Li Hui has been a sudden scene,It’s also a glimpse.。

“Laugh,Sleep well,Woke up, just fine.。”
Li Xiangqi wants to unlock the slang of the wrapped around him.。
But I found the tightness of the other party.,If it is too hard, I am afraid to hurt the little girl’s self。
“I do not,Lee brother,I like you,I really really like you.。”
Even if you drink wine, Yang Xiao smile,When I said this, I still feel a red ear.。
Li Hui Feng feels the breath of the ears.,The heart is also a sigh。
“Laugh,You are young,There are many things that you still don’t understand.。”
“You are not bigger than me.,I understand everything.。”
Said that her beautiful red lips took the initiative to get Li Hui’s lips.。
But Li Hui is the instinct to avoid it.。
“Laugh,Like is not love,You may really belong to it now.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also gently put the slammed slammed arm on him.。
Yang Xiao smiled and heard that Li Hui Fenghua is also a glimpse.,Then, the eyes are full of water.。
“I have no impulsive,I was serious。”
“it is good,Then we agree,Don’t think about me now?,Things with me,First use academics,Waiting for your university graduated,At that time, you decided today that this thing is??”
“Besides,I actually have a girlfriend.,And more than one。”
Li Hui said that this is also a long loose gas.。
After all, some things can’t always conceal.。
But what did him didn’t expect that Yang Xiao smiled and was not angry.,But the tears in my eyes flash。
“I know,I have always known,But I also made this decision made after a long time.。”
“Forehead,Laugh,Some things will only regret after the impulse,I don’t want you to regret you??”
Li Hui Feng is from the heart.,He feels that a girl in each other has experienced those things.,Then there is a foreign abroad,These lonely situations have led to the other party’s favorite,Attachment to him。
“Lee brother,I do not regret。”
Say,Yang Xiao smiled again.。
Li Hui Feng faces Yang Xia laughing and awkward movements,I am also sigh in my heart.。
“Laugh,Waiting for you to wake up, say this again.,This situation is not responsible for you.,At the same time, you are not responsible for you.。”
Say this,Li Hui has directly pushed the other party directly,Let the other party rest,Then I ran directly.。
Yang Xiao smiled and wanted to reside。
But in the end, she still did not shout exit.。
Li Hui Hui, who walked out of the door,It is also a snoring。
Guan Yun is suddenly coming back from outside。
See Guan Yun,Li Hui is a bit wonderful asked:“Guan Da Ge, where is this??”
“Well, your child is very fast.,It’s so fast.?
I thought you would be overnight there tonight.!”
“Forehead,Guan big brother you think more,I just give her a glass of water.。”
Li Huihe heard the words of Guan Yun,I know that the other party misunderstood。
For Yang Xiao Xiao,He feels good to explain it.。

Not waiting for Wang You to speak,The second king Youdao coldly snorted:“Everyone knows that our old Wang family has a family background,Don’t get cheap and sell well”

For this reason,Wang Youcai finally figured it out。It turns out that his two brothers thought so in their hearts。I thought this happened once,It’s over,I didn’t expect the two brothers to still remember this,This makes Wang Youcai very angry。
“mom!You hear it now,How much did you give me?Speak clearly in front of them today,Otherwise I would really be wronged by them”Wang Youcai looked at his mother Chen Yueqin for help。
Chen Yueqin shook her head and said:“How can you two think like this??If the family is really rich,Will share it with everyone,You are all our children,I told your dad nothing to let you have the fortune alone”
“Don’t pretend here,There is no truth at this point。Relying on his wealth,Can make so much money?Which building in the city is also paid by the family?!”Wang Youfa gets more and more ridiculous。Forcing Chen Yueqin to cry。
Because of this kind of vain thing,It’s really difficult to say it clearly。Wang Youfa saw that Chen Yueqin stopped talking,Thought he was right,He started talking nonsense even more。
Wang Youdao on the side will add two sentences from time to time,Like adding fuel to the fire。
There is a quarrel here,Song Fang is like an outsider standing outside。Although Yao Chunni in the house is very anxious,But he couldn’t get in a word。
But everyone ignored one person,That is Wang Degui who has not spoken。Because some sons treated him as a patient,So no one cares how he feels。
suddenly,With the sound of an ashtray hitting the ground。Wang Degui slowly moved his body from the Kang,Got off the kang,Still standing on the ground。
This scene,Let everyone in the house open their eyes。A patient returning in a wheelchair,How can you stand on the ground,Is there hallucination in everyone’s eyes??
Yao Chunni reacted a little faster,She quickly took Wang Degui’s cloth shoes,Then after Wang Degui put his foot in,Helped him sit on the chair again。
“Noisy!Noisy!You have the right to be me dead”Wang Degui gritted his teeth,Coldly scolded。His appearance is indescribably terrifying。
Wang Youdao was the first to lower his head,He dare not say a word。I saw the second one,The old man Youfa also quickly turned his head to the side,He dare not look directly at his father Wang Degui。
But Wang Youcai has a clear conscience。He knew since yesterday that Dad was a bit pretending to be lying in the hospital bed,It’s just that he is embarrassed to click it。Now he finally understands,It turns out that dad did this,I just want to watch the two brothers perform。

