The property staff finished,Go straight down the stairs。

Qin Feng gave two men in suits a wink,Man in suit knows,Raised the pipe。
Same as Wang Yong,Head with a stick,Then the limbs are abolished。
Poor boss Ge,Gagged by a towel,I can’t scream even if I whimper,Finally fainted。
morning,Xu Fang is her bag.In the apartment that the little boy bought,I wake up naturally when I fall asleep。
He digs black material,Complete evidence of blackmailing rich people and stars has been sentrCity Law Enforcement Office。
Because the objects of her crime include celebrities,She is now,Hotter than any first-line female celebrity,Sweeping the top three in the thousand-degree search,And it is absolutely guaranteed,No moisture。
Facing surging public opinion,rCity law enforcement agencies act quickly,Closed her public relations company,Control related persons involved,And apply to the superior,A national wanted order was issued against her。
After Xu Fang left the house of Mr. Zhou,,Just here,After waking up,She read the news,I found myself nowhSuperstar。
But she didn’t panic,Instead, he smiled triumphantly。
these years,She made a lot of money,Because they are doing wicked things,She also left a way for herself。
She has $200 million in a Swiss bank account,And she also hooked up with an employee of immigration,For the purpose of running away after the accident。
This channel,Can send her directly to South America,And get a local account。
And that two hundred million dollars,Enough for her to live the rest of her life。
After getting up in the morning,She wraps.The little white face raised was very considerate and bought back soy milk fritters for her。
People who don’t know the situation,I would think they are a loving couple。

At that time he might talk to Qin Feng for business,It’s impossible to sell this video to Qin Feng for several thousand yuan。

“Is there a way to support your economy??”Qin Feng also looked at Xie Zhiwei curiously,Although these things are not much,But if you add up scatteredly, it would cost a few thousand to tens of thousands a month.?
“There is a way to support it,I also set up a small farm with Huang Longwen,Although I dare not say how much,But one month is also 10,000 to 20,000 income,Plus other scattered things at home,I also have some small money。”
Xie Zhiwei’s words shocked Qin Feng,He really didn’t expect,This guy has so much money。
This really confirms that sentence,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water。
Qin Feng is also calculating,Is there a way to build my own intelligence network?。
If you can sell vegetables, you can supply them,But now he is still fighting with people outside,This matter is a bit unclear。
Xie Zhiwei watched Qin Feng’s expression keep changing,His mood is constantly changing,He really wants to know Qin Feng’s arrival
What are you thinking about。
Thought for a long time,Qin Feng looked at Xie Zhiwei and said:“these things,You temporarily supply,correct,News from outside the village,Can you get it?”
Qin Feng feels like a blind man,Don’t know anything now。
If he can control everything in the village,You don’t need to worry about outside matters,But the village is also messed up,He can only grit his teeth and keep going。
Qin Feng also has plans,He is going to farm first,After these vegetables go wrong,He only came back to grasp the situation a little bit。
It’s not what Qin Feng likes to use,But if he doesn’t do that,That would definitely be miserable。
“I can know some simple news at once,For example, today those vegetable vendors can let our people sell vegetables。”Xie Zhiwei also immediately reported a message to Qin Feng。
(End of this chapter)

ATP World Tour 250 Tournament Brazil Open Signs Released in Sao Paulo

ATP World Tour 250 Tournament Brazil Open Signs Released in Sao Paulo
Beijing time, March 3rd news, the total prize money of 505,655 US dollars at the ATP World Tour 250 Brazil Open announced in Sao Paulo. The Spanish official F-Lopez continued his journey to South America. He was the top seed.Leading the first half, his compatriot Robredo was the No. 2 seed. The tournament gathered many Spanish clay players, and the defending champion Del Ponis led the South Americans.The following is the detailed signing form of this competition: First round second round third round semifinal final champion (1) F-Lopez round (Spain) F-Lopez by-pass Monaco (Argentina) qualifier LayoVic (Serbia) Andujar (Spain) qualifier (7) Vodasko (Spain) (4) L-Meyer (Argentina) L-Meyer Bye Ramos (Spain) ClayZara (Brazil) Busta (Spain) Sorza (Brazil) Bellucci (Brazil) (8) Krizan (Spain) (6) Giraldo (Colombia) Kopijans (Brazil) Boloc ((Argentina)) Qualifier Schwant Zeman (Argentina) Lorenz (Italy) bye by Vognini (3) Vognini (Italy) (5) Cuevas (Uruguay) Veselli (Czech Republic)Contestant Del Ponisi (Argentina) Lola (Slovenia) Almagro (Spain) Bye Robredo (2) Robredo (Spain) (Sina Tennis)

