Really never expected,Dongsheng Group,Even eaten Xia Jian’s original venture group。For the current Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,The scale is quite amazing。From real estate to agricultural tourism。

To apple planting,Pepper planting,The other is Wang Youcai’s landscape forest planting。Don’t say it’s Hu Huiru,As a working Wang Youcai,He was a little bit enthusiastic when he heard all this。
After the meeting,Hu Huiru called Feng Yan and Wang Youcai to her office again。She asked Feng Yan with a serious face:“Manager Feng!What exactly is going on?Is something wrong in Donglin Township??”
“No!I just can’t figure it out,Why are you moving me away from Donglin Township at this time??”Feng Yan gritted her teeth,Speak out her heart。
Hu Huiru’s big beautiful eyes flickered twice and smiled:“You are acting stupid?Still don’t know?Ice and snow now,The management personnel on the construction site and various projects have been withdrawn,Where do you say I put you as a woman,How can i live?”
“Oh!I understand。This person who went today,Is to temporarily supervise each project office,Wait for the start of work next year,Where is Manager Feng still in charge?”Wang Youcai listened,He rushed to say。
Feng Yan asked in disbelief:“Is this true? Mr. Hu?”
“Sometimes your brain is really not as good as Wang Youcai’s。All right,There will be a car back to the provincial capital in a while,You go back with me,I went to the group to find Vice President Chen,Let her arrange a job for you Zengxin”Hu Huiru said,Haha laughed。
Wait for Feng Yan to leave,Wang Youcai quickly slapped Hu Huiru’s flattery。He smiled and said:“President Hu is really cowhide,Pingdu,But your world”
“Don’t talk nonsense about this。We are here to invest and do business,Everything is still flat,Do you understand?”Hu Huiru’s face straightened,Said seriously。
Only then did Wang Youcai know,I was wrong。He hurriedly smiled and said:“Pingdu Investment,You voted now,That’s okay!”
“Ugh!That’s right。I ask you,Several projects in Donglin Township,Have you seen it all?Is there really nothing tricky about Feng Yan??”Hu Huiru said,Suddenly lowered my voice。
“President Hu!Really not。Can we use people without doubt?,Suspicious?”Wang Youcai said with an unhappy expression。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai,Think about it:“it is good!What you said is right,I’ll listen to you。Has your second brother been home recently??”Hu Huiru said,Turn the topic around。
Drunkard doesn’t mean wine,Wang Youcai had expected Hu Huiru to have such a trick。So he laughed and said:“People never come back,But he calls me whenever he is free,My second brother and I still have a deep relationship”
“Hey!Didn’t your second brother say that he has changed recently??”When Hu Huiru said this,,Put the sound extremely low。
Wang Youcai listened,Turning his eyes and asking:“change?He didn’t say!”Hu Huiru’s question,Make Wang Youcai surprised。

Wang Lin and Jin Yimei smiled and walked in,Behind them,With a middle-aged man in his forties,Men’s suit and leather shoes,Seem very energetic。

