Li Huihe listened to the words of these people,It is also a cold eye.。

“Humph,Is it only possible to hit me? I don’t want to hit you.?”
“Still say that only your child will kill,Don’t let others kill your children?
What logic is you all??
This Chinese is your home.?”
“This is a crime and the people of the people in the past.,Your child is more powerful than the emperor?”
“What is your face??”
Faced with Li Hui’s back。
Several parents can’t help but want to continue,But it is pulled by another few.。
They can see that Li Hui is not afraid of them.。
“What are you around you??
You are less in this dog.。”
One of the women who have just been crying is still crying.,I saw a group of men shocked.,I don’t cry this time.,Directly, it is 怼 李 随 风。
Li Hui also didn’t think that the other party said that he didn’t cry.。
At a time, he wrote that the other party is really heartbreaking.,Still crying for money。
Snapped Li Hui’s two words did not say,Directly is a slap in the face。
Because I thought of the lack of things that children did last night.,He feels that these parents are accused.。
Even this time Li Hui Feng felt that the law of the ancient Chinese people is not wrong.。
At least will reduce crime chances。
If these children kill people cannot be sentenced to death because of the cause of the law,But the strain is connected to my parents,So, these children’s parents will not deal with children.。
“How do you still play??”
“Hey-hey,If you want to talk nonsense,Even you play together。”
The ninth eighty-nine chapters need to help?
Li Hui said that this time the eyes of the eyes broke out.,Let a few parents feel cold in the back of the ridge。
“Police comrades,This is playing people.,This is playing people.!”
Faced with the wind,The other party directly called the police。
At this time, several policemen are maintaining the scene.,Strive to persuade these parents going back。
They all came in a morning.,Deeply know how difficult these parents,Now people have educated their hearts, they are also clapping.。
But my face didn’t see anything.。
The most important thing is that they know Li Hui’s,Also know that Li Hui’s relationship with Song Ting,At this time they are too lazy to manage these things。
After all, several parents do have some excessive.。
“You don’t want to make trouble.,Tell people are things that we have seen.,You first got a teacher,Then appear behind the situation,If it is really tuned,You are calm down.。”
See the police intervene,Li Anti-style is also directly no longer taking these idle things.。
Shiyang Tian saw that the group of people came crazy and began to noise.,The feeling of frustration in my heart。
At this moment, he even wanted to resign and worried.,Out of sight out of mind。
“thanks,Just now, if you may be squatted by them.。”
Shiyang looked at Li with the wind,I always feel some of them。
But I can’t think of it.。
“Hey-hey,fine,These parents are actually poor and hateful,Standing on my outsider,The few children died.,Of course, you may not know what their children have done.,If you know,I feel that the people of the country will hope that these children die.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Shi Yangtian directly held Li Hui’s hand:“Little brother,I can’t see you, you have the right idea.,I know the situation of those children.,I also know the lack of defective things.,But these are all pressed by schools.,After all, the school,It’s all money to earn children.,Really responsible,It’s really getting less and less.。”

