Li Yue lowered her voice and said to Guan Tingna and Bai Li。

Guan Tingna frowned and said:“It seems this is done,This boss is the boss,His brain is indeed much better than ours,I didn’t think of this step”
“I still don’t understand”
Bai Li asked with a puzzled face。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“Can you understand,Then you are the boss。Hurry up and make preparations!The three major operators will definitely contact us。Maybe they will build a signal base station in Ziyang Guan without even spending a penny.,Don’t believe it, wait and see”
“If so,So, President Xia is too good, right?!”
Bai Li couldn’t help laughing as she spoke,Li Yueyi,Also very happy。
the next morning,So the heads of the three major operators came to contact Bai Li,This will be finalized soon。Promise,When Ziyangguan opened,Ensure that tourists entering the mountain can use their mobile phones normally。
Xia Jian did this beautifully,This made Bai Li and Li Yue admire him.。Of course,Only Xia Jian knew the secret。There is no such thing as a pie in the sky in this world。Many things are intrinsically connected。
As soon as the Ziyang Temple things are done,Xia Jian’s heart became more calm。Then he went to Qingshan County to check his work,But the result of the inspection made him quite satisfied。
Thus,It has been four or five days since he returned to Pingdu。Every night,He wants to talk to the provincial capital,Although Ma Yan on the phone told him everything is fine,But he still feels a little worried。Close to the waiting period,Xia Jian’s heart became more anxious。
This afternoon,Xia Jian just finished replying to emails to Wang Lin and Yao Junli,Guan Tingna opened the door of his office and walked in。She glanced at Xia Jian and said with a smile:“Don’t work this afternoon,I heard that there is a Lingguang Temple not far from Pingdu,How about we go to the temple to burn incense,You go back to the provincial capital tomorrow!”
Guan Tingna’s intention, Xia Jian is very clear,He wanted to refuse,But then think about it,He thinks something like this,Would rather believe it。
He hesitated and said:“Ok!Then you arrange the work at hand,Just let us go。Long story,I knew the abbot of Lingguang Temple before,I don’t know if he still sits in the temple”

“okay,Don’t worry about this anymore,Isn’t it just one more person??As long as Mayor Chen thinks this is feasible,You can take Deputy Mayor Liu!What you have to do now is to go back to Pingyang Town immediately,Your town can be lively”Qin Xiaomin said very decisively。

Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly asked:“What happened to Pingyang Town??”
“Not yet a chain reaction of the Hejiapu Village incident,Now every village is checking accounts,I heard that apart from Xiping Village and Zhangyang Village,Every village has more or less problems。Such a big thing,Why didn’t Mayor Chen ask you just now??I’m still a bit weird”Qin Xiaomin said with some wonder。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Should come or come,Can’t hide,It seems that before I go abroad,These bad things can’t be solved,I’m not at ease!”
“Secretary Wang is in charge of this matter,So I suggest you just leave it alone,I’m still busy with your going abroad!”Qin Xiaomin wakes up Xia Jian。
Her voice just fell,The phone on her desk rang。
Qin Xiaomin grabbed the phone and gave a feed,Then there was no more,Listen carefully,Didn’t say a word until the end:“I got to know Mayor Chen,I will tell Mayor Xia what you mean”
Qin Xiaomin just hung up the phone,Xia Jian asked anxiously:“what happened?”
“Mayor Chen changed his mind,Said you can go to investigate,But not in the official name,Can only be in your name,And all costs are borne by you”That’s it for Qin Xiaomin,I am embarrassed to continue。
Xia Jian sneered:“I didn’t think about traveling at public expense,In this case,I just left these few days,You have to go back too,Auntie can’t live without people for now”
“I don’t want to go back,I want to take my mom next。Someone wants me to go,I just won’t leave。I want to watch Pingyang Town rank among the top towns in the province”Qin Xiaomin said vowedly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“that’s great,I’m waiting for your words”Xia Jian finished,Immediately took out the phone。
He dialed Guo Meili’s phone,Let her send someone to go through the relevant procedures for him to go to the United States。Something like this,Xia Jian’s first contact,So everything is very strange to him。
From the city hall,Xia Jian dare not delay too much,Drove back to Pingyang Town。His car just stopped,Several village officials came up,Everyone seems to know that he is coming back today。
Xia Jian patiently greeted everyone into his office,Niu Li then walked in,She said angrily to these village officials:“Mayor Xia just came back,Can you tell him to catch his breath?You said how many days have you all been here,Why can’t I hear other words??”
“I only listen to Mayor Xia,What others said,I won’t listen”The person speaking is not someone else,It is Chen Haiping, the mayor of Shuijing Village。Xia Jian was taken aback,Could something happen to Shuijing Village??