To know,Zhang Chong shows this talent,It was shown long before Nirvana,There were news reports when I was over four years old。Say there is a child‘Worm God Reincarnation’,Many butterflies, bees and ants like to play with this kid。

And Li Ming’s investigation5Ancient Civilization Remains,When passing through the base city of Cloud City,I specifically probed this young man。
The result surprised him,The talent of this boy is very special,Very suitable for taming animals。Although in1Look at the information recorded in the light brain,The method of taming beasts is relatively partial in the universe,It’s better to control the mind-power weapon‘controller’And specializing in soul‘Illusionist’。But there are special circumstances on earth,The earth is full of monsters suitable for tame。
My current strength is only the pinnacle warrior of elementary warriors,Spiritual teacher,But Zhang Chong can already command the beast(ELevel toCMonster)Class bug monster。
Personal force is only the middle and low end of warriors,But in fact, Zhang Chong always carries a small army of insect monsters.。
About the size of a human fist,Flap the wings extremely fastHMonster‘Thorn wasp’Fifteen。
Have adult arm length,Can’t fly but has sharp mouthparts,Solid carapaceFMonster‘Iron Ant’Twenty one。
One meter tall at both ends,With a pair of big swordsEMonster‘Flying Man with Iron Sword’。
There is also a body that is three meters long,Head shell is lavender,Has thousands of pairs of sharp limbs,Extremely toxicCMonster‘Titan Giant Centipede’。
Of course these monsters are usually acquainted with Zhang Chong,Very harmonious。It’s not that any worm monster Zhang Chong can instigate,At best he will not attack him actively。But even so,This little army of insect monsters,It can crush almost all warriors below the god of war,Or a spiritual teacher below the high general level。
After mentioning Zhang Chong’s spiritual power and martial arts practice,Li Ming let him practice。After all, Zhang Chong is still in the early stages of cultivation,Rapid progress。Don’t look at the strength of these monsters,Maybe it will have no effect on Zhang Chong after one or two years。
Of course the stronger Zhang Chong,Naturally, we can also find a way to conquer stronger insect monsters。
“Say,My big disciple is going to become the Pokemon King of the insect system.。”Li Ming thought of a chronological stalk,Then lay down on my own bed and fell asleep deeply。

General Hui Lei who broke through two steps,The realm is comparable to the colorless Daojun,The overall strength reaches the level of the threshold of the three-step road,In addition, Li Ming’s many clones have joined forces to assist,Can also match the colorless Daojun。

The two sides fought several times,But it’s on par,It can only be said that the five-color Taoist has the upper hand。
But no one knows,In battle after battle,Because of being often killed,Li Ming attaches great importance to defense,It often centers on Liangyi formation,Many clones form a formation against the enemy。
at last,Li Ming played against the colorless Taoist for the seventeenth time,Take a complete step,Enlighten the Liangyi Formation。Realized the third strongest way。
Logically,Even if he realizes the strongest way,The increase in strength will not be exaggerated。
after all,He realized the strongest way。One more liangyi formation,At most, it makes up for the shortcomings in defense。
But did not expect,The Liangyi Formation Dao seems to play a role as a link between the three strongest paths he has understood.。
Chaos and Liangyi,Is in a state of differentiation and evolution。
A combination of both,It’s a matter of course。
Daoshengyi,Life two!
Attack the crushed chaotic array,Two Arrays of Defense,The combination of the two has produced a qualitative change,It also made Li Ming’s strength soar!
Any of his clones,The strength is comparable to the peak of the second trail king。
There are nearly a hundred avatars that are comparable to the peak of the second footpath.,Combine and perform tricks,Even more united back to Lord Lei Dao,Finally killed the colorless Daojun。
With the death of the colorless Daojun,The war between the two sides has entered the final stage!
First2chapter Leave the wilderness
In the final stage,The top combat power of both sides broke out completely。
The relationship between the two sects,Also changed from hostility to immortality!
Desolate God Taoist took the lead in sneak attack,Easily killed Li Ming’s one hundred clones,Kill the second soul of Daojun Hui Lei fighting outside,More shots to hunt down Elder Fu。