Sinopec (600028) Interim Review: Natural gas and non-oil products are the highlights and high dividends continue

Sinopec (600028) Interim Review: Natural gas and non-oil products are the highlights and high dividends continue

This report reads: The continuous increase in natural gas and natural gas prices in the exploration sector has turned losses into profits, and a high percentage of dividends continues.

Investment points: Maintain Overweight rating and maintain target price 6.

58 yuan.

The company’s performance is in line with our expectations.

The company achieved EPS 0 in the first half of 2019.

259 yuan, we maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 0.

69, 0.

75 and 0.

77 yuan, corresponding to PE is 7/7/6.

Granted 9 of 2019.

5 times PE, corresponding to the target price of 6.

58 yuan remains unchanged, giving an overweight rating.

Both natural gas volume 杭州桑拿网 and price rose.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s exploration segment realized operating income62.

430,000 yuan, turning losses into profits, and crude oil sales fell by 0.

7%, achieving a slight increase in oil prices of 1% per year, but natural gas production increased by 6.

99%, sales volume increases by 9 every year.

3%, the sales price increases by 4 per year.

1%, which increased the company ‘s oil and gas equivalent and achieved the effect of stabilizing oil and gas. At the same time, the volume and price of natural gas have risen to achieve a turnaround in the exploration sector.

Refining and chemical industry prices rose and prices fell, yields fell.

In the first half of 2019, the operating income of the refining segment reached US $ 19.1 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 51%, basically in 杭州桑拿网 the second quarter of 2012, especially after the end of May, the rise in oil prices has gradually led to a rise in processing costs, and the decline in gasoline and diesel ex-factory prices has led to lower profits; In the first half of 2019, operating income from the chemical sector was 11.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.

5%, the processing volume of the chemical sector increased, and the average price of chemical products was achieved.

However, the company’s proportion of high-end products has gradually increased, and the ratio of new synthetic resin products and special materials has reached 64.

6%, the proportion of high value-added products of synthetic rubber reached 28.

2%, the average rate of synthetic fiber reached 90.

2%, the company’s high-end chemicals are expected to improve quality and efficiency.

Sales highlights were in non-oil products, with high dividends continuing.

In the first half of 2019, due to changes in retail price and ex-factory price difference, and increased competition, the company’s sales revenue decreased by 14%.

4%, 14.7 billion, but non-oil products profit 1.9 billion, an annual increase of 12%; the company’s dividend per share in the first half of the year was 0 yuan.

12 yuan (including tax), the dividend rate is as high as 46% or more. In the long run, the company’s cash flow accumulation and capital expenditure are reasonable.

Risk warning: Oil prices have fallen sharply.

Zhongzhi shares (600038) company comment: the machine assets are hoped to be injected into shareholders. Scientific and technological helicopter assets will achieve deep integration

Zhongzhi shares (600038) company comment: the machine assets are hoped to be injected into shareholders. Scientific and technological helicopter assets will achieve deep integration

Shareholders Science and Technology intends to issue shares to acquire 100% of Zhongzhi, Hafei 10.

21%, Changfei 南京龙凤网 47.

96% equity The company announced on November 28 that the shareholder Sci & Tech intends to issue 1.5 billion domestic shares (12 to the group.

500 million shares, issued to Tianbao Investment 2.

500 million shares), preliminary price 4.

HK $ 19 (equivalent to 3.

79 yuan) to acquire the following three assets at a consideration of 56.

8.8 billion yuan.

