How great is the energy contained in the secret medicine,Chew and swallow like Chekhov,The chance of death from a body explosion is too high,Even the Secret Medicine Venerable would not dare to go crazy like this!

Chekhov’s crazy move,It also stunned everyone in the Iron Lion Legion 800 meters away.,I thought that the box was not a secret medicine at all,But cough syrup!
“wrong!The commando is in place immediately,Sniper ready to attack!”Zhang Qingtan has a vague sense of crisis,Order in the communicator。
now,Lu Menglin、Gong Hu and Zhu Jian have held their breath,Quietly touched outside the factory wall,There is only one wall from the people inside。
Instant time,Chekhov raised his neck fiercely,I poured half a bottle of vodka mixed with ten secret medicines into my mouth.。
This medicinal wine enters the throat,Instantly turned into a stream of extremely hot heat,Burning Chekhov to a loud cry。
The strong medicinal power penetrated the whole body of the Russian in an instant。
Chekhov’s skin began to crack,From those terrible cracks faintly glow,His body is like hiding a volcano about to erupt,Magma is his blood。
And his eyes,Also in this heart-piercing howl,First from bright red to cyan,Turn from blue to purple,At the end it showed a strange purple gold。
Gold in the noble purple,Let Chekhov’s eyes turn from violent to a touch of divinity,And his horrible howl gradually subsided。
Liu Niu’er saw this scene,Suddenly shocked,Because this is clearly beyond his cognitive scope。
Swallow ten secret medicines in one breath,Not only did he die without exploding,Can actually control the violent emotions?When did the power of the secret medicine become so controllable?
“call!That person didn’t lie to me!Really succeeded!”Chekhov seemed to be caught in a mumbling。
“Liu Niuer,Even if the Lord is here now,I’m not afraid!I already have the power of the nobleman。Just stay here as a guest!I need more secret medicine,Before I hollow you out,Don’t want to go back。”Chekhov’s eyes flashed with purple and gold,Smiled scornfully。
In an instant,Two large-caliber sniper shells broke through the air,Accurately hit Chekhov’s cheek and chest,Beat his tall and strong body back and forth,Fall to the ground。
boom!boom!Wait until Chekhov fell to the ground,Everyone heard the gunfire,Suddenly like waking up from a dream,Scattered for cover。
Liu Niu’er was shocked,Still not awake from the shock,Suddenly I heard a loud noise from the wall behind me。

Beauties tired,Sit on the bench next to the stadium to rest。

I sit next to her,Sniffing the fragrance from her,Feel particularly comfortable。
“Did i know you before?”
I looked at her curiously,She looks at me,Stars in the eyes。
“I do not know you。”
The beauty shook her head gently,Suddenly added another sentence。
“Even if you know,Must have happened in the previous life。”
I sighed,Lying on her lap。
I thought she would resist,Or give me a big mouth。
But she didn’t do it,But gently touch my face with my hand。
“You look very like my boyfriend,Unfortunately he is dead。”
There is sadness and nostalgia in the beautiful voice,The look in my eyes is very hot。
“Then you can treat me as your boyfriend,Shall we go there to talk about love?”
I took her into the deep forest next to me,Lifted her skirt。
She resisted,Then quiet down……

Flat-headed brother flatly pushed the AG super game, completely messing up the Western Division

