200 exquisite images show the "green water green hill" in the Qinghai Qinghai

The theme of this film exhibition is "National Park Provincial Ecological New Highland", exhibition, "green water Qingshan" "harmonious symbiosis" three sectors, 200 生 摄 作 作, concentrated on the construction of Qinghai Ecological civilization Achievements and national unity and create results show the biodiversity and ecological civilization landscape of Qinghai.

The Secretary of the Parties Parties and Chairman of the Qinghai Provincial Literature Art Authority said in a speech that the ecological civilized photography great exhibition aims to show the unique ecological value, ecological potential, biodiversity and ecological civilization landscape in the way of photography. The fruitful results of Qinghai ecological civilization construction and the creation of national unity and progress have promoted the construction of the national and international ecological civilization. "Qinghai has a wealth of wild animal and natural scenery humanistic photography resources. Qinghai’s ecological value, humanistic style, the spread of photographers, to the world, is more and more people know and recognize, their art Creation is a huge contribution to the ecological construction of Qinghai, national unity.

"The vice president of the Chinese Photographers Association said when he spent a speech. It is reported that the exhibition has been clicked nationwide from April 15th. The high of the Qinghai film exhibition.

84 new academician "Admission"

Not long ago, the Chinese Academy of Engineering was selected 84 academicians. What should academicians do, what should I do? Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering held 2021 elected academic learning education and issuing ceremonies in Beijing and Shanghai, and didzens of engineering science and technology circles, listened to the old dean Song Jian, Xu Kui Di, Zhou Ji and others talked into the hospital Class, learning how to be academicians, and also collar a heavy class after class.

In May of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping was an important speech at the 11th National Congress of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology. It is necessary to strengthen the function of the national high-end intelligence library, play a strategic scientist, actively carry out consultation, service country decision making. Song Jian is my country’s control, system engineering and aerospace technology experts, and served as Director of the State Council and the Director of the National Science and Technology Committee. In December this year, he just was 90 years old. On the day of the class, he stood on the stage for half an hour, trying to use history out the appearance of the academician.

In the past few decades, we should learn from the olderist scientists.

He said.

Two bounces, so great determination under the center, what is it? Song Jian said that the old seniors gave the Central Committee. At the end, there was an opinion, Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou believed. The original bullet needs uranium, and the academician of Li Sikuo took a ore to the table of the central leader, saying it.

He raised his finger to point at the desktop, and strive to recover the scene of Li Siku to persuade the central leadership.

At this time, Qian Xuesen came back from the United States. He went to Zhou Premier, Peng Dehuai, Chen Wei, Chen Yi, said that China can do aerospace, can do missiles! The scientists made recommendations, the central government adopted, so two bounces a major strategic decision to the Chinese Communist Party.

He said.

Not only two bombings, 863 plans, manned spacery and other major achievements, but insisting on and sticky with the older generation of academicians.

In Song Jian, when the academician, he means that he is a life, it is the mission of history, falling to us. Since its establishment, the Chinese Academy has since its establishment, about 1,000 academicians, including 17 academics have received the national highest science and technology award, 16 academicians have won two bouquet of a star contemporary medal. Hanging like a model of the English model. After walking through the old academician, Song Jian has left the new academician, and forwards to the strategic scientist to the requirements of General Secretary.

But it is not enough to draw a high line, but also clear the bottom line.

In response to the bad winds and problems in the academic team, Xu Kuangdi, the old president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, did not avoid pain points. He said: Some are not objective and fair in the selection of academiciases, and some are not rigorous in academic activities, and some are in social activities, and some even have violations of law. Since this year, two academicians have been suspected of being suspected of violations of law and discipline investigation.

Xu Kui Di repeatedly emphasized that when academicians must guard Zhengyang. This is also the instruction of Zhu Guangya, the first dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. After he served as the Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, he came to visit the aged Zhu Guangya.

Zhu Guangya is not much, and it is basically not talking about it. We left, he finally opened when he sent us to the elevator. He pulled my sign language and said, put the good entry! Xu Kui Di said.

