Adhere to the people’s first hundred years of struggle to go to the road

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For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Zheng Shipeng (Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, Associate Persons, Vice President) The Sixth All Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of ChinaThe Sixth All Meeting Publication, vividly showed a Chinese Communist Party to lead the Chinese people’s own revitalization, and the system combed the experience of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle.Science experience revelation.

Adhere to the people’s first one is an important part of the party’s experience, and the Chinese Communist Party is deeply reflected in the vivid essence of the Marxist proletarian party. On the road to the second hundred years of struggle, we must adhere to the people’s supreme, further unite the people, rely on the people, and deliver satisfactory times to the people. I adhered to the people’s first, the party’s 20-year-old Tourism Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session received a new era project, that is, from the party’s 100-year struggle to see why we can succeed, how can we understand the future? Continue to succeed, and more determined, more consciously practiced the initial mission, and better adhere to the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Research and cracking this magnificent historical topic, the times, the key is to clarify the fundamental status and role of the people in the process of the party’s struggle, focusing on dialectically understanding the logical relationship between the party’s 100-year development and the innovation creation of the people. "Adhere to the people" and interpret the party’s purpose and the initial mission.

Looking back at the history of the party’s hundred years, as a proletarian party established under the guidance of Marxism, the Chinese Communist Party always adheres to the inner unity of party spirit and people, and always follow the people’s thoughts in the historical material material of Marxism, always use the people as "reliable ", Restore the people’s main status as historical creators.

It is under the guidance of the people’s supreme development idea, the party is united to lead the Chinese people to create a miracle, and one fell swoop again and another "impossible" that was determined by the Western world, truly changed the fate of the country, created The happiness of the people, so that the people adhere to the valuable experience of the party has become a hundred years of struggle, and persistently guides the party to closely contact the masses, cherish the emotions of fish with the masses, and continue to create new great miracles with the people.

  I adhered to the people’s first reflection of the people’s value of the Communist Party of China, regardless of how the times change, no matter how the world, national conditions, and social situation change, the Chinese Communist Party will have the fundamental purpose of the people to serve the people, for the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation The initiative and mission of revival have not changed.

This is the vivid manifestation of the Pursuit of the Communist Party of China to the Pursuit of People’s First Value and highlights the most vivid political nature of the Communist Party of China.

Adhere to the people’s until the party group leads the Chinese people’s revolution, building and reform, in which the party has always been "thinking together, dry together". The party’s initiality and mission inspires the party to fight in order to achieve the benefits of the people, and the happiness of the people as the only reference system for struggle and results. The foundation of the Communist Party of China is in the people, blood in the people.

The party group leads the people to carry out revolution, construction, reform. The fundamental purpose is to let the people have lived a good day, no matter how big challenges and stress, this is always unswerving, and this is not shaken.

This has deepened the Chinese Communist Party to adhere to the highest value pursuit of the people, and vividly said the initial and mission of the Chinese Communist Party. Adhering to the people’s order not only in the form of the Chinese Communist Party’s psychological spectrum, but also in practice as the party’s fate and the national fate, the people’s destiny. Under the efforts of the party and the people, the Chinese nation stood up and riches, and the great leap that was strong, so that the great rejuvenation of the nation was closer to a big step. This great historic feat fully reflects the noble people’s value sentiment in the Communist Party of China, pointing to the value of the people and the value of the people, which is an excellent character that is not available in any part of the world. . Adhering to the people’s success in the new struggle for the benefit of the people through a series of hard struggles and efforts, the party and the people have completed the first hundred years of struggle, and they must be very close to the second hundred years of struggle. Adhere to the people, you must continue to benefit the people in new struggles.

Adhere to the people’s supreme, to respect and maintain the fundamental position of the people’s main status as the basic principles of the party’s leading people, the trust and support given the people to the source of the party’s self-confidence and strength. It is necessary to treat the people as the biggest gas of the party, regard the people’s heart as the greatest politics.

Do your best, you should have to protect the political rights and status of the people, adhere to the development of the whole process of people’s democracy, always insist on and improve the people of the people.

Always meet the interests of the people as the highest standards for measuring all the work of the party.