“Flat-headed brother” flatly pushed the AG super game, completely messing up the Western Division
YTG ranks more than Chongqing QGhappy.Network screenshot Yesterday, the King of Glory Professional League regular season, the penultimate YTG in the west swept the first AG super game in the west with a 3-1, the Western Division advanced to the steep and suspenseful.The YTG team’s air force has lost five straight games, and almost every game has been completely exploded by opponents. The ranking has been at the bottom of the list.The AG Super Play Club did not top the Western Conference with 10 wins, and it has been a winning streak recently.Before the start of the game, everyone speculated that YTG would be swept by AG Super Play, but the results were shocking.Known as the “flat-headed brother”, YTG relied on his fiercely playing Falic opponents, just like the team said before the game, “I want to be a fader fine, push away the crystal on the opposite side and also flatten their hair.”In this game, the problems of the AG Super Club will be exposed.The first game was originally a superior game, but YTG seized the opportunity to reverse the wind.Even when YTG won two games, the AG Super Play did not allow Xu Bicheng (ID: Yinuo) to return to the shooter position.Xu Bicheng has lived in the jungle position since he came to the AG Super Game, and he rarely takes out shooters. Even Xu Bicheng’s shooter is the top league shooter recognized.After the game ended, the owner of the AG Super Game Club, Feifei, said, “Go back and make a good review, summarize the problems and mistakes, and constantly improve yourself to prepare for the next game.”The YTG victory completely messed up the Western Division.In the winner group, the AG Super Play will have the same points as DYG, with a net difference of only 1 point. In the next two games, both teams will go all out to compete for the first in the West.Who can pull away the opponent, who has the possibility to avoid the big devil LGD goose in the playoffs this season.In the loser group, YTG squeezed Chongqing QGhappy into a favorable position to advance to the playoffs.At present, GK, TYG and Chongqing QGhappy are all 6 points, and there are still two games.The five-point RW Man ranked eighth, but they still have three games.The four teams will compete for the final two playoff seats.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Shujun Han Shuangming Proofreading Lu Qian

Wuliangye (000858) Annual Report 2018 Review: Marketing Reform Accelerates Landing, Actively Seeks Change, Stimulates Vigor

Wuliangye (000858杭州桑拿) Annual Report 2018 Review: Marketing Reform Accelerates Landing, Actively Seeks Change, Stimulates Vigor

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report. In 2018, the company achieved an operating income of 400.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 32.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 133.

800 million, an increase of 38.

4%, the performance is in line with the pre-announcement.

4Q18 achieved 107 operating income.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 31.

3%, net profit attributable to mother 38.

9 trillion, the same increase of 43.


Net cash flow from initial operations increased by 26.

1%, performing well.

It is planned to pay a cash dividend of 17 yuan for every 10 shares with a dividend rate of 49.


The 18-year performance ended smoothly, and the 19-year goal was aggressive.

The company’s ten-year operating income reached 40 billion yuan, an increase of over 30%, exceeding the initial guidance target.

In terms of business, alcohol revenue was 377.

500 million, an increase of 34.

4%, including high-priced wine income 301.

900 million, an increase of 41.

1%. The actual amount of Wuliangye is expected to slightly exceed the plan of 2 with the same increase of about 20%. The increase in ton price is also close to 20%. The rapid increase in ton price is expected to be mainly due to: 1) Puwu 789 yuan, the price increased by 7%; 2) 1618 and low-grade Wuliangye air tickets increased far more than Puwu and some high-priced series of wine structure significantly increased contribution.

Low and middle-priced wine income 75.

600 million, an increase of 12.

9%, the whole series of wine maintained a steady growth, and the ton price increased by 7.


Since the suspension of the stock market in June 18, the company actively straightened out the channel inventory in the second half of the year. The Q4 channel shipment and sales rhythm was better than Q3, and the sales during the Spring Festival accelerated significantly.

In terms of this year’s goals, the Group proposes to complete the 100 billion target ahead of time and strive to promote the second venture. The company’s revenue target is 50 billion, maintaining a growth rate of about 25%, of which Wuliangye Plan2.

The sales volume of 3 speakers increased by about 15%. Among them, according to the feedback from the Spring Candy Club, Pu has gradually returned to 1 in 50 years.

In five months, Laopu ‘s May-May plan to pay is basically completed. Q1 shipments are expected to be close to 8,000 tons. The collector ‘s version of Wuliangye will be raised to 859 yuan. The eight-generation Puwu new product is expected to be invoiced to 879-889 yuan, so the average price of the Pu Wu factory is about 830 yuan, the price increased by 5.

2%, the remaining Wuliangye series is expected to adjust prices simultaneously, the range may be greater than the Puwu.

The company’s 18-year performance has been successfully closed, and its 19-year revenue and investment volume targets have been positive. The company strives to achieve new marketing reforms through product promotion, digital channel management, and control and distribution models.

