I heard this,Ye Yao is very straightforward:“Because the family is not so red,And my cashier is busy with a good job.,Even some reasons,But the people who collect money have soft。”

Ye Yao does not say this is okay,Say this,Ye Tiancheng feels that if you can’t work with Li Hui,So, you have to destroy each other in the first time.,Resolutely can’t let the other person take root in Guangdong Province。
He feels that this is history,Test the most tested once。
Although he did not taste the food of the food, the food is taste.,But can be so red,And there are so many people who queue in the next day.,I don’t want to come to the taste.。
“If I introduce you to Li Hui,Do you want to?”
Ye Tiancheng has no way to let Ye Yao first a glimpse,Then a beautiful pretty face is red。
“dad,What do you say??
I am still working hard.!”
See Ye Yeno this pair,Ye Tiancheng also sighed in his heart.,How can he not understand his own?。
Just Li Hui’s little child,It is obvious that it is not a provincial oil lamp.。
“alright,Since you are not willing,Then when I didn’t say it.。”
dad,I don’t want to say it.!”
This is the final saying,The sound is like a mosquito.。
But Ye Tiancheng still heard。
“I know you willing,I have to ask people if I have a girlfriend.!After all, it is so young.,The probability of no girlfriend can be very low,Even girlfriends are not only one。”
“And you should not love your mind now.,Just have a good sense,So you have died early or dead.,Of course, the other party is no girlfriend,When Dad, I will definitely work together.。”
Finish,Ye Tiancheng also said that she is a housem friend.,Several people have been sent in。
As for the three black people,It is interrupted,Then repatriate。
Originally he didn’t want three blacks to leave.,Because there is a lot of ways to make each other disappeared on this land.。
However, the things that the three blacks made are really very bad.。
Official request repatriation,He is in the case of no way,Looking for someone to pack each other。
Ye Yeno has no big response to these,It’s just a little bit.,Say that。
“sure!You are not surprised now.,Do not stop!”
“Why do I organize??
They are all taken,And their heart is broken.,This kind of person is actually dead.,Live or bad people。”
This exit,Ye Tiancheng suddenly felt that Ye Yao was a little different from before.。
I used to be very unfortunate that I was very unfortunate.。
But now not only no objection,Instead, faintly say that he is not in place.。
Heard this,Ye Tiancheng also suddenly has a bold decision。
“Hairie,If I have given you the industry now??
Always give people a cashier!”

Even eat leaves!

It seems that this jade mulberry leaf is really nutritious,In the taste of dragon。
“Look at it,Like a new life just hatched,And have you noticed,Its flaws,Also completely disappeared!”Mr. Koi suddenly said in surprise。
Zhu Minglang is also observing seriously。
As Mr. Koi said,The huge trauma Qingzhuo suffered when he was young is gone。
Its bones,Internal organs,Many important bloodlines,All intact!
The Shenmu Qingshenglong itself is a very superior dragon species,If it’s not because of the residual dragon,May even surpass the growth of Bingchen and Bailong。
And now Xiao Qingzhuo has the Azure Phoenix bloodline,Become the Cangluan Qing Sacred Dragon,Noble lineage,Even the remnant dragon characteristics that will accompany it forever are healed!
The biggest problem with Xiao Qingzhuo is the broken dragon。
Perfect solution now,Its potential is even more immeasurable!
Zhu Minglang also showed a smile on his face,The little guy is too bitter and happy,Finally get rid of the huge trauma of young,Nothing can stop it from flying for nine days!
Xiaoqing Shenglong grows very fast,Just finished eating jade mulberry leaves,You can see its feathers growing from its plump and smooth skin,Especially the pair of Cangluan wings,Every feather is like a perfect work of art,When fully grown and plump,This luxuriant plumage will make it extraordinary,Like the darling of the creator!
“Go get some phoenix tree spirit dew,It should soon control some powerful racial abilities。”Mr. Koi said。

Bodhi relies on the control of time and space,Once he enters a certain range,Time and space appear naturally。Hou Yi is a subtle observation of the world of the heart,Can’t fool。

