“Long pool,There are a lot of work,I still want to ask you some views.,Because your eyes are very unique。”

“John President,I know that there is no uncomfortable!”
“Now that our big Japanese Emperor’s battle seems to fight intentions,Many generals believe that waiting for the hinterland of Wuhan.,Chongqing government will certainly surrender,What do you think??”
“Songben President,I said last time.,Even the Chongqing government surrender,Chinese people will not surrender。”
“Yes,This is the most worried,Because once the capture of the Wuhan Chongqing government is still not surrendered,Then we will fight the military and the cabinet in the next step.,What kind of situation will you do when you feel??”
“I think it may be that we have a stable occupation area.。”
“Long Chiko is really talent.,This is indeed the idea of most people,That’s in our intelligence work, it has become the top priority.,Therefore, the Navit Prime Minister has developed a Northern Star Lobby Plan in advance.。”
“Arctic star?”
“Correct,We have to go to Chongqing,Chengdu,Xi’an,Send a batch of agents in southwestern Changsha,If you capture Wuhan Chongqing still not surrendering,In order to destroy their resistance,We will strategically bombard these heavy towns,At that time, these latent people can fully play.。”
“This plan is good,It is now mid-April,I expect to force the Wuhan to capture Wuhan according to our big Japanese Emperor’s force.,We have three months of preparation time is very pressing.!”
Rui Rui will show some military talents in front of these big people.,For example, precise prediction,Judgment on the overall situation,War of the battle, etc.,It’s so letting them commit a heavy responsibility。
“Very correct,So this Arctic Star Program,Near-guard prostitute hopes that you can be responsible!That is, from planning,Preparing to the last implementation is responsible for you,Actors must use our own agents,Can’t use Chinese。”
“We find there are so many Chinese Tong?”
“Long pool,Do you forget that you have a group of agents who have a black plan??They are all old China。”
“The teacher means that they all transfer them to the latent?”
“Yes,China’s many places we have surveyed,The information that is getting has already gotten,So this batch is going to more need them.,But before they need to be sent to a rigorous training,These are mainly done to you。”
“I will spare no effort to complete the task!”
“Then you put these people immediately recall,Black gold plan can only continue to continue in the needs of several needs.,Others all entered the Arctic Star Program。”
“Long pool,After you go back to work out a complete outline of the latent and training programs,This plan is a close-up prime minister.,This is also a good opportunity to prove your ability.!You have to work hard。”
“Hayi,I will go back to develop immediately.,President,Those agents who stayed in Shanghai can also make the Arctic Star latent plan.?”
“Yes,You only need to leave two or three people to be responsible for contacting the remaining black gold group.。”
“All funds from the Arctic Star Program are provided by the cabinet,You personally control!”
“First plan drawn up,Recall some people as soon as possible!You said just now.,Time is running out,So you have to hurry.。”
“Songben President,I’ll go back to the development plan!”
NS256chapter Shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao personally inspected
Rui Rui Leaves the Union News Agency is excited,The Arctic Star latent plan is prepared for future bombing,The task of these special sites is to investigate important military facilities in the local area.,National institutions, etc., bombarded the will。
But the arrogant little devil never knows the Chinese nation to be more and more brave.,Qi Rui knows that this plan is definitely to be formulated according to the level of long pooliness,Otherwise how to control these specials and this plan。
The purpose of the Arctic Star Lacy Plan is very clear,So developing the training plan and the latent plan is simple.,Rui Rui, I have already thought about some dark language。
Qi Rui afraid to design the perfect plan,Because the perfect plan of the plan knows that there is no role,Instead, the other party will arrange for the plan to defense。