The advance receipts performed strongly and profitability improved.

The company’s alcoholic gross margin was 77.

59%, an increase of 0.

88pct, of which the gross margin of high-priced wine is 84.

3%, a slight decrease of 0.

86 points, the gross profit margin of low and medium price wine 50.

77%, an increase of 1.07.

In terms of expense ratio, the sales expense ratio is 9.

4%, down by 2.

6pcts; management expense ratio 5.

8%, down by 1.

7 cases. Since 2017, the continuous decline in the expense ratio indicates that the expense management and operating efficiency have been improved; the increase in the consumption tax rate has led to an increase in the business tax rate3.

2pcs to 14.


Company net profit is 35.

1%, an increase of 1.

7pcts, profitability continues to improve.

The company received advance payment 67 at the end of Q4.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 42.

The 7 trillion performance is strong, mainly because after November, dealers have successively made payments to Lao Puwu in 19 years.

Actively seek change, and channel improvement can be expected.

The company’s actions have been reorganized since the beginning of the company. Before the holiday, it benefited from the high price of Maotai and tight sales. It also increased its promotional efforts and exceeded its expected performance.In March, the brand marketing conference launched an upgraded version of Pu Five, which disclosed the details of digital management and control and distribution policy. The listing of ultra-high-end 501 new products continued to increase brand value.

We believe that the improvement of the marketing structure is conducive to improving the ability of intensive cultivation and quick response to the market. The upgraded version of the Fifth Listing will fully adopt the code-scoring system to achieve refinement and digital channel management. The price system will also be determined to improve.To 820-830 yuan.

Regarding the realization path of the company’s expected growth goals, we believe that the current company actively seeks changes. On the basis of improving brand strength, the focus is on breakthroughs in marketing and channel reforms. Through digital management, the supply chain, channels and consumers are realized.Comprehensive preferences and the operation of the control-distribution model are important changes in the company’s channel management. The strategy execution ability is used to actively and actively increase channel profits, and channel margin improvement is expected.

Profit forecast, estimation, and investment grade: The company’s 18-year performance has been successfully closed, and its 19-year goal has been aggressive. The current company’s marketing reforms are full of momentum, and it has a clear and proactive approach to brand, channel and marketing.Active change is expected to bring channel improvement. In the short term, the approval price will gradually rise. In the medium term, channel integration and management will continue to improve.

We predict the company’s EPS for 2019-2021.



82 yuan (the original 2019-20 forecast 4).


80 yuan), the current expected PE is 21/17/15 times, giving 19 times 25 times PE, raising the target price to 105 yuan, the target market value of 400 billion, maintaining “strong push” rating.

Risk reminders: risks of macroeconomic changes; product demand falls short of expectations; channel reforms fail to meet expectations.

Huadian International (600027): Significant improvement in 18-year results in line with expectations 19-year profitability promotes continuous improvement

Huadian International (600027): Significant improvement in 18-year results in line with expectations 19-year profitability promotes continuous improvement

This report reads: The company’s 18-year revenue, net profit doubled, and its performance improved significantly in line with expectations; benefiting from the decline in coal prices and the replacement rate adjustment, the company’s profitability continued to improve.

Maintain overweight.

Investment points: Investment advice: The company’s 18-year performance has improved and is in line with expectations. Considering the adjustment of the conversion rate, it is increased by 19 or 20 years, and the EPS forecast for 21 years is 0.



41 yuan (0 before 19/20 years of adjustment).

27, 0.

39 yuan), giving 19 times the industry average PE 16 times, maintaining a target price of 5.

55 yuan to maintain overweight.

Event: On March 27, the company released its 2018 annual report with revenue of 883.

6.5 billion, an increase of 11 in ten years.

84%; net profit attributable to mother 16.

95 billion, a previous significant increase of 294.


Performance is in line with expectations.

In 2018, the scale of revenue and profitability both rose, and the improvement in performance was in line with expectations.

