Beijing Daxing Housing and Construction Committee issued Daxing District Housing Leasing Risk Warning Tips

Today, the Beijing Daxing Housing and Construction Committee issued the "Daxing District Housing Rental Risk Warning Tips", the letter also announced the list of real estate intermediary risk warnings in Daxing District, 20021, Beijing Century Home Her Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd., Beijing 200 million Room Real Estate Broker Co., Ltd., Beijing Hongchuang Property Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiyang Real Estate Brooratrane Co., Ltd. "Daxing District Housing Lease Risk Warning Tips" Reminds the majority of residents to rent a house must be cautious, be sure to think twice before renting a house, do not listen to the words, rush to pay the gold, and grass sign contract. Daxing District Long Rent Apartment, Short-rent Housing Supervision Office introduced six points to choose intermediary companies, the first is to choose the intermediary company in the Housing and Construction Committee, the intermediary company’s record can pass the WeChat public in Beijing Query. The second is to choose a deposit hosting company, and the deposit hosted a successful tenant will receive a text message. The third is that choosing an intermediary company should not only look at the business license, otherwise it is likely to face the risk of rents, deposits, etc.

The fourth is that the house intermediary can only pre-receipt for 3 months, and the lessee may not pay long-term rent at one time.

The fifth is to be vigilant, the intermediary company (two houses) take high rent as bait, rent the home house to the hand; then sign the long-term lease contract with the lessee, thus defrauding rent, deposit Running. The homeowner, the tenant has to lose. The sixth is alert to the false commitment. No matter whether the house owner is still the tenant, don’t trust the oral commitment of the intermediary company, be sure to indicate in the contract. Text / Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter Li Tao.

Create an online cultural ecology of going upwards

Recently, the Central News Network Office issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Information Standards for Entertainment Stars" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), from four aspects of content orientation, information presence, account management, and public opinion, 15 specific work Measures, strive to effectively regulate the online information online information, and further optimize the content of the network information. Today, the Internet expands people’s cultural living space and enrichs the form of recreation. However, for a while, online pan-entertainment tendency, vulgar speculation, etc. Need to see, the traffic is supreme, the malformation, the "rice" chaos, etc. In this regard, the "Notice" issued a "Notice" further standardizes the online information of the entertainment star, and creates a positive and healthy and upset network environment. Good literary works can be customary, people, and pass the value of the upwards. Guidance people with the right public opinion, in a noble spiritual shape, need to establish socialist core values ??and strengthen legal norms, strengthen positive guidance, and strengthen the online information guidance management of performances.

For the content of the law, laws and regulations, the content of the poor values, the confession of the artist, the content, malicious marketing or brush control evaluation, especially the "rice" culture, then list negative lists, strict specifications .

At present, my country has initially constructed system norms such as network information content ecological governance laws and regulations.

With the introduction of "Notice", it is necessary to further conduct detail classification of positive energy information, illegal crime information and bad information. Encourage network information content service platform to adhere to mainstream value orientation, optimize information algorithm recommendation mechanism, and enhance the ecological management of the page. Positive positive energy information is actively presented in key links and eliminates bad information. While the network information content laws and regulations are gradually improved, accurately identify problems, classification, Shi Ce, find the starting and tools of network entertainment information, and become an important task for Internet information content law enforcement and supervision.

Specification for network entertainment information is the key to governing online bad entertainment information chaos.

According to the "Notice", it should refine the online information classification of entertainment, distinguishes it into the information, personal dynamic information, business activities, the announcement, public welfare and authority issuance, Strengthen key link management to achieve classification management of different types of information.

Strengthening account management is an important measure to regulate the online information on entertainment.

The account is the channel released by the entertainment information online, and is also a carrier that the performance artifact or related company is "personality" on the Internet. It is necessary to strengthen the grading monitoring management of the star account, strictly strictly prepare more and strict requirements for the illegal and devotential accounts, especially for the star brokerage company and the fan group account, and to the illegal and illegal entertainment marketing account and its platform Strictly dispose of law according to law.

