If Fernandez wants to cooperate with Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo will definitely welcome with both hands,But it won’t let the general manager come out in person,And the general manager will not come forward to dig people,The reason for this,All thanks to this sudden oil crisis……

Not only does Wells Fargo have a hard time,It’s not easy for everyone,Thanks to what some scholars have called the second oil crisis,The U.S. economy continues to decline,In addition to the emerging computer industry,All other industries、Especially oil、Chemical industry、Heavy industries such as steel are even more frustrated,As a financial industry dependent on the industrial industry to exist,Life is naturally more difficult。
Chen Geng never read Wells Fargo’s financial report,But when I was chatting with Ji Shengcheng, Ji Shengcheng once gloated and said that,In the six months since the economic crisis broke out,The U.S. goes bankrupt2000Bank,U.S. banks have exceeded14400Home suddenly fell to its current shortcomings12000Home,And in the top ranking in the United States100Name of the bank,United Community Bank is the only company that has achieved an increase in profits,Other banks,Even the top ranked Citi、Mellon、Chase and Wells Fargo,Life is miserable,Especially Wells Fargo,It was the first time that there was a quarterly loss……
In a fall,The only United Community Bank that has achieved profit growth is naturally particularly eye-catching,Everyone is naturally curious,Why don’t we have to live our lives anymore,Your kid can still eat meat now?
As a listed company,Just analyze the financial report released by United Community Bank to know what happened:same time last year,The total amount of auto finance loans issued by United Community Bank is less than3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And this year it’s only three quarters,The total amount of auto loans issued by United Community Bank has exceeded2One hundred million U.S. dollars——So many auto finance loan business,It’s a hell if the profits of the small and medium-sized bank of United Community Bank do not increase in price.。
Even more hell,So many auto finance loans,They all come from the same company!
You said,After Wells Fargo knew this,Will you drool wildly??
that’s for sure;
Will you have the thought of digging?
It’s hell without that。
But since it is going to dig a corner,Then show enough sincerity。
What is sincerity?
General Manager John·Tostedt is sincere to come out in person,Jean Alex·Goodrich to John·Tostedt’s introducer is also sincere。
“Talk about it,”Chen Geng said:“Wells Fargo wants me to give them the auto loan business,What advantage can they give me?”
Want to dig a corner,It’s definitely impossible without paying a higher price。Chen Geng didn’t believe that the general manager of Wells Fargo would not know this.,He doesn’t believe in this John·Tostedt would not reveal anything to Alex·Goodrich。
Alex·Goodrich really knows something:“Mr. Tostedt said,If you choose Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo Bank will fully support the expansion of your used car business,And guarantee,The profit you make from the auto loan business,Higher than in United Community Bank10%。”
“10%what,This is not a small amount……”Chen Geng murmured。
“Yes,10%Not a small number,At least millions of dollars a year……”
Alex·Goodrich nodded subconsciously,Just the next moment,Alex·Goodrich’s words come to an abrupt end,Because he found that Chen Gengzheng was looking at him with a smile.,Alex who realized he had leaked·Goodrich,Suddenly a little embarrassed。
“This john·Mr. Tostedt gave you a clear calculation。”Chen Geng’s way of smiling but not smiling。

