Smoothly catch the book that Han Zhili threw to me,And put it aside carefully,God knows if this old man can touch porcelain!

“Little Bunny,I can find your address in just one phone,You hide!Do you drop too much?”
Han Zhili gritted his teeth and looked at Xiang Chen,I want to regain my weapon,No matter how fast your hands are,Han Zhili is really not Xiang Chen’s opponent,His hand just moved,Xiang Chen has already put that thick dictionary elsewhere。
Old and young are chasing in the inn,Sometimes someone who lives in the store bumps into it,I would stop and watch the excitement for a while before leaving。
But if these people know who the old man is chasing young people,I believe they will record some small videos,And post it online。
“Principal Han,Don’t make trouble!”
About a quarter of an hour later,Han Zhili’s physical strength gradually can’t keep up with Xiang Chen’s rhythm,Xiang Chen deliberately slowed down to take care of Han Zhili and was misunderstood by the elderly,It also made Han Zhili’s blood pressure repeatedly record highs。
Seeing Han Zhili’s face abnormally ruddy,Xiangyang is really afraid of unfavorable factors that will affect her inheritance of the inn。
Found a space to stop Han Zhili,Then he gave Yan Xiaoyi a wink,The latter quickly understood Xiang Chen’s intentions,Bring tea。
Han Genji dispelled the spectators watching the excitement,Yao Yao also slapped the 100 yuan he lost in the bet in Mo Mo’s palm。
“What a useless old man!”
Mo Mo said what Yao Yao thought but he dared not say it。
Pocket money,Mo Mo is still a little curious,Who is this old man who can chase Xiang Chen and make Xiang Chen even want to fight back?。
“If there are 10,000 people in China who really study,Then one third of them will definitely be his students,The remaining two thirds,Are probably his admirers。”
Yao Yao briefly analyzed the background of Han Zhili for Mo Mo,Why doesn’t Xiang Chen dare to fight back?Han Zhili’s body is one aspect of worry,What’s more is that no matter how powerful Xiang Chen is, he can’t stop the scholar’s verbal criticism!
After listening to Yao Yao’s introduction,After drinking tea again,Xiang Chen and Han Zhili who started to sit down and talk quietly,Mo Mo curled his lips,Instinctively moved away from the two people in the distance。
After a series of exercises, the old and the young can also sit down,Talk to each other calmly about their thoughts。
“You really didn’t make my girl upset?”

Lu Menglin was silent,He also wanted to hear his father’s evaluation of Zhao Yuanchao。

Lu Youshan frowned slightly,I said after thinking about it:“Lao Zhao,Ability is very strong,Keep things tight,And the heart is too cruel,I’m not surprised that he will have an accident。”
“but,I asked him not to have been planted at this time,At least another three to five years。This time I heard that I was reported to the capital,That’s what happened to the working group。”
I heard what my father said about Zhao Yuanchao,Lu Menglin was surprised。
Because my father predicted too accurately,If it wasn’t for my own birth,Layout in advance for Zhao Yuanchao,Zhao Yuanchao in the last life,The incident happened only five years later。
It seems that although my father is loyal and honest,But not without wisdom,It’s just that I didn’t have a chance to use it in the past.。
“Mr. Lu,Zhao Yuanchao went in,Will it affect us??”Another salesman is more sophisticated,I’ve been thinking about this these days,Finally by the opportunity of drinking,Asked the worries in my heart。
Lu Youshan shook his head firmly,Smiled:“Then i’m going to ask,We are working for the Liufang Mill,Or for Zhao Yuanchao?”
Xiao Li and Lao Zhang answered in unison at the same time:“Of course it’s for the factory。”
“That’s it!Let’s do things steadily,Open up sales for our factory,Sell more cotton yarn,Don’t care about other things。”Lu Youshan said solemnly。
“but,If Zhao Yuanchao is down,,Our business department was also proposed by him,Will there be changes?”Lao Zhang asked carefully again,He thinks that since Lu Youshan is the manager,Maybe you know something you don’t know。
Lu Youshan took a sip of wine,Let the wine flow down the throat into the belly,I just feel a rush of heat rushing to my face,This is the voice:“Will not change!If there is a change,I didn’t want to call your sister-in-law over。”
Lu Menglin heard this,finally understood,Dare to love the father to call his son and wife over,Not here to play,I’m here to help him stabilize his army!
“I don’t know who was behind Zhao Yuanchao,Don’t be the emperor and the courtier。It would be bad if the newly appointed factory director treated us as Zhao Yuanchao’s gang。”Lao Zhang said with lingering fear on his face。
Xiao Li yelled through Jiu Jin:“That’s not。Isn’t the one that didn’t come belong to the old Zhao group,The master capsized,He will be as anxious as an ant on a hot pot,No time to bother us。”
text Chapter One Hundred and Twelve Point pawn
? The one in Xiao Li’s mouth,Huang Yuanshun, the financial manager of the business department who didn’t come。
Huang Yuanshun is a close friend of Zhao Yuanchao,It is said to be a distant cousin of Zhao Yuanchao,In the past, the financial office of the factory,Engage in the business department this time,He was transferred。