At the same time, we must strengthen the subject responsibility of the platform. On the one hand, the website platform requires the website platform to establish an online information public opinion monitoring mechanism, and timely discover the problem clues and report the competent department; on the other hand, the website platform requires the website platform to strengthen the public opinion guidance for the entertainment artists. The relevant account main body is reviewed, and the account entity that cannot verify the true identity is clearly marked. The vitality of the law is being implemented. After the establishment of the laws and regulations system, it is necessary to guide the guidance of the problem. Through the specific policy to provide more detailed regulatory tools, grasp the key entities, important issues and core links, strictly regulate network entertainment information, providing more ecological governance network information Powerful startings, jointly build online spiritual homes. (The author is a research firm for the Institute of Law Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).

A 4.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Lingwu City, Ningxia, and experts rushed to the earth.

Ningxia Earthquake Administration on-site work team quickly assembled.

The Ningxia Earthquake Administration is known to understand that the earthquake is divided into a weak earthquake in the magnitude of the earthquake, in a sense of earthquake, medium strong earthquake, and strong earthquake.

Among them, the weak absorption is less than 3.If the source is not very shallow, this earthquake is generally not easy.A sense of earthquake, the magnitude is greater than or equal to 3, less than or equal to the stage.This seismic people can feel that they generally do not cause damage.The strong earthquake, the magnitude is larger than the stage, less than 6, which belongs to the earthquake that can cause damage or damage, but the destruction is relatively related to the depth of the source, the sprout and other factors.

Strong earthquake, magnitude greater than or equal to 6, is an earthquake that can cause serious damage.

Among them, the magnitude greater than or equal to 8 is also known as a huge earthquake.(Editor: Zhao Mo, Tolerance) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

2021 Fangchenggang City Fire Industry Vocational Skills Competition

In order to further improve the combat capability of rescue players, on August 5th, Guangxi Fangchenggang City Fire Rescue Detachment United City Emergency Administration, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Federation of Federation, and the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China, held 2021 Fangchenggang City Fire Industry Vocational Skills Competition.

It is understood that there are 62 people in this competition, divided into fire fighting, emergency rescue, fire equipment maintenance, fire facilities, 5 projects, fire-fighting communication, set up climbing hook ladies, attacking tips, 100m fire barriers, comprehensive assistance , Water Rescue, UV Aviation Scout, UAV Accurate Throwing, Field Communication Guarantee, Double Wheavier Cut Saw Assembly and Application, Fire Automatic Alarm System, Firephone System and Fire Emergency Broadcasting System, Fire Separation Facilities and Defense Smoke system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication system, automatic fire extinguishing system, etc., each project decides 2, a total of 10 contestants participate in the finals.

With the blow of the game, the participating team is struggling to strive, and the players have a series of movements rapidly, strive to complete with the shortest time, the fastest speed, the most standard movement. This event is designed to promote training, urged the war, and strive to create a team that makes the masses to make the party’s rest assured. (Huang Mingfa) (Editor: Liu Jia, Ye Bin) Share more people to see.

4 mensen werden gecontroleerd! Shandong 4 Cities Commission Comité

Originele titel: 4 personen werden gecontroleerd! Shandong 4 Tegen de commissaris van Discipline Inspectie en Commissie van de afdeling Shandong Provinciale Ecologische Milieu, Zhai Xiaowei, werd vermoed van ernstige schendingen van de wet, en accepteert momenteel disciplineoverzicht van Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team van de Shandong Provincial Commission voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie; de Jining Municipal Supervision Comité aangewezen jurisdictie en Zou City Supervision Committee heeft zijn toezicht op enquête.

Qi Xiaowei CV: Yan Xiaowei, Man, Han Nationaliteit, mei 1980, Shandong Wuyuan People, Graduate Degree, in september 1998, januari 2000, juni 2000.