Prior to the completion of the transaction, Science and Industry Corporation 34.

77% of the shares; after the completion of the acquisition, Science and Technology holds a total of 50 shares in Zhongzhi.

80% of the shares have achieved an absolute control of more than 50%.

  (1) Aviation Industry Group, Tianbao Investment, total holders of Zhongzhi Limited’s 100% equity (Note: Zhongzhi Limited directly & indirectly holds Zhongzhi shares 16).

(03% shares); (2) Hafei Group held by Aviation Industry Group 10.

21% equity; (3) Changfei Group 47 held by Aviation Industry Group.

96% equity.

  After the completion of the acquisition of the group’s related helicopter assets, the revenue and net profit of the listed company will increase significantly (1) China Direct Limited (AVIC Helicopters): The main military helicopter development, marketing, services, operations, and main business including helicopter manufacturingHetong is open for business and can develop and mass produce a variety of helicopters and subcontracts to produce a variety of aviation parts.

  (2) Hafei Group: It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of a variety of helicopters and series aircraft. The product system includes Z9, Z19 military helicopters, AC312, AC352 civil helicopters, and 12E and 12F fixed-wing aircraft.

  (3) Changfei Group: Naval helicopter scientific research and production base, has developed and approved the production capacity of multi-type, multi-series, multi-model helicopters and aviation parts. The main products are straight 8, straight 10, straight 11 and other military helicopters.AC310, AC311, AC313 and other civilian helicopters.

  This time the company announced the simplified financial statements of Hafei Group and Zhongzhi Co., Ltd. According to the rules of business combination under the same control, the revenue of shareholders AVIC will increase by 184 in 2016-2018.



3 billion, net profit will increase by 1 respectively.



8 million yuan, net profit attributable to mothers will increase by 2 respectively.



7.9 billion.

  The main force of the domestic helicopter manufacturing industry, independent research and development to promote new product delivery and replacement of civilian products. Zhongzhi’s main aviation product helicopters. The existing core products include straight 8, straight 9, straight 11, AC311, AC312, AC313 and other types of helicopters and parts., The preliminary update of the main product models has been completed.

According to the news from on October 1st, the Straight 20 made its public debut for the 70th anniversary of the National Day parade.

  In terms of civil aircraft scientific research, the company has carried out in-depth work such as “first flight of one aircraft”, “demonstration of one aircraft”, and “certification of two aircrafts”.

In terms of civil aircraft sales, sales of various types of helicopters have made steady progress, and each of the main products has gradually stabilized the market, striving to promote “the development of the Belt and Road market.”

We expect that the company’s special users and civilian helicopters will continue to advance 佛山桑拿网 in both directions.

  Profit forecast and grade: Maintain the forecast of revenue growth rate, the company’s revenue in 19-21 is 164.



0 ppm, gross margin is 13.

95% / 14.12% / 14.

3%, net profit is 6.



3 billion, EPS is 1.



58 yuan, according to the closing price of 44 on October 24.

07 yuan, corresponding to 41 for PE.




  Risk warning: The company’s major asset restructuring progress exceeds expectations, and military orders exceed expectations.

Mercury Home Textiles (603365) 2018 Annual Report Review: E-commerce Growth Picks Up and Offline Growth Stable

Mercury Home Textiles (603365) 2018 Annual Report Review: E-commerce Growth Picks Up and Offline Growth Stable

Guide to this report: In the 杭州夜生活网 face of the impact of social e-commerce platforms, the company actively adjusted its e-commerce operation strategy. Online sales resumed growth in the fourth quarter. It is expected that the growth rate will accelerate and increase in the future.

  Investment points: Maintain Overweight rating: As the company adjusts its e-commerce business gradually, the online revenue growth rate and gross profit margin will increase in the future.

Taking into account the impact of the e-commerce business adjustment, the EPS for 2019-2021 is reduced to 1.

22 (-0.

15) / 1.

38 (-0.

23) / 1.

54 yuan, the industry estimates that the central bank will go up, giving the industry an average of 18 times the PE in 2019, raising the target price to 21.

