Looking at Li Hui’s uncomfortable look,Han Shanshan is also a bit speechless,She is all of why said that each other,But Li Hui is actually notasting.。

“I am worried that your body doesn’t eat.。”
Say this,Han Shanshan is also a face with a slight red。
“Big squad leader is concerned about me?”
Li Hui did not ask this, it’s okay.,Asked this question,Han Shanshan’s face is more red。
“Ghost cares about you?,Remember to come back early,I went to take a shower。”
Han Shanshan said this,I didn’t even see Li Hui, I went straight into the bath.。
Looking at the opposite side of the swaying,And the scenery that walked quickly,Li Hui also can’t help but smile.。
Then directly:“Beauty big squad leader,I let the white protect you,I will come back soon.。”
Han Shanshan heard that Li Hui Feng said this.,Can’t help but stop,Then look back:“knew。”
Look at Han Shanshan into the bathhouse,Li Hui also took the flashlight directly and took out.。
This time he didn’t ride a motorcycle.。
But walking directly toward Zhao Xiaoling’s residence.。
at this time,Zhao Xiaoling has taken a shower with Zhao Xiaoli,The two are just a simple surrounded by a bath towel sitting on the courtyard.。
The middle of the lounger is a small table,The upper table is placed in two glasses of ice drinks.。
Gently suck a siphon,Zhao Xiaoli could not help but send a comfortable voice。
“Little girl,In you living here,I don’t want to go back.,Although my house is also a new house,But it is too much like you.。”
“Sister is willing to live here,I have been living here.iRow,I have no opinions.。”
This is said,Zhao Xiaoling seems to think about what,Some doubts:“It’s hard to be a brother-in-law, don’t want you to come over.?”
“no,He doesn’t have a home every day.,And I haven’t touched me.,Otherwise, you think that I will be so anxious to find a small wind with you.?”
“Forehead,Big sister,Isn’t my brother-in-law??”
I heard Zhao Xiaoling.,Zhao Xiaoli sways the head:“It should be okay.?
Anyway, I will feel more and more, I will continue to go.,Affirmation will have problems。”
“Although our women are not very desirable,More desirable is a man’s care,Care,There is also a man’s pain,But if there is a reason to talk with us,Other aspects of a sufficiently excellent man,There are a few women who don’t move?”
“Plus, you also know,At the beginning, the idea is your brother-in-law.,Now I feel some advanced and retreat.。”
This is entirely true about Zhao Xiaoli.。
If the initial goal is some simple just want a child,So later, together,Zhao Xiaoli’s feelings have changed。
And all this,Liu Dafu is not knowing。
He just considers himself not to be poked behind the ridge.,Just thinking about Zhao Xiaoli will continue to be with him.。
But he forgot woman is an illicity animal.。
Especially each time I follow the wind, it is gentle after the storm.,It is Zhao Xiaoli to experience the body of Liu Dafu.。
That kind of happiness is not empty after the fairy,Instead,Open your eyes in the morning, there is a breakfast prepared by Li.。
If this is the previous with Liu Dafu,I woke up in the morning, Liu Dafu, I want to die than her.,Breakfast is always she is doing。
Compared with Li Hui,She even felt that Liu Dafu was regarded as a toolman.。

Tian Dazhuang did not think that Li Hui Feng actually mastered him to open the underground casino.,Don’t say that Li Hui Feng,It is a bunch of younger brother.。