Xia Jian at this time,At the golf course,The person by his side is Lu Wanting。

It turns out that when he goes to work,Just received a call,The call was from Lu Wanting,Lu Wanting on the phone is very aggressive,She said sharply:“I’m on the left corner of your group company,If you don’t want to make things big,Just drive over,Otherwise, I have to send out which photos of me”
At this juncture,Xia Jian really didn’t dare to make trouble,He had to bring his own bag,So he went downstairs and drove over。Just like on the phone,Lu Wanting’s car stopped at the left corner of the venture group。Xia Jian leaned the car up,Lowered the window and asked coldly:“what’s up?”
“Follow my car,Don’t bother”Lu Wanting is still cold like a piece of ice。When Xia Jianzheng was in a daze,Lu Wanting’s car has rushed out like an arrow。
Xia Jianna dare to neglect,Followed closely behind。This way, you will arrive at the golf course in two turns,Get out of the car,Xia Jian asked angrily:“Why are you here?I don’t know how to fight”
“Did I tell you to fight??You can think so well,I asked you to come to pick up the ball for me”Lu Wanting said,A weird smile appeared on his face。
Xia Jian looked at this little witch,I have countless thoughts of revenge on her。But now he,I dare not touch her finger。Because Su Yiman waded too deep,He really doesn’t know what kind of conspiracy is here。
“Hey!How am i wearing this today,Is it beautiful?”Lu Wanting suddenly turned back,Smiled and asked Xia Jiandao。She seems to be in a very good mood today。
Lu Wanting is wearing a light yellow blouse today,The lower body is a white trousers,The clothes are very fit,Put her exquisite figure,Wrapped lordosis and warped。It’s a man who wants to see a second one,But Xia Jian really didn’t feel this way,He knew it was a beautiful flower,But this flower is poisonous。
Lu Wanting saw that Xia Jian didn’t say a word,She took two steps back,Lowered his voice and said:“I want to ask you something?Are you deaf?”
“The clothes are so beautiful,But your panties are pink,Not good”Xia Jian is deliberately so wretched,He thinks this is the only way,It is possible to control this woman。
as expected,Lu Wanting a listen,Face changed,Sternly:“Pervert,Do you want people to walk in front of you without clothes??”
“OK!You can take it off,I like”Xia Jian laughed and said,He did,I just want to leave Wanting Lu,Let her never trouble him again in this life。
Lu Wanting smiled and said:“Dream of your spring and autumn!Just like you,Dare to think of such a beautiful thing,Hugging a pillow to think about it at night!”Lu Wanting scolded Xia Jian,Walk forward quickly。