Therefore, Xu Kui Di is particularly concerned about the construction of the academician team. In the early years, he made five unworthy of academician and academician candidates. Nowadays, in a more complex situation, he will work five unwanted and new academicians: First, there is no hope for the social activities involved in the activities; the second is to go to the level of the academician in order to improve a study. Name; three, do not want academicians to live in the industry, compressing young workers or different academic perspectives; four is not hoping academician to participate in business operations and commercial packaging; five is undesirable or clarifying academicians involving pseudo science And feudal superstition activities.

This is our first way to learn education in this way.

Li Xiaohong, Dean Chinese Academy of Engineering, said.

Clear, what should he do? After what should not do, he hopes that the new academician will become a new starting point for the academician, and set up again.

After the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy of Engineering this year, Zhang Liqun told the Chinese Youth Daily · Zhongqing Net reporter: When the academician is honor, it is also responsible, and it is a new starting point.

We should combine our most popular scientific research, and the development of the motherland.

CBA-synthese: Guangsha heeft drie opeenvolgende overwinningen ingeluid

In het aangezicht van het Fujian-team in de wederopbouwperiode opende Zhejiang Guangshang de overtuiging van het winnende geloof, het eerste segment van het middengedeelte bleef een golf van 13: 0 kleine Kroaters. Xinhua News Agency, 3 januari (Reporter Zhang Yifei, MA Wei) 3e, 2021-2022 Seizoen China Heren Basketbal Professionele League (CBA) De tweede fase van de competitie bleef beginnen, Zhejiang Guangsha en Shanghai Herenbasketbalteam hebben gewonnen, tijdelijk de Ten tweede, drie van de aanbiedingen; Nanjing Tongyu is 86: 101, het verdedigingskampioen Guangdong herenbasketbalteam. In het aangezicht van het Fujian-team in de wederopbouwperiode opende Zhejiang Guangshang de overtuiging van het winnende geloof, het eerste segment van het middengedeelte bleef een golf van 13: 0 kleine Kroaters.

In termen van Fujian, hoewel buitenlandse hulp sterk wordt ondersteund, hebben de twee partijen aan het einde van de helft 21 punten bereikt. Het belangrijkste offensief van het Fujian-team in de tweede helft, Chen Linjian is nog steeds koud. Het Guangsha-team zal meer doorbrengen, en eindelijk vijf mensen scoren dubbel en winnen op 109: 84. De Nanyin, die in de afgelopen staat slecht is, heeft het basketbalteam van Guangdong heren dat herformaat. Het eerste kwartaal, de enkelvoudige sectie van het Guangdong-team verscheen 8 fouten, maar dezelfde kracht is beperkt en het team van Guangdong ging op 29:24 het tweede gedeelte binnen. Het tweede festival, Guangdong Team Yi Jianlian begon de rol in de interne lijn te tonen. Hij ontving 26 punten in een halve veld om het team van Guangdong te helpen bij 59:39 een halve scène.

De tweede helft heeft nooit het verschil verminderd en het vierde gedeelte is vroeger geregeld om het "niveau" van de jonge spelers te regelen.

Nanjing Tongyu kwam uiteindelijk een continu 15e mislukking tegen. Het Ningbo-team en het Shanghai-team hebben ook uitgevoerd.

Met Liu Wei 20 punten, 4 rebounds, drie assists en twee stelen uitstekend spelen, met 119: 85.

(Verantwoordelijk Editor: Li Wei Bin CN092).

Commodity opens most down glass futures lead

  China Finance News (Reporter Zhang Lijing) Wenhua Financial Data show that November 17th3%.CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

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Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Strengthening Network Information Protection

The Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Strengthening Network Information Protection In order to protect network information security, protect citizens, legal rights and other organizations, safeguard national security and social public interests, special as decisions: 1. National protection can identify citizens Individual identity and electronic information involving citizen personal privacy. Any organization and individual must not steal or use other illegal ways to obtain citizen personal electronic information, and may not provide citizen personal electronic information to others.