“President Xia!This is Mr. Xiao’s personal lawyer, Mr. Du Yimin“Wang Lin introduced to Xia Jian standing in the courtyard。
The middle-aged man stepped up,said laughingly:“Mr. Xia,Known for a long time,See you today,Sure enough,A list of talents“
“Attorney Du praised,Please sit in the room”Xia Jian reached out,Shook hands with Du Yimin,The group went to the sofa in the living room and sat down。
Wang Lin opened up and poured tea for everyone。Old Xiao glanced at Xia Jian,And said to Du Yimin:“Lawyer Du,What i left to you yesterday,How is it going?”
“It’s already done, Mr. Xiao”Du Yimin said,Take out a disc of documents from the handbag,Hand it to Old Xiao’s hand。
Old Xiao puts on his glasses,Read one by one,Then smiled and said to everyone:“I call you guys over today,I want to be in front of the lawyer,Tell you something,This is what everyone has worked hard for”
Jin Yimei,I looked at Wang Lin a little puzzled,Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,But Xia Jian didn’t say a word。Just listen to Old Xiao continuing:“The entrepreneurial group can have today’s results,Cannot do without everyone’s efforts,So I decided,Distribute the company’s equity to everyone,Hope you all accept”
Old Xiao finished,And distributed the shareholding certificate to everyone,Jin Yimei glanced,And said excitedly:“Manager Xiao,This thing is too expensive,I dare not want”
“Yes, Mr. Xiao!This…”Wang Lin is also grateful,She was so excited that she couldn’t speak。
Because Xia Jian knew about it,So his expression is very natural。Old Xiao smiled and said:“Give you equity,I just want you to treat the startup group as your own company,It’s also a kind of motivation for everyone at work,Please don’t be polite,Hurry up and sign,I have other things to say”
Xia Jian hesitated,So he signed the share certificate first,Wang Lin and Jin Yimei take a look,And signed it,Gave it to lawyer Du Yimin。
Old Xiao took a breath and said:“Just be a witness to something,Venture Group,I own 60% of the equity,If Xiao Xiao comes back in my lifetime,Then 60% belongs to Xiao Xiao,If she didn’t come back,Xia Jian owns this 60%,That’s what it says in the will,Du Lushu will notarize all the documents today”
Jin Yimei lowered her head and said:“I know Mr. Xiao,We will execute according to your request”

Chen Erniu glared at this Qin Xiaodong,Then said coldly:“Qin Xiaodong!You may be mistaken!President Xia knows Chen Xiaolan,When developing the apple planting project in Shuijing Village,He is already the general manager of the startup group,It’s not like what you said just now,He should always be rich”

“What’s wrong with money?Who gave it to him?Mr. Xia knows a lot of people,A lot of poor friends,Then build a house for them as you wish?young people,wake up!Pie in the sky。If you are as capable as Xiaolan,Let alone building a new house,Building a building is not a problem”
Chen Haiping on the side is on fire,He reprimanded Qin Xiaodong coldly。
What Xia Jian did not expect was that Qin Xiaodong was not angry,He was happy“Old village chief!Social development has progressed to today,Who can get rich by physical strength,Use your brain……”
“All right!What have you made this family rich with your brain?You go to the village to buy me something”
Chen Xiaolan saw that Qin Xiaodong was so embarrassed,She was a little embarrassed and found an excuse,I want to push Qin Xiaodong away。But Qin Xiaodong doesn’t listen to her,He said with a cold smile:“go by oneself”
Qin Xiaodong said this,Chen Xiaolan really can’t get off the stage,She took a peek at Xia Jian,The color of the face changed immediately。Xia Jian knows that Chen Xiaolan’s temper is not small,But on such a occasion,She just pressed down the anger in her heart。
Xia Jian smiled,He stood up,Two steps to Qin Xiaodong’s side,Then he reached out and patted Qin Xiaodong on the shoulder。Qin Xiaodong’s body crooked,Almost sat on the coffee table。
“Hey!I find your brain is good,It’s a waste to stay in the countryside,Why don’t we talk in the car?”
Xia Jian was talking,Secretly exerting one hand,Raised Qin Xiaodong again,Ran Yi Hu,Brought him here。
Qin Xiaodong may only know that Xia Jian is the big boss,But still a very rich boss,But he never thought,Xia Jian still has a real kung fu。
Everyone is good face,Qin Xiaodong is the same。He is controlled by Xia Jian,Can’t move for a while。So this guy just accept it,He smiled and said:“OK!Can talk to President Xia,But it’s the greatest honor of my life, Qin Xiaodong”
Xia Sanhu wants to speak to Xia Jian,But his mouth moved,But I still swallowed the words to my lips,He was afraid that Xia Jian would beat Qin Xiaodong。
Xia Jian puts his arm around Qin Xiaodong,Qin Xiaodong tried to struggle a few times in secret,But Xia Jian’s handle is like a pair of tongs,Make him unable to move at all。
Came outside the gate,Xia Jian opened the car door,So he pushed Qin Xiaodong into the back row,Then he also sat in。Better sealing performance for high-end cars,I can’t hear it outside。

“Yes,Have a big heart。”Said Tianguang helplessly:“Call me Huang,Let him come,Let’s make it clear together。”

