“Two shots in the body must be raised for a while,You don’t have to worry about this,See what activities have you been recently?,I promise you will definitely。”

“Whee,Waiting for me to listen to your office, do you call your office??”Zhuang Xiaoman asked with the soul of the soul,
“Row!I still have to go in advance.。”
Zhuang Xiaoman 下:“I scared you,Just with me, I will eat you.!”
Rui Rui came to the car,Su Wenqian is helping Tang Lingji account,See no other person,Rui Rui said the black planned plan,Say:“Wen Qian,This time I don’t kill people,We only want money!”After the rumor, I gave Su Wenqian three fascinating.。
Tang Ling asked:“boss,Is this task nothing??”
“Yes, I have,Get the money box, you need a yellow palm to pick them back.,Especially money boxes,I calculated,They are buying the money of the poppies if they can at least three boxes with cash.,Gold bars and oceans have two boxes,So you need someone to act in someone。”
“Big brother,Where is the money come back??”Su Wenqian asked,
“First hide,Don’t move these money。”Rude,
NS246chapter Two tasks
I will follow the first two long pools, the first two times of the transaction.,These two days of Zhang Xiaolin and golden prost are all in the money,Money is ready,It also takes a long time poolicun auxiliary connection time。
Rui Rui and Tang Ling also have Su Wenqian’s explanation, and drove to the home of Golden Rongrong.,The fastest money is him.,Because Zhang Xiaolin spent a lot recently,The light is to rushed four hundred small yellow fish.,Donate money for the devil。
“Long pool class!Have no dinner?”Golden Gong Greeted came out and asked,
“Not at the master,Just just passing through and see。”
“Long pool class,Buy soil(opium)The money is ready,When will we go to trade??”
“master,No need to be so anxious,I have heard that this cargo is still going to two days.,Moreover, we haven’t inspected yet.,Iranian opium is good, don’t know.。”
“Long pool class,Let you worry!”
“master,Since there is me two to worry, it should be。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,That time, please ask for a long time to help us do good inspection.。”
“I am just supervising next to it.,I don’t understand opium。”
Knowing a family has already gotting money,These two days should be traded,It is now unable to do three things to go.,But it is best to be the same day.,Time open a little,So let Su Wenqian have time action。
Rui Rui back to special qualifications,I have already come back,Qi Rui asked the same as it.,It is a few people in Ding Mun Village and Li Shixun.,Although it is a bit wrong,People who don’t die in this world can kill,There is no strange thing when some is wrong.。
come back to the office,Song Jian and Tang Rui knocked in to report:“Class long,We have finished finishing the information。”
“So fast!Is there any finding??”The information of the special lesson can be a few years.,They used them for less than two days.,Rui Rui looked at their micro-face, knowing that these two don’t like to do this,
“Nothing special discovery,Class long,Can you let us do something else??”Song Jian asked,
“You are just two,I really have a task to give you to do it.,But this is a top secret,Can’t let the other party discover。”
“Class long,What task?”
“Waiting, I will go to the special service headquarters,Give me a staring behind them after it is observed.,Any action must be recorded in detail to me.。”
“Is the unit headquarters that Wang Munchun and Blue Kwa??”
“Correct,It is there。”
“Are they not our subordinate unit??”
“Because it is the subordinate unit you have to stare,Because these people are all known to the Huajun and the Tielan betray,They betrayed once,Can betray the second time,the third time!So I want to know that they are really effective for the empire.。”
“Yes!Class long!”
Qi Rui gave them a special high school certificate.:“Go with a certificate,If you encounter trouble, you can highlight it.。”
Two people open the document,Seeing your own Japanese name written,Very happy salute:“Yes!Class long,We guarantee completed tasks。”
The two can be happy with the Japanese name.,Qi Rui said that you will die in this attitude.,I want to kill you.。

“Third brother!Third brother, don’t run!Isn’t it okay to wait??”A man in an open-mouthed qigong costume shouted from behind。

