8 second batch of cross-study platforms in Huairou Science City completed next year

Original title: 8 second batch of cross-study platforms next year, Huairou Science City, was completed next year (Reporter Sun Yunke) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the two sessions of Huairou District, and the construction of Guo Siji National Science Center will achieve new progress.

High-energy synchronous radiation light source, multimode span-scale biomedical imaging, etc.

  In the 29 scientific facilities projects currently built in Huairou Science City, 9 major scientific devices and cross-research platform projects such as integrated extreal conditions, Earth system numerical simulation, and middh projects, and cross-research platform projects have been completed. Install and debug and trial operation.

By the end of this year, there will be 9 scientific facilities and cross-research platform civil and construction projects.

  Yang Haotian, Director of the Innovation Service of Huairou Science, Innovation Service, In 2022, Huairou Comprehensive National Science Center will adhere to construction and operation and focus on ensuring comprehensive extreme conditional experimental devices, Earth system numerical simulation devices, middh projects second phase and advanced transport While the first batch of 5 cross-research platforms are efficiently running, ensure high-energy synchronous radiation source, multimode cross-scale biomedical imaging and other scientific facilities and other scientific facilities, etc. Completion and equipment installation and commissioning. Adhere to scientific research and conversion synchronization, innovate scientific and technological achievements conversion service model, strive to achieve side construction, operation, scientific research, and output.

  In addition, Huairou Science City will also promote the undergraduate entrance of the National University, further empower innovative entities, and cultivate more hard-study incubator accelerators. Strive to the Mechanical Research General Hospital Huairou Science and Technology Innovation Base, promote the construction of Beijing Separanda and Renewable Medicine Research Institute, actively build high-level talent highlands, build science and technology innovation ecosystem, and strengthen the support of scientific and technological innovation.

  In terms of supporting facilities, Huairou Science City will focus on building a beautiful life of "science + city", accelerate the construction of the city’s living room AB plots, and realize the land of Naterni Scientific Towns, launch Yanqi Bay, scientific light project planning, and upgrade the scientific city police. Business center.

At the same time, complete the renovation of the northern section of Yanshi East Road, realize the completion of the Youth Road, the Department of Science, Yongle North Street, etc. Safeguarding the life of scientific research staff, Huairou District will explore the establishment of a commuter transit efficient connection system, the area to promote rail transit, custom bus, self-driving, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences shuttle high-efficiency change linkage, the district built custom bus, existing bus, share the bus Sharing a bicycle multivariate connection guarantee system. At the same time, we will improve the classified housing security system, and realize the first phase of Yanqi International Community, Shui’an Yanchi delivery, accelerate the second phase of Yanqi International Community, National University Collective Dormitory and City Living Room C Plot Apartment Construction. Accelerate the supply of high quality public service resources.

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Bank of China Ningbo Yuyao Branch heeft de eerste batch van Rampenreconstructie speciale leningen uitgegeven

Op 27 juli lanceerde China Bank Ningbo Yuyao-tak met succes de eerste batch van speciale leningen aan TS Technology Co, Ltd., die krachtige financi?le steun biedt voor de reconstructie van het bedrijf.

Het is gemeld dat de bank op 26 juli actief alle bedrijfsinstellingen organiseerde om marketingpersoneel te regelen om te bezoeken of aan te roepen aan openbare klanten, contact op te nemen met mensen met een totaal van 500, aangeraakte klanten en overleefde de vraag naar voltooiing van verbindingen.

Onder hen, TS Technology Co., Ltd., JB Trading Co., Ltd. heeft een grotere complexe reconstructiefondskloof.

Voor speciale leningen om zo snel mogelijk op zijn plaats te stellen, overwint het personeel van het personeel moeilijkheden in stedelijk wegwater, reizigers en grijp de tijd, haastig de tijd en vang de voortgang in de informatieverzameling, leningverklaring. Met de steun van de Superior is de eerste partij reconstructie van speciale leningen nadat de eerste partij rampspoed is geplaatst. De eerste keer voldoet aan de financieringsbehoeften van de reconstructie van de bedrijfsramp, die uit de Bank of China Flood Preventie opraat en Rampenversnelling versnelling.