Tianguang knows,Some things can’t be kept,Besides, the other party might say it,Not as good as this, everyone。
At least there won’t be any lumps in my heart。
“it is good。”Although Qin Feng didn’t understand the meaning of Tianguang,But he also called Huang Junjie quickly。
Half an hour later,Huang Junjie is here,He also looked at the two people in surprise。
He doesn’t know what the two people mean,Because Qin Feng didn’t understand the matter either,He himself is a little confused。
Qin Feng took a deep breath,Then he looked at Jiang Tianguang and said:“Can you talk about this??We are all brothers,Can say anything,Even if it’s going to part ways,We can all get together well,I won’t stop everyone from getting rich。”
Qin Feng is a very realistic person,He also knows very well,If I keep blocking people’s path,When the time comes, friends are likely to be enemies。
Everyone has their own interests。
“I invested almost 100 million,The Lin family told me directly,They are willing to give me 300 million,But the premise is that everything in Qingshui Village must be handed over to them。”
Huang Junjie said very upset,He also had gray hair for this thing。
“Oh,This is a good thing,If they can give you so much,Then we don’t agree?”Qin Feng looked at Huang Junjie in surprise and asked。
“what?”Huang Junjie looked at Qin Feng with some confusion,“You mean let us quit?”
“Isn’t this a certain thing?If there is such a sum of money,Where can we go and not start anew?”Qin Feng said directly,He really thinks so。
“Start over,Don’t you want to develop Qingshui Village??”Jiang Tianguang also doesn’t understand Qin Feng’s thoughts。
Qin Feng shook his head and said:“I want to develop Qingshui Village,But I know better that the people in Qingshui Village have changed,Everything is meaningless,Besides, you already know,What are the thoughts of those guys?。”
Qin Feng also said with some emotion,The village is all right and wrong,He doesn’t need to worry about so much。
Although he wants to lead everyone to get rich,But now the situation is that those people have become rich by selling houses。

Xia Chenglong didn’t want to provoke these guys,But don’t get rid of these annoying flies,It seems there is no way to concentrate on the next thing。

So tonight,This old man Lin must die。
“Do not,Do not kill me,I’ll give you whatever you want。”
Lin Laosan rolled off the bed,Kneeling on the ground and kowtowing。
He found that he provokes someone he shouldn’t provoke。
Beg for mercy now,It seems a bit late。
For this guy,He doesn’t even want the strength to talk nonsense。
The white flame of the forest beats in the palm of your hand,next moment,The guy on the ground has turned into black powder。
Fortunately, this wall has good sound insulation,People outside didn’t notice,Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble。
Chapter six hundred and twenty six Trade union events
He damn!
This kind of scum is not worthy to exist in the world,So Xia Chenglong didn’t have any burden in his heart。
The figure disappeared in place,Calm here。
After a while, a charming and colorful woman came in,She has heard of Lin’s reputation,Don’t treat women as humans at all。
Although I gave a lot of money,But many sisters are unwilling to associate with him。
Destined to be tossed tonight,The woman came to the room cautiously,But didn’t see anyone。

Next day,Ask Ye Xingkong to visit the sick Chen Limu。

Haven’t waited for Ye Xingkong to answer,Tian Lujiu“overbearing”Holding Ye Xingkong’s arm,Out the door,Stopped“Taxi”,Go straight to the hospital。
“Taxi”on,Tian Lu looks like a“Talk”Mother-in-law,He kept teaching Ye Xingkong how to treat Chen Limu with etiquette after meeting。
Yihai Hospital,in305Room ward door。
The door is slightly hidden,Tian Lu knocked gently on the door,No one answered,After confirming that it is Chen Limu ward,Tian Lu took Ye Xingkong in。
Tian Lu nodded to Chen Limu who was half-sleeping on the bed,Put a mention of fruit on the ward table。
This is a single suite,Very warm decoration。
Tian Lu whispered hello:“Hi Aunt Mu,George said you are sick,Came to visit you specially!”
Chen Limu’s face is not as bad as imagined,It seems,The condition should be almost healed。
A middle-aged man stood beside Chen Limu bed,Over sixty,Body slightly fat,Tough waist,Physical fitness is as good as forty。
Chen Limu looked at the man,Looked at Tian Lu and Ye Xingkong again。
The man glanced at Ye Xingkong inadvertently,I thought my eyes were too bad,Turning his eyes to look at Ye Xingkong。Blurted out:“Colan!”There was a surprise in his eyes。
Chen Limu no longer leans against the back of the bed,Sit back and sit down,Tian Lu hurriedly stepped up and down。
Chen Limu said unhurriedly:“Do not,Even you think he is Ke Lan, right,Zhentian,Let me introduce to you。This Tian Lu,Reporter Tian of New Media,That young man is called Ye Xingkong,Is Tian Lu’s friend。”