“Huanglian Shangqing!Do you think i’m stupid?I bet,Put you here,Even Captain He Chong will slip away,I’m not going to be disgusting to let you catch me?Stop chasing you,How many times i have said,On the ability to escape, I haven’t been afraid of anyone!We are impossible!”And one is the most1Meter6’S man said while running ahead。
“You stop!I won’t chase you anymore!”The one named Huang Lian Shangqing gasped and shouted。
“I believe you a ghost!Don’t chase me and shoot me there?”But the man in front doesn’t look back,Ironclad
Unmoved,Still running,Just come back and fight back from time to time。
Guo Yinzhe’s brain is spinning fast,Through the analysis of the two-person dialogue,I heard that they seem to have something to do with the Tai Chi team’s He Chong,And it’s not like fishing acting。
He observes the thin black man in front of him,Foot like wind,Flexible movement,Can be described as agile,Did not reveal his profession,And the person behind him is 1.9 meters tall,But the lips are red and the teeth are white,Temperament between gestures,And a blue ribbon with a qigong master,All demonstrate the strength of outstanding job transferees。
at last,Guo Yinzhe was tired after seeing the two of them running,Stop and rest。I thought it was a great opportunity for myself,Just kill from the dark,Should be able to take at least one,It’s a revenge for the president and Xiao Zhao,But he turned his head and thought,I have a more important task today,The eight minutes agreed with Master LuRI have to go to the appointment when I click the ruins,What to do?
When Guo Yinzhe is hesitating,I saw someone else seized this opportunity to ambush,The man jumped down from the tree and wanted to go to the back before firing and assassinating,I did not expect to step on a damaged wooden box。
With the crisp sound,Huang Lian Shangqing and the lean man looked at the man whose foot was trapped in the wooden box,And pointed the gun at him。
“Listen to me explain,I’m just passing by……”That person wants to try to pull his feet out of the box with his hands,But failed twice after trying。
“It’s Zhang Song?”Guo Yinzhe recognized that he just wanted to team up with him and was rejected,Zhang Song who hasn’t gone far。
“Squirting!”I saw that the dark and thin man didn’t listen to the explanation,But shoot directly,The bullet hit Zhang Song’s forehead。
With brilliant blood,Zhang Song died on the spot,The system announcement follows:“Three caves‘Kill’zi!”
“Fucking!I’m going to fight with them!”Zhang Song obviously never suffered such a big humiliation,The last time someone had a close-range headshot was due to a duel with the Oscar team’s dragon fruit,Just before entering the battle of glory10Ten thousand closed beta and become confident,Suddenly came back to reality,Like a cold rain on the face,Especially in front of Guo Yinzhe,Beier has no face!
“I said,friend,Are you still watching?It’s better to come out and get hot hands?”At this time Huanglian Shangqing said to Guo Yinzhe’s concealed direction。
Guo Yinzhe instantly felt that he was swept by sharp eyes,I thought it was exposed,One hit two is definitely a small chance。

