CCB Shanxi Branch fully supports disaster recovery reconstruction

Recently, Shanxi Province encountered strong rainfall, more than soaking, some areas were seriously affected, homes were destroyed, property damage, people’s mass production and life were seriously affected.

CCB Shanxi Branch established a rapid response mechanism, sinking financial services, and in-depth investigation enterprises, introduced multiple financial security measures, and reconstructing salary fires for disaster-stricken enterprises and masses.

Since October 8, the bank has accumulated more than 413 related small and micro enterprises.

As an attitude of attitude October 7, there was an increase in the dam of the dam section of the Yihe North section of Qiaodong Village, Xinyi County. The water level continued to rise.

Seeing that the self-service area began to flood, Wang Junfeng, the Junghophip of CCB, immediately mobilized the employee to ask the enterprise by telephone. I heard that Xinyi County Starfish Greening Engineering Co., Ltd. has a nursery in Bridge East Village, closer to 108 National Road and Weihe Beach, possibly affected.

Wang Junfeng took the team, and the company of half-mee and deep, I saw the company’s corporate legal people. "I have been flooded all 10 acres of winter, I don’t know how to turn around. There is also a green green.

"The original plan of 全 原 汤 汤! Take the saving money between the hollow, there is no need. For the predicament of this burst, the CCB’s new branch quickly organized relevant information, only two days to complete the approval Assist 靳 全 一 一 directly on mobile phones.

"Due to trouble and solve the worries, you can really send the charcoal in the snow!" Said the whole people.

Helping the completion of the recovery "There is no feed to eat for a few days.

Wu Jiwei, the head of the Hujiazhuang Village farmer base in Beibei Township, Beibei Township, "" At that time, the situation was very serious, and the sudden rainstorm caused the landslide, the road landslide, the whole road closed, the vehicle did not come. " "October 10, Taigu District Branch immediately after understanding the situation of the disaster-stricken households, immediately docked with the company, and successfully issued loans to the company within 24 hours.

After the disaster, the agencies of the CCB Shanxi Branch conducted a flood control and disaster relief, and the people’s livelihood guaranteed all kinds of enterprises, focusing on planting, farming, agricultural products processing enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households to explore investigation, priority, Simplify the process, actively provide credit support, and effectively direct the temperature of the financial services to the grassroots level.

"This loan loan is very fast, we feel very warm in our hearts." Wu Ji Zhizheng organizes the worker’s master to repair the blocked road, and strive to return to the event. The minority of escort is to support flood control and disaster relief, people’s livelihood guarantee the whole industry chain, CCB Shanxi Branch Innovation launches anti-flood relief exclusive small and micro enterprise credit products, opening up "green channels."

For customers and services, "priority access, priority assessment, priority acceptance, priority, priority, priority approval, timely delivery", ensuring that the loan is rapidly put into place within 24 hours of loans within 24 hours. Pu County, Linyi City is seriously affected by many local landslides and mudslides, and is one of the enterprises in the enterprise Yupeng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd..

On the morning of October 11, after the construction of the Pu County Branch, the customer manager Shangji learned the difficult situation in the enterprise. The first time contact the superior line to strive for financial support policies, and submit the application materials, the second-level branch is approximately approval, the provincial branch is accepted The customer is also a loan of 300,000 yuan in the same day, used to re-construct the material fees and staff, and effectively solve the urgentity.

CCB Shanxi Branch also launched flexible help measures, and companies that are not open to the impact of the impact, but develop prospects, but have no blindness, discontinuation, and pressurization; Loans provide extension and continuous loan services; actively docking, actively guiding small micro enterprise customers using "懂 you" app online application loan, use, repayment, borrowed, reducing financial costs, enjoying security, Convenient 7 * 24-hour financial services. The public welfare action has a temperature "Thanks to CCB, this help is very accurate, this 200 military coat immediately can send it." Zheng Dai, Yanjiaying Village, Yanfeng Town, Qingxu County, Shanxi Province, excitedly. Yan Jiaying Village is the serious village, the villagers of the villagers, all of which are all blistered.