Cen Cheng is not used to such occasions and such jobs,Movement is a little stiff,I won’t say anything else,See Mr. Mu ignore her,Don’t know what to do,Just laugh。

“Cen Cheng,You want to toast our boss’s wine,Our boss Mu does not drink every toast,You have to have a reason。”Couple of young people booing。
Cen Cheng understands now,Both herself and Lanlan belong to the matchmaker,Had to continue,“I am not very good at talking。”My face flushed after talking。
“Don’t embarrass her,”Lan Lan makes a save for Cencheng,“Our boss feels sick today,I help him drink。”
then,Lan Lan and Cen Cheng had a drink,Cen Cheng breathed a sigh of relief,Finally there is a step down,But I’m still a little nervous,Drunk,Choked,Cough up。
“It looks like,You can’t drink,Don’t drink it,You are from art school,How about giving us all?”Lanlanyuanchang。
The information says Boss Mu likes listening to songs,Also wrote what song he likes,Cen Cheng nodded,Take a sip of tea to moisturize your throat,“Everybody,I’m ugly。”
Driven by Lanlan,Everyone applauded,Nothing else,Singing is Cen Cheng’s strength,She stood up and took a deep breath,Cappella。
Suddenly, everyone here was shocked by the strength,Boss Mu is even more fascinated,Squinting to listen,Fingers on their legs beat the rhythm。
The atmosphere in the room climaxed instantly,Everyone is watching Cen Cheng seriously,Wait for her to sing,Several people continue to applaud。
Someone also followed Cen Cheng and sang a short passage,Everyone still applauds warmly,This meal took almost two hours to end。
Zhao Luo took advantage of everyone listening to Cen Cheng singing,Went out and bought the order,When everyone walks out of the hotel,Zhao Luo’s car is still at the door。
Zhao Luo took out the prepared gifts from the car and gave them to everyone,The eldest person took the gift bag,said laughingly,“Boss Zhao,You have dinner,Give us gifts,How embarrassed we?”
“You’re welcome,It is worthless,Just ordinary tea,Also from my friend,Too much,I can’t finish drinking,You will show kindness,Help me drink a little。”
Everyone is embarrassed to ask,Not familiar after all,And Zhao Luo has already paid,Lanlan was next to help saying,“Nothing,This is my good classmate,Just take things for you,Don’t be polite to him。”Finished,I took a bag first。
Zhao Luo will give you the gift bags one by one,A few people took the tea happily,Smile and say thank you。

When Li De is catching up with Mazza,Maza suddenly stopped running,Turn around and show a strange, wry smile at Li De,Become extra calm:“rest assured,Lao Li,I won’t do stupid things,I want to go back to the mansion once it’s quiet,Go back to Aunt Mu first,As for how to do me, just listen to your instructions。”

Maybe,People’s emotions are at their extreme,Will be very calm。
“Tian Lu,You better let me go,Otherwise my wife will blame me。”Li De said fairly,He still considers Maza to be Tian Lu,Because Maza changed to Tian Lu’s appearance。
After a stalemate,Maza honestly followed Li De and went home。According to Mazza’s personality,stubborn、strong、impulse,Since drinking Tian LuxueRear,Thinking becomes rationalxingtoo much。
The words Tian Lu taught her rang in her ears:Everything goes through the brain,That is to think twice before acting。
Maza silently returned to the dormitory in the small building,Sit on a stool,Rolling thoughts。
this time,Chen Limu specially picked up Maza for dinner for the first time,Maza indifferently obeyed the elders to eat。
Experience the warmth of Chen Limu and Ding’s family,But how can Mazza go on eating?,Her soul is lost,The whole person is hollowed out。
Chen Limu sat in front of her,Watch her finish her meal,I feel very sad,I found that young people are now far less capable of resisting blows than their generation,May be related to life experience,Maybe it’s too strong,Instead, Chen Limu wanted to comfort Maza,She always thought Maza was Tian***Near Mazza’s appearance is almost the same as Tian Lu。
“Tian Lu,are you OK,after eating,Li De and I went to the club,To cooperate with law enforcement officers,Stop by to see where the starry sky happened,See the investigation progress,Is it artificial or accidental?。”Chen Limu said in a steady tone。
“I go,I want to see,I never believe it(in)、Starry sky will be so careless,Must be artificial。”Maza answered immediately,Almost telling her real name in a hurry。
Chen Limu knows exactly what happened to Mingye’s starry sky falling from the cliff,Restrain emotions、Keeping a secret is like doing a great thing。
“Ok,We will go after we eat。”Chen Limu Compromise。
Racing club。Law enforcement officers have pulled the cordon,Chen Limu dressed solemnly,Called to the reception room upon arrival。Law enforcement officers informed her about the situation。
In the conversation between Chen Limu and law enforcement officials to understand the situation,Maza did not know when to go out,Run all the way,The road is not brightly lit,Avoid the eyes of the staff,All the way to the top of the three peaks。

