Shijiazhuang: All-year urban new employment tasks completed in advance

  The reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau. Since this year, the people at all levels of the city have stabilized, safeguard employment as major political responsibilities and primary tasks, insist on reduce burden, stabilize, and expand industry, focusing on stability, amplification Actively encourage and support multi-channel flexible employment, and do a good job in college graduates, agricultural transfer labor, urban difficult person and other key group employment.

From January to October this year, the city has added 10,000 people, exceeding timing progress, completing the target task of 10,000 people in advance; urban registration of unemployment rate, control in the provincial requirements, the city employment presents overall stability, Steady recovery, steady and gentle.

  In the province, the city took the lead in implementing Stable post and "exemption to exclusive," Up to now, a total of Wanjia Jintians who meet the eligible Wanjiajin will pay 10,000 yuan. The stable job is 10,000, and the scale and speed are ranked first in the province. The eighth charter of the State Council is selected as the national advanced typical. The city has also launched the only individual industrial and commercial households in the province to participate in the pilot work of unemployment insurance, and the subsidy policy has expanded to the insurance and unemployed personnel since 2018. As of now, there are 10,000 people through unemployment subsidies and have issued subsidies. Jin Yun, the benefit rate%, and the first of the province.

  In order to promote the employment entrepreneurship of college graduates, the city issued "Shijiazhuang City to promote the employment of college graduates in colleges and universities" "2021 to promote college graduates employment entrepreneurship work program", through the implementation of college graduates "1 + 8 "Action, formation of promoting college graduates’ employment. Up to now, a total of 9.3 million yuan for the distribution of employment.

The city has also established long-term labor cooperation relations with 33 land, including Hangzhou, Zhaotong, Baotou, etc. Transfering employment. The way in the market is in line with online line, organizes special actions such as spring breeze, private enterprises recruitment month, 100-day network recruitment, and actively build "Shijiazhuang City Normalization Talent Recruitment Platform" "100th Network Recruitment" "Zhou Shen University Graduate Recruitment Fair" and other platforms provide full-scale employment supply and demand services to carry out 561 recruitment activities, providing homework, promoting supply and demand effectively docking. At the same time, the classification of key group employment lines such as employment difficult personnel, unemployed personnel, depressed labor, etc., ensuring that urban zero employment homes are zero.

  The city vigorously implemented vocational skills improvement actions, surrounding the market urgently needed occupation, caring for free vocational skills training, promoting new apprenticeships in companies, working hard training, pre-job training and entrepreneurship training.

Up to now, the city has completed a total of vocational training, and the annual task is exceeded in advance. The city has issued the "Implementation Plan on Promoting Vocational Colleges and Technical College Integration and Improved Vocational Skills Training", actively promoting the integration development of vocational colleges and technical colleges, and earnestly enhances the quality of vocational skills training.

At the first selection of three high-level high-skilled talent bases and skills masters, in order to cultivate high-skilled talents and skills and skills play an important role.

  In supporting entrepreneurs, the city actively carried out the optimization of entrepreneurial incubation bases in accordance with highlighted features, expansion, innovation and upgrading, and update the model, and optimized 13 entrepreneurial incubation bases. Construction completed the first new retail in our province. E-commerce live incubation base. At the same time, further increase the efforts of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, expand the loan coverage, the city issued an entrepreneurial guarantee loan of 70.95 million yuan, directly supporting 465 people, indirectly drive more than 1,000 employment.

(Reporter Wang Jing).

“Then I will prepare,Set off right away,”Qin Hao said。

“five minutes later,”Qin Hao disappeared from everyone’s sight。
He didn’t bring Huang Xiaoding,Because he himself can’t guarantee that he can come back alive。
Naturally it is impossible to bring Huang Xiaoding,This is undoubtedly pushing Huang Xiaoding to the top of the road。
Qin Hao follow the map,Found the Brooke Center,This used to be the central bank。
Later, the central bank was moved out,The underground base was originally this vault。
Was converted from a vault,So it’s very defensive。
Even with a large-caliber rocket,The cannon came to hit the walls here,Can’t penetrate。
In other words, the high explosives he carries,Ray is of little use here。
But Qin Hao still has a nirvana,Fire Bomb。
Three destruction bombs,Enough to destroy the entire base。
Because their combined power is not as simple as stacking。
This is Qin Hao’s confidence,But now is not the time to use this destruction fire bomb。
Because he has more important things to do,Is to find the specific locations of these scientists。
So that we can make a rescue plan,He came here on this trip to explore the way。
Qin Hao can see from the drawings,This underground base has a total ofABCDFour entrances。
But his exit is only one。
Four entrances,The closest to his location isAEntrance。

