

Reduce the intermediate link of the approval flow through data sharing and business processes. Previously, the operators of the new entertainment venues and waste metal acquisitions, unlocking, mechanics and other industries need to go to the local police station for on-site filing. Now the public security organs and market supervision and management departments realize the system docking, and the operators go to the market supervision and management department to apply for business license. The public security organ will transfer the registration information of the company in the first time, and implement internal registration file filings, let the enterprises, the masses fully feel the convenience of the "venting service" reform of the public security organ. Since this year, the province’s public security system streamlines 37 provincial powers, 194 municipal powers, increasing "one time you don’t have to run" and "ready to do" matters, the overall compression of 55%, 61 administrative licensing matters Enter the government office hall. Liaoning Public Security "Internet + Government Services" platform users covering people, traffic police, entry and exit, and public security services have reached more than 120,000 people, providing inquiry, consultation, appointment, and application for mass and enterprises. 9.1 million Part.

  In particular, new initiatives in the provinces, 24-hour public security self-service station, resident ID card and driver’s license, etc., effectively solve the problem of "troubleshoot" "to wait" "to wait". As of September 1, the masses had approved 26,76,08 electronic identification vouchers by "Liaon Tong", and 222,2285 electronic driving vouchers. Residents’ electronic identification documents will gradually use all kinds of government service centers at all levels in the province, 1926 basement, 10,000 hotels in the hotel. From "Online Office" to "Pocket", it is also accelerated. From March to May this year, the Provincial Public Security Department issued 132 "Internet + Government Service" platforms according to the application for approval matters, and the acceptance process and other elements have been approved and reunited in the province. The approved matters achieved the code , Commitment time limit, charging standard, application materials, licensing separation, etc. In order to enhance the quality of online service services, the Provincial Public Security Department adopts a series of documents such as the platform for approval work, platform reply to specification templates, and make clear regulations on the timing of the platform, the material audit standards, and the external reply, and It is required to refer to the implementation of the platform for approval. Editor in charge: Fair.

Agricultural Rural Department: High-quality high-quality development topic organizes life will continue to promote party history learning education

Since July, the grassroots party organization of the agricultural rural system has conscientiously implemented the requirements of "learning history, school history, learning history, and school history", surrounding the theme of "learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening new bureaus", high Quality High Standards Convened the Topics of Party History Learning Education.

Central Agricultural Office Director, Party Secretary and Minister of Agricultural Rural Minister, Comrade Tang Renjian participated in the topic of the first party group of Ministry of Personnel. The system party members and cadres have made a demonstration test rate.

At the meeting, the leaders of the Department and the exquisite exchanges and experience together, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, and study the spirit of the "Seven" Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the next step, and carry out clear requirements of the "July" Important Speech of General Secretary of Xi Jinping. . The Agricultural Rural Party History Learning Education Tour Guidance Group strictly controls the organizational life conference programs of the various units of the Secretary, and carefully review the team members to speak, and the full coverage of the topic of the topic of the participation, and strengthen the guidance supervision.

Everyone reflects that through the topical organizational life meeting, combing the harvest of the first stage of party history, I found the lack of gap and clearly, in order to continue to promote the party history, I will go to the real role. . Strengthening the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the study of the designated materials of the party history education, further enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and do "two maintenance".

Before the meeting, the majority of party members and cadres learned the important speech at General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party History Learning Education Mobilization Conference and the important speech at the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and practically unify thoughts and actions to the speech. Closely combined with the practicalness of the three farmers, earnestly study important information such as the study materials designated by the Party Central Committee and "Jiang Xin" "" "", " Everyone said that in this key node, the topic organizes the life meeting, which is both an important measures to promote the education of party history, and is also the party members and cadres, and learn what they have learned. Effective Ways.

Close to contact the ideological and actual counting of work, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism.

The majority of party members and cadres are close to the topic theme, insist on put themselves, put the thoughts in, put the work in, take the initiative to find the gap in the education education in party history. The party branch member, and the party members have generally carried out honest conversation, remind each other, and the exchange is improved.