Da Mo Daojun,It’s pure causal deduction,The two have been together,Use this causal connection,Da Mo Daojun can also sense Li Ming。
Even if it is the fourth step of the ultimate path,Although the life level is close to the emperor,But there is still cause and effect。And Da Mo Daojun,It can already be regarded as the best causal power among the Taoist and even the emperor in the Yanlong realm,The Daoist Baize of the Three Realms is also considered a Daoist against Heaven with the same cause and effect.,But after all。Fuxi,Although also good at arithmetic,But after all, he is the best at formation。
The whole Three Realms,Can feel Li Ming’s cause and effect without deliberately isolating cause and effect,There is only Da Mo Daojun。
of course,If Li Ming uses his formation to isolate cause and effect,Even Da Mo Daojun can’t watch the slightest。
“Compliments from Ming Dao,I dare not pick it up。”Da Mo Daojun shook his head,“Brother Dao defeated the three masters one after another,Sealing the Holy City of Scarlet Snow,But it’s not like me。”
Years passed,It has been presumed that Li Ming was responsible for sealing the Holy City of Feixue.,A Letter from Fei Xue Sheng,The feat of defeating the three major masters has long made Li Ming the recognized first powerhouse in the Yanlong realm.,Even surpassed the ranking of Taoists in the endless territory。
But also because Li Ming defeated the three masters,Too powerful,Instead, many forces are quite afraid。
Can laugh with Li Ming,That is, some old friends of the Three Realms,There is also Da Mo Daojun who experienced life and death together,Even the senior sister and senior brother of Tianqiongzong are a little in awe。
“You guy,Just kidding,No matter how strong I am,I still have something to teach you。”Li Ming smiled and asked。
“Have you figured out where Scarlett City Lord has gone??”Da Mo Daojun also knows what Li Ming is asking for,Take out a compass-like magic weapon backhand,Start deduction。
Daojun four steps and three steps,Is a qualitative difference,At least at the time of the Three-Way Master,It’s hard for Da Mo Daojun to comprehend the deduction of the magic elephant stone wall。
but now,He deduced that he had already left the Scarlet Snow City Lord in the Yanlong Realm,Although not easy,Not impossible。
of course,Not easy。
Palace Lord with a strange robe obtained by Damo Daojun during Yu Xinghai,The compass in the hands of Da Mo Daojun moves,There are energy riots on the compass from time to time,But it was easily suppressed by Daojun。
at last,Three days later,Da Mo Daojun’s face turned pale,But the eyes are brighter。

Playing with playing the other’s iron cloth is disabled。

“Teacher Li,Thank you,If you are not you,We may really be bullying.。”
“You are welcome,Let it go,I take you back.,In order to prevent the road in the event of his ambush。”
This time,Li Hui Feng said,They are also unconditional obedience.。
Go out of the door。
Li Hui is next to the two women,Quiet wait for the other side to open first。
But he has overestimated his own strength.。
Zhao Bingru actually did not want to explain all the way.。
This makes him sink directly.。
“Iceriore,You just handed over with the black man.?”
This kind of thing,Zhao Bingru did not deny,After all, she thinks she wants to deny that I may not be denyed.。
“Then who you have learned?”
“Forehead,Our boss!”
Have you surnamed Qin under your boss??
Or have you seen a girl who is almost beautiful than you??
“Forehead,no!But our boss is very beautiful.。”
Have more beautiful?”
Li Hui Feng, this question, one question,Some regrets。
Zhao Bingru heard this is also a glimpse.。
“Teacher wants to find a girlfriend?”
“no,I will send you first.,I will remember me to find me tomorrow.,I have a lot of problems, I want to ask you.。”
“Row,I will go to you tomorrow.!”
The first thousand four hundred and twenty-one chapter planted the arms.
The next morning,Li Hui Hui has long been early morning.。
Zhao Bingru also saw Li Hui to the school,Go straight to Li Hui’s office。
Chai Xiaoman is also followed together。
“sit,You are sitting first。”
“teacher,Do you let us find you??”
Zhao Bingru returned yesterday,I think a lot,I feel that Li Fah is definitely something.,Otherwise, it will not let them come to the office today.。
“Um,Just ask what you are.,By the way, ask the black jade discontinuation in your hand, it is inheriting or always there are。”
Li Hui Feng, these two issues exit,Zhao Bingru is a changing,Chai Xiaoman is not much feeling。
“teacher,This involves the benefits of Zongmen,I can’t tell you!”
“Row,Why did you take your man yesterday??”
About this question,Zhao Bingru is not hiding。
After listening to the wind, according to the point of Trice,He feels like it is really likely to be true.。