“Dream Promise”Desperately absorbing this power,Can be said to be fatal。

The original clear and bright Linghai is different because of the injection,The calm and spiritual sea is overturned,This manic and aggressive murderous aura makes his aura more domineering。
There are blood spirit balls pouring into Xia Chenglong’s body all the time,And he didn’t refuse。
This time it’s not the Blue Nightmare Sword,It’s not Zanglong,It’s the Blood Fiendish Howl Sky Sword。
Numb thoughts,Even when the blood in the hand easily melts the sword mark,Still didn’t care。
Xia Chenglong now is completely different from before,From a distance,The whole body is covered with blood,It’s not blood light accurately,But kill all。
Murderousness is intangible,In Xia Chenglong’s body,Present in a real state at a certain moment,Just like the artistic conception of Hemo and the original artistic conception of sword。
A person can only have one artistic conception,This is a universally accepted truth,But this accepted truth completely subverted the man in front of him。
How about a thousand troops,The hand glowing red directly lifted a soldier next to him from his neck,Expressionlessly twisted off,Throw it out at will。
The original golden eyes are also red now,This is totally killing god。
Three different rays of light surround Xia Chenglong’s side,A clearing appeared within three feet of a radius,As long as the guy who stepped into this area,Will instantly turn into blood mist。
Those blood mists were automatically transformed into blood spirit balls after Xia Chenglong passed,Submerged in him。
Do not refuse,All the various forces poured into his body,So that Xia Chenglong’s meridians feel like cracking。
He wants to fight,To release the power in the body,The evil smile from the corner of the mouth is like Shura,Become the god of death in this world。
Arrogant and unbridled roar,Like a monster。
“One sword!”
Bloody Howl Sky Sword,Plus the violent and uncontrollable killing mood inside,The sword being used at this moment is much stronger than when I was fighting against Zhu Wushuang.。
When the blood-red sword light arcs toward the front,The place where the end is not visible seems to be directly transformed by sword light。
Everything was wiped out with this sword,Those mighty warriors all fall,They no longer have the qualifications to live。

Twenty-four hours is very short for those cultivators,But it’s enough for Qin Feng as an ordinary person。

Before Qin Feng entered Qingyunzhu,He can
I searched the house once。
When nothing happened,He went straight inside。
Qin Feng did not notice that someone not far away was monitoring his room with something。
Those people can’t see the situation of Qin Feng’s house clearly,But I probably know where he is,Qin Feng’s heat suddenly disappeared,They were also taken aback。
“What happened to Qin Feng?,Why did he suddenly disappear without a trace?”
Many people have been watching Qin Feng’s family,That was the first time I found out that Qin Feng had disappeared。
Less than ten seconds,Qin Feng’s thermal energy appears again,They thought they were hallucinations,How else could this be the case?
“The situation just now,Did you see it?”
“I saw,Did that guy really disappear for a while??”
“do not know,Is this our things broken,This has led to such a situation?”
People outside the five buildings diagonally across from Qin Feng’s house,That’s a little irritable。
They wanted to monitor Qin Feng,So they also used the means to find a relationship to buy this family,Then they eat, drink and sleep in this room,They wanted to monitor Qin Feng for the first time。

“I am a samurai?Ha ha!This excuse is also interesting,If i am,What are you going to do?”Lu Menglin laughed instead of anger,Asked cheerfully。