And that casino is not in the street town,This privacy thing is drawn directly from Li Hui.,The cold sweat on his forehead quickly lost。
“Grandmother,I’m wrong,You don’t remember the little man,Forgive me once,I don’t dare after the future.,I will not be a next time later.。”
This time, Tianzhuang is really a cry.,With the sound of the cry cavity, I went directly.。
no way,He wants to save life.。
His things are really turned out,Affairs, no life, no life。
Those things are also involved in his son.,Just Tian Poer didn’t know,But he is working behind it.。
Willow sweet, I didn’t expect it, I still have a hard and evil field.,I am squatting in front of her.。
At this time, she couldn’t help but looked at Li with the wind.,After all, there is such a result, which is the reason for Li Hui Feng.。
She is now even curious, Li’s strength,Even the background of Li Hui。
She has always thought that Li Hui Feng is a small farmer.,May be a little money home,But now I see the other party to master the handle of a big toxum tumor like the field.,Not afraid of being retaliated by the other party,The appearance of a confident look made her couldn’t help but appear.。
“Sweet sister,Do you feel that this apology will make you satisfied??”
Chapter 523 Check in Hotel
Willow sweet, see the grievance of Tian Dazhuang,At the same time, the god is also fiercely,She does not help but have some scared:“breeze,forget it,My sister is not working here.,Waiting for me to return to resign。”
Tian Da Zhuang listened to Liu Xianjian,It’s also laughing now.。
“Lee Boss,You see her is not more,So, do you have to let me go??”
“Um,I am luck like today.,Let you put you today.,But you don’t want to play my sweet sister’s idea.,Otherwise, you should know how serious the secrets I have to collect.。”
Li Hui said this,I took a leaflet with Liu Xujian.。
“Here you will pack it yourself.,Of course, if you want to call the police,I am welcome.。”
Tian Da Zhuang heard the discretion of Li Hui,Where can I dare to call a police?,And he feels that he should be a loss of alarm.。
“Not dare,Not dare,do not worry,I will find a few sisters over the night to pack it.,Never let the male blurred sweet things。”
“Um,Sweet is also your name?”
Li Hui listened to Tian Da Zhuang,Can’t help but brow。
Scared Tian Da Zhuang quickly apologized。
“Not a grandmother,The grandmother is headed.?”
Seeing Tian Dazhuang’s appearance,Liu Xu’s admire is getting more and more。
Tian Dazhuang looked at Li Hui Hui and Liu Xium sweet and Li Kaishan three backs,The expression is coming。
Take out your phone directly,Dial a number。
“Hey,Big brother,Our matter is discovered by a young man named Li Hui Feng.,This person is too big to threaten our threat.,I feel that I should solve it.。”
The phone heard the voice of Tian Da Zhuang,Some lazy way:“I still use it for me to call me.?
Do you find a few people to solve it??”
“Big brother,Not I don’t want to,It’s too powerful.,One person can fight ten,And each other has a bodyguard is also very powerful.。”
I heard the Tianda.,The voice of the phone is also a glimpse.。
“You find a few people?”
“Forehead,I am lying on my side.,And all the good hands in the weekdays。”
Facing the other party,Tian Da Zhuang answer is also very honest,Not exaggerated。
“Um,I will solve this.,But you must not expose me.,If I expose it,You should know that no one can protect you.。”
The voice of the phone is some soul cold,Tian Da Zhuang is also a noddy point should be。

She turned to the building,But feel like it。

Maybe it is less than Gu Anan,Shen Jiaqi felt more relaxed.,A family is happy to eat lunch,Gu Yi Lin took Shen Jiaqi to walk nearby。
Blood red sunset gradually western,Wan Dao’s Xia Guangzhi,Everything is shrouded。
The bustling city is vacuished with a fantastic magnificent color。
Lu Hao Cheng took four children and blue Xin from the playground,Go home all the way。
Xia Lang penetrating the window,Mapping in Lu Hao Cheng’s contour soft hands,He is smooth to the steering wheel。
Blue Xin’s side,In the middle,His nose is tall,Double lips slightly evoke,Face line,Very tough and handsome。
She smiled slightly,this moment,Feeling her husband special handsome。
Lu Haocheng feels her gaze,Looked at her quickly,“Wife,I am not very handsome.?”
Blue Xin looked at him confident,Can’t help but laugh,Back,Looking at the four children to play tired,Dowsome sleeping east。
She smiled and looked at him.,Slightly playful,“Look good,Month,Not as good as my husband looks good。”
“hehe”Lu Hao Cheng smiled happy,His wife will be happy when he is very happy.。
Lu Haozheng asked:“Wife,Do you know what I want most about the world??”
Blue Xin laughed and replied him,The answer doesn’t have to guess and know。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You don’t want you all over the world,You only want me。”
Lu Hao Cheng,She actually guess,“Blue,This time you guessed,My wife is awesome。”
“Hey!I said that you have two people.,Does which people don’t have??”
Blue Qiqi voice is incomparable,She just wanted to fall asleep,Dad is excited to laugh,Let her have no dreams from this time。
Lu Haocheng’s eyes are like the rays of favor,Laugh:“Did our small princess woke up??”
Blue and blue:“dad,We all woke up。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”When he just turned back,Once, all four children have closed their eyes.,Is this not closed??
Blue Xin suddenly,She has just thought that the children fell asleep.。
She immediately transfer the topic,“Ah Cheng,I see news,Lu Yi Group lost nearly 10 billion,Their online things have become a piece of money.,is that true?”
She is busy doing a wedding dress,I haven’t bought something.,Lu Yi Group has many industries,Every item is like a dollar,That is too cost-effective.。
I used to pursue the future,Now she pursues what she likes.,For example,Lu Yi Group has a limited edition package or very nice,Now she has a lot of pocket money,That package actually a piece of money,She is still suspicious that he is joking with her.,Let her miss this good thing directly。
Lu Hao’s eyes flashed,“Blue,it is true。”
The son is awesome,Let Qin Ning’s woman stepping in hell。
“Haha Mother,It’s a big brother.,Big brother is really powerful。”
Sleepy eyes,A sense of confident blue, suddenly open。
Blue:“”Lu Hao Cheng:“”Ok, this is a mistaken,Sold him brother。
Blue 梓 俊 一 一 看 看 看,I really want a punch.,I didn’t tell him before.,It’s because he is this mouth.,I didn’t expect him to say it in front of her mother.。
Blue Xin curiously looked back at him.:“Ran Ran,Is your big brother,What does this mean??”
Blue sorrow, I heard this.,Suddenly awake,I have seen the big brother who wants to eat people.,Blue son immediately shook his head:“Mother,I said a dream.?”
Blue Xin is some don’t believe,“Dream, you can say so?”
Blue and blue“hehe”Smile,“Mother,I am very slippery in my dream.。”
This,Indirect reminder Dad,Let Dad to solve this problem。
Lu Haozheng naturally heard the help of his son.。

