She really is really together with the other party.,Will only harm each other。

The most critical thing is that she really didn’t feel a little bit of Liu Mountain.。
Liu Yanfeng looked at Liu Mountain that lost the soul。
Although she has already done Liu Mushan, I have been disappointed.,But when you see Liu Mountain, the appearance of the appearance,She is still shocked。
“Hill,What’s wrong with you?
It’s not like this to be rejected.!”
Looking at Liu Yufeng’s concern,Think of your own sister’s unusual thing。
He is not helpful to see your own sister.。
“sister,I am fine.,After Sun Yaru left,I am ready to contract her Lotang.,By the way, I want to open a small restaurant.。”
You still want to open a hotel?”
I heard the plan of Liu Youshan,Liu Yanfeng has some hair time,She thought that Liu Mountain was rejected.,Will deprecate for a while。
But I didn’t expect Liu Yosheng still have a long time.。
“Yup,I am not a one course.,Sister, you said,I shouldn’t want to eat swan meat at first.,People say flying,How can I touch it?。”
“She is only a short stay now,I thought she would not fly.,In fact, people have always been able to fly.,Just don’t want to fly,Or do you have any people who are putting down here?。”
“Now she is dead,So I have to fly away.。”
Liu Mountain said this,Although it is some distant soul,But Liu Yufeng heard it out,Liu Mountain did not have any blow。
Even the heads of Liu Mountain also analyzed the head。
This is a rare place。
“Hill,Is she telling you??”
Liu Yanfeng does not believe that Liu Mountain can think of so much。
“sister,These also use her pro-person??
So many pursuits have no success,I don’t care about it.,Not successful,Coupled with her relationship with Li Hui,Not very hard to think about it.?”
“exactly,Not very hard to think。”
Liu Yanfeng has a tear in the eyes of a time.。
First, she feels that this younger brother grows up.。
“Row,Waiting for her,You go to the laundry,If you want to do a hotel,My sister accompany you,As long as you can do it,Not married a woman。”
Liu Mountain heard this,It’s also laughing.。
“sister,Before doing,I am going to learn the hotel for Li Hui Feng.,I don’t know if I can tell him.?”
I listened to Liu Youshan.,Liu Yanfeng also understands that this brother is meaning.。
“You want to go to steal your teacher?”
“sister,Don’t say that it is so ugly,If you can make a teacher,But don’t teach me,I just learned a few pieces of dishes.,After all, the tourist season,We can be cheaper than this small hotel.,Then the whole open-air meal is also good。”

“Another thing I have to tell you,You go out of the hospital to hear others say,Will not accept。”