1) On the income side, the amount of on-grid electricity generated in 18 years was 195.2 billion kilowatt-hours, an increase of 8 years.

9%, mainly benefit from the significant increase in utilization hours (the coal 合肥夜网 machine increases every 347 hours); electricity price 407.

3 yuan / MWh, an increase of 2 per year.

2%, volume and price go up to drive power revenue growth12.

1%; heating revenue is expected to increase significantly by 22%.

2) On the cost side, operating costs will increase in advance9.

6% was basically in line with expectations, of which unit fuel cost increased by 2.

About 5%.

Due to the significant increase in utilization hours and the increase in electricity prices, the company’s overall gross profit margin eventually increased from 10 in 17 years.

54% rose to 12 in 18 years.


Revenue growth, gross profit margin increased, the company’s performance improved significantly, net profit attributable to mother increased by 294%.

The Q4 performance decreased sequentially, mainly due to the decline in investment income and the increase in non-operating expenses.

Q4 single-quarter revenue was 240.

500 million, an increase of 5 from the previous month.

6%, but net profit attributable to mother is 1.

700 million, significantly embedded 68.


The main factors affecting Q4 performance changes include: 1) Gross profit decreased by 1 from the previous quarter.

900 million: Q4 gross profit margin 11.

6%, down 1 from the third quarter.

Five single ones, the first is that Q4 heating business increased month-on-month growth, heating gross profit margin was negative, which dragged down the overall gross profit margin; 2) investment income decreased by 2 month-on-month.8.7 billion; 3) Non-operating expenses increased by 400 million.

Benefiting from the decline in coal prices and adjustment of the incremental rate, the company’s profit is expected to continue to improve.

We think that the coal supply has improved. In 19 years, the coal price hub is expected to decline. Since the beginning of 19, the price of thermal coal has decreased by about 20%. The company’s thermal power units account for a relatively high proportion and are expected to benefit significantly; the saving rate has been reduced from 16% to 13% Is also expected to increase the company’s performance.

Risk warning: electricity demand is not up to expectations, coal prices rise more than expected

McGrady Technology (603990): Emergency & Assisted Reproductive Reconstruction New McGrady

McGrady Technology (603990): Emergency & Assisted Reproductive Reconstruction New McGrady
McGrady Technology was established in 2009 and was listed on A shares in 2016.The company is an emerging company whose core business is to provide clinical medical management information system (CIS) series application software and overall clinical informatization solutions. Main point of view: The sinking of operating room business to secondary hospitals will bring doubled revenue potential. Operating room information business covers more than 1,600 medical institutions, including more than 400 top three hospitals.In the context of the state-driven operating room layout sinking to secondary hospitals, the potential for operating room business to increase revenue in the 四川耍耍网future is likely to double: by the end of October 2019,无锡桑拿网 there were 2,671 tertiary hospitals and 9,410 secondary hospitals.Assume that the operating value of the operating room of a single hospital is only 1/3 of that of a third-level hospital. However, considering that the number of second-level hospitals is at least three times that of the third-level hospitals, the sinking demand for surgical centers will bring no less than traditional businessThe revenue potential is to be expected. Emergency medical information system will usher in explosive growth. The National Health and Medical Commission issued a series of policies within two years, requiring the construction of a regional emergency medical center.Under the influence of the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, the standardized agenda for emergency diagnosis and treatment is accelerating, the safety of medical staff, the safety of patient diagnosis and treatment, and the prevention and control of infection minimization are expected to be implemented quickly throughout the country.Considering the customer base effect of scale, based on 120 ambulances, the scale of the potential business volume of the existing hospital emergency procedure optimization must be at least not less than the huge potential of the traditional business volume. Outreach is the main choice to enter the large market of assisted reproduction. Mary Hospital can increase the annual net profit of McGrady Technology by 5 million.Considering that the market potential in this field is more than 30 billion in revenue and higher entry into the biology, McGrady Technology is expected to further improve profitability through extension. Earnings and estimates: The net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 2020 is 0.71/0.82/1.30,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.63/0.73/0.92 yuan, according to different business estimates totaled about 65 trillion, corresponding to a target price of 57.80 yuan, the first coverage, given an “overweight” rating.Main risks: Business advancement is slower than expected, market competition intensifies risks, and systemic risks.