"Ondernemingen worden be?nvloed, de plant heeft een serieus water, ik kan geen leningen aan, wat moet ik doen?" De klantmanager ontving een telefoonnummer van Yuyao JB Trading Co., Ltd .. De bank beveelt actief aan dat het bedrijf online populaire leningproducten gebruikt en de goedkeuring voltooit, wordt aangekomen en op dezelfde dag aangekomen.

Handige financi?le diensten zijn geprezen door de verantwoordelijke persoon. De verantwoordelijke persoon over China Bank Ningbo Yuyao-tak zei dat de bank in feite verantwoordelijkheid zal nemen en financi?le steun overstromings- en hulpmaatregelen implementeert en de voltooiing van de onderneming van de productie volledig ondersteunt, de financi?le macht van anti-Taiwan de financi?le macht ten volle is overstromingscontrole en reconstructie.

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16 township standardization emergency rescue stations for Anshun Fire Rescue Detachment

Recently, the Anshun Fire Rescue Detachment sent two working groups to complete the construction acceptance of 16 township standardization emergency rescue stations in Anshun City.During the acceptance period, the Working Group successively went deep into 16 townships and other townships, such as Yayutian Township, Pingbuan District, Xixiu District, and listened to the construction of all township government’s full-time firefighting team, and inspected the building construction, daily management, personnelBit, vehicle equipment, work operation, wage treatment, occupational security, physical skill training and command scheduling implementation, and help find insufficient, analyzed the reason, and find countermeasures.For detailed registration of issues found in the process of acceptance assessment, form the "Township Standardization Emergency Rescue Station Inspection Solution", combed the list of questions, and provide feasibility for the issue of rectification and accelerating construction.

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China Bank Shanxi Branch debuts the 11th Shanxi Province energy-saving and environmental protection low-carbon development fair

"You not only product is green, I feel that your service is also ‘green’, fast speed, high efficiency, and true credit approval green channel." A branch old customer said. To do this exhibition, Bank of China Shanxi Branch has built a strong service team to provide professional and high quality services for participants.

During the exhibition, "Carbon Peak, Carbon Middle and" Shanxi Operation Summit Forum has been successfully held. Chen Weidong, the Dean of China Bank Research, through the video, the topic of the "promotion of financial strength to promote economic green transformation", for Shanxi economic and social high Quality transformation development provides intellectual support.

Next, Bank of China Shanxi Branch will continue to shoulder social responsibility, practice green development philosophy, and strive to become the first choice for green financial services, and rely on globalization, integrated operational advantages, and continuing to achieve carbon neutralization and carbon peak goals.

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A digital blueprint enables wisdom governance (deep reading · Focus on grassroots wisdom governance)

Original title: A digital blueprint encompasses wisdom governance (deep reading, paying attention to grassroots wisdom governance) Tianjin "urban brain" interface. Grassroots governance is the cornerstone of national governance.

In recent years, my country’s grassroots social governance methods and methods have been continuously innovative, and the grassroots social governance system has become increasing, and the grassroots governance capacity is continuously improved.

The Central Committee of the Central Committee on Strengthening the Modernization of Grassroots Governance System and Governance Capacity Modernization, Strengthening the Construction of Grassroots Wisdom Governance and Improves Gravily Governance Digital Intelligence Level.

What are the efforts to strengthen the construction of grassroots wisdom governance? What experiences have been accumulated every place? This version introduces a series of reports today, introduces relevant explorations and practices from the aspects of planning construction, integrating data resources, expanding application scenarios.