Chapter 535 Invitation from Zhixing Chuanyi

When Zhu Ziqing contacted Xiang Chen crazy,The latter does not know that his phone has been turned off because of no power。
The celebration of the prosperity of the stars has come to an end,Someone is about to usher in a decent life full of themselves,Some people show blessed smiles on the surface,Struggling to be strong inside。
Not surprising,Ye Qing didn’t get any,Even if Li Tianxing is rich,There is no money enough to influence the fairness of a grand event award ceremony。
Watching the votes and blessings of fans all over the world,Xiang Chen and Li Tianxing are convinced。
In those few Li Tianxing familiar,When the host who forgot his name announced the end,Li Tianxing shook his head,Sigh softly。
Every award Ye Qing has nominations,There are dozens of votes behind each award,But it’s just a few dozen votes,But it made Ye lightly pass the awards again and again,Missed the stage。
“It’s good to be nominated!”
Ye Qingqing comforted all the staff around him,Whether it’s her agent or assistant。
After the award ceremony,Ye Qingming’s manager, Sister Hua and assistant Xiaowen, will take the fastest flight back home,Although I don’t know why,But the requirements for Ding Sheng,They have no objection,After so long,They wouldn’t believe that Ding Sheng would have any bad ideas about Ye Qingchun,Not to mention Xiang Chen is present。
“Actually not bad this time,Although not awarded,But the style of Li Gongzi at the charity party,But Ye Zi made a lot of limelight,The business purpose has been achieved!”
Watching sister Hua and Xiaowen leave,Ding Sheng also comforted Li Tianxing and Xiang Chen。
Maybe not on the surface,But Xiang Chen and Li Tianxing have done a lot of hard work,Today’s results are in their opinion,May indeed be unsatisfactory。
Ding Sheng patted Xiang Chen on the shoulder,I saw him still thinking hard,Explained with a smile:“Sister Hua and Xiaowen are really worried about Xiaoyeye,Insist on staying at the end to take care of Xiaoye。”
I thought Xiang Chen was wondering why Sister Erhua and Xiaowen were still there,Ding Sheng also explained the reason。
Xiang Chen Machinery nodded,Then I looked at Ye gently,Just like an old father who saw his children become successful,Kind eyes。

Yilong responds to Xu Xiaodong

Yilong responds to Xu Xiaodong: Chinese martial arts do not allow the generation of rats to fight
The monk Yilong has always been Xu Xiaodong’s alleged anti-counterfeiting target. A few days ago, a dragon finally responded to various comments about the other party on Weibo. He said: The Chinese martial arts are profound and profound, and they are very passionate, specializing in research, and deep in history.Wouldn’t anyone want to deceive the crowd with their own personal gains?Needless to say!Disobedience comes to fight!  The full text of Yilong’s Weibo is as follows: Chinese martial arts are broad and profound, with great feelings, special research, and deep history.China’s military status and martial arts culture range from fighting blood to fighting against enemies, to fighting against men, to Chinese self-made aircraft carriers going to sea, to boxing earlier than KO, and we are already using blood and sweat for the rise of Chinese national martial arts.Struggle for a long time.Wouldn’t anyone want to deceive the crowd with their own personal gains?Needless to say!Disobedience comes to fight!  In fact, the fact of Yilong has always been accompanied by controversy. The iron bell shirt with golden bell hood and the practice of hanging the head beams have caused huge controversy and discussion.The opponent he defeated by the air force, known as the king of KO, is true or false, and it is the target of Xu Xiaodong’s special spray.The editor believes that it is better to come to the field with blaming each other, and to win or lose under the fist.Extended reading: Shaolin Temple’s first guardian monk, Shi Yanjue, announced that he will face Xu Xiaodong, a fighting madman.Open competition Zou Shiming denied the hype and said that fake and fake income will do charity Xu Xiaodong challenged the entire martial arts: only played with the head of the unrestricted rule and scored in 10 minutes

Anti-epidemic program This is us, this is light, Yi Xi Qianxi dances with the medical cabin

