Approaching Winter Olympic Winter Olympic Village (Winter Revoca) to carry out "full factors" operation test

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing December 12 (Reporter Li Chunyu, Xie Wei) In Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Yanqing Division, the eastern part of the South District, Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) is built.

On the morning of the 11th, 30 delegations composed of approximately 360 people and 1 observance group have reached the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Aoying Village) to carry out the "full factor" operation test. According to reports, this test includes delegation to dexterate service, accommodation service, catering service, commercial service, nucleic acid sampling, etc.

  The construction group of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) compliant the mountain, the space is compact, has a certain drop, and has put forward higher requirements for the design and construction of barrier-free facilities. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) venue, the Secretary General of the Mun Team Reasonable connection, facilitates life in the village.

  It is understood that Yanqing Winterao Village (Winter Iow Village) consists of three parts: residential area, square area and operational district, with restaurant, integrated clinics, franchise retail store, fitness entertainment center, bank, cafe, flower shop, tradition Cultural exhibition areas, etc., strive to meet the needs of participants. At the time of the game, the Yanqing Division will hold a high mountain ski, snow, steel frame snowcots, sleigh and other competitions.

Yan Hao said: "Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) According to the characteristics of the Yanqing Division competition, the fitness center is divided into cardiovascular training area, free power training area, strength zone, stretching zone, together About 27 categories, 139 pieces of equipment.

More distribution power training equipment and the following limbs are all dominant, helping the athletes keep the body state. "Franchise retail store in the square area, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics theme slogan song" To the future "as a background music cycle, Winter Olympics is strong.

Badges, refrigerator stickers, "ice pier" and "snow-enhanced" dolls and other commemorative goods are popular, "exclusive" licensed "exclusive" with high mountain skiing, snow, steel frame snowcots, sleds, etc. Also become a big feature.

  At the main restaurant in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Abuse Village), you can see the National Snow Sleigh Center "Snow" through the window.

World dining table, Asian dining table, Chinese dining table, clear geotette, halal table … all kinds of foods rich, Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou, Winter Olympics (Winter Iow Village) catering service standard, Time and content are exactly the same. Yan Hao said that this operational test has taken more than 70 sub-scenes. The next step will be based on test results and feedback, improve the operation process, optimize the emergency disposal plan, curing exercise experience, and to Yanqing Winter Olympic Village ( Winter disabled villages will lay a solid foundation.

  It is reported that Yanqing Winter Olympic Village is scheduled to pre-enrollment in the village on January 23, 2022, run 24 hours a day, running a total of 53 days until January 16, Yanqing Winter Iow Village. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) will be used as a resort.

Chengdu Rail Group: Helping Urban Development

  Chengdu Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. ("Chengdu Rail Group") focus on "Building a First-class Rail Transportation Integrated Operator" strategic goal, practice the "three leaps" strategic paths, the park city demonstration zone to practice the new development concept for Chengdu Contribute.

    Strengthen the service strategy to the "Shuangcheng Economic Circle Construction Plan for Double City Economic Circle", Chengdu Rail Group is planned to be guided, and the "urban circle" on the construction track is promoted to the city. Development as a supporting project for serving a double city economy.