– Editor’s "Central Committee of the Central Committee on Strengthening the Modernization of Grassroots Governance System and Governance Capacity Modernization" requires "planning and construction" "to promote smart cities, smart community infrastructure, system platforms and application terminal construction" "" sound grassroots wisdom Governance standard system, promote intelligent perception and other technologies. " In recent years, Tianjin plans builds "urban brain", using information-based means to empower grassroots governance, so that grassroots governance is really wisdom.

Data Collaborative System – From the internal communication, to the department to open on the large screen of the Tianjin Data Management Center, the node flashes, the line flows, the network is intensive.

The person in charge of the Tianjin Data Management Center said that on the big screen, it can see two common terminals to apply dynamic in real time.

One is the most commonly used "Jin Tutong" of the community grid, one is the most commonly used "Tianjin Office" of the public.

"Justu" is a platform for mens submitted to residents’ feedback.

Platform in accordance with the nine categories 38 small 38 small class, rapid distribution of tasks.

Which department is transferred to, how long is it, and the problem is visible to a solution.

"Zhen Head Office" is a mobile phone mobile application platform for public license, life payment, emergency help, and issues reported. Through the "hand-made" function, the public can upload problems only 30 seconds, by "Jin Tong" "Push it in the background to the street processing, and the results are known on the phone. "Jin Tutong", "Zhen Head Office", two applications have been independent of each other, and now there is "urban brain" coordinated command, unified technical and business standards, realize business online interaction, real-time flow, making problems more smooth, More convenient. The relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Data Management Center introduced that "urban brain" focuses on "system" "data pass" "department", on the basis of "one screen viewing door", continuously promoting system cross-sectoral, cross-region Coordinate linkage, realize "one network management, Jincheng", so that urban management, grassroots governance is full of wisdom.

At present, the "urban brain" has been accessed into the silver hair intelligence service, the vaccination situation, the first batch of key application scenarios such as the cold chain food, and will start from digital governance, digital benefits, digital Huimin field, promote urban governance and Public service digitization.

Urban Governance Wisdom – From Passive Governance, to Intelligent Perceived National Day holiday, Zhongxin Tianjin Eco-city tourists are a lot.

The equipment installed on the traffic lights on the traffic lights can be perceived by real-time vehicle traffic, speed and queuing length.

After the data upload platform, the optimal signal lights are drawn by the artificial intelligence algorithm, and the signal light can be independently extended or shortened.

"Tilting the tilt photography modeling model with drone, the accuracy can reach the centimeter, large to a building, small to a street light, can be displayed.

Wang Liang, the director of the Smart City Development Bureau Operation Center, told reporters that the staff can only adjust the dynamic information of the corresponding point position at any time to monitor the real-time operation of the city.

Smart City Operations Center is the regional "urban brain" in ecological city. It is responsible for the three duties of urban daily monitoring, operation management and emergency scheduling, relying on digital technology applications and integrated innovation, so that urban management changes from passive to active transformation. Smart traffic is an important part of the intelligence governance of ecological city. The first automatic driving bus in Tianjin is also put into operation in Eco-City.

Smart bus can realize environmental information such as vehicles, traffic lights, etc., and control the vehicle to achieve automatic acceleration and steering, automatic emergency braking, access platform and other functions. The bus can also make a warning for driver fatigue driving, making identification of passenger abnormal behavior, such as theft, fighting, smoking, etc., and immediately broadcast warning, providing a more comprehensive guarantee for public travel safety.

The intelligent governance of ecological city is the epitome of Tianjin to promote the construction of urban "urban brain" in urban areas. "City Brain" builds a "digital cockpit" in urban operation trend by building urban intelligent centralization, and the scene traction and digital communication are main line, consolidate the urban digital base. Digital life scenes – from individual pilots, to the comprehensive application of Xiqing District Fu Village is close to the central city, and the traffic is large.

"We have this now." Shao Yongrong, the old man in the village, gave the reporter "Sun". "Not only don’t be real-time, I can help." Her smart watch is associated with the mobile phone of children, and can transmit positioning information in real time, prompting the risk.