Zhou Yanli: To ensure that financial funds are used safely and steadily

Zhou Yanli: To ensure that financial funds are used safely and steadily
On May 22, Sauna Night held the national “Two Sessions Economic Policy” series of salons to challenge China’s economy. Guests included members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Xiao Gang, former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhou Yanli, former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory CommissionLiu Shijin, deputy director of the Economic Commission, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and president of the China Academy of Fiscal Sciences Liu Shangxi.The committee members will interpret today’s freshly released government work report, including economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy and other important standards.Zhou Yan gift certificates, how to supervise the current policy issued by the government is a big problem. If there is so much money, it ca n’t be spent, it ‘s not good, it ‘s wrong, do n’t underestimate the new risks in the future.”This year’s fiscal deficit has increased by 1 trillion compared to last year. At the same time, 1 trillion yuan of special anti-epidemic government bonds have been issued. There is also an increase of more than 2 in the report.5 trillion, plus more than 4 trillion, these are real money.”Zhou Yanli said that direct tax cuts and burden reductions can be merged into enterprises, but special national bonds are distributed directly to cities and counties, and the chain is so long, to ensure that the funds can be safely flattened to the edge of the knife, and not be misappropriated.small.He weighed further, and the pressure on the expected finance is also very large. When there is no money, everyone is anxious to ask for money, how to spend when there is money, how to spend it, so that it will not be repeated construction, and it will be used locally for a short time.Advantages, projects with a long-term development foundation are very important.So what is worrying is how to make good use of funds, we must strengthen financial supervision to ensure that the funds are used properly and accurately.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao Gu Zhijuan Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Zhang Yanjun

Was all the outstanding principal paid for?Qianduan Investor: Received notification but did not receive money

Was all the outstanding principal paid for?Qianduan Investor: Received notification but did not receive money
On April 27, many investors who had participated in the declaration to the sauna, Yewang confirmed that the news received today showed that the declared debts / product rights and interests had passed the review, and Hangzhou Hangshen planned to purchase all the investors who have not paidPay the principal.According to the terms of the contract, Hangzhou Hangshen shall pay the transfer price in one lump sum to the investor’s designated collection account within ten working days from the implementation of the agreement.The Air Force, Hangzhou Hangshen, as the main body of the acquisition, will make a tender offer for investors’ money claims and a package of rights including recovery rights.According to the partial transfer agreement obtained by Sauna and Yewang, Hangzhou Hangshen will acquire all unclaimed creditor’s rights / product rights and their accompanying investments invested by investors on the Qianduan platform at the consideration of 100% of the outstanding principal and the accompanying investmentRevenue, overdue interest, penalty interest, liquidated damages, etc., as well as the corresponding subordinate rights of the creditor ‘s / product equity, including but not limited to: (a) “Qianduan Platform Service Agreement” and other relevant contracts to request payment of paymentGold, index, penalty interest, liquidated damages, loss compensation or product equity, right to income and its ancillary rights; (b) the right to claim expenses for the realization of claims, product equity and its fruits, and the debtor or any third partyThe right to claim damages for damages such as copyrights, damages, etc .; (c) Investors in criminal cases who have received ownership reimbursement due to public security organs and judicial organs for recovering criminal suspects, criminals and other illegal gains, and confiscation of property, etc.,Compensation, compensation and other rights; (d) All civil rights and interests recourse against third parties arising from the introduction of third parties, the provision of sales services and other services (including but not limited to financial services) by investors.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Dawei Zhang Shuxin Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Shihui

