“Previous sentence。”

“I just want you to come back early.。”
in the dark,Gao Bao’s face has become。The brain lit up that light,But I can’t catch up.,Like something is separated by something。
“I haven’t been there.,I just said that winter is too cold.,You have to come back early。”
Li Mu Tan is eager to cry.。
“Correct,Winter cold!I never thought about it.!Is cold in winter!”
Gao Boyi has always had a psychological misunderstanding,I thought that the past is the southern,So he thinks it is cold in the winter.,A bird。
However,Really sore,In fact, it is not the case.。He has ignored this.,I have heard that Li Zhiling reminds to come back to God.。
Even the cold in the north,That is not the same。
邺城 这,Winter big sun afternoon,Can comfortable,That taste is a refreshment。
However, there are Taiyuan, Shanxi,Cold wind blows people just want to go back to the nest,I don’t want to go out at all.!
Previous plan,Gao Biyi is intended to be hard with Jinyang.,Use tactics to defeat them!Use them to hungry in your belly,A stick to kill this disease。
I think of it now.,Still too simple。
Why don’t you fight for the old delay?!
Jinyang is abiding in the absence of isolation,They are all military households!Military households are families,Those people are not a wolf tiger leopard,They also have families,What they also do!
When the war is not bad,Those people will not think of winter.,The father of the family is in starvation,It is likely but this winter?
They will not be anxious?
Will they do nothing??
They will not be military heart to scatter back to the hometown Jinyang?
Everything is possible!
that time,Jinyang Liuzhen is not only hunger and cold,They are afraid that even the military can’t maintain it.!This is followed by the lanterns of the Liberation War,The artillery party uses poor financial means to put the small landlord and small workshop,Results The middle and low-level officers of those people,The heart is flying。
In addition to playing logistics,Playing or people!
I always felt that I didn’t play Jinyang Liu Town.,I have found their life.,This battle will win。
“Ha ha ha ha,lady,You are really a lucky star for your husband。”
Gao Biyi will put Li Zeen on the bed like a hungry wolf.,Kissing the red lips of each other。
Since it is excluded,That’s natural, how to wave, how to wave,I was pulled for so long by Li Tan.,He can’t help but have already been.。
Tonight he has to indulge indulgence,Start from tomorrow,Start planning thoroughly hangs Jinyang six towns in Xianbei!

NS944chapter Think
Recently,The Light is full of anxiety every moment.,I have almost sleeping a sense of instability.。
I like speculation,People who like to stand,Of course, you can live around。But before the overall situation has been set,You are also the biggest pressure。
Because you didn’t make a clear enemy,There is no clear friend and relying on the mountain。at this time,Need to be patient and firm will,Otherwise, it is not allowed to go up.,Instead, finally fall into the water.。
After the team team is good,Nor did it say all things,Boats may also be turned!
in the past,Whenever a critical moment,Dragon’s dragon gold,I will point out a bright road.,A station team that let the lawn home。However, the roller is not only by the side.,It’s even a little message.,seriously,Have taken“That step”Billow light,I am very fearful in my heart.。
seriously,Hold him in the line,Stand team,Don’t say that the old bold is gold,Even the brothers are not as good as。The rhythm is getting angry.,In the early years, I will interact with the other party.。
This eye is really not the light of the Light.。Because of knowing this,So deceased light is particularly frightened。It can be said that all the future of the Robust home,It’s pressed on him.!

Guangdong Provincial Highway,There was also a car accident 20 kilometers east of the crash site of Li Tianzhen,A Dongfeng truck driving in the opposite direction suddenly deviated from the driving route,Crashed the partition in the middle,The huge inertia made the car rush to a jeep driving from east to west,The man in the car is Shen Yingjie, who is in a hurry,Facing a sudden disaster,After many years of special training experience, she is still quite calm and calm.,Jump off the car decisively before the two cars collided head-on,Although saved my life,But can’t keep the car。

