The seemingly simple sentence of the strong man is extremely oppressive,Shi Mu Luo looked back at the elevator nervously,It will take a while to reach this level,But at the speed of that big man,I’m afraid before the elevator arrives,I came to her first。

Shi Muluo’s breathing began to rush,She must immediately figure out a way to escape,But at this extremely urgent moment,She suddenly laughed,Then a big smile bloomed on his face。
“seriously,I hate arrogant men like you,Obviously can directly accomplish the goal,But I have to keep talking,I didn’t realize that I underestimated the opponent’s strength,Even deliberately exposed the flaw to the other party,In the end, I can only end up with a dead end.。”
“what are you saying?I didn’t hear clearly。”The big man deliberately pulled out his ears with his hands,In his opinion,Shi Muluo said these things,Just to delay time,Waiting for the elevator。
“The man i admire,When the words he wanted to kill you appeared in his mind,The action has already been completed!”
The voice has not fallen,The strong man only felt a chill rise behind him,Then my neck hurts,Don’t even know what happened,Already out of breath。
Shi Mu Luo let out a long sigh of relief,I wiped the blood on my face with my sleeve,Sliding down against the elevator door,Sitting on the ground,She has never been as nervous as she is now。
Yu Zhe stepped over the corpse of the strong man,Reach out,The other hand took the gun in her hand,Don’t let her hold such dangerous things,I’m not worried that she shot and wounded people,Mainly for fear of being taken away by others,Will hurt her。
Shi Mu Luo did not speak,Close your eyes and try to adjust your breathing to calm yourself down。
Maureen follows from behind,The elevator just arrived,Three people enter the elevator,Finally got a short rest。
Shi Muluo looked at Yu Zhe,The continuous battle has made him very tired,There are no less than ten wounds all over the body,But he still keeps his usual appearance,Touch Shi Mu Luo’s hair,Comfort her“nothing。”
The elevator goes up slowly,If nothing unexpected,This elevator should go straight to the inside of the villa,If you are lucky, the location should be not far from Bert,But what kind of scene will be seen after the elevator is opened is unknown,In case someone is waiting outside,Shoot at them as soon as the elevator opens,That would be bad。
“Ding——”The elevator finally stopped,The scene outside the elevator door is considered to be the three of them“Mixed”,At least no one raised the gun directly,But the man standing there are two big men as strong as the man downstairs。
Ignore anything else,Yu Zhe went straight out of the elevator and raised a gun to shoot,Although he is not familiar with firearms,It may not be able to hit the enemy,But give it a try,Just in case,The next close combat can save a lot of energy。

Imperial City Avenue in the Imperial City of Water Drop Lake,In fact, it’s just outside the prosperous road outside the court of Zhumen。

Zhu Minglang originally wanted to fly directly into the Imperial Capital Yangcheng on the Shenmu Qingshenglong,But considering the imperial capital Yangcheng is not the site of Zhumen,It’s not allowed to fly a dragon。
It’s still early,Aunt Bai Xin makes people wish bright、Nan Lingsha prepared a luxurious carriage,Let them go slowly,By the way, you can also take a look at the prosperity of Water Drop Imperial City and Central Imperial City。
Slowly to the Central Imperial City,The ground is already covered with big bronze stones,These boulders are neatly cut,Polished smooth,Sun shining on it,Like a place of gold and copper。
“many people。”Nan Lingsha sees that such a spacious road has become somewhat congested,Speak softly。
“Let’s go over,I don’t know when this carriage will arrive。”Zhu Minglang said。
Power Big Ratio uses a very open approach,Five Imperial City Avenues,As long as you think you can,Just walk in the brass battlefield,As long as it can last for the specified time,Even selected。
and so,Power ratio,Basically, I didn’t sign up in advance.,Even if you are not a member of the forces,You can also enter the battlefield,Wait for you to last several rounds in a row,Naturally there will be forces that will want you。
Zhu Minglang、When Nan Lingsha arrived at this brass battlefield,,There have been a lot of people around,As if to celebrate some holiday。
As for those driving around the brass battlefield,Restaurant with excellent view,Business is booming,For some people,Drinking while sitting in a restaurant,While watching the chaotic competition in the bronze battlefield,Is also an ultimate enjoyment。
So,Some prestigious people in these restaurants,They set up a gambling game,Before the competition,Just choose the number of disciples,Survive every round,Even if you win。
Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha walked into the brass battlefield,Qin Yang has arranged a seat for them to avoid being crowded with the crowd。
The Brass Battlefield is an epic arena left behind during the reign of the Holy See,Big enough to hold nearly 10,000 people to train together here。
There is no wall around the battlefield,Only the moon-shaped pond river,Divide the crowded city streets。
So the people in the imperial capital only need to come early,You can take a good position on the other side of Chihe,Watch the thrilling fight in the brass battlefield directly。
same,Those restaurants built around the brass battlefield,Better vision。
to be honest,Just anyone can see,Not even charge for tickets,Come early,Don’t be squeezed behind the crowd。
And on the surface of the moon arc pond river,There are also some white big stone pavilion seats,It’s prepared for the noble people of the major forces。