Ming Shizun heard Lu Menglin personally admit,Smile suddenly,Clapped and laughed:“Great!This is called smashing iron shoes and finding nowhere,It takes no effort!
Do you know,In order to deal with your secret medicine warriors,The country has formed a special force?And the elite soldiers of this army are here right now!You hit the door yourself,I can’t blame others for this!”
The voice has not fallen,The four people who have been standing beside Ming Shizun,Suddenly come forward at the same time,Faintly surrounded Lu Menglin in the middle,Blocked all his possible paths。
“Lu Menglin,We now suspect you are related to the Arcanum Group,Stay with us in the barracks for a few days!”
Among the four,A sturdy man headed sternly shouted。
The voice has not fallen,The four have already shot at the same time,Eight arms grabbed Lu Menglin from all directions。
These four people move neatly and uniformly,Perfect cooperation,Obviously well trained,Types that are good at co-attacking。
Lu Menglin still stood motionless,Just a flash in my mind。
There is nothing wrong with their suspicions!I do have a relationship with the secret medicine group,Not only related,And it’s the kind that matters!
To know,In Myanmar and the Golden Triangle,They think of me as a superior Secret Medicine Venerable!
But now these few,Actually thought I was an ordinary secret medicine warrior,I look down on people too much!
In a flash,The fingertips of those four have touched Lu Menglin’s shoulders and back。
Lu Menglin doesn’t shake his shoulders,Not shaken,Just lift the left foot,Stomping hard towards the ground。

Lu Liang is gone,Yang Liu looked at the Ferrari key in his hand,Feel hot。

Don’t need Lu’s money,Is it really wrong?
and also,Lu Liang said something before getting in the car“Sorry。”
To apologize for the embarrassment the Lu family gave tonight,Still apologize for what his mother did?she does not know。
the first time,Yangliu gave birth to a different taste in my heart,Maybe she is really blind,Lu Liang is not as bad as he thought?
Wandering thoughts don’t know where to drift,The confused eyes can no longer see the car taillights,She still stopped there to watch。
Father Lu has been looking forward to it,See the figure of grandson,Beckoned him over。
Lu Liang knows what Grandpa meant,Not waiting to ask,Speak the answer directly,“Yao’er has arrived home safely,Don’t worry。”
Grandson is safe,He is satisfied,Keep nodding,“Yaoer is a girl,It’s not safe to go back alone,You are brother,I should take care of my sister,Worked hard,Sit down and rest。”
The people sitting on the main table are all immediate family members of the Lu family,How did they treat Yangliu just now?,Lu Liang sees it,Keep it in mind。
Today is grandpa’s birthday,Some words are not suitable for speaking in person,It doesn’t mean that the wind passes without a trace。
Even if Lu Yao is a child raised outside,,But it’s also Lu’s child,The broken bones are still connected to the tendons,Why do you mock a junior so much?
Anyway,Lu Yao is not wrong,Should not bear these insults,If really filled with indignation,I should blame my father,Instead of carrying his father to make things difficult for his children。
Don’t say they are helping mother vent their anger,When mother was away,Didn’t you close that mouth??
Grievance is for perfection,What’s wrong with Lu Yao,To be wronged?Whose face has been preserved by seeking completeness??
She came to celebrate grandpa’s birthday,Not from humiliation,Since face is so important,Why can’t you watch it on such a festive day today,Let her go?
Lu Yao’s pale face,And red eyes,Made him understand why she drew a line with the Lu family,If it was him,I won’t beg for mercy。
Grandpa’s birthday today,He doesn’t want to be troublesome,But Lu Yao’s limp body、A languid look,Makes him want to endure,He wants to warn certain people,Granddaughter of Lu Family,Lu Liang’s sister,Not everyone can bully!

Adam Dreyfu won the Desert Palm Actor Achievement Award

Adam Dreyfu won the “Desert Palm” Actor Achievement Award
Sauna Night News On December 22, Adam Dreyfu, who had just died in “Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker”, won the “Desert Palm” actor achievement award at the 31st Palm Springs Film Festival.Winners of this model for the Air Force include Cassie Affleck, Jeff Bridges, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, etc.Award Ceremony Ceremony January 2, 2020 Antiques. On November 9, Renee Zweig won the “Desert Palm” Leading Achievement Award at the 31st Palm Springs Film Festival.Stills of “Marriage Story”.The picture comes from the network Adam Dreyfu is a famous American actor, and his representative works include “Marriage Story”, “Bad Sisters”, “Hungry Heart” and “Star Wars” new trilogy.Recently, he won the 77th Golden Globe Award, the 26th American Actors Guild Award and other awards for best actor nominations for his outstanding performance in “Marriage Story”.The Palm Springs International Film Festival was founded in 1989 and is one of the largest film festivals in North America. It has screened too many films nominated for the Oscar for best foreign language film.The main goal of the Palm Springs International Film Festival is to encourage newcomers and newcomers. In recent years, the relationship with the award season works has also become closer.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wu Xingfa