How long has it been since Runyu City has no real master,Many cities and lands were occupied by the great powers,As their own territory,They are indeed the original owners of this house,But after several wars,The ultimate ownership of Runyu City is naturally the winner and the holder of the contract。

“There is a large ruined house next to this courtyard,Can live if you clean up,If you don’t mind, just live there.。”Zhu Minglang said。
“This Xiongtai,The deed is no longer useful,And this place is far more dangerous than you think,Here to appoint the lord,Is undoubtedly sending himself to the guillotine,Besides, you are so kind……”Hu Chongming was also polite。
“What’s the point。”Zhu Minglangdao。
“How about Xiongtai sell this contract to me,The parents in the clan were really confused,Sold the city,But who would have thought that it would be trampled by other countries later,Turned into this terrible mess,Our siblings have been recruiting for years,I just want to regain control of Runyu City,If you can sell this document to us,Our Hu’s family can be regarded as justified taking over,It will be more helpful to the reconstruction of people’s livelihood in the future。”Hu Chongming came forward,Said to Zhu Minglang sincerely。
“You plan to win the city??Just like you??”Fang Niannian glanced at it,From the siblings to the armored soldiers,But one or two hundred people!
One or two hundred people,How to capture the city?
Just walked over from the road of Runyu City,The forces in different costumes stationed on both sides of the street,There are many thousands of people,If you didn’t know the chaotic battlefield here in advance,Fang Niannian thought he had entered a military camp!
“Although we are not many,All are elite,Besides, even if you want to take Runyu City,It also needs gradual progress,First take a place in this city,Then slowly expel those influential forces,We have made a long-term plan,It’s just the first step now。”Hu Chongming said。
“Where’s the seal of the lord,How are you going to get it back?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Of course he won the seat of the city lord,If you don’t change ownership within a month,You can just ask for it from Shenfan Academy,Shenfan Academy is not one of those innocent warlords,I believe they will give it back to us。”Hu Chongming said seriously。
Zhu Minglang glanced at Hao Ye。
Hao Ye looked blank,I don’t know what the look in Xiao Shishu’s eyes means。
Zhu Minglang rolled his eyes,Haoye is too dull!
Turn his eyes to Nan Yusuo,Sure enough, the sister-in-law of the Dragon Master is Bingxue smart,I immediately understood what Zhu Minglang meant,She blinked with big eyes,Low channel:“We are the lord,It’s better to support someone to be the lord of the city。”
Governance、management,Is indeed a very troublesome thing,Especially since they haven’t settled here。

that’s it,After satiated,Nie Tao and You Shilong have long forgotten the search for Li Tianchou,The tow frame brought Wenhui to the sky。But it’s been a long time,Can’t get in,Shui Tian Yi Se is a membership system,NoVIPcard,The door can’t be opened。

