The bronze sword army has been scattered all over the city at this moment,For the time being to serve as the city’s stability maintenance officers and soldiers,Kill once it appears、grab、They will all appear bad behaviors such as fighting,And deal with it in time。

After all, it is a city that is about to degenerate into a city of sin,Do not control violence with violence,Can’t restore people’s livelihood at all。
“Santo、Female monarch。”
“Santo、Female monarch。”
Everyone in the Bronze Sword Army recognizes Zhu Minglang and his party,Members of the Bronze Knife Army on patrol saw them,Will salute respectfully。
Arrived at Mubang,It’s still overcrowded there。
There are a few acquaintances,It was the dragon shepherd hunter who was cleaned up by Zhu Minglang。
This time,They dare not clamor for Zhu Minglang to take down,Shared the three million bounty。
See Zhu Minglang coming,Everyone consciously let go,After these days of baptism,Now everyone knows who is in charge of this city,Make a living under other people’s turf,You have to be polite。
“What are you all discussing,Is there a higher price reward than me?”Zhu Minglang asked。
In the crowd,A man with a blue nose and swollen face stood up,Said pitifully:“Zhu Sanzhu,A large number of mourning dragons appeared in Lihuagou,The entire tribe of Lihuagou is trapped,May become food for the dragon at any time,They are already issuing rescue appointments to countries,But the dragon is fierce,Or social creatures,Not everyone dares to go。”
“Ugh,This land used to be the lair of the dragon,Finally got punished,I didn’t expect to resurrect now。”
“Sanglong is too cruel,And very hostile to us humans,I must bite when I see alive,Recently, the Sanglong began to wander the brown land,We hunters don’t dare to walk around casually。”
Mourning dragon。
I wish Minglang after entering Runyu City,I’ve heard this dragon species more than once。

“And the people who joined,Including the former slaves and two forces,There are a total of 1,743 people,Plus the original number of people in our chamber of commerce,Now our Chamber of Commerce has 2,462 people!”

Leo pursed his lips,Unexpectedly, the team expanded so much.,From six to seven hundred people to more than two thousand four hundred people。
And most of them are average,30 or so levels。
“Among them, there are 92 people with ordinary school-level strength,There are 13 elite school-level talents,As for the general level personnel, there are three。”
The strength of an ordinary school is roughly 50 to 59,And the elite school level is 60 to 69,As for the general level, it is naturally a person above level 70。
“Ok?How can there be three,Isn’t it two??”Leo wondered。
General strength,It’s also a leader of the second-level power here,Not easy to find。
Heard Leo’s question,Tlangote is strange,Leo found them by himself,Why don’t you know?
“Leo boss,Did you not calculate yourself?”
“Forget it!”Leo is even stranger。
“This is not right,Si Keen and Seun, plus you, boss Leo,Aren’t these three?”
Leo was taken aback,Didn’t Si Keen escape?。
“Si Keen did not run away?”
“No!”Mentioned West Cohen,Trang is also a little funny。
“I found him for a long time,I heard that he has been lying motionless in the dungeon,Then I kept talking about something‘Really perverted like this tune’!”
Leo waved his hand,Si Keen’s brain is not normal,It’s not strange to talk about anything,So too lazy to study。
“The truth surprised me,Didn’t run away!”

This scene,Everyone present was made to cry,Zhang Siwei can’t bear it,Tried several times to get Zhao Gang up,Can’t pull it。