November 2013, plaatsvervangend directeur van het Shandong Provinciaal Milieumonitoring Corps, december 2016, lid van de directeur van het Shandong Provinciaal Milieumonitoringskorps, juni 2017, diende als secundaire directeur van het Shandong Environmental Monitoring Corps, december 2018 Shandong Provinciale Milieurecht, eerst -Lev het eerste niveau, september 2019, september 2019, diende als lid van de Grand Executive van het Wethandhavingsbureau van de Shandong Ecologische omgeving. Zibo Mountain Steel Economic and Trade Co, Ltd, de manager Zhuang Fuchu wordt verdacht van ernstige schendingen, en accepteert momenteel de disciplinaire herziening van Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co, Ltd Discipline Inspection Committee.

Zhuang Fuchong Resume: Zhuang Yu Dong, Man, Han Nationaliteit, geboren in januari 1979, Sannan, Shandong, University Culture. In augustus 2003 trad hij toe tot de Communistische Partij van China in november 2014. ZENG REN STAAL Verkoopcentrum Uitzonderlijke onderscheidingen, assistent-onderscheidingen, economie, economie, economische diensten van economie, departement voor nieuwe productontwikkeling, plaatsvervangend minister van Boekbronnen Ontwikkelingsafdeling. April 2016 Relief Steel (ZIBO) Economic and Trade Co, Ltd Zibo Shan Steel Economic and Trade Co, Ltd Directeur, manager, Ren Shandong Iron and Steel Co, Ltd, Marketing, Marketing, 20021, February 2022 , werd ge?limineerd door regionale manager van Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Marketing Corporation.

Meng Yu, directeur van het Yuan Dicheng Voedsel Tarrage Center, Dezhou City, werd vermoed van ernstige overtredingen en werd aangewezen door de Judith Commissie voor Discipline Inspection Commission.

Meng Yu CV: Meng Yu, Man, Han Nationaliteit, geboren in oktober 1975, Shandong Qihe, Universitair diploma, juli 1995, nam deel aan het werk in december 1994, lid van de Communistische Partij van China. In mei 2001, de directeur van de voedseltak van de tak van de dezhou van Dezhou; januari 2015, directeur van Dezhou Dezhou Dezheng-voedselcentrum; april 2019, dezhou City Financial Grain and Oil Cursies Co., Ltd. Director Long, General Manager en Executive Director, General Manager van Dezhou Financial Grain Co., Ltd.; September 2021, Dezhou Financial Grain and Oil Cursies Co., Ltd.

Pan Feng, de voormalige administratie van belastingen, Wudi County, Wiki County, wordt vermoed van ernstige overtredingen, goedgekeurd door het Shandong Provincial Supervision Committee, Binzhou Municipal Supervision Commission, accepteert momenteel het Supervision-enquête van Qiqi County Supervision Committee . Pan Feng CV: Pan Feng, Male, Han Nationaliteit, geboren in augustus 1972, Huimin County, Shandong Province, In-Service University Degree, nam deel aan het werk in december 1988, januari 1997, China Word lid van de Communistische Partij. Van juli 1990 tot augustus 1994 diende hij als een speciale manager van Wudi County Taxation Bureau. Van augustus 1994 tot juli 2015 diende hij dienst als de Wudi County Taxation Bureau City Taxation Office, het Direct Afdelingsspecialist, uitgebreid afdelingsafdeling, afdeling Tax Management, Levy Management Department Department, Fiscale Management Department, Tax Source Management Second Placed. Van juli 2015 tot oktober 2018 diende hij als plaatsvervangend directeur van de Wudi County Guoding Bureau Liubao Belastingtak. Oktober 2018 tot 2020 april, Ren Wuyi County Taxation Bureau Liubao Belastingtak, plaatsvervangend directeur en standaard. Van april 20020 tot en november 2021 is Ren Wuxi County Taxation Bureau Office Head-level kaders en vier huizen. Sinds november 2021 diende hij als lid van het Bureau van het Wudi County Taxation Bureau.

(Wei Ran) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

Tianjin University held a commemorative "one or two nine" original innovative works and concerts

Concert scene. Tianjin University is awarded by Tianjin on December 10, December 9th, Tianjin University held a commemorative "one or two nine" original innovative works and chorus concerts, and the Beiyang Choir met a new batch of red chorus.