This smart watch is free of charge for the village of 65 years old. Xiqing District is an opportunity to build a national digital village pilot, accelerate the promotion of digital villages and smart cities, and provide data to the villagers, and the villagers have passed "wisdom life." The reporter saw that the eight earthylic blocks such as garbage classification, elderly canteen, book borrowing in Fucun grassroots governance data platform, more than 10 application scenarios, dozens of service functions "running", village committee The staff received the village demand data information in real time, and the villagers enjoyed a convenience of life. "Developing a shared digital public service is closely related to the lives of the people." Wang Wei, the party committee and director of the Tianjin Data Management Center, Tianjin City will focus on the application scenarios of Huimin medical treatment, barrier travel, etc., improve basic public services, etc. Level. At the same time, it is applied in the demonstration street (township), community (village), and buildings, the application of intelligent aids, health monitoring.

According to "Tianjin accelerated digital development three-year action plan (2021-2023)"治 通 "Digital Comprehensive Application Platform," Sand "of the Data into" Tower ", allows the city" live ", batch, 20 people’s livelihood, and life quality improvement application scenarios, 41 numbers Governance typical application scenarios.

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The US military in Korea issued a vaccine, Han Mei will discuss the problem of adopt Korea inoculation.

According to Korean media reports, the Korean National Defense spokesperson said on the 28th that the US military in Korea will be requested to request the Ministry of Defense, consult the Katusa, the Katusa, a new crown vaccination.

At the same time, the US military station in Korea will start vaccination from the 29th.

Fu Sheng said that the South Korean Disease Management Department, the US military and the Ministry of Defense are communicating in this regard.

US military in Korea will inocate the vaccination in accordance with the wishes of the military officers and Korean employees in the Hanjun Support Group. On the other hand, according to the 12th of the US military in Korea, the US military commander will start from the 29th to medical personnel, and the new crown vaccination is started. It is reported that the inoculation can be selected by the individual, but the US military station in Korea will encourage everyone to vaccinate. On December 25, FX5230 cargo flights carrying the US military virus vaccine in Korea arrived in South Korea. It is said that this vaccine is approximately 1000 doses of Modena vaccine for emergency use authorization (EUA) in the US Food Pharmaceutical Administration (FDA). The medical staff and logistics personnel in the US military station will prioritize the vaccine.

Participation in the Beijing High Court Studying and Implementing the Spirit of the 19th National Committee

  On November 2, the Beijing High Court held a party group, and learned the Party’s 19th National Presumual Publication and the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee to expand the spirit of the meeting, and research and deployment implemented measures.

The meeting requested that the city court should put in-depth study of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th National Plenary Session as the important political tasks in the future, and immediately rise to study the spirit of the Five Plenary Sessions and quickly transfer the spirit of the Plenary Session to all party members.

  The party group and leading cadres at all levels of the city must take the lead in learning, study, the party members of the party, the party membership meeting, the topic, the topic, the theme preaching, effectively enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence" To achieve "two maintenance".

We must deeply grasp and understand the new situation, the new development stage, the new development pattern, the new requirements of work, and effectively achieve the spirit of penetration, understand the substance, enhance confidence, combine the reality of the Beijing Court, and study the specific measures to implement the spirit of the Plenary Session. We must deeply understand the guiding ideology of economic and social development and the principles that must be followed, and firmly establish the correct judicial concept to ensure the right political direction of the Capital Court. It is necessary to keep track of the 2035 long-term development goals and the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, major measures, implement innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing development concept, and give full play to the role of trial function, improve the level of intellectual property, and do a good job of optimization business The rule of law environment work, serving the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development according to law, promoting the city to further form a "high-precision" industry system, build a new development pattern, service to ensure the construction of "four centers", improve the "four services" .