Wu Lusheng shook his head to Zhang Siwei,“Don’t move him,Let him cry for a while,This old Zhao died too pitifully,Not a family member around。”
Zhang Siwei nodded,Keep on crying,While taking a tissue from the bag to wipe tears,Choked and said,“Why is this so,Zhao Gang keeps saying that Uncle Zhao is very stable。”
Wu Lusheng sighed,Also started to cry,“Lao Zhao must have already thought about this way,I just don’t want to make his children sad,Pretending to be calm,Just comfort them,That big company collapsed,He has gone all his life,Especially wronged,The pressure in his heart has already reached its limit。”
Zhang Siwei hates himself,“Blame me for being too busy,Just listen to Zhao Gang,Should have come to see。”
Wu Lusheng cried for a while,The whole person is a little soft,Zhang Siwei helped her sit down,“mom,You can’t cry,You can’t stand it。”
Wu Lusheng said,Try to control your emotions,“correct,Think about danger,Zhao Qianqian knows?”
“Have already spent her in advance,People still traveling abroad,Zhao Gang wants his sister to be happy for the last time,I haven’t told her yet,I wanted to call Zhao Qianqian this morning,Zhao Gang refused,The scene is too chaotic now,He was afraid that Qianqian would be hurt。”
Wu Lusheng did not agree with this statement,“You are not doing it right,And it’s unfair to Zhao Qianqian,This is her father,I have to let her come back and meet,Tell her,After all people are dead,No chance,She will blame you from now on。”
Zhang Siwei thought for a while,“Ok,you are right,She is in her twenties,Not a child。”
Zhang Siwei took out his phone after talking,Call Yu Ge right away,“Yu Ge,where are you?”
“We have returned home,Go back in two days。”Yu Ge got a little nervous after receiving the call,I guess it’s serious。
“Zhao Qianqian is okay?”Zhang Siwei asked again。
“You tell her,Something happened to her family,Her father has passed away。”Zhang Siwei said sadly。
“what?”Yu Ge was also frightened on the phone。
“Find a way to tell her!”Zhang Siwei finished talking and hung up。
This kind of thing,Yu Ge really doesn’t know how to tell Zhao Qianqian,Although Zhao Gang told him in advance that there was a big problem this time,Family defeated,But he didn’t realize it could be so serious。

PS:Not tomorrow morning5Just get up and go to the driving school,Then take the one-hour shuttle bus to the second exam room,So miserable。

First182chapter Ten Outstanding Young People in America
“Brother,welcome,Welcome welcome。”See Chen Geng,Ding Haijun smiled like a flower,Holding Chen Geng’s hand swaying constantly,A mess of enthusiasm。
Chen Geng smiled and said to Ding Haijun:“I heard Master Wang said that our embassy has sauerkraut from China,Prepare dumplings with pork and sauerkraut,This comes with a mouth。”
Chen Geng said you’re welcome,Dante did not mind,On the contrary, I am very happy,Chen Gengyue is you’re welcome,The happier he is,Nodded quickly:“Speaking of which, we still follow you brother……Brother, don’t you know,You didn’t come,Lao Wang looked at those sauerkraut like eyeballs,No one is allowed to move,The big guy is gluttonous,Hahaha……”
Eating dumplings is just such a gimmick,No matter how delicious the dumplings are, they are also dumplings,Not elixir,Eat it, you can’t let people take off their mortal womb and soar up in the day.,Chen Geng came to the embassy this time,The main purpose is to communicate with the embassy about this trip to China。
Domestically, Chen Geng’s second investment project has long been eager to see,I have already notified the embassy:Must unconditionally meet all the requirements of Mr. Chen Geng——Based on the understanding of Chen Geng,Everyone knows that Chen Geng will not make any excessive demands。
Everyone who eats dumplings doesn’t matter,After communicating about this trip to China,Chen Geng said:“Ambassador Liam,Mr. Miao,Mr. Ding,I want to ask you what you mean。”
Lian Changheng’s expression became a little serious:“You said。”
He has a hunch,It seems that what Chen Geng wants to say is the focus of his visit to the embassy.。
Chen Geng:“That’s it,I have a friend,Quite famous in the United States,I want to go to China for a few days,At the same time, ask the doctor from the Health Bureau to help him see。”
Lian Changheng subconsciously frowned slightly:Chen Geng wants to ask a doctor from the Central Health Bureau to help his friend see the disease?
Based on the significance of Chen Geng to China、Influence,Don’t just ask a doctor from the Health Bureau for help,Even if you ask a doctor from the Health Bureau to come to America to help his friend see a doctor,This is actually not a big problem,There is no reason to disagree,At the same time, it is not the reason why Chen Geng came to the embassy in person.……