Anti-epidemic program “This is us, this is light”, Yi Xi Qianxi dances with the medical cabin
At 21:00 on April 25, Youku, Beijing Satellite TV, and Oriental Satellite TV jointly presented, Xinhua News Agency “Sound is in China,” and the special program “This Is Us, This Is Light”, jointly organized by Xinhua Video, will officially broadcast.First-line medical and health workers and people in the entertainment industry gathered to pay tribute to each anti-epidemic struggle.On the show, Academician Li Lanjuan will talk about the “most beautiful smile” under the indentation, “Glass Kiss” nurse Chen Ying, Huang Qianrui and his wife romantically propose on the spot, Yi Xi Qianxi will join the medical cabin and dance the red dance “The Fiery Saday””Lang”.Yi Xi Qianxi is on the show.The picture comes from the network “This is us, this is light” will be composed of three chapters in series, moving together to write a poem against the epidemic: the first chapter “fire-raiser” is the hymn of the doctor’s heart, pays homage to the epidemic and emits heat to save the deadMedical staff; Chapter 2 “What is a Hero” will set its sights on the heroic city of Wuhan, focusing on the moments of ordinary people’s dedicated dedication and mutual help; Chapter 3 “The Four Seas at Home” shows China’s role as a global war epidemic,The great love that interprets the community of human destiny is boundless.People in the entertainment industry will also gather in “This Is Us, This Is Light” to bring rich programs such as literary performances, speeches, and casual talks.Gao Xiaosong talked about the humanistic style of Wuhan’s junior hero city; Liu Yun, Niu Junfeng, Zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin gave a speech on “Your Name Our Glory”, and mourned the war epidemic martyrs who will always stay in spring.Yi Xi Qianxi himself made a special appearance in the video connection, and joined three medical cabin doctors to jump up the “Flaming Saario” that screened the Internet during the epidemic.Speaking of the dance of hope and optimism of the medical staff, Yi Xi Qianxi sighed: “This special moment, a little happiness can make everyone particularly moved.”In addition, the medical” Tiantuan “-Academician Li Lanjuan, Vice President Tong Zhaohui, Academician Zhang Boli and Dean Zhang Dingyu will appear on the show and connect the host of the Beijing and Shanghai conference venues in the form of” cloud interaction “.Academician Li Lanjuan’s indentation on the face without reducing the beautiful smile has become the “most beautiful smile in 2020” in the minds of many netizens.Academician Li responded humbly on the show: “This is not my mark, I can only say that as a representative I reflected the hard work of medical staff.”The president of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital Zhang Dingyu fought side by side with his lover on the front line of the epidemic. His wife was infected and he chose to continue to fight.”Talking about this experience, Dean Zhang said with emotion: “After retiring, she will be her own dean .” Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He, editor of Tong Na, proofreading Li Xiangling

Tongkun shares (601233) 2019 performance preview comment: the company’s performance hits a historical record forecast forecast repair

都市夜网Tongkun shares (601233) 2019 performance preview comment: the company’s performance hits a historical record forecast forecast repair

The company expects net profit attributable to mothers to be 28-30 trillion in 2019, an annual increase of 32%?
41%, a record high.

The demand for Q4 polyester filament during the off-season has led to the company’s basic profit being realized.

The company’s 19-year performance corresponding to a PE valuation of 9 times is at a historically low level, and the current front-line chemical industry leader is 17-18 times. The company estimates that there is room for upward repair in the future, maintaining a target price of 21 yuan and maintaining a “buy” rating.

The company’s performance is in line with expectations. It is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will increase by 32% per year in 2019?

The company released the 2019 performance forecast, which is expected to return to the parent net profit in advance (estimated audit, the same below) of US $ 2.8 billion to 3 billion, an increase of more than 6%.


800 million, a growth rate of 32%?
41%; Corresponding company’s net profit attributable to the parent 3 in Q4 2019.


500 million, an annual increase of 193%?
246%, -67% MoM?

The company’s 2019 performance was a historical record, in line with expectations.

During the low season of the polyester filament industry in the fourth quarter, the company maintained basic profitability, and the pricing power of leading companies gradually realized.

The concentration of polyester filament industry continued to increase, and the leading profit stability was initially realized.

The concentration of polyester filament industry has continued to increase. At present, the CRY of the POY product market is around 50%. The leading company’s profit stability has been initially realized in 2019. Tongkun’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 set a record high.

In 2019Q4, the average processing profit of the polyester filament POY / FDY / DTY industry was 151 / -47 / 240 yuan / ton, respectively -43% /-121% /-47%, respectively, and the chain ratio was -65% /-128% /-30%.

The fourth quarter is the traditional low season for the polyester filament industry. The industry’s profitability has dropped from the 2018 high point benchmark, but the basic profitability is guaranteed.

With the new production capacity expected, the PTA industry is near the breakeven point.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the average single-ton processing profit of the PTA industry was -47 yuan / ton, -121% per second, and -128% MoM.

New Fengming Phase I 220 short-term PTA plant will be put into production in October 2019. It is expected that 1) the PTA industry will have a lot of new capacity in 2020, including 2 sets of 500 replacements by Hengli Petrochemical, Yisheng 300, and Xinfeng Ming Phase 220 with the lowest 220., Honggang Petrochemical 240 tons, etc. 2) Industry supply growth rate may reach more than 20%.