Zhongshan Great World Center。

The current world of Zhongshan is already comparable to the beauty of Wa,One of the largest worlds in the Flintlock World,The area alone has surpassed the heaven。
Li Ming left the Three Realms,The forces of Zhongshan Mansion will naturally be affected。
After all, the True God Dao Ancestor arranged by Li Ming back then was also supported by Liu Xiang and Xuelong.–The realms of these two people are only average among the true gods of Daozu,。
of course,Li Ming was already in the world before he left the Three Realms,Good at formation,Refined several sets of chaotic strange weapons and magic weapons and bestowed them on two Taoist ancestors,And passed the two disciples under his command《Nine Solutions》Large number of insects。In order to maintain the prestige of Zhongshan Mansion!
after all,Can threaten the status of Zhongshan Mansion,Ancient Human Race、Dao Men Bu Men,There are also several forces branched out by Wujianmen。
The heads of these forces,Not Li Ming’s friend,I am also afraid of Li Ming’s power—The master of heart demon, the leader of the infinite door,But he forcibly pulled out the heaven and killed him。
With Li Ming’s return,It makes his subordinates rejoice。
Li Ming is the true god of Liu Xiang、Talk about Xuelong Taoism,Later I recruited my two disciples。
Li Ming was reincarnated into this life,In the mundane time, accept the two selves Su Nian’an and Bai Zhilan。
Long before Li Ming left the Three Realms,This big disciple Su Nian’an has already stepped into the realm of true immortality,Bai Zhilan is also a great god。
These two disciples,Although the talent is far less than myself,Not a peerless genius,But under Li Ming’s cultivation, the speed of cultivation is not too slow。
Bai Zhilan has now stepped into the real fairy level。
Baizhilan,Strictly speaking, it inherits Li Ming’s orthodoxy,Good at formation,Even passed Li Ming down《Universe in one heart》Cultivation to great achievement,Plus the mana of the second-class Jindan true immortal,It’s also very strong in the real fairy stage。
As for Su Nian’an,He didn’t break through to Daozu,But it’s already close to the level of mastering heaven,If you are lucky,Touching will make Daozu。
but,In Li Ming’s current state,I’m very sure that they will make further progress soon。

Although the words are gentle,But the Red Lotus World God understands,Dare to refuse,The only end is to fall。

“Willing to worship,Work for the leader!”There is a loss in the eyes of the God of Red Lotus World。
He didn’t reject joining the Great Desolate Sect,But under this pressure,But it hurts Dao Xin。
Can be followed,He looked at the god of the gods, but his gaze was a bit mad。
“The strongest way,Edge of the road!”
“Comparable to the weaker eternal emperor!”
“Even if it takes that step,Become the Lord of the Holy City,Is the highest level of the entire Dao League!”
“I,If there is a silver lining,Desperate to reach that point!”
First10chapter Zongmen Banquet
Tianqiong Clan,Inside a beautiful palace,Having a banquet。
Dozens of fairies are performing beautiful dances,But Li Ming can see that they are all puppets,Not a practitioner。
“Fourth Junior Brother,Since you and I are both disciples of the master,You also joined my Tianqiong Sect,Naturally not outsiders!”Sovereign Tianqiong of this generation,Li Ming’s second sister,But a gentle woman,Temperament is like an endless starry sky,purely,Yet vast!
As far as Li Ming knows,My second sister‘Yuan Yu Daojun’It is the absolute existence of the entire wilderness area second only to the god of the wilderness,In Dandao、The formation is also the first strongest in the great wasteland today。
“We Tianqiongzong,There are eight Taoists,Except me,Four of them are elders,The other three are protectors of the sect。”Yuan Yu Daojun said:“The four sect elders,Your three brothers are the three-step Taoist,But the strength is very close to me。The other three,The two are idle lords who take refuge in us,The strength is also very ordinary three-step Taoist,But he is good at refining tools,And the Tao of Fu Lu。”
“If you need to refine the eternal magic weapon,Need some talisman protection,You can go find them,Of course, it also takes the merits of the sect or Chaos Spirit Liquid。。”
“One more,It is a Taoist who is good at fighting and cultivated by our Tianqiongzong—Mountain General。”
“Mountain General,Once fought against the god of desolation,Although it was a miserable defeat—But at least it can barely hold。”Senior Brother Fengying said,“But don’t mention it in front of him。”
“As for the other three guardians,They all rely on the breakthrough of the life and death pill,Taoist with no potential,So it was set as‘Guardian’。But don’t underestimate them—the you now,I guess none of them can match。”Fengying Taoist teased。
Tianqiongzong,But a sect that is good at alchemy,Sect Master Yuanyu Daojun is barely able to refine,It is quite normal for a few Dao Monarchs who rely on the Pill of Life and Death to be born within the sect.。

Old Xiao roared:“Bastard,Don’t you forget,I am a scout,Although I’m getting older,But against these guys,Still more than enough,It’s too late if you don’t leave”