Yihuiman phenomenon three major characteristics: buy buy buy, busy, stare at pain

“Yihuiman phenomenon” three major characteristics: buy buy buy, busy, stare at pain

Niu Brothers Niu Brothers produced today, Yi Huiman is about to meet his “fans” again.

This was his second public event as chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission after a study at the Shanghai Stock Exchange from February 20-21.

Although he didn’t show much after taking office, the number of “fans” increased rapidly, and “Yihuiman phenomenon” has already formed.

  The first feature of the “Yihui Man phenomenon” is to buy and buy.

  As the stock market fell significantly in 2018, the people are expecting him to bring the stock market up.

Since he took office, the Shanghai Composite Index has grown by 13%, and the power of buying and buying is very strong.

From a market perspective, this red envelope is still satisfactory.

  It is estimated to be in the investable range, which is the basis for the recent market growth.

The Sino-US trade talks are cautiously optimistic and provide relatively moderate external conditions for “restorative growth.”

  Some people also hope that Yi will release the “market fairies” in full. The Niu brothers believe that this may be a luxury.

Catching monsters, wolves, and mice, Yi Huiman will not be worse than his predecessor!

  The second characteristic of the Yihui Man phenomenon is that it is busy.

  Of course,杭州夜生活网 this is a fact that any “new officer” will face.

Since Yi Huiman took office, he has listened to reports from the chiefs of almost all conference management departments, and arranged the work chain one by one.

Picking the lanterns for night battles is the norm.

  A huge background of his appointment was that the science and technology board should accelerate the establishment and opening of the market.

On January 30, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Implementation Opinions on Establishing a Science and Technology Innovation Board and Pilot Registration System in the Shanghai Stock Exchange”, which called the “accelerated dispatch” of the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

  In the second half of the second week after the Spring Festival holiday, Yi Huiman focused his work on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

I believe that today he will make more image explanations on the issue of science and technology board.

  The third characteristic of the Yihui Man phenomenon is staring at pain points.

  From January 31 to February 1, the CSRC issued four “bombs” in a row: First, it studied and revised the “Standard Regulations for the Calculation of Risk Control Indicators of Securities Companies”, intending to relax the investment in equity constituents of securities companies, and the provision of risk capital for equity securities such as ETFs.Calculate the ratio and reduce capital occupation.

The second is to guide the exchange to improve the mechanism of margin trading and securities lending to meet the needs of investors.

The third is to promote the integration of QFII and RQFII beyond the system, relax access conditions and expand investment scope.

The fourth is to publicly solicit opinions on the “Interim Provisions on the Management of External Access to Securities Trading System Information” to provide external access services for institutional investors to rationalize their needs.

  These four “bombs” obviously meet the needs of long players.

Of course, this is also a “pain point” measure to improve the trading mechanism and solidify the basis of the transaction.

  But you must not think that Yi will be full and only take long measures, and the same should be done when the risk is stopped.

On February 25, the broad market skyrocketed, and the CSRC meeting immediately stated on the issue of funding. “Recent reports on off-site funding have increased recently.

I will pay close attention to it and guide relevant parties to strengthen the supervision of the entire process of the transaction in accordance with the law.

“The statement of the Securities and Futures Commission is indeed quite mild.

When Yi Huiman tackles issues such as illegal funding, you don’t have to.

Where there is a pain point, Yi Huiman will find a way to solve it.

  After the market is closed this afternoon, Yi Huiman will answer questions from reporters.

  Li Chao, Fang Xinghai, and Huang Hongyuan attended together.