Xuanci look at the clothes,It is also confused in the eyes……

When he is young,Young,It is indeed a lot of sinners.,But……Can hate him to this extent,There should be no too much.?Especially the martial arts of this person……
And the monk is full of emotional looks at Qiaofeng.,God……Some faces。
“I am with his hatred?Row、Row,How can I?It was that he killed my wife.,Make my child,Cannot gather with me……”
I heard the monks say this.,Everyone is talking about——Originally, someone accuses Xuanci,Everyone may not believe,But now ten eight nine,Will Xuan Chi as a despicable villain。
Qiao Feng listened to him,Some sympathy,Do not know why,I always feel that he looks at his eyes.……Very quirky!
“Mysterious!You said that I said that I have to steal less Lin martial arts.,Dozens of masters in Joint China,Kill my wife who will not martial arts……You have done me.!it is good!Then I love Xinjue Luo Yuanshan,Do not do,Two nonsense!
You are married to me.,I will give you a look.。These thirties,The old man hides in the Shaolin Temple,Borrow your martial arts!Shaolin Temple’s monk,You have the ability to kill the old man.,Otherwise, Shaolin Marthen not only has to flow into my big clear.,And it is necessary to have a part of the rivers and lakes.!
Now, I have already south.,You are just off,Be no longer!Hahaha……You are not worried,Hydrotest dog,Be learned,In the future violations of the Central Plains??Now how?Hahaha……”Bring away from Yuanshan,I will laugh myself to go back.。
Factual prove,All in the south,And there is no Shaolin martial art,It’s really true!
Qiaofeng heard it is already stunned.,Look at this 衣 人:“you、you say……You are……”
Yuanshan took a mask and threw away,I saw him six or seventeen years old.,Spirit Glory is full of dust,Seeing the appearance and Qiao Feng is five or six points。
“You are……I am?You are still alive?”Qiaofeng will go up,Confirmation with the old man。
Chu Deirers secretly sigh,These two pairs of fathers are still recognized,the other side……
In view of this side is too lively,Effectively attract everyone’s attention,Duan Zhengqi finally barely returned to the crowd,At this time, I faced the ridicule and ironic of Li Qingluo.,I have to laugh.。
Duan Yu……
At this time, I have already stood around the sister.,Separate early and he。
“My martial arts,Also Han people teach,Vow to hurt Han people,But you have witnessed your mother by these Central Plains.、Murdered in the carriage,I am already angry.,Halves who will be in the field,I’m going back to God.,Don’t mention it、Jumping directly from the cliff……
Who knows that the sky is not taught me?!An old tree hungs me,After raising the injury,No longer find dead for your father,But hiding less!Peak,You said this enemy,We are not reported?”
“Kill,Do not share the sky!What’s more, I am killing my mother.,It can also be said to be a man.,Can also cover the crime,Kill the master of Zhiguang and my teacher,It is a heart……”
And Xuci heard the other party’s complaint,Also finally understand,Where is this retribution?,However, I said to Qiao Feng.,Handicapped:“Amitabha,In the past,Indeed, the old guilty should be,today……Two must kill,As you wish,However, the master of Zhiguang and the mysterious brother,Never harm。”
Old mountain is not yet,Tangible:“Hahaha,Baby, you are wrong.,Single father and son,Refers to say the behind-the-scenes,Still placing you,For the father to visit them、A fire is burn Single Villa。
Smart light old bald,It was scared by me.,I will drink myself.,This is only in front of you.,As for mysterious baldness……I don’t know why people killed.,But this lesslin,Know the things of the year,I am afraid that the number of hands is not,Just a one, I don’t know,Founded is a bandit,Why is it necessary??”
Chu Deirers wanted at this time,Suddenly understanding that mysterious is not dying from the distance of the mountain——After all, the situation is different from the original,Qiaofeng is the most wolf,Chu Deiren pointing,Dragonfly,When you have a little forest,He still can’t catch back in the north.,Therefore, the mysterious thing is not dead at the time.。
After Juxianzhuang Heroes Conference,Mysteriousness is killing people,Shaolin Lord Questioning Qiaofeng。
And the original Chu deer thought or also a far away old man,But now it seems not to——Think about it,If it is what he did,That’s more, I have to go to the Qiao couple.……
But just as he said,In an rationale,It is also impossible to be a lot of money.,Rate……
Chu Deirers asked when this:“Mysterious masters can die from their own stunt?”
The mystery of the Still Soon:“no!Mysterious brothers are long,But it was killed by it.。”
Ok,Chu Deirers thought it was Murongbo?……
However, at this time, he became more and more hidden, and he looked at Chu Tai and Nan Muro.——Sure enough, these two face!Chu Tai Year is not,Forcibly……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Seventh 183th chapter Habit
Sludious、When Xuan is difficult to go to Chu Deirers,Mysterious is still alive,Later, Chu Deirers saved Murong, who went to the magic.、Prepare when you go to Fuzhou to meet Xiaolin,I heard that my mysterious is dead.、Shaolin suspects Qiao Feng’s news。
But just doubt,Because the Shaolin has been lucky、Sustained very wolf in the public opinion of the rivers and lakes,So don’t do anything。
To say this is still a good luck——Once you have already want to hide,Never want to be discovered、There is still a person in this person.,Listen to Qiao Feng、Chu Deirers and Shaolin confront this matter,After listening to the detailed dangers of mysteriousness,Duan Zhengqi once again……
“Mysterious master is less than half a month,I saw it in Xiaoshu Lake.……kindness,Peak,After the peak and A Zhu accompany me in the small mirror lake for ten days.,In the first few days, Chu Deirers were also!”Duan Zhengqi directly cracked this。
If this is the Chu Deirers,I am afraid that I don’t believe it.。
However, Duan Zhengxi said,Whether it is the reputation of Dali、Or the identity of Nanwang, Dali Town,At this time, no one is questioned.。
Who doesn’t know,Former Song exile forces Mu Wangfu,It is Dali dark funding,What is the motive of Zhennan?,Go to Qiaofeng to do a perfection……