On the party branch, the Party Group on the basis of reviewing the education of party history, seriously analyzing the problems. At the meeting, the party branch reported to the party members, and the party members surrounded the spirit of the "July 1" of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the designated learning materials, as well as the party history of learning, and played a pioneering model. Carry out criticism and self-criticism, seeing people seeing thinking.

The party members of the agricultural and chemical Division directly hit the energetic, through in-depth viewing, face-to-face criticism, so that everyone’s thoughts accepted a thorough "baptism".

The party members of the service bureau are really cut, and they speak straight, insist on the problem, do not cover, and insist on true criticism of others.

Party members of the fourth party branch of the Agricultural Research Center said that in mutual criticism, we deepen their understanding, conjunctive consensus, and enhancing unity.

Members of the Green Food Central Branch take the lead in the branch to tell the gap, guide party members and cadres to truly dig out problems in criticism and self-criticism, touch the soul of thought.

Strengthening the implementation of rectification of the problem of the chasting pendulum, striving to translate the party history to promote the power of the three farmers.

According to the special organization life meeting, the grassroots party branch further clarifies the rectification items and rectification measures, rectifying the time limit, and the party members’ personal rectification commitment, one improvement is improved. Everyone is unanimously expressed, it is necessary to learn to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping as a major political task in the current and future period. As the core content of party history, the original text of the original text, the principle of the realization. To combine the goal of studying the party history, combine learning party history and learning agriculture, insisting on viewing three rural issues, combining functions, combining actual, and better helping to solve peasant masses "urgent problem" .

The party branch of the law, the party’s party branch of the Trade and Promotion Center, etc., etc.

The Party Branch of the Country Industry Practice "nine must" requirements, promoting various functions of agricultural agriculture, enhances multi-product value of rural industries, and promotes high quality development in rural industries. The party members and cadres of the Agricultural Machinery Tote said that through strengthening party history, enhances confidence, and the "deep water area", "Deep Water Area", and "unmanned district", service agricultural machinery.

(Contributed: Agricultural Rural Ministry Party History Learning Education Leading Group Office.

China released a retired military hospitality certificate! Future can be pensioned by associated bank cards, condolence gold

China Network December 14, in order to standardize the retired soldiers and martyrs, due to the publicity of other special care objects (referred to as the subjects of the military, the sick soldiers, etc., use and service management, maintenance of the rights and interests, improvement The preferential service management level, recently, the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs officially issued the "retired soldiers, other special care" (trial) "(trial)" (Trial) "(hereinafter referred to as" Premium Permit Management Measures). The "Premier Authority Management Measures" stipulates that the preferential certificate is divided into the "Decommissioning Military Examination of the People’s Republic of China", "The Martyrs of the People’s Republic of China, the remains of the Military Sudden Military Subject", respectively, the eligible retirement soldiers Subsidiary of the martyrs, due to the survivors of the survivors of the military, the remains of the sick soldiers. The preferential certificate is jointly produced by the Ministry of Retired Military Affairs. The licenseelance is based on the "Decommissioning Military Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" and the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China, enjoy public transportation, culture, tourism, etc., and enjoy the preferential service provided by the province.

Encourage all places to open the local authority to the national handlers on the national handle.

The Detailed Military Affairs Department will launch an electronic preferential certificate in a timely manner, realize the information online inspection of the licensee, and preferentially treat the project online service and offline channel effectiveness.

The decommissioned military affairs departments at all levels should gradually realize the personal bank accounts, condolence gold, etc. The retired soldiers and martyrs, due to the principle of other special care objects such as the survivors of the Military Subject, the subjects of the diseases, etc., should apply to the residential country township (street) retired military service station.

If you are living in your household registration, you can apply to the resident township (street) retired military service station.

When resettlement retired military affairs departments, when they receive retired soldiers, they can be applied according to the willingness.