Qin Feng didn’t want to happen to Widow Liu,But some help within our capacity,He is still willing to give to each other。

“what……”At this moment,There was a scream outside,Don’t know what happened。
Qin Feng walked out quickly to take a look,It turned out that Zhuang Kai shivered in front of many people。
Zhuang Kai looks really awesome,But they are all based on the fact that he has sufficient interests。
Now Zhuang Kai is annoying all the local restaurant owners,If those people let Zhuang Kai go,That’s a strange thing。
“Zhuang Kai,You are so awesome,When we asked you for food,You are all kinds of awesome,Two hundred yuan a catty,You have the courage to ask,We really don’t have the guts to give you。”
“Ha ha,We also admire your ability,Sincere,Even gold can’t be so expensive, right?But you dare,You said,What should i say?”
“Kid,I don’t know what happened last time,But today if there is no way to continue to get those vegetables back to the way they were before,You want to sink he,Still want to lose money,You choose。”
Those bosses can’t deal with Zhuang Kai,But when a group of people are together,Zhuang Kai was stared at by them like a dog,As for the people around Zhuang Kai,But there are so many bosses here,Will they have fewer employees??
To know,Under the reward, there must be a brave husband,How did these bosses be humiliated by Zhuang Kai before?,They will never forget。
Zhuang Kai is also a little panicked,He really didn’t expect such a situation,He looked at them hesitantly and said:“I can’t blame me for this,I already knew it was wrong,Rest assured,We changed the vegetables back in one day。”
“Haha,Within a day,You are good to say,But do you know when this vegetable started to be wrong?I tell you,That was two days ago,But at that time it was only half of the effect,We endured too。”
Who knows there is almost nothing now,Those big people thought we did it on purpose,If you don’t give us an explanation,When
We will give you an explanation later。
The owner of one of the restaurants said cruelly,When he went to find Zhuang Kai,That was the tea that was sprayed directly by Zhuang Kai,At that time for profit,He endured。
But now the benefits are not enough to make him bow his head,He can’t kill Zhuang Kai?
“Whoops,What’s the matter with you?How can you treat boss Zhuang Kai like this??I know what you buy,That all has to be confirmed by him,If he doesn’t want to nod,Then it’s impossible for you to have food。”
Qin Feng is not afraid of the excitement,So he also came out to fan the flames。
Say this sentence,Many people look at Zhuang Kai,This guy is arrogant enough。
Zhuang Kai wants to eat Qin Feng,But he knew he had a chance to talk,Because in the current situation, he doesn’t have much opportunity to trouble Qin Feng。

Turn around,The sword moves with you and slashes hard,Cause the body breath to expand,Involuntary cry,To express the power of this sword。

The cold light around the blade becomes an invisible killer move,The existence of sword qi has proved the powerful power of this sword。
Have to admit,Since she survived in the iron mining area,I have already made a qualitative leap in my combat level,This leap is being forced to helplessly,Life and death choice。
Either lie down,Either rush over in the face of desperation。
Just rely on these,Not enough for Xia Chenglong to do it。
Step on the ground with one foot,Let the surrounding white mist go to the surroundings in an instant,at the same time,Yun Xiaowen’s figure leaping high appeared in the realization of everyone。
“Tut tut,Amazing!”
“Damn,Xia Chenglong is over!”
Even see,Can’t save the passive situation at this moment,Waiting for Xia Chenglong must be the strong sword from diagonally above。
Outside of everyone,When Xia Chenglong will retreat quickly,He didn’t do it。
But just close your eyes,As if preparing to die。
At the moment when the sword is about to come,Lean back,Raise your foot,Toes kicked Yun Xiaowen’s sword on the wrist。