Focus on the preparation of the urban railway into the eyebrows and Chengde lines, and accelerate the construction of the city railway. With sustainable development as the concept, strengthen safety production, coordinate project group management, and scientific organization construction, and efficiently promote the fourth planning and construction of Chengdu Rail Transit. In order to strengthen the regional orbit of Double City Economic Circle in Chengdu, Chengdu Rail Group adheres to the "Optimal" principle of "passenger experience" principle, optimizing rail transport line plan, and accurately determines the overall scale of the long-term line network, Fully supporting Chengdu transforms from the big city to the metropolis. Fully promote the development of trunk railways, intercity railways, municipalities (suburban) railways, urban rail traffic "four network integration", and focus on achieving the whole area of ??rail transit, interconnection of interconnection of transition hubs. Adhere to the idea of ??the initial precision optimization service, "Take the customer-oriented, useful service" concept, Chengdu Rail Group through the mixed road routing, error-related, quick-flow, large station empty car, etc. accurate match passengers travel demand, single The highest passenger volume of the metro has been multi-passenger traffic, and the passenger traffic of online network has exceeded 7 billion times, the rail transit index, the efficiency index, the service index and safety operations and other indicators ranked first in China. Build a large multi-scale, multi-level rail transit network system with the characteristics of Chengdu, so that "Chengdu Metro" has become a bright business card in Chengdu. Multi-level meet the needs of public travel, 14 sites in the whole line network launched "the same station" convenience service, to create the first "Subway Mother Baby Baby Room" in the southwestern region, implement the railway subway "same transfer" and "security mutual trust", etc. Actual initiative; through the launch of Chengdu Metro APP electronic ticket, "three-in-one" smart service platform, Chengdu QR code interoperability, etc., further improve the publicity efficiency of the public, using the service of excellence, continuously painting "the whole country track, subway city" Bright blueprint. The scene can promote the construction of the demonstration area to adhere to the construction of the park city demonstration zone to practice the new development concept as a leading, and continuously deepen the TOD (with public transport-oriented development) industry camp model, enrich the TOD scene supply, highlight "Park City" The advantage of the specialty and "living city". Adhere to the demonstration lead, innovation lead, industry leaders, Chengdu Rail Group is struggling to write TOD high-quality development Chengdu answer. Comprehensive implementation of Chengdu TOD "eight strategies", promoting Chengdu’s first TOD development forum project investment, bank credited "two 100 billion yuan" project landing, fully launched 23 TOD projects, accelerating the formation of TD benchmark projects, and strives to practice "track The mission of leading the urban development pattern and TOD development to reshape the urban spatial form. Focusing TOD integrated development lifecycle, supporting 19 policies introduced, introducing excellent planning planning and design team, comprehensively carrying 105 sites such as Tianfu New Station, Central Legal Region and integrated urban design, and shaping the form of Damei City.

Strategic cooperation with first-class enterprises (brands), imported high quality resources, and focus on building TOD projects into a new world of investment in the premiere of a good life.

At 9 projects such as Shuangfengqiao TOD, starting 10,000 sets of affordable rental housing construction pilots, with the "high-efficiency life circle" as the concept, build youth trend quality housing in TOD projects.

  Chengdu Rail Group will continue to actively serve national strategies, urban construction promotions, grasp opportunities, and take advantage of the forces of the second hundred years of struggle.

  Source: Chengdu Rail Group (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

Diamond Ring waard meer dan 20.000 wordt gemengd in 6 ton afval, en de sanitaire werknemer "De zeevisserspeld" helpt het

Modern Express News (Correspondent Wei Qin Cui Zhang Yuxin Reporter Huayu) heeft een klant waard meer dan 20.000 yuan wordt in vuilnis gegooid! Om 0 uur ‘s ochtends van november, ontving de adjunct-directeur van Nantong Hai’an Shui Shengyu East East East East Peak de inkomende kracht van de Bark-eigenaar. Die nacht, toen een klant in de barbecue-winkel dineren, werd de diamanten ring meer dan 20.000 yuan per ongeluk aan de tafel gevallen. De ober heeft haast om de diamantring met dezelfde eettafel afval te brengen. Nadat de oproep is aangesloten, zal de piek onmiddellijk de sanitaire werknemers organiseren en de nacht wordt gereseceerd in het vuilnisoverdrachtstation.

Na het meer dan 6 ton afval te draaien, vond ik deze ring eindelijk. Modern Express-verslaggever leerde dat een paar een paar een ring meer dan 20.000 yuan in de tafel in een barbecue in Hai’an New Ningbei Road heeft geplaatst.

Toen de ober de tafel opruimde, werd de ober niet zorgvuldig waargenomen, gooi de ring in de vuilniszak met afval op tafel.

Tot de vroege ochtend vond het echtpaar dat de ring niet zag, bevatte de baas van de barbecue om hulp te zoeken.

Sinds 2020 implementeert Hai’an Guoqiang vuilnis aan de nieuwe Ningbei Road Dining Street.

Op dit punt is de vuilniszak in de winkel verzameld en verzonden naar het vuilnisoverdrachtstation.