Young Triar and students will pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs and promote the spirit of Chinese aesthetic education.

On the evening of the evening, Tianjin University Beiyangyuan Campus Student Center, the beautiful song sounded in this semi-open art space, attracting teachers and students to appreciate. "Original Innovation" is a highlight of this concert. On the stage, the choir teachers and students have carefully interpreted a large number of chorus from the original and adaptation of teachers and students from Tianjin: "I quietly tell the motherland" "Wanted Bar Party flag" "Tai Lei" "Tian Damei" "I love you China "sound is pleasing, the young students use the vigorous songs of the vibrant singing. This year is the 86th anniversary of the "One 2nd Nine" movement. 86 years ago, the Chinese Communist Party leaders the Patriotic Youth Student Organization launched the "One Second Nine" anti-Japanese national salvation movement and became the glory milestone in the history of Chinese youth. Tianjin University is the first modern university in China with a long red aesthetic education.

Its predecessor Northern University has bred one of the earliest colleges and universities in China – Beiyang Songs. During the War of Resistance Japan, the Northern University teachers and students walked throughout the North China mountain country wild, spreading progressive thoughts and anti-Japanese claims in the form of play songs; during the Liberation War, most members of the song team took the lead in joining Beiyang University underground party branch, becoming a revolutionary power pioneer .

The cultural atmosphere of red beauty education is inherited in the Tianda campus. "For a long time, a major feature of our aesthetic education is to encourage teachers and students to create red cultural boutiques." Tianjin University Group Committee Secretary said, "I hope that teachers and students can cast red genes in this beautiful-training atmosphere, inheriting cultural blood." Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Van Zhou: Take the bridge of people in the hearts of the people in the cultural exchange

  Author: Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Department, Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Department of Economics, Mi Zhou, has two traffic aorta from China, one is the land of Zhang Yizhen Massi, one is the sea road of Zheng He Sail, which is actually the road to cultural exchanges. . Open today’s world map, China advocated "Silk Road Economic Belt" and "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" construction has opened a new era of different cultural exchanges.

my country and "One Belt All the way" participate in the country to realize the people’s hearts, need to work hard from many aspects, where culture is the force that must rely on.

Chinese traditional culture is a huge treasure house, condensed the spirit of the Chinese and unique wisdom. In the "One Belt All Road" construction, we should consciously promote the traditional Chinese culture to go out, and the cultural exchanges between other countries, and set up the bridge of the people.

  Provide cultural products and services in a targeted manner. Cultural exchanges are usually in the form of providing cultural products and services.

At present, Chinese traditional culture go out, what kind of cultural products and services should be provided outside? This is the first question that needs to be thought about in depth. Due to the natural environment, religious beliefs, living customs, value orientation and aesthetic taste, different countries’ demand for cultures must be very different. This requires us to investigate the cultural market of "all the way" to participate in the country and analyze the cultural preferences of their people. Only by finding the concerns and points of interest in the "all the way" participates in the people, there is a targeted cultural product and services to the road, and the Chinese traditional culture can go out and go in. Find the largest number of two-way communication.

The African herbal fare is impassioned, with a hot original atmosphere; Russian oil painting is highly realistic, the social tragic sense is strong; the Chinese Beijing Opera is profound, a simple movement contains unlimited means … These are all countries in the long river of each country, and accumulate The excellent traditional culture, the form is different, but the same is also wonderful.

The exchange of traditional culture should respect the difference, and it is concurrent.

Today, unidirectional, I will have difficulty in meeting the needs of multi-cultural mutual integrity. With the development of the times, the competition turned into a competition, and cultural exchanges were also transferred from one direction to you, I have your integration.

Embrace other excellent culture with open inclusive mental, good at finding the largest number of civil exchanges in cultural exchanges, is the only way to participate in the people’s hearts in the people of China.