It coincides with the sudden drop of temperature, and the CCB Taiyuan Branch sent disaster relief materials to the village on October 12, and the villagers praised. It is understood that all the outlets in the Jurisded Shanxi Branch are fully open "Workers Harbor", providing risky, drinking water, charging, food, etc. for affected citizens, disaster relief persons, public security police, sanitation workers, etc.

At the same time, we have mobilized a volunteer service team, the Communist Party Pioneer, and the most urgent place in the disaster situation, actively cooperating with social welfare organizations, and actively provide volunteer services such as fundraising, difficult to help socialize.

On October 10, the Party branch of the Jianshun City Lushan Branch quickly opened the donation channel of Daishan County Red Cross, organized employees to donate more than 5,000 yuan, and transport more than 1,000 woven bags of donations to the disaster relief. Jianshun City Xinyi Branch organizes employees to donate 5,000 yuan to the county Red Cross, and the items of purchasing instant noodles are sent to the temporary resettlement office in the disaster area.

After the completion of the food in Fengguun Village, Zhao Zhen, Jinzhong City, the construction of the Qixian Branch urgently purchased a number of rice noodles, donated rice oil such as rice oil to the affected people in the afternoon. CCB Linyi Branch party members poverty alleviation pioneers to the poverty alleviation to help the village of Jixian Yangji, Yanjiayu Village, send the villagers to the rice, face, vegetables, meat and other life. CCB Xiaoyi Branch organized a total of more than 7450 yuan, donating more than 200 pieces of donation, and set the QR code of the "Dragon Payment" of the Xiaoyi City Red Cross in "Wrantor Harbor" to guide customers. Scan code donation.

Jinzhong Branch organizes employees to donate 105,250 yuan, and opened the "Social Social District" platform Red Cross donation channel to raise money from 40554 yuan.

Next, CCB Shanxi Branch will continue to play the role of market "stabilizers" and "main army", with practical actions to relieve problems with the disaster-stricken enterprises and the masses.

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Beijing Yanqing Reconstruction Municipal Facilities Replenishment Street Alley Minsheng Shop

Original title: Pavement "Micro Recovery" to eliminate travel "small troubles" higher than the pavement of the road stone, the well cover, the rain of the dirt … These seem seemingly inconspicuous "little troubles" in daily life, Behind the "big people’s livelihood" that is the happiness of residents.

With the help of the Harboring Winter Olympics, the Yanqing District Municipal Facilities Management Center started from the residents’ daily lives, "micro-transformation", for the municipal facilities, replenish the people’s livelihood of the back street alley, let this There is a face in the small town of Dongbo.

The font stone transformation, smooth riding "It turned out that there was a small Kanger, and the ride will have to ‘噔’, now it is flat with the road. Everyone is also relieved.

"Zhang Uncle, who is parked on the roadside, points to the reporter, pointed to the reporter.

This patrite stone originally fell 1 cm higher than the road surface, although this 1 cm also complied with construction requirements and maintenance specifications, but the rider passed by it.

Considering the safety of the citizens, the Yanqing District Municipal Facilities Management Center decided to reduce the edge stone to the same height with the pavement.

After rapid construction, more than 30 roads around the surroundings were completed, and the cycling people entered into and out of Baijia mall unimpeded.

In order to welcome the upcoming Winter Olympics and Winter Disabling Olympics, Yanqing District Municipal Facilities Management Center also has been improved in the unobsuitic facilities in the jurisdiction, on 6 streets such as Hubei East Road, Qingyuan Street, Guangxing Street A total of 11 trails connecting the zebra crossing for rope treatment. The original block is in front of the zebra crossing, and the "road tooth" "of the ground is disappeared, and the flat pavement is replaced, and the public is more convenient.

The well cover "消 声", residents can sleep with the same seemingly seemingly insignificant well cover issues into "micro-transformation". In recent years, with the increase in urban construction in Yanqing District, the new road and the auxiliary facilities have increased, and the abnormal roles of the well cover of some road sections are more serious, and the proven to the public is very much.

In response to this situation, Yanqing District Municipal Facilities Management Center adopted special actions, a well-known well inspection, one street of streets, and 400 sets of well cover in all municipal jurisdictions in the city.