Nadat de Sakura de telefoon neerlegde, ging meteen met de winkel en de eigenaar met de winkel en de eigenaar. In het aangezicht van bijna 6 ton afval in het midden van het midden zijn er mensen die in het veld aanwezig zijn. Om hier een kleine diamantring te vinden, is het niet nodig om een ??naald te maken. Onverschroefd de pieken, niet te zeggen, schort de werking van de middelste overdrachtsvak op, springt in de middelste overdrachtsvak in het geval van het garanderen van veiligheid, kan het afval van de stinkende hemel niet omringen, snel starten, anderen hebben ze samen toegevoegd. . De tijd doorgegaan door een minuut, is meer dan 1 uur ‘s ochtends geweest, en het echtpaar is bedoeld om op te geven, anderen zijn uitgeput, maar de ziel zei stevig: Laten we een paar minuten vinden, misschien is er hoop.

Toen begon iedereen weer bezig te zijn. Net in slechts een paar minuten vond de ring eindelijk. Ik nam net de houding van het proberen een ring te vinden, ik had niet verwacht dat ik echt heb geboekt, ik ben zo dankbaar! De eigenaar nam een ??verlosse ring, opgewonden, ik weet niet hoe het goed is.

In het licht van de eigenaar bedankt, het oplossen van de pieken opnieuw, maar ook gespecialiseerd in hen, en je moet je eigen dure items bewaren. (Correspondent voor de kaart) Gerelateerde aanbevelingen.

De toonaangevende organisatie van de vier zittingen van de vier sessies van de Binhai New District District Committee China

De vierde Comité van de Chinese Communistische Partij Tianjin Binhai New District werd gehouden op de ochtend van 4 december. 59 kringbestuurders van de vergadering, 11 kringbestuurders.

Kameraad Mao Mao gastheer van de vergadering en spreken.

De plenaire vergadering Geselecteerde het Permanent Comité en de secretaris, adjunct-secretaris en de secretaris en de secretaris en de secretaris en Secrets, Tianjin Binhai New Area.

Zelfs de Maojun werd verkozen als secretaris van het district commissie, Sonoza, Zhang Wei werd verkozen als adjunct-secretaris van het district commissie.

Om te worden verkozen tot het Permanent Comité van het District Comité is er ook: Ren Fuzhi, Wang Qin, Xu Heng, Han Wei, Dai Lei, Song Zhe, Yin Xiaofeng, Zhao Qianmiao, Zhang Fuwang.

De plenaire zitting door de eerste plenaire selectie resultaat van de 4e Discipline Inspectie Comité van Binhai New Area van de Communistische Partij van China.

Wang Qin werd verkozen als secretaris van het District Commissie, Yuan Shoukui, Ma Hong, werd Liu Xin verkozen als adjunct-secretaris van het District Commissie. De District Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie heeft ook: Cui Xiaofei, Lu Wenqing, Yuan Jie, Zhou Gang, Zhang Zhenyi. Het Permanent Comité van het Gemeentelijk partij Comite en de secretaris van de commissie Binhai New District Partij spraken in de plenaire verkiezingen. Hij zei dat de vierde partijcongres, net gesloten, beschouwt de discipline rapport van drie jaar en het District Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie, en de verkiezing heeft een nieuw regionaal comité en de wijk discipline commissie geproduceerd. Dit is zowel ondersteuning voor alle vertegenwoordigers van de partijen, en het vertrouwen van de Communistische Partij leden in de regio, en de vurige hoop van de inwoners van de wijk.

We moeten nauwgezet de uitvoering van de besluitvorming inzet van het Comité Midden- en Gemeentelijk partij, en vervolgens koesteren de hoop en verwachtingen van koesteren de organisatie, en vervolgens koesteren de solide basis van de vorige regio commissie, gebaseerd op de nieuwe ontwikkelingsfase, de uitvoering van het nieuwe ontwikkeling concept, en het bouwen van een nieuwe ontwikkeling patroon, het bevorderen van de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit, het bevorderen van gemeenschappelijke welvaart, uitgebreide bouw van mooie "Bincheng", een nieuw tijdperk van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling demonstratie zone, met de hand op te bouwen over een gekwalificeerd antwoord aan de partij en de mensen . Zelfs de Maojun benadrukt dat het duidelijk is dat het duidelijk is dat de politiek zal worden benadrukt, en de leiding nemen om de "twee establishment" afleveringen te bepalen. Verbeter de politieke bekwaamheid, continu versterken van partij seksuele oefening, politieke ervaring, beleefd teelt, met politieke overdreven, en pay hard, en verdienen "twee maintenance".