“I know,I have this mental preparation,”Chen Geng nodded:“Besides, rest assured,I don’t need a penny less,Won’t let you pay out of your pocket。”

That’s good,That’s good。
Ivan·Caruso breathed a sigh of relief。
He was really afraid that Chen Geng would let himself pay for it、Bring your own dry food to help him do things,Since Fernandez is willing to fund the corresponding activities,Then things will be easier。
Gritted his teeth,Ivan·Caluso started to figure it out:6000A personal computer,Fernandez can probably make700Ten thousand dollars to800Ten thousand U.S. dollars,If he asks himself to help him with three things to this degree,He can probably earn2200Wanzhi2500Ten thousand U.S. dollars……Is it adding interest?,Not excessive。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
“Don’t worry about compensation,”Chen Geng Shen said:“Why did GM deal with me?”
“You don’t know?”Chen Geng frowned。
“I really don’t know,”Ivan·Caruso smiled bitterly:“General people come to me,Time to start with you,I only have room to agree or refuse,As for the reason,Can i ask?”
Chen Geng:“……”
This is the truth!
The broker circle has the rules of the broker circle,One of the biggest rules is not to inquire into the secrets of customers,Customers come,Tell me how much money I am going to do,Brokers can judge whether to accept the business based on their energy and relationship,But never inquire into the secrets of customers。
It’s just that,Chen Geng’s brows still frowned。

At this moment,The woman scolded again:“smellyXPretend youXOfXAh pretend!I scolded you、What happened?”

“Don’t disturb everyone watching movies here,You are so awesome,Go out and solve!”Wang Shuai is happy to leave the field,It ended the film’s negative impact on Xiao Xiao and Chen Wenjin,It also reflects the sentiment of protecting Xiao Xiao spared no effort,Have some fun by the way,Three birds with one stone。
“Go out!I’ll see who knelt down!”The woman’s words have come out,That row seems to be her friends,They all stood up and walked out of the theater。
“You two wait here,We solve it and come back。”Chen Wenjin may not be able to take care of too many people,Xiao Xiao said:“Things started because of me,How can I hide here by myself?and,I’m not ashamed to disturb others here。”
May also said:“Yes,Let’s go out together!Anyway, the tanks are on East Street,Coming soon。”
Amei has experienced this kind of thing,Not afraid at all。
Wang Shuai took the phone and called Abao directly,It saves the time of calling and waiting for reply,Because Abao didn’t go home,Went for a drink with the tank。
Said the place,hang up the phone,Wang Shuai walked out of the projection hall with his head high。
Normally,This conflict occurs,Just scold each other,Then ask each other for details,Do it if you can,If you can’t make it, just make a few friendships and shake hands,If you can’t afford it, just bow your head and admit your mistake,As for how the strong side wants to end,Either the weaker party treats to drink,Either do a few hands to show your prestige。
So when Wang Shuai went out,I have already figured out how to negotiate and delay the time for the tanks to arrive,There will be many people,There is a leopard and gold than the backing……
Shuai Wang puts away the big brother,Strutting out。
Suddenly one hand grabbed him and pulled forward,He rushed a few steps,Still almost fell,Just barely stand firm,I got kicked again behind,Suddenly hit the wall,Hands on the ground,But the group of people in ambush didn’t give him a chance to get up,Around is a punch and kick,Someone stepped on his back。
“stupidX!Didn’t you pull it just now??”That woman scolded,Staring at the door of the projection hall again:“That smelly just nowXchild!Get out!You like to call Chun,Come out for you!”
How did Wang Shuai endure such a beating??I want to speak and remind Chen Wenjin,How can I get kicked on my stomach,Gasping in pain,Can’t even make a scream!