By concentrating and replacing the rotten kernel well, the surface of the well cover is effectively governed, and all "muffle", the disturbance of the people, and the residents nearby are finally able to sleep. In addition, Linqua Street, Stadium, West Street, Xihuan City Road, Yanqing District, West Street, Xihuancheng Road, etc. It causes usually stains and dispersed odor on the rain. In this regard, the Yanqing District Municipal Facilities Management Center organizes staff to clear the shovel, rinse, and maintain the street environment clean and tidy.

The stones are wearing "anti-gloss", which will take a safe and tear open the surface of the long strip-shaped reflective film, surround the top of the cylindrical retaining stone, then the distance is from a distance, and it will be posted below a circle … Before, the endless stone stone in many streets in Yanqing Town, all of the "anti-gloss", even in the night of light, the night is very conspicuous. The relevant person in charge of the Yanqing District Municipal Facilities Management Center told reporters that in recent years, in promoting the construction of slow-run system, it has played a very important role in preventing motor vehicles from occupying non-motor vehicle lanes. In order to further ensure the safety of the citizens, the Yanqing District also passed the reflective film for all the stones in the city, and the pedestrians and vehicles were first building a safety line.

Up to now, more than 1,300 radius stones in Yanqing City have sticked the reflective film to standardize the municipal road environment, which is convenient for residents.

Since this year, Yanqing District has been rectified against all kinds of basic environmental issues in urban streets. Up to now, a total of 10,000 square meters of damaged roads, damage to the building is 10,000 plants, and the floral will be more than 10,000 square meters. At the same time, I comb the street lax, "Flying" million meters, clean up the business doors and windows illegal postpartum, the small advertisement 1836, let the street environmental appearance and the quality of the public’s life have been overall.

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Beijing has added a new case, once online shopping!

  On December 3, at the 263th Press Conference in Beijing New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control, Deputy Director of the Municipal Disease Control Center, member of the national new coronary virus pneumonia expert group member Pang Xiang, 12:00 on December 2 At 9 o’clock on the 3rd, there were 1 case of new category pneumonia in Beijing. Detailed diagnosis of cases announced that the diagnosed case of the online shopping medicine is now in Haidian District, Yufu Eastern District, which is closely contacting the case in the province on December 2.

  November 28th, 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate, take the CZ6268 flight arrived in Beijing, November 28th 22:30, go to the No. 9 building, No. 9, 4th, more supermarket shopping; November 29th: 04-15: 49 in Chaoyang The Shili River Lighting City and the home beauty C are selected; there is a cough, the symptoms of running nature on November 30, and from his husband online shopping, the patient took the medicine at 18:23. On December 1, the patient received a foreign-provincial-grade disease-control person telephone call, informing it to be judged to be close contact, need home isolation and conduct nucleic acid detection, then take the net at 14:59 to Haidian Shounang South Road 6 The detection mechanism sampling detection, the result is negative; December 2, the Municipal Center for Sophisticated Public Security Association is determined that it is a close contact, notify the Haidian District CDC to sample it, the result is positive.

  Comprehensive epidemiological history, clinical manifestation, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the diagnosis is diagnosed in diagnosis, clinical is common. Preliminary judgment of 45 people Pang Xiang fire introduced that in accordance with the principles of precision prevention and control, the first time, the first time, secretly tracking, has been classified, and the risk personnel have been controlled. As of the current collector’s nasopharyngeal swab specimen 4906 pieces, All are negative, 640 applications, except for 4 positive in cases, and the rest are negative.

  Preliminary judgment and verify 45 close contacts in cases, including 28 flights, 15 people in Kyoto, and 2 in Beijing, all have implemented control measures.

  Beijing Daily Client Reporter Sun Leqi Niu Weikun.