Superstar Technology (002444): Risk Mitigation in Overseas Markets and Smart Products Entering Harvest Period

Superstar Technology (002444): Risk Mitigation in Overseas Markets and Smart Products Entering Harvest Period

Core point of view: The company expects to benefit from the improvement of the trading environment in the short term. At the same time, the reorganization of internationalization and branding strategies continue to advance, and the company’s business development momentum will continue.

At the same time, the company’s layout in areas such as smart and laser products has ushered in the harvest period, which is expected to become an effective driver of the company’s continued growth.

Demand for hand tools has grown steadily, and main business operations have continued to be stable.

The company’s traditional hand tools business has benefited from the global economic recovery, and demand has steadily increased, providing a practical basis for the company’s overall performance growth: the company’s performance report for 2018 shows that the report achieved a profit of 59.

3.2 billion, an increase of nearly 39% in one year; net profit attributable to mothers7.

3.9 billion, an increase of 34 every year.


Against the backdrop of a rebound in the growth rate of new home sales in the United States and a rapid rise in consumer confidence, the company’s hand tools-related business will gain stronger continuous growth momentum.

The internationalization and branding strategy continued to advance, and we actively responded to overseas business risks.

The company has successively acquired Arrow and Lista to complete the brand and channel improvement in the US and European markets.

At the same time, the company started construction of a Vietnam production base in 2018, which will effectively resolve overseas trade disputes while reducing product costs and expanding competitive advantages.

At the same time, the transformation of Sino-US trade negotiations has continued to make positive progress. In the short term, the company’s overseas market risks have been significantly reduced, and the market is expected to be repaired.

Intelligent products and laser products have ushered in the harvest period, which will become a strong driving force for the company’s development.

In the past few years, the company has completed the layout of smart products and laser products through extension and endogenous development.

Huada Branch and PRIMTools’ laser measurement equipment is replacing traditional sales channels and is rapidly ramping up.

In terms of smart products, the company ‘s associated company, Guozi Robot, relies on the core motion control system and is making breakthroughs in multiple application areas to achieve continuous high growth in revenue and profit: electric inspection robots 苏州桑拿网 have continued to increase volume since 2013.The robots are quickly put in place in advance. Since then, the foreign “STAR SYSTEM” automatic warehouse logistics system has become the only global supplier of Staples global logistics robots in the United States, and then gradually gained an advantage in the domestic logistics automation market.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent from 2018 to 2020 will be 7, respectively.

39, 9.

34 and 10.

83 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.

69, 0.

87, 0.


01 yuan, corresponding to PE is 18, 14, 12 times.

Maintain a highly recommended level.

Risk warning: short-term fluctuations in overseas markets, the company’s new product expansion is not up to expectations.

China Inspection Group (603060) company follow-up research report: endogenous extension and simultaneous progress towards comprehensive testing leader

China Inspection Group (603060) company follow-up research report: endogenous extension and simultaneous progress towards comprehensive testing leader

We confirm the company’s future prospects from three perspectives: endogenous, extension and industry development: endogenous: construction industry building materials testing leader, high growth rate + strong profitability + good cash flow + light assets company is the largest domestic construction industry building 佛山桑拿网 materials fieldIs a comprehensive third-party inspection agency. The actual controller is China National Building Materials Group, and the controlling shareholder is China National Building Materials Institute.

The company’s complete qualifications and R & D capabilities are important advantages of the company. The company currently has 11 national-level inspection centers and 15 industry-level inspection centers.

From a financial perspective: 1) High growth rate: The company’s revenue and profit growth have increased year by year in the past two years. The 18 years of revenue and profit growth have turned into historical highs, and a high proportion of R & D investment supports the company’s sustainable business development in the future.
2) Strong profitability: Gross profit margin has remained above 45% year-on-year, and net profit margin has been increasing year by year.

3) Good cash: The company’s net operating cash flow has been positive for a long time, and the overall trend has been increasing year by year. The cash-to-cash ratio is also higher than the cash-to-cash ratio of 20 pct.

4) Light assets: The company’s final debt ratio is only 19.

4%, and the specific gravity of the flow resistance is reduced, and the flow ratio is as high as 4.