Xia Jian has never seen Old Xiao make such a big fire,He dare not listen,First move Xiao Xiao to a safe area,Come back again,Thought of here,Xia Jian ran forward。
not far away,Xiao Xiao grinned,Limping forward,Big beads of sweat flowed down from his forehead,She seems to be in pain。
Just when Xia Jiangang was about to approach Xiao Xiao,A few screams,Resounded throughout the woods,Xia Jian was scared,Could it be Lao Xiao’s accident?!
First0043chapter Mystery man
“Don’t be afraid!My dad won’t have an accident,Help me go”Xiao Xiao greeted Xia Jian who was in a daze。
So confident,But it does,A few calls just now,It’s definitely not from Old Xiao。This woman,I twist my foot at this moment,I really know the time,Xia Jian complained,A few steps up。
Go like this,When will we go,They will still catch up,Xia Jian analyzed the current situation,Not waiting for Xiao Xiao to reflect,He bent over,I have carried Xiao Xiao on his back,Women don’t look at how tall they are,It’s not heavy at all。Just started,Xiao Xiao may be embarrassed to struggle twice on Xia Jian’s back,Be honest slowly。
In the woods,Empty walking,Will be difficult,Let alone memorial。Xia Jian was almost crawling up,Anyway, there is a beautiful woman on her back,His strength can’t be used up。Climbing wildly,Just when Xia Jian was so tired that he was about to pass out,Suddenly light up,I have climbed to the ridge。
“Put me down quickly,You take a break too”Xiao Xiao on his back exhales like silk,The heat blows to his neck,Xia Jian is really going to faint,Woman’s soft body,It’s so comfortable to press on the back。
Xiao Xiao saw that Xia Jian did not reflect,Struggled twice,Just slipped off Xia Jian’s back,What kind of person is this!I don’t feel tired at all。Just hit the ground,Her feet hurt“Ouch!”With a。
Xia Jian hurriedly held Xiao Xiao distressedly,Xiao Xiao saw in his eyes,Warm in my heart,It turns out that this stubborn donkey will feel sorry for others。
Rustle,Old Xiao took Xiao Hei out of the woods,Old man with sweat on his forehead,Gasping and saying:“Go fast,They dare not chase after the front”

The most touching thing is,A large blank paper is pasted at the gate,Written in black pen on it“My son died young,Belonging to whites to send blacks,So I don’t accept gifts or treat guests”This is Xia Zecheng’s arrangement。

Heiwa is busy in the yard,Suddenly his phone rang,He rushed to the gate and got connected,What did you promise not to listen。
Fang Fang’s eyes are red and swollen,The whole person seems to have lost a lot of weight,She stood silently in front of Xia Jian’s coffin,I can’t accept this fact in my heart。
Heiwa walked gently to her side,Whispered in her ear:“At four or five this afternoon,Mr. Xiao and Mr. Wang”Fang Fang didn’t say a word,Just nodded silently。
When yesterday afternoon,After Xia Zecheng made this decision,Fang Fang couldn’t help calling Wang Lin,Wang Lin on the phone,Can’t help crying。
She asked about Xia Jian’s funeral schedule after eight o’clock in the evening,Decide immediately,She is coming to Xiping Village,Fang Fang also persuaded her,I didn’t expect Wang Lin to be angry,Made Fang Fang cry。
“Are Mr. Xiao and the others coming??”Guo Meili turned around,Asked quietly。
Fang Fang nodded and said:“Yes,In the afternoon,I really do not know,Mr. Xiao is here, what should I tell him?”
“child!Don’t blame you for this,This is providence,Mr. Xiao is here,If you can’t tell,Just for me,You took care of us Jianer for so long,I am very grateful to you”Sun Yuejuan suddenly squeezed over,Fang Fang, who pretended to be smiling, said。
Fang Fangyi listen,I can’t help but get a sore nose,Two lines of tears shed again。Zhao Hong on the side,Patted Fang Fang on the shoulder,Strong fighting spirit:“Isn’t it done??None of us should cry”
There is an endless stream of people who come to mourn,From morning to afternoon,One batch after another,Fortunately not hospitality,Otherwise, I can’t stand in this yard。
The City Propaganda Department has a deputy minister,Came with him,And the mayor’s secretaries,Among them is Bai Ruyu,As soon as she entered the hospital,I couldn’t help but shed tears。
She pulled Ouyang Hong,Asked quietly:“Is it really like this?”
“So many days,There is no audio at all,The people we rescued,All found dozens of miles away,Further east,Tao River enters the canyon,The river is full of strange stones,so…”That’s it for Ouyang Hong,Tears flowed down involuntarily。
Grief in the whole yard,No one dares to speak loudly。
Wang Youdao finished condolences,I looked for Bai Ruyu in the crowd,When he present,When Bai Ruyu was standing in the corner and Ouyang Hong was crying,Came over in two steps。
He smiled and said:“Secretary Bai,Not welcome here,Want to go to my house”
“Go away,Have a banquet,Please go elsewhere”Bai Ruyu said coldly,She doesn’t give this Wang Youdao at all。I touched Wang Youdao, a gray nose,Shrugged,So he went home by himself。
Wang Degui sitting in the yard drinking tea,Took a breath and said:“It’s a pity for the Xia family to walk,He is really admirable。I remember from Xiping Village,The funeral is not as big as he does,Don’t talk about people from the government,The surrounding villages,A lot of people came,It seems that he is still popular”