The new capacity is expected to suppress the PTA price and industry profit. The current PTA price has dropped to a low level below 5,000 yuan / ton (the last time in this range was the low period of 2015-2016 oil prices).

It is expected that in the next 2-3 years, the PTA industry will face the clearance of backward production capacity. The company’s PTA production line cost advantage is at the leading level in the industry, which is significantly different from the processing cost of backward production capacity.

The first phase of ZPEC commenced production at the end of 2019 and is expected to contribute to the 2020 performance increase.

The company holds a 20% stake in ZPEC, and ZPEC’s first phase of 2000 production capacity will be announced at the end of 2019. It is expected that ZPEC’s production will contribute to the company’s 2020 performance growth, thereby gradually increasing the loss of PTA industry’s profit decline.Profit continued to grow.

In addition, the company is positioned as a global leader in polyester filament, and the operation of Zhejiang Petrochemical will also help ensure the stability of the company’s raw materials.

The company’s assessment is low and is expected to repair upwards.

The current market value of the company is lower than the replacement cost, and the PE valuation corresponding to the 2019 performance is 9 times, which is at a historically low level.

Against the backdrop of the current macroeconomic expectations and the expected improvement in Sino-US trade negotiations, we believe that the current company’s forecast is low, and the price-earnings ratio of the leading companies in the chemical industry in 2019 is estimated to be 17-18 times.Repair space.

Risk factors: The risk of drastic changes in international oil prices, the risk of intensified trade disputes between China and the United States, and the subsequent progress of the first phase of Zhejiang Petrochemical is less than expected.

Investment suggestion: Maintain the company’s profit forecast for 2019-2021 to 28.



7 trillion, corresponding to EPS forecasts of 1.


93 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 9/8/7 times.

Maintain target price of 21 yuan (corresponding to 12 times PE in 2020) and maintain “Buy” rating.

Slow heartbeat causes dizziness and fatigue

Slow heartbeat causes dizziness and fatigue
Guangdong reader Ms. Duan asked: I checked my heartbeat slowly, about 40 beats per minute, and I often had dizziness, blackness, and even syncope.Is this disease serious?Do you need treatment?Fang Yongkuan, the former chief physician of the Department of Cardiology, Nanhua Hospital, Nanhua University, answered that sinus bradycardia is the most common type of slow heartbeat.The heartbeat originates from the sinoatrial node. It is located at the entrance of the superior vena cava of the left atrium and has a network of myocytes. It is the pacing point that controls the normal activity of the heart. It is mostly supplied by the right coronary artery.The heartbeat speed, that is, the frequency of sinoatrial node excitement changes with age, the 夜来香体验网 highest for babies born, followed by young children, slightly slower for adults, and gradually slower for older people.Normal adult is 60?100 beats / min, less than 60 beats / min are called sinus bradycardia.Sinus bradycardia is caused by hypervagal or sympathetic tone and organic shift of the sinoatrial node itself.Common in the elderly and athletes, bradycardia can also occur during normal sleep, also seen in vomiting, anorexia nervosa, carotid sinus stimulation, meningitis, intracranial tumor recovery, myxedema, and sick sinus node synthesisSymptoms, bisexual jaundice, hyperkalemia, recovery period of infectious diseases, etc.About 10%?15% of patients with acute MI have sinus bradycardia.A variety of drugs can also cause bradycardia, such as vagal stimulants, beta blockers, calcium antagonists, and amiodarone.Significant sinus bradycardia often indicates sick sinus node 杭州夜网论坛 syndrome, or a precursor to cardiac arrest, and should be highly vigilant.The disease is generally asymptomatic. If the heartbeat is slow or accompanied by organic heart disease, it can lead to a decrease in cardiac output, dizziness, fatigue, and even syncope, long angina pectoris, and heart failure.The disease is generally benign. If asymptomatic, you do not need to take medication for treatment, you can follow up regularly.If dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms appear, take atropine or asthma under the guidance of a doctor to increase heart rate.If the heartbeat is slow and syncope occurs, a pacemaker can be installed.In addition, in addition to sinus bradycardia, slow heartbeat is also found in atrioventricular block, escape rhythm, slow atrial flutter, and atrial fibrillation. Patients can go to the hospital’s cardiology department to do an electrocardiogram to confirm the diagnosis.▲