Fully mobilize and stimulate the first spirit of the broad masses of the people, and constantly condense the endogenous power of the people. On the forward road of the second hundred years of struggle, we will play the fundamental power of the people to promote social development and era. To constantly build the foundation of the party’s work, call and motivate the people to participate in the specific practice of social development and national construction, people are the truth of historical creators to fully highlight the new era of the party’s leadership. Chinese characteristics Socialism construction practice, insist on relying on the people to create a business, relying on the people to solve the problem, relying on the people to the future. It is necessary to strike the challenge, to meet the challenges, to meet the challenges. Keep the flesh and blood in the party and the people, taking measures to improve people’s livelihood, so that the people have harvested the real benefits, so that the people will have a good response and satisfaction of the yearning for a better life, so as to work with the people to achieve the second The bright future of the goal of the century.

Core value of hundreds of purposes, sixty-eighth

Yan Xiaofeng Professor, Professional and Technical Major General, Ph.D. in Philosophy.

Intercourse of the School Committee, Ph.D. Biologist, Arbitrary Board of China, Chinese History Materialism Society, National Party Research Association Special Researcher, National Social Science Fund Scheduler Planning Group Expert, National Publishing Fund Review Expert,Marxist Theory Research and Construction Engineering, National Social Science Fund Major Project "National Cultural Soft Software Construction" Chief Expert, Part–time professor of National University of Technology.

Enjoy the special allowance of the government of the State Council, won the military outstanding professional and technical talent prize, the army of the army of the military, two equivalents.

Published 5 books, 7 of the personal papers, and the "Learning theory of the Central Propaganda Department" Learning the Theoretical Collection ".

98.15 billion! Baotou signed 34 high-quality project "big single"

According to reports, the conference is fruitful, and 34 high-quality projects have been signed and landed in Baotou City. The total investment of billions of agreements involve equipment manufacturing, green energy, cultural tourism, modern logistics, energy-saving and environmental protection, food processing and other 14 industries. The field (including 2 financial projects, involving a financing credit amount of 30.5 billion yuan). There are 2 top 500 companies in the signing project, 4 China 500 companies, and 3 people in China’s 500 companies. As the industrial market in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Baotou Equipment Manufacturing has been developed in nearly 70 years, has formed universal equipment manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, railway transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, instrumentation manufacturing Industry 6 major categories, 19 small industrial clusters.

With 50,000 heavy-duty cars, thousands of special vehicles, 3,000 new energy passenger cars, 5,000 non-highway miners, 8,000 railway trucks, etc., basically form a more perfect equipment manufacturing industry cluster.

In 2020, the output value of the equipment industry was 47.7 billion yuan, which has become the second largest pillar industry in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia.

Focusing on the target tasks determined by the "14th Five-Year Plan", the total production value of Baotou City in the first half of the Baotou City, the first region (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) first; the increase in industrial added value above the scale, the first column of the whole region; fixed assets Investment increased by 54%, ranked first in the region.

This conference was hosted by the Baotou Municipal People’s Government, China Industrial Development Research Institute, China Manufacturing Strong Forum Organizing Committee, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Communications Society Innovation Drive Work Committee, Zhongzhong Wishelin and other units.

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De essentie van de Chinese cultuur en Chinese geest (het onderwerp denken)

Het 19e Centraal Comité van de partij heeft een oplossing van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van China aangenomen, wees erop dat "Xi Jinping’s nieuwe tijdperk van Xi Jinping een hedendaags China Marxism, de 21ste eeuw is Marxisme, het is het tijdperk van de Chinese cultuur en de Chinese Geest, waardoor de nieuwe sprong van het marxisme China wordt bereikt. "Deze grote disciplinaire wetenschap verduidelijkte de betekenis van het socialistische denken van Xi Jinping aan Chinese kenmerken, wat aangeeft dat het nieuwe tijdperk van Xi Jinping aan het nieuwe tijdperk van Xi Jinping geeft. In De geschiedenis van het marxisme, de belangrijke positie in de geschiedenis van de Chinese beschaving. De bron is lang, de diepgaande Chinese uitstekende traditionele cultuur, verzamelt het spirituele streven naar de diepste geest van de Chinese natie, inclusief de meest fundamentele spirituele genen van de Chinese natie, die een sterke spirituele steun biedt voor de Chinese natie, ontwikkeling en groei.