Seemingly ordinary car accident,Make Shen Yingjie helpless,But something more weird happened later,After the catastrophe, Shen Yingjie stumbled to his feet,The sight in front of her made her quite frightened,Her jeep was knocked off the road,Lying on the roadbed,The front face falls apart,And the lower part of the front of the Dongfeng car is also sunken in half,Broken glass and broken parts all over the floor,The nearly ten-meter-long body slanted across the road。
Shen Yingjie limped and checked his jeep first,The cab is deflated and not decent,Her heart suddenly chilled for half a year,I didn’t find the phone after touching for a long time,There is a screenshot of the map when the red dot that represents Li Tianzhen finally disappeared.,The location is on this provincial highway,Twenty or thirty miles west,But no picture,She also has difficulty positioning,And the transportation that rushes past is also reimbursed,The only way to do this is to contact the instructor as soon as possible。
So Shen Yingjie turned around and went to check Dongfengche,I hope the driver is fine,Or use the mobile phone to call the police and contact the instructor,But the strange thing is that there is no one in the cab of Dongfeng,Not only no one,Not even a trace of blood,Could it be that I was thrown out in the crash?
Shen Yingjie circled the scene of the horrible car accident several times,I didn’t even find the human hair,She couldn’t help taking a breath,Is this car accident planned beforehand??
Can’t let her think,At this time, several passing cars have stopped,Can’t go without stopping,Although the provincial highway is not busy late at night,But there are still passing vehicles from time to time,The Dongfeng truck occupies almost three-quarters of the entire road,Can no longer pass smoothly,Small model,The courageous can slowly wipe the roadbed and pass carefully,A slightly larger car can’t get through,More and more vehicles,The accident site quickly became lively。
Someone called the police long ago,Shen Yingjie also successfully borrowed the phone from the enthusiast,But couldn’t contact the instructor,Extremely depressed,He simply assigned it to Xu Wen,I dialed several times before calling,It’s a pity that the call tone only rang halfway,The phone was taken back by an enthusiast,“Please,out of battery,How can you fight like you in the middle of the night?”
Shen Yingjie, sorry,Repeated apologies,Turned around and wanted to find someone to borrow the phone,A black off-road vehicle parked next to the roadbed,The driver poked his head,“pretty girl,Want to call,here has。”
“Thank you。”Shen Yingjie quickly went around。
“Phone charging,Just feel wronged。”An enthusiastic man in the back seat of the car handed the phone out of the window,The back of the phone is still connected to the wire,Shen Yingjie doesn’t care too much,I didn’t even examine why the other party bothered to hand out the phone from the back row.,Just smile at each other friendly,Phone,Dial the number down。
Just at this time,Enthusiastic man suddenly stretched out his arm,Suddenly hugged Shen Yingjie’s neck,Desperately in the car,Shen Yingjie suddenly lost his focus,The upper body fell into the car involuntarily,But once‘Ranger’’S members are not so easy to deal with,Shen Yingjie, who reacted in an instant, took advantage of the right elbow with an elbow,Hit the opponent’s cheek fiercely,Power Dodge,Pity this person didn’t even have time to shout,Shen Yingjie’s second attack completely silenced this person,Left hand punch,Directly on this person’s abdomen,Put the strength trained over the years,How can ordinary people stand it??
But this group of sneak attackers is obviously not so careless,While Shen Yingjie fought back,A guy also appeared behind her,Suddenly hugged Shen Yingjie and slammed into the car,This person is extremely powerful,Shen Yingjie can’t control her posture at all,Suddenly Zhou got into the car,A strong man in the co-pilot also shot,Turn over quickly,I grabbed Shen Yingjie’s hair with my left hand,The right hand is a hard punch,Pounding on Shin Yingjie’s temple。
Hit by mistake,The position is very bad,And this person is very powerful,Shen Yingjie suddenly became dizzy,Conscious resistance becomes meaningless waving of limbs,I fainted when I got soft。
Sudden change,Surprised the drivers who were waiting in line around,Many enthusiastic people shouted,“Hey,What are you doing?”
The off-road vehicle suddenly starts,First slammed forward,Drive the car ahead more than a meter away,And then quickly reversed,Rammed the car behind again,Then suddenly turned left,A sharp turn completes a U-turn,Whistling and fleeing retrograde。
Chapter 591 Death harvest

“Oops dad!What can happen,Mr. Xia has carefully arranged for us,Moreover,We just stalk,It’s not a fight,Don’t worry“Dragon Ball interrupted Uncle Long。