That’s why the big fonts are used to lock Ming brother and those strong,Because Hailoushi can’t contain their own power。

But Hailou Stone is a very strong thing,So even if their own power still exists, they can’t break it,Can’t escape。
The distance between Leo and Green Bull is quite different,When Leo reaches level 85 or above, countless sea water and sea building stones may be suppressed.。
Whether it is turned into soft-footed shrimp by the sea floor stone becomes the difference between the strong and the weak。
This is also the basis for dividing forces,Why are both lieutenant generals,Some people are powerful second-rate forces,And some people are first-class forces。
It’s because of the former’s fruit ability that those with sea floor stones will soften their feet.,No difference from major general and brigadier general,So they started from the 70th-level brigadier general,The organizations created by the weak lieutenant are all second-rate forces。
These strong,Known as the strong on the sea。
First97chapter Brother Ming calls
Leo sent several cadres to the new world to find the fruit of vampire the next day,He doesn’t know the exact location,But he knew that this fruit was in a town called Torrance,And no surprises,This town is in the first half of the new world,Do not need to enter the realm of the four emperors。
otherwise,The group of more than sixty ranks under Leo dare not go。
“If not found in a short time,I’ll look for it myself when I have a chance!”
No one knows this fruit except him,After all, it takes nine years to wait for this fruit to be born,He has a lot of time。
Leo was going to lick his face and Weibull“Duel”,But suddenly someone sent a phone worm。
Just a glance,Leo knows who sent it。
Because it’s so familiar,This iconic mouth and glasses。
Leo picked up the phone worm,Then the person who sent the phone bug hurriedly left,I’m afraid I won’t buy the same standing ticket。
“Hello Ming!”
Almost simultaneously,Two people greeted,Seems to have known each other for a long time。

“I just said that my flying suit is designed according to my weight,Can’t bear the weight of two people,and so……When landing,maybe……I think your injury is a bit serious right now!”

Shan and Pidianpidian ran back from a distance,Sighing slightly while watching Long Shi’s state,Don’t seem to remember,Long Shi’s last blow was caused by himself.。
Look up and down Long Shi’s injury,Some first aid supplies are still available,But how to use,This is a learning!
“Someone commented on me just now,You don’t have to hit me again!”
Long Shihan’s face,Some words are not clear,But his eyes are already telling Shan You,Can heal me!
Shan and awkwardly began to heal her injuries under Long Shi’s guidance,In terms of thinking, there are ten thousand people willing to save the dragon,But I still feel a little troublesome in my heart,After all, the concept of intimacy between men and women still has a certain place in Shan You’s heart.。
“Are you really willing to face those people again?”
Long Shi looked at Shan You,Believe in your injury,He already has some knowledge of Lagong or Jingwei,Is it possible to fight against the enemy?。
Shanyou,If at this time he chooses to recognize the facts and avoid the edge temporarily,Long Shi also fully understands。
Shan cocked his head again,Looking at Long Shi curiously,Asked:“Didn’t I just tell you?I need some help,My power alone is limited after all,Moreover, Lagon and the person next to him are masters,I am not very confident。”
be honest,Openly admit in front of Long Shi,Shan doesn’t feel ashamed。
“Count me at that time,Even if it’s bait,I am willing!”
Long Shi stared at Shan You,Every word is serious。

“but,do not worry,I will never let them go easily,I will let them apologize to you,I’m absolutely satisfied!”