5. The company’s currency in hand can cover the company’s current debt.

In the company’s current debt, the proportion of advance receipts to current liabilities is more than 60%, mainly due to the advance receipt of the company’s building materials testing business, which has increased the proportion of building materials testing business to protect the company’s future cash flow.

Industry: The third-party inspection is recognized, the industry is booming, and the leading cities have increased their share. It is expected that the inspection industry will be a sunrise industry, and the revenue of the inspection industry will increase by 18 in 18 years.

2%, the annual revenue growth rate of the industry is increasing year by year.

At the same time, third-party testing is gradually being recognized, and independent third-party testing bodies composed of foreign testing agencies and private testing agencies have begun to be recognized and recognized.

In addition, the market commissioned testing has become mainstream, and the government’s mandated business has continued to decline, indicating that the gradual inspection and testing market has further matured, and the government-guided market has further faded.

The 2018 inspection and inspection service industry statistics released by the General Administration of Market Supervision show that the revenue of the inspection industry in 2018 was about 280 billion yuan, and the scale of construction industry and building materials inspection revenue was close to 600 billion yuan (2017 data).Market share is 1.

3%, taking the reform of public institutions to promote the intensive development of existing inspection and testing institutions, the number of institutions above designated size has steadily increased, and the market share of leading enterprises has further increased.

Extension: Cross-regional & cross-sector mergers and acquisitions are expected to benefit from the reorganization of two materials 1) Cross-regional mergers and acquisitions: The company established a subsidiary in Xiong’an New District-Xiong’an Kezhu to serve “Xiongan Construction” and acquired Hainan51% equity (company annual report).

2) Cross-sector M & A: The company acquired a 60% stake in Beijing Aodaqing in 18 years, stepped out of the field of building materials construction engineering inspection and certification, and entered the field of environment and environmental protection inspection (company annual report).

3) Institutional restructuring: The recent company acquisition and capital increase in Zaozhuang Fangyuan (an announcement on capital increase and foreign investment in Zaozhuang Fangyuan Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd.) has opened a new model of foreign mergers and acquisitions. The company’s cross-regional mergers and acquisitions have gradually become comprehensiveTesting faucet.

4) Reorganization of the two materials: The recent progress of the reorganization of the two materials has accelerated. The company announced that Sinoma Group intends to convert eight subsidiaries into company operations through joint ventures, etc., which will facilitate the reorganization of the two materials.

Profit forecast and investment rating The international testing giants SGS, BV and Tianxiang Group have revenues of more than 10 billion yuan. At present, there is still a large gap between the company and the international testing giants. Outward mergers and acquisitions can continue, and the company is expected to move towards integration in the future.Sex testing faucet.
Regardless of the impact of the reorganization and integration of the two materials inspection and testing business, the company is expected to achieve net profit attributable to its mother in 19-21.



3.9 billion.

The company currently corresponds to about 28 times PE in 19 years. The average PE of a major testing company is about 37 times in 19 years. The company is relatively low, and the company’s profitability score is no worse than other testing companies. The industry and company growth are relativelyYes, given the company’s 19-year PE estimate of 33 times, the corresponding reasonable value is 25 yuan / share, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: industry policy adjustments intensify competition, insufficient talents for business expansion, project progress is less than expected, and merger and acquisition integration risks.

Bank of Ningbo (002142) detailed interpretation of the first quarterly report: performance maintained 20% high growth for two years continued growth

Bank of Ningbo (002142) detailed interpretation of the first quarterly report: performance maintained 20% high growth for two years continued growth

Highlights of the quarterly report: 1. The profit after tax maintained a high growth rate of 20%, the revenue achieved a high growth rate of 24% per year on the basis of a low base, and the company maintained high growth and high profitability attributes.

2. The comprehensive profitability increased, and the net interest margin + net non-interest contributed significantly to the company’s performance from 3 points in 2018 to 13 points. Among them, the growth rate of net disposal fees bottomed out significantly, repeatedly + 17%.

In the first three quarters, deposits made a big start, achieving a 16-point increase from the previous quarter.

4. Asset quality remains stable, and the non-performing rate remains low.

78%, the concern analog rose to 0.