“The way you strike up is really……”

Xiang Yang sighed and shook his head,But still standing between Zheng Ziling and Ling Yun。
It is undeniable that what Zheng Ziling said to him was a provocation for some purpose.,But this is not unreasonable,But Zheng Ziling didn’t know,The friendship we met in Wei Mo,Sometimes it is very reliable。
Zheng Ziling simply dropped two words,Turned away。
The owner of the private kitchen is standing at the door,Someone had notified him before,All compensation will be doubled,So at this time his face is not too ugly。
The protagonists in conflict all want to calm down,But there are still people in the crowd who are not afraid of big things。
“boss,The tables and chairs here have been smashed anyway,Why don’t I pay you some money later,Let me do something more with your venue。”
After Zheng Ziling’s follower,Huang Zetao also handed a credit card to the owner of the private chef,The evil smile on his face is unabated,His appearance undoubtedly makes Zheng Ziling and Ling Yun very uncomfortable。
“I said,Forget this!This is the third time I repeat!”
Zheng Ziling stared at Huang Zetao,Suddenly I feel that the genius is on the left and the lunatic is on the right makes sense,I can’t guess Huang Zetao’s path。
Blocked half of Huang Zetao’s body,Zheng Ziling stood motionless。The grudge between Huang Zetao and Xiangyang,Zheng Ziling also heard a little during military training,Now Huang Zetao intervenes,It’s hard to say that he didn’t run towards Xiangyang,After all, the turbulent military training incident,Even after returning to Wanghai University, there is still residual heat。
“Ling Shao,This is not for you,It’s purely a personal grievance between me and Ling Yun,It’s just that Ling Yun’s luck is good,Met you first。”
Huang Zetao smiled and explained to Zheng Ziling。
Zheng Ziling is more certain this time,Huang Zetao is a genius with a madman personality。
I believe Huang Zetao has seen his intentions towards Xiangyang,Point the finger directly at Lingyun,I don’t have any excuses to intervene,But judging from the friendship between Xiangyang and Lingyun,It’s hard to guarantee that Xiangyang won’t get involved。
Finding a famous excuse is always the most troublesome thing,At the same time Zheng Ziling couldn’t help being curious,What kind of friendship is it,A girl from Xiangyang can participate in a boy’s fight recklessly。
Huang Zetao took a step back,After bypassing Zheng Ziling,Go straight to Lingyun。

Chinese fans are encouraged to record videos, and Barcelona express thanks in Chinese

Chinese fans are encouraged to record videos, and Barcelona express thanks in Chinese
In order to send support and blessings to the Barcelona club in the epidemic, Barcelona fans from all over China spontaneously recorded videos.Today, Barcelona ‘s official social media released this special blessing video and thanked the fans for their support in Chinese.In the video, Barcelona fans from Shanghai, Henan, Beijing, Sichuan, Chengdu, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hubei, Hong Kong, China and other countries expressed their encouragement and support for the Red and Blue Corps.”I hope that Barcelona players, fans and staff can all be healthy”, “Global fans can overcome the difficulties together”, “As long as we work together to fight the epidemic, spring will come”, “Unite together, we will be stronger, Barcelona come on!”. The official Barcelona government uses Chinese and English on social media to express their gratitude to Chinese fans:” Thank you very much for your support and encouragement from Chinese fans. We will win this war. Thank you for your support! “”The Air Force, Messi, Griezmann and other stars collectively issued a message saying that they accepted the Barcelona temporary salary reduction of 70%, and the armor helped the club to survive the difficulties.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Wei Zhuo