  Second, network service providers and other enterprise institutions collected in business activities, using citizens personal electronic information, should follow legitimate, positive, necessary principles, express the purpose, ways and scope of collection, use information, and collectors Agree, do not violate the provisions of laws, regulations and the collection, and use of information.

  Network service providers and other enterprise business units collect, use citizen personal electronic information, it should be disclosed and used in rules.

  III, network service provider and other enterprise institutions and their staff must be strictly confidential, not to disclose, tamper, destroy, and may not be available for sale or illegally.

  IV. Network service providers and other enterprise institutions should take technical measures and other necessary measures to ensure information security to prevent disclosure, damage, and loss of citizens’ personal electronic information collected in business activities. The remedy should be taken immediately when information leakage, destroying, and loss is taken.

  V. VIN, network service providers should strengthen the management of information issued by their users, find that laws, regulations prohibit posting or transfer, should immediately stop transferring this information, take elimination, save relevant records, and to relevant supervisors Department report.

  6. Network service providers apply for users to access website access services, apply for fixed-line telephone, mobile phone, etc., or provide information publishing services to users, requiring users to provide real identity information .

  7. Any organization and individual do not agree or request an electronic information recipient, or the electronic information recipient is clearly refused to secure the phone, mobile phone or personal email address. Eight, citizens discovering the network information of the disclosure of personal identity, spreading personal privacy, etc., or has been invaded by commercial electronic information, which has the right to request network service providers to delete relevant information or take other necessary measures to stop.

  Nine, any organization and individual have the right to report, accusation of the relevant competent authority to steal or illegally obtain, sell or illegally provide citizens, and other network information illegal crimes, and other network information illegal crimes. The department that the accusation should be handled in time according to law.

The infringers can file a lawsuit according to law. X. The relevant authorities should perform their duties within their respective terms of reference, taking technical measures and other necessary measures, prevent, stop and investigate or deal with or other illegal methods, sell or illegally provide citizen personal electronic information to others. And other network information illegal crimes.

The network service provider shall cooperate when the competent authorities perform their duties according to law, and provide technical support. State organs and their staff should be confidential for civil information in fulfilling their duties, they must not disclose, tampering, destroying, and must not sell or illegally provide others. 11. If there is a violation of this decisive behavior, give a warning, fines, confiscate illegal income, revoke permits or cancel the filing, turn off the website, prohibiting responsible personnel to engage in network service business, etc., record social credit files and announce , Constitute a violation of public security management behaviors, and give public security management penalties according to law.

Constitute a crime, be held criminally responsible.

If the civil interest in others, I assume civil responsibility according to law. Twelve, this decision will be implemented since the date of publication.

Party Basics: Writing the "Jiji Diary" of "Learning and Recognizing"

Party Basics: Writing the Theme Education "Jiji Diary" Jiang Qi January 17, 2020, 17:34, January 17, January 17, 17:34: General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the "unforgettable, remember the mission" Theme Education Summary: " The initial heart will not naturally keep it naturally, it is slightly not paying attention to fading, and it will dry up for a long time. " It can be seen that the party members and cadres can only prevent micro–, perseverance, and use ideal beliefs to nourish the initial heart, lead the mission, in order to be cautious, long time. Tong Yan said "good memory is not as bad", squeezing out a little time in busy work, using the "old way" to write a diary to record what you want to be a new era of party members and the times, self-revolutionary " Good tool.

Of course, such a diary must be deeply entered into the bottom, but also to "learn to modify the thinking", the good talk method, and the form of the truly, so that it can be "unforgettable, keep in mind The mission "is attached to the plastic wrap.

Diary to write the subject education should include the progress of learning to use. Learning is like rowing upstream.