Lu Wei nodded,“Think,You said.,Dad came to this step,Nothing unacceptable。”
“Then you accept things that share a wife with others.。”
Lu Si is not to talk about。
Insane,No mouth such as a knife。
Lu Wei is angry and low.,“This matter, you have already said it.。”
“Correct,I have already said it.,Blue,It is also because this thing is hurt by Qin Ning’s love.。”
“You also know this person,企业 企业 的 总,Blue blue in the underground garage together two people,And heard the victory of things that should not listen。”
“Lu Haokai,Lu Si,Not your child,A Cheng has made parent-child identification,And Qin Ningzhen and Yan Wei also said.。”
Lu Wei only feels that the brain is hot,A angry straight brain top,He is black in front of him,The whole person flooded backwards。
“dad,dad”Constisi throws the package in the hands,Go to the bed of the bed。
The doctor quickly rushed over,Land:“doctor,My father has been stimulated and fainted.。”
A doctor looked at Lu Si,Quickly down to check Lu Juan。
Just look at Lu Yu’s pupil,Lu Jian, but woven,He lowered:“All out,I can’t die.。”
Constis:“”She is relieved.,She thought he was.?
After the doctors left,Lu Si also picked up the package,Sit back on the chair,not talking。
Then talk about it again,Give him,She can sin.。
Hate,It is also your father,If there is no Qin Ning’s appearance,She and Dad’s feelings will never be nervous now.。
Remember when it is small,Dad likes her and AC,Going back every day,I am very happy to see them.,At that time, their family lived really happily.。
But the happiness is not going to have been broken.。
“Think,Is it true??
Xiaokai Herne is a child of 晔?”
Lu Wei is weak,He has been hit,Qin Ning gives him a green hat.,It’s not small to hit him.,But,Even children are not his,Such blow,Is the most deadly。
Lu Si looked at him,Temperature temperature and a bit:“If you don’t believe what I said,You can check yourself after discharge。
Qin Ning wants to kill you,Just after I want to get Lu Yong Group,And 翟 晔 光明 大大,You will lying here。”
“This death woman,I can’t afford her.。”
He touched the bed。
Constis:“Her final result will be sentenced to death,You don’t have to spend her hard.,She is not enough to be sentenced to death.,Her brother’s things,What should you know?,She will eventually be sentenced to death because of his big brother.。”
“have no idea。”
Lu Wei sat slowly,“What is her big brother??
I remember,Her brother has been dead for many years.,There is also a brother,It is also straight for the whole day.,The whole family is eating and drinking by Lujia.。”
Lu Si shakes his head:“I don’t know this details.,Just,It seems to be because of gambling things,In the case of quarrel with your family,His big brother is surprising。
That person is dead and we have no relationship,Your current body is stable.,Can be discharged to go home,You have to go to the old home or go back to the old house?”
“Old house,Lu Haokai and Lu Sine have no face to continue,Have already moved away。”
after all,She regardless of,Uncomfortable,He is no one.。
Lu Jie’s eyebrows looked at daughter,Go to the nursing home?
She really said exports。
Back to the old house,He dislikes the dirty,To renovate。
And he lives alone.。

Gan Yifan doesn’t care about her,Talk while walking:“Hurry up,After finding two stone houses,We have other things to do。”

“I am afraid。”She shouted。
“Don’t be afraid,I don’t know how long people have died。”
It’s just that people are afraid!Don’t mention how depressed Xu Wan is,I didn’t dare to shine the headlight on the skeleton,Trembling and banging along the other wall。
Soon,Gan Yifan is back,“I have no,What about you?”
“Find it yourself。”Xu Wan Qidao。
What’s up?Gan Yifan is inexplicable,Pull out the black blade and chop and chop,Turn around and say:“Nor here,Let’s go。”
“What do you want to do?”Xu Wan couldn’t help asking。
“Li Hongyan and I have space under the cave,I watched it carefully when I left just now,The cave on her side also has three sandstone layers,And your cave has only two sandstone layers,then,You dig to my side。”
Gan Yifan’s expression is not very clear,But Xu Wan already understood,“You mean to say,As long as a cave with three sandstone layers has underground space?”
“This should be,But I have to find it before I know。”
“What are you waiting for,Hurry up,I know there are three sandstone layers in several caves,hurry up,We dig in one by one。”
During the digging operation,Time is passing day by day during the digging process。
January 25th,Which is the fourth day of the digging operation,The people exploring the abyss are back。
on the platform,A sword、Roll of bamboo slips,A few pieces of soft armor like a belly,There are many bits and pieces,Such as bracers、wristband、Hairpin、Headwear、Jade and so on,There are even a few skulls。
People who come back from the abyss are very excited,Including Wu Heng,He approached Gan Yifan and said:“What a pity,You didn’t go,Otherwise you will see the ancient battlefield ruins,Skeletons everywhere,Pile up as high as a floor,Scary?”
“So many people died,Just these few swords?”Gan Yifan spoke with a sense of superiority,It’s just that Wu Heng didn’t notice。
He was still in excitement,“Of course not only。”He said,Dig from the backpack,Take out a broken knife,Show off:“look,I broke up,No need to hand in。”
Then the next action,Made Gan Yifan moved,Wu Heng gave him the broken knife。
He took,Hold it。

“Why did you go,Come home so late。”Mother’s voice is powerful and powerful after the meal。