The old man still reluctantly shook his head and said:“Mischief,You are so capable,What are the police doing??“
“Uncle Long’s worry is correct,Our actions last night were a bit reckless,We have to learn this lesson“Xia Jian yawned and said,He is really tired。
Zhang Sangui looked at Xia Jian,Whisper:“We were too careless,I didn’t expect to make a noise,Let these guys run away“
“I think it’s Mr. Xia deliberately letting them go,Otherwise we will set up an ambush at the foot of Nanshan,The police came from Beishan,Don’t make them dumplings”Heiwa said with a smile。
Xia Jian glanced at everyone,Said slowly:“Maussen is desperado,Not only do you work hard,And they have guns in their hands,In case you get pressed by the police,Let’s practice the gun,You said we can do it?”
“Hahahaha!smart people,now it’s right,Don’t go head-to-head with these people,Not to mention on their turf”Uncle Long heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help laughing。
after eating,Everyone took a break,Under the leadership of Uncle Long,To check the project under construction,The project leader heard that the CEO of the entrepreneurial group came,Of course it’s enthusiasm。
Everyone was greeting,Xia Jian asked the project leader a few questions,His answer made him very satisfied,Look at the tourist base that has trended,Xia Jian’s unspeakable joy。
Before parting,Uncle Long holds Xia Jian’s hand,Whisper:“You have to pay attention to this man Mao Sen,He is not good,And i feel,There should be someone behind him to support him,Otherwise, we can get more than 100 people from outside the province,Not a trivial matter”
Xia Jian nodded,Whisper:“I remember uncle“
Another journey,When I return to the company,It’s more than four o’clock in the afternoon,Just entered the office,Jin Yimei ran in,Xia Jian asked with a smile:“What’s wrong with Mr. Kim?“
“Damn!I am sorry,The loan from the Agricultural Bank is due again,It could have been turned around from CCB,I didn’t expect a small problem occurred midway,I mean you and Su Hang have grown acquainted,See if…“Jin Yimei wants to speak but stops。
Xia Zhima understands her meaning,Smiled slightly:“Ok,I’ll take care of this“
Jin Yimei just left,Wang Lin rushed out,She holds a small notebook in her hand,Opened and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!Tomorrow June 1 International Children’s Day“

Fava beans are confused,“I will do this?So why did they come out?”

“will not。When my text message arrives,You start to tear down the parking lot door,No need to dismantle,Fool around and run,Never stay。We met in the small square outside the east city,Mute the phone。”Li Tianchou took out a pistol from his arms and handed it to the broad bean,“Hold it just in case,I’m worried that the two of us are not the only ones joining the fun tonight。”
“Don’t,You hold it better than me。”Broad Bean Declined,“You just said that someone is coming?”
“Hold,I don’t need to go in。”Li Tianchou stuffed his pistol into the broad bean,Then looked at the phone,“I guess,Anyway, it’s always good to guard a little。five minutes,You go to the front,Let’s start。”
Broad Bean will put away the gun in doubt,Turned and disappeared into the night。
Li Tianchou has just observed the orientation of several probes,The installation is very hidden,It is difficult to find without careful identification,There are two others hiding in the woods,Very tricky。It seems that the back door has indeed been remodeled,Not as simple as Chen Bin described。
Follow the direction of the probe focus,Li Tianchou took a look,Basically determine the specific location of the back door,Really hard to find,This door is very small,There is no obtrusive place,Almost the same as the surrounding walls。See if five minutes are up,He took out his handkerchief and covered his face。
Two o’clock in the morning,Grandson is sleeping,He has been very tired recently,It can be said to be exhausted physically and mentally。The unexpected gain at night actually added to his panic and anxiety,Ahao、Geng Laowu,Not a fuel-efficient lamp,To this point,Nothing to say,Just die,Don’t think about it,So he needs to recharge,rest well。
Shuitian Yise has long been on holiday inside,Many girls、Waiter、The clerks have sent money to go home,All the people who stayed are security guards,The so-called internal insurance,Is the remaining core staff of Sun Guaizi,There are also a bunch of younger brothers who just collected。There are people in the fifty or sixty。
The food and drink of so many people is a big problem,A short time of being trapped can persist,There must be a problem after a long time,And almost all the profitable businesses outside have been taken away,The days when only going out,No matter how strong Sun Kuaizi is, he can’t stand it。
So he pinned all his hopes on the outside turnaround。Although Gu Weitong ran away,But Sun Guaizi still has a card in his hand,Otherwise, wouldn’t it be for nothing in Fukuyama for so many years??He believes,As soon as Tan Hongchun falls,Life will get better,And he seriously believes,Tan Hongchun will definitely fall,So we have to stick to that day。
In the monitoring room,Several people gathered together to play cards,Everyone is happy,The days when the tortoise is huddled up are just so much fun。Several big screens lined up,It shows the monitoring picture of all directions around the water and sky,Refresh every minute,In front of the main screen,A thin man sitting there was pouring himself,I’m not interested in the noise in front of me。
This person’s name is black cat,Average appearance,Hair style is also ordinary,Even a little messy,There is only one feature that makes people impressed after seeing it。It’s his face that can never wake up,Day and night,Eyes always squinted,The corners of the mouth on both sides remain slightly upturned most of the time,A smile in a dream。
So lazy,Harmless appearance,Let most people relax their vigilance completely in front of him。Only people who really understand black cats,I knew he was terrible。He has been with Sun Kaizi for a long time,Second only to Cui Cheng,But when it comes to cruelty,There is nothing less than,He belongs to the group of people who have been hidden in the snow before。
Black cat likes to sip red wine,Just like some people drink soda when they were young,Very reluctant to swallow。But a slight entrance,Steady stream,Seems to be a kind of enjoyment,He is intoxicated by this way of tasting wine,Sitting there quietly,I can drink two or three in the middle of the night。