  Presenting a traditional culture in modern manner. In recent years, more and more Chinese traditional cultural factors have been applied to fashion, movies, etc., and are concerned with many people and love. It can be seen that traditional culture should actively seek modern expressions and present in a new form of people who are happy.

If you cannot connect with the times, lack of modern expressions, some traditional cultural factors are easy to become a pile of zero-scattered symbols, tumbling materials.

The traditional Chinese culture must go out and must fully consider the acceptance habit of modern people.

This is the problem of Chinese traditional culture in foreign guanhui, and improving people must consider.

  Using Internet Thinking to Promote Culture and Technology Depth.

In the Internet age, people have changed significantly compared with past. China’s traditional culture should help "all the way" construction, should be good at expressing the express train by the Internet, relying on technology changes, broadening the communication channels, innovation. The traditional Chinese culture should go out, and it should promote the depth of culture and technology, truly "let the cultural relics in the banquet, exhibit the heritage on the vast land, writing in ancient books." The construction of "a belt all the way" has brought new opportunities to the Chinese traditional culture, and new requirements have also been put forward.

It is emphasized that it is not the best choice to develop Chinese traditional culture to the world. Only the proud cultural values ??can touch people’s hearts, only in market cultural products and services to occupy the market. Therefore, only those cultural spirit of the Chinese traditional culture, transcend the national boundaries, eternal charm, and the cultural spirit of contemporary value, promote the exchanges with other cultural exchanges, in order to better get together the bridge of the people .

(Van Zhou) [Responsible Editor: Pay Shuangqi].

Shenyang Museum opened countdown series reports 2 to see these two Shenyang Forbidden City Exhibition

Exhibition Hall of "Unconventional Seiko – Shenyang Forward Palace Tibetan Qing Dynasty Court Furniture Exhibition".

Dong Li Ming took a large deposit of Shenyang Forbidden City to Tibetan Palace, the furniture will be exhibited, and most of them are exhibited for the first time. The Shenyang Museum will be opened on December 21, and the first floor is set as the Qing culture theme exhibition, which will exhibit two Shenyang Palace Exhibition.

  Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Shenyang Museum and revealed the key cultural relics and exhibition highlights of these two exhibition halls. The relevant person in charge of the Shenyang Museum introduced that the Shenyang Museum, which is about to meet Shenyang, is set as the theme exhibition of Qing Culture. It has two Shenyang Forbidden City exhibition, including "Miyan Bai Shi Hui Jingxiang – Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Qing Palace珐 展 "" Seiko – Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Qing Dynasty Court Furniture Exhibition ", highlights the gorgeous richness of Shengjing Court Treasure.

  Among them, "Universal Seiko – Shenyang Forbidden Palace Tibet Qing Dynasty Court Furniture Exhibition" will include five units, divided into emperor symbols – sitting, different style – carved – storage equipment, gorgeous Colorful – screen, scene recovery, show 51 pieces of Qing Palace furniture in the Forbidden Palace of Shenyang, most of which met the audience for the first time. In the exhibition, the key cultural relics include the red lacquer dragon circulating chair, Qingzi sandalwood embarrassing cloud dragon small cabinet, Qing Zi Tan Carving Yunlong, Hongli, Book, etc.

  The Shenyang Forbidden City is one of the main museums of the Qing palace furniture. Most of the furniture that is exhibited here is the original material, the material is excellent, the production is exquisite, and the decoration is characterized, and the rules of the grade are extremely characteristic. These furniture, mostly made in the Qing Palace’s creation, and some are bought by the government or from local officials, which not only reflects the aesthetics of the emperor, but also the national gift system, the intuitive show of royal luxury life.

In the design of the exhibition, the Chinese in the exhibition hall is the Qing Dynasty furniture, and the sandalwood is mainly, and the court blue is the background, and the Royal Treasure is in the royal treasure. "Miyan Baiji Hui Jingxiang-Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Palace 珐 珐" is divided into four parts: the country’s chapter, noble furnishings, luxury in the palace, secret temple.