“Old winter melon,How does this meal taste?”The atmosphere is a bit dull,Li Tianchou provoked a conversation。

“Ok,Ok……good to eat。”Old winter melon mouthful meal,Nodded busy。
“Ha ha,I think so,Worse than your craftsmanship。”Li Tianchou’s grinning words have a taste of ridicule。
Old winter melon just nod and grilled rice,Some souls,Li Tianchou guessed the weirdness,But not sure。He thinks a little,“I heard that you and Uncle Defa are relatives,Should live in a village?”
This sentence asks like it’s a chore,But for the old winter melon at this time, it was a bit abrupt,His face suddenly changed,The convenient chopsticks in my hand also stopped,Seeing Li Tianchou’s smiley face,He can’t figure out whether the other party guessed something。
“Ha ha,It is not easy to go out to work,Better at home。”Li Tianchou deliberately ignored the change of old winter melon expression,Self-consciously sighed,Still shaking his head is very helpless。
Thus,The old winter melon is more of a paste,But he also realized his gaffe,Busy and vaguely nodded。
“I have a fellow who works outside,Dare not go home because of trouble,I can only float around now,The family don’t know what he is like now,It’s uncomfortable to say。”Li Tianchou is talking about himself,Blurted out,I feel so sad。
But the old winter melon was shocked when he heard this,Choked on a bite of rice,Old face flushed,Keep coughing。I haven’t slowed down for a long time。
Till now,Li Tianchou has already guessed。He finished the meal calmly,See if the old winter melon is still silent,Didn’t mean to communicate。It seems you can’t force it too tight,Li Tianchou lit a cigarette and left。
Li Tianchou called Er Kun in the shed,Let him stare at the house,Go straight to Yan Defa’s cabin。I don’t know what confuse Li Desheng was,Old winter melon seems to be running away tonight。Li Desheng is temporarily gone,Basically, it is concluded that the so-called food poisoning cannot be separated from Li Desheng,As for whether the old winter melon was involved in it, it’s not good。
Yan Defa listened to Li Tianchou’s analysis and judgment,Look very ugly,He can’t believe that the old winter melon will have the idea of running away,Both relatives,Have been with myself for so long,This kind of betrayal is obviously uncomfortable。Had it not been for Li Tianchou,,Lao Yan will immediately call someone to tie the old winter melon。
“What shall we do now?”Yan Defa is upset,I had no idea for a while.

Li Huihe heard Liu Kai’s voice is also a glimpse.,According to his estimate,How is the black gas to pass a one or two days in the opponent?,If you panic now,It is certain that the other party will think is what he did.。

whats the matter?”
“Hey-hey,Mr. Li,What is really embarrassed at noon today?,I have been deeply regretted now.。”
Liu Kai said that this is really regretted when this is true.,I know that Li speaks so many patterns.,He is definitely not going to provoke。
“Um,fine,I didn’t care,After all, this compensation is still compensated.,I hang up without anything else.。”
I listened to Li Hui to hang up the phone.,Liu Kaizhen panic。
“Mr. Li,Mr. Li is hanging,Ask Mr. Li to save me.。”
I am not a doctor.,How to save you?”
Li Hui Feng, let Liu Kai think that if you want to pay more,。
“Mr. Li,Today, in addition to your people, I have not sinned.,And you took me today.,Then I am already in the hospital now.,I think about it, you can save me.,If you don’t save me,I may really have not saved it.。”
“Oh,I can’t force this matter.,And your disease is nothing to do with me.,You still find a doctor.。”
Li Hui said that it will hang it directly.。
He didn’t want the other party to suspect that he did,After all, this is also his base card.。
But every card,Definitely see no light。
Liu Kai did not think that Li Hui Feng said to hang.,Things don’t have money,Just now, he is also prepared to let Li speak a knife with the wind.,As a result, the other party actually hanged directly.。
This makes Liu Kai feel better to be slaughtered by the other.,As long as you can treat the disease。
Seeing Liu Kai’s loss of appearance,Zheng Tiancheng is also a picture of a very concern.:“How about it?
How much does he say??
money is not the problem,one million,I will help you pay for you.。”
Zheng Tiancheng let Liu Kai are very moving。
“Young master,no need,The other party said that there is no power,And say that this is nothing to do with him.,Maybe I think more.。”
how is this possible,Today, he took your shoulder.,Others have not moved at all.,And you also said that it starts numb from your shoulders.,Are these all fake??”
Liu Kai heard this,I am also amazing in my heart.。
“Young master,Do you want me to make another question??”
“Um,go ahead。”
Li Hui also didn’t expect Liu Kai, will be so embarrassed.。
Can also call the phone。