Qin Feng doesn’t know much about this description。But if these so-called Anjin and Cunjin really exist,Then their so-called heaven and earth level personnel can only be regarded as mortals!Or a martial artist!But if you can’t master the dark energy,Don’t even have the qualifications to get started。

At least the ancient world was set like this!
“Our Six Ancients,Although I live in seclusion here,But also to find a descendant,of course,If you have that kind of ability, you can try。Have you heard of the sword in the stone?”
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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Three Kunlun Dagger
Sword in the Stone?What the hell?
of course,In many movies or animations,There will be a peerless strong man who will leave his weapon in a certain stone,Those who have the ability to pull it out are destined,After getting the blessing of the Excalibur,Will soar all the way to the pinnacle of life。
This is Qin Feng’s understanding of the so-called sword in the stone。
But he doesn’t think there will be this thing in the ancients,This kind of stalk has been broken,Could it be that the ancients existed to protect those divine swords??
“This thing is real?”Qin Feng stared at Yao Wuwei seriously。
“Ha ha,Be it!”
“Come,Come with me and have a look!”Yao Wuwei beckoned。
Qin Feng had to keep up。
But then again,Although Qin Feng had been in Kunlun for a long time before,,But I really haven’t been able to visit the surrounding area。most importantly,There is mist around here,If no one brings it,He was afraid he would get lost。
Before this mist or something,Qin Feng had doubts,I feel that this thing is artificially controlled。But when I thought it was the weather,Once you can control this thing,How strong is that person??

I heard Chen Geng say that,Ding Haijun’s expression immediately became serious:“Brother,What do you say?”

He is sensitive to,Chen Geng’s next remarks may be the most rewarding part of his trip to Detroit.。
Chen Geng was not polite to him:“I think you are too isolated on this matter,I think this is a manufacturing base used to make foreign money,If you cannot earn foreign exchange from foreigners,This project has no meaning,In fact, this view has a big problem,in my opinion,Even if a car is not exported after the base is built,If it works well,But it also has great significance for China。
The first point you can definitely think of,Is through this project,Learn how to be scientific from foreigners、Reasonably manage a super large manufacturing group——honestly,in my opinion,The management methods of domestic enterprises are too extensive,This cooperation is a good learning opportunity。”
“Makes sense。”Ding Haijun thinks a little,Eyes suddenly light up,Nodded quickly,I couldn’t wait to ask:“What about the second?”
Yes,There is a first there is a second,Since the first one,What about the second?
Chen Geng did not deliberately sell guanzi,Then said:“second,Although the final designed annual production capacity of this project may only be 20,000 to 30,000 vehicles、Thirty or forty thousand,You can take this opportunity to realize the localization of the imported model。”
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded and said:“The purpose of localization is of course not to be able to make the car you introduced in China,But to take this opportunity of localization,Let China establish a perfect car parts supply system and parts development system,This way,Not only can you fully introduce this car domestically,Also developed for the future、Laid the foundation for the production of other parts……”
Before Chen Geng finished,Ding Haijun’s eyes lit up suddenly:“Although we cannot earn foreign exchange by exporting whole vehicles,But we can earn foreign exchange by exporting parts。Thus,The original purpose of earning foreign exchange has also been achieved……Brother,thank you,Really thank you very much。”
Daigo empowerment!
Ding Haijun felt more and more that he came to Detroit to meet Chen Geng this time,It’s really a correct decision,When everyone just regards the waiting project of Magic Capital and Wolf Castle Group as an image project,Some people even rate this project as“Face engineering”when,Who would have thought if this project could be successful,Importance to China?