The different categories and uses of Shenyang Palace Collection are selected 101 pieces, most of which are first debut.

These collections are elegant and elegant, crystal and gorgeous, both court furnishings and practicals, and religious ritual supplies; there are both exquisite levels of Qing Dynasty, and also express the artistic idea of ??Chinese traditional cultural products.

Key cultural relics include 蟠 蟠 透 透 宝 花 花 兽 耳 冰 冰, 甪 甪 香 香 香.. 香 甪 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香 香

  In the exhibition design, the cultural relics in the exhibition hall are more diversified, and the background color is used to use the golden amber, which can use color contrast to set up the cultural relics, and emphasize the exquisite exhibits of the court.

Liaoshen Evening News reporter Zhu Bai Ling Editor: Feng Qingyang.

Pingguo City Health Bureau carries out basic public health service project supervision work

Recently, the Pingguo Municipal Health Bureau went to the town to treasure towns, and the basic public health service project and 2021 to consolidate the effectiveness of the effective cohesive work in the second half of 2021.

The supervision team deep into the center of the slope, listening to report, on-site consultation, telephone verification, etc. And the 12-class national health public service projects such as infectious diseases and sudden public health emergencies, the implementation of health supervision and other implementations, especially the normative, authenticity and comprehensive satisfaction of patients with chronic diseases.

Introduction to the village to take off the poor, monitoring households, rural low-income population, and the "first diagnosis and payment" policy implementation and guidance work in 30 major diseases.

Through a series of in-depth and meticulous tests, the supervision team is fully affirmed by the results of the basic public health service project work in Slope Town, and some issues, the issuance group puts forward guidance, further enhances the health of rural health. Service capabilities and the health level of the masses.

(Wei Xueu) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Optimize the business environment, Shandong focuses on innovation

Original title: Optimize the business environment, Shandong focus on innovation to break through the "one-time" reform as the main line, coordinate the intensiveness of the right to discharge, the combination of transportation, optimize the service, continuously activate the powerful entertainment environment, Shandong focus on innovationWhen the transformation is transformed, it will not be refunded.

At present, Shandong has entered the key period of five years of breakthrough in five years. To make new movements more powerful, it is necessary to anchor to optimize the direction of the business environment and constantly improve market vitality.Shandong is the main line with "a good" reform, with the business environment innovation, the government service "Double Full Shuangbai" project is the starting point, coordinating the right to ration, the combination of transportation, optimize the service, deepen the business environment, resourcesReform in the fields of elements, continuously stimulating the driving force and vitality of development, and the reform attacks run "acceleration".

On November 26th, Liandong U-Branch, located in Jinan Zhangjin Comprehensive Bonded Area, in the company’s signing activities, and four companies successfully signed.

The total planning of the project is 228 mu. The total construction area is about 360,000 square meters, and the total investment is 100 million yuan. I have been negotiated in February this year. In May, the pile foundation started in September, which plans to seal the top 10,000 square meters this year. More than 20 advanced manufacturing enterprises and trading companies have been signed, and "the contract is the contract, that year, the beginning of the year, the top of the year, the ‘five incoming efficiency" of the investment in the same year.

Fighting time, spelling speed, spent rate, need to climb a slope, rolling stone, the spirit of the mountain, more requires self-innovation in the blade.

Shandong anchoring "walk in the forefront", "three walk in the former" total follow, total positioning, total navigation mark, actively building a strong work promotion pattern, established the head of the Provincial Party Committee, the first deputy The team leader, the relevant provincial leaders’ deputy director’s continued in-depth optimization of the business environment and promoted the government function transformation leading group, and the top of the reform.