Xinhua Insurance (601336): The bancassurance channel dragged down the new business value exceeded expectations. The performance of agent channels was in line with expectations.

Xinhua Insurance (601336): The bancassurance channel dragged down the new business value exceeded expectations. The performance of agent channels was in line with expectations.

The 1H19 performance was basically in line with our expectations. Xinhua Insurance announced its semi-annual 武汉夜生活网 report for 2019: the value of new business fell 9% year-on-year, lower than market expectations of 9%.

The embedded value increased by 11% compared with the beginning of the year, and slightly exceeded market expectations by 1%.

Shareholders’ equity increased by 17% from the beginning of the year.

The net profit attributable to the parent company exceeded the previous increase of 82%.

Development Trend The value of new business is lower than expected, and the value of major new bancassurance business has dropped significantly.

The value of new business decreased by 9%, which was lower than the market expectation of 9%, mainly due to the significant drop of 64% beyond the expected value of the new business of bancassurance, which was mainly driven by the sharp decline in the value ratio.

Agent channel performance was in line.

The new business value of the agency channel decreased by 3% each year, basically in line with expectations.

The production capacity of agents (standard premium caliber) decreased by 7% year-on-year, slightly lower than expected. The number of agents increased by 4% compared with the beginning of the year, and the performance was transformed into the same industry (Ping An-9%, Taiping-8%).

The embedded value was slightly higher than expected.

The embedded value increased by 11% compared with the beginning of the year and slightly exceeded market expectations by 1%, mainly due to stronger-than-expected investment deviation.

Net profit has increased significantly, and the actual return on investment is not weak.

Net profit growth increased by 82%, mainly due to the return of 18 years brought by the new insurance industry regulations.

Although the company’s total investment rate of return declined slightly, it was mainly due to the rhythm of financial income recognition, and our calculated comprehensive investment rate of return increased significantly.

0 averages to 5.

7%, not weak.

Earnings Forecasts and Estimates As the value of new business is less than expected, we lower our 2019e / 20e new business value forecast1.

7%, 1.


Xinhua Insurance-A / H is currently trading at 0.


5x 2019 P / EV.

We maintain the company’s Outperform rating.

However, taking into account the increasing pressure on the growth of new business value in the second half of the year, the target price of Xinhua Insurance-A / H is lowered by 10%, replaced by 12% to 60 yuan and 46, corresponding to 0 respectively.

9, 0.

6x 2019 PEV and 18%, 37% upside.

Risk A shares continued to decline severely; 2Q19 new single quarter negative growth; long-term interest rates fell rapidly.

Daily limit rebound: GEM index bottomed out and turned over, technology stocks rose in the afternoon

Daily limit rebound: GEM index bottomed out and turned over, technology stocks rose in the afternoon

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Sina Finance News January 15 news, the two cities opened lower. After the opening, the index once strengthened, but then fluctuated and fell. The index once fell more than 1%, and the agricultural sector was one.

In the afternoon, the three major indexes consolidated at a low level, the concept of market returns fell across the board, and the activity level of the sector declined. Subsequently, the creation of the index rose to the red led by semiconductor and other swap stocks.On the other hand, the stocks of the two cities fell more or less, the market sentiment was sluggish, and the effect of making money was poor.

The final close, the Shanghai stock index was 3090.

04 points, down 0.

54%; Shencheng Index reported 10972.

32 points, down 0.

15%; the first index was 1924.

24 points, up 0.


  From the surface of the disk, papermaking, digital currency, WeChat mini-programs are at the top of the list, while GMO, metal cobalt, and graphite electrode are at the top of the list.

  First, the daily limit data Shanghai and Shenzhen daily limit of 50 (covering new stocks and ST), 10 limit, an increase of 1156 stocks, 113 flat, down 2583 stocks.