Senior people sit down,Liao Jubi on a pot of tea,Then remove two gorgeous wooden boxes from the cabinet,Put in front of the static circle and Zhang Lihua。

“Little meaning,Not interest,Please also ask two not to disappear。”
look familiar,Material is not bad,Inside is definitely a money sword。
“Ager,So goodwant,I am a family,All over the sky,How can I collect your things??”
Static round,Declined by Liao Jun,Young people roots,Not cultivate,But the secular gas is too heavy,I don’t have any big achievements.,Pity。
“Ager,These thirty-six copper money are extraordinary,You really plan to give us?”
Zhang Lihua pushes the wooden box cover,Wrapped in the red cloth, a money sword,She reads the copper,Suddenly facing the color。
Be too expensive.,Cannot receive。
“certainly,Uncle is talking to me.,I am because I am a friend.,Caused people in the same way to avoid me,Two willing to succeed,I naturally prepare a thin and talking。”
Zhang Lihua refused to be very hesitant,Although her family is big,Lack of demon demon,But the innate copper is very rare,Even if used to collect,It is also a symbol of the idea of the home.。
“Not,Baojian gift hero,I sincerely,Do not push。”
“Be ashamed,I can’t find the reasons for rejection.!”
Zhang Lihua shook his head and rushed,Watches the wooden box:“Ager,I am receiving this news.,Curse,I know from the uncle there.,do not worry,I must have a whole effort。”
“Lawa’s nature,Why is it?,I think is a female Zhonghao.。”
“Ager,You are good at talking,No wonder your boss is relieved to give you such a big family to manage。”
look familiar,He also lost his heart,Take the chest and recognize Liao Jie to be friends.。
“Congenital copper,Shout”
Static round corner pumping push open wooden box,Whispering。Dark blame your mouth too fast,Look at people Zhang Lihua,Look at things and talk first,young,It can be more stable than him.。
Liao Jie launched:“Static,Generous affection,This is the limit of my strength.。You are a predecessor,Please accept it quickly.,Don’t bury me。”
“Ah this year”
Quietly bite one foot:“it is good,I have something to find me in the future.,Never resolve。”
“Embarrass,Be ashamed。”
Static round,Rising the sensory line of Liao Jie,Young people roots,Not cultivate,And talk about the dripping water,I am definitely a person。
Uncle is very speechless:“You a monk,What is the money sword?,Not afraid of being joke??”
Static eyebrows:“what happened,Can’t use money swords with monk,I just like it.!You talk to yin and yang.,Is it not good to see me??”
“Humph,I just help some monk recall.,He is all empty,Don’t collect someone else。”
Uncle is ridiculous,Quiet round,Teeth,Slaid sleeves。
“One said one,Bystander,impartial,Whenever the uncle is lost。”
Liao Jie Kai Road:“Quiet Master Leading Money Sword,Furnish,The purpose is to demon demon,This is a good lift,What is wrong??”
“That is,Still Ajie speaks,Unlike who,I will squeeze people。”
Static round,Serious suspicion, uncle, he has money sword,So it is across the block。
Unfold,Scene is not familiar,People are not familiar,He could not be stunned so no face.。
See the two people to receive the money sword,Liao Jie Dark the two friends are basically not running.,Just want to say something,Quiet round suddenly reached,Remove a string black bead bracelet from the pool。


Chapter Twelve Ten thousand push-ups,Warm up?
Ye Cunxin was stunned,Could it be that he is stunned,I don’t know how difficult it is to get the elite membership of the Iron Blade?
correct,It must be so,He is just a recruit。
“Isn’t it just an elite member??For me,What is the difficulty?”
Although Qin Hao knows how difficult it is to become an elite member,But you can’t lose face in front of women。
Especially in front of your own women, you can’t lose your momentum。
“Pop pop,I didn’t expect the clowns to jump around these days,I also want to be an elite member of the Iron Blade,Killing me。”
He Chenguang don’t know when,Sitting on the chair beside。
“Hello sister Ye,You can’t believe what this voyeur said,He is a mouse shit in the barracks。”
“Last time I watched the female soldiers bathing,He was found and locked up for ten days,I can’t believe what this person said。”
He Chenguang obviously knew Ye Cunxin,Still have a relationship with each other。
“Morning light,Grown up,By the way, where’s your little girlfriend?”
“Not with you?”Ye Cunxin put Qin Hao aside,Continue to talk with He Chenguang。