Tegelijkertijd hebben veel grote opvattingen over de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China en het marxisme intrinsieke pasvorm, die een diepe culturele basis en psychologische basis voor het Chinese bevolken en het marxisme geloofden.

Sinds het 18e nationale congres van de Communistische Partij van China de belangrijke ideologische culturele hulpbronnen.

Xi Jinping’s nieuwe tijdperk van Chinese kenmerken, de bron van het socialisme met de Chinese beschaving, de essentie van humanistische geest, morele waarde, historische wijsheid, en actiever, en de basisprincipes van het marxisme, het basisprincipe van het marxisme, gecombineerd met China uitstekend traditioneel Cultuur. Laat de innovatietheorie van de partij meer solide culturele fundering en beschaafde wortels hebben. Als mensen geen geest hebben, is het land niet sterk en heeft het feest geen geest.

Het Chinese Communistische Partij kwam helemaal. Na honderd jaar wisselvalligheden, haast het nog steeds, en het is voortdurend een andere overwinning bereikt, wat een krachtige geest is van een wanhopige geest van een revolutie.

Elk tijdperk heeft de geest van elk tijdperk.

Sinds het 18e Nationale Congres van de Partij hebben de Partij- en Nationale ondernemingen historische prestaties, historische veranderingen bereikt, en de meest fundamentele reden is de meest fundamentele reden in de kern van XI Jinping als de kern van het Centraal Comité van de Partij. De kern van het stuur is om de wetenschappelijke richtlijnen van Chinese kenmerken socialistisch denken te leiden.

Sinds het 18e nationale congres van de Communistische Partij van China heeft het Partij Centraal Comité van XI Jinping de nationale geest van Patriottisme krachtig gepromoot als de kern en de geest van het tijdperk van hervorming en innovatie, en de geest van de Chinese Communistische Partij van Het geweldige feest werd voorgesteld.. Xi Jinping’s nieuwe tijdperk van Chinese karakteristieken gecondenseerd de grote creatie van de Chinese mensen, de grote strijd, grote solidariteit, grote droomgeest, sterke historische penetratie, culturele aantrekkingskracht, spirituele oproep, is het tijdperk van Chinese geest Essence. Zoals het tijdperk van de Chinese cultuur en de Chinese Geest, is het nieuwe tijdperk van China van China’s karakteristieke socialistische denken van China bij te dragen aan de nieuwe ontwikkeling van het marxisme in de oorspronkelijke theorie, waardoor de wetgeving van de Communistische Partij, socialistische bouwwetgeving is bereikt, Menselijke sociale ontwikkelingsrecht De nieuwe sprong stijgt, en de Chinese communisten hebben het bewustzijn van de uitstekende traditionele culturele status en rol van China tot de nieuwe lengte verbeterd. Om een ??strijder cultureel vertrouwen in de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie te bereiken, biedt het een actievere spirituele kracht. De tijden werpen gedachten en leidt het tijdperk. Op de nieuwe reis moeten we diepgaand leren om het Chinese karakteristieke socialistische denken te beoefenen als de primaire politieke taak van het hele partij, en bewuster met dit idee, met de geschiedenis als een training, de toekomst cre?ren en hard werken, worstelen Grijp de nieuwe overwinning bij het opbouwen van socialistische modernisering.

(De auteur is de plaatsvervangend hoofdsom van Guizhou University).

Babu District: Holding Dorps-gebaseerde teamleden "Vergrootglas" om elke dag te werken

"Het Oost-dorp met originele stukken van meerjarige watertorens, tientallen gezinnen voor de massa’s die te gebruiken zijn, weten niet hoe onlangs, plotseling uit het water." Hij Hezhou Babu District Street Town Village 8 Groepen met gezinnen met gezinnen uit Armoede Zhao heeft het verteld De overheid angstig dorpsgebaseerde taskforce op het dorp, het dorp blijft thuis de meesten van ze ouderen, moeten dagelijks in het halen van watergebruik thuis, het leven is erg lastig, en er is een dringende behoefte geweest om het risico van huishoudelijk water voor huishoudelijke rand de ontwikkeling van de varkensindustrie. Na het bewustzijn van deze situatie, met het East Village Babu District Village-gebaseerde spelers kwam onmiddellijk naar kantoortorens zonder water door in het interieur van de watertoren te klimmen, een nadere blik op andere manieren langs het water, vind de oorzaak van het water bron van de blokkering.