  Second, the attractions sector: 1, paper-making Jingxing Paper, Bohui Paper daily limit, Huatai shares rose 7%, Qingshan Paper, Xianhe shares, Shanying Paper and so on followed suit.

  On the news, Hangzhou Fengshou Paper weighed. Recently, domestic waste paper prices have been rising continuously. From January 15, all yarn tube paper and gray board paper prices have been raised by 50 yuan / ton.

Zhejiang Upstream Paper increased the price of white paper by 50 yuan / ton from January 14.

From January 13, Zhejiang Gaoyang Paper increased the price of single-sided and double-sided whiteboard by 50 yuan / ton.

From January 12, Hangzhou Dongda Paper Co., Ltd. raised the price of its No. 1 machine and its No. 2 machine by 50 yuan / ton.

  2. Ultra-clear video, such as China Media, Zhongwei Electronics, Fuhan Micro Daily Limit, Quanzhi Technology, Skyworth Digital, Jebsen & Co.

  On the surface, the 2020 Spring Festival Gala 5G + 8K / 4K / VR Innovative Application Launching Ceremony of the Central Radio and Television Central Station (CCTV) will be on the 14th.

According to reports, the 5G network has fully covered the main venue and branch venues of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala of Central Radio and Television.

At that time, the main station will use 5G + 8K technology to achieve multi-camera shooting, and produce 8K version of the Spring Festival Gala.

  Third, today’s daily limit stock analysis Today’s daily limit stock analysis name rises current price daily limit analysis open number N Op 43.

98% 21.

9 new shares 0 Baili Electric 10.

11% 4.

14 small metals 1 contact 10.

07% 4.

7 online games 1 spin pole information 10.

07% 6.

56 Blockchain 0 Tai Chi Industry 10.

06% 9.

19 chip concept 0 Baiyang shares 10.

05% 6.

57 share 0 reader media 10.

05% 8.

87 Culture Media 0 Kaifa Electric 10.

05% 9.

09 results pre-increased 0 Broad Holdings 10.04% 9.

32 performance growth 0 Qiao Bank Environmental Protection 10.

03% 16.

12 new shares 0 Jieshun Technology 10.

03% 11.

19 Intelligent Transportation 2 CCTV Media 10.

03% 18.

76 ultra high definition videos 2 burgundy 10.

02% 9.

66 net red economy 4 Anzheng fashion 10.

02% 15.

59 textile and apparel 2 Elekta 10.

02% 28 large aircraft 3 Dongmu shares 10.

02% 11.

42 Tesla 0 Donghua Software 10.

02% 13.

95 domestic software 1 Huatian Technology 10.

01% 9.

23 chip concept 0 Saturday 10.

01% 30.

22 net red economy 3 Xinhuanet 10.

01% 32.

32 Culture Media 4 Handed over 10 shares.

01% 19.

35 Infrastructure 3 Yang Jie Technology 10.

01% 20.

89 chip concept 0 platinum new material 10.

00% 107.

76 new shares 0 Chengmai Technology 10.

00% 196.

86 domestic operating system 0 Zhongwei Electronics 10.

00% 10.

78 Huawei Concepts 0 Julong Shares 10.

00% 12.

98 digital currency 6 British Ink 10.

00% 25.

3 New energy vehicles 0 Wanan Technology 10.

00% 8.

25 performance pre-increased 0 Fuhan Micro 10.

00% 187.59 chip concept 1 people network 10.

00% 26.

08 Intellectual Property Protection 0 Dongzhu Ecology 9.

99% 16.

95 environmental protection 4 Yitian shares 9.

99% 45.

24 new shares 0 Tailin Bio 9.

99% 29.

06 new shares 0 Francais 9.

99% 11.

78 results pre-increased 0 molding technology 9.

98% 6.

94 auto parts 3 Hengxin Oriental 9.

98% 13.

66 virtual reality 2 Keli Yuan 9.

98% 5.

62 new energy vehicles 1 Li Sichen 9.

98% 14.

44 education 3 and far gas 9.

98% 18.

85 new shares 0 St. Leida 9.

96% 9.

27 off the cap 0 wisdom degree shares 9.