Supor (002032): Stand Out Under Consumption Upgrade and Category Expansion

Supor (002032): “Stand Out” Under Consumption Upgrade and Category Expansion
On the growth path of investment points, Supor has succeeded in1 straddles into small appliances 2 and enters from the “small electric” to the “kitchen and bathroom” and from the “kitchen” to the “living room”.There is no doubt that the company, as a cash cow with a high degree of certainty and a good dividend rate, has repeatedly been favored by the capital market and continues to enjoy the “estimated premium”, so is it possible that the 30x estimate can still be improved .Expand as follows: 1. Where does the company’s growth space come from in the next stage, and how big is the market? 2. Can Supor’s small appliances replicate the success of Midea? What’s so special about the company? 3. Discussion on Supor’s estimation system I. Growth space for the next stage? From the perspective of future growth: Supor ‘s cooking appliance sales volume comes from the increase in market share and the decline of the third and fourth lines, and the price space comes from structural upgrades. It is expected to record a growth rate of 10% over the industry in the future.Relatively higher, the space for small kitchen appliances comes from the increase in urban space occupancy + structural upgrades, and the new business space for kitchens and environmental appliances comes from category expansion, which is expected to maintain a compound growth of 15-20% in the future; the export business benefits from the transfer of SEB orders andIt is highly certain that it is expected to bring 10-15% growth in the future; the historical growth range of the retrospective company is between 佛山桑拿网 15-25%, and it is expected that the next stage will still maintain the 15-20% level. Second, what’s so special about the company? Can Supor’s small appliances replicate the success of beauty?This article believes that the challenge of Supor is “difficulty”: Can it continue the transition of multiple categories + the integration of multiple brands?In terms of corporate governance, strategic thinking, and product channel system analysis, Supor has certain potential.1.Governance structure: The professional manager system will be implemented after the company’s date of SEB, and the equity incentive will be normalized; 2.Strategic thinking: The company has shown flexible thinking in the three important rounds of transition from “channel changes” to “category expansion” to “brand complements” of high, middle and low layouts; 3上海夜网论坛. Product channel system: The company’s product innovation is in line with current quality consumption, experience consumption, channel development experience stores, living halls, and close to consumers efficiently. The company is moving in a direction consistent with consumer trends. Apart from commonality, Supor’s personalization potential?This article believes that Supor’s uniqueness / excellence is also reflected in: 1.Backed by rich brand treasure house-SEB; 2.Excellent operating ability-ROE / Profit / Efficiency.Completely achievable; brand injection also provides a foundation for complementing high, medium and low brand lines, and excellent operating capabilities provide confidence for “multi-brand integration”. Third, the current estimation system explores that the current estimation is at a historically high level. Is it a high or low estimate?Relative history, the current dynamic estimate of the company 30x is already at a historical high, but it is reasonable to combine the relative premium angle and the capital structure angle. Under the condition of high dividends, the company has limited downward space and relatively upward growth., The company’s own long-term investment value, domestic investors can evaluate their capital costs to find the right time. Profit forecast: Based on the exploration of Supor’s growth space, competitive advantages, and expectations, I believe that the company’s long-term investment value.The company’s 19-21 year performance is expected to grow 18%, 18%, 17%, EPS2.40, 2.84, 3.33 yuan, currently corresponding to PE28, 23, 20x, for the first time coverage, given an “overweight” rating. Risks suggest that the domestic economy is stalling, improper brand upgrades, unfavorable category expansion, and channel sinks are less than expected