I turned around with a hippie smile,The face is full of pleasing pleats。“It’s been a long time since I haven’t seen the fish,Brother and Dad have faded out of their stomachs。I went to fish in the river for them。”
“Why don’t you wear your pants??Where is the fish you touched?”Mom asked suspiciously。
I saw her thinking about me again,If she can’t tolerate her thinking, I will reply sincerely:“The body is too wet,I’m worried about getting fishy smell on my pants,Don’t you have to be tired when you come back?。You are busy all day long,The son can’t save you snacks。Big night,I’m a big man again,Not afraid of being seen。in turn,I really want to run into a girl,I’ll serve you tea as a daughter-in-law。Fish?Was taken home by one head。He said his mother was dying,Need to make up。”
“You’re so short-hearted。Didn’t he bluff you?Just Xiao Biao’s fucking physique,She doesn’t know where the hospital door is opened。You say you,Busy working for nothing。Don’t be with him next time。”Mom’s trivial calculations for me,Sometimes annoying。
“okay。Got it。Next time it’s fucking really dead,I won’t give him。Alright?”I responded to the donkey slope。
“Your mouth is really awkward。Can you talk back then??”Mom will call me a fool,I think I’m a bastard again,She really puzzled me。
She protected me when I was injured,Pamper me,Even bother,Against others。Such as the three artillery incidents caused by stealing apples,Although belong to the same village,How many years have passed,But to this day, the two families still clean the door,Old and dead。Steal of the same nature,The end result of playing games to steal the water well is a 180 degree change。Every time I think about it,My heart is like a knife,My face is hot and red,Hotter than the shoe pumps on my face,Redder than the face of the sun。I think hard to understand,What is the difference between the two things。Until later,I suddenly understand。She doesn’t want me to let“Hourly nail,Big steal”This ridiculous and satirical remark has been effective。
First24chapter See also Uncle Berlin
Reconciliation between me and my mom is a simple matter in my opinion。Just when she abandoned me,Regardless of my days,I wash her clothes,Cook,wipe the table,do the washing up,I did the duty of a housewife beautifully。But she was indifferent,Turn a blind eye,Treat me like a piece of Antarctic ice。I insisted for a week,to me,Housework has been credible。
Dinner was a bit later than usual this day,Because I made a tomato scrambled egg for my mom that I still respect every time I go home。Mom had a bite of rice,Put down the chopsticks,“Don’t do anything tomorrow。This final exam,If you enter the top three of the class,I forgive you。Beyond this,Reward you with another hundred yuan,Do whatever you want!”I’m bored and swallowing rice,“Ok?Ok!Ok!Ok!No,No,no problem!A gentleman,Hurry up。Isn’t it the first three in the class?!Pediatrics!”The result can be imagined,I got the first place in the class。The only time,The most meaningful time,Remember once in a lifetime。From then on, my mother firmly believed in my heart that I was good for reading。Parents of rural students will judge whether their children have a future in their studies through the results that can’t prove anything again and again。Unexpectedly,Originally refers to reading talent。Mom thinks I am a genius,Reading is the only way for me to take off my peasant coat。she does not know,How many wee hours have I spent for this short-lived first place。Although I always read those words without emotion as a kind of useless work,Seeing a mimeographed test paper on the table, I even have the urge to take a mouthful of thick phlegm。And I acted against my heart this time,Actually just want her to treat me as a son of hope。But she won’t understand,If I use this hard work in other ways, I will be omnipotent。Reading is orthodox,This argument is deeply ingrained to her,Has been implanted in each of her brain cells,Immortal。No matter how much I don’t care about the test results,But it did make my mom look at me with admiration。We are as happy as before。It’s worth it!
“Just now,Two minutes before you enter the door,I heard a shout,Howling like a ghost。I sounded like the daughter of Lao Wang behind,Is it Nan Nan??You come from behind,Do you know what happened??”Mom thought about this in a daze,Inadvertently asked。The speed of her switching topics makes my brain a bit unable to keep up with the rhythm,And cut me every time。
“I do not know!I heard it too,Also scared me。May be a cockroach,Rat,owl。Girls are afraid of these things,I met someone tragic than the other,It seems that who can be called more heartbroken and who is more like a woman。”I touched a cold sweat,Silently surrendered to my flexibility。
“Not like it!How can I see a mouse like a ghost?。”Mom won’t let go,Keep asking。