2021 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "Three Three" begint in Baodingyi County op 17 oktober

People’s Network Baoding 29 september (Zhang Jihang) Op 29e werd de persconferentie van de 2021 Beijing-Tianjin Heart Tieren drie wedstrijd op de hoogte gebracht dat de wedstrijd op 17 oktober in Baodingyi County werd gehouden. Momenteel zijn alle voorbereidingen uitgebreid. Uitbreiden. The Beijing-Tianjin-Heart Tieren Drie Competitie Drie Competitie wordt georganiseerd door het PROVINCIAL-sportbureau van Hebei, Baoding Municipal People’s Government, Baoding Municipal Sports Bureau, Baoding City Cultural Radio en Television and Tourism Bureau, Baoding Radio en Television, Yixian People’s Government. De wedstrijd schiet om 9:00 uur op 17 oktober in Yishui Lake Turtle Terminal.

Zwemmen, fietsen, lang draaiende drie totalen gedurende 4 uur.

Zwemmen in Yishui Lake, fiets wordt uitgevoerd in Yishui Lake aan de Langyama Longxi Road, langeafstand in de Rose Garden of the Wolf.

Het is duidelijk dat deze competitie drie drie en paardrijden heeft: de drie items van de ijzeren mensen gebruiken de Olympische standaardkilometers, zwemmende kilometers, 40 kilometer fietsen, 10 kilometer hardlopen; rit twee: 20 km, ren 5 kilometer, rennen Ononderbroken door de deelnemers. "De drie wedstrijden van het Beijing-Tianjin Heart sinds 2017 zijn met succes gehouden in Baoding, na vele jaren van teelt, is het een merk sportevenement geworden gemaakt door de provincie Hebei, die een zelfgebruik van sport in Beijing is geworden. Belangrijk visitekaartje.

"Wang Chengfeng, directeur Baoding Municipal Sports Bureau, is aanwezig, Baoding wordt ge?nvesteerd in de bouw van het leven van de moderne kwaliteit, en de organisator van het evenement is om de integratie van de sporttoerisme-industrie te bevorderen, de financiering van de baoding te verbeteren en een "Nationale sportkampioenstad" gouden medaille. Belangrijke betekenis. Baoding zal profiteren van het succes van het succesvolle in voorgaande jaren, streven naar het spel beter, spannender en een van de nationale invloed van merkevenementen. In de afgelopen jaren Yixian heeft met succes een reeks grootschalige sportgebeurtenisactiviteiten georganiseerd sportverbruik zal het toeristische consumptie aansturen en de ontwikkeling van de sportindustrie injecteert vitaliteit en vitaliteit in de toeristische industrie, waardoor de diepte van "sport + toerisme" wordt bereikt.

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The 12th Macao Youth Diplomatic Knowledge Competition ended

Xinhua News Agency Macau December 13 (Reporter Li Hanfang Liu Gang) The 12th Macao Youth Foreign Knowledge Competition Finals and Awards is held on the 13th. The eight teams entering the finals have been fiercely competitive, and eventually, they finally take the championship in the teaching industry.

The competition was jointly hosted by the Macao SAR Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and hosted by the Macau Mission Office, Macao SAR Government Education and Youth Development Bureau. At the award ceremony, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Macau, and Liu Xianfa who committed the students to "carry forward the patriotic spirit" and "cultivating the world feelings" and "responsibility of the times".

He emphasized that Macao will be able to achieve better development in integration into the national development overall situation. The diplomat will continue to give full play to diplomatic advantages, and fully assist in the SAR to carry out foreign exchange cooperation in various fields, further improve the international influence of Macau, continue to help the "one center, one platform, one base" in the SAR, and have a prosperous and steady to protect the SAR.

Ouyang Yu, Director of Social and Cultural Division, Macau SAR Government, said that in the future, the SAR Government will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, promote and promote diplomatic knowledge to young students, strengthen their understanding of national development and international situations.

At the same time, the continued promotion of students to promote the mastery of national development processes, enhance their national conditions, and broaden the international vision, contribute to the country, contribute to Macau.

The 12th Macau Youth Diplomatic Knowledge Competition launched the promotion competition on September 14, about 10,000 middle school students signed up.

A total of 34 secondary school teams participated in the premiere, the first eight school team promoted the finals. In 2010, the Macau Youth Diplomatic Knowledge Competition was founded in 2010.