Xia Jian is so anxious,He was thinking,Are you talking about it or not?,It’s never too late to eat,Big deal, I’ll serve you some more dishes。

Bai Ruyu ate almost,I took the facial tissue,Wiped his mouth and said:“This plan is really good,As for whether the leader can see,I will send it up”
“You have to mention,The reason why this plan was not sent directly to Vice Mayor Chen”Xia Jian added another sentence。
Bai Ruyu said:“I know what to say,You eat slowly,Remember to bury the single”Finished,Bai Ruyu packed the information into her small bag,Turn around and leave。
“Hey!It’s still early to work“Xia Jian looked at the watch a little puzzled and said。
Bai Ruyu glared at Xia Jian charmingly and said:“My brother!Your information is handwritten,Looking so troubled,I’m going back now,Wait for others to go to work,I turned it into a computer version“
Bai Ruyu finished,Don’t go to Li Xiajian again,But opened the door and left。
Xia Jian froze for a while,Just took a few bites,After paying the bill, I rode a motorcycle back to the farmer’s company。
Director Li Xiaomei,I saw Xia Jian came,He let him into Mu Rong Sisi’s office,This woman,Xia Jian met several times,Just haven’t had any direct contact。
“President Xia!Whatever you want,I’m outside,Say hello to something“Li Xiaomei said,So I made a cup of tea for Xia Jian,Then turned around and left。
Xia Jian suddenly said“wait“
This sound,A little suddenly,Xia Jianlai Farming Company,Besides talking to Mu Rong Sisi,The people below are just saying hello。Li Xiaomei stopped timidly,Asked softly:“Xia always has something?“
“You sit down!I want to know about the company,Don’t be afraid,We just chat casually“Xia Jian said,Pointed to the sofa in front of him。
Li Xiaomei looks in her twenties,The long dress looks good,I just feel like this is a little too courageous,She is also the director of the first business department,I don’t know how her work is carried out。
Li Xiaomei sat down,Never dared to look up,Xia Jian asked with a smile:“How old is this year?Are you from Pingdu??“

After watching for a while,For the moment,Wei Shasha at this time,The more I look at it, the more it feels that it’s quite tricky。

“Forget it,So be it。”
“But I believe,Such a thing,It can be solved。”
Wei Shasha finished,Still feel,Don’t keep it here for now。
It’s better to take advantage of it now,Leave with the people around you,Is the most important。
See these,at this time,Others nodded again and again。
And at the same time,Wang Teng is thinking secretly。
“strange,Did it just now,Wei Shasha for these,Conceal something?”
For such things,Looks at Wang Teng,Is indeed a very difficult problem。
But now,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle at the moment。
But looking at it,at this time,Wang Teng still didn’t forget to say。
“Let you all investigate first,remember,Don’t let anyone know about this。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,at this time,Those around,They raised their heads and looked at them。

“No need for Manager Mu Rong,Our business is over,I’m willing to go“Wang Minhui said,Stood up,Ready to walk outside。

Xia Jian suddenly remembered something,He laughed and said:“How is Hongyu now??She should be happy!And what’s the problem with your life,Although I told the manager,I’m back to Pingdu,I will solve it for you“
Wang Huimin smiled and said:“Everything is fine now,I earn money a month,Our mothers can’t use it up,Can save a little。But Hongyu hasn’t seen you for a long time,Keep calling you here“
“Ok!I have a chance,I will go to see you,Just let her study well“Xia Jian said,Stood up,Because his phone rang quickly at this time。
Wang Huimin smiled happily,Knowingly gone。
“Hey!Mr. Guo!whats the matter,You said“Xia Jianyi answered the phone,Asked briefly。
Guo Meili on the phone said hurriedly:“President Xia,Please come to the company,A few villagers came,They called to see you,Which of the villagers who meditated this morning“
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up immediately,Turn around and run towards the door。He knows this matter has turned around,He can’t miss this opportunity,Maybe from these villagers,He can figure out where the compensation money went?
Meeting room,Sat seven or eight honest villagers,Seeing that the age is all older people。Xia Jianyi went in,Guo Meili greeted me,She whispered:“These are villagers from Bantan Village,The highway passes by their grain fields,I remember this village clearly,More than one million in compensation,But they said,Did not see a penny“
Xia Jianchong and Guo Meili nodded,Walked over,Sat across from these people。The headed person is about 50 years old,Dark face,Rough hands,Seeing that it is a farmer。
“Old man,I am the person in charge here,Can you guys tell me,Why go to block the highway intersection“Xia Jian tried his best to speak calmly。
These people heard that Xia Jian was the chief,Don’t seem to believe。Guo Meili came over,said laughingly:“He is always Mr. Xia Jian, the general manager of Chuanglai Group,Tell him if you have anything,He can help you,Will never refuse“
“The boss of your group is so young?I feel like you are a bit deceitful“Where is the leading old man looking at Xia Jian,Said in a very unfriendly tone。

Fu Yingxue is really not his quilt.,road:“impossible,I am honest.!”