And besides,And people from the Explosive Mercenary Group joined in。The members of this mercenary group are basically crazy!Play blasting like a drug,Like to create large-scale bombings!”

Speaking of the blasting mercenary group,Tokugawa’s mouth twitches,Because what everyone doesn’t know is,There was actually a blast near a small villa of the Tokugawa family.,His mistress and an illegitimate child died in the bombing。Just as the head of the Tokugawa family,He used his own strength to suppress this matter,So even the people present,Maybe it’s not clear that the Explosive Mercenary Group has done such a thing。
“Ok,Our official patrol has already sent additional manpower to catch people from this mercenary organization。only,They seem to be taking drugs。Many of our patrols died。”
Say here,Kurosawa Jiro couldn’t help shaking his head,The situation in the island country has been a bit tense recently。There are even some citizens who can’t stand the official inaction,So they all stood up and demonstrated。
The only thing the government can do now is to appease the citizens,At the same time, finish the prime minister election as soon as possible。Only then can everything be calmed down。
This is the reason why everyone came to the meeting this time。
“All right,Closer to home。This time I’m looking for three families,That’s because you all have the right to vote。This is the rules and tacit understanding formed over the decades。So this time I hope you all put out the candidates quickly。Then the canvassing time is shortened,Quell this unrest as soon as possible。”
Finished,Kurosawa Jiro looked at everyone present。
Of course he knows,These people at the scene are the real power figures in the family,He also did a data survey。Therefore,So it’s impossible for the real powerists to stand up as candidates。And my proposal one
When coming out,Just waiting for the two big families to call,Let them bring the candidates。
“Minister,It means we are going to bring the candidates over now。After confirming,Just push up,Then we started canvassing for votes, right??”
Because this is the rule,Hasn’t changed in years,So Oda Muzuo asked seriously,It’s a final confirmation。
“Yes,That’s what I mean,After the candidate comes out,Hand in information,Then after shooting a simple promotional video, throw it online to let the public know。So as to stabilize the situation and people,Stop making trouble,do you know?Otherwise, the island council will be messy。This is not good for everyone here!”
(End of this chapter)

Currently,It is one of the few small fresh meats with the highest commercial value,Random endorsement of a product,Just a few million、Tens of millions of income。

have to say,This kind of fresh meat is quite popular,Especially for girls,There is no resistance,Like Fang Rudu,Not to mention other people。
Fang Ru was pulled,Only then came back,Smile at Populus euphratica。
Hu Yang doesn’t think there is anything offending him,Smiled:“Go see if you want!It’s ok!”
Fang Ru saw that Brother Hu was really not angry,Thought for a while,Talk to Brother Hu:“I’ll take a picture,Then come back。”
Talking,Just go inside,Not afraid of those people。There seemed to be screams from the crowd,I can see Lin Shaofen is squeezing sweat for her girlfriend。
at this time,I have to show that the star effect is really strong。
unconsciously,A large number of viewers flooded in the live broadcast room,Encouraging Populus to watch the fun。
Populus just ignored,Tell everyone:“Want to see that star,You can go to Fang Ru’s live room。”
Don’t tell me,Many people actually switch to Fang Ru’s live studio。Watch star,Is the mindset of many people,this is nothing。Especially this kind of small fresh meat that suddenly went on fire,Is very attractive to female audiences。
See a small stall next to Hu Yang,The stall owner also goes inside,Helpless。
These customers,Pity,Are not here for shopping。If you buy something,Then they set up a stall here,How can you make a fortune??
Worthy of being a flea market,Even put out the dolls。
Lin Shaofen picked one up casually,Retro,Looks good workmanship。but,She didn’t like it very much,There are children at home,But if you want to give it to children,Buy new ones too,Who would sell a second-hand rag doll as a gift?Isn’t this Geying??
Just when she was about to let go,Hu Yang suddenly said:“This puppet is good。”
As soon as this word comes out,Not only did Lin Shaofen’s hands tighten,Zhang Qingliang and Hua Zai also looked over。
Brother Hu said good,That’s not perfunctory,Represents valuable!
Lin Shaofen is not stupid,Start asking the stall owner:“boss,How to sell?”
The stall owner is also smart,Haha smile,Extend two fingers。