Consolideren ideologische wortels, verdiepen van de opleiding van de partij geschiedenis, en bewust gebruik van het nieuwe tijdperk van China ‘s karakteristieke socialistisch denken aan gewapend de geest, gids praktijk, en het bevorderen van het werk. Versterking van de tenuitvoerlegging, belichaamt de absolute loyaliteit aan de partij, resoluut uit te voeren, en ervoor te zorgen dat het rijksbeleid en de inzet van de gemeentelijke commissie partij besluitvorming zal uitvoeren, en de onderdelen worden aangevoerd, en alles is effectief. Zelfs de Maojun benadrukte dat de missie actief actief moet worden gebruikt om het voortouw te nemen bij het bevorderen van de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling.

In reactie op de actieve ontwikkeling van de partij, zullen we de geest van de partij uit te voeren om het doel van de partij te bepalen. In de focus van de focus, actief actief de verantwoordelijkheid nemen, in de agglomeratie van de moderne industrie, in het verdiepen hervorming systeem, trucjes doet, versterking van de innovatie en het openstellen, en onwankelbaar gevangen hoge kwaliteit ontwikkeling pad. Het initiatief om actief actief actief deel aan de ontwikkeling van de stijl, is het noodzakelijk om een "bevelhebber" in de algemene situatie zijn, maar ook om het lichaam om een "strijder" te vervagen, met het oog op het probleem, aanval en in de buurt op te lossen , op zoek naar nieuwe situatie in het effect. Zelfs de Maojun benadrukt dat het noodzakelijk is om het doel van het dienen van de mensen levensonderhoud te oefenen en de leiding nemen in de mooie koers van het bevorderen van het welzijn van de mensen levensonderhoud. Dikke geplant als de gevoelens van het volk, het initiatief genomen om verslag aan de massa’s, en werkte hard om te doen, actief en effici?nt, zodat de nieuwe wijkontwikkeling andere resultaten meer gelijk deel van alle mensen.

In de buurt van de massa’s, zich te houden aan de "First-line Work Law", diep in de straat, dorp, langs de weg, langs de rivier, de "vijf kanten", en de massa’s van het volk, praten over de mensen, niet nauw contact op met de massa’s, voor de mensen Een model.

Het bevorderen van gemeenschappelijke welvaart, al het mogelijke doen om het publiek, het bevorderen van innovatie, meer bereiken en de kwaliteit van hogere werkgelegenheid, al het mogelijke doen om een goede baan te doen in moeilijke mensen, de hulp van de benadeelde groep Gelukkig gevoel van veiligheid.

Zelfs de Maojun benadrukt dat het noodzakelijk is om zich te verenigen en verbeteren van de vaardigheden van de vaardigheden en de leiding nemen in de promotie van condensatie.

Democratische concentratie, gewetensvol uitvoeren democratisch centralisme, het verbeteren van de besluitvorming mechanisme van de Democratische Democratie, ten volle spelen op de oprichting van het district commissie om de algemene situatie te onderzoeken, het versterken van de leiding van de mensen, de wijk overheid, de wijk CPPCC, en de communicatie-eenheid, verzamelen het bevorderen van de kracht van de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit.

Het leren van het smeden en het verhogen van het project, het versnellen van de kennis-update, met aandacht voor praktische oefening, nog verder verbeterd "acht skills", tempereren "zeven vermogens", en streeft ernaar om "hipster handen" te worden op verschillende gebieden. De positie is vastbesloten om de strijd In het geval van de grote factie van politieke kwesties, is het duidelijk dat het duidelijk is, het initiatief nemen om te vechten, goed in zijn trucje. Denk niet dat in de vooruitgang, in de huidige situatie, gewoonten "liegen" en andere slechte stijl, durven te begrijpen het durven, durf te knippen durf, durf te maken durven, uitdaging het probleem bij de ontwikkeling, moeten we zwaar gewicht weten, vallen hard, met hard werken, taaie strijd zal, schitterende worstelen, het nieuwe niveau om nieuwe trap te promoten. Lian Maojun benadrukt dat het noodzakelijk is de onderste regel reinigen en de leiding in strikte behandeling. De discipline is vrij aan de voorkant, het voortouw nemen bij de uitvoering van de centrale acht bepalingen en de uitvoering van de geest, en de uitvoering van de centrale versterking van een aantal maatregelen om toezicht te houden op het toezicht op de "one hand" en leiderschap team, stevig vast te houden aan de ideologische en morele verdedigingslinie, het principe van de partij geest, en het reglement discipline. In het hart, zullen we juist zien de kracht, politieke verwezenlijkingen, roem en rijkdom, en is een typisch voorbeeld als de spiegel van schendingen van de wetten en discipline..