96% 11.

26 Blockchain 0 * ST Pengqi 5.

18% 2.

03ST plate 0 * ST Zhongan 5.

09% 2.

27ST plate 0 * ST Xinwei 5.

05% 3.

33 oversold rebounds 2 * ST Yushun 5.

03% 10.

65ST plate 0 * ST Suoling 5.

00% 4.

41ST plate 1 * ST Lions 4.

95% 5.

73ST plate 0ST Yaxing 4.

94% 5.

1ST plate 0 * ST profit source 4.

88% 2.15ST plate 1ST Baxter 4.

87% 3.

66ST plate 14th, yesterday’s daily limit stock performance today, yesterday’s daily limit stock performance today, the name of the price increase, the current price yesterday’s daily limit analysis opened the number of times a large holding 10.

04% 9.

32 performance growth 0 CCTV Media 南京桑拿网 10.

03% 18.

76 ultra high definition video 4 Xinhuanet 10.

01% 32.

32 Culture Media 0 Zhongwei Electronics 10.

00% 10.

78 Huawei Concepts 0 Invic 10.

00% 25.

3 new energy vehicles 0 Tianchuang fashion 7.

41% 11.

3 Net Red Economy 9 Haoyun Technology 5.

94% 10.

53 Huawei Concept 5 * ST Yushun 5.

03% 10.

65ST plate 0 * ST Lions 4.

95% 5.

73ST plate 1 Yongan line 4.

89% 22.

75 results pre-increased 0 * ST profit source 4.

88% 2.

15ST plate 3 Yao Ji Technology 4.

21% 38.

4 online games concept 1 broadcast fashion 4.

17% 10.

75 net red economy 0 Jingfang Technology 3.

71% 62.

4 chip concept 0 United States Energy 3.

43% 2.

11 fuel cells 0 Botian environment 3.

02% 10.

23 environmental protection 0 Shanghai Xiba 2.

67% 22.

71 Sewage treatment 1 Jiejie Microelectronics 2.

33% 35.

16 chip concept 1 Langzhong shares 2.

17% 12.71 lithium battery 0 Changsheng bearing 1.

44% 25.

43 auto parts 1 and crystal technology 1.

02% 6.

91 stock transfers 0 * ST in cashmere 0.

58% 1.

73ST plate 0 Jebsen shares 0.

41% 4.

93 ultra high-definition video 0 Jihong shares 0.

28% 32.

22 Blockchain 3 Xianhe Environmental Protection 0.

12% 8.

41 Environmental Protection 1 Oceanwide Holdings 0.

00% 5.

03 Finance 0 Jiu An Medical-0.

35% 5.

62 results pre-increased by 1 Dow technology -0.

59% 16.

81 new energy vehicles 0 Gauss Bell-1.

49% 14.

58 performance increase 0 Yahua Group-1.

89% 10.

37 lithium batteries 2 Guiguang Network-1.

92% 9.

18 Ultra High Definition Video 9 Fujian Cement-1.

99% 10.

34 cement 0 Grammy-2.

25% 5.

66 new energy vehicles 2 Long Yun shares -2.

32% 20.

67 net red economy 1 Lingnan shares -2.

36% 6.

62 spin-offs are expected to be 4 Annie shares -2.

80% 12.

15 Intellectual Property Protection 3 Weitang Industry-2.

85% 23.

16 Tesla 0 Massive Data -3.

38% 24.

62 Big Data 0 * ST Zhongfu-3.

43% 2.25ST plate 1 Xiangxue Pharmaceutical-3.

68% 8.

9 flu 0 radio and television measurement -3.

88% 35.

7 new shares 3 Shutaishen-4.

30% 12.

45 Biomedicine 3 Set Thai shares -4.

33% 12.

6 pre-increased 0 US Jim -4.

36% 12.

07 Early Childhood Education 2 Shuyuan Technology-4.

53% 8.

64 Ultra High Definition Video 0 Zangger Holdings -4.

53% 7.

79 new energy vehicles 4ST Tianrun-4.

62% 2.