Party members and cadres should take a big thing to learn lifelong learning, to promote the initial mission in learning, in order to make a new challenge and new changes. So, in writing a diary, we can look for places you have learned, you can’t learn, and mark your own form. Perfect monthly. At the same time, we may wish to plan a learning point in the diary, record the place that has not yet understood, it will be important, the latest policy documents are extracted, and the advanced work method, classic case is recorded, and Creating, Japanese diary, always thinking, daily learning, the "spiritual calcium" in the diary becomes self-sublimation, self-improvement. Diary to write the subject education should include the self-cultivation of self-cultivation. Confucius said: "See the sorrowfulness, see you in the sages."

This requires our party members and cadres to follow the provinces of self-discipline, change their self-new "self-provincial mirror", and keep itself clean image.

It is true that party members are not naturally improved with party age and positions, if they want to keep their initial mission, they don’t fade, they will keep a greater consciousness, forming a style of unremitting, unbreakable style. , Thick thoughts, prevent a thousand miles from the embankment from the ant hole.

Therefore, you may wish to find a slightly in writing diarries to reflect in the deficiencies, and put the work business, and the day is repaired;

In this way, party sex cultivation will not breed bacteria, corruption, and will always belief, will have a stormy.

Diary to write the subject education should include the determination to be shattering.

The ancients said: "The gentleman is too, such as the sunset: too, people see them; more, people are all."

Correct mistakes, dare to face the problem, overcome the shortcomings, be brave in the bones, to the rushing muscle, this is the reason why our party can have long-term governance.

The purpose of writing a diary is to practice the initial mission in the heart. Choose a good, put your heart, use a "strict" word, and implement it in action, and avoid virtual work.

In the process of writing a diary, it is necessary to gradually see the innovation yourself in the action, see the progress yourself, see yourself in the blade, see the self-conflict of temptation, dare to attack the hardship, force idle Yourself, in the form of a written diary, often changed, and the best of the atrial breakage, and finally complete the self-revolution. Write diary is not only a purpose or a process. It is time to keep the thorns, and it is more necessary, and the light of the belief is to illuminate the road.

Diary to write the subject education should include the common thinking activities of seeing the sage.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "party members and cadres should be brave enough to face contradictions and problems, take the initiative to challenge, and innovate."

Indeed, "learning without thinking, 罔, 思 则 则 则", truth and progress is born in thinking, innovation has also come from hard thinking.

Such ideas can be new in daily life, which can be new gains in work, or a new exploration in the business entrepreneurship, and it can be a new discover in theoretical learning.

In the written diary, we can think of the knowledge theory to learn in your own way. Take the connotation with your heart, you will be difficult to record the questions encountered in your work. Think about the new way, new way Ideas, new initiatives, this is more and more open, thinking will become more and more clear, and the method will be more likely to continue to enhance the ideological consciousness and political consciousness of your life. The difficulty of the world is like, and the world is easy to dye.

To write "Jiji Diary", often study often change often, and use the unwanted self-revolutionary determination.

In short, let us use the way of writing a diary, let the initiality and mission in the vivid practice of the people who serve the people, let the initial and mission into the actual actions of the business entrepreneurship, let the initiative and mission write a new era. Chapter.

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The first report constructs the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Destiny Community President to clarify the key points

MoreTwenty-eight-leaders’ informal meeting (November 12, 2021) President Xi Jinping, Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, respected Adene, colleagues: I am very happy to meet you.

First of all, I appreciate the efforts made by the Prime Minister and the Government of New Zealand A Deen for this meeting. The meeting to "promote economic recovery after the epidemic and achieve common prosperity of the Asia-Pacific people and future generations" as its theme, is of great importance.

  This year is the 30th anniversary of China’s accession to APEC.

30 years, China is deepening reform and opening up 30 years, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is expanding for 30 years.

Asia has become the world’s most dynamic growth and development potential of the region, has always been at the forefront of world economic development has made positive contributions to world economic growth and the well-being of the people of the region.

  Last year, we achieved a preliminary basis Bogor goals, adopted in 2040 布特拉加亚 vision, reaffirm the benefit of early heart the people of the Asia-Pacific, proposed to build an open, dynamic, robust, Asia-Pacific community goal of peace. This year, we jointly developed a plan to implement the vision.