“Li Shaoying,You are the hope of our village,Become a dragon shepherd anyway。”Abutment,A middle-aged who came to see off shouted loudly。

Li Shaoying looked embarrassed,Anyhow, there are so many alumni around。
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed,Go back to the village early,The cattle and sheep in the family must be put on the pasture,They can’t grow fat if they don’t eat enough,You can’t save milk without fat,No milk,Those little lambs and little cowboys can’t survive the winter。”The grazing man continued to speak loudly。
There was a low laugh all around,Especially the female students who are going to take the long-necked Longdu Lake college,Cover your mouth but can’t stop smiling。
The young man named Li Shaoying couldn’t wait to plunge into the lake,He impatiently sent his grazing man:“I know,I know,Uncle Hua,You go back quickly。”
“Remember to share that bag of smoked venison with the students around you,Unfamiliar,You must know how to build a good relationship,So it’s not easy to be bullied。”
“uncle,Go back,Please。”
“Damn,I forgot to give you medicinal liquor,Come come,This one was beaten on the wound,Get well soon。”
at last,The enthusiastic and meticulous grazing man was persuaded away。
He won’t leave,That new student named Li Shaoying might really commit suicide in the lake。
“The three of you are late for admission,When I go to Chulongdian, I guess I can only pick some leftover young dragons.,Even if the journey is far away,Should also leave early。”The gatekeeper to Li Shaoying、I wish Minglang and another Gao Leng son。
“You are just entering school?”Li Shaoying is a little surprised,I looked at Zhu Minglang and that high cold boy。
Young Master Gao Leng didn’t talk at all,It can be seen that he has no intention of dealing with young dragon students like Li Shaoying who never knows any poor mountain village.。
Li Shaoying took the initiative,That person ignored,Can’t help but feel embarrassed。
Then his eyes fell on Zhu Minglang,The face suddenly showed a look of astonishment。
As a herding baby,Li Shaoying is already very poor,Self-esteem was also hit hard by the laughter of the students around me just now,But I didn’t expect that there would be someone who looks more desolate than myself,And he is also a student of How to Train Your Dragon?

Qin Hao took a look,Immediately returned to Wang Lei。

“Just protect him?”Qin Hao thinks this task is not that difficult。
“You think it’s very simple?”Wang Lei asked。
See Wang Lei saying this,No joking expression,Qin Hao didn’t say a word。
If it is really simple,And will not be included in the mission。
All tasks included in the plan of excellence,Both are the most difficult。
“Tell you the truth,Mr. Liu Shiqiang is a member of the Talent Project,And ranked third。”
“Do you know his status now??”
Qin Hao didn’t speak immediately,There was a stormy sea in my heart。
Elite Program third place,That’s a national treasure level figure。
Travel anytime,The people who protect him are definitely among the elite。
Simultaneously,This also corresponds to their safety hazards at any time。

That is in the heaven,A canyon called Fengshen Valley。

The vast vortex of chaos descends,The divine body of an ancestor god is constantly changing。
Three Realms,Three eyes were cast here, including Li Ming。
“Wind Demon,congratulations!”Sanqing chaotic fairy expresses congratulation。
“My Three Realms also gave birth to the fourth world power。”Sui Ren’s heartfelt blessings。
“And break through the refining air flow and the gods and demon refining body flow in one breath,It seems that your accumulation is very solid!”Li Ming is also smiling and transmitting。
Three Realms,The Lord of Wind Demon Steps into the World!Become the fourth world power of the Three Realms,Also the second world god—Sanqing Chaos Immortal has not yet cultivated the ancestral god body to perfection。
And Li Ming can predict,In the next hundreds of millions of years,I am afraid that the world of the birth of the Three Realms will soon exceed ten!
Whether it is these fairy demon standing at the top,Or the development of Samsara Palace,Will usher in the best era。
“Brother Wuzhen,Come,have a drink!”In the colorful bird palace of the Thousand Saints,A woman in a gorgeous feather coat,With a smile on his face, he pulled a seemingly dull man to drink。
Of a thousand saints‘Chaos Fairy’Hosted a banquet to entertain the life and death friends she met outside。
As a top big sect disciple presided over by the emperor,The status of Caique Chaos Immortal is quite high in the sect,Is among the top 100 practitioners in the world of Thousand Sages,It is even more promising。
In her palace,There are also a large number of followers of ancestor gods,All beautiful women,More commensurate with sisters。
She has a banquet,These many sisters naturally accompany。
And the god of the world,Is a famous lone world god,But a bit dull,Caique Chaos Fairy likes to tease this friend。