It is necessary to adhere to the people-centered, strengthen the people’s livelihood guarantee, and strive to make the people feel fairness justice in every judicial case. It is necessary to firmly grasp the rule of law of China, Ping An China construction deployment requirements, and adhere to the justice and efficient civilization of judicial, fully maintain the safety and stability of the capital, and promote the construction of Ping An Beijing and the Chinese State of China.

To be actually acting as, implementing the implementation of the 19th Fifth Plenary Session of the Fifth Plenary Session to the actual actions of the service overall, justice for the people, fair justice. (Reporter Zhang Lei).

Save electricity electricity electricity

Original title: Saving electricity and electricity consumption electricity saving electricity, from me.

On September 30th, Anhui Energy Bureau, Guo Net Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. issued an initiative, advocated the joint action of the whole society, and wanted to save electricity. The unit unit took the lead in power saving, striving to demonstrate. Take advantage of natural ventilation, reduce air conditioning opening time; strict control of office building decoration landscape lighting, reasonable use of lighting fixtures; go out to turn off the electric light, cut off the office equipment power supply, eliminate white lights, Changming lights, unmanned lights; office space 3 floors and below Stop using the elevator.

  Industrial enterprises have a scientific electricity.

Scientifically arrange production shifts, through the wrong peak production, avoidance of the peak to make electricity, transfer operation, stop wheel], to support the power supply pressure of the electricity peak period; avoid equipment airborne operation, do not start high-energy energy equipment, standardized Air conditioning, lighting and other electrical equipment, reduce non-production, non-essential electricity.

  Shopping, hotel, office buildings, etc. Consolidate use or deactivate high-power electrical equipment and non-necessary lighting, shortening advertising lamps, landscape lighting time, and actively promote employee savings. Electrical consciousness, achieve public area such as corridors, corridors, etc. "follow". Each community property, attractions, street lights, and use it in a halving manner as much as possible.

Encourage the majority of residents to use natural light at home, less open long light, try to use high efficiency, low energy appliance; reasonably set air conditioning temperature, reduce air-conditioning time and frequency; do not use electrical appliances to completely turn off the power, reduce the power consumption; electric cars, The battery car should avoid the peak time period of the grid load, and use the night load trough. (Reporter Wang Hongyi) (Editor: Su Heng, Li Vang) Sharing let more people see.

Real things do not have to listen real focuses on "sound" and watching "effect"

Original title: Real things do not have to listen real focuses on "sound" and watching "effect" field road repair, construction of the park, contact the medical clinic for the villagers …… This is a reporter recently seen in Liaoning Province village affairs column to "I do practical things for the masses," a list of the contents is not long, there is no listed numbers, but each of which is the middle of the village Party members and cadres in-depth, sit white picket fence chatter edge of a field trip out of hope. Looking at things on a list of items to honor the completion of the villagers full of praise, a smile on his face.

"I do practical things for the masses," "reality" is a fundamental requirement, but also the pursuit of the goal. Digital is measured as an indicator of the tangible things, statistical figures of the "event" rather than "effective", but can not reflect to get a sense of the masses. Things do not get real real, the people do not look at the report, do not look at the figures, look at the effect – whether the response to the demands, if the problem is truly resolved. Tangible things not to "digital" Hero, evaluate the real facts are not real, may wish to listen to "tone" to see "efficiency." Listen "tone." "I do practical things for the masses," get a sense of whether people have? To examine more than the people, listen to voice of the people, the masses of the judge is to test the effect of scale do practical things.

The masses untied the knot, ease the contradiction, nature is laughter. Pain points of the masses, did not get through the jamming point, difficulties, problems have not been resolved, so naturally it is complaining. Whether "cheers" or "grievances", we must humbly listen, because that is the heart.