Focusing on enterprises, the project approval and other key areas and key links, Shandong actively optimizes the reconstruction approval service process, and the average time compression of various places to open, and the company is easy to log out of the announcement time to 20 days; in the national level level The industry’s certificate "reform, realize the company" Take a certificate is open ", 50 industries have distributed more than 10,000 integrated licenses, office links, application materials, approval time average pressure reduction of more than 70%; active optimization project construction project approval process The number of approval matters in construction projects is 48 items from 112 items. At the same time, Shandong is going to "once" as a goal, vigorously promote "one network" "one window to accept" "one chain" "first-line communication", focusing enterprise and personal life cycle, has driven no less than 100 high frequencies Taste minimalist, integration, and domain. The general manager of Jinan Company, Beijing Liandong Investment Group, Jinan Company, who tasted the sweetness of the Sweet, did not help but admire: "To Shandong investment is right!" Optimizing the business environment is to turn government services from the "government supply side" to "enterprise demand side", I want to think about the business, an urgent company.

On November 30, Qingdao Ronghui Tong International Logistics Co., Ltd. business operator Chen Hui received the inspection notice of Huangdao Customs on the import of imported goods. According to the practice, she needs to contact the port department to drag the goods into the customs inspection area for inspection. But when she logged in to the information system, it was found that the ticket was already inspected, and she can pick up at the front of the pier. "I really didn’t expect, my goods just arrived in Hong Kong for 10 minutes. I dotted a mobile phone. I completed all the inspection operations. Now the cost is so expensive, it really saves us time and cost.

Chen Hui said.

This is a "predecessor, boat" intelligent inspection mode of Qingdao Customs this year. After the import of goods can be unmunly unloaded, there is a preliminary machine inspection equipment without notifying the company’s sluggish to check the inspection area, reducing transportation costs and queuing time, and each container can save the corporate logistics cost of about 600-1000 yuan.

Eating the old, there is no "acceleration", don’t strive to "push back".

Shandong focuses on the service performance, to create a convenient and efficient business environment, against the difficulties, pain points, persistence of business operations, continuously promote the reform of "reduction, reduction materials, reduce time limit, tax reduction", comprehensive enhance the company’s operating production , Focus on the high-quality business environment, and fully shape the new advantage of high quality development.

In recent years, Shandong has promoted the "Shandong Provincial Stable Foreign Trade and Steady Foreign Capital Service Platform" on the line. As of the end of October, 7527 registered foreign trade enterprises were online, and 1888 projects were processed through platform processing of foreign trade enterprises, 1846 have been completed. %; In the country to set up a corporate demand "Responsive" provincial platform, comprehensive implementation "Enterprise’s v. The remaining part is more than 95% satisfaction rate.

In addition, Shandong also took the lead in establishing a credit risk classification management system throughout the country, and all provinces more than 390,000 corporate credit risks in the province were all dynamically incorporated into Abcde level 5 management.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau Credit Supervision and Administration Department, in 2021, Shandong fully promoted the integration of corporate credit risk classification and "double random, one public" fusion application, using 90% of regulatory resources for high-letter venture companies, The low credit risk enterprise achieves zero disturbance, and the problem found rate is increased by 20% to%, which effectively saves administrative costs and business costs.

In the 2020 national business environment, the overall level of Shandong business environment is in the national first-party array; in the 2020 national sea container port business environment evaluation, Qingdao Port is second; this year’s national industry In the survey of "Wanjia Private Enterprise Raise Environment" survey, Shandong has been selected for two consecutive years, and it is best to have a top ten provinces (including municipalities), ranking 5th in the country, one bit more than on the year.

10 months before this year, the total value of Shandong foreign trade imports reached trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; actual use of foreign capital $ 18.1 billion, a year-on-year growth%. As of the end of October, the number of mains in the province reached 10,000 households, a year-on-year growth, and market vitality continued to release.

Optimizing the business environment is to extend the government service throughout the business operation.

From the time of opening, it is easy to supervise, and it is easy to supervise when it is operating, and the procedure is simple, convenient and sequential, let a market main life cycle expectation, in Shandong Enjoy it.

As the first province in the country, Shandong will expand its simple logout reform this year to the whole province, and the main body that has a refundable demand is convenient and efficient.

Up to now, the province’s total investment company is easy to log out of 10,000 households, accounting for the total number of logouts in the same period.

(Sun Yuanze Zhao Xiaoju) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.