Neem de verantwoordelijkheid van de partij bij de partij van de partij, ernstig voldoen aan de uitgebreide verantwoordelijkheid van strikte bestuur van de partij, strikt de "één post en dubbele verantwoordelijkheid" uit te voeren, verantwoordelijk, verantwoordelijk, verantwoordelijk, die verantwoordelijk is voor de bank, om altijd op de road Sterk en persistent, voortdurend leidt de hele wereld om de partij te leiden. Lid van het Comité van de District Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie.

(Reporter Xu Jingjing rapport Jia Chenglong fotografie) (Editor: Tao Jian, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing meer mensen laten zien client downloaden.

Daxi Dam Village: Deep excavation of red resource advantages to activate the village revitalization

Daxi dam village in Hongqua Town, Chalin District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, is located in the hinterland of Dadonans, is the revolutionary old district village during the second domestic revolutionary war. The red resources in the village are rich.

In 2018, Daxi Dashi was identified as the first batch of "Red Village" Party Construction Demonstration Project. In 2020, the Ministry of China was determined to revitalize the pilot village of the National Organization. Under the province, city, and district jointly supported, the party branch of Dashiba Village revolves around the improvement of historical, establishing a new image, leading the values, and giving out the overall idea of ??Fenglu, deep excavation of red resource advantages, activating the village revitalization, so that for the past The revolutionary old district is constantly glowing new brilliance, bursting new vitality. Red Driven, the Branch Fortress "helps the money, it is better to help build a good branch." Before 2018, Daxi dam village was remote and transported in the village, and many young people went out to work, and the reserve power is difficult. The village "two committees" team is outstanding, and the role of party organization battle fortress has not fully played.

District, the party committee adheres to the party building leadership, paying close attention to the construction of grassroots party organizations in Daxi Dashi Village, the histological strength and cohesiveness of the party branch continue to increase.

Daxi Dam Village has focused on strengthening the construction of the leaders of the rural areas, adjusting the outstanding party members who choose the fairness, enthusiastic, and the people enter the village "two committees" team, college degree or above has increased to 50%.

In order to support the "two committees" team of Dashiba Village, the town party committee has established the village-level party building guidance service team, the "First Secretary", the "First Secretary", the "First Secretary", the "First Secretary", and the Village Work Guidance, theory Publicity, business supervision and other work. Usually, there are more people "walk relatives" and set up the party group "Connected Bridge".

The Village Party Branch adheres to the principle of local conditions, diligence and saving, and upgrades the Daxi Dashi Party Service Center to establish a "one-stop" service window, open "life-transportation" convenience supermarket, build "concentrated" farmers The special product exhibition area, set "open" book reading card, allowing the masses to enjoy intimate quality at home.

Month, the Village Party Branch organizes the theme party courses in the party group service center, carrying out the "Village Development, Talk", invite the masses to advice to the development and recommendations of the village, improve the consciousness of the party members "to the party", which is very large Promoted the harmonious development of the party group relationship. Group development is an effective model of forming a rural revitalization cluster effect, a beading chain, agglomerate resource, and complementary advantages, and linked. In order to drive the entire construction of the surrounding revolutionary village, Daxi Dashi Village Party Branch took the initiative to take the lead of the villages, Tiger Baptu Village, Gao Gui Village, and jointly carry out "Red Home" creation activities. Construction of the "Great Party Committee" platform, the Secretary of the Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Town Committee, member of the party committee, regularly surrounded the joint consultation of the old villages, and promoted the issues in exchange. Experience sharing, resource sharing, breaking the past has spread in the past, and is a thinner of strength, and realizes the revitalization of rural villages in the party construction integration. After the establishment of the Party Committee of the Red Home, the first joint meeting discussed the revolutionary remains of Daxi Dam Village and the surrounding old districts, and the party members education base, planning to build the "Red Square Park", and built into Daxi Dam Village. And a red tourist attraction in the village. Red smoked pottery condensed pioneering power revolutionary baptism is the red spirit of the revolutionary old district, the valuable spiritual wealth.