96 yuan.

The adjustment of e-commerce business lowered revenue growth and gross profit margin.

The company’s operating income in 2018 was 27.

19 billion (+ 10% year-on-year.

44%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

8.5 billion, an increase of 10.

77%, performance was slightly lower than expected.

Of which e-commerce revenue is 10.

2.2 billion, previously +7.

28%, online gross margin 42.

46%, with a decrease of 2.


The poor performance of e-commerce is mainly due to the impact of low-cost social platforms, and Q2 and Q3 online sales experienced negative growth.

The low-margin platform distribution business grew rapidly, driving down profitability.

Upgrade offline channels, and actively develop social e-commerce platforms online.

In offline channels, the company has achieved rapid market occupation and development through the dealer model in third and fourth tier cities, and vigorously promoted the improvement of store image.

Online channels, the company actively settled on social platforms and achieved rapid growth.

At the same time, the internal organizational structure was adjusted to launch products targeted at sub-segments, and Q4 e-commerce sales resumed.

It is expected that the overall growth rate of e-commerce sales will accelerate in 2019.

Stores continued to expand the proportion of large stores, and the advantages of e-commerce were consolidated.

In 2018, the number of offline stores increased by about 100, and the number of existing channels is expected to exceed 2,800.

The proportion of large stores above 200 square meters has increased, and the quality of single stores has improved. It is expected that about 100 stores will be opened in 2019.

The volume and effect of offline channels rose, reflecting the foundation of performance.

With the end of online destocking and full coverage of e-commerce platforms, it is expected to continue to expand market share in the future.

Risk warning: E-commerce sales are less than expected, and store development is less than expected.

Zoomlion (000157): Benefiting from high downstream economic performance doubled

Zoomlion (000157): Benefiting from high downstream economic performance doubled

Event: The company released a 2019 performance forecast, which is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers. 43?
4.5 billion, an increase of 112.



Benefiting from the high prosperity of the downstream, the company’s profits increased rapidly.

In 2019, domestic real estate and infrastructure construction and other downstream industries have maintained a high growth rate, and the construction machinery industry has continued to boom and maintained a medium-to-high speed growth.

The company’s production of concrete equipment, lifting equipment and other products boomed, overseas business continued to grow, and the company’s performance was outstanding.

On January 9, 2019, the company realized operating income of 317.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 51 in ten years.

0%; net profit attributable to mother 34.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 167 in ten years.


According to the performance forecast, the company’s estimated net profit attributable to the mother in 2019 is 43 trillion?
45 trillion (+112.


8%), in the fourth 杭州桑拿网 quarter of a single quarter achieved 8 billion to 1 billion, an annual increase of 13.



The gross profit margin of core businesses increased, operating efficiency improved, and profitability improved significantly.

Benefiting from intelligent manufacturing, scale effects, product upgrades, structural optimization and management level improvement, the company’s profitability has improved significantly.

On January 9, 2019, the company’s business gross margin increased to 29.

8%, +3 per year.


The company’s expenses are well controlled, and the expense ratio (including research and development) has decreased by 2 in total.

8pp, of which, each time the management expense rate decreases by 1.

7pp, the company achieved a net interest rate of 10.

9%, ten years +4.


The company focuses on segmenting the market to be stable and deep, focusing on R & D and launching new products. The market coverage of core products has increased, market competitiveness has been further strengthened, and the average scale and profit have continued to increase.

Strengthen the development of potential markets and promote intelligent manufacturing.

The company actively develops other potential markets, and lays out the earthmoving machinery sales network in advance. The G series of new generation earthmoving machinery products has been launched, and it has accelerated the deployment of aerial work platform products, machine sand, and jet robots.

The company further promotes intelligent manufacturing.

The intelligent factory for tower cranes and the intelligent production line for high-altitude operation machinery will be completed with high efficiency to realize intelligent, automated, and flexible production. The planning and construction of the intelligent manufacturing industrial park for hydraulic vehicles and the industrial park for key hydraulic components will be promoted to promote industrial agglomeration and upgrading.