“Joke,Please also ask not to be,Tianjian is unknown to have a sword,Once the world is the emperor of the sword,I thought that there was anything,I didn’t expect to have this thing.。”Good thoughts avatars。
Make a reason,At this time, you should come to the business.,But he always feels that there is a broken,Can’t open the mouth。
beside,Stepping is listening‘Peerless sword’After the face is complex。
According to what he knows,The peerless sword is the foundation of his father’s step,Under the sky,Only the blood of the two people can open。The world will be Tugge Family Village,Warming day,The sword embryos in the peerless sword are unknown。
Good thoughts can use Kaifeng’s peerless good sword,Can only explain one reason……
His father has a private child outside.。
“Jian Sheng is in the death of the sword, the sword is forced to lead the neck,Because it is not lucky,Sword to half,Yangshou is just over,You know this matter?”Satery。
Nothing point。
After the Sword of the Sword Saint, after the year,There is no name, and the law of swords and their cracks are pretended.,According to the sword,He guess the sword two after the second movement of the strong sword。
But guess is just guessing,Sword 2nd Peak,It is a sword method in the world.,Even if it is the capital of the unknown,I can’t see the virtual truth of the sword,Can only be predictive,I will surely cry.。
want to see。
Think of this,No name:“Judan has been fairy,There is no sword in the world.,Everything thinks and this matter,In the heart, it is a regret.。”
I thought that Jian Sheng was over, the three two swords were over.,Which thought,Judan directly put a big trick,I didn’t think of the Jian Shengqi.,It’s cold in big events.。
There is no scene to watch the sword,There is no name about the intestines.,When I pulled the two years,Sorrowful,Rehabilitating the 名 剑 法。
“Don’t have to regret,Come on……”
Good illness is slightly smile,Things of mind,In the steps of the clouds, it turns into a sharp sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred。Although the sword is not sheath,There is an invisible sword, and the space is not only,Can imagine,Hour of sheath,Inevitably destroyed!
“It’s just a sword.,you……”
“You are the sword,You are still dead yet?!”
Looking at the blue sword net space,Nameless eyes,Flying down in hand,Five finger,A sharp edge of the second floor,On the occasion of thousands of hair and their swords。
Small hospital,Two thorns of the swordsman……
Analysis by Liao Wenjie,Don’t read the nameless‘Skyword’realm,It is a Jianji for thousands of years.,Qualifications and Swords and Sword, envy, hate。
But if it is really the sword of the sword,Unknown big probability。
Fortunately, the kindness is not a true sword.,The sword of the Yuan Shen is not a matter of confrontation.,The artistic conception is not satisfactory,It can be found in the octrine of the nominal world.,Then……
There should be a wool.。
Waiting for this wave of unnamed wool,Harvest unknown crack swords,Go to Dongpu Sword Sword Wool,Let it make up for the sword,Then come to find an unknown。
Repeated,Sword, three must progressive。
Same era,Can have these two swordsmanship,Can be described as an endless treasure,that is……
Too much trouble,I have to run.。
According to Liao Wenjie,薅薅 毛毛 着 站,The sheep should be consciously,Learn to move your own,Instead of being in the east,Pushing two people moving。
Several breathing,The trend of the small court,Only Yu Daoxing is standing。
Stepping clouds,He places the sword hell to live and die outside,Learn the Sword Law and 莫 名 剑 法,Caring for two big swords,Bleeding,Foot enough to let the hospital flowers and grass grow people。
Unknown hero sword wolf, sitting,Size sword injury,See the no-hurtful kindness,Can’t help but catch up:“You are not a sword,Who are you??”
Good illness is not talking,The fog in the two regiments is hitting the clouds and unnamed,Regarer, no matter how step is awake,Waving the peerless sword to step down next to him。

“You knew you would say that,Do you think I will be fooled by you?”Yao Junli’s voice is falling。A rush of footsteps came from the passage of the hall,More than a dozen heavily armed police swarmed in。

Diao Xiong still wants to quibble,But the police didn’t listen to them at all,Take all of them away。Xia Jian was taken aside again to make notes。This is over,When the police finish taking pictures and leave,It’s already over ten o’clock in the evening。
Only this time,Xia Jian just felt a little hungry。Actually don’t need to say,Yao Junli had already ordered,Let people make dinner,Delivered to her office。
Once entering the office,Xia Jian couldn’t wait to sit down。Yao Junli hurriedly poured him a cup of tea,And then beckon him to sit on the sofa,The two of them ate。
Such food,It’s definitely not possible without wine,Actually, Yao Junli is already ready。When Xia Jian settles down,,Yao Junli took out half a catty of the fine wine。
Xia Jian is also welcome,He doesn’t care if the wine is worth,I opened it and poured a cup。He took a sip and asked:“What is going on today??”drink,But not talking about the quality of wine,But to ask what happened just now。
Yao Junli took a breath and said:“A bit of hatred in business,I didn’t expect it to break out tonight”
“To be more detailed!I think this Diao Xiong is also a new face”Xia Jian said,So I poured a glass of wine for Yao Junli。Drinking is about who you are with,So that good wine can taste。
Yao Junli raised the glass,Take a sip,Then he sighed and said:“A convenient hotel with similar specifications is opened in the west of the city,Xigeyuan Hotel。The boss Chen Yong is a foreigner,Because of robbing me of business”
“West Court Court?It should have been two years since it opened!”Xia Jian drinking,I couldn’t help but frowned。
Yao Junli nodded and said:“Correct!You have a good memory,This hotel has only been opened for more than two years。Business has been bad,That is, several groups from other places this year,I originally booked Xigeyuan,But one of the tour guides knows that our place is better than Chen Yong’s”
“As a result, the tour guide brought his group to us temporarily,Take a look at other groups,They all followed。This annoys Chen Yong,He thinks I robbed his business,The result was a big fight with me”
“I thought it was over,Unexpectedly, this guy sent Diao Xiong over again and deliberately troubled me,He is shooting himself in the foot”Yao Junli said and smiled。
Xia Jian took a sip of wine,Thought for a while and asked:“What is the origin of this Diao Xiong?”