Werkspelers kopen onmiddellijk een nieuwe waterleidingen en waterleidingen interfaces, hulpmiddelen om de modder te brengen aan het water, bladeren, stenen en ander puin opruimen, reparatie van waterleidingen, in slechts één dag laten de dorpelingen in Oost-tabletten de schoonmaak doorbrengen Bergveerwater, herstel productie en leven.

Veel mensen druk elke dag in het dorp van dorps-gebaseerde teamleden Wat deze nieuwsgierige, op dorp gebaseerde spelers het antwoord geeft: "We zijn druk ‘Vergrootglas’ dagelijks werk!" Ze houden altijd "een vergrootglas vast", bestudeert zorgvuldig de revitalisering van landelijke beleidssituaties, het eigenlijke dorp en vestigen de industrie "klein doelwit", om het juiste pad van ontwikkeling te vinden voor de dorp revitaliseringsindustrie Glas "initiatief doen dingen voor hen om tijdig deel te nemen om de dorpelingen rond drinkwater, gezondheidszorg, huisvesting, werkgelegenheidsmoeilijkheden en problemen op te lossen; ze zijn altijd" een vergrootglas vasthouden ", zijn niet uit de armoede geweest, niet Het risico van detectiehuisjes, normalisatie is "een van de een" twinning bezoek en werk tijdig om het goede beleid van de partij te overbrengen. De spelers warm hart "liefde" in de rol van "vergrootglas" wordt het meest levendig weerspiegeld, maar ook verdere smal de afstand tussen elkaar, actief in de positieve sfeer in het dorp, Oost-dorp met de massa’s een gevoel van welzijn zijn en ook is verder verbeterd.

(Wang Wenjuan) (Editor: Liu Jia, Ye Bin) Delen om meer mensen te laten zien.

Top the people in the heart

"The city work is good, the people are satisfied and unsatisfactory, the life is convenient, the urban management and service is an important judgment standard." 5 years ago, Xi Jinping said in the Central City Work Conference. For urban construction and management, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that we must implement the people-oriented concept.

To this end, he demands – planning first "urban planning plays an important leading role in urban development, investigating a city first looks on planning, planning science is the biggest benefit, planning mistakes are the biggest waste, planning toss is the biggest taboo.

"Radical" City Disease "" Traffic Congestion is a typical performance of ‘urban disease’, and it is also the most difficult to govern in the development of large cities.

"" Development Rail Transit is an effective way to solve big cities, and it is also an effective way to build green cities and intelligent cities. "Embroidered" fine management "is both good at implementing intelligence using modern scientific and technological means, but also improving the level of refining, embroidery, and embroidered the quality brand of the city through embroidery. "Leave a memory to remember the hometown" to retain the city’s historical and cultural memory, let people remember to live history, remember to live in homesickness, firmly cultivate and confident, and enhance their national conditions. "Today, a cluster of green space, a small park, these make the city life more comfortable; protect natural landscapes, inheriting historical culture, varietically rich, maintaining special style, one seat is no longer" Thousands of City, " It is "all kinds of death" personality.

A high-rise building in my country is all over the land, and the Chinese national spirit of the Chinese national spirit is also towering. The city is the city of the people, and the people’s city must be centered on the people. Yiye, livable, Yili, Yiyou, let the people have more gains, create a better life for the people – this is the people in the hearts of Xi Jinping.

Pangbo new to Longcheng high-speed research and unveiling for the headquarters

From September 16th to 17th, the deputy general manager of Beitou Group, Ponbo New Development Group Investment and Construction, the construction of the Longcheng Expressway, and unveiled the headquarters. During the survey, Pangbo newly entered the tea hole tunnel, looking for the rivers and other projects on site, in detail the progress and construction of the project, and held a symposium to listen to the headquarters on construction progress and current existing problems.

PONBBE newly overcomes the project actively overcoming difficulties, grab the progress of the progress of the project, expressed its definiteness, put forward the requirements for the next step of the project construction: First, we must grab the effective construction conditions for the dry season, increase the strength of the technical personnel and mechanical equipment breakthrough construction progress; It is necessary to keep up with the progress of the project, seize the key issue, break through the demolition work, efficient and coordinate the problem of solving the existence; Do not do things, do not do things; four, we must give full play to the advantages of Peitou Group’s entire industrial chain. All participating units should be communicated and exchange, work together, and overcome all difficulties to ensure high quality, high quality. Completed on time and order.