We want to promote the implementation of Vision 2040, to build open and inclusive, innovative growth, interoperability, cooperation and win-win Asia-Pacific community of destiny.

We will work on a few things. First, to promote cooperation in the fight against SARS and economic recovery. Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is still grim, the fragile world economic recovery difficult.

As soon as possible to overcome the epidemic and restore economic growth, is the most important task of the current members of the Asia-Pacific. To the scientific response to the outbreak, deepen international cooperation and promote vaccine research and development, production, equitable distribution, to ensure the availability and affordability of vaccines in developing countries, bridging the "immunity gap." China announced that the year will strive to provide 2 billion of foreign vaccine, has so far provided more than 1.7 billion, including the provision of grants to more than 110 countries.

Not long ago, I proposed a global vaccine initiatives on behalf of Chinese cooperation on the G20 leaders Sixteenth Summit.

China has clearly provided $ 3 billion in the next three years to support developing countries to develop drugs and resume economic and social development. China welcomed the APEC key to promoting exchanges of commodities and personnel safety initiative, will continue to provide support to "respond to the epidemic and economic recovery," sub-funds, the members help economic recovery and development.

  Second, the Asia-Pacific to build an open economy. Asia-Pacific is the lifeblood of open cooperation. To adhere to open regionalism, with 2040 vision as a guide, promote regional economic integration, early completion of the high-level Asia-Pacific free trade zone. To practice genuine multilateralism, adhere to dialogue and not confrontation, inclusive rather than exclusive, integration without decoupling, in order to firmly maintain the core of the WTO multilateral trading system. China supports the implementation of the APEC "to strengthen the structural reform agenda" and "service industry competitiveness roadmap."

We look forward to "Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement area" scheduled to take effect next year, has applied to join "a comprehensive agreement with the progress of the Trans-Pacific Partnership."

  Third, promote innovation and growth in the digital economy.

Innovation is an important driving force leading the world development. To adhere to the general direction of innovation-driven, new engine ignited the digital economy, digital technologies allow more results to benefit the people of the Asia-Pacific region. To fully implement the APEC balance "of the Internet and the digital economy roadmap" to build an open innovation and development of productive forces, fair, equitable, non-discriminatory environment. To strengthen infrastructure digital base, accelerate the digital transformation, and strive to bridge the "digital divide", to promote the comprehensive development of the digital economy.

China put forward the initiative to promote interoperability in the digital age, supported the strengthening of international cooperation in the digital economy, we have applied to join "Partnership Agreement digital economy." Fourth, inclusive and sustainable development. To adhere to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and actively respond to climate change and promote green low-carbon transition and build a community of life on Earth. China will strive to achieve the 2030 peak of carbon, carbon neutral 2060 and support developing countries in the development of green low-carbon energy. China ready to work with relevant countries to promote high-quality build "along the way."

To fully implement the United Nations sustainable development agenda in 2030, so that the fruits of development more equitable benefit people of all countries.

In September this year, I proposed in the United Nations General Assembly on global development initiative, aimed at promoting global development towards balance and harmony inclusive new phase of great significance to promoting sustainable development in the region.

Economic and technical cooperation is an important area of ??cooperation in APEC, we should devote greater efforts to ensure that developing members benefit, development and prosperity for the Asia-Pacific region continued to inject new momentum.

  Dear Colleagues! This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Let more than 1.4 billion Chinese people live a better life, the promotion of human peace and development, is the goal of the Communist Party of China vowed.

At present, China has already opened a new journey of building a socialist modern country. China will unswervingly expand opening up, China’s development opportunities to share with the world and members of the Asia-Pacific.

  New Zealand has a Maori proverb: "Success is never a personal virtue, but on the collective.