27ST plate 7 Xiangxin Technology-4.

72% 37.

92 new energy vehicles 2 Tianqi shares -5.

04% 8.

86 new energy vehicles 3 Zitian Technology-5.

28% 17.

75–5 Yongchuang Smart-5.

67% 13.

3 Artificial Intelligence 0 Great Eastern-6.

31% 4.

6 Trust Concept 2 Jiachuang Video-6.

94% 7.

38 Virtual Reality 4 Yunnan City Investment -7.

08% 3.

15 real estate 0 Xiuqiang shares -8.

32% 4.

41 Tesla 1 Yanan Bikang-10.

00% 20.

69 New Energy Vehicles 0

Acne Food Recipe One

Acne Food Recipe One


For those who have acne on the face and flushed skin, take 1 bowl of strawberries, wash them, and eat one bowl a day for 7 days.


For those with acne and constipation, use 500 grams of celery, stir-fry as usual, eat 3 times a day, and even eat for 10-14 days, with a heat-clearing laxative effect.


For those with acne and yellow urine, use 100 grams of raw barley kernels, 25 grams of mung beans and add 3 bowls of water, first boil with Wuhuo, and then burn to a porridge with gentle fire, add appropriate amount of sugar.

Once a day for 7 days, it has the effect of clearing away heat and dampness.


Acne face has greasy skin and constipation, use hawthorn, peach kernel (pounded mud) 9 grams each, decoction to take juice, frequently drink and drink, with digestion and stagnation laxative effect.


Female acne with dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, decoction with 15 grams of tannin, motherwort, bupleurum, and boil all the rice for porridge.

Take 1 dose daily, in the morning and evening, and even for 1 month.


For those with redness and pain around acne skin lesions, 5 grams each of green tea and honeysuckle are brewed as tea with boiling water, which has the effect of clearing heat and reducing inflammation.


Acne tea: 30 grams of honeysuckle, 5 grams of licorice, boil with an appropriate amount of water, remove the residue, and serve as tea.


Acne diet: mung bean 1 two, lily 1 two, eat after cooking, there is a certain effect.


Acne prescription: loquat leaves, mulberry bark, nepeta, silver flower, forsythia, yellow census, red scallion, habitat, three dollars each of licorice, one dollar of licorice, decoction with water, one dose daily.

How to open the psychological protection barrier?

How to open the psychological protection barrier?

“Using the self-psychological defense mechanism to deal with bad emotions lies in opening up the barrier of psychological protection and the secret to maintaining mental health.

“In the” Mental Health Class 2006 “on February 25, Yang Fude, deputy director of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, introduced in detail 11 ways to deal with bad emotions.

  In his lecture, he believed that people usually have some unreasonable ideas. Some people think that “a person should be liked and praised by others”, “only a person with great ability and achievement can make a difference”, “It is terrible and tragic that things are not satisfactory”Serious”, “past experience determines the present and can never be changed”.
The accumulation of these unreasonable beliefs becomes an emotional disorder, which will seriously affect people’s mental health.

  ”Worry is like a sweater without a jacket. The more you pump, the longer it gets.

“Yang Fude described the melancholy and clueless psychology that people want in vivid language,” but if you can establish your own psychological defense mechanism, you can easily resolve these problems.

“” The method of avoidance is not a simple passive escape, or temporarily divert one’s attention to avoid being entangled in the contradiction that is more rational and chaotic.

“” The masturbation method refers to the use of rationalized reasons to explain the facts and turn malignant stimuli into benign stimuli.

“Expectations have risen, and psychological conflicts have taken place.

So you can use a low-key approach, try not to set difficult goals, and do not set up different goals in stages, and increase psychological satisfaction rather than frustration.

The so-called Chang Lizhi, do not set Changzhi.

“” Compensation means replacing another goal with another.

Active reimbursement is constructive, while excessive reimbursement supplements go further from reality.

Yang Fude also introduced the method of turning around, humor, catharsis, sublimation, substitution, blame, and suggestion. He said that these methods, if used correctly, can help us better achieve psychological balance.