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Qingshan green water is cool, collecting the group, praise the five-way mountain good scenery

During the two days, the shooters went to the five-way mountain red canyon drifting, the new spring village, the hometown, the rushing mountain Town, the five-way mountain water, the top forest, the five-way mountain tropical rainforest, etc. They have sigh, "Wu Zhan Mountain is too beautiful, the air quality is too good!" "Such a beautiful scenery, next time you must play with friends!" "At this time here is a very wonderful experience, see the world in different angles, from Drifting to the tropical rainforest, each frame taken is beautiful.

"Anti-shoot enthusiast Chen Chen said that the mountains in the five-way mountains, the water is beautiful, and the material is very satisfied with the material filmed, but also to look forward to the next ventilation activity." Drifting is very exciting, it is very suitable to play with friends. ! "The passenger Li Leich said that he was the first time to come to the five-way mountain. I found that the scenery here is very good. It is a great place for holiday play. It is understood that the Wuzhi Mountain is located in the south of Hainan Island, surrounded by the mountains. Dense.

The temperature in the whole year is about 20 degrees, and there is no cold in winter.

In recent years, the five-way mountains have rely on the advantages of ecological resources, and gradually become a holy place for playing amusement, sightseeing, and recovery.

Shi Zi: "Five Old"

The county and township two levels have been established in time to promote the "five old" propaganda groups, with the teaching of party history and education publicity as an opportunity, go to 19 townships (streets) to learn "the history of party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development" " The elders are responsible for the responsibility of good teaching, the late generations, "" Inheriting the Red Gene, Strive to make a newcomer "and other themes, only the" Five Old Propagander Group "to the township street" Four His Sanyuan "preaching 31 More than 10,000 people have been accepted, encouraging students to abide by the public morality, inheriting virtues, and adhering to Daddy, determined to grow up.

To carry out "Caring for Tomorrow, Pu Fu first" law education activities as an opportunity to organize the county primary and secondary school students to participate in the city’s legal knowledge network competition, the rule of law essay competition in the county level, the "Five Old" propaganda group takes the way in the way, to the county Primary and secondary schools launched a public treatment 29, and more than 20,000 teachers and students, which strongly promotes the joint pursuit and conscious action of young people, law-abiding, learning, and usage.

Make full use of 19 revolutionary cultural relics sites in the county to carry out party history education, red cultural education, patriotic education activities, with speech (speaking communication), theme essay, theme class, national speech, etc., education guides youth students to firmly interact with the party Walk, do your newcomers.

As of now, now, the county "five old" "five into" 19 township (street) launched more than 120 scenes of "four history three lovers", rule of law, and more than 63,000 people were taught. (Photo / Wen Qin Chuyan) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

The relevant departments of Dunhua City actively respond to the safety of the strong snowfall weather to ensure the safety of the masses.

In order to effectively respond to this round of heavy snowfall weather, the relevant departments of Dunhua City quickly act, and the compaction responsibilities layers, active scientific response, and strive to ensure the safety of the masses. Dunhua City Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau inspected the Snow Work According to the Dunhua Meteorological Bureau data, November 21st to 22, 08, Dunhua City appeared to blizzard weather, the snowfall is mm, the snow is 11 cm .

In order to protect the safety of the masses, all Qingxiao units have saved the snow, and quickly organize large machinery and personnel to carry out clear snow operations, according to the city’s winter snow requirements, the road area snow is cleared and cleared.