Liang Zhng is a lack of guiding means,Used nearly double time and heart,Create this big snake,Therefore, there is a lot of drugs that have not been played in their body.!

At this point, as long as the Chu Deirers can touch this part of the drug,The last small step can mature in a short time。
Chu Deirers at this time clearly,This boy is full of red,Alley is on the top,There is a big protrusion,The top end here,Red brown still with thumb——As long as it is also converted to red,This snake is completely mature。
Liang Zhi Weng’s own judgment,Even with his stupid approach,Also have a few days,It is possible to mature。
Chu Deirers dark,If you can introduce the lurking in the pots,Just push a small part,Can be mature quickly!
According to the residue,Several meridians and acupuncture,Chu Dee people carry the corresponding stimulation……
The treasure snake seems to feel very painful,Torked more,Chu Deirers’ clothes have broken down,However, it is still not able to shake Chu’s defender’s body.。
Along with the struggle of the treasure snake,Not long, the deer people saw,A red brown thumb,Start the reduction in the eye,Thirty interest,The treasure snake is completely transformed into a red red!
at the same time,Chu Deirers feel it hard,I have already been 30% in an instant.,Xiaocheng is also feeling pressure……
But just at this time,Chu Deiren withdrew the left hand on his finger,Then follow a blaming,The treasure snake quickly weak——Late in it,Original stimulating meridians、Acupuncture,Assistant drug absorption,At this time, the eruption!
The body structure of the big hill is different from humans,Even if the pulse is broken、Tolerance,It’s just weak,No death,The Chu Deirers fell to the front of themselves.,Pull your eyes to yourself……
Dream god、Essay、Dafa!
This is from ancient tomb“Jiuyin residue”middle,A class of Kung Fu belonging to the heart,Similar to hypnosis,Guidance and collision of spiritual strength。
The strength of the soul is in the big rivers and lakes,More elober than the internal strength,But according to《Jiuyin Zhenjing》Record of Dafa Articles,General with the degree of toughness,And the internal force itself……
If it is internal force in the opponent,Unless the other party is shaking,Otherwise it is difficult to play,If the internal force is higher than the other party,If you don’t use the Dafa,So during the trial of the real knife,Do not act,And once failed,Will be counterfeited by the other party、Heart god。
In the original, Yang has used this trick to play Dalba,Is bullying Dalba’s mind is simple,Yang Hao,I thought he was a master.,So hardly fight,Junshan homes,Peng Long used a photo of Huang Rong,However, Huang Rong has some knowledge of Dafa.,After stabilizing your mind,Peng Long’s old anti-、I am almost smile to suffocate。
Different Chu Dean,“Essay”The status can definitely improve the strength of the soul,Dream state,It is also very suitable for mind adjustment.。
This trick is big、Although spirituality,But far less than knowing,In addition, it is the weakness of this snake.,Chu Deirers easily make it sleep!
At this time, the treasure snake has matured,Direct anti-hand to shoot also affected,Just for the medicine, no waste,So the Chu Deirers are temporarily。
Chu Deirers have to have a cannabisque to the treasurer,Cover the big red snake,Afterwards reminding:“Tonight’s treasurer is a pen ordinary business,I will not bother it.……If this ordinary business,I have to go to the government to report.,hehe。”
“Heroes!Ustricity business……The store is the secret of the customer!”The shopkeeper is just right。
“correct,There are still a lot of money.?Keep the change, please,Help me catch a copy。”Chu Deirers said,Digestive snake、Configuring a medicated,Also quilt here。
In fact, he really reported,What is the Chu Dee?,It’s just a frightening or scared.,If so, I am so scared.……
Chu Deirers fly out from the side wall,It’s not bright in the sky.,All the way to swim the void back to the inn!
Huang Rong is behind the door at this time,Some anxious waiting,Her night wig has been changed,Obviously、Explosion is given to the king。
As a qualified Taoist,The king must know the pharmacology,Let him judge himself,What medicine does it still?,You can also take Guo Jing to buy overnight.。
Now Pingxi Wangfu is very,Wu Kang definitely can’t catch the pharmacy。
at the same time,In Wangfu,The jade ribbies are sinning to Wu Sangui.,Ouyangke et al. Also disliked him。
I don’t know what the Chu Deiren has just handed with him.,Instead, jade is actually arrived.!
Wu Sangui appeases jade realist,Also find the stairs for him,Said that he is not protecting、Instead, in accordance with the surroundings……
However, Liang Zi Weng and others know,This is a clear man today.,Strong“Please”Back,Half of half a night did not appear……What can I do??Explore the rhythm??
Mention this matter,Jade realist wants to cry,But I don’t dare to mention half a sentence.,Including the suspected Chu Deirers and he have a palm!