We want to summarize in the "cheers" in experience, look for deficiencies in the "grievances", the focus of the masses think and hope, anchor masses objectives and requirements, and constantly enrich and perfect livelihood inventory adjustment problem-solving ideas, improve policies and measures to further enhance do practical things for the masses of the quality level, do the things on the hearts of the masses. See "efficiency." The results depend on whether there is a gap with the target, it is necessary to live within its means to ensure that the target is not unrealistic things "draw pie" empty promises, should try the line, down to earth, to ensure that dry into a thing. It depends on whether it is more convenient for the masses, so that the policy can not stop at paper, lip service; the demand of the masses, to set up more road signs, remove roadblocks, active service, to find ways to help people solve problems.

Depends on whether the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the tangible things is not a gust of wind, it is necessary to solve specific problems based on the present, but also focus on long-term institutional mechanisms to improve Huimin Limin, so that the people feel there is no "gap", "temperature difference" to get a sense of , well-being and sense of security. There are often the rule rather Limin oriented.

Boosting the "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, by listening to" sound "look" effect ", so that the people continue to see the results and real change, to become a practical piece pile masses smiling faces, testing the effectiveness of party history study and education with livelihood temperature. (Editor: Filial Piety, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

The legacy of the Party "three kinds of kung fu" to create a trust, relying on the political and legal iron army who can rest

Doing a good job in political and legal work, in order to open a belief, law enforcement is the people, dare to take care of the unified political and legal team, the construction of strong political and legal teams are inseparable from strict treatment from severe parties in the whole, see it.

Beichen District Committee is "source power" with the leadership of the party on the political and legal work, and the activities of political and legal team education, party history learning education, etc., to promote the important project of political and legal projects "to do practical things" The advanced experience is "big stage", which effectively transforms the pressure of strict treatment into team construction into the strength of the team, and constantly grinding the hard ridges, iron shoulders, and spirit of the people. First, practice the "hard work", and the iron military spine, which is a tribute to the loyalty, and the political and religious political intensiveness of the Political Law, which must be completed. Political tasks.

The Beichen District Committee adheres to the "strict" main basetm, with the above rate, and pressurize, ensuring that education rectification is far-reaching. First, adhere to the "Cleaning, Cleaning Secretary", to strengthen political awareness.

Give full play to the episode of the party organization secretary, innovate and carry out major leaders to talk about party class series activities. The secretary of the district committee, the secretary of the District Committee, took the lead in teaching the political and legal police officers in the district, driving the party’s parties at all levels of the District Party Class 192, organized political circles, study and discuss 993 times, education political and legal police officers continue to improve Political stations, take the initiative to cultivate party spirit, and stay absolutely loyal and political. The second is to adhere to the "thinking, re-practices", and learn the combination of rectification. Innovative "Six Class" model to conduct learning education, namely: "preheating lessons", political construction, "leadership class", theoretical armed "charging class", warning education "prevention class", English model "demonstration class" For the "practice lessons", the service is a "night reading class", "the" The Night Reading "" "Communication" "Theoretical Gas Station" "and" Question "and Guide Political and Legal. The police continued to promote thinking, deeply intertwing, and consciously planting the people. The third is to adhere to "excavation issues, strict changes", and do the effect of effectively reflect the wind. According to the "four comparishes, four" four comparishesions ", the public security Beichen Branch" portrait three check ", the district people’s court" four words ", the district People’s Procuratorate" Five Inspection Work Law ", District Justice Bureau" Three Twelve First Measures "and other specialty methods, supervise more than 1600 political and legal police in the whole district, 677 political and legal police in the whole district, have completed the completion of the intensive, synchronous construction of the arrest system, tightly strictly control the party’s system" cage " . In order to inspect the results of education, formulate the political and legal system, I have a list of 50 key tasks for the masses, organize the political and legal police officers in the region to solve 2358 difficulties around the people, and satisfied with the masses as the fundamental scale.

Second, the iron army of "True Skill" will be practiced, and the iron army of winning and winning is to prevent the political risks to build the Practice path of the Political Army, which is the first main business that must be supported. Beichen District Committee adheres to the positioning from the overall situation, innovating from practice, focusing hard, and often vigorously stabilize the safety and stabilizing steel line.