But it’s not difficult for You Shilong,He looked through the glass window for a long time,Turning to look at the entrance of the underground garage,So let Nie Tao and two of them wait,Come as soon as he goes。really,Less than a cup of tea,You Shilong came back humming a little song,Two more black ones in my handVIPDiamond card,Coaxing。
A card is good,After opening two doors in a row,Immediately there was a beautiful and revealing woman who led the three to the VIP area.。Looking at the dazzling service content,After You Shilong ordered a full spa,Happily followed the two gorgeous girls。Since it’s here,Then let go,Nie Tao and Wen Hui also ordered services separately。
Wenhui is actually very depressed,Not interested in playing,After a hastily dealt with, I returned to the box in the VIP area。He really can’t handle these two people,Don’t do anything。What will happen if Uncle Geng knows?I’m angry with that physical condition,Hey!
Don’t know how long has passed,Wen Hui has been restless,When my hands are sweating,You Shilong and Nie Tao came back together,Two people walking and laughing,Very kinky/swing,Talk about the affair just now,But as soon as he walked in, Wen Hui winked,Means hurry up。
The three left in a hurry,“Contact Ahua,Hurry back to the mountain。”You Shilong Chong Wenhui gave an order,I also took out my phone,Does not explain。
On the way back,Wenhui knew that these two people were originally for the purpose of making trouble,Didn’t plan to play anything at all。But You Shilong just got into the staff area,I saw an old acquaintance,Specifically, an enemy from a few years ago,Used to mix under Biao Qi,Very crooked。
Missed two years ago,I didn’t want to run to Sun Guaizi’s side,You Shi Long Thief Bold,Decisively followed。Anyway, an internal employee’s clothing,If you really want to show off your stuff, just run。
Never expected,At the corner of the corridor he heard the conversation between the enemy and another person,Although it only took less than two seconds,But it is a few frightening words。He immediately gave up the plan to make trouble,Decided to run back to the mountain immediately。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Bunch of pistachios
What You Shilong heard was that the other party was going to copy Geng Lao Wu’s nest at night,Although only a few intermittent words,But he judged that the two of them were definitely not talking nonsense。
The reason,It’s because the other party suddenly lost his voice after a few words,Seems to have heard something。You Shilong feels bad,Immediately returned to run and took off his clothes very quickly,Is it found,He has no bottom,It’s better to leave early anyway。
Nie Tao and You Shilong’s accidental collision saved a crisis,But Uncle Geng didn’t want to understand how Sun Guaizi found this place,I have no choice but to move again。So a few days later, Li Tianchou came to the mountain and saw a scene of people going to the house.。
Just when Uncle Geng and Sun Guaizi came and I played hide and seek,Zhou Nan is not idle either,He is secretly investigating the details of Li Tianchou’s murder。
Because the criminal police team suddenly appeared two captains,Make many police officers at a loss,Now is the critical period for the arrest of Li Tianchou,Zhao Yong took away all the people he could take,Zhou Nan’s position is embarrassing,And there are almost no people around。
But this gave Zhou Nan the opportunity to investigate Li Tianchou’s case,Thanks to Liu Qiang’s secret help,Things are going well。The two cooperated tacitly,All the files that Zhao Yong has,Zhou Nan has a copy,So he knew the ins and outs of the whole case very quickly。
Through careful analysis of the case and some evidence,Zhou Nan preliminarily concluded that Li Tianchou was wronged,And obviously it was made by someone。It’s hard to say whether Zhao Yong is involved,But at least I was blinded by hatred,Even the discussion between the forensic doctor and the policeman on whether the river beach is the first scene has not yet been unified.,Zhao Yong bit Li Tianchou,This obviously violates the principle of case handling。
Therefore, Zhao Yong, who is very emotional, is no longer suitable to be responsible for investigating this case.,Zhou Nan thinks so,But he has no better way,Because he himself belongs to the avoidance category,Unless caught the real murderer,But it doesn’t seem to be reliable right now。
But Liu Qiang told him it was hopeful,Zhou Nan was very surprised。He knew something about the mystery of this old man,And he had doubts about his true identity。It’s because I don’t know much,Zhou Nan never clicked。

“Previous sentence。”

“I just want you to come back early.。”
in the dark,Gao Bao’s face has become。The brain lit up that light,But I can’t catch up.,Like something is separated by something。
“I haven’t been there.,I just said that winter is too cold.,You have to come back early。”
Li Mu Tan is eager to cry.。
“Correct,Winter cold!I never thought about it.!Is cold in winter!”
Gao Boyi has always had a psychological misunderstanding,I thought that the past is the southern,So he thinks it is cold in the winter.,A bird。
However,Really sore,In fact, it is not the case.。He has ignored this.,I have heard that Li Zhiling reminds to come back to God.。
Even the cold in the north,That is not the same。
邺城 这,Winter big sun afternoon,Can comfortable,That taste is a refreshment。
However, there are Taiyuan, Shanxi,Cold wind blows people just want to go back to the nest,I don’t want to go out at all.!
Previous plan,Gao Biyi is intended to be hard with Jinyang.,Use tactics to defeat them!Use them to hungry in your belly,A stick to kill this disease。
I think of it now.,Still too simple。
Why don’t you fight for the old delay?!
Jinyang is abiding in the absence of isolation,They are all military households!Military households are families,Those people are not a wolf tiger leopard,They also have families,What they also do!
When the war is not bad,Those people will not think of winter.,The father of the family is in starvation,It is likely but this winter?
They will not be anxious?
Will they do nothing??
They will not be military heart to scatter back to the hometown Jinyang?
Everything is possible!
that time,Jinyang Liuzhen is not only hunger and cold,They are afraid that even the military can’t maintain it.!This is followed by the lanterns of the Liberation War,The artillery party uses poor financial means to put the small landlord and small workshop,Results The middle and low-level officers of those people,The heart is flying。
In addition to playing logistics,Playing or people!
I always felt that I didn’t play Jinyang Liu Town.,I have found their life.,This battle will win。
“Ha ha ha ha,lady,You are really a lucky star for your husband。”
Gao Biyi will put Li Zeen on the bed like a hungry wolf.,Kissing the red lips of each other。
Since it is excluded,That’s natural, how to wave, how to wave,I was pulled for so long by Li Tan.,He can’t help but have already been.。
Tonight he has to indulge indulgence,Start from tomorrow,Start planning thoroughly hangs Jinyang six towns in Xianbei!