“Your Royal Highness Huanhai is in trouble now!”The elderly Fu Wang opened his eyes,Said slowly。

King Ning’s eyes are gloomy,Staring at Wu Hao’s figure,The spiteful color in the eyes couldn’t be more obvious。
He has made up his mind,Wait for the game to end,Send someone to take Wu Hao the first time,Must take this artifact。
Wu Hao and Ningwang Mansion Have Enmity,Who dares to stop King Ning from showing off,Who is the life and death enemy of Prince Ning’s Mansion?!King Ning has made up his mind,No matter what the price,Must take this artifact。
not far away,Six Prince Mi Li squinted,Think about it,Commanded to the left and right:“Go and call in the wind。and also,Take my token,Transfer all the elites in the house,Ready to fight with King Ning’s Mansion。”
Princess Huanhai looked at the heroic Wuhao in front of him,The expression on his face is a little complicated。
Wu Hao has this superb white tiger tooth necklace,Has become a shadow over the head of the mage profession,There are such equipment that restrains the legal profession in the world,This is for the entire Fashen City,It’s quite bad news。
Well known,The power of the mage profession,Lies in the powerful magical lethality,And group attack range,Especially for the dark race,Has unparalleled lethality,But in the internal struggle of the gods,The mage profession has natural disadvantages,Neither as flexible as the Taoist profession,Can be suitable for various harsh environments,Not as rough and thick as the warrior profession,A steel body。
As long as you get close by a fighter of the same rank,The mage profession has extremely poor heads-up ability,With magic shield,Can still carry it a few times,If there is no magical position with magic shield,Only for the slaughter。
right now,The appearance of this superb tiger tooth necklace on Wu Hao,For the survival status of the mage profession,It’s just worse,How can Princess Huanhai not worry?!
Just like now,Her magic,For Wu Hao in front of you,Mostly failed,There are only a few specialized magic attacks left,Maybe it will work。
“Mr. Wu,This superb necklace on you,Can you sell it to me?”Princess Huanhai blurted out。
This remark,Her pretty face is reddish,Immediately realized that I was abrupt。
Equipment with such powerful attributes,Who would sell it easily?What’s more, the two are in a battle here,Unless Wu Hao’s head is broken,To do stupid things!
“Sell off?Do not,Do not,I certainly don’t sell!”Lu Menglin smiled。

To know,Deal with this thing,Except that the trader must have extremely meticulous logical thinking ability,It also needs a lot of experience and experience to back up,No one can be invincible as soon as they come up。

Even for Qiao Tianyu,He also experienced countless defeats in his youth in the last life,Only achieved today’s achievement step by step,Rome was never built in a day。
In Qiao Tianyu’s memory,The real maturity of Andrei in the last life was also twenty years later,And before that,Qiao Tianyu kept Andre by his side,Careful Professor,This is how Andre will soar into the sky in the future。
“OK OK,Andre,Yamaki Kobayashi is really no ordinary person,Even I’m not sure to beat him,It’s not shameful to lose in his hands!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and comforted Andre and said。
“Boss,You speak,What do we need to do next,I don’t believe him. Yamaki Kobayashi has three heads and six arms.,I will seek revenge from him sooner or later!”Andre said fiercely。
“it is good!it is good!Ambitious!”Qiao Tianyu nodded very pleasedly,“As for the next plan,I have to help everyone here。”
“we?”Andre was a little dumbfounded,“Boss,Haven’t all my plans failed??How can we help?”
“That’s right,Brother Joe,Can we still help?”Palizovsky and Prince Shahid asked inexplicably。
“Of course,Although now you know that you have failed,But Yamaki Kobayashi was still kept in the dark,He thought you had been pushing the whole plan confidently,So let’s make use of this!”
“To treat his body in his own way,Boss,do you mean this?”Andre’s head turned fast enough,I immediately understood the spirit of Qiao Tianyu。
“Hahaha,Know me,Andre also!Hahaha.”Qiao Tianyu patted Andre on the shoulder with relief,It’s really teachable!
“Brother Joe,I still haven’t figured it out,What do you need our help??”Palizovsky scratched his head slightly,Obviously did not keep up with Qiao Tianyu’s ideas。
Of course Qiao Tianyu dare not expect everyone to have Andre’s over180IQ,To take care of most people’s IQ problems,Qiao Tianyu straightforwardly arranged tasks for everyone。
“such,We all do this.”
First0401chapter Blue Fox Light
Just came out from the entrance of Hilton Six-Star Hotel,Then a stray wind came,Qiao Tianyu couldn’t help but shudder—-It’s going to change again!
In order to avoid the baptism of rain,Qiao Tianyu hurried to the parking lot with Michelle。
But the moment the two are about to step on the door,An extremely bright lightning struck the night sky,Draw a zigzag dragon pattern in the dark sky。