“Want me to sleep, do you say it?。”
“Who wants you to hold it?,Bad guy。”Fu Yingxue wants to run,But I was reached with a lot of effort to hold two in bed.,Say:“White pillow, I slept for a few hours.,My arm is still numb now.。”
“Oh!disgusting!”Fu Yingxue pushed away the coat and wooden hunter downstairs,I will see that Zhunexin is eating breakfast.。
“Miss Yamei!Good morning,Come and have breakfast.。”
“I’m so sorry,Today, I am late.,How can you let you cook?,It’s too rude.。”
“Don’t be tight,It must be because the long pool is not honest.,Is he come today??”Bamboo Yunzi is joking,
This question, Fu Ying Xuefei’s foot finger is red.,Hurry to drill into the toilet,Dark road:The devil woman is really not a face,In this way, you can also say it.。
Rui Rui wear clothes to go downstairs,Ask:“Cloud,Are you sleeping??”
“Sleeping is very sweet,That is telling you,This is the most practical one I come to China.。”
“Sleeping is good!”
Rui Rui broke the breakfast:“Yamei,I’m going to work。”
“When will I come back at night, please call a call.。”
Rui Rui, I went to the training base.,Personnel have not yet arrived,The person has been replaced with military uniform training,These people have the foundation,Specific training items and other plans really approve。
Half of 10:30 is coming to special qualifications,Song Jian has been waiting for for a long time in the door of the office.。
“Song Jian,What’s up?”
“Class long,Li Shun, Li Shun, Li Shun, and Liang Zhongchun, smashed four Chinese contact points last night.,Grasp seven people,The rest of the site will kill.。”
“Li Shun killing?”
“Liang Zhongchun!He personally brought people to kill in and did not plan to stay.,If Li Shun Qun is stopped, he may kill people.!”
“Just waiting for me, wait for me.?”
“no,Yesterday, Bi Zhongliang took a team of people.,Tang Rui followed,They attacked a feet,Kill more than a dozen people,Two of them sent into the Army Hospital,According to the representation of Tangshan Sea,One of them is the beginning of Haizheng。”
“You said they grabbed the sea?”Listed to a river,
“Tangshan Sea followed by,It should be right,I heard that the injury is very heavy.,It seems to be shot by Bi Zhongliang.。”
“You go to the car waiting for me.,We go directly to the hospital。”Rui Rui entered the office,But I found that the wine Yibei Huizi and Zhunexin are sitting on the couch.。
“Wine long?How are you here??”
Wine Yi Yibei has a standby key in the office,Say:“Waiting for you to go to the hospital。”
“I heard that the sea is seized.?”
“Hai Zheng’s first two shots,Just called it in a coma。”
“Who is the other??”
“Not clear now,Waiting for us to learn more about the situation in the past。”
Sitting in the car of Song Jian, the mood is complicated.,How did the eight brothers have been arrested?,Is this Zhongliang so cow??
“Yesterday you followed Li Shunqun and Liang Zhongchun?”Qi Rui,

Really never expected,Dongsheng Group,Even eaten Xia Jian’s original venture group。For the current Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,The scale is quite amazing。From real estate to agricultural tourism。