NS944chapter Think
Recently,The Light is full of anxiety every moment.,I have almost sleeping a sense of instability.。
I like speculation,People who like to stand,Of course, you can live around。But before the overall situation has been set,You are also the biggest pressure。
Because you didn’t make a clear enemy,There is no clear friend and relying on the mountain。at this time,Need to be patient and firm will,Otherwise, it is not allowed to go up.,Instead, finally fall into the water.。
After the team team is good,Nor did it say all things,Boats may also be turned!
in the past,Whenever a critical moment,Dragon’s dragon gold,I will point out a bright road.,A station team that let the lawn home。However, the roller is not only by the side.,It’s even a little message.,seriously,Have taken“That step”Billow light,I am very fearful in my heart.。
seriously,Hold him in the line,Stand team,Don’t say that the old bold is gold,Even the brothers are not as good as。The rhythm is getting angry.,In the early years, I will interact with the other party.。
This eye is really not the light of the Light.。Because of knowing this,So deceased light is particularly frightened。It can be said that all the future of the Robust home,It’s pressed on him.!

Guangdong Provincial Highway,There was also a car accident 20 kilometers east of the crash site of Li Tianzhen,A Dongfeng truck driving in the opposite direction suddenly deviated from the driving route,Crashed the partition in the middle,The huge inertia made the car rush to a jeep driving from east to west,The man in the car is Shen Yingjie, who is in a hurry,Facing a sudden disaster,After many years of special training experience, she is still quite calm and calm.,Jump off the car decisively before the two cars collided head-on,Although saved my life,But can’t keep the car。