“Don’t step on that finger,What I need is a complete human bone specimen。”

Xiang Chen said lightly。
Han Genji subconsciously looked down at the two fingers that he almost stepped on.,There was also a chill in my heart。
Retreat quietly,Based on Han Genji’s personal guess,At this moment, Xiang Chen should be less interested in the data in his hands。
&; He Hongyuan made a whining sound in his mouth,The eyes are also looking at Xiang Chen urgently。
“Do you have any comments?”
Xiang Chen pulled out the mouse stuffed in He Hongyuan’s mouth,Asked with disgust。
“Are you the devil?”
He Hongyuan stares at Xiang Chen,There is only a sorrowful smile on my face。
“wrong answer!”
Talking,Xiang Chen actually picked up the keyboard,Suck He Hongyuan’s mouth inside。
It took He Hongyuan a lot of effort to stop Xiang Chen,Looking at Xiang Chen deeply,Then slowly said:“I served,what do you wish to ask,Speak!I will tell you what I know!”
He Hongyuan, who has no way to control the expression on his face, looked at Xiang Chen,most of the time,The principle of the regular army is not clear to Ye Luzi。
Facing the threat of Xiang Chen,He Hongyuan completely convinced,Otherwise, I might really be killed by this guy。

Smoothly catch the book that Han Zhili threw to me,And put it aside carefully,God knows if this old man can touch porcelain!

“Little Bunny,I can find your address in just one phone,You hide!Do you drop too much?”
Han Zhili gritted his teeth and looked at Xiang Chen,I want to regain my weapon,No matter how fast your hands are,Han Zhili is really not Xiang Chen’s opponent,His hand just moved,Xiang Chen has already put that thick dictionary elsewhere。
Old and young are chasing in the inn,Sometimes someone who lives in the store bumps into it,I would stop and watch the excitement for a while before leaving。
But if these people know who the old man is chasing young people,I believe they will record some small videos,And post it online。
“Principal Han,Don’t make trouble!”
About a quarter of an hour later,Han Zhili’s physical strength gradually can’t keep up with Xiang Chen’s rhythm,Xiang Chen deliberately slowed down to take care of Han Zhili and was misunderstood by the elderly,It also made Han Zhili’s blood pressure repeatedly record highs。
Seeing Han Zhili’s face abnormally ruddy,Xiangyang is really afraid of unfavorable factors that will affect her inheritance of the inn。
Found a space to stop Han Zhili,Then he gave Yan Xiaoyi a wink,The latter quickly understood Xiang Chen’s intentions,Bring tea。
Han Genji dispelled the spectators watching the excitement,Yao Yao also slapped the 100 yuan he lost in the bet in Mo Mo’s palm。
“What a useless old man!”
Mo Mo said what Yao Yao thought but he dared not say it。
Pocket money,Mo Mo is still a little curious,Who is this old man who can chase Xiang Chen and make Xiang Chen even want to fight back?。
“If there are 10,000 people in China who really study,Then one third of them will definitely be his students,The remaining two thirds,Are probably his admirers。”
Yao Yao briefly analyzed the background of Han Zhili for Mo Mo,Why doesn’t Xiang Chen dare to fight back?Han Zhili’s body is one aspect of worry,What’s more is that no matter how powerful Xiang Chen is, he can’t stop the scholar’s verbal criticism!
After listening to Yao Yao’s introduction,After drinking tea again,Xiang Chen and Han Zhili who started to sit down and talk quietly,Mo Mo curled his lips,Instinctively moved away from the two people in the distance。
After a series of exercises, the old and the young can also sit down,Talk to each other calmly about their thoughts。
“You really didn’t make my girl upset?”