“Put your cool fart!Your people camel,The ear is still not?”Yue Lao San does not usually know what is known。

Wood peak,Looking at Yue Lao Sanyi Yushu,However, Ye Ming Niang and Yuzhong Crane,At this time, I also rely on the three surroundings of Yue Lao.——They have three groups,Wood peak is still not an opponent。
Herring Tree saw Yue Lao 3、Ye Erdiang,After that, the sound of the sound is strange:“Where is the friend?,But you have to visit this general?Please come in.!”
Si fuser has always been arrogant in a dining hall,Duan Yanqing is still there,Some hearing does not listen to the meaning,However, the paragraph of the holiday is big.,Herring Tie Tree also tolerance,However, now Herlian Tree has a three-fierce tolerance.,It is getting down,Especially because of the cause of Yue Lao San last night,I still take rid of the Chu Deirers。
Herring Tie,Chu Deiren heard……
If only“Belly language”Or“Kilometers”if,The sound can be sent very far,However, if you exceed your listening range,But can’t hear the sound of the sound。
楚 人“Sound soul”,But there is a happy party“Emotive”Characteristics,Not only your own voice is far away,In the range of its own sound,Although the meticulous sound is still unable to detect,But just cause too much air vibration,Impact on itself to a certain extent,You can get feedback!
In the original, Li Qiushui is using this trick.,Dragonfly,When a nursery rose,Directly found that nursery and virtual bamboo hide in the ice。
The gap between Chu Deirers and Li Qiushui can not be left.,Other conversations Chu Deirers have not heard,Just can’t hear Yue Lao Sanyang,However, Herlian Tree is deliberately drinking.,The Chu Deiren is heard.,But I didn’t care。
I rang again for a while.,After playing a chapter,Westernxia Strokes defended outside the temple,See a high nose、The bunch of the four-party national character face,There is also a handsome son holding a paper fan,And one is holding……kindness?Hind……Cough,Similar young and handsome son,The big light came over。
“Come、What is the person??”Guarding also knows that the three do not provoke,But still don’t dare to release it directly。
“Northern Joe, with your general,There is also the successor of Dali.,And my passerby came to visit,Quick circulation。”Chu Deirers put out the scene of the first gift。
Although the team with Qiao Feng,Can、Can output,The combat power score is greatly improved,But after all, there is more than two hundred people in the West.,Still first touch it again……
However, the Chu Deirers are not too worried.,After all, the original work is that fake Qiaofeng can,Not to bring Zhen Joe,But turn over?
“North、North Qiaofeng?You are Qiao Feng?”The West Xia Samurai on the door is shocked。
Obviously compared to Duan’s inheritance、And what is the passerby,still is“Qiao Feng”More shocked。
The guards of the door are just one person.,Insidamental report,Other people are more guarded to look at Chu Deirers.……
Qiaofeng did not have a hard time,Soon, the sound of inviting:“Hahaha,Since it is a famous northern Qiaofeng.,How do you have no rules??Not so fast, please come in.!”
Just the West Xia Guard will lead the three people on the road.,It can be seen that the West Xia Guard is a heavy alert.,Never express this fantastic。
Three people in the hall,Qiaofeng looked at the pot of cooking beef,Can’t help but have some frowning——He also likes to eat meat.、Datun,But some feelings on the temple,Seeing that the people in the West。
The Chu Deiren is looking to his face.“Zombie”,There is also a free hand in the rolling water.“Strong man”……
Duan Yanqing heart knotted half、It is not behind a dining hall,These two people should be the highest master of Yipang network。
“Zombie”There are short-lived hands before and Chu Deirers,From the number of roads, Wang Yizhen is recognized as the Xiangxi zidge door.,And inferred that it is probably the martial arts in Xiangxi!
In Chu Deire,This is also reasonable——After all, although the spirit of 湘 湘 子 子,But it is also a child who is interested in,Big old-distance goes to the north to reveal。
Yin Kexi with Persian、Tianzhu Yoga Master Nith,And for the three masters under the bust,The three martial arts in the middle of the top mid-term is second only to the golden wheel,And all in the huff,When I saw three people,Also feel pressure and threat。
Today, this big rivers and lakes,West Summer still exists,Perhaps the price is high、probably is“Ning Meng Chicken”,Xiaoxiang will not be strange in a dining hall。
As for the meat,Chu Deirers are not recognized,There is no amazing momentum,But from the seat,This person and the Xiaoxiangzi are at the left and right hand of the Herlian iron tree, respectively.。
Duan Yu is here to look at Yue Lao, who is hiding behind.……
“Nanhai crocodile,You have seen Master、Uncle、Teacher,Why don’t even say hello??Is the South Sea Part to this rule??”Duan Yu direct opening squeezing。
Yue Lao San see can’t hide,Gas face、A large purple,Stretching the three people screaming,But still squatting,Crushing the powder of two tiles,Then the head is not shouting:“Yue Lao two worships Master!Humph……I am so angry、I am so angry、I am so angry!”
Let’s make a light effort,Want to leave the wooden window on the side of the hall。