Seemingly ordinary car accident,Make Shen Yingjie helpless,But something more weird happened later,After the catastrophe, Shen Yingjie stumbled to his feet,The sight in front of her made her quite frightened,Her jeep was knocked off the road,Lying on the roadbed,The front face falls apart,And the lower part of the front of the Dongfeng car is also sunken in half,Broken glass and broken parts all over the floor,The nearly ten-meter-long body slanted across the road。
Shen Yingjie limped and checked his jeep first,The cab is deflated and not decent,Her heart suddenly chilled for half a year,I didn’t find the phone after touching for a long time,There is a screenshot of the map when the red dot that represents Li Tianzhen finally disappeared.,The location is on this provincial highway,Twenty or thirty miles west,But no picture,She also has difficulty positioning,And the transportation that rushes past is also reimbursed,The only way to do this is to contact the instructor as soon as possible。
So Shen Yingjie turned around and went to check Dongfengche,I hope the driver is fine,Or use the mobile phone to call the police and contact the instructor,But the strange thing is that there is no one in the cab of Dongfeng,Not only no one,Not even a trace of blood,Could it be that I was thrown out in the crash?
Shen Yingjie circled the scene of the horrible car accident several times,I didn’t even find the human hair,She couldn’t help taking a breath,Is this car accident planned beforehand??
Can’t let her think,At this time, several passing cars have stopped,Can’t go without stopping,Although the provincial highway is not busy late at night,But there are still passing vehicles from time to time,The Dongfeng truck occupies almost three-quarters of the entire road,Can no longer pass smoothly,Small model,The courageous can slowly wipe the roadbed and pass carefully,A slightly larger car can’t get through,More and more vehicles,The accident site quickly became lively。
Someone called the police long ago,Shen Yingjie also successfully borrowed the phone from the enthusiast,But couldn’t contact the instructor,Extremely depressed,He simply assigned it to Xu Wen,I dialed several times before calling,It’s a pity that the call tone only rang halfway,The phone was taken back by an enthusiast,“Please,out of battery,How can you fight like you in the middle of the night?”
Shen Yingjie, sorry,Repeated apologies,Turned around and wanted to find someone to borrow the phone,A black off-road vehicle parked next to the roadbed,The driver poked his head,“pretty girl,Want to call,here has。”
“Thank you。”Shen Yingjie quickly went around。
“Phone charging,Just feel wronged。”An enthusiastic man in the back seat of the car handed the phone out of the window,The back of the phone is still connected to the wire,Shen Yingjie doesn’t care too much,I didn’t even examine why the other party bothered to hand out the phone from the back row.,Just smile at each other friendly,Phone,Dial the number down。
Just at this time,Enthusiastic man suddenly stretched out his arm,Suddenly hugged Shen Yingjie’s neck,Desperately in the car,Shen Yingjie suddenly lost his focus,The upper body fell into the car involuntarily,But once‘Ranger’’S members are not so easy to deal with,Shen Yingjie, who reacted in an instant, took advantage of the right elbow with an elbow,Hit the opponent’s cheek fiercely,Power Dodge,Pity this person didn’t even have time to shout,Shen Yingjie’s second attack completely silenced this person,Left hand punch,Directly on this person’s abdomen,Put the strength trained over the years,How can ordinary people stand it??
But this group of sneak attackers is obviously not so careless,While Shen Yingjie fought back,A guy also appeared behind her,Suddenly hugged Shen Yingjie and slammed into the car,This person is extremely powerful,Shen Yingjie can’t control her posture at all,Suddenly Zhou got into the car,A strong man in the co-pilot also shot,Turn over quickly,I grabbed Shen Yingjie’s hair with my left hand,The right hand is a hard punch,Pounding on Shin Yingjie’s temple。
Hit by mistake,The position is very bad,And this person is very powerful,Shen Yingjie suddenly became dizzy,Conscious resistance becomes meaningless waving of limbs,I fainted when I got soft。
Sudden change,Surprised the drivers who were waiting in line around,Many enthusiastic people shouted,“Hey,What are you doing?”
The off-road vehicle suddenly starts,First slammed forward,Drive the car ahead more than a meter away,And then quickly reversed,Rammed the car behind again,Then suddenly turned left,A sharp turn completes a U-turn,Whistling and fleeing retrograde。
Chapter 591 Death harvest

“Oops dad!What can happen,Mr. Xia has carefully arranged for us,Moreover,We just stalk,It’s not a fight,Don’t worry“Dragon Ball interrupted Uncle Long。

The old man still reluctantly shook his head and said:“Mischief,You are so capable,What are the police doing??“
“Uncle Long’s worry is correct,Our actions last night were a bit reckless,We have to learn this lesson“Xia Jian yawned and said,He is really tired。
Zhang Sangui looked at Xia Jian,Whisper:“We were too careless,I didn’t expect to make a noise,Let these guys run away“
“I think it’s Mr. Xia deliberately letting them go,Otherwise we will set up an ambush at the foot of Nanshan,The police came from Beishan,Don’t make them dumplings”Heiwa said with a smile。
Xia Jian glanced at everyone,Said slowly:“Maussen is desperado,Not only do you work hard,And they have guns in their hands,In case you get pressed by the police,Let’s practice the gun,You said we can do it?”
“Hahahaha!smart people,now it’s right,Don’t go head-to-head with these people,Not to mention on their turf”Uncle Long heard what Xia Jian said,Can’t help laughing。
after eating,Everyone took a break,Under the leadership of Uncle Long,To check the project under construction,The project leader heard that the CEO of the entrepreneurial group came,Of course it’s enthusiasm。
Everyone was greeting,Xia Jian asked the project leader a few questions,His answer made him very satisfied,Look at the tourist base that has trended,Xia Jian’s unspeakable joy。
Before parting,Uncle Long holds Xia Jian’s hand,Whisper:“You have to pay attention to this man Mao Sen,He is not good,And i feel,There should be someone behind him to support him,Otherwise, we can get more than 100 people from outside the province,Not a trivial matter”
Xia Jian nodded,Whisper:“I remember uncle“
Another journey,When I return to the company,It’s more than four o’clock in the afternoon,Just entered the office,Jin Yimei ran in,Xia Jian asked with a smile:“What’s wrong with Mr. Kim?“
“Damn!I am sorry,The loan from the Agricultural Bank is due again,It could have been turned around from CCB,I didn’t expect a small problem occurred midway,I mean you and Su Hang have grown acquainted,See if…“Jin Yimei wants to speak but stops。
Xia Zhima understands her meaning,Smiled slightly:“Ok,I’ll take care of this“
Jin Yimei just left,Wang Lin rushed out,She holds a small notebook in her hand,Opened and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!Tomorrow June 1 International Children’s Day“