The bronze sword army has been scattered all over the city at this moment,For the time being to serve as the city’s stability maintenance officers and soldiers,Kill once it appears、grab、They will all appear bad behaviors such as fighting,And deal with it in time。

After all, it is a city that is about to degenerate into a city of sin,Do not control violence with violence,Can’t restore people’s livelihood at all。
“Santo、Female monarch。”
“Santo、Female monarch。”
Everyone in the Bronze Sword Army recognizes Zhu Minglang and his party,Members of the Bronze Knife Army on patrol saw them,Will salute respectfully。
Arrived at Mubang,It’s still overcrowded there。
There are a few acquaintances,It was the dragon shepherd hunter who was cleaned up by Zhu Minglang。
This time,They dare not clamor for Zhu Minglang to take down,Shared the three million bounty。
See Zhu Minglang coming,Everyone consciously let go,After these days of baptism,Now everyone knows who is in charge of this city,Make a living under other people’s turf,You have to be polite。
“What are you all discussing,Is there a higher price reward than me?”Zhu Minglang asked。
In the crowd,A man with a blue nose and swollen face stood up,Said pitifully:“Zhu Sanzhu,A large number of mourning dragons appeared in Lihuagou,The entire tribe of Lihuagou is trapped,May become food for the dragon at any time,They are already issuing rescue appointments to countries,But the dragon is fierce,Or social creatures,Not everyone dares to go。”
“Ugh,This land used to be the lair of the dragon,Finally got punished,I didn’t expect to resurrect now。”
“Sanglong is too cruel,And very hostile to us humans,I must bite when I see alive,Recently, the Sanglong began to wander the brown land,We hunters don’t dare to walk around casually。”
Mourning dragon。
I wish Minglang after entering Runyu City,I’ve heard this dragon species more than once。

“And the people who joined,Including the former slaves and two forces,There are a total of 1,743 people,Plus the original number of people in our chamber of commerce,Now our Chamber of Commerce has 2,462 people!”