“Forget it,Go straight ahead。”

“If you can solve the other party,That’s best,If not,They also scrapped at least half!”
Looks at Wang Teng,Actually such a thing,It is very important。
So other questions,Actually, I don’t need to consider too much for the time being。
But at least here,Actually these things,But there is a great need to deal with it.。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from now on,What should we do about these problems,Actually it has become obvious。
And the more so,In fact, while Wang Teng was looking at these。
at this time,Wang Teng itself,It doesn’t feel much at all。
But just like this,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,An idea suddenly popped up。
“Since they are willing to consume,Then start now,I can fulfill them。”
“but,Other things actually,There is nothing to say,Just look at them,Can it be resisted?!”
When Wang Teng saw this,In fact, for such things,From the current point of view,It gives people a very good feeling。
slowly,See these,Wang Teng at this time,Actually, I don’t think,What will look like this。
And see here,Actually here,The more Wang Teng thought about it,The more I will feel,It looks good like this。
slowly,I swept in front of my eyes subconsciously。
The more so,Actually here,Wang Teng himself,No feeling at all。
in fact,Wang Teng has already planned。
And it looks like Wang Teng,Actually such a thing,Almost processed。
right now,It depends on what Hong Deshao should do。

Why didn’t he think of people in the house will not even say,Directly。

“Who are you?
Why do you want to beaten??”
Li Hui Feng see the other side of the appearance,Whisketing。
“How much do they owe you?。”
“Three three million。”
I don’t know,Seeing Li Hui’s eyes,He Dafu feels that Li Hui seems to be like killing.。
“I still have this money.,You give me a list.。”
“What list?”
He Dafu listened to Li Hui Feng to be a single child,He is a little panic in his heart.,Because Yao Lao is in his treatment, he will also be 10,000 pieces.,Even yet,Even a lot is he followed by him.。
And Li Hui is very obviously unlike a good lady.。
“They owe you money,Don’t you have an agreement??”
Look at the appearance of the other party’s feet,Li Hui Feng is hard to imagine how good the other party is medical.,After all, in his impression,The doctor is obese, but it is quite small.,Can’t say no,But less。
And village doctors are less fat.,Because the village doctor does not follow the clinic,Village doctor is full of mountains,Who is sick and is active to go to the other family?,This day, I want to be fat, I want to be fat.。
But what Dalifu in front of me,Li Hui said that the other party is a person who has no medical ethics from the words of Xiaopingan.。
“You don’t have an agreement,Then prove they don’t owe you money.。”
“Have,I have got,You are waiting here,I’ll get it。”
He Dafu said,Run back to the side。
See He Dafu back,Old sidelines have an urgent point to Li Hui:“Small doctor,You will go alive.,He Dafu brothers five,In Yao Jiawang, it is a number of boss,You just played him.,He must call the brothers.,100% is not the same。”
Li Hui, listen to this,Hur more interested。
“Hey-hey,Grandmother,You can rest assured.,I can solve this.,Is it just your village??”
“The village is a tube,But how can I??
The most is the most in verbal.,Even if they sometimes even don’t put them in the eyes.,Boy,You still go alive.。”
Yao Laojing looked at Li Hui’s slim body,Think about what a few brothers, the big waist round,Don’t want to think,Li Hui will be 揍。
“Hey-hey,Old milk year,You can rest assured.,I have no problem.。”
“Let it go,Let’s take a drink in advance.,I am leaving,They will definitely take small peace,You will take it away by them.?”
Li Hui’s words,Let Yao Lao Taisheng is also a。
“Hey,Can you still do it?,In fact, he didn’t say it.,Peaceful, can not be able to eat well,Following me, an old lady is simply being crime。”
Xiao Ping listened to this,I can’t cry, she is not crying.,Returned to tears immediately。
“grandmother,I don’t leave you.,I follow you, I can also work.,And I can’t go to school.,I can help you at home.,firewood,Feeding chicks,I can do it.。”