Li Tianchou looked at the steel ring that originally hung the chandelier on the ceiling,Calculating the length of the cloth strip,“Make no mistake,Just tell me how to kill Zhang Jiming,This experiment will be avoided,it’s actually really easy。”

“I can’t remember who Boss Zhang is……”Shen Mingfang yelled halfway,People have been lifted upside down in the air,Li Tianchou put the cloth strip reserved on the side of his ankle into the steel ring and fastened it,Let go,In this way,Shen Mingfang was hung upside down under the ceiling like a livestock slaughtered in a meat joint factory。
Li Tianchou did not forget to push Shen Mingfang,His body suddenly swayed like a pendulum,“Forgot to tell you,Not enough strips,I only used a single layer hanging on it。Think about it,You will be free tomorrow morning。”
“Hey,My horse!You lunatic,Let me down,Did you hear,Don’t you Zhang Family think about it??”Shen Mingfang was extremely angry,Yelling。
“Snapped”A crisp sound,Li Tianchou gave Shen Ming a big mouth to face him,“You can’t do it when you’re an old man?Still think about whether your Shen family will endure。”
Shen Mingfang was dizzy when he was pumped,Full of anger was forced back,He dare not scold again,The whole face was suffocated into pig liver color。The body shakes violently and becomes irregular,Fear clearly prevailed,He was afraid of breaking the cloth strip by accident,Then everything is over。His eyes can’t see,Can’t figure out the height of the ceiling,I always feel my head is far from the ground,In fact, Li Tianchou has inserted a sofa cushion directly below。
Yuan Hua always looked at with a smile,Don’t say a word,It’s like watching a opera,With relish。The only thing that makes him feel comfortable is the movement of the living room next to him。Actually, the doctor had already been treated,But two Dao brothers are doing errands,He dare not disturb,So I have been sitting in the corner of the living room,Wait quietly。Experience tells him,See nothing,Didn’t hear anything。
Li Tianchou casually wiped his hands to Yuan Huadao:“This guy has to reflect for a while,Let’s look at the other one。”
Two people enter the house,The doctor immediately stood up straight。
“How is this person?”Li Tianchou pointed to the still unconscious man on the sofa and asked。
“Nothing serious。Skull contusion,Stopped bleeding,Also anti-inflammatory。But are there any other questions,I can’t tell,Need to go to the hospital for examination。”The doctor tells the truth,Paused and said:“In addition, that broken leg is not easy to handle,Must go to the hospital for surgery。”
Li Tianchou nodded:“thank you,Life is fine。When will this guy wake up?”
“Easy work,Easy work。”The doctor is obviously flattered,Waved quickly,“This brother is in good health,Wake up when you speak,Three to five minutes。”
“You don’t have to be too polite,I’ll take you back soon。I’ll let Old Zhu pay you for the consultation。”Li Tianchou didn’t delay in the house,For fear of being restrained by the doctor,A stretched hand took Yuan Hua to the yard。
“Let’s talk about the surname Qiu。”Li Tianchou took out a cigarette。

then,Voice announcements resounding over the desert:“FP.Flower teamVSThe Oscar team officially started!”