Without civil capacity or restricting civil capacity, it is necessary to apply by the guardian. Applicants can apply for the province from a household registration or resident. The preferential certificate cannot be traded for lending "Premium Permit Management Measures", the applicant has one of the following circumstances: the audit is not passed: during the service period, the army is renamed, and the military is expelled; it is in the deprived political rights; During the wanted period. Applicants have been criminally punished. They were expelled from the Party Congress of the Communist Party of China. Other situations that were expected to affect their identity, and the provincial (district, city) retired military affairs department (bureau) is considering related factors for review, auditing The Detailed Military Affairs Department filing.

There is one of the following circumstances, by the provincial (district, city) retirement military affairs department (bureau), the retired military service station of the acceptance is returned to its preferential certificate, and reports the retired military affairs department for filing: forgery, change Create, buy, rent, lending, lending premature certificate; use false proves material fraudulently prepared; household registration cancellation; deprived of political rights; in serving punishment, detention, wanted; There is a serious impact on other situations that affect identity honors. "Premium Permit Management Measures" requires forgery, altering, buying, renting, lending, premium, deliberate dirt, scribing, destruction or evil, ugly, defraud, premature testing, will be used for business, entertainment Activity, and other unappropriate use of preferential certificates, the decommissioned military affairs departments at all levels should stop, supervise and correct and criticize education.

If it is suspected of illegal and crime, the relevant departments have been coordinated according to law.

(Editor: Peng Yao).

2021 provincie Hunan (Herfst) Land Cultural Tourism Festival geopend op 15e deze maand

People’s Network ChangSha 11 oktober, 2021, PROVINCIE HUNAN (Herfst) Land Cultural Tourism Festival en Xiang Hubei, het First Hakkka Cultural Tourism Festival wordt geopend op 15 oktober Xixi Scenic Scenic Area in Zhangfang Town, Liuyang City.

Het landelijke culturele toeristische festival is het thema van "Jinxiu Xiaoxiang, gedicht Liuyang", zal zich richten op Liuyang Xiumei-landschap, historische geesteswetenschappen, Hakka Folk, Specialetty Industries en de dikte van de PROVINCIE HUBEI HUBEI. Het evenement omvat de openingsceremonie van het plattelandscultuurcultuurcultuur van Hakka, Xiang Hubei Specialty Wenxiao-tentoonstellingsbijeenkomst, op dat moment, Xiang Hubei 22-provincies (stad, district) vertegenwoordigers zullen naar de evenementensite komen, een gemeenschappelijke samenwerking zoeken Drie provincies. Hunan-provinciale culturele en toerismestezaal bevorderende communicatie- en uitwisselingssamenwerkingsdirecteur, de eerste-level onderzoeker Huang Guobin zei dat het festival voor het platteland van de herfst landelijke culturele toerisme wordt gehouden, wat bevorderlijk is voor hoge normen om Liu Yangwen Brigade-integratie-innovatie en ontwikkeling te bevorderen en door te gaan Promoot Xiang Hubei Wenbao Regionale samenwerking ontwikkelt, verdiept de "rode groene integratie", het bevorderen van landelijk toerisme en rood onderwijs, en de diepte van de plattelandsverjonging, de ontwikkeling van Liuyang is een nationaal invloedrijke, landelijke culturele toeristische bestemming geworden. Liuyang Tourism Resources zijn overvloedig, en de County Tourism uitgebreide sterkte staat eerst in de provincie.

Dit zal een adres van Zhangfang, Liuyang, Liuyang. Hier kunnen bezoekers niet alleen groene schoonheid waarderen en genieten van de traditionele Chinese keuken, bezoeken de speciale Toeristische tentoonstelling van Xiang Hubei, maar ervaar ook de zomerdoek textiel, het oude rechtspapier, oliepapier. Immaterieel Cultureel erfgoed zoals paraplu, houtvrij afdrukken, browngang papier snijden.