64%, the degree of provision for bad coverage fell slightly at a high level, still 521%.

5. The core tier one capital adequacy ratio increased by 22bp to 9 from the previous quarter.

38%, affected by the new accounting standards.

Insufficient quarterly reports: the growth rate of management fees is at a higher position, previously + 22%.

Bank of Ningbo maintains stable and high growth: 1. The profit after tax is maintained at a rate of about 20% (the bank of Ningbo tax-free goods base + local debt accounts for about 25% of interest-earning assets, and profit after tax is more suitable for judgment).

2. Breaking down each business situation, the revenue increased at a high rate on the basis of the low base in the first quarter of last year; the difference between the growth rate of pre-tax profit and PPOP widened, and the provision for accrual was shifted.

1Q18-1Q19 revenue, PPOP, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 2 respectively.


9% / 14.

1% / 14.

3% / 23.

5%, -4.


8% / 13.

7% / 14.

9% / 25%, 19.


6% / 21.

1% / 19.

8% / 20.


1Q19 performance growth growth rate: due to the impact of new accounting standards on net interest rate and non-interest rate in the first quarter, the net profit margin + net non-interest rate will be used to look at the company ‘s profitability in the following quarter.Focusing on improvement, together with less provision, scale expansion has driven high growth in performance; 南京桑拿网 while negative drag on performance has increased significantly, and it is expected that the tax-free assets such as cargo base will be caused by pressure drop (cross-validation with comprehensive profitability improvement).

Specifically: the positive contribution performance factor is scale, interest margin + non-interest, cost, provision.

The negative contributing factor is cholesterol.

Taking a closer look at the changes in the contribution of each factor, the marginal contribution to performance has improved: 1. Net interest margin + non-interest comprehensive profitability improved.

2. The positive contribution of cost has further increased.

3. The provisioning strength has been weakened, and for the first time, it is contributing positively.

The marginal contribution decays: 1. The positive contribution of scale is slightly reduced; 2. The trend turns to negative contribution profit.

Investment suggestion: The company’s 2018, 2019E PB 1.

79X / 1.

54X; PE 10.

8X / 9.

39X (City Commercial Bank PB 1.17X / 1.

11X; PE 10.

14X / 9.

59X). Bank of Ningbo has excellent asset quality and has undergone regular inspections. High profit and high growth continue. The company’s market mechanism is flexible and its consensus is excellent.

Risk reminder: The macro economy is facing downward pressure, and performance management is less than expected.

Honeysuckle is needed to clear heat and detoxify

Honeysuckle is needed to clear heat and detoxify

Honeysuckle, also known as double flower, honeysuckle flower, coriander flower, Erbao flower, is a vine plant that can be potted.

In the spring and summer flowering time, two small white flowers were born from the axils of the leaves. After blooming for a week, the flower color changed from white to yellow, and the white and yellow contrasted with each other. It was pleasing to the eye, its faint fragrance and refreshing, can beautify and green the environment, it is a veryGood ornamental plants.

  At the same time, honeysuckle is a chronic ancient and commonly used medicine. Its original plant is honeysuckle, and its medicinal parts are mainly flower buds and first blooms. Its cane is also medicinal (for honeysuckle vine).

Honeysuckle began to appear in the “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and is classified as top grade. It is cold and sweet, has functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and evacuating wind-heat. It is often used clinically to treat respiratory infections, influenza, tonsillitis, acute mastitis, and lobar pneumonia, Bacterial diseases, crest abscesses, erysipelas, trauma infections and uterine erosions.

Modern research has proven that honeysuckle has a recognized antibacterial effect against streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, pertussis, meningococcus, etc.

According to statistics, honeysuckle is used in one-third of the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions in the country. In 2003, honeysuckle was also used in the prescription of Chinese medicine against SARS.

  Shandong and Henan are the main cultivation areas of honeysuckle.

The honeysuckle produced in Pingyi, Shandong, Fei County is called “Dongyinhua”, the dense county in Henan, Gong County, and Rongyang is called “Dense Silver Flower”.

“Dense Silver Flower” is of high quality and is well-known both at home and abroad.