“Fucking,Do you want to start so suddenly,Down the next jump!”Guo Yinzhe made a complaint first。
“GOGOGO!Master Lu and Songzi are not in this competition,We want them to know,Even without them,We can also defeat the enemy!Win!”Feng Xichuan is running in the desert,Shouted。
“President Feng,We are not familiar with this map,Is it too risky?”Shunzi persuaded。
“Let’s drive up to a ruin to see what it is!”Anna Cao said,Begin to rely on the driver’s passive talent skills“Reliable partner”,Viewed the coordinates of the nearest vehicle。
“Follow Mr. Feng,Right direction!”Cao Anna waved,Xiao Zhao、Guo Yinzhe and others followed Feng Xichuan’s pace。
Until the flower and grass team marched in an oasis surrounded by sandy mountains,Only discovered the water source and a desert off-road vehicle。
“You say,Is this what the ancients said?‘Coexistence,Symbiosis of sand and water’Wonderful landscape?”Guo Yinzhe asks everyone。
“Unexpectedly, this map is quite regional,It would be nice if I could call the bleak desert music……”Xiao Zhao laughed。
“Sha Sha Sha……”
Xiao Zhaogang said it,There was a strong wind blowing,Rolled up a layer of floating sand on the surface of the desert。
Everyone heard the rustle,And the quicksand on the sandy mountain in the distance collapsed,It turned red、yellow、green、White、Black colored sand,Be on guard immediately。
“my God!The whole desert is shaking!”Xiao Zhao exclaimed again。
As the rustle gets louder,The ruins of the underground are revealed,While at the same time
At the end,And the opponent’s Oscar team5Players。
both sides10The team members waved to each other,After all this is the second time they met。
The pineapple in the distance made a gesture with Feng XichuanSOLOActions,Make Feng Xichuan laugh。
“President, you should have exposed,But don’t worry,I also aimed at that pineapple。”Shunzi reminded。
“OK!”I saw Feng Xichuan responded with a gesture of accepting the challenge,So Feng Xichuan and the pineapple tacitly started to rush towards the top of Shashan Mountain。

Wang Youcai has been mixing outside these years,I still have some experience。He thought for a while and said to Chen Na:“Let your security wear casual clothes,All at the door below,If there is an abnormal situation,Immediately notify the above,This matter must not be ignored”

“Wang Ge!I really trouble you this time,I don’t know how to thank you anymore”Chen Na said,Chong Wang has a sweet smile。Women who mix in this occasion,Most often。At this point,Wang Youcai knows best。
So he walked to Chen Na,Lowered his voice and said:“Stay with me for one night after that”
“Don’t laugh,Sister Lan is already ready,That’s my part”Chen Na is smiling,Secretly looked at Lan Ling’s face。
Wang Youcai listened,Can’t help but be overjoyed,He laughed and said:“Then together,Crowded”
“sure!As long as Brother Wang is willing,We can do anything,I’m afraid you can’t bear it”Chen Na said and laughed,Opened the door and left。
Lan Ling kept looking at her watch,The color on the face has slightly changed。Logically,For such things,She should have seen a lot of Lan Ling。But from the look on her face, Wang Youcai discovered,Coming tonight is not easy,Should be a great master。
When Wang Youcai was about to comfort Lan Ling,Wu Wu walked in quickly,He whispered:“They are coming,Twenty-six in total”
“it is good!Manpower,If you really want to do it,Can’t be here,Have to find a place。We have twice their manpower,I believe it won’t suffer much”Wang Youcai said coldly。
Lan Ling bit her teeth and said:“Boss confessed,All the expenses this time,And the medical expenses of the brothers in the accident,It’s all by us”
“it is good!Your boss is interesting,Then we can do it beautifully”Wang Youcai said with a smile。
First2396chapter Endangered moment
Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,There was a noise outside the door。Then the door of the private room was slammed open from the outside。A man with a small head stared at the door。
Seeing Lan Ling,Welcome one step up,She said hurriedly:“Brother Luo is here,Get inside please”Lan Ling was talking,While busy, he winked at Wang Youcai。
Actually, I don’t need Lan Ling to wink him,Wang Youcai knew,This person is the sixth son of Luo。I saw a large area of darkness standing behind him。
Wang Youcai clasped his fists with both hands,Said loudly:“Since my friend is here,Please sit inside”

She Letian first said something that gave everyone hope,The next sentence made Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun despair:“But it’s enough to kill you at a half-innate level!”