Fava beans are confused,“I will do this?So why did they come out?”

“will not。When my text message arrives,You start to tear down the parking lot door,No need to dismantle,Fool around and run,Never stay。We met in the small square outside the east city,Mute the phone。”Li Tianchou took out a pistol from his arms and handed it to the broad bean,“Hold it just in case,I’m worried that the two of us are not the only ones joining the fun tonight。”
“Don’t,You hold it better than me。”Broad Bean Declined,“You just said that someone is coming?”
“Hold,I don’t need to go in。”Li Tianchou stuffed his pistol into the broad bean,Then looked at the phone,“I guess,Anyway, it’s always good to guard a little。five minutes,You go to the front,Let’s start。”
Broad Bean will put away the gun in doubt,Turned and disappeared into the night。
Li Tianchou has just observed the orientation of several probes,The installation is very hidden,It is difficult to find without careful identification,There are two others hiding in the woods,Very tricky。It seems that the back door has indeed been remodeled,Not as simple as Chen Bin described。
Follow the direction of the probe focus,Li Tianchou took a look,Basically determine the specific location of the back door,Really hard to find,This door is very small,There is no obtrusive place,Almost the same as the surrounding walls。See if five minutes are up,He took out his handkerchief and covered his face。
Two o’clock in the morning,Grandson is sleeping,He has been very tired recently,It can be said to be exhausted physically and mentally。The unexpected gain at night actually added to his panic and anxiety,Ahao、Geng Laowu,Not a fuel-efficient lamp,To this point,Nothing to say,Just die,Don’t think about it,So he needs to recharge,rest well。
Shuitian Yise has long been on holiday inside,Many girls、Waiter、The clerks have sent money to go home,All the people who stayed are security guards,The so-called internal insurance,Is the remaining core staff of Sun Guaizi,There are also a bunch of younger brothers who just collected。There are people in the fifty or sixty。
The food and drink of so many people is a big problem,A short time of being trapped can persist,There must be a problem after a long time,And almost all the profitable businesses outside have been taken away,The days when only going out,No matter how strong Sun Kuaizi is, he can’t stand it。
So he pinned all his hopes on the outside turnaround。Although Gu Weitong ran away,But Sun Guaizi still has a card in his hand,Otherwise, wouldn’t it be for nothing in Fukuyama for so many years??He believes,As soon as Tan Hongchun falls,Life will get better,And he seriously believes,Tan Hongchun will definitely fall,So we have to stick to that day。
In the monitoring room,Several people gathered together to play cards,Everyone is happy,The days when the tortoise is huddled up are just so much fun。Several big screens lined up,It shows the monitoring picture of all directions around the water and sky,Refresh every minute,In front of the main screen,A thin man sitting there was pouring himself,I’m not interested in the noise in front of me。
This person’s name is black cat,Average appearance,Hair style is also ordinary,Even a little messy,There is only one feature that makes people impressed after seeing it。It’s his face that can never wake up,Day and night,Eyes always squinted,The corners of the mouth on both sides remain slightly upturned most of the time,A smile in a dream。
So lazy,Harmless appearance,Let most people relax their vigilance completely in front of him。Only people who really understand black cats,I knew he was terrible。He has been with Sun Kaizi for a long time,Second only to Cui Cheng,But when it comes to cruelty,There is nothing less than,He belongs to the group of people who have been hidden in the snow before。
Black cat likes to sip red wine,Just like some people drink soda when they were young,Very reluctant to swallow。But a slight entrance,Steady stream,Seems to be a kind of enjoyment,He is intoxicated by this way of tasting wine,Sitting there quietly,I can drink two or three in the middle of the night。