‘Instructor’sneer,“More than Shifangjun,And Kukimo,One to use you,One is going to eat you,So in the void,You can do it yourself。”

“Sounds like you are pretty sure to kill it?”
“I never do anything unsure。”
“So who is Shifangjun’s eyeliner??Guardian??”
“You have many questions,Talk more,Don’t blame me for warning you。”
Li Tianzhen shrugged,“When?I still need a period of recovery。”
“At this time tomorrow,Don’t need you to use much magical power,Just do as I say naturally。”
“Did you steal my congenital soil??”Li Tianzhen’s sudden apathy,I thought to give the other party a surprise,can‘Instructor’I didn’t even blink my eyelids,“What is stealing?The whole mortal world is mine,Need it?”
“But I have nothing to do with you。”
“On my site,Naturally only I have the final say。”‘Instructor’Unwilling to be wordy,He found that every time he talked, he was easily taken into the ditch by the other party,Don’t like this way of communication。
“Don’t you need to meet your little lover?”‘Instructor’I turned my head when I went out,Seems to be revenge for Li Tianzhen’s offense,Is actually a threat,The meaning couldn’t be more obvious,If tomorrow is a happy cooperation,Xiao Song won’t have any problems,The opposite is hard to guarantee。
“The will of the world as a side,Can actually say this gossip,Do you really have emotions?”Li Tianzhen will never fall for him,I closed my eyes as soon as the voice fell。
“This boring thing,Just understand。”‘Instructor’Hit haha,Push the door to leave。
“This old thing is terrible。”Li Tianyu‘Instructor’While talking,The black unicorn has been huddled by the bed and trembling,It is a wild animal,Naturally can sense the horror of the other party’s breath,And this time‘Instructor’Also deliberately exerting pressure,The black unicorn is extremely scared。
“You don’t want to follow tomorrow。”
“How can I hide this old guy?”
“I told him。”

The old horse shows me to bed with the bed.,At this time, the old age of the urology is already watching the patient.。