Letter brothers are trapped in regional defense, NBA and FIBA rules are very different

Letter brothers are trapped in regional defense, NBA and FIBA rules are very different
On September 10, the 2019 Basketball World Cup officially began the contest of the knockout stage, and the only remaining 8 teams caught the fight.Before the game, it was considered that the Greek team won the championship. Because the “Alphabet Brother” could not fully adapt to the FIBA game rules, it stopped in the top 16.The traditional European strong team Lithuania is also affected by the FIBA rules. Because the referee misinterpreted the ball at a critical moment, he was blocked from the top 8.From the venue, the game time, to the regulations on timeouts, fouls, interference with the ball, the three-second zone, and the referee’s own penalty criteria, the FIBA rules adopted in this World Cup are indeed very different from the NBA rules.In the end, there have been multiple moments that have fans and even players participating in the team.Case 1 Li Nan disputed the suspension of the Chinese men’s basketball group match against Poland in the last minute. In addition to Zhou Qi’s consecutive mistakes, Li Nan’s suspension of the team’s lead was also questioned by fans.First of all, this is related to FIBA’s rules on suspension.After all, in the NBA, only coaches in FIBA can call a timeout when the ball is dead.Looking back at the game video, you will find that Li Nan had already called a timeout before the Polish team took the second free throw.Only after the Chinese team serves, the suspension takes effect immediately, instead of “the Chinese team holds the ball and instead calls the opponent to suspend tactics.”Case 2 Zhao Rui was sent off in the NBA for two fake throws. The fake throw and the opponent’s offensive foul were only separated by a line.For a long time, if the referee decided that someone had defended the player and fell, he would only give a warning.Until recent years, the league has issued anti-fake fall regulations, if repeated violations of the regulations, will be punished at a different price after the game.Below the rankings, FIBA has almost zero tolerance for falling.In the FIBA field, the referee is allowed to award a technical foul to the player who fell.In the contest between the Chinese and Korean men’s basketball teams in this World Cup qualifying match, Zhao Rui was sentenced to two technical fouls for two false falls and was sent off.Therefore, the former “Brazil film emperor” in the NBA, known as “fall”, has converged a lot in the World Cup.Case 3 Lithuania was mistakenly missed the top eight European powerhouse Lithuania team had a chance to break through from Australia, France team, and advanced to the quarterfinals, but because of a misinterpretation of the ball, the World Cup journey was ended in advance.On the evening of September 7, the Lithuanian team and the French team did not win or lose until the last minute.There are 30 left in the last quarter.In 8 seconds, Lithuanian player Valanciunas made two free throws. After the second ball touched the rim, it still fell. French player Gobert set the ball out, which indirectly led to the Lithuanian team’s defeat.According to FIBA regulations, although after the basketball and the rim are over, the player does not interfere with the ball, but this player cannot touch the rim.The slow motion clearly shows that Gobert’s hand hit the basket, which is a clear violation of the ball.After the game, the Lithuanian men’s basketball coach even scolded the referee at the press conference.As for the NBA, basketball can only touch the ball after leaving the rim, otherwise it will interfere with the ball.Although the FIBA issued a statement shortly afterwards, confirming that Gobert had interfered with the ball violation, the duty referee had a serious misjudgment and said that the law enforcement team of that game would not enforce any remaining games of the 2019 World Cup.However, the result of the match could not be changed and the Lithuanian team was unjustly eliminated.Case 4 “Alphabet Brothers” struggled to divide into NBA stadiums, FIBA stadiums do not have the “defense three seconds” regulations, which makes many NBA players who are not familiar with FIBA stadiums feel uncomfortable.Walker, Mitchell and other players of the American men’s basketball team are known for their breakthroughs. However, when they came to the World Cup, facing many defensive players in the penalty area of the opponent, they often returned without success.The Turkish men’s basketball team pushed the “dream team” to overtime, which simplified the use of this rule.There is no “defense for three seconds”, the most affected star must be the Xinke regular season MVP “letter brother”.The Greek team lost to the Brazil team by 1 point. The opponent also used the lack of the “defense for three seconds” rule, which greatly restricted the “letter of the letter” breakthrough space.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang proofreading Li Shihui