Profit forecast and rating.

Considering the rapid growth of industry sales, the company’s growth rate far exceeds that of the industry, and its profitability continues to increase, we carefully raise our profit forecast.
It is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 44-2021.



600 million, the corresponding EPS is 0.


73 yuan, corresponding estimates are 12 times, 10 times, 9 times.

Maintain the “hold” level.

Risk warning: The downstream infrastructure growth rate is lower than expected risk, product sales may not meet expectations, overseas business operation risk, exchange rate risk.

TCM experts teach you to see the truth

TCM experts teach you to “see the truth”

Chinese medicine believes that the five senses are closely related to the health of the five internal organs of the body.
Therefore, as long as you are good at observing some changes in the face every morning while looking in the mirror, and then comprehensively comprehend the symptoms, the health status of the internal organs can be roughly grasped, and you can seek medical treatment in time.
  Face complexion: Whether Qi and Blood are smooth? The color of the face is manifested by Qi and Blood being injected into the face through the meridians. The ups and downs of Qi and blood and the operating conditions will definitely be reflected in the complexion.
  脸色潮红:心脏可能有问题  脸色常常像婴儿一样经常红扑扑的人,并非是好事,尤其需要注意心脏方面的健康状况,比如患有狭心症、心肌梗塞的人,或是有这些疾病潜在病因的Most people have a red face.
When the body’s blood circulation is poor, it will make the heat in the body unbalanced, causing the upper body to be hot and the lower body to be cold. At the same time, the legs are prone to accumulate excessive water and show swelling symptoms.
If the heart is not functioning properly, it will cause uneven heat distribution in the body and make your face prone to flushing.
  脸上长斑:警惕妇科疾病  脸上长了斑,除了妊娠期和口服避孕药外,更多时候,反映出一些女性内分泌失调性疾病,诸如月经不调、痛经、子宫附件炎、不孕症Wait.
Traditional Chinese medicine refers to adult women’s facial stains as “liver spots”, and believes that people with liver stagnation and stagnation are prone to facial stains, that is, emotional abnormalities are directly related to the formation and aggravation of facial stains.
Therefore, regulating your emotions is the key to preventing and treating facial stains.
  Doctor reminds: yellowing of the face is a symptom of spleen deficiency. If the yellowing of the face suddenly occurs, it may be a sign of poor liver and gallbladder function. Patients with acute jaundice hepatitis, gallstones, acute cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc. often issue the above”Yellow alert”; blackened face is a manifestation of kidney deficiency, should eat more kidney tonic foods, such as walnuts, black sesame, wolfberry and so on.
  When the liver has a problem, the face and eyes usually change.
  Eyes: reflect liver problems. When the liver has a problem, usually the face and eyes will change. For example, the face becomes blue, the eyes are prone to fatigue, vision loss, the white part of the eyes becomes yellow, and tears are easy to fall.
  Yellowing of the whites of the eyes: It indicates that the liver and gallbladder are sick. If too much bile is secreted from the blood, the yellowing of the eyes will appear.
This is because bile itself is a yellow-green liquid that is secreted by liver cells and stored in the gallbladder, which has the effect of helping to break down excess fat in the body.
When the gallbladder or liver does not function well, it will cause bile obstruction and retention, so that the bile, which should have been sent from the liver to the gallbladder through the bile duct, leaks out of it and flows into the blood, causing yellowing of the eyes.
This is why the eyes and skin of people with hepatitis become yellow.

Do you think you are old with wrinkles?

Actually you are sick

Do you think you are old with wrinkles?
Actually you are sick

Wrinkles that grow on human skin are not necessarily a sign of aging. Wrinkles can also predict the occurrence of health and diseases, because the formation of different wrinkles can reflect different health conditions. How do you look at the physical condition from the wrinkles?

  1. Eye-shaped wrinkles: The wrinkles are usually called smile wrinkles or emotional wrinkles. This kind of wrinkles is the weak range of connective tissue in the muscles and the possible decrease in hearing. It may be hemorrhoids. You should control your emotions and relax yourself.