The seemingly simple sentence of the strong man is extremely oppressive,Shi Mu Luo looked back at the elevator nervously,It will take a while to reach this level,But at the speed of that big man,I’m afraid before the elevator arrives,I came to her first。

Shi Muluo’s breathing began to rush,She must immediately figure out a way to escape,But at this extremely urgent moment,She suddenly laughed,Then a big smile bloomed on his face。
“seriously,I hate arrogant men like you,Obviously can directly accomplish the goal,But I have to keep talking,I didn’t realize that I underestimated the opponent’s strength,Even deliberately exposed the flaw to the other party,In the end, I can only end up with a dead end.。”
“what are you saying?I didn’t hear clearly。”The big man deliberately pulled out his ears with his hands,In his opinion,Shi Muluo said these things,Just to delay time,Waiting for the elevator。
“The man i admire,When the words he wanted to kill you appeared in his mind,The action has already been completed!”
The voice has not fallen,The strong man only felt a chill rise behind him,Then my neck hurts,Don’t even know what happened,Already out of breath。
Shi Mu Luo let out a long sigh of relief,I wiped the blood on my face with my sleeve,Sliding down against the elevator door,Sitting on the ground,She has never been as nervous as she is now。
Yu Zhe stepped over the corpse of the strong man,Reach out,The other hand took the gun in her hand,Don’t let her hold such dangerous things,I’m not worried that she shot and wounded people,Mainly for fear of being taken away by others,Will hurt her。
Shi Mu Luo did not speak,Close your eyes and try to adjust your breathing to calm yourself down。
Maureen follows from behind,The elevator just arrived,Three people enter the elevator,Finally got a short rest。
Shi Muluo looked at Yu Zhe,The continuous battle has made him very tired,There are no less than ten wounds all over the body,But he still keeps his usual appearance,Touch Shi Mu Luo’s hair,Comfort her“nothing。”
The elevator goes up slowly,If nothing unexpected,This elevator should go straight to the inside of the villa,If you are lucky, the location should be not far from Bert,But what kind of scene will be seen after the elevator is opened is unknown,In case someone is waiting outside,Shoot at them as soon as the elevator opens,That would be bad。
“Ding——”The elevator finally stopped,The scene outside the elevator door is considered to be the three of them“Mixed”,At least no one raised the gun directly,But the man standing there are two big men as strong as the man downstairs。
Ignore anything else,Yu Zhe went straight out of the elevator and raised a gun to shoot,Although he is not familiar with firearms,It may not be able to hit the enemy,But give it a try,Just in case,The next close combat can save a lot of energy。

Imperial City Avenue in the Imperial City of Water Drop Lake,In fact, it’s just outside the prosperous road outside the court of Zhumen。