"China is ready to Asia-Pacific members to actively promote the construction of the Asia-Pacific community of destiny, work together to create a new chapter in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

  thank you all. Producer: Yan Wenbin planning: Chen Zhi Producer: Pingjun Coordinator: Xie Peng, Qi Zijian, Yan Jun Yan text: ZHAO Jingjing, Tu Yifan Reporter: Wang Fiona, Lu Rui, Dubai Yu, Yu Song, Occurred, Yin Nan, Zhang laughed then, Hao Yalin, Tsai Shu Asia , the Yellow River, Ze Cherenkov, Wu Hao, Zhu Yubo, Lu Huaiqian photography: Huang Jingwen, Li Xiang, Guo Xu Lei, Li Wanli editor: Wang Zhao, Huang Xingwei, Wang Jiansheng, Wang Xiaomei, Zhao Yan, Norman Tong, Chen and Tang have vision: onion painting depending Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency international Department make international communication integration platform produced.

Rich! Tianjin Wuqing This infiltration preaching make the theory "live"

2021-12-09 Wuqing Civilization Network In order to promote the spirit of the Sixth Party Congress of the Communist Party of China, Wuqing, the Sixth Party Congress spirit into the grassroots, into the masses, and Tianjin Wuqing District gives full play to the grassroots people. Active, the performance of the party’s performance, the public, and organized the "Wanjia" literary and art preaching activities of "deep learning to worry about Wanjia", which is welcomed by the masses.

  Winter and the sunshine in the new era Civilization Practice Center in the area, dozens of audience sitting together, quietly listening to the poems of Zhou Zi Ni, such as Zhou Zi Ni, etc. in the District Cultural Center, and reported to the motherland. " "As a literary and art preliminary, I would like to promote the spirit of the Sixth Party Congress of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and create more works, the publicity of the ground, and the literary art of the people. In the form of preaching, let the party’s theory ‘fly into the usual people’s home’.

Zhou Zi said emotively said emotions. "Communist, is a lighting light in our heart, putting a banner of Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics." The Complete Board "Plenary" won the audience’s burst. Performance Wang Baocai told Xiaowu. After the Sixth Party Congress of the Communist Party of China The small show "Large truth", promotes the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party in the spirit of "Literature + Propaganda" in the "Art + Propaganda" method and the spirit of the sixth party generation will be deeply rooted in the hearts. China "curtains in China." Look at the performance, listen to the principle, learn the spirit, this form is very in line with our appetite. After listening, I feel that Wuqing’s future development will be better, and everyone’s life will become more and more happy.

"The audience said Zhou Chenglun.

  Next, Wuqing District will continue to organize the spiritual preaching activities of the Sixth Party CPC spirit and district of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China. Schools, enter families, talk about the party’s spirit, and inject strongest kinetic energy for high quality development in the region.

(Beautiful Wuqing public number graphic, editor: midsummer).

The country only 50 Anhua Black Tea National Geographic Logo Product Protection Demonstration Zone was officially launched

Anhua black tea part of the product. People’s Daily Network Li Fangsi photo people network AC November 12th (Li Fangson, Dai’an Ting) This morning, the establishment of the launching ceremony of the China Geographic Logo Product Protection Demonstration Zone was held in Hunan Anhua.

In August of this year, Anhua Black Tea National Geographic Sign Product Protection Demonstration Zone was successfully selected by the National Intellectual Property Office of the 2021 National Geographic Label Product Protection Demonstration Zone to prepare for construction, and only 50 exemplary areas across the country were selected.

The National Geographic Sign Product Protection Demonstration Zone is based on the protection of geographical marking products, with a certain scale, management specification, and products can have significant demonstration to drive the surrounding industries. Create an Anhua Black Tea National Geographic Logo Product Protection Demonstration Zone, will further promote the improvement of standard system, testing system, quality control system and management system construction, improve the quality and product competitiveness of "Anhua Black Tea" product quality and product competitiveness, and improve black Tea "social cognition and brand reputation, promoting the development of cultural and energy in the county field, giving further income, industrial improvement, and greater contribution of rural resolution. In recent years, Anhua County has put strengthened the protection of tea industry geographic logo products as an important task that promotes intellectual property, quality and powerful county, and focuses on the first batch of Anhua black tea successfully selected the first batch of "People’s Republic of China and the European Union Geographical Sign." Protection and Cooperation Agreement Protection List and created the foundation for the exemplary area. Anhua County also gathered in the county’s wisdom to develop "Anti-Black Tea" Geographical Sign Product Protection Management Measures ", 10" Geographical Sign Products Anhua Black Tea "Local Standards and other normative documents and other regulatory documents, establishing an Anhua Black tea from the tea garden to the standard system of the tea cup, actively guides eligible manufacturers to use "Anhua Black Tea" special logo, and currently authorize the new geographical logo dedicated logo to use the company has reached 102.