(Liu Zhihua) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

Time people’s quotations "Membership this profession not only enjoy award, but also the salary"

November 15reportedThejobofbeinganMPisnotonlyagreatprivilege, butitisalsowellpaid ,, thennooneisstoppingthem, buttheyshouldstepdownasMPstodoso.Membersof thisprofessionnot onlyenjoyswinning,andwell paid, those whohaveelectedpeople shouldgo all out.

If someone wants to make a lot of money elsewhere, no one stops them, but they should first ask the staff.(British "British" website) British shadow cabinet judicial ministers Richard Burga recently proposes to the British Parliament, prohibiting Membership part-time.

According to the analysis of the Guard, more than a quarter of the conservative members are part-time jobs in the enterprise, engaged in the industry from gaming to private health, with an additional amount of £ 5 million per year.

The street of my new place in Beijing

During decades, with the continuous in-depth and improvement of the place name, Beijing’s road naming is getting more standardized.Beijing new place name is the clever integration of the millennium ancient rhyme and modern civilization. These new places have not only hide the long history of Beijing, but also record the glory of the generation of the monographs.On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, in order to fully show the results of the place name since the founding of Beijing, improve the public’s awareness of the inheritance of protective place, Beijing Planning and Natural Resources Commission and, reading the commune, and the United States. "The street of my life in Beijing, "Microsavado Frequency Take Activity.

Ruikang Hospital held the 6th National Handaguzer Friends Association and the fourth branch of surgery activities

In order to enhance the contact and communication between doctors and patients, improve the self-care ability and quality of life of the vast number of ostomy, practice "I am practicing me for the masses", "On November 13th, Ruikang Hospital Gastrointestinal Surgery The department held the 6th National Disease Friends Association and the 4th Party Branch of the Surgery Party Day. This event is the theme of "Intestinal Rose Road, you and I", invited 15 造 病 病 friends and their families to participate.

The activity is composed of five links that are teaching, experience sharing, knowledge contest, and answering questions.

Among the activities, Wu Shikang, the specialist nurse Yi Fang Deputy Safety Nurses, is shared by "How to Screening Rectal Cancer" in Early Periods.

The medical staff also views the ostures for the patient, and the pockets are replaced free of charge, patiently solve the confusion and concerns of "Rose Road". In the experience sharing, Wei Shu, Finyi two sorrows sharing, generous and pour, they will tell you from how to look at the ostly mouth, choose the pocket, use the ostonic accessories, dietary choices, daily care, etc. The heart of the "intestinal road" has brought great confidence in the scene of every "haunter". This year is the 100th anniversary of the party, in order to express the unlimited love of the party, the activity specially established "I and my motherland" chorus.

When the familiar music sounded, the whole staff waved the five-star red flag in his hand, sing loudly, and pushed the event atmosphere to a new climax.

Everyone sang a strong patriotic feelings, and sang the yearning of a beautiful life. The convening of this Association not only has a platform for intelligencers, medical staff, but also a platform for learning knowledge, exchange experience, showing the professional knowledge, superb technology and warm nursing of Ruikang Hospital, and is also Ruikang. The students who accept the hospital storm base provide a valuable learning opportunity.

As a stomach care, all medical care of gastrointestinal surgery will continue to innovate, up and down, with more exquisite technology, jointly guarding the patient’s "Rose Road".

(Liu Cuixiang Hu Jing) Source: The official website of Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Package positive for more detail! Many express companies respond

  Under the epidemic, the security of express parcels is the focus of public attention.

  According to the official government of Beijing Zhongguancun Street, "Lohas Zhongguancun" news, on November 15th, Beijing Zhongguancun Street received the Haidian Disease Control Center, and the resident of the Shuyuan community residents, the Xilin Gol League issued by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is positive.

Zhongguancun Street immediately launched an emergency response, and the first time the relevant personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection were carried out.

Currently, it is negative involving adhesion personnel and environmental nucleic acid detection.

  Today, the Beijing Daily reporter learned about the details of this matter – 18:51 on October 31st, No. 11, No. 11, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, received a resident of SF Express, the package is a non-woven bag. After the packing is unpacked, you will be discarded. On November 13th, the resident received a telephone call from Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol Police, saying that local successfully detected the positive package. On the morning of November 14, the residents notified the Coordinated Community Neighborhood Committee and community level to the Haidian District CDC.