CICC back to A start-up to issue no more than 4.5.9 billion shares

CICC back to A start: planned to issue no more than 4.5.9 billion shares
On May 15th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the China International Capital Corporation (“CICC”) initial public offering of stock prospectus, CICC plans to issue no more than 4.5.9 billion shares (not more than 9 of the total share capital after this issuance and listing50%) A shares.CICC said that after deducting the issuance expenses, the funds raised from this A-share IPO will be used to increase the company’s capital, supplement the company’s working capital, and support the company’s internal and external business development.At the same time, the company will use the raised funds to further strengthen its investment in financial technology, internationalization and other strategic areas, and grasp strategic merger and acquisition opportunities in due course.According to the data, the issuer was formerly known as CICC Limited. It was established in July 1995 by the original People’s Construction Bank of China (later renamed “China Construction Bank”), Morgan Stanley, China Insurance, New Deal Investment and Mingli Group.As of December 31, 2019, the company’s top ten shareholders were Central Huijin, HKSCC Nominees Limited (Hong Kong Central Clearing (Agent) Co., Ltd.), Haier Financial Holdings, Tencent Mobile, Defu Investment Co., Ltd., China Insurance, andGroup, Invesco Advisor Inc, China Construction Investment, Construction Investment, Investment Consulting.On the signing date of the final prospectus, CICC’s shareholding structure and control relationship.(From the prospectus of CICC) According to the prospectus of CICC, the total assets of CICC in 2019 reached 3449.7 trillion yuan, an increase of 25 compared with the end of 2018.3%; net assets reached 482.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 14 from the end of 2018.5%; total income and other income 227.8 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 22.9%; achieved a net profit of 42.400 million yuan, an annual increase of 21.4%; estimated average return on equity of 9.6%.  From the perspective of income structure, the data released by CICC shows that CICC’s net income in 2019 (note: reference to index expenditure) 168.8.7 billion yuan, an increase of 24% over the previous year.Among them, wealth management income accounted for the highest proportion, 23%, investment banking business accounted for the second, accounting for 22%, stock business income accounted for 21%, fixed income income accounted for 16%, investment management income accounted for 12%, other incomeIt accounts for 7%.  From the perspective of domestic and foreign net income, the proportion of overseas net income increased in 2019, achieving overseas net income41.2.4 billion yuan, accounting for 24%, a year-on-year increase of 42%; the net income in the mainland is still the main source of income for CICC, and the net income in the mainland will be 127 in 2019.6.3 billion yuan, an annual increase of 19%.Whether it is at the performance briefing of the Democratic CICC or the latest IPO prospectus, it shows CICC’s urgent desire for scale development.CICC frankly accepted the competitive pressure of domestic securities companies in its prospectus.Compared with other large domestic comprehensive securities companies, even the company has established certain advantages in terms of brand, customers and comprehensive financial service capabilities, but it still has certain disadvantages in terms of capital scale and geographical coverage.In the future, the company will continue to face competitive pressures from other large domestic comprehensive securities companies and some specialized securities companies.At the same time, the entry of foreign brokers into China has also put pressure on the development of CICC.The competitive advantages of foreign financial institutions in international networks, capital strength, etc. are expected to enter the Chinese market and will compete fiercely with domestic securities companies in high-end business areas such as cross-border business, institutional transactions and derivatives, wealth management and investment management.CICC said that if the company fails to replenish its capital strength in a timely manner, maintain and further consolidate its capabilities and advantages in related business areas, it will bring the risk of losing customers and declining market share.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Siyuan Editor Chen Li proofreading Yang Xuli

Midea Group (000333) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Beautiful and slightly better than expected industry leader steady growth