Zhang Zhizhi, the party group of the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Duan Zhixiong, said that the construction of the IP Bureau, the improvement mechanism is the foundation, strengthening protection is the core, to be based on the improvement efficiency, and lead to positioning. Strengthen the protection of geographical symbols, do a good job in the construction of national geographic logo products, and to implement the implementation of the intellectual property construction project, "145" national intellectual property protection and application planning, further improve the political station, The big man of the country. The deputy secretary of the Anhua County Committee, Zhou Xian, the county magistrate, and Anhua will use this as a new starting point, trick, use strong, seek effect, and strive to create a new "highland".

Adhere to high standard construction, high-level protection, build national geographic logo protection demonstration boutiques, form a reference for reference, can be reproduced, can promote, promote geographical indication management reform walking in the forefront, making a model. The venue continued to carry out the use of the "Geographic Sign Products Anhua Black Tea" series of local standards and geographical logo special markers, which was teached by the Chairman of the Tea Society of Hunan Province, Teaching Hunan Agricultural University.

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She really is really together with the other party.,Will only harm each other。

The most critical thing is that she really didn’t feel a little bit of Liu Mountain.。
Liu Yanfeng looked at Liu Mountain that lost the soul。
Although she has already done Liu Mushan, I have been disappointed.,But when you see Liu Mountain, the appearance of the appearance,She is still shocked。
“Hill,What’s wrong with you?
It’s not like this to be rejected.!”
Looking at Liu Yufeng’s concern,Think of your own sister’s unusual thing。
He is not helpful to see your own sister.。
“sister,I am fine.,After Sun Yaru left,I am ready to contract her Lotang.,By the way, I want to open a small restaurant.。”
You still want to open a hotel?”
I heard the plan of Liu Youshan,Liu Yanfeng has some hair time,She thought that Liu Mountain was rejected.,Will deprecate for a while。
But I didn’t expect Liu Yosheng still have a long time.。
“Yup,I am not a one course.,Sister, you said,I shouldn’t want to eat swan meat at first.,People say flying,How can I touch it?。”
“She is only a short stay now,I thought she would not fly.,In fact, people have always been able to fly.,Just don’t want to fly,Or do you have any people who are putting down here?。”
“Now she is dead,So I have to fly away.。”
Liu Mountain said this,Although it is some distant soul,But Liu Yufeng heard it out,Liu Mountain did not have any blow。
Even the heads of Liu Mountain also analyzed the head。
This is a rare place。
“Hill,Is she telling you??”
Liu Yanfeng does not believe that Liu Mountain can think of so much。
“sister,These also use her pro-person??
So many pursuits have no success,I don’t care about it.,Not successful,Coupled with her relationship with Li Hui,Not very hard to think about it.?”
“exactly,Not very hard to think。”
Liu Yanfeng has a tear in the eyes of a time.。
First, she feels that this younger brother grows up.。
“Row,Waiting for her,You go to the laundry,If you want to do a hotel,My sister accompany you,As long as you can do it,Not married a woman。”
Liu Mountain heard this,It’s also laughing.。
“sister,Before doing,I am going to learn the hotel for Li Hui Feng.,I don’t know if I can tell him.?”
I listened to Liu Youshan.,Liu Yanfeng also understands that this brother is meaning.。
“You want to go to steal your teacher?”
“sister,Don’t say that it is so ugly,If you can make a teacher,But don’t teach me,I just learned a few pieces of dishes.,After all, the tourist season,We can be cheaper than this small hotel.,Then the whole open-air meal is also good。”