  2. Half-moon wrinkles under the eyes: The wrinkles under the eyes are a sign of the kidneys and bladder’s ability to remove toxins from the body, or symptoms of kidney, bladder and heart disease. You should eat alkaline foods and drink plenty of water.
  3. Wrinkles between the eyebrows: The wrinkles between the two eyebrows are commonly known as angry wrinkles. When people are concentrating or angry, the so-called angry wrinkles appear between the two eyebrows, which may be that the sinuses are not very good.

  4. The wrinkles on the forehead are incoherent and wavy: the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead are a sign of whether a person is diligent in thinking, and the small wrinkles represent whether its owner has a keen observation and a positive thinking attitude.
Such people will experience restlessness, may suffer depression, and need nourishment on their diet.

  5. Cross-shaped wrinkles of the bridge of the nose: It is not ruled out that the spine or kidney may be severely twisted. The spine of people with such wrinkles usually deforms.

  6, wrinkles on the forehead on the bridge of the nose: This person probably presumes that the army is the mental work that often requires meditation, and people with such wrinkles are prone to migraines.

  7. There are obvious cross-shaped wrinkles on the forehead next to the bridge of the nose: this kind of people are very healthy and rarely get sick.

  8. The right face has deeper wrinkles than the left face: The cheek is a place where the skin is more fragile, and it is easy to trim blood vessel problems. If the right face has deeper wrinkles than the left face, it may be that the liver is not good.

For facial skin itself, attention should be paid to moisturizing and exfoliating.

  9, sickle-shaped wrinkles appear on the cheekbones: there may be diseases on the feet, pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables in the diet, you can often engage in some moderate exercise.

  10. The long wrinkles that appear from the nose to the lips are oblique: Nasal wrinkles are inherited wrinkles that become more noticeable as you age.

The organ represented by nasal wrinkles is the heart, so the heart may not be good.

Can take a small amount of red wine daily to enhance heart function.

  11. There are wrinkles above the mouth and below the nose: after menopause and menopause, when the human body lacks estrogen, small vertical wrinkles will appear on the mouth, so it marks a decrease in hormone levels, in which case hormone activity is weak.
Soy, wheat, and many vegetables (such as broccoli, gourd, etc.) have the effect of improving hormonal balance.

  12. There are small wrinkles at the corners of the mouth: they are characteristic of stomach problems.

  13, “cat claw-shaped” wrinkles under the chin: the aunt under the skin is damaged, which can supplement some collagen residue food.

  14. Wrinkles appear between chin and lower lip: there may be hemorrhoids.

  15. There are small wrinkles at the corners of the mouth: Wrinkles start at the side of the lips and tilt downward.

The wrinkles on the right are overburdened by the liver and gallbladder, while the wrinkles on the left signal a problem with the spleen, which may be characteristic of stomach problems. In terms of diet, chestnuts have a nourishing effect on the liver and spleen.

  16. There are diagonal lines on the vertical side, which are low and short: this condition may cause stomach upset.

There are two ways to lose weight in bed

There are two ways to lose weight in bed

Obese friends need to lose weight, and some obese friends need to lose weight. Today, these two models are very suitable for lying in bed before going to bed. Take it as a bedtime exercise, so that you can continue to keep fit without losing heart.burden!

  Sculpting exercises: Lie on your back, slowly lift your feet together, and slowly lower it to 90 degrees with your body (distortion cannot be bent, shoulders and arms cannot be used for strength). Stop at 30 cm from the bed surface, calmWait 1 minute and do 10 PS: the time to stop at the beginning is about 15?
It can be done in 30 seconds, and gradually lengthen the time to 2 minutes. Effect: You can step on it to become smaller, raise your hips, strengthen your waist, and remove excess meat in the lower abdomen and stomach.Bend, hold your head with both hands (inhale), hold your head with both hands, slowly lift your body off the bed, deflate the belly and exhale. Stop at the highest point for about 10 seconds and slowly lay your body flat.Exercise can strengthen the waist, eliminate unnecessary excess meat, and achieve the effect of weight loss and bodybuilding.