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Taiyuan: Ensure that the senior high school sports exam is fair

  Original title: Ensuring the fairness of the senior high school entrance examination, May 25, the city’s senior high school entrance examination project entered the third day, the Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Propaganda, and Yang Ji Chengxuan went to Xiaodian District to inspect and guide the senior high school entrance examination work test.In the small shop area, Yang Jijun is detailed in detail the examination management and security work, as well as the examination requirements of each project, the test scores, etc., the humanized service to build a sun visor is fully affirmed.

  Yang Ji Cheng emphasized that the education bureau of counties (cities, districts) should strictly organize the implementation of sports exams in accordance with the principles of "belonging to management, division of labor, responsibility to people, violations".The examination staff must strictly master the standards, strictly abide by work discipline, prevent safety accidents, implement good emergency measures, provide all-round, full-time service, create fair, fair, safe, and orderly test environment, let candidates peace of mind,Parents are relieved, social satisfaction.

(Bow Fengfei).

The owner drives home on the way to take the truck, high-speed traffic police stretcher

  On the way home, the vehicle happened, and when the owner is being guilty, he has encountered a high-speed patrol traffic police.

On November 11th, the police of Shandong Liaocheng Express Tang Dynasty brigade helped puncture car owners to replace the tires, which were grateful and praised by the people.

  At around 11:30 in the morning, the brigade patrol the police patrol the 423 kilometers away from the Qingyin Expressway, and found a black car parked on the emergency lane. The two men were disassembling the tires, and the tripod was placed 150 meters after the car. .

The patrol police immediately made a good warning work to understand the situation. The original driver was working from Yantai. After returning to the elderly, it was found that the left front wheel pressure of the car was too low, so he prepared a good warning. But I didn’t expect no jack on the car. I didn’t know what it was, just the police came.

After the patrol police learned, immediately took out the jack and the tire tool in the police car to help the driver replace the tire.

  After ten minutes, the patrol police helped the driver replace the tires, and the driver must check the tire pressure, prepare the tool, and call the alarm phone in time if there is an emergency.

Today, Chinese casual tangible culture

Today’s Chinese constantly pay attention to life quality, happy work, healthy and casual.

Watching movies, visiting bookstores, views, travel museums, listening to concerts, strolling Cultural Street … Multi-line offline cultural leisure has become a necessity in many Chinese people’s lives.Every weekend and holidays, urban and rural residents’ cultural life sent a red fire scene.

The upper rate of the cinema continued to rebound, people watching enthusiasm; rushing to the Museum, the whole family is harmonious; the theater is full, the concert concert will be staged; all kinds of cultural festivals are moving, visiting the experience gameplay …China Tourism Research Institute recently released "China Leisure Development Annual Report (2021)" (hereinafter referred to as "report") pointed out that the Chinese constantly pays attention to the improvement of life quality, leisurely become a resilient activity, work or paid family production operationsImportant choices, leisure time average daily average.

The current leisure time has increased more than the epidemic, compared with 2019, this year’s urban residents’ work days, weekend, and holiday leisure time have different magnitude growth, and the weekend has increased, an hour. "Every weekend, I have to take out their own spiritual life, visit the bookstores and museums, watch movies and various exhibitions. This weekend, I plan to see two expected exhibitions’ meet Dunhuang · Light and shadow art The world’s first exhibition ‘and’ met the ancient Egyptian gold mouse Id ‘. "" After 90 "Beijing office workers Xiao Xia like this cultural infiltration.

Cultural and leisure has become an important daily life option for urban and rural residents.

The "Report" shows that from the overall structure of leisure activities, in addition to consumer shopping, cultural and casual is ranking second. People’s cultural leisure awareness is increasing, and the increase in consumer shopping is narrowed, and the increase in cultural leisure is expanded. 65% of urban and rural residents like to watch the cultural experience of movies, visit museums, exhibition halls and choose to come to the theater, concert hall and other places to participate in leisure activities. Recently, people’s interest in the museum is getting thinner, and precious cultural relics are active in the field of view. This year, Sanxingdui, Sichuan Province once again unearthed many shocking.