Even if Lin Yang said such low-level words to Lin Yang,Don’t forget to show his flattering smile in front of Qiao Ming。
Lin Yang’s performance,In Lin Feng’s view,Actually feel so dirty。
He obviously lost the backbone of a businessman,From a public perspective,The Lin family can be regarded as a big family with a head and a face,But Lin Yang can still ask for forgiveness,To do such a shameful thing。
Privately,This Qiao Ming is Lin Yang’s daughter Lin Yu’s boyfriend,If you get along well,Qiao Ming is even more likely to become Lin Yang’s son-in-law。
If you look at it from this level,Lin Yang will become the old man of Qiao Ming。
But now look at Lin Yang,What has he done now?
Not big or small,Let Lin Feng see,I feel very sick。
and so,After Lin Feng heard Lin Yang asked Liu Chunlan to apologize to Qiao Ming,All kinds of disdain and contempt also appeared on his face。
Where’s Lin Yang over there?
After saying that to Qiao Ming,Lin Yang still didn’t see Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan wanting to apologize at all。
and so,Immediately stood up from Qiao Ming’s side,Continue to roar at Lin Feng:“Lin Feng,I talk,Don’t you understand?Let your wife roll over and apologize to Qiao Ming。”
Lin Feng heard Lin Yang speak now,I’m already so open,Also in anger。
and so,Lin Feng also shouted to Lin Yang without any fear:“Big brother,Chunlan is your younger sibling anyhow,And from the beginning,This is your good daughter and good son-in-law who are always provoking us。”
“But you?As the patriarch of the Lin family,If you didn’t help us with a word, it’s fine,right now,Even asked us to apologize to him。”
“I just want to ask Big Brother,What did we guys do wrong?。Dad’s death day,Our family will come to participate in previous years,But you just won’t let。This year we are coming,But that’s the one you invited us to, isn’t it?”

Qin Feng touched his nose,This issue,It should have nothing to do with him?

“How i feel,This should be specifically for the airport to retaliate?You really offended people at the airport!”At this time, Qin Feng pulled the Mediterranean manager to make all kinds of mockery。
The latter’s face was red and white,But he was really angry with Qin Feng。Because I never thought that this kind of thing would really happen to him。
To know,China is now known as one of the safest countries。At least there won’t be too many thugs,Even the case resolution rate is extremely high。So compared to other countries,Hua Guo is a relatively safe place。
In recent years, such riots have rarely occurred in these public places。
“and so?”
Qin Feng feels,The matter should be over?Then he can leave and go to Beijing?But it doesn’t seem right to think about it,Didn’t he find the trouble of the person in charge of the airport to seek justice for Yang Xi??Now suddenly something like this happened,Did you run away??
This seems unreasonable!
“Qin Feng, don’t leave, kid,Help me investigate this case!”Jiang Hao knew Qin Feng had oneaCity newspaper system。Qin Feng should know a lot of news,And they are even better than the detective
Edge faster。
so,It is definitely the wisest choice to let Qin Feng stay and help。
“Not bad!”

The property staff finished,Go straight down the stairs。

Qin Feng gave two men in suits a wink,Man in suit knows,Raised the pipe。
Same as Wang Yong,Head with a stick,Then the limbs are abolished。
Poor boss Ge,Gagged by a towel,I can’t scream even if I whimper,Finally fainted。
morning,Xu Fang is her bag.In the apartment that the little boy bought,I wake up naturally when I fall asleep。
He digs black material,Complete evidence of blackmailing rich people and stars has been sentrCity Law Enforcement Office。
Because the objects of her crime include celebrities,She is now,Hotter than any first-line female celebrity,Sweeping the top three in the thousand-degree search,And it is absolutely guaranteed,No moisture。
Facing surging public opinion,rCity law enforcement agencies act quickly,Closed her public relations company,Control related persons involved,And apply to the superior,A national wanted order was issued against her。
After Xu Fang left the house of Mr. Zhou,,Just here,After waking up,She read the news,I found myself nowhSuperstar。
But she didn’t panic,Instead, he smiled triumphantly。
these years,She made a lot of money,Because they are doing wicked things,She also left a way for herself。
She has $200 million in a Swiss bank account,And she also hooked up with an employee of immigration,For the purpose of running away after the accident。
This channel,Can send her directly to South America,And get a local account。
And that two hundred million dollars,Enough for her to live the rest of her life。
After getting up in the morning,She wraps.The little white face raised was very considerate and bought back soy milk fritters for her。
People who don’t know the situation,I would think they are a loving couple。

At that time he might talk to Qin Feng for business,It’s impossible to sell this video to Qin Feng for several thousand yuan。

“Is there a way to support your economy??”Qin Feng also looked at Xie Zhiwei curiously,Although these things are not much,But if you add up scatteredly, it would cost a few thousand to tens of thousands a month.?
“There is a way to support it,I also set up a small farm with Huang Longwen,Although I dare not say how much,But one month is also 10,000 to 20,000 income,Plus other scattered things at home,I also have some small money。”
Xie Zhiwei’s words shocked Qin Feng,He really didn’t expect,This guy has so much money。
This really confirms that sentence,People can’t look,Unmatchable sea water。
Qin Feng is also calculating,Is there a way to build my own intelligence network?。
If you can sell vegetables, you can supply them,But now he is still fighting with people outside,This matter is a bit unclear。
Xie Zhiwei watched Qin Feng’s expression keep changing,His mood is constantly changing,He really wants to know Qin Feng’s arrival
What are you thinking about。
Thought for a long time,Qin Feng looked at Xie Zhiwei and said:“these things,You temporarily supply,correct,News from outside the village,Can you get it?”
Qin Feng feels like a blind man,Don’t know anything now。
If he can control everything in the village,You don’t need to worry about outside matters,But the village is also messed up,He can only grit his teeth and keep going。
Qin Feng also has plans,He is going to farm first,After these vegetables go wrong,He only came back to grasp the situation a little bit。
It’s not what Qin Feng likes to use,But if he doesn’t do that,That would definitely be miserable。
“I can know some simple news at once,For example, today those vegetable vendors can let our people sell vegetables。”Xie Zhiwei also immediately reported a message to Qin Feng。
(End of this chapter)