Midea Group (000333) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Beautiful and slightly better than expected industry leader steady growth
Matters: The company released the 2019 third quarter report, and the company achieved operating income of 2209 in 19Q1-Q3.180,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.37%, net profit attributable to mother 213.16 ppm, an increase of 19 in ten years.08%.In the single quarter, Q3 company achieved operating income of 671.48 ppm, an increase of ten years6.36%, net profit attributable to mother 61.29 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.48%, profit growth performance slightly exceeded expectations. Comment: Revenue has maintained steady growth, and channel efficiency has been significantly optimized.In Q1-Q3 2019, the company achieved revenue of 2209.180,000 yuan, an increase of 7 in ten years.37%, with revenue of 671 in the third quarter.48 ppm, an increase of ten years6.36%.Against the background of the overall downturn in the industry, the company’s revenue has maintained steady growth, and its business diversification effect has been significant. It has maintained industry leadership in the fields of air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and small appliances.In terms of sub-sectors, under the background of the overall pressure of the air-conditioning industry, Q3’s HVAC segment slowed down slightly compared to the first half; the washing machine segment benefited from Little Swan suction and then the synergy advantage became more obvious. The washing machine segment Q3 achieved accelerated growth; Small appliances sector, on the basis of the lowest base in the same period 天津夜网 last year, Q3 showed a recovery growth.In terms of channels, the company actively promotes the preliminary reform of channels, replacing levels to improve efficiency.The online channel company reached a strategic agreement with third-party e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Jingdong, and opened an online approval mode to directly connect with retail terminals. The offline channel channel channel level actively expanded and built new retail channels, while creating online and offline data.Convergence, the overall channel efficiency is significantly improved. Profit growth was dazzling and profitability was significantly improved.2019Q1-Q3 company realized profit maximization 261.08 thousand yuan, ten years +14.96%, net profit attributable to mother 213.1.6 billion, +19 a year.08%.In a single quarter, Q3 achieved net profit 杭州桑拿 attributable to mother 61.29 ppm, +23 a year.The profit growth rate was 48%, which was slightly higher than expected, mainly due to the report that Little Swan continued to merge and contributed to the profit after consolidation.In 19Q3, the company achieved gross profit margins and net profit margins of 28 respectively.20%, 9.38%, each year +0.72pct, +0.At 97 points, the profitability has improved significantly. We believe that it is mainly due to the decline in raw material costs, product structure upgrades, exchange rate depreciation, and increased production efficiency brought about by the “T + 3” efficient operating model.In terms of expenses, the sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, and R & D expense ratio of the company in 19Q3 were 12 respectively.08%, 3.14%, 3.65%, respectively +0.29 points, -0.46pct, -0.20pct, thanks to the improvement of the company’s internal operation and management efficiency, the management expense rate has dropped significantly. The strategic direction is clear and long-term development is worth looking forward to.The company, as the leader of the entire category and the entire industry chain in the home appliance industry, has steadily advanced its integration, intelligence and digital strategy.The company’s current category diversification and synergistic advantages are obvious, the operating efficiency is continuously improved, and the performance is more certain.In terms of global layout, the company cooperates with brands such as KUKA and Toshiba for integrated operations and is gradually moving towards a transformation technology group.In terms of channels, under the background of continuous pressure on industry demand, the company actively promotes channel transformation, replacing channel levels, and improving internal operation efficiency.In addition, the company piloted the online approval model this year, that is, directly connected to retail terminals through Meiyun Pin or Midea’s official mall, and directly connected to companies through online channels, and replaced them at the distribution level.The gradual change of channels in the future is gradually completed, and the company’s overall channel efficiency is expected to usher in further improvement. Investment suggestion: We slightly raise the company’s 19/20/21 net profit forecast to 240.18/271.47/308.64 trillion (Original predictor: 227.29/256.91/292.3.4 billion), corresponding to PE is 15/14/12 times.As a leader in the home appliance industry, the company’s multi-segment market share is at the forefront of the industry, and its product structure is continuously optimized, its brand matrix is improved, its operating efficiency is continuously improved, its incentive mechanism is improved, its competitive advantage is obvious, and its long-term development is worth looking forward to.Maintain target price of 62 yuan, corresponding to 16 times PE in 20 years, maintain “strong push” level. Risk warning: terminal demand is less than expected; raw material prices fluctuate sharply; overseas market expansion risks.