Health care eat Sanqi understand these collocations

Health care eat Sanqi understand these collocations
Speaking of “ginseng”, we always think of ginseng, American ginseng, American ginseng, and so on.Of course, these ginsengs have their own supplements and are popular. In fact, there is a kind of traditional 都市夜网 Chinese medicine that we often see in our lives that is not often referred to as “ginseng”. It is also a “good ginseng” for health and disease prevention.It’s Sanqi!According to experts, Panax notoginseng can be used for people who work, study, live a stressful life, and have poor sleep quality; obesity, high blood lipids; more entertainment, frequent drinkers; patients with hypertension, accompanied by irritability, irritability, headache and other performance; Cerebrovascular diseases such as short-term cerebrovascular disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis with dizziness; coronary heart disease, coronary arteriosclerosis, especially patients with high blood lipids, dizziness are more suitable.Panax notoginseng can be used alone or externally or in combination with activating blood and activating qi.For example, 杭州桑拿养生会所 Panax notoginseng is combined with American ginseng, yin and yang tonic, Huayu Tongluo; Panax notoginseng is combined with Danshen, Hawthorn, lipid-lowering Tongmai, Huoxue Huayu; Panax notoginseng is combined with Ejiao, Huayu to stop bleeding, nourishing yin and nourishing blood; Panax notoginseng, ginseng, and bloodReplenishing vitality, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, nourishing lungs and spleen; Panax notoginseng breeding ground, nourishing blood and promoting fluid, stopping bleeding and stasis; Panax notoginseng rhubarb, activating blood and removing stasis, swelling and analgesic; Panax notoginseng, Angelica chuanxiong, nourishing blood and promoting circulation.Panax notoginseng is matched with Bai Zhi, Huayu to stop bleeding.Although Sanqi is good, use it right.Panax notoginseng powder cannot be taken during normal menstrual period or pregnancy. Panax notoginseng is not suitable for people with yin deficiency and internal heat and high anger.Therefore, it is best to ask a professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to give a prescription before taking the medicine.In addition, there are some Panax notoginseng derivatives that are not part of traditional Chinese medicine, such as Panax notoginseng, or Tusanqi similar to “Sanqi”, and must not be used randomly.(Reporter Li Bin)

Dongfang Yuhong (002271): Continuing rapid growth in revenue and focusing on cash flow changes

Dongfang Yuhong (002271): Continuing rapid growth in revenue and focusing on cash flow changes

Event: The company released the 2019 first quarter report.

The company achieved revenue in the first quarter of 201926.

86 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 41%; net profit1.

27 ‰, an increase of 29% in ten years; net profit after deductions1.

07 million yuan, an increase of 40 in ten years.


Revenue maintained rapid growth, gross profit margin declined, and management expense ratio dropped significantly.

The revenue in 2019Q1 increased by 41%, continuing the rapid growth trend since the second half of the year. With the new real estate construction growth rate remaining unchanged, the company’s rapid market expansion and sales of waterproof materials maintained rapid growth;34.

48%, one year down.

5 percentage points, mainly due to the impact of rising raw material prices. Crude oil prices have continued to rise, and the prices of related petrochemical raw materials such as asphalt have increased. Under the rapid increase in revenue, the overall expense ratio has decreased, of which the sales expense ratio has increased slightly, and management expenses.The rate (including the caliber of R & D expenses) has dropped significantly, and has dropped by 3 every year.

Four of them are expected to be affected by the reduction in costs brought by the company’s 佛山桑拿网 streamlined management staff; the financial expense ratio has increased by 1 each year.

Five samples, mainly due to the obvious increase in short-term expenditures leading to the increase in index expenditures, the company’s short-term loan balance at the end of the period38.

9 trillion, asset-liability ratio 55.


The operating net cash flow increased significantly, the cash-to-cash ratio improved, and the cash-to-cash ratio increased significantly.

The company’s 2019Q1 operating net cash flow was -29.

US $ 300 million, a year-on-year net increase over the same period of the previous year, mainly due to the increase in performance bond expenses, increase in stock of raw materials, and repayment of payments from upstream suppliers.

In terms of cash-to-cash ratio, the actual cash-to-cash ratio was 141%, an increase 杭州夜网论坛 of at least 11 percentages, and sales receivables improved; the cash-to-cash ratio was 203%, an increase of 33 percentage points, and the accounts receivable remained stable, Other receivables 19.

700 million, an increase of nearly 1.2 billion compared with the same period of the previous year, mainly due to the increase in performance bond expenses; the earlier period of payables and bills decreased at the end of the period, mainly due to the company’s repayment of suppliers’ payment and the acceptance of bills of exchange due.To; the company’s inventory at the end of the period 26.