ATP World Tour 250 Tournament Brazil Open Signs Released in Sao Paulo

ATP World Tour 250 Tournament Brazil Open Signs Released in Sao Paulo
Beijing time, March 3rd news, the total prize money of 505,655 US dollars at the ATP World Tour 250 Brazil Open announced in Sao Paulo. The Spanish official F-Lopez continued his journey to South America. He was the top seed.Leading the first half, his compatriot Robredo was the No. 2 seed. The tournament gathered many Spanish clay players, and the defending champion Del Ponis led the South Americans.The following is the detailed signing form of this competition: First round second round third round semifinal final champion (1) F-Lopez round (Spain) F-Lopez by-pass Monaco (Argentina) qualifier LayoVic (Serbia) Andujar (Spain) qualifier (7) Vodasko (Spain) (4) L-Meyer (Argentina) L-Meyer Bye Ramos (Spain) ClayZara (Brazil) Busta (Spain) Sorza (Brazil) Bellucci (Brazil) (8) Krizan (Spain) (6) Giraldo (Colombia) Kopijans (Brazil) Boloc ((Argentina)) Qualifier Schwant Zeman (Argentina) Lorenz (Italy) bye by Vognini (3) Vognini (Italy) (5) Cuevas (Uruguay) Veselli (Czech Republic)Contestant Del Ponisi (Argentina) Lola (Slovenia) Almagro (Spain) Bye Robredo (2) Robredo (Spain) (Sina Tennis)

Sinopec (600028) Interim Review: Natural gas and non-oil products are the highlights and high dividends continue

Sinopec (600028) Interim Review: Natural gas and non-oil products are the highlights and high dividends continue

This report reads: The continuous increase in natural gas and natural gas prices in the exploration sector has turned losses into profits, and a high percentage of dividends continues.

Investment points: Maintain Overweight rating and maintain target price 6.

58 yuan.

The company’s performance is in line with our expectations.

The company achieved EPS 0 in the first half of 2019.

259 yuan, we maintain the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 0.

69, 0.

75 and 0.

77 yuan, corresponding to PE is 7/7/6.

Granted 9 of 2019.

5 times PE, corresponding to the target price of 6.

58 yuan remains unchanged, giving an overweight rating.

Both natural gas volume 杭州桑拿网 and price rose.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s exploration segment realized operating income62.

430,000 yuan, turning losses into profits, and crude oil sales fell by 0.

7%, achieving a slight increase in oil prices of 1% per year, but natural gas production increased by 6.

99%, sales volume increases by 9 every year.

3%, the sales price increases by 4 per year.

1%, which increased the company ‘s oil and gas equivalent and achieved the effect of stabilizing oil and gas. At the same time, the volume and price of natural gas have risen to achieve a turnaround in the exploration sector.

Refining and chemical industry prices rose and prices fell, yields fell.

In the first half of 2019, the operating income of the refining segment reached US $ 19.1 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 51%, basically in 杭州桑拿网 the second quarter of 2012, especially after the end of May, the rise in oil prices has gradually led to a rise in processing costs, and the decline in gasoline and diesel ex-factory prices has led to lower profits; In the first half of 2019, operating income from the chemical sector was 11.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.

5%, the processing volume of the chemical sector increased, and the average price of chemical products was achieved.

However, the company’s proportion of high-end products has gradually increased, and the ratio of new synthetic resin products and special materials has reached 64.

6%, the proportion of high value-added products of synthetic rubber reached 28.

2%, the average rate of synthetic fiber reached 90.

2%, the company’s high-end chemicals are expected to improve quality and efficiency.

Sales highlights were in non-oil products, with high dividends continuing.

In the first half of 2019, due to changes in retail price and ex-factory price difference, and increased competition, the company’s sales revenue decreased by 14%.

4%, 14.7 billion, but non-oil products profit 1.9 billion, an annual increase of 12%; the company’s dividend per share in the first half of the year was 0 yuan.

12 yuan (including tax), the dividend rate is as high as 46% or more. In the long run, the company’s cash flow accumulation and capital expenditure are reasonable.

Risk warning: Oil prices have fallen sharply.