  There are many prescriptions that contain honeysuckle. Here are some simple and effective small prescriptions and usages that can be used in daily life for your reference.

  Making tea: 1.

Honeysuckle tea: 20 grams of honeysuckle, Jianshui instead of tea or tea, to treat sore throat and prevent upper respiratory infections.


Three flower tea: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum 10 grams each, jasmine 3 grams, add boiling water to make tea.

Can clear heat and detoxify, treat headache, thirst, sore throat.

This tea decoction, external washing, also treats dermatitis.


Three-flower sea tea: 4 grams of chrysanthemum, 3 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of camellia, 3 capsules of fat sea, 10 grams of rock sugar, brewed in boiling water for 5 minutes, drink, 1 dose a day, even drink for 3 days, can clear heat and detoxify, and relieve throatSoothes throat, treats influenza, dry throat and pain.


Honeysuckle rhubarb tea: 10 grams of honeysuckle and 3 grams of rhubarb, combined with tea, and flavored with an appropriate amount of honey, has the effect of clearing heat and purging water, moisturizing intestines and laxative, and is used to treat habitual constipation.


Honeysuckle mint tea: honeysuckle and mint 10 grams each, brew with boiling water, cover with stuffy 15 minutes, add an appropriate amount of honey and drink.

In summer, it is used for clearing heat and clearing heat and clearing cripples.


Golden licorice tea: 15 grams of honeysuckle, 3 grams of raw licorice, blended with boiling water tea, used in summer to prevent heatstroke, reduce heat and quench thirst.

This tea decoction gargle can also treat sore throat and oral ulcers.


Honeysuckle drink: Honeysuckle, hawthorn in the right amount, brew with boiling water, substitute tea.

For appetizers, digestion.

  Decoction (decoction): 1.

Treatment of hot and toxic bloated wounds: 20 grams of honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, dandelion, safflower, 15 grams each of purple sunflower seeds. After decoction, add appropriate amount of wine and mix with medicine residue to apply to the affected area.

(Five flavor disinfection drink from “Yizong Jinjian”) 2.

Prevention of meningoencephalitis, Japanese encephalitis: Honeysuckle, Forsythia, Daqingye, Reed Root, Licorice 9g each, decoction, 1 dose daily, 3 servings?
5 days.


Treatment of mumps: honeysuckle, dandelion 25 grams each, licorice 15 grams, 1 dose daily, decoction.


Urinary tract infections: 15 grams of honeysuckle, plantain, echinacea, and 30 grams of motherwort, 1 dose daily, decoction.

  5, cure heat and diarrhea: honeysuckle 20 grams, roasted ground, sugar or honey.

Large leaf pneumonia: 100 grams of honeysuckle, 50 grams of forsythia, 50 grams of habitat, 30 grams each of Ophiopogon, Asparagus and Scrophulariae, 1 dose daily, decoction, 3?
5 days is a course of treatment.


Treatment of acute bacillary dysentery: 300 grams of honeysuckle, 90 grams of Coptis chinensis and 90 grams of Cotinus coggygria, decoction with water, take 1000 ml of medicine solution, take 30 ml each time, 4 times daily.

  Medicated Diet: 1.

Honeysuckle lotus seed soup: Honeysuckle 30 grams, lotus seed (without core) 50 grams.

Boil the honeysuckle and remove the residue to cook the lotus seeds.

Add some rock sugar when eating.

Can clear heat and detoxify, spleen and relieve diarrhea.

Any diarrhea, dysentery caused by heat and internal disturbances in the large intestine, irritated and severely mixed with fever, burning nose, and upset, can be eaten.


Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle, honey, 30 grams each.

Honeysuckle with decoction, slag removal, and honey-made beverages have a good effect on preventing flu and treating lung cough.


Double flower drink: silver flower, chrysanthemum, hawthorn each 50 grams, honey 500 grams.

Fry honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and hawthorn into a thick sauce and add honey.

It is not only a refreshing drink in summer, but also a health drink for the symptoms of body heat, thirst, dizziness, sore throat, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, and suppurative infection.


Silver flower dandelion porridge: honeysuckle 30 g, dandelion 60 g, previous rice 100 g.