The Daxi Dashi District Party Branch as the main body, the party members took the initiative to "bright identity", consciously undertaken to tell the local revolutionary history, spread the red culture, and the red genes, unwilling to listen to the party Chinese, feel the party, follow the party The party walked. The father of the village party member Li Muh was a tanker soldier of the Diganshan guerrilla. As a descendant of the revolutionary warrior, Li Mu often invited a red tandem for the village party branch. In order to tell the story, the Village Party Branch actively launches the collection of red historical materials, etc. The history of red revolution, let the party members are often inflated at home, often educated, regularly accept revolutionary baptism. In order to strengthen the identity of party members, the village has identified 33 party members, and the gods of the "party members" are conspicuously suspended.

The Village Party Branch regularly carries the "star assessment" action, and the party members will contact the service masses as an important consideration indicator. Through the democratic appraisers, the masses will be selected, "the Star" "The Star" "The Star" "Service Star" "Dedication Star" ", Motivate party members than the quality, as a pioneer, dispute dedication. Since this year, combined with party history education, carry out "I have a practical thing for the masses" activities, the service team consisting of party members volunteers is active in the streets and lanes, carrying out "love eye protection", "cleaning homes to help Gong Gu" Various volunteer service activities such as health remediation continue to polish the background color of the people. The Village Party Branch actively explores the grid management model, and the village is a first-class grid, and the Secretary of the Village Party Branch will be divided into two-level grid according to the village group. The length, combined with the party members’ responsibility system division three-level grid, and the party member center is the three-level mesh long, gradually realizing the effective transformation of grassroots management and service methods. Establishing 10 jobs such as village governance, public service, civilization, etc., fully utilized the advantages of mens "people" "people familiarity, booze, social situation", and timely, in time, people’s feelings, rushing and murder, gathering people, Implement "people to the grid, do things in the middle, difficult to understand".

Red leaders help revitalize the development "Development of a side of red soil, get rich in one party." The Village Party Branch has always adhered to the concept of "red pilot, green development", fully utilizing superior red heritage and ecological conditions, so that the village villages appetite, the collective economy is booming, and the red gene is active. The Village Party Branch combines the construction of beautiful rural and new rural demonstration sites, vigorously improves rural settings, solidly promotes environmental remediation, set up village-level environmental health inspections, and the normalization of "three clear three demolition", garbage cleaning and cleaning, Ditch floating food salvage , Garbage transfer and other sanitary remediation work, complete the hard-up upgrade of village roadway roadway, road lighting facilities upgrade, drainage tunnel and other series of people’s livelihood projects, solidly promote the "toilet revolution", village village is new.

The Village Party Branch develops specialty agriculture in terms of local conditions, and do a good quality industry. As one of the districts of the village-level collective economic pilot village, the Village Party Branch took the initiative to invite experts on the audience, Peiyou tea, citrus variety, and "branch + cooperative + farmers", and launch the party members’ farmers to create a result Project, open up more than 20 acres of waste-free agricultural land for tea, citrus planting, launching farming experience, casual picking, group research, etc. Inject booming.

As the region of the party and government commanding authorities in the Grand Nanshan Susun, there is a valuable red resource such as the first party convention, the Red Army Hospital, the Red Army Square, the Hongjun District, the first party, the Red Army Hospital, the Red Army Square War, and the propaganda slogan.

The village party branch captured, foreign experts, carry out special investigation, and repaired the revolutionary remains. In the area, the town is supported by the town, planning a red cultural project with the "one heart, one village, one, one, one, one" as the main body. After the project is completed, the party branch of the Red Square, the Daxiu Village Party Branch and Nan Dou Wenbao Group established a strategic cooperation, planning to create a comprehensive practice of primary and secondary school students in Chalona.