On the afternoon of November 14, Haidian District CDC took three three mean swabs and 10 external environments, and non-woven bag test results were positive, and the rest were negative. At 4 o’clock on November 15, Zhongguancun Street received a notice of Haidian CDC. At 4:30 in the morning, Zhongguancun Street and Keyuan Community Neighborhood Committee launched emergency response, to take closed measures on the 11th floor, and 4 people involved in 4 people take centralized isolation measure. At 5 o’clock in the morning of November 15, the Boyuan Community Neighborhood Committee notified the residents to prepare for nucleic acid testing. At 8:30, the nucleic acid detection and external environment nucleic acid detection were conducted on the 11th building.

After the sampling is completed, the whole community will launch a large area.

  After the test, the 1, 3, 4 units 11, 1, 3, 4 units were released, and the 2 unit temporarily took closed measures, waiting for nucleic acid detection results.

  A number of express delivery companies expressed in an interview in the news that it would be adjusted according to the requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control center for the inclusion.

Usually, the parcel will be killed in multiple links. If the special parcel will be intercepted in advance and report to the relevant department, but also remind the user to understand the route of the transportation process of each package.

  Express company: Users need to take the initiative to pay attention to the route Shentong Express. Relevant personnel said to the 新 记 报者, "In the safeguards of the package security, the links involved in the courier company are more in advance to the incomplete control of the pastoral express delivery, through disinfection, even Destruction and other operations block the source virus to avoid couriers that may involve viral entering the propagation channel.

Express parcels which need professional institutions to detect and confirm the presence of the new virus crown.

More importantly, based on these aspects of the existing prevention and control, prevention and control when users do charge a courier.

"STO officer also said that conventional disinfection is mainly operated by the courier company, for a special package handling, courier companies will be based on the development of the epidemic, the initiative to report to the authorities express abnormal immune-related areas and to take relevant measures, or the relevant departments to obtain timely information may be more actively involved, courier companies support and cooperation.

For the region involved in the epidemic can send parcels, needs to be adjusted according to the requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control center.

  Through courier officer, told news reporters surging current CDC each region will send personnel to the relevant local express courier packaging transit center to do sampling.

Once the parcel if the test result is positive, it will quickly form a national linkage.

In addition, the epidemic involving express courier company received notice higher-level units, where the center will express to intercept, disinfection and store it separately, to the local Authority and epidemic prevention departments filing, nucleic acid for immune-related shipments by the epidemic prevention department detection. Yuantong Shanghai provinces and the person in charge of security surveillance Muhai Wei said: "After all arriving vehicles will come in a full range of disinfection, the car to the unloading area, arrange shipment carried out disinfection by-vote, be hundred percent vaccination.

Express shipped out from the transit center, and then sent to the secondary disinfection will be before the business outlets.

"For express delivery package of specific sterilization procedures, through courier, said the officer, sorting center in Qingpu, full shipment of vehicles traveling to the unloading port, the staff will be thoroughly disinfected vehicles. In the sorting operation area, the message is placed after the conveyor belt, the staff will use molecular atomizer sterilizer disinfection messages one by one, to ensure full disinfection of the mail at the same time, avoid the message is wet.

  In through courier Beijing transit center and south of Beijing Transit Center, each unloading platform are equipped with electric sprayer, manual workers bear spray tank on a conveyor belt express focus disinfection.

Further, after reaching the express network, network staff disinfected prior to discharge; if directed end, the end of the shelf express staff for spraying disinfectant. Of parcels through courier disinfection disinfection in addition to express, in terms of sales and places there are specific prevention measures, through courier officials said, after going out to embrace parts salesman out to return to the car, tricycle , a vehicle such as a motorcycle disinfection; alcohol before entering the spray chamber and sterilization of the laundry articles exposed. Send out pieces of the courier, good personal protection requirements, as far as possible the implementation of non-contact distribution, and minimize contact between consumers and security. In place of business, disposal sites and other places, the daily morning and evening to the central operating space, office buildings, dormitories, canteens and other areas as a whole disinfection.

