Just when Meizi was about to pounce on Chen Gui,suddenly,Chen Gui punched Meizi’s head and waved past。His punch is accumulated for a long time,A punch that exhausted my strength。

When Chen Gui’s punch swept across Mei Zi’s head,This woman’s thin body,Like a kite with broken silk,Flew out sideways。
With a scream,Meizi leaped on the big kang,Can’t get up for a long time,She rolled her eyes,Gasping and cursing:“You are a thousand dollars,also……Dare to hit me”
“I am not only going to hit you today,And also beat you to death”
Chen Gui stepped forward,He grabbed Meizi’s long hair,Lifted her from the kang,Then the other hand is facing Meizi’s delicate face,Papa is two slaps。
Plum at this time,It’s like being helpless,Dying lamb。Except for her face of fear,The rest is panting。
“All right!Today, let go of the face of Wang Youcai and me!”
Xia Jian just stepped forward,Opened Chen Gui’s hand,Pushed him out of the house。
Wang Youcai glared at Meizi,Coldly cursed:“Deserve it!If this changes me,I have to mutilate her,Fight these two times”
Wang Youcai finished talking,Also walked out of the door。Thus,I even lost Xia Jian。Xia Jian wants to go too,Are they here for nothing tonight??
Xia Jian thought for a while,I twisted my butt and sat on the edge of the kang,He whispered:“plum!You can’t do this!You have parents,Have children,Who are you right?”
“do not talk,I don’t want to live anymore。I really have enough,Boring。Chen Gui dared to do something to me today”
Plum lying on the kang,Tears streaming down my cheeks。She at this moment,Looks really pitiful。But Xia Jian knew,He can’t be resigned to such a woman。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s easier to die than to live,But if you die, you can’t live forever。In our Xiping Village,Chen Gui’s family was considered a first-class family。Chen Gui was a village cadre at the time,And he has a beautiful wife,Do you think anyone in the village envy?”
“Back then,What are you doing?Time won’t go back,You see what our house looks like now?Is it still enviable??”
When Meizi said this,His face slowly became happy。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Chen Gui’s house is not bad now,He has a regular job in the cooperative,Two kids with someone,You live more comfortably than the queen,Then I really don’t understand,What are you messing about?I can tell you,Everyone will get old,You too。And a forty-year-old man Yizhihua,But a forty-year-old woman is tofu”

Car 1 to Wuying Town,Xia Jian hurried over to the people’s supermarket,very strange,Just when he was about to get out of the car,He suddenly felt an ominous feeling。

The entrance of the people’s supermarket,People in a big circle,Seven or eight young boys with yellow hair,Each holding a wooden stick in his hand,The leader is the boy named Huang Xiaoniu。
“You have told you very clearly,Xia Hao can’t beat your boss”Jia Lina yelled。
The yellow Mavericks stared at Jia Lina’s tall chest with fascinating eyes,He laughed and said:“Why do you say that he never went out the night before,Unless you two sleep on a bed,if not,Let us go in and find”
I slept on a bed,But this kind of thing is in front of so many people,Jia Lina can’t say it anyway,The more she doesn’t say,Which yellow hairs are more booing,The scene is very embarrassing。
“Stop looking,I’m here“Xia Jian raised his voice and shouted。
The crowd onlookers clattered,Turned around。Yellow Mavericks startled,Immediately carrying a wooden stick,With seven or eight yellow hairs。
“Don’t mess around!The county criminal police team has opened a case for investigation,Right and wrong,If you gather again to make trouble,Be careful too“Xia Jian said with a serious face,But what he has is all true。
Yellow calf has a cracked mouth:“I bother!Lao Tzu is already a three-in and three-out person,One more time is nothing。Today we just want to avenge 13 brothers“
“Even revenge,You shouldn’t find me either!It’s right to find someone who beat you Zhao Shisan“Xia Jian said patiently。
Huang Xiaoniu took a step closer to Xia Jian,He gritted his teeth and said:“Xia,I didn’t expect you to be a turtle。Not being fair enough,Even slapped the thirteenth brother,Hit someone!Hide as soon as you turn around,Let a bad woman come out as a shield for you“
Don’t look at people like a monkey,This mouth is really broken,The more he speaks,Xia Jian has no patience anymore。Such a person counts in front of everyone,Xia Jian can’t swallow this bad breath。
“All right!I don’t want to talk to you here,Judge for yourself!But I am not afraid of things,Don’t say you only have seven or eight,I won’t hide even seven or eighty,Because it has nothing to do with me“Xia Jian said decisively。At this moment, he is ready to fight。
The yellow calf twisted his neck twice,Suddenly shouted:“Revenge for the thirteen brothers“His voice fell off,He took the lead in picking up a stick and struck Xia Jian。
My ancestor,If this stick is really crushed,Even if not dead,I’m afraid I won’t stand up in this life。Xia Jian cursed secretly,Shake your feet,He moved his body away。The yellow calf hit the ground with this stick,It’s dusty。Looks like this guy is really desperate。
under these circumstances,Defense alone is not enough,Xia Jian thought,Do nothing but never stop,It’s unreasonable to talk with this kind of person,The only thing that can make sense is to put them down first.。
Xia Jian is ready,Started。For a time,Quan Wuxing was staged in front of Baixing Supermarket,The people watching the excitement are all dumbfounded。
With a few screams,Three or four yellow hairs are already lying on the ground。As soon as the yellow calf saw that he was half off,This kid’s eyes rolled,Shouted:“brothers!follow me“
The yellow calf suddenly turned around,Rushed up the steps of the people’s supermarket like crazy。When Xia Jian reflects,The wooden stick in Huang Xiaoniu’s hand has hit a row of glass cabinets at the entrance of the supermarket,With a loud crash,If the big kitchen cabinet,Has become a pile of fragments。