Patient is a24Youth year,I have just been graduated.,Working around here。I have healthy,First, I found my kidney stones.,Nautical,Annossible。
Her boyfriend accompanied by the patient,Old horse,They are preparing to marry this month.,I didn’t expect this happening.,It seems that the marriage is delayed.。
You know this as well,I asked the old horse whisper.。
The old horse said that the high-thin and thin boys outside the rescue room is her boyfriend.,When he just signed, he told me.。
Sign a word,I ask。
SignICUTreatment,Old horse glances。Blood pressure is like this,look,A rescue room,Blood pressure is only90/50Hgabout,I consider her infectious shock.,Support a lot of liquid,I didn’t rose the pressure.。
I will notice the patient’s situation at this time.。
Patient side lying on the bed,Curl with body,It is estimated that it is low back pain.,Face is a little pale,Frowning,Expression pain。But people are still clear,I have been listening to us talking.。
ECG monitoring suggest blood pressure90/50Hg,Heart rate119Second-rate/Minute,Blood oxygen saturation is still normal。Breathing is basically normal。The patient’s heart rate is so fast,Blood pressure is low,It is estimated that it is shock.。
After reading the patient,We are stationed in bed at the bed to disclose patients.。
Master of Horses,Do you want surgery right away?,Do not dare to make a leather kidney fistula drainage。
Dr. Sun is a bit hesophiliated,Say,Such kidney stones、Ureteral stones and with water、Infect,It is definitely not good to use antibiotics effect.,Because the stone has been blocking,You don’t dred ureteral,Let the urine come out,Infection is definitely controlled,But if you pull it directly to the operating table, you will not reality.,Because the patient is currently inappropriate to make gravel surgery,Risk,And there is no need to be able tolerate。
I agree with the old horse.。
Can consider making prolsum kidney puncture,Just like a doctor said,Temporarily lead the water,No matter the stone,Waiting for infection control,Take the second gravel tapestone surgery。Dr. Sun added。
Then go to your department to do surgery.,If the situation is not good to arrangeICUalso。The old horse smiled and said。
Dr. Sun did not immediately promise,But said,Patients currently have low blood pressure,Heart rate fast,Skin is also cold,Consider a shock,At this time, even if you make a fistula, I am afraid that the risk is quite high.,Don’t go firstICU,Use powerful antibiotics to see if you can slightly control the infection,At the same time anti-shock treatment,Look at the life of life can not be further stable,At that time, the fistula may be safer.。
We understand what Dr. Sun is thinking。
But this is risky.,In case of antibiotics、Anti-shock is not good,That is still hard to make kidney fistula、Drainage、Pus。and,Infected stoves have been present,Antibiotics are not effective。Very likely to antibiotics no effect。
We told the treatment plan with the patient’s boyfriend.,This high child is still more,Speaking of the doctor’s practice,But I am signed enough alone.,Is it going to call my girlfriend’s parents?,But they are all in the old family,I am afraid I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning.。
I saw him a little panic.,But panic,The concern for his girlfriend is also a vision.。
I said to my old horse.,The patient is still awake,Let her also sign。TonightICUBar,See how tomorrow is how。
goICUBefore,Can be a bellyCTan examination,See some,It is convenient to surgery。Dr. Sun suggested。
That night,The old horse pushed the patient.CTroom,Fortunately, the process is going smoothly。
I have been getting near zero,The patient came.ICU。
CTThe result is also shown to have left kidney stones.、Ureteral stones and water infection,During renal circumference。I haven’t seen other problems.,Pancreatic is good,Gallbladder no stone,Appendix is also the end of the end,Patient diagnosed kidney stones、Urinary tract infection、Infectious shock is still clear。
InsertICUWe are nervous.,After all, it is such a young patient.。
I have left blood to cultivate the patient.、Urine culture(There is still a little urine),Simultaneous use of imine culture anti-infective treatment,Imaly culture is very advanced antibiotics,Strive for the control of infection as soon as possible。
The patient is still awake,CorrectICUSome fear,Ask me that her boyfriend can’t come in with her.。I said sorry,Here is closed management,Your boyfriend can’t come,You own strong。Do you have anything to tell him?,I can help you.。
She thought about it.,Shake the shaking head,Say nothing special,It is a little scared。I see her face is pale.,But the painful expression seems to be a bit better before。
You will treat it here.,You will get better,We have handled a lot of cases.,do not worry,That isICUA bit hard。I comforted her.。
,So tell him,Generally,Antibiotic treatment,There is also a later thorns,There are more conditions.
52Years old woman。
That is2During the Spring Festival before the year ago,At the time, she found me.,I am uncomfortable with me.,Especially often dizzy,Chest tightness。
How is a chest tightness??I ask her。
Just think that the chest is uncomfortable,I often feel that it is not enough.。She frowning。Our song and dance team(The song and dance team in the village)I haven’t participated in the event.,Physical strength。
I can see her very passionate dance.(Square dance),Trend is also more fashionable,Lipstick。

Luo Jun:“Oh!”And then said:“I think it’s good,What’s wrong with this。What’s more, this is my mother’s last wish,It’s just that when this kid doesn’t know how to praise,Still talking about the past”