Lu Menglin was silent,He also wanted to hear his father’s evaluation of Zhao Yuanchao。

Lu Youshan frowned slightly,I said after thinking about it:“Lao Zhao,Ability is very strong,Keep things tight,And the heart is too cruel,I’m not surprised that he will have an accident。”
“but,I asked him not to have been planted at this time,At least another three to five years。This time I heard that I was reported to the capital,That’s what happened to the working group。”
I heard what my father said about Zhao Yuanchao,Lu Menglin was surprised。
Because my father predicted too accurately,If it wasn’t for my own birth,Layout in advance for Zhao Yuanchao,Zhao Yuanchao in the last life,The incident happened only five years later。
It seems that although my father is loyal and honest,But not without wisdom,It’s just that I didn’t have a chance to use it in the past.。
“Mr. Lu,Zhao Yuanchao went in,Will it affect us??”Another salesman is more sophisticated,I’ve been thinking about this these days,Finally by the opportunity of drinking,Asked the worries in my heart。
Lu Youshan shook his head firmly,Smiled:“Then i’m going to ask,We are working for the Liufang Mill,Or for Zhao Yuanchao?”
Xiao Li and Lao Zhang answered in unison at the same time:“Of course it’s for the factory。”
“That’s it!Let’s do things steadily,Open up sales for our factory,Sell more cotton yarn,Don’t care about other things。”Lu Youshan said solemnly。
“but,If Zhao Yuanchao is down,,Our business department was also proposed by him,Will there be changes?”Lao Zhang asked carefully again,He thinks that since Lu Youshan is the manager,Maybe you know something you don’t know。
Lu Youshan took a sip of wine,Let the wine flow down the throat into the belly,I just feel a rush of heat rushing to my face,This is the voice:“Will not change!If there is a change,I didn’t want to call your sister-in-law over。”
Lu Menglin heard this,finally understood,Dare to love the father to call his son and wife over,Not here to play,I’m here to help him stabilize his army!
“I don’t know who was behind Zhao Yuanchao,Don’t be the emperor and the courtier。It would be bad if the newly appointed factory director treated us as Zhao Yuanchao’s gang。”Lao Zhang said with lingering fear on his face。
Xiao Li yelled through Jiu Jin:“That’s not。Isn’t the one that didn’t come belong to the old Zhao group,The master capsized,He will be as anxious as an ant on a hot pot,No time to bother us。”
text Chapter One Hundred and Twelve Point pawn
? The one in Xiao Li’s mouth,Huang Yuanshun, the financial manager of the business department who didn’t come。
Huang Yuanshun is a close friend of Zhao Yuanchao,It is said to be a distant cousin of Zhao Yuanchao,In the past, the financial office of the factory,Engage in the business department this time,He was transferred。

Zhou Yanli: To ensure that financial funds are used safely and steadily

Zhou Yanli: To ensure that financial funds are used safely and steadily
On May 22, Sauna Night held the national “Two Sessions Economic Policy” series of salons to challenge China’s economy. Guests included members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Xiao Gang, former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhou Yanli, former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory CommissionLiu Shijin, deputy director of the Economic Commission, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and president of the China Academy of Fiscal Sciences Liu Shangxi.The committee members will interpret today’s freshly released government work report, including economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy and other important standards.Zhou Yan gift certificates, how to supervise the current policy issued by the government is a big problem. If there is so much money, it ca n’t be spent, it ‘s not good, it ‘s wrong, do n’t underestimate the new risks in the future.”This year’s fiscal deficit has increased by 1 trillion compared to last year. At the same time, 1 trillion yuan of special anti-epidemic government bonds have been issued. There is also an increase of more than 2 in the report.5 trillion, plus more than 4 trillion, these are real money.”Zhou Yanli said that direct tax cuts and burden reductions can be merged into enterprises, but special national bonds are distributed directly to cities and counties, and the chain is so long, to ensure that the funds can be safely flattened to the edge of the knife, and not be misappropriated.small.He weighed further, and the pressure on the expected finance is also very large. When there is no money, everyone is anxious to ask for money, how to spend when there is money, how to spend it, so that it will not be repeated construction, and it will be used locally for a short time.Advantages, projects with a long-term development foundation are very important.So what is worrying is how to make good use of funds, we must strengthen financial supervision to ensure that the funds are used properly and accurately.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao Gu Zhijuan Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Zhang Yanjun