Zhang Song, who had just been resurrected from the birthplace, asked。

I saw Shunzi return to the game from the game,He sits on the battle bench,Close your eyes,Adjust breathing,He tried to recall“street fighting”Architectural geometric arrangement of the map,Through the bullet’s shooting track,Inferred the approximate location of the enemy……
“percent60Probability,Is it here??Try it and you’ll know!”I saw Shunzi operating charactersShunziXiang Xian deliberately put one leg out of the cover,Then he retracted his legs and ran to the opposite direction of the bunker,What he needs is to draw a time difference between the enemy’s reaction!
“Even if……if there is1Seconds!”Shunzi runs at full strength,Even though Sniper’s initial passive talent“As quiet as water”inside“reduce10%Moving speed,Promote15%Shooting accuracy”Speed cutBUFF,But he still ran the fastest speed since he came into contact with the game。
Straight outDWhile clicking the other side bunker,Roll and raise the gun,The whole action was done in one go,He pointed the gun in the predicted direction and fired。
Between the sparks,Two gunshots in the game。Shunzi’s whole body was lifted by dragon fruit bullets,Finally fell on a broken mound。
Announcement from the system:“Team Oscar Pitaya‘Kill’Flower teamShunzi!”
“Obviously,The game of two snipers,Dragon fruit is still superior!”Sakata-kun explained。
“I thinkShunziThe player’s judgment and decision-making are already perfect,However, the marksmanship is not more accurate than the opponent!”Miss Jiangdao。
“Just this minute,It’s the distance that a mortal and a genius can’t surpass in a lifetime!”Sakata-kun smiled and told this cruel fact,If Poison Tongue also has a training level,Probably he has already cultivated to the land of transformation。
“This rubbish rookie can actually hurt me?!”
Pitaya although useAWPSuccessfully killed Shunzi,But I was also guessed by Shunzi,A bullet hit his shoulder first,Dragon fruitHPgoing down67point!The dragon fruit counterattacked and took the Shunzi with one shot。
When no one is nearby,Pitaya jumped off the roof of a private house,Appeared at the street。He dragged his injured body,Carry the sniper rifle behind you,Walked in slowlyDstronghold,While grabbing points,He searched the bag of supplies left on Shunzi’s body,Used one of the blue medical boxes directly……
“unfortunately!I am dead and nothing,Actually lost the supplies,The two of usDPoint white……”Shunzi is counting down on the gray screen,Clasped his hands and blamed himself。
Zhang Song patted Shunzi on the shoulder,Comfort road:“Nothing!You can take back the lost things!I found a car,After you resurrected, walk to the east lane,I’ll drive to pick you up!”
At this time, an announcement came from the system:“Oscars-Dragon fruit has been occupiedDstronghold。”

“Are you here to seek?Is extremely,For power these years,How many people did i kill。”