“Half-step innate state!”
Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun trembled in their hearts,Congenital realm and acquired cultivation are completely different,A difference。
The acquired cultivation base is only to refine the blood qi in the body into true qi;And Xiantian is the night sky that absorbs the spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth into the body,Refining aura for your own use。
There is an invisible between heaven and earth、Intangible energy——Reiki。
This is also the foundation of the cultivator,Like the air of ordinary people、water、Food is as important! The reason why the earth tens of thousands of years ago appeared in the end of cultivation,It’s because the aura on the earth is exhausted,Those who are no longer fit to survive。
Therefore, the master with the highest cultivation level on the earth is only the master of the first-class peak.,There will be no masters above the Innate Realm,Because there is no aura。
At that time, the power on the earth found a new home in the vast universe——Primordial Continent,It also opened up immigration between the two planets。
She Letian is only a half-step innate state,Not yet?Is a complete innate body,But the existence of aura that can already be felt,Can use part of the aura as his offensive method,It’s no longer the match of acquired cultivators。
Hu Mazi and Guo Junbao looked at each other,in unison:“withdraw!”
The two are Qi Qizong jumping,Facing a half-step master of innate realm,It’s not ashamed to run away。
“Stay for me!”
“Ghost Claw!”
She Letian arms out,A transformed big claw is in the airiappear,It covered Hu Mazi’s heads。

Qu Anlie originally wanted to go out,But after calming down,I feel where I heard this voice!

“broken,It’s that kid!”
Qu Anlie’s eyes widened,I remembered that Lingxi was in the room at this time,Must have heard!
“Fucking,Is this guy crazy,I’m not afraid of Elder Qu coming out and killing him!”
“This guy is absolutely crazy!”
Everyone looked at Fuming’s eyes as if they looked at a fool。
Lingxi heard a voice in the room,A look of surprise appeared in his eyes,Just open the door and run outside。
Qu Anlie is late,I only saw a red shadow ran out,The kind that can’t be stopped!
“This is something bad!”
Qu Anlie’s face is full of helplessness,Can only catch up。
Everyone outside felt an incredibly hot breath approaching,You can guess it must be Lingxi。
“Out,Out,This kid is done!Hahaha”
“It’s so exciting!”
Lingxi ran to the door,Saw Fuming,Rushed straight,Fuming smiled and opened his arms。
Everyone is looking forward to being hammered out by Ling Xi,But they are destined to be disappointed!
Lingxi saved his life,Tears in the eyes,I see pity。
“OK OK,I’m back,do not Cry”
Fuming stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears from Ling Xi’s eyes,Comforted softly。

Chen Xiu saw the two people quarrel,A headache,Li Lili is on the verge of breaking out,I’m really afraid of the two of them fighting,Hurry up:“Stop arguing,I teach both!”

644 Wei Kai disappeared
Chen Xiu originally thought that Wei Kai was seriously injured and it would be easier to find him,Just over a week in a hurry,Neither the police nor Osheng has any news about him,Wei Kai suddenly seemed to have evaporated!
“He has lost too much blood and died?”
If ordinary people get three shots, they are probably immortal and have lost their combat effectiveness.,Wei Kai’s body is abnormal,I don’t know if I will kill Chuzhi and the others,Hung up myself。
“should not。”
Osheng analyzed that:“The Jiulong Ice Room is not close to the beach,Even if Wei Kai is dead,The body will not be found。”
Chen Xiu spared his head,In addition to teaching Li Lili Tai Chi every day this week,He only has to wait,
645 Airport attack
this day,Chen Xiu came down to the courtyard of the villa and waited,After smoking two cigarettes,I haven’t seen Li Lili come down yet,At this time, she should have been impatient to come down to practice。
And the strange thing is that Osheng did not come down either,She should come down and quarrel with Li Lili at this time.!
There was a sound of high heels stepping on the floor from the corridor of the villa,Also accompanied by a burst of cheers from Ou Sheng and Li Lili,The two came down from above like good girlfriends for decades。
Chen Xiu looked at the sunrise sun,He is sure that there is nothing wrong with the east。
He is a little confused,I have auditory hallucinations、Vision?
Still didn’t wake up?
These two
646 Fierce battle
With a gunman getting a headshot,The other two dared not stand arrogantly and shoot,Are all getting down in the carriage。