  How to receive the parcel recipient know whether the epidemic area or via related issue involving immune from the region? A number of courier company officials told news reporters surging, there is no prompt each parcel is operational risk exists, the user needs to know their own route via the process of each parcel shipping in the software. In addition, countries need to focus on disease prevention and control real-time information related to public opinion. How to determine whether involving plague? Express delivery industry insiders told news reporters emotion, "if users buy something from abroad, and then send express mail, postal Authority will detect this information and will communicate the risk of epidemic situation may exist to the transit center sender places, this transit center would express a number of additional disinfection.

"For the prevention of cross-border express delivery, DHL officials said the surging News reporter, prevention of cross-border express two main dimensions. On the one hand accordance with the provisions and requirements of the relevant departments to do import shipment disinfection work.

On the other hand, the company also developed and published epidemic normalization of production safety guidelines for each port hub and service center in importing aviation ULDs, import trucks and disinfection of imported goods, but also on aspects of prevention worker protection measures made specific provisions but the provisions of which will differ depending on the region.

  Expert: as long as good protection, can send and receive normal reception express courier if the risk of spreading the virus exist new crown? How consumers should guard against such risks? Chinese Center for Disease Control of Disinfection, chief expert of the current wave on November 13 by the State Council defense news conference and control mechanism was held, said the courier dissemination of new crown virus should be met when new crown virus contaminated during collection, transportation and delivery of close Express courier at the same time the above article new virus also survived crown, new crown virus contamination of these three conditions is received courier. In the prevention courier dissemination of new crown virus, Zhang stream Bo said, trying to avoid contamination, such as in high-risk areas to suspend delivery business, they will not charge high-risk groups, patients with fever posted as courier; courier in transit should protect the packaging is not directly exposed . After concentration and collection and delivery sorting express links to sterilize the surface of the express delivery company.

When receiving good moderate protection express, express surface of the packaging requirements are not brought into a room, it can be used to determine when brought disinfectant wipes or wipe disinfection spray disinfection.

In addition, after processing must be done courier players health. Shun Feng Group, said the officer surging to news reporters, for reducing the risk of spread of the epidemic, it is recommended to charge the customer first shipment after dismantling the external packaging disinfection, to minimize risk. "Short contact with the courier, the probability is very low crown spread of new viruses. As long as good protection, this basically does not happen. Completely normal delivery can be received.

But in dealing with the courier and express parcel delivery process, to wear a full face masks and gloves to keep the package clean, especially to avoid artificially contaminated respiratory secretions.

"CDC deputy director of the Nanjing Branch Prevention of acute infectious disease physician Dingsong Ning said at the twenty-fourth press conference held on August 13 in Nanjing.

“Yongyun Group!”

Old Jia replied。
He investigated,This company is indeed a pharmaceutical company under the Yongyun Group。
“This kid,Some skill……Let him save Mr. Hu last time,Just meet Hu Yongchang!”Xu Zhilin said coldly。
“so what to do now?”
Lao Jia has no idea。
Fang Yu,Do you still have to deal with it??
First24chapter You have to follow the rules!
“This is our latest biotech drug……Can improve people’s immunity well。As long as Ms. Jiang takes this medicine,Guaranteed no problem!”
Dongyu Private Hospital。
Max,Holding a medicine and introducing them。
After analysis by Max,The reason why Jiang Wan’er is like this,I have a problem with immunity。As long as the immunity is greatly improved,Can return to normal。
“Mr. Michaels……How long will i take this medicine?”
Jiang Wan’er looked at Michaels,Muttered。
She now,Has become weaker!
“Depends on the individual’s physical condition……At least three months!”
Max looked at the report,Sure way。
If Jiang Wan’er doesn’t get better in three months,,Then there is really no way。
“Three months?”