On November 22, according to the "Implementation Plan of the Winter Obligation Snow Work in 2021", the Municipal Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau supervised and inspected the Qingxian unit of the Qingxing section and "four packs in front of the door". Continue to strengthen the management of Qingxiao work, effectively improve the level of winter urban management. Dunhua City Management Administrative Law Enforcement Affairs Four Brigade Captain Gao Bingheng said: According to the 2021 winter Qingxian Work implementation plan (law enforcement officer), I arrived in the jurisdiction to the jurisdiction to supervise the smack of snow and snow. We will follow. Relevant regulations shall be punished and the traffic control unit in time is to clean up the Snow Dunhua Traffic Police Brigade. The Municipal Transportation Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade actively responds to the safety of strong landing in the jurisdiction. On November 22, for the snow road conditions, the Dunhua Traffic Police Brigade takes the road Working measures such as traffic guidance, bad weather safety tips, organize police force to increase traffic flow in the jurisdiction, traffic train flowing into the intersection, command vehicle ordered, prevent traffic congestion and traffic accidents. According to the actual situation in the jurisdiction, the Dunhua Traffic Police Brigade also increases the patrol work of the national management road. Through the warning lights, patrolling tips, road diversions, etc., remind the driver to reduce the driving speed, pay attention to driving safety. Maximize the impact of strong snowfall weather on road traffic in Dunhua.

Fully protect the road traffic safety in the snowy jurisdiction.

It is understood that since the beginning of the snowfall weather on November 21, the Dunhua Traffic Police Brigade has dispatched more than 350 police officers, more than 80 police cars, and rescue 8 small trapped vehicles.

At the same time, due to the influence of snowfall weather. There is a road area in the road area, ice-free, and there is a large traffic safety hazard. In order to ensure the safety of road transportation, the Municipal Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade requires the city’s shuttle passenger vehicles, travel chartered vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles on November 21 At 14:30, the passenger station was suspended, and the passenger station was suspended, departed, and the recovery runtime was separately determined according to the road safety pass conditions.

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People’s Daily Zan Jinan: Use fun of science activities to stimulate interest in high quality science to meet the needs of the whole society

With high quality science to meet the needs of the whole society (everyone talk) "The National Science Quality Action Plan (2021-2035)" Revealed the System Barrier of Removed Science of High Quality Development "," promoting the innovation of popular science content, form and means Improve, improve the knowledge content of popular science, meet the demand for high quality sciences. "

In this issue, let’s choose 3 documents, and readers discuss how to better improve popular science. – Editor’s "Public Visit" is "live participation" Liu Wenxiao to school, all experiments that need to be completed will often be impressed with the students. To carry out popular science activities, you should create opportunities to let public, especially young people, which help to improve popular science effects.

If the public is only passive to participate in "instilling science", it is not only difficult to guarantee, but it is also difficult to meet the public ‘s different points of interest and individualization needs.

Today, VR, big data, cloud computing and other technological advances have different new months, providing technical support for virtual teaching, scene integration, and 3D experience.

Creating the conditions "public visit" is "participation in the scene", which is passively actively, and can fully mobilize the interest of the audience, so they can become popular participants.

In addition, we have to create a volunteer position and other ways to create a volunteer position, and we will design the enthusiasm and initiative of public participation in science.

Take measures to make the popular science activities more deeply in the hearts of people, more sustainable. The "weakness of" weakness "is the key Peng Zhe and the 13th Five-Year Plan, my country’s scientific quality level is rapidly improved, but the overall level of scientific quality is low, urban and rural, regional development is unbalanced, and the scientific effective supply is insufficient.

Comprehensively enhance the level of scientific qualities in citizens, and you must do a good job of "weak one ring" and further check the miss.

With the wide application of smart equipment, some elderly people face "intelligent gap"; and less information resolution is low, and some elderly people are more easily pseudo-scientific information, products, etc.

This suggests that we must accelerate the improvement of the lifelong learning system, strengthen the level of "appropriate aging" of science knowledge education, enhance intelligent technology, so that the elderly will better share the results of scientific and technological development. Current urban residents and rural residents have a scientific quality level of scientific quality, and improve rural group scientific qualities. While doing a good job in scientific quality, the focus should also be placed in the vast majority of rural areas, and further strengthen the construction of rural science infrastructure. And scientific quality improved the head and enter. Use fun science activities to stimulate interest Du Bowen "Car Racing" "Electronic Excellency" "Robot show" … Focus on the experience, attracting a burst of cheers. It is these interesting projects that make people feel the infinite charm of science unconsciously.