Nowadays, the name of Daxi Dashi is already a far-known red rural tourist attraction, and the town village has achieved significantly.

(Shantou Chaoyin District Committee Organization Department) (Editor: Prince Front, Song Meiqi).

Two big giants and solutions? Tencent application access to the shake open platform just responded.

  Tudo, November 12, said that the shake received an application from Tencent Creative Service Platform on the 11th and hoped to access the shake open platform.

Tencent has a large number of all-in-screen popular film and television, exclusive copyright works, can be sent to the shake, supplement the shake content ecology.

  Tencent responded to this, Tencent Creative Service Platform (Test Operation) is planning to gradually openly openly authorize copyright content and creative tools, and creators can conduct secondary creation on the basis of legal compliance.

In the future, in addition to publishing in the various content platforms of Tencent, the company is issuing test invitation to the third party platform of the whole network, helping the creator to be convenient and compliant promotion. The content copyright has a confrontation of Tencent to hold a lot of copyright copyright, and it has a confrontation with the mutual copyright earlier. On April 9, more than 50 film and television companies, five long video platforms and film industry associations issued a joint statement to jointly call on short video platforms and public account production operators to respect the original, protect copyright, and not authorized to implement relevant film and television works. Tort, cut, handling, communication and other infringement.

On April 23, more than 70 film and television media units and more than 500 artists once again issued a joint initiative, advocating short video platform actively participating in copyright content compliance management, which will clean up unauthorized cutting, handling, speed and color, etc. Film and television work content. The short video platform focuses on the two platforms of shake and fast. In mid-August, Tencent video said that the platform repeatedly prompted and negotiated before and after the broadcast drama "Sweeping Storm", but still found that there is a lot of mash on the shake to handle the "Sweeping Storm" Infringement video.

Tencent video recently used the case of invasion of copyright and unfair competition, and screamed to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, requiring a total of 100 million yuan for the economic losses and rights exchange expenditures. The Beijing Intellectual Property Court has filed a case on August 17. In terms of jamming, it responded that the complaints of Tencent’s previous record have been dealt with in time, and the specific situation will be actively responded according to Tencent.

  "Previously, we also applied for WeChat open platform to restore sharing and login function of sharing, login function, so that users can share information more smoothly.

"Shake, Tencent’s initiative responded to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on interconnection, and its very happy Tencent copyright content is shared on hanging, which will help to improve Tencent and jam two users. This time The application, the shake said that the product and technical personnel of both parties will be promoted as soon as possible.

  Internet interoperability progress is concerned about the interconnection and interoperability has become a major event in the second half of this year.

  On the morning of September 13, at the National New Office Press Conference, Zhao Zhiguo, director of the Ministry of Information and Communications Department, said that the interconnection of the Internet is an inevitable choice for the high quality development of the Internet industry. Enterprises must act as different types of problems such as instant communication masking website links, in accordance with rectification requirements, and subtle, and the phases are resolved. On September 17, Tencent WeChat released statement said that under the guidance of the regulatory authorities, the external chain management measures will be implemented in a step-by-step step, and the first phase will begin on September 17.

Among them, after ensuring information security, the user can upgrade the latest version of WeChat, you can access the external link in a pair of chat scenarios. Then Tencent’s WeChat payment and UnionPay cloud flicked in payment, and the two levels advanced more in-depth interconnection. In terms of payment interoperability, WeChat payment has been mutually mutually scanned with UnionPay Cloud Flash Poly APP. But the ongoing "platform interconnection" is limited in the industry, and the profit arrangement of multi-partial benefits is not clearly constrained. In the social platform, the forwarding behavior of Taobao and Tmall links is the case, shake, fast hand, and other mainstream media platforms, and Ali signed a cooperation agreement based on "Taobao", Ali pays a certain number of books (technology Service charges are actually commission), in exchange for their support for Taobao, Tmall products links.

  The Internet industry said that it is more optimistic about the signing of the relevant strategic agreements in Tencent and Ali, in line with the current anti-monopoly and interconnection of the Internet. Ali and Tencent have reached a certain agreement on the income of the "Taobao" link, and the proportion of books will be given to shake, fast hand; at the same time, Tencent no longer blocks the Taobao links that are purely interested in personal interests, do not involve economic benefits. .