“That girl surnamed Huang,It turned out to be the orphan of Lao Huang’s family。。。”
“But want to kill me,Just show your true skills!”
Iron palm flying,He killed。
He is a mountain hunter,Sunset,Sunset。
One-handed bow and arrow art is superb,Ligers have been hunted。
Over twenty years old,Want to marry a wife。
Hunting with his bow and arrow,It is also considered the top of the Orion industry,There is no shortage of matchmakers。
However, he fell in love with the daughter of the unattainable city。
then,That night,The whole mountain village turned into a sea of fire。
Too much difference in status,He didn’t even touch that girl,Was slapped to death by a high-ranking official,And even the whole village is tired。
He escaped,After all, bows and arrows are as gods,Walking in the mountains all year round,I kept running away and got my life。
Wanted revenge,Running for decades,Learning martial arts,More integrated into the art of bow and arrow。
Ten years later,Just when he was smug,When I was about to come back for revenge,One night of autumn rain,Catch the wind chill,Fate。
“This suspicion is schizophrenic, right?!”Li Ming’s deity is speechless outside the maze of strange stars。

“Is quite a lot,So Korea made a joke。They judged that,The tomb owner may have been a senior general,Is a historical figure to admire。

But actually,Five baht money historically,Originated in China。
Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty,The court ordered the abolition of the currencies of the princes,And then cast them into five baht coins,And spread it across the country。later,When Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty sent troops out,Some generals left China with five baht,After several turnovers, a part of the five baht money went to the Korean peninsula where South Korea is located.。
In the impression of Koreans,Five baht has always been a very precious historical relic,In ancient times, only people with relatively noble identities could have,So when I found five baht,Korean archaeologists are so excited。
In fact,in China,At that time, the five baht was the money of ordinary people’s homes,There are a few in the beggar’s pocket。”
After listening to Hu Yang,The audience in the live room burst into laughter:Unexpected?Surprise?
Treat you as treasures,in our country,It’s actually bad street stuff,This is funny。
“Just when they were going to apply for the legacy,We also dug a tomb here in China,Five baht directly reached twelve tons,More than two million,Even the street vendors hate it。
See these,The Koreans gave up the idea of applying for a heritage,Hide the five baht thing,For fear of being jokes。”Talking,Hu Yang couldn’t help but laugh。
Huazai and the others are already in a daze,So funny?
“puff!Damn!Koreans made fun of me。”
“Take five baht to apply for the legacy,It is estimated that their thick-skinned Koreans can do it。”
“Haha!Twelve tons,Are you serious?”
“Give some face!Can you report less?They dig three feet,Only found twenty-six,Your unearthed is twelve tons,Slaps are not like that。”
With this episode that Brother Hu said,Everyone is happy a lot,Can understand,Why are Koreans so nervous now。
Development of Five Baht Money,Can make them ecstatic,Not to mention their serious national treasure——Korean porcelain。

Zhu Guosheng nodded,He doesn’t believe that Yaomen doesn’t use the Sky Eye system to do something else,But now that I have got what I want,Zhu Guosheng will not be stingy about some of the rewards that should be paid。

“Who is this Peng Peng’s messenger??”
I probably reviewed the information in hand,Zhu Guosheng just thinking about the data to be investigated is a headache,But in the end, no envoy was found,Zhu Guosheng could not help but frowned。
“What is the rent for the Sky Eye system for four days?I discount it to you,You fucking go find the National Security Bureau to do it for you!”
Zhu Guosheng frowned,Xiang Chen frowned deeper than Zhu Guosheng。
“So young and angry?”
Zhu Guosheng gave Xiang Chen a surprised look,But looking at Xiang Chen,He can probably guess,This guy should have made his daughters toss a lot these days,The fate of a father with a daughter,Zhu Guosheng is the most clear!
Xiang Chen waved his hand to Zhu Guosheng impatiently,Signaled that I didn’t want to talk to him。
“He actually has these ID cards?”
I found a topic with Xiang Chen very purposefully,In exchange for Xiang Chen’s cold answer:“Easily checked,One name hundred thousand,I won’t get the account tomorrow noon,Interrupt your dog leg!”
“You refused all my second brother’s wealth,Still care about this little money with me?”
Facing Xiang Chen’s bad words,Zhu Guosheng is not only not angry at all,But looked at him with a smile。
“I said I have retired,You won’t be involved in everything before,What do you want to do in the past,Just do it yourself!Please don’t disturb my life anymore!”
Xiang Chen motioned Yao Yao to drive,When Zhu Guosheng wants to say something more,Xiang Chen has replaced the window,Yao Yao has also started the car。
“I think your performance was a bit overdone!”
Post-event review,Yao Yao softly suggested to Xiang Chen。
“I always wanted to find a chance to scold him,It’s rare to have such a suitable opportunity,It’s a pity not to grasp!”
Xiang Chen leaned back in the chair,Han Genji is not worried at all,I just don’t know if Xiangyang is Xiao Xiaoxiao’s opponent。

more importantly,This brother Hu himself is a local tyrant,The ability to make money。Just now,Already made millions in public,Make Lin Yufei’s eyes wide open。