Beichen District "Ping An Tianjin" construction assessment has ranked first echelon in the top three in the city in the whole city, and the city’s three-year special struggle comprehensive achievement is leading the city. One is to win the stable and hard fight, build a political moat of the capital. Hit a big warner with major peacekeeping security, in accordance with the "The War District System, the Officer" "Strengthening the Addition," Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Subject ", in the major period, sensitive nodes to start the battle mechanism and super Conventional working mode, promote the improvement of the stability information management system to improve the transformation, implement the joint adjustment of the joint, realize the hidden dangers, all clear, win the national "two sessions", build the party, the 19th Plenary Session, etc. . The second is to deepen the anti-black and evil, and high standards create a "no black" city.

According to the normalization, mechanism, the "Six Construction" work is derived, and 318 criminal cases involving nine types of criminal cases were cracked in the whole district. In the special struggle of sweeping, the political and legal system in the district showed the "special to suffer, especially able to fight, especially to dedicate", and the public security Beichen Branch won the national anti-black special struggle for advanced collectives. District leader, Director of the Public Security Bureau was interviewed by General Secretary Xi Jinping; all political and legal units were all three-priced collectors of the city, and 6 advanced workers. The third is to prevent major risks, high quality construction rule of law Beichen.

Innovation of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, and the regularization of the rule of law, and incorporate the rule of law into performance evaluation. Vigorously crack the "one high and low" problem of administrative litigation, 2021 cases of challenges are zero, and the chart rate rises to 100%. The second place in the construction of a third-party professional assessment in the rule of law of the city, successfully created the "2021 City Rule of Law Government Construction Demonstration Zone" and has been declared in the city’s only candidate government construction demonstration zone.

Third, practice "Software", the wear of the Range Range, the Iron Army Huaran, the people’s field, and the important starting of the Creating Political Army is a beneficial man who must be effective.

The Beichen District Committee insisted on asking the masses, to break through the mechanism, and promoted the efficient and transparent and transparency of political and legal work.

First, enhance public service efficiency and enhance the masses’ sense.

Combined with "I do practical things for the masses", organize the leading cadres of the District Political and Legal Systems in the town street, villages and law firms, with the masses, lawyers, collect 47 advice, and organize 20 job tasks. , The "Beichen District Political and Legal Team" is called, I must "accurately" accurately remove the mysterious action plan ", lead the political and legal police officers in the region to change the style, improve the work, and earnestly provide more fair and public, simple and efficient. Judicial service. The second is to innovate the municipal governance mechanism and enhance the sense of happiness in the masses.

In the course of the establishment of a national social governance modernization pilot, it is the first to develop the information system using the municipal social governance assessment evaluation information system, and 48 member units participate in social governance.

Carry out two rounds of key projects to cultivate hatching, launching the new rural governance, the first product "new model of the new rural governance, the national rule of law of the national rule of law of Dazhuang Village, forming" seven-color people’s vital map "" Street Flaw "" Street Place "and other special brands 40 .

Invested more than 1,000 million yuan to build a comprehensive management center, a grid center, an convenience service center, a command dispatch center, a security experience center, which is equal to the city’s first municipal social governance practice center. Deepen the "War District System, Principal Administrative Officer, Right", leads the grassroots governance, and mobilize the power of the parties. The third is to standardize law enforcement judicial activities and enhance the sense of security.

Promote the public security bureau to implement the law enforcement problem as the entry point, create a political inspectoric data application platform "law enforcement early warning module", strengthen the "case where the case is not standing", "the case does not check", "drop processing", etc. Source supervision . Focus on the risk of safety and integrity in the property coverage, and build the city’s first district-level property management center to achieve the separation of management, standardization.

There is only greatly improved the efficiency of handling, ensuring the safety of property involving the property, and significantly reduces the opportunity to directly contact the article involvement. From the system to prevent violations of violations, the political and legal system is constantly cultivating the wind.