Boil honeysuckle and dandelion in water, remove the dregs and extract the juice.

Suffering from acute mastitis.


Red honeysuckle eggs: 1 egg, beat into a bowl.

Add 15ml of honeysuckle, add 200ml of water, boil for 5 minutes, remove the residue and extract the juice.

Very convenient to take at the beginning of wind-heat cough.

  Others: Detoxification: take appropriate amount of honeysuckle stems, leaves and flowers, wash them with cold water, chew them down, and detoxify mushrooms and mercury.

  Honeysuckle is not for everyone and can be used every day.

Honeysuckle is cold in nature, not suitable for long-term continuous, only suitable for temporary temporary in hot summer.

In particular, it is necessary to remind that those with weak spleen and stomach or weak qi and women with menstrual interference cannot place them.

  There is such a story about honeysuckle in folk.

  Once upon a time, there was a village with a kind couple in the village.

This couple has a pair of beautiful twin daughters, one is called Jinhua and the other is Yinhua.

The two sisters not only look exactly the same, but also have a deep affection for each other.

Both parents and folks love and love this beautiful, kind and diligent sister.

  The sisters are 16 years old.

Suddenly, one day, Jinhua became ill and became feverish and erythematous. When she lay down on the bed, she couldn’t get up.

Mom and dad invited the doctor to see Jinhua.

When Jinhua got the fever poison, and there was no cure for this disease since ancient times, she had to wait for death. Yinhua kept her sister all day and cried to death.

Jinhua keeps Yinhua away from herself to prevent infection, but Yinhua accompanies her sister with the vow of “living in bed, dying with burial”.
Within a few days, Jinhua’s disease became more severe, and Yinhua was bedridden.
The sisters said to their parents, “After we die, we must turn into herbs that treat this feverish disease. People who have this disease cannot wait to die like us!

“The sisters really died together.

The folks helped their parents bury them in the same grave.

  The following spring, Baicao sprouts.

The sisters’ graves did not grow any grass and gave birth to a small vine.

Three years later, this little vine grew very lush.

When it blooms in summer, it turns white and yellow, and yellow and white are the same.

People are very surprised. When thinking of the death of the two sisters Jinhua and Yinhua, they took flowers and used them to treat fever, and it worked.

  Since then, people have called this kind of vine “honeysuckle”.

Strong Yoga Dirty Yoga Pose

Strong Yoga Dirty Yoga Pose

Shiquan Dabu posture is fully extended to the hip muscles, and the ends are stronger and more powerful.

The ligaments of the limbs are fully stretched and elastic.

The stomach and stomach are under contractive pressure, especially the pancreas, kidneys and liver are nourished and the heart is strongly massaged.

  Sit on the ground, hold your right foot with your left hand, and put your right hand behind your body.

  Slowly press your body to the right and press it down to the maximum. Look at the ceiling with your eyes and hold your left foot with your right hand for 610 seconds.

  Restoring sitting on the ground, legs close together, chest up, hands raised back, holding hands for 6-10 seconds.

  Lift up slowly from the side of the body, hold your ears and try your best to inhale.

  When exhaling, the upper body slowly bends to its maximum, the head touches the tilt, reaches forward to the toes, grasps both feet, and holds for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

  Lift your head slowly during inhalation, hold both toes with both hands to keep the back fracture and chest upright, and head up to the ceiling, keep this posture 10?
20 seconds.

  Efficacy: The muscles of the Shiquan Dabu posture are fully contracted, and the back is stronger and more powerful.

The ligaments of the limbs are fully stretched and elastic.
The stomach and stomach are under contractive pressure, especially the pancreas, kidneys and liver are nourished and the heart is strongly massaged.

As the distance between the upper and lower body is shortened, the blood also nourishes the reproductive system and stimulates the uterus, ovaries, and prostate.

When the head is implanted in the body, it soothes our nerves, as if the oxide is attached to the uterus, and it has a gentle feeling of being cared for.

This action is like dressing with Chinese medicine Shiquan Da Bu Wan, which nourish and repair the whole body, is an excellent yoga posture.