(Editor: Cai).

Personal protection under "a cover is difficult": Can not expect the national big bag

People’s Network Beijing March 3 (thin morning) centrally emphasized that we must improve the unified emergency material security system, establish a national unified emergency supplies supply supply system, and implement centralized management, unified allocation, unified distribution, and promote the emergency rescue materials. The emergency material supply is more efficient and controllable.

However, with the shortage of masks and disinfection products in all parts of the country, disinfection products, especially in the Hubei epidemic area, is universal reflection. How to make a centralized unity and timely distribution to meet a variety of needs, the People’s Network Strong Forum interviewed Mao Shoulong, a Professor Mao Shoulong, Public Finance and Public Policy Institute, Renmin University of Renmin University of Renmin University of Renmin University.

"The country established by the country has the scope and time limit problems. It is unlikely to win the big bag, and all the needs are concentrated together." Mao Shoulong said that centralized unified distribution can solve some problems, but to meet the demand for epidemic prevention materials in the whole society It is more difficult to implement. Mao Shoulong believes that the national centralized management, unified allocation materials, usually referred to as strategic materials, is an important measures for the national security of materials and services to national strategies. He suggested that in order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention materials in your daily lives, it is also necessary to resolve the normal operation of marketization. (Editor: Wang Wei, Huang Yuqi) Share more people to see.

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau helps coal-electricity companies to relieve difficulties

In order to effectively reduce the burden on the coal-electricity enterprise, alleviate the difficulties of corporate funds and operational pressure, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau actively implements the tax reduction, tax rebate, buffet measures of coal-electricity enterprises, and fully supports coal-electricity enterprises to do energy power supply. The bureau established a special work coordination group to conduct a comprehensive screening of coal-electricity enterprises in the jurisdiction. On the one hand, by phone, WeChat first push the tax and fee policy, and collect feedback on various issues and opinions on the enterprise. Active counseling enterprises will implement the price of coal-electricity enterprises, and enjoy the benefits of support enterprises. Tax and fee preferential policy. Recently, the bureau went deep into Huaneng (Tianjin) Gasification Power Co., Ltd., Huaneng Lingang (Tianjin) Gas Power Power Co., Ltd. fully understands the current thermoelectric supply and tax and fee, detailing a series of tax rebates and a series of taxes of electricity companies. Fee a preferential policy, and issues on the situation of the policy applicable and tax-related operations. Talk, Hui Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of Huaneng (Tianjin) Coal, Power Generation Co., Ltd., express thanks to the tax department to send policies, and said that this series of tax-pay preferential policies are in snow, very timely, the company will use these policy measures, reasonable Arrange funds, concentrated on fuel procurement to ensure power supply, and continue to contribute to the economic development of Tianjin.

The relevant person in charge of the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau said, the next step, the bureau will continue to follow up the implementation of the tax-cost preferential policy list, strengthen tax and fee preferential policy comprehensive counseling, and make a good value-added tax rebate, normal difficulties Tax, special slow taxation, etc., ensuring that various policies have been implemented, and the development of coal-electricity enterprises will be integrated.

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Shrimp crab fat beauty water 豢 豢 河 河 水 产品 大 步 "Going out"

The mainland coastline of the province is 487 kilometers, more than 2 million inner and land, Yiyu seater, Hebei Province as the national aquatic quasi, rich fishery resources, and a wide variety of fishery species.It is understood that in 2020, the output of water products in Hebei Province, the aquaculture area of 103,000 mu, 253 aquatic processing enterprises, the annual processing capacity of 10,000 tons, the total output value of the fishery economy of 30 billion yuan.

Among them, the export volume of water products in the province, export billion yuan.

"Holding the production and sales of Hebei’s first water products export production and sales, which is a combination of simple organizational enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The new exploration of the production and sales of one-on-one precision docking." Hebei Agricultural Rural Rural Department General Fisherman, IIYan Jianmin, the grade inspector, said that this meeting aims to implement the 12 agricultural characterful industrial cluster work deployment, promoting the precision of Hebei water products suppliers and international large-scale purchases, and improve the international reputation of Hebei water products.And market competitiveness.