Due to excessive mold content, IKEA recalls a single mixed fruit dried cereal and transforms it in full

Due to excessive mold content, IKEA recalls a single mixed fruit dried cereal and transforms it in full
On May 11th, IKEA’s official website released a product recall message saying that IKEA food importer Dongen International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recalled in the Chinese market the sales of IKEA MüSLI mixed fruit dry cereal (reduce cereals) sold in March 2019 and afterProducts)) (500 grams) because the mold content exceeds the legal upper limit.In addition, IKEA stated that customers who purchased the product in March 2019 and thereafter can return to any IKEA store and receive a full refund.The recall started on May 8, 2020 and lasted for one month.IKEA said that although no reports of any discomfort or adverse health effects caused by the consumption of this product have been received, all food products of IKEA have been continuously tested and should comply with the standards, regulations and IKEA applicable in their market.Quality requirements.As a preventive measure, IKEA has immediately stopped the sale of the product in all malls in the Chinese mainland market, and has begun related investigations.It is understood that IKEA food importer Dongen International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recently received a test report provided by the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration.The results of the report show that the mold content in IKEA MüSLI Mixed Fruit Dry Oatmeal (Mixed Grain Products) (500g) exceeds the relevant legal limit in China.Sauna, Yewang learned that this is not the first time IKEA has recalled food safety.In July 2016, IKEA recalled a variety of chocolates because these products are not suitable for consumers with allergies or sensitivities due to the hazelnuts and / or almonds.In addition, since 2020, IKEA has repeatedly released product recall information.On January 15th, the “TROLIGTVIS Trulivis Travel Cup” it sold was found to have excessive carcinogenic substances, and IKEA recalled the product worldwide.In March, IKEA recalled the Coulomb three-bucket baffles with the model numbers 30355730, 40158098, 60093058, 60309242, and 80163757 that were sold between April 2005 and March 2020, involving 90335 pieces.The reason is that if the upper wall parts attached to the product are not used in accordance with the product installation instructions to properly fix the tilting cabinet to the wall, under special circumstances, the replacement cabinet theoretically has the possibility of falling over.Sauna, Ye Jie Zhang Jie editor Peng Yali proofreading Liu Baoqing

Does Cannavaro take classes or leave classes?The operation of Evergrande is shocking and unreadable

Does Cannavaro take classes or leave classes?The operation of Evergrande is shocking and unreadable
Is Cannavaro’s position at Evergrande still stable?For Guangzhou Evergrande coach Cannavaro, this week was really difficult to pass-lost to Pu and Red Diamonds at home, blocked by opponents with a total score of 3-0 outside the AFC Champions League final; tonight the Chinese Super League is at homeAn embarrassing 2-2 draw against Henan Jianye, with only 1 point left in the standings.After the preliminary game, Evergrande’s official website immediately announced that Cannavaro will go to the headquarters of the Group tomorrow at 12 noon tomorrow to participate in the Evergrande corporate culture class. During his study, Zheng Zhi will act as the team coach.This announcement caused heated discussion. Cannavaro did not even participate in the post-match press conference with Henan Jianye, but his brother Paul attended instead.At the press conference, Paul explained why Cashuai did not attend the press conference. When asked about the question of “Cannavaro attending the class”, he only said that he would not comment on the group’s decision.According to Sauna and Yewang, Evergrande Group does provide corporate culture classes, and Cannavaro does go to “classes.”The Italian recently led his team’s poor record. In addition to the promotion to the AFC Champions League final, the Chinese Super League has only scored 5 points in the fifth round of the league. The previous lead in the standings has disappeared.Cannavaro waved to the waiting media when he left the stadium, saying: “Thank you.Judging by Evergrande’s previous style of rewards and penalties, the sudden release of the “Class Announcement” at this time was obviously dissatisfied with Cannavarolo.It’s just that the Evergrande Air Force directly issued announcements for the departure or appointment of the head coach. The Italians’ “going to class” operation this time is really a bit confusing.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Fan Jinchun