Li Tianchou hesitated and walked behind the Internet cafe,The long-awaited cabin has already fallen off half of its wall,Unoccupied and taken care of for many days,The hut looks dilapidated,There is nothing left in it。Poop everywhere,Smell bad,This has become a public toilet that no one cares about。

Remembering the days when he was recovering in the hut,Changed in the blink of an eye,Li Tianchou couldn’t help but feel a little sad,I don’t know how everyone is doing now。
He decided to go to the night market,Hong Mao doesn’t know where Uncle Geng is hiding,It’s good if you can find the captain。Li Tianchou firmly believes that this guy’s life should be able to survive,I just don’t know if the captain is still living in the Wang Po’s courtyard。
The night market is as lively as ever,Li Tianchou even saw it“Kwok Seafood BBQ”Stall。at this place,He and the captain used to be passionate about drinking,Beat up a bunch of gangsters,It can be regarded as Megatron City Village,It’s a pity that now it’s impossible to see a trace of that time,Li Tianchou passed quickly without looking back。
Noisy sound not far ahead,Wherever you look,Li Tianchou couldn’t help laughing。A Taoist person,Wearing a pair of tawny glasses,I don’t know if the goatee is on it,Shi Shiran sat on a dilapidated grandmaster chair,Shaking her head and talking to an elderly woman next to her,Full of air。All the people around listened to hold their breath。
The sign hanging next to this person stands out under a big light bulb,Letter“Disciples of Master Yunzhong,Head of Captain Astrology Theory Research Studio,Master of Excellence。”Below are densely packed small print:Luck road、Feng Shui、Study……
The shotgun has changed,Li Tianchou couldn’t help feeling a summary。I remember that when I met the captain, I was fortune-telling,It’s just that the scene is too embarrassing,I was exposed and beaten by people。This is only a few months,This guy is already called Master Zhuo Jue。Ha ha,It’s progressing so fast,It seems this guy has a lot of talent in this regard。
Li Tianchou stood calmly outside the circle of people,Quietly listening to the captain talking,Haven’t seen for many days,This guy seems to have gained a little weight,It seems business is booming。
“I always only apply this method to people who are destined,Peek into the open air machine,That’s to save your life。Bring your left hand over and show the poor Dao。”
“Isn’t fortune telling male left and female right?。”A middle-aged man next to me is puzzled,Can’t help but interrupt。
The captain’s eyes rolled,Chong that humane,“Ordinary!How can you understand the means of being poor?What you said is an ordinary bluffing trick,Heaven and earth,No phase reincarnation,How can the so-called male left and female right be generalized??”Talking,The captain grabbed the woman’s left hand forcibly。
The captain’s nonsense made the interrupted middle-aged man blush,I got a lot of people’s eyes,I had to shut my mouth quietly。
Li Tianchou couldn’t stop laughing,The captain is not only thick-skinned,And the courage is getting bigger and bigger,I wanted to find the fault immediately and let him close the stall,But suddenly felt quite interesting,So I stood there and watched the performance。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six Riding a tiger
I saw the captain hold the woman’s hand tightly,Eyes slightly closed,Have words in your mouth。A breeze blowing,Three strands of goat beards under the jaws sway in the wind,A look like a fairy tale bone,As if that room has already soared to the fairy world。Everyone stood very quietly,Waiting for the master to return from the fairy world。
Toss like this for a while,Li Tianchou is a little impatient。suddenly,The captain’s eyes wide open,Blue veins on forehead skyrocket,Shouted,“Wu Na Demon!Why rob me and rule the people?audacious in the extreme,Kneel down and recruit?”This voice frightened everyone onlookers,Weng spread out to the sides。
The old woman who was caught by her hand turned green with fright,Helpless。Look at the captain,Drew a small mahogany sword from the chair,Quickly released the woman’s hand,Get up and stride towards the void ahead,“See where you run?”
The mahogany sword suddenly stopped in the air,Because under the tip of the sword is Li Tianchou’s head,Although it won’t hurt people,But not so good after all。The captain is a bit embarrassed,I thought it was a big show,The onlookers have to retreat no matter what,But the countryman in front of him who wears a toad mirror like him doesn’t move。
Nima’s,Horrible,Where did such a turtle destroy the plot?Forget it,Although the action is not chic and perfect,I had to make do with it,Lao Tzu is just to make ends meet,Don’t make trouble。Looking at this guy in front of me is a desperate eye,It’s better not to touch。The captain sighed deliberately,Take back the peach wood sword,Turned back and sat on the chair。