Leo pursed his lips,Unexpectedly, the team expanded so much.,From six to seven hundred people to more than two thousand four hundred people。
And most of them are average,30 or so levels。
“Among them, there are 92 people with ordinary school-level strength,There are 13 elite school-level talents,As for the general level personnel, there are three。”
The strength of an ordinary school is roughly 50 to 59,And the elite school level is 60 to 69,As for the general level, it is naturally a person above level 70。
“Ok?How can there be three,Isn’t it two??”Leo wondered。
General strength,It’s also a leader of the second-level power here,Not easy to find。
Heard Leo’s question,Tlangote is strange,Leo found them by himself,Why don’t you know?
“Leo boss,Did you not calculate yourself?”
“Forget it!”Leo is even stranger。
“This is not right,Si Keen and Seun, plus you, boss Leo,Aren’t these three?”
Leo was taken aback,Didn’t Si Keen escape?。
“Si Keen did not run away?”
“No!”Mentioned West Cohen,Trang is also a little funny。
“I found him for a long time,I heard that he has been lying motionless in the dungeon,Then I kept talking about something‘Really perverted like this tune’!”
Leo waved his hand,Si Keen’s brain is not normal,It’s not strange to talk about anything,So too lazy to study。
“The truth surprised me,Didn’t run away!”

This scene,Everyone present was made to cry,Zhang Siwei can’t bear it,Tried several times to get Zhao Gang up,Can’t pull it。

Wu Lusheng shook his head to Zhang Siwei,“Don’t move him,Let him cry for a while,This old Zhao died too pitifully,Not a family member around。”
Zhang Siwei nodded,Keep on crying,While taking a tissue from the bag to wipe tears,Choked and said,“Why is this so,Zhao Gang keeps saying that Uncle Zhao is very stable。”
Wu Lusheng sighed,Also started to cry,“Lao Zhao must have already thought about this way,I just don’t want to make his children sad,Pretending to be calm,Just comfort them,That big company collapsed,He has gone all his life,Especially wronged,The pressure in his heart has already reached its limit。”
Zhang Siwei hates himself,“Blame me for being too busy,Just listen to Zhao Gang,Should have come to see。”
Wu Lusheng cried for a while,The whole person is a little soft,Zhang Siwei helped her sit down,“mom,You can’t cry,You can’t stand it。”
Wu Lusheng said,Try to control your emotions,“correct,Think about danger,Zhao Qianqian knows?”
“Have already spent her in advance,People still traveling abroad,Zhao Gang wants his sister to be happy for the last time,I haven’t told her yet,I wanted to call Zhao Qianqian this morning,Zhao Gang refused,The scene is too chaotic now,He was afraid that Qianqian would be hurt。”
Wu Lusheng did not agree with this statement,“You are not doing it right,And it’s unfair to Zhao Qianqian,This is her father,I have to let her come back and meet,Tell her,After all people are dead,No chance,She will blame you from now on。”
Zhang Siwei thought for a while,“Ok,you are right,She is in her twenties,Not a child。”
Zhang Siwei took out his phone after talking,Call Yu Ge right away,“Yu Ge,where are you?”
“We have returned home,Go back in two days。”Yu Ge got a little nervous after receiving the call,I guess it’s serious。
“Zhao Qianqian is okay?”Zhang Siwei asked again。
“You tell her,Something happened to her family,Her father has passed away。”Zhang Siwei said sadly。
“what?”Yu Ge was also frightened on the phone。
“Find a way to tell her!”Zhang Siwei finished talking and hung up。
This kind of thing,Yu Ge really doesn’t know how to tell Zhao Qianqian,Although Zhao Gang told him in advance that there was a big problem this time,Family defeated,But he didn’t realize it could be so serious。