Today, the change of information communication channels and methods have put forward higher requirements for popular science work. Funny science activities, combining the "meaning" and "interesting", meeting the demand for scientific knowledge and exploration capabilities, in line with the inherent law of scientific knowledge. Practice shows that if popular science activities are more fun, enabling the public to "zero" contact protocol knowledge, from visual, auditory, tactile, etc., to feel the fun and magic of technology, help to stimulate their interest in technology And enthusiasm, and then promote the improvement of scientific quality and expand scientific thinking.

Continuously enhance citizens’ quality, plant seeds into more people’s hearts, to further consolidate innovation and development of root-based soil, national innovation capabilities can always keep vitality and rush.

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“Long pool,There are a lot of work,I still want to ask you some views.,Because your eyes are very unique。”

“John President,I know that there is no uncomfortable!”
“Now that our big Japanese Emperor’s battle seems to fight intentions,Many generals believe that waiting for the hinterland of Wuhan.,Chongqing government will certainly surrender,What do you think??”
“Songben President,I said last time.,Even the Chongqing government surrender,Chinese people will not surrender。”
“Yes,This is the most worried,Because once the capture of the Wuhan Chongqing government is still not surrendered,Then we will fight the military and the cabinet in the next step.,What kind of situation will you do when you feel??”
“I think it may be that we have a stable occupation area.。”
“Long Chiko is really talent.,This is indeed the idea of most people,That’s in our intelligence work, it has become the top priority.,Therefore, the Navit Prime Minister has developed a Northern Star Lobby Plan in advance.。”
“Arctic star?”
“Correct,We have to go to Chongqing,Chengdu,Xi’an,Send a batch of agents in southwestern Changsha,If you capture Wuhan Chongqing still not surrendering,In order to destroy their resistance,We will strategically bombard these heavy towns,At that time, these latent people can fully play.。”
“This plan is good,It is now mid-April,I expect to force the Wuhan to capture Wuhan according to our big Japanese Emperor’s force.,We have three months of preparation time is very pressing.!”
Rui Rui will show some military talents in front of these big people.,For example, precise prediction,Judgment on the overall situation,War of the battle, etc.,It’s so letting them commit a heavy responsibility。
“Very correct,So this Arctic Star Program,Near-guard prostitute hopes that you can be responsible!That is, from planning,Preparing to the last implementation is responsible for you,Actors must use our own agents,Can’t use Chinese。”
“We find there are so many Chinese Tong?”
“Long pool,Do you forget that you have a group of agents who have a black plan??They are all old China。”
“The teacher means that they all transfer them to the latent?”
“Yes,China’s many places we have surveyed,The information that is getting has already gotten,So this batch is going to more need them.,But before they need to be sent to a rigorous training,These are mainly done to you。”
“I will spare no effort to complete the task!”
“Then you put these people immediately recall,Black gold plan can only continue to continue in the needs of several needs.,Others all entered the Arctic Star Program。”
“Long pool,After you go back to work out a complete outline of the latent and training programs,This plan is a close-up prime minister.,This is also a good opportunity to prove your ability.!You have to work hard。”
“Hayi,I will go back to develop immediately.,President,Those agents who stayed in Shanghai can also make the Arctic Star latent plan.?”
“Yes,You only need to leave two or three people to be responsible for contacting the remaining black gold group.。”
“All funds from the Arctic Star Program are provided by the cabinet,You personally control!”
“First plan drawn up,Recall some people as soon as possible!You said just now.,Time is running out,So you have to hurry.。”
“Songben President,I’ll go back to the development plan!”
NS256chapter Shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao personally inspected
Rui Rui Leaves the Union News Agency is excited,The Arctic Star latent plan is prepared for future bombing,The task of these special sites is to investigate important military facilities in the local area.,National institutions, etc., bombarded the will。
But the arrogant little devil never knows the Chinese nation to be more and more brave.,Qi Rui knows that this plan is definitely to be formulated according to the level of long pooliness,Otherwise how to control these specials and this plan。
The purpose of the Arctic Star Lacy Plan is very clear,So developing the training plan and the latent plan is simple.,Rui Rui, I have already thought about some dark language。
Qi Rui afraid to design the perfect plan,Because the perfect plan of the plan knows that there is no role,Instead, the other party will arrange for the plan to defense。