“Confused!The old lady thinks so I have nothing to say,But I can’t figure it out if you say that。I don’t know if you thought about it,If they two really come together,Then I ask where they will live in the future?”Wu Qian asked unhappy。
Luo Jun smiled and said:“whatever!If they two want to go north,I won’t keep them。If they want to come to us,I certainly raise my hands in favor。What’s more, the traffic is so developed now,There is no problem living on both sides!”
“How do you think the problem is so simple。Xia Jian and Luo Yi should get married,Longdong Group’s surname will be Xia Jian or Luo in the future?Have you thought about it??”Wu Qian finally said what she was worried about。
Luo Jun put down the newspaper in his hand,Took a breath and said:“You are too impatient。I’m only in my early sixties,I won’t die so fast。So Longdong Group must still have the surname Luo,If one day,I will arrange the funeral”
Luo Jun’s voice just fell,Luo Yi came out carrying a plate of fried dishes。She said with a smile:“father!I cooked this dish,Give a review later”
“Yo!Is the sun coming out from the west?,Our eldest lady can cook,It’s really hard to believe”Luo Jun laughed loudly。
Wu Qian sighed and said:“It seems the power of this love is not small,I remember Luo Yi never goes into the kitchen”
“Hey!How can I be a woman who can’t cook?,Marry in the future,Will definitely be angry”Luo Jun said,Can’t help laughing again。
Luo Yifen’s face is slightly red,Put down the food and left quickly。Luo Jun sighed and said:“Are thirty years old,I blush when I talk about it。Not grown up!I’m too worried”
Wu Qian glanced at Luo Jun,She wants to say something,But when the words came to my lips, I swallowed back,Anyway, she looks like a lot of things。
Ali really took a bit of thought,Five people cooked ten hot and cold dishes,Add another soup。After everyone sits down,Luo Jun went back to his room,Took out two bottles of collector-grade liquor。
“dad!Your two bottles of wine have been hidden for many years,Why are you willing to take it out today?”Luo Yi asked with a smile。

Dragon 18 palm?

Then you are passing.!
End of the elderly,Will not full set of dragons 18 palms,What’s now??
Mr. Yu stared at a while,Several elders are also somewhat,This has traded……
Wang Yizhen also stopped A violet continued output——Just right each other,And Wang Yin is also suspected of having the other party’s identity.!
Chen You will justify the plucer:“It seems that everyone is awarded,Also interested this martial arts?Just don’t know,If it is a potential,This alliance is the mainman、Still oriental teacher?Or the Korean teacher?Oh,correct,If it is not a Korean teacher,Naji……kindness……”
Said that I also read Mingjiao,Provocation、Overflow。
This is very shallow,It is also very easy to use,Xiao Zhao doesn’t care,Five people have already opened……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 769 Eight-party clouds
“You gave you to do alliance,What to do with our MYT?US‘Can’t say’Have you pursued your sleep??”Zhou, sprinkled out。
His tooth is already set up.,However, it can’t get the role of the door.……
黛 不 不 周 周 周 周 周,It’s not alive.,Just don’t cool his mouth,Let your daughter hear these messy。
Topping momentum,Say you can’t smoke slightly:“Strike,How can Han Mrs?,You don’t talk.?correct,Everyone gathers together,You also pull the right hand,What is the crying of tears?‘Dragon King will give you’Bar?”
Inequalism,黛 丝 冷 冷 道 道:“shut up!”
Not embarrassed,But because she heard“Right”。
Xiao Zhao helpless installation did not hear,Just say a few scenes:“I am teaching a member of the gathering.,Zhengantong is also only promoting martial arts and rivers righteousness.,No one who has never heard who,Don’t help the Lord、Chen Long has worry。”
As for the turn of the thoughts, there is no idea to 黛?
nonsense,Mingjiao is not suitable for age、The married man is not married.,There are nine in ten, there is idea for 黛!
Just because the right is the most young talented year,Everyone has self-defeating,This exits。
This is also the silk to go by the Han Qian leaf.,Ming teaches so much main reason for her opinion——Laozi can’t make the right or right.,His Xiaobang, who is surnamed Han??Cough,We are not awkward,We are ignorant for the right right.……
at the same time,These three will arrive,Naturally also given the South Shaolin,It attracted many people who don’t have three,At this point in the north,Ding no three、Ding is not four young people,How high is big and boasting your martial arts?……
It seems to be a good penalty and evil.,They also have to take the ground.!
Ding Wei on the side is usually,I can’t hear it early.,At this time, there are other things in your heart.,I haven’t pay more attention to my gain.——Her heart also remembers the stone、Stone Zhongyu,If it is not Ding not three before,I have already secretly sneak the snow mountain.。
I am still savvy now.,Still not going——Snow Mountain Party White Sword and others,At this time, I also came to South Shaolin.!
After all, I heard that such a big thing.,Do you have a reason?……
Replace it into others,It’s easy to don’t have Ding.、Ding does not have a low grade interest。
However, Ding is not three、Ding no four,Also not three,Come to the Tusa Conference、Butcher’s conference,This is to make a lively,It is best to encounter a good penalty,Good, I also got the card to go to the Heroes Island to see。
Although the two brothers are not three,But martial arts in the whole rivers and lakes,Still very high,Usually the big paid door is not an opponent。
Small homes encountered on the road,Either it hangs like God,Either respect is grandson,This makes them want to show off and unhappy。
Just just,They found two young people,One looks strange,Face a group and gas,Another look of handsome,But the book is extremely heavy,For some small mouth,It is difficult for people who have been green forests,The two still have a pair“Don’t worry,We speak”Look……This is obviously not martial arts.!
So Ding does not,I happily sent a group of green forest people.,Mouth is still awkward:“If you are lucky,Laozi’s four places today,To stay at the Dolly Conference,Give me!”
Then two young people have praised him.,Listen to Ding no four fluttering fairy,Masonic Ding does not hit some and fight with him……
“You two young,It’s a lively.?”
“It’s really turning!What is lively dare to make……”
“Yes Yes Yes,The seniors are very,We have just take a look at the lively.。”Young man with book rolls。