She understands now,The guild introduced the anchor Hu Ge,Good and harmless to all the anchors of the guild。
Subsequently,Lin Yufei received a call from the boss Yang Hanmin,Told her to attend the dinner。
“Do not worry!Our dinner,Without those messy things,Is to let everyone know each other。It’s not long since our guild was established,Little cohesion,It’s a dinner。”Yang Hanmin explained。
All talking about this,Lin Yufei naturally has no objections。
“Ok!Manager Yang, rest assured,I’ll be there。”
Invite all employees to dinner,Enough to see,The guild attaches great importance to Brother Hu。
Since Lin Yufei has been singing in a bar for so long,There won’t be too much resistance to this scene,Even if she asks her to toast a few glasses of wine to Brother Hu,Can’t say anything。
cultural Square,“Crack down on fakes”Most of the activity has been carried out。
At this moment,Experts have encountered problems,Feel a bit stuck。
That is a porcelain,Several experts have different opinions,Arguing。Xu Hao thinks it’s a fake,Should be smashed,Agree with him,Two more experts。
And Mr. Hong feels that porcelain has yet to be considered,Unknown,Can’t be so arbitrary。
“Flawed,That’s fake。According to the rules of our activities,Just destroy,What’s the problem?”Xu Hao asked。
This guy is still annoying as always,Anyway, the audience in the Hu Yang live broadcast room,See him,I feel like,I really don’t like this person。

If Fernandez wants to cooperate with Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo will definitely welcome with both hands,But it won’t let the general manager come out in person,And the general manager will not come forward to dig people,The reason for this,All thanks to this sudden oil crisis……

Not only does Wells Fargo have a hard time,It’s not easy for everyone,Thanks to what some scholars have called the second oil crisis,The U.S. economy continues to decline,In addition to the emerging computer industry,All other industries、Especially oil、Chemical industry、Heavy industries such as steel are even more frustrated,As a financial industry dependent on the industrial industry to exist,Life is naturally more difficult。
Chen Geng never read Wells Fargo’s financial report,But when I was chatting with Ji Shengcheng, Ji Shengcheng once gloated and said that,In the six months since the economic crisis broke out,The U.S. goes bankrupt2000Bank,U.S. banks have exceeded14400Home suddenly fell to its current shortcomings12000Home,And in the top ranking in the United States100Name of the bank,United Community Bank is the only company that has achieved an increase in profits,Other banks,Even the top ranked Citi、Mellon、Chase and Wells Fargo,Life is miserable,Especially Wells Fargo,It was the first time that there was a quarterly loss……
In a fall,The only United Community Bank that has achieved profit growth is naturally particularly eye-catching,Everyone is naturally curious,Why don’t we have to live our lives anymore,Your kid can still eat meat now?
As a listed company,Just analyze the financial report released by United Community Bank to know what happened:same time last year,The total amount of auto finance loans issued by United Community Bank is less than3000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And this year it’s only three quarters,The total amount of auto loans issued by United Community Bank has exceeded2One hundred million U.S. dollars——So many auto finance loan business,It’s a hell if the profits of the small and medium-sized bank of United Community Bank do not increase in price.。
Even more hell,So many auto finance loans,They all come from the same company!
You said,After Wells Fargo knew this,Will you drool wildly??
that’s for sure;
Will you have the thought of digging?
It’s hell without that。
But since it is going to dig a corner,Then show enough sincerity。
What is sincerity?
General Manager John·Tostedt is sincere to come out in person,Jean Alex·Goodrich to John·Tostedt’s introducer is also sincere。
“Talk about it,”Chen Geng said:“Wells Fargo wants me to give them the auto loan business,What advantage can they give me?”
Want to dig a corner,It’s definitely impossible without paying a higher price。Chen Geng didn’t believe that the general manager of Wells Fargo would not know this.,He doesn’t believe in this John·Tostedt would not reveal anything to Alex·Goodrich。
Alex·Goodrich really knows something:“Mr. Tostedt said,If you choose Wells Fargo,Wells Fargo Bank will fully support the expansion of your used car business,And guarantee,The profit you make from the auto loan business,Higher than in United Community Bank10%。”
“10%what,This is not a small amount……”Chen Geng murmured。
“Yes,10%Not a small number,At least millions of dollars a year……”
Alex·Goodrich nodded subconsciously,Just the next moment,Alex·Goodrich’s words come to an abrupt end,Because he found that Chen Gengzheng was looking at him with a smile.,Alex who realized he had leaked·Goodrich,Suddenly a little embarrassed。
“This john·Mr. Tostedt gave you a clear calculation。”Chen Geng’s way of smiling but not smiling。