To apple planting,Pepper planting,The other is Wang Youcai’s landscape forest planting。Don’t say it’s Hu Huiru,As a working Wang Youcai,He was a little bit enthusiastic when he heard all this。
After the meeting,Hu Huiru called Feng Yan and Wang Youcai to her office again。She asked Feng Yan with a serious face:“Manager Feng!What exactly is going on?Is something wrong in Donglin Township??”
“No!I just can’t figure it out,Why are you moving me away from Donglin Township at this time??”Feng Yan gritted her teeth,Speak out her heart。
Hu Huiru’s big beautiful eyes flickered twice and smiled:“You are acting stupid?Still don’t know?Ice and snow now,The management personnel on the construction site and various projects have been withdrawn,Where do you say I put you as a woman,How can i live?”
“Oh!I understand。This person who went today,Is to temporarily supervise each project office,Wait for the start of work next year,Where is Manager Feng still in charge?”Wang Youcai listened,He rushed to say。
Feng Yan asked in disbelief:“Is this true? Mr. Hu?”
“Sometimes your brain is really not as good as Wang Youcai’s。All right,There will be a car back to the provincial capital in a while,You go back with me,I went to the group to find Vice President Chen,Let her arrange a job for you Zengxin”Hu Huiru said,Haha laughed。
Wait for Feng Yan to leave,Wang Youcai quickly slapped Hu Huiru’s flattery。He smiled and said:“President Hu is really cowhide,Pingdu,But your world”
“Don’t talk nonsense about this。We are here to invest and do business,Everything is still flat,Do you understand?”Hu Huiru’s face straightened,Said seriously。
Only then did Wang Youcai know,I was wrong。He hurriedly smiled and said:“Pingdu Investment,You voted now,That’s okay!”
“Ugh!That’s right。I ask you,Several projects in Donglin Township,Have you seen it all?Is there really nothing tricky about Feng Yan??”Hu Huiru said,Suddenly lowered my voice。
“President Hu!Really not。Can we use people without doubt?,Suspicious?”Wang Youcai said with an unhappy expression。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai,Think about it:“it is good!What you said is right,I’ll listen to you。Has your second brother been home recently??”Hu Huiru said,Turn the topic around。
Drunkard doesn’t mean wine,Wang Youcai had expected Hu Huiru to have such a trick。So he laughed and said:“People never come back,But he calls me whenever he is free,My second brother and I still have a deep relationship”
“Hey!Didn’t your second brother say that he has changed recently??”When Hu Huiru said this,,Put the sound extremely low。
Wang Youcai listened,Turning his eyes and asking:“change?He didn’t say!”Hu Huiru’s question,Make Wang Youcai surprised。

Wang Lin and Jin Yimei smiled and walked in,Behind them,With a middle-aged man in his forties,Men’s suit and leather shoes,Seem very energetic。

“President Xia!This is Mr. Xiao’s personal lawyer, Mr. Du Yimin“Wang Lin introduced to Xia Jian standing in the courtyard。
The middle-aged man stepped up,said laughingly:“Mr. Xia,Known for a long time,See you today,Sure enough,A list of talents“
“Attorney Du praised,Please sit in the room”Xia Jian reached out,Shook hands with Du Yimin,The group went to the sofa in the living room and sat down。
Wang Lin opened up and poured tea for everyone。Old Xiao glanced at Xia Jian,And said to Du Yimin:“Lawyer Du,What i left to you yesterday,How is it going?”
“It’s already done, Mr. Xiao”Du Yimin said,Take out a disc of documents from the handbag,Hand it to Old Xiao’s hand。
Old Xiao puts on his glasses,Read one by one,Then smiled and said to everyone:“I call you guys over today,I want to be in front of the lawyer,Tell you something,This is what everyone has worked hard for”
Jin Yimei,I looked at Wang Lin a little puzzled,Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,But Xia Jian didn’t say a word。Just listen to Old Xiao continuing:“The entrepreneurial group can have today’s results,Cannot do without everyone’s efforts,So I decided,Distribute the company’s equity to everyone,Hope you all accept”
Old Xiao finished,And distributed the shareholding certificate to everyone,Jin Yimei glanced,And said excitedly:“Manager Xiao,This thing is too expensive,I dare not want”
“Yes, Mr. Xiao!This…”Wang Lin is also grateful,She was so excited that she couldn’t speak。
Because Xia Jian knew about it,So his expression is very natural。Old Xiao smiled and said:“Give you equity,I just want you to treat the startup group as your own company,It’s also a kind of motivation for everyone at work,Please don’t be polite,Hurry up and sign,I have other things to say”
Xia Jian hesitated,So he signed the share certificate first,Wang Lin and Jin Yimei take a look,And signed it,Gave it to lawyer Du Yimin。
Old Xiao took a breath and said:“Just be a witness to something,Venture Group,I own 60% of the equity,If Xiao Xiao comes back in my lifetime,Then 60% belongs to Xiao Xiao,If she didn’t come back,Xia Jian owns this 60%,That’s what it says in the will,Du Lushu will notarize all the documents today”
Jin Yimei lowered her head and said:“I know Mr. Xiao,We will execute according to your request”