4 trillion, an increase of over 10 trillion over the same period of the previous year, which is expected to be mainly due to the increase in raw material reserves.

Investment advice: The company carried out strategic upgrades and organizational structure adjustments in the fourth quarter of 2018, and made relevant personnel adjustments accordingly. While continuing to strengthen its core competitive advantages, it sought a change of model while adjusting its business strategy to “stable operations and steady progress.”In pursuit of more sustainable and outstanding healthy development; at the same time, it is cultivating and building new business segments, striving to achieve the transformation from “waterproof system service provider” to “building and building material system service provider”, and multi-category strategies have begun to emerge.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 1.

27, 1.

59, 1.

98 yuan, corresponding to 14 for PE.

7, 11.


5x; Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: the risk of downward macroeconomic growth and related policy changes, the risk of sharp changes in raw material prices, the risk of intensified market competition, and the risks brought about by new business expansion.

What does Fengyoujing do?

Pay attention to these contraindications!

What does Fengyoujing do?

Pay attention to these contraindications!

Fengyoujing is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is an insecticide and a cold over-the-counter medicine, which is generally necessary for summer home travel.

However, the net spread of wind olein goes beyond its efficacy, it seems to be amazing, now let’s talk about the various effects of wind olein.

  First, the main components of Fengyoujing and its relationship with traditional Chinese medicine.

  1. Main ingredients: menthol, methyl salicylate, camphor, eucalyptus oil, eugenol.

  2, wind oil essence and Chinese medicine related ingredients: mint, spicy, cool.

Return to the lung and liver.

It has the functions of evacuation of wind and heat, clearing the heads, clearing the throat, penetrating rash, and clearing the liver and qi.

  Camphor, Weixin, and hot sex.


Return to heart, spleen.

It has the effects of dehumidification and insecticide, Wensan analgesic, and opening up evil spirits.

  Eucalyptus oil, spicy and cool.

It is a colorless or slightly yellow clear liquid with a specific aroma, slightly like camphor.

Eucalyptus oil is a volatile oil obtained from steam eucalyptus of Eucalyptus globulus, Cinnamomum camphora or other plants of the same two families.

It has the effect of removing wind and pain, and can be used for skin itching and neuralgia.

  Methyl salicylate, also known as wintergreen oil, is a colorless or pale yellow liquid with a special smell of herbs, sweet and spicy.

Can promote local blood circulation, with swelling, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipruritic effect.

  Eugenol is also a colorless or slightly yellow liquid in appearance and has a strong aroma of syringa. It can be seen in some daily products we usually use, which has antibacterial and antihypertensive effects.

  Second, the effect of wind oil essence.

  Indications: Swelling, analgesic, cool, itching, expelling wind.

It is used for headaches, dizziness, and joint pain, toothache, abdominal pain, mosquito bites, and motion sickness caused by colds and colds.

In addition, it has the following effects: 1. Treating sore throat: Taking a few drops orally and drinking five times a day can effectively treat sore throat, and it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

  2, prevent athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot odor: the sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect of wind oil essence can effectively inhibit the occurrence of athlete’s foot, can help deodorization, after daily foot washing, rub the affected part of the foot with an appropriate amount of wind oil essence, which has a good effect.

  3, treatment of mild burns and scalds: Apply wind oil essence to the burns and scalds, once a day, and use it for several days to see the effect.

However, it should be noted that if you have a burn of more than 2 degrees deep, you must not use wind oil.

  4, cure abdominal pain: a few drops of wind oil essence in the navel eye position, and then covered with adhesive tape, can improve the effect of removing cold and relieve pain, effectively treat abdominal pain.

This method is effective in treating abdominal pain caused by coldness of the body and excessive eating of cold food.

  5. Treat rotten feet: Soak your feet with warm water every night before going to bed, wipe them dry, apply wind oil essence to the rotten feet, apply it once a day, and use it for five consecutive nights will have a certain effect.

  Tips: 1. Local burns above Ⅱ degree, because the blister is prone to irritation and pain.

  2. Use with caution for pregnant women and children under three.

  3, those who are allergic to this product supplement, those with allergies should be used with caution.