In fact, he still doesn’t know much about the difference between the antique shop and the pawn shop he used to work.。

The business of the pawn shop is naturally more lively,After all, most people have time when money is tight,As for antiques,This is similar to a coffin shop。
Not open for three years,Open for three years。
Like the Xuande furnace he picked up yesterday,Made more than six million in one go,It’s really enough for three years。
of course,There are so many opportunities and the probability is similar to the rehearsal。
Antique shop anyway,Especially the new opening of Chen Xiu,Poor business is the norm when the industry is still unpopular and famous。
Can’t sit still in the shop,Chen Xiu directly gave the key to the store to Song Shi and Fang Qiong,Let them close the shop at night,I’m back to the rental house。
I was a bit sleepy watching the live broadcast too late last night。
When I walked to the corridor on the third floor, I saw my room door open,Rush in and take a look,I saw a wolf in my room,Suitcase winter clothes、The quilt was turned over,The mattress was also turned over,The cardboard boxes in the bathroom were turned over。
“my God,What a dumb thief is this……Knowing this is the village in the city, he came here to steal something,Visitors in the whole building are stolen by you without much money,I deserve to be a thief all my life。”
Chen Xiu doesn’t have any valuables in his rental house,The most valuable is the air conditioner that I don’t know how many hands。
obviously,The stupid thief is not interested in his own air conditioner。
“what happened,Thief。”
At this time, a middle-aged woman also flashed in outside the door,Round face,Round bucket waist,Except for the curls on the head,That image is exactly the same as the chartered wife in the Star Master movie。
of course,She is really a charter wife。
“Yes,I didn’t expect that I would still be patronized by thieves。”Chen Xiu said helplessly with the chartered wife。
The charter lady looked at Chen Xiu in confusion and then at the lock of the opposite door.,Then he frowned and said:“Xiao Chen,I also made you owe two weeks of rent because you are a college student……Don’t think you’re acting and directing yourself as a thief,I don’t have to pay this month’s rent。”
“Self-directed?”Chen Xiu’s confusion。
“You still pretend,If it wasn’t for you to act and direct,That stupid thief would leave someone else’s house not to steal,I just stole your bachelor’s room。”
This is really the confusion in Chen Xiu’s heart,Facing the question of the charterer, he couldn’t refute it。

“White Tiger Patriarch!”

Chen Xiu exclaimed,Take it out,Almost fell from a tree,Fortunately, Zhu Huiwei copied him。
“he……Why is he here!”
“Li Zhen is now the number one player under him,It must be Li Zhen.,He did it himself。”
“that……so what to do now?”
Zhu Huiwei said helplessly:“If you can run one more second, you will earn one more second,The second generation zombies are not afraid of the sun、Not afraid of bezoar,Anything you exorcise will not work for them,He has practiced for more than 1,700 years,Master Bodhidharma’s visit will not be his opponent!”
Chen Xiu took a breath,Look back,The distance between the three was seven、Distance of eight kilometers,Less than three kilometers at this time,I’m afraid I will be caught up in less than a minute。
“Go down!”
“To the ground,Our goal is too obvious in the sky,I can find some trees on the ground、Bushes block one or two sights!”
Zhu Huiwei was shocked to see the ancestor Baihu coming from a distance before,Once reminded,Leaping off the tree with Chen Xiu。
“Where to go?”
Chen Xiu looked around,Pointing to the most vegetation:“This side!”
The two escaped into the densest forest,Fully stimulate the true energy in the body,I just feel that the trees on both sides keep receding,Fast as the wind。
Ran for nearly ten minutes,The qi in the two of them weakened,Slow down。