Zhu Minglang originally wanted to fly directly into the Imperial Capital Yangcheng on the Shenmu Qingshenglong,But considering the imperial capital Yangcheng is not the site of Zhumen,It’s not allowed to fly a dragon。
It’s still early,Aunt Bai Xin makes people wish bright、Nan Lingsha prepared a luxurious carriage,Let them go slowly,By the way, you can also take a look at the prosperity of Water Drop Imperial City and Central Imperial City。
Slowly to the Central Imperial City,The ground is already covered with big bronze stones,These boulders are neatly cut,Polished smooth,Sun shining on it,Like a place of gold and copper。
“many people。”Nan Lingsha sees that such a spacious road has become somewhat congested,Speak softly。
“Let’s go over,I don’t know when this carriage will arrive。”Zhu Minglang said。
Power Big Ratio uses a very open approach,Five Imperial City Avenues,As long as you think you can,Just walk in the brass battlefield,As long as it can last for the specified time,Even selected。
and so,Power ratio,Basically, I didn’t sign up in advance.,Even if you are not a member of the forces,You can also enter the battlefield,Wait for you to last several rounds in a row,Naturally there will be forces that will want you。
Zhu Minglang、When Nan Lingsha arrived at this brass battlefield,,There have been a lot of people around,As if to celebrate some holiday。
As for those driving around the brass battlefield,Restaurant with excellent view,Business is booming,For some people,Drinking while sitting in a restaurant,While watching the chaotic competition in the bronze battlefield,Is also an ultimate enjoyment。
So,Some prestigious people in these restaurants,They set up a gambling game,Before the competition,Just choose the number of disciples,Survive every round,Even if you win。
Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha walked into the brass battlefield,Qin Yang has arranged a seat for them to avoid being crowded with the crowd。
The Brass Battlefield is an epic arena left behind during the reign of the Holy See,Big enough to hold nearly 10,000 people to train together here。
There is no wall around the battlefield,Only the moon-shaped pond river,Divide the crowded city streets。
So the people in the imperial capital only need to come early,You can take a good position on the other side of Chihe,Watch the thrilling fight in the brass battlefield directly。
same,Those restaurants built around the brass battlefield,Better vision。
to be honest,Just anyone can see,Not even charge for tickets,Come early,Don’t be squeezed behind the crowd。
And on the surface of the moon arc pond river,There are also some white big stone pavilion seats,It’s prepared for the noble people of the major forces。

That’s why the big fonts are used to lock Ming brother and those strong,Because Hailoushi can’t contain their own power。

But Hailou Stone is a very strong thing,So even if their own power still exists, they can’t break it,Can’t escape。
The distance between Leo and Green Bull is quite different,When Leo reaches level 85 or above, countless sea water and sea building stones may be suppressed.。
Whether it is turned into soft-footed shrimp by the sea floor stone becomes the difference between the strong and the weak。
This is also the basis for dividing forces,Why are both lieutenant generals,Some people are powerful second-rate forces,And some people are first-class forces。
It’s because of the former’s fruit ability that those with sea floor stones will soften their feet.,No difference from major general and brigadier general,So they started from the 70th-level brigadier general,The organizations created by the weak lieutenant are all second-rate forces。
These strong,Known as the strong on the sea。
First97chapter Brother Ming calls
Leo sent several cadres to the new world to find the fruit of vampire the next day,He doesn’t know the exact location,But he knew that this fruit was in a town called Torrance,And no surprises,This town is in the first half of the new world,Do not need to enter the realm of the four emperors。
otherwise,The group of more than sixty ranks under Leo dare not go。
“If not found in a short time,I’ll look for it myself when I have a chance!”
No one knows this fruit except him,After all, it takes nine years to wait for this fruit to be born,He has a lot of time。
Leo was going to lick his face and Weibull“Duel”,But suddenly someone sent a phone worm。
Just a glance,Leo knows who sent it。
Because it’s so familiar,This iconic mouth and glasses。
Leo picked up the phone worm,Then the person who sent the phone bug hurriedly left,I’m afraid I won’t buy the same standing ticket。
“Hello Ming!”
Almost simultaneously,Two people greeted,Seems to have known each other for a long time。