Chapter 535 Invitation from Zhixing Chuanyi

When Zhu Ziqing contacted Xiang Chen crazy,The latter does not know that his phone has been turned off because of no power。
The celebration of the prosperity of the stars has come to an end,Someone is about to usher in a decent life full of themselves,Some people show blessed smiles on the surface,Struggling to be strong inside。
Not surprising,Ye Qing didn’t get any,Even if Li Tianxing is rich,There is no money enough to influence the fairness of a grand event award ceremony。
Watching the votes and blessings of fans all over the world,Xiang Chen and Li Tianxing are convinced。
In those few Li Tianxing familiar,When the host who forgot his name announced the end,Li Tianxing shook his head,Sigh softly。
Every award Ye Qing has nominations,There are dozens of votes behind each award,But it’s just a few dozen votes,But it made Ye lightly pass the awards again and again,Missed the stage。
“It’s good to be nominated!”
Ye Qingqing comforted all the staff around him,Whether it’s her agent or assistant。
After the award ceremony,Ye Qingming’s manager, Sister Hua and assistant Xiaowen, will take the fastest flight back home,Although I don’t know why,But the requirements for Ding Sheng,They have no objection,After so long,They wouldn’t believe that Ding Sheng would have any bad ideas about Ye Qingchun,Not to mention Xiang Chen is present。
“Actually not bad this time,Although not awarded,But the style of Li Gongzi at the charity party,But Ye Zi made a lot of limelight,The business purpose has been achieved!”
Watching sister Hua and Xiaowen leave,Ding Sheng also comforted Li Tianxing and Xiang Chen。
Maybe not on the surface,But Xiang Chen and Li Tianxing have done a lot of hard work,Today’s results are in their opinion,May indeed be unsatisfactory。
Ding Sheng patted Xiang Chen on the shoulder,I saw him still thinking hard,Explained with a smile:“Sister Hua and Xiaowen are really worried about Xiaoyeye,Insist on staying at the end to take care of Xiaoye。”
I thought Xiang Chen was wondering why Sister Erhua and Xiaowen were still there,Ding Sheng also explained the reason。
Xiang Chen Machinery nodded,Then I looked at Ye gently,Just like an old father who saw his children become successful,Kind eyes。

Yilong responds to Xu Xiaodong

Yilong responds to Xu Xiaodong: Chinese martial arts do not allow the generation of rats to fight
The monk Yilong has always been Xu Xiaodong’s alleged anti-counterfeiting target. A few days ago, a dragon finally responded to various comments about the other party on Weibo. He said: The Chinese martial arts are profound and profound, and they are very passionate, specializing in research, and deep in history.Wouldn’t anyone want to deceive the crowd with their own personal gains?Needless to say!Disobedience comes to fight!  The full text of Yilong’s Weibo is as follows: Chinese martial arts are broad and profound, with great feelings, special research, and deep history.China’s military status and martial arts culture range from fighting blood to fighting against enemies, to fighting against men, to Chinese self-made aircraft carriers going to sea, to boxing earlier than KO, and we are already using blood and sweat for the rise of Chinese national martial arts.Struggle for a long time.Wouldn’t anyone want to deceive the crowd with their own personal gains?Needless to say!Disobedience comes to fight!  In fact, the fact of Yilong has always been accompanied by controversy. The iron bell shirt with golden bell hood and the practice of hanging the head beams have caused huge controversy and discussion.The opponent he defeated by the air force, known as the king of KO, is true or false, and it is the target of Xu Xiaodong’s special spray.The editor believes that it is better to come to the field with blaming each other, and to win or lose under the fist.Extended reading: Shaolin Temple’s first guardian monk, Shi Yanjue, announced that he will face Xu Xiaodong, a fighting madman.Open competition Zou Shiming denied the hype and said that fake and fake income will do charity Xu Xiaodong challenged the entire martial arts: only played with the head of the unrestricted rule and scored in 10 minutes