These styles are magnificent, cultural relics in craftsmanship, the fineness of production, the styling of shape, the number of quantities, which is shocking, and there are many attention.

Samsung Pile Museum has also become one of the hottest cultural casual destinations this year. National Day holiday, the Samsungdu Museum received 10,000 visitors, realizing ticket income million, with an increase of 415%, 316% from 2019, and increased by 588%, 378% in the same period in 2020.

Behind the high popularity is the attractiveness of culture, it is a desire for people to explore ancient Chinese culture.

Leisure time, people are more willing to achieve mental satisfaction. Including cultural places, including museums, libraries, art gallery, cultural museums, exhibition halls, bookstores, theaters, concert halls, etc., constantly innovating, providing a rich cultural experience in new appearance. "I have dated the girlfriends, often selected in Zhongshuo, a few waiting for fashion bookstore, let’s read books together, drink coffee, listen to lectures, buy woven goods.

"Beijing girl Chen Fang likes to enjoy a good time in the bookstore. Many bookstores in the city are not only selling, but also integrate multi-functionality such as coffee shop, teahouse, literary market, exhibition hall, and become a cultural life. Location. Libraries from all over the world are also active, and the book borrowings, famous activities, cultural salons, and art exhibitions are in the hall, providing a rich cultural nourishing for readers.

Not only online, the cultural leisure on the line is also colorful.

According to the survey data from the China Tourism Research Institute, there is a% of respondents to actively participate in online exhibition.% Is willing to participate in the cultural venues and cloud experience,% is willing to charge, 40% likes online video and video live broadcasts. The office worker Sunling, who loves the literary, tells the reporter: "Since the beginning of the first epidemics last year, I am used to shopping on the house, showing the exhibition, and the civil event on the online activities will accept the cultural influence of the culture. Saturday, I listened to the "Song’s Party History" National Grand Theater Chorus Group, I can also look at it.

"All kinds of cultural venues use modern information technology to continuously enhance the convenience, accessibility of public services, and improve the sense of acquisition and satisfaction of the people. Culture and Tourism Ministry implement digital library promotion projects for the national public library system, As of the end of 2020, digital resources shared in the country more than 145 trillion bytes.

In addition, the national public cultural museum system is promoted to build a public cultural cloud platform, carrying out the pilot of the digital cultural museum, and promote the popularity of national art.

According to statistics, since the launch of the National Public Culture Cloud in 2017, the accumulated visits reached 100 million times.

Leisure has become an important way for the people to achieve self and pursue a better life. The "Report" believes that there is still an emergency rebound in the country in the country, which still has a certain impact on long-distance travel.

In this context, local leisure has become an important alternative after the hustle in the short term, and it is an indispensable role in daily life.

In order to better meet the diversification, personalized demand, all localities promote the construction of cultural venues, realize free openness in public cultural venues, and strive to make people enjoy more enriched and rich spiritual cultural life.

According to the latest statistics in the Department of Culture and Tourism, as of the end of 2020, there were 3,212 public libraries in the country, 618 art gallery, 5,788 museums, 3,327 cultural museums, more than 40,000 cultural stations, 10,000 Village-level Comprehensive Cultural Service Center. All public libraries, cultural museums, cultural stations, art museums and more than 90% museum have been free to open, achieving "accessible, zero threshold". Cultural and leisure pull consumption and help holiday economy.

As the capital, ancient capital and cultural center, Beijing has a rich multi-cultural product, and the cultural and leisure consumption has great potential. Since the 9th Beijing Huimin Cultural Consumption Season, since the "Digital Trendy", "Digital Trendy", "Tongyu", "Single", "Happy Playing", "Playing", "playing" More than 300 activities, lit up the new picture of Beijing culture, a number of new state, new model, and new carrier cultural consumption activities to meet with the public visitors. Recently, Beijing has also released the first batch of 12 "Beijing Municipal Tourism Leisure Blocks", including Baotou Street, Sanlitun Taikuri Leisure Block, Badaling Great Wall Tourism and Leisure Block, Nangong Tourist Leisure Street, etc., becomes a good place to be casual.

(Reporter Zhao Shan).