Li Yue lowered her voice and said to Guan Tingna and Bai Li。

Guan Tingna frowned and said:“It seems this is done,This boss is the boss,His brain is indeed much better than ours,I didn’t think of this step”
“I still don’t understand”
Bai Li asked with a puzzled face。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“Can you understand,Then you are the boss。Hurry up and make preparations!The three major operators will definitely contact us。Maybe they will build a signal base station in Ziyang Guan without even spending a penny.,Don’t believe it, wait and see”
“If so,So, President Xia is too good, right?!”
Bai Li couldn’t help laughing as she spoke,Li Yueyi,Also very happy。
the next morning,So the heads of the three major operators came to contact Bai Li,This will be finalized soon。Promise,When Ziyangguan opened,Ensure that tourists entering the mountain can use their mobile phones normally。
Xia Jian did this beautifully,This made Bai Li and Li Yue admire him.。Of course,Only Xia Jian knew the secret。There is no such thing as a pie in the sky in this world。Many things are intrinsically connected。
As soon as the Ziyang Temple things are done,Xia Jian’s heart became more calm。Then he went to Qingshan County to check his work,But the result of the inspection made him quite satisfied。
Thus,It has been four or five days since he returned to Pingdu。Every night,He wants to talk to the provincial capital,Although Ma Yan on the phone told him everything is fine,But he still feels a little worried。Close to the waiting period,Xia Jian’s heart became more anxious。
This afternoon,Xia Jian just finished replying to emails to Wang Lin and Yao Junli,Guan Tingna opened the door of his office and walked in。She glanced at Xia Jian and said with a smile:“Don’t work this afternoon,I heard that there is a Lingguang Temple not far from Pingdu,How about we go to the temple to burn incense,You go back to the provincial capital tomorrow!”
Guan Tingna’s intention, Xia Jian is very clear,He wanted to refuse,But then think about it,He thinks something like this,Would rather believe it。
He hesitated and said:“Ok!Then you arrange the work at hand,Just let us go。Long story,I knew the abbot of Lingguang Temple before,I don’t know if he still sits in the temple”

“okay,Don’t worry about this anymore,Isn’t it just one more person??As long as Mayor Chen thinks this is feasible,You can take Deputy Mayor Liu!What you have to do now is to go back to Pingyang Town immediately,Your town can be lively”Qin Xiaomin said very decisively。

Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly asked:“What happened to Pingyang Town??”
“Not yet a chain reaction of the Hejiapu Village incident,Now every village is checking accounts,I heard that apart from Xiping Village and Zhangyang Village,Every village has more or less problems。Such a big thing,Why didn’t Mayor Chen ask you just now??I’m still a bit weird”Qin Xiaomin said with some wonder。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Should come or come,Can’t hide,It seems that before I go abroad,These bad things can’t be solved,I’m not at ease!”
“Secretary Wang is in charge of this matter,So I suggest you just leave it alone,I’m still busy with your going abroad!”Qin Xiaomin wakes up Xia Jian。
Her voice just fell,The phone on her desk rang。
Qin Xiaomin grabbed the phone and gave a feed,Then there was no more,Listen carefully,Didn’t say a word until the end:“I got to know Mayor Chen,I will tell Mayor Xia what you mean”
Qin Xiaomin just hung up the phone,Xia Jian asked anxiously:“what happened?”
“Mayor Chen changed his mind,Said you can go to investigate,But not in the official name,Can only be in your name,And all costs are borne by you”That’s it for Qin Xiaomin,I am embarrassed to continue。
Xia Jian sneered:“I didn’t think about traveling at public expense,In this case,I just left these few days,You have to go back too,Auntie can’t live without people for now”
“I don’t want to go back,I want to take my mom next。Someone wants me to go,I just won’t leave。I want to watch Pingyang Town rank among the top towns in the province”Qin Xiaomin said vowedly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“that’s great,I’m waiting for your words”Xia Jian finished,Immediately took out the phone。
He dialed Guo Meili’s phone,Let her send someone to go through the relevant procedures for him to go to the United States。Something like this,Xia Jian’s first contact,So everything is very strange to him。
From the city hall,Xia Jian dare not delay too much,Drove back to Pingyang Town。His car just stopped,Several village officials came up,Everyone seems to know that he is coming back today。
Xia Jian patiently greeted everyone into his office,Niu Li then walked in,She said angrily to these village officials:“Mayor Xia just came back,Can you tell him to catch his breath?You said how many days have you all been here,Why can’t I hear other words??”
“I only listen to Mayor Xia,What others said,I won’t listen”The person speaking is not someone else,It is Chen Haiping, the mayor of Shuijing Village。Xia Jian was taken aback,Could something happen to Shuijing Village??

Cen Cheng is not used to such occasions and such jobs,Movement is a little stiff,I won’t say anything else,See Mr. Mu ignore her,Don’t know what to do,Just laugh。

“Cen Cheng,You want to toast our boss’s wine,Our boss Mu does not drink every toast,You have to have a reason。”Couple of young people booing。
Cen Cheng understands now,Both herself and Lanlan belong to the matchmaker,Had to continue,“I am not very good at talking。”My face flushed after talking。
“Don’t embarrass her,”Lan Lan makes a save for Cencheng,“Our boss feels sick today,I help him drink。”
then,Lan Lan and Cen Cheng had a drink,Cen Cheng breathed a sigh of relief,Finally there is a step down,But I’m still a little nervous,Drunk,Choked,Cough up。
“It looks like,You can’t drink,Don’t drink it,You are from art school,How about giving us all?”Lanlanyuanchang。
The information says Boss Mu likes listening to songs,Also wrote what song he likes,Cen Cheng nodded,Take a sip of tea to moisturize your throat,“Everybody,I’m ugly。”
Driven by Lanlan,Everyone applauded,Nothing else,Singing is Cen Cheng’s strength,She stood up and took a deep breath,Cappella。
Suddenly, everyone here was shocked by the strength,Boss Mu is even more fascinated,Squinting to listen,Fingers on their legs beat the rhythm。
The atmosphere in the room climaxed instantly,Everyone is watching Cen Cheng seriously,Wait for her to sing,Several people continue to applaud。
Someone also followed Cen Cheng and sang a short passage,Everyone still applauds warmly,This meal took almost two hours to end。
Zhao Luo took advantage of everyone listening to Cen Cheng singing,Went out and bought the order,When everyone walks out of the hotel,Zhao Luo’s car is still at the door。
Zhao Luo took out the prepared gifts from the car and gave them to everyone,The eldest person took the gift bag,said laughingly,“Boss Zhao,You have dinner,Give us gifts,How embarrassed we?”
“You’re welcome,It is worthless,Just ordinary tea,Also from my friend,Too much,I can’t finish drinking,You will show kindness,Help me drink a little。”
Everyone is embarrassed to ask,Not familiar after all,And Zhao Luo has already paid,Lanlan was next to help saying,“Nothing,This is my good classmate,Just take things for you,Don’t be polite to him。”Finished,I took a bag first。
Zhao Luo will give you the gift bags one by one,A few people took the tea happily,Smile and say thank you。