First1119chapter Unintentional
When Chen Geng’s plane landed at Tu’e Capital International Airport,Wang Dazhi is already waiting at the airport,I saw Chen Geng walking down the gangway that came with the plane,Wang Dazhi walked up quickly:“Chairman,You are coming。”
“Ok,”Looking at Wang Dazhi with unconcealed fatigue on his face,Chen Geng knew that during his absence,Pharaoh’s life may be more difficult。Pat Wang Dazhi on the shoulder,Chen Geng didn’t say much,Just way:“Worked hard,Pharaoh。”
Wang Dazhi’s face is excited,Shook his head:“Not hard,Chairman,I don’t think it is hard at all。”
Chen Geng glanced at Wang Dazhi,Did not speak,Somewhat curious。
“Chairman,This is a foreign arms sale,”Wang Dazhi’s excited way:“This is to make our country famous,This means too much for our company,Don’t say it’s just a matter of strength,No matter how hard and tired,I think it’s worth it,Comrades,Am I right?”
Comrades from COMAC and Hongdu Factory who came to the airport to pick up Chen Geng with Wang Dazhi,Immediately all responded loudly,One by one is very refreshing。
Chen Geng was a little surprised,But more happy:“what?Everyone’s spirits are very high……Ok,How is the situation now?Introduce me。”
Got in the car with Chen Geng,Wang Dazhi gives Chen Genghui report:“According to your instructions,After you left, we figured out a way to move around,Finally got results two days ago,We conducted a simulation training with a unit of the Turkish Air Force through friendly exchanges。”
“what’s the result?”
“very good,”Speaking of this,Wang Dazhi is full of light:“The simulation training with us is from TuyeF-16,That plane is indeed very powerful,As for our plane,It’s the foundation of the trainer after all,Still a bit short,But we are not ashamed,Achieved in simulation training2:1War damage ratio。”

Although he was wearing a dirty gown,,But it is completely different from the glowing priests in the Guangming Dragon Temple,It’s like clothes stolen from the garbage。

Who told him to always hook up with that wanderer called Huazi,The two are the closest?It’s not dirty or smelly!
Lu Menglin glanced at this Mr. Brada with interest,Then smiled at Huang Shaotian:“You are all priests,Come and help。”
Huang Shaotian was taken aback,Step forward timidly,Shook his head and smiled:“This Mr. Bo must have been a very powerful priest before,I can’t compare to him。I have seen it just now,He has performed three kinds of magic,I can’t use each of them now。”
I heard the voice of a girl like a oriole,The priest Brada was taken aback first,The expression on his face is a bit unnatural,Then I heard that the other party did not show hostility,Then became a little confused。
“You are also a priest?Don’t you be afraid to contact me?I’m a sin priest expelled from the temple!”Priest Brada speaks,A bitter smile appeared on one side。
Huang Shaotian shook his head,With a mischievous smile:“I’m only a trainee priest,I just went to the Dragon Temple and heard a few lessons。Since you can perform magic,Explain that your faith is still pious,You are a respectable senior!”
I heard the girl talk to herself in such a polite and friendly tone,Priest Brada’s face eased a lot。
He shook his head,Wryly smiled:“That’s because you haven’t learned about the sin priest,Wait for you to learn later,You will fear me like a snake!”
Huang Shaotian shook his head again,Reach out for Big Brother Wuhao,Said with a smile:“Will not!As long as you are also a follower of Master Wuhao,I won’t hate you。Don’t you know?He is the favor of the Dragon God!”
This remark,The eyes of Lord Brada suddenly sparkled with a fiery light,Under the glance of his magical vision,Sure enough, I saw the faint flow of magic in Master Wuhao。
He really is a genuine Dragon God’s favor!Priest Brada gets excited,On one knee,Offer the highest courtesy to Master Wuhao。
That is besides facing the bright dragon god,The priests are the most pious,The most formal etiquette!
“Get up first!I have a simple idea。Master Yan,If I join your defense system,Coupled with the blessing of the priest of Brada,Will it be very challenging?”Lu Menglin doesn’t mean much to talk,But go straight to the topic,Made his own opinion。