Chu Deirers are also speechless,What about this,It seems that I have grabbed their Lingbi Palace.?
“Confused!can not tell,I am doing help you find a top beam post??Dodge a decade,I do this again, this is the land.!”Seat of a nursery rhyme,It’s really good,Actually explained a sentence。
“Teacher,I am still here.。”Chu Debans said that there is no expression。
You have to cross the river,Also carrying someone me??
When there is something,Lingbi Palace is my home,Nothing……“Are you a Lingbi Palace is your home?”?
“so what?Actually, it is not a responsibility.,But you want them to call you.‘Owner’?”Triants curiously ask。
Suddenly, Chu Deirers harvest a few days and ridicule。
“Do not,If the teacher is just worried about the security of the palace,In fact, I still have an idea.!I believe that the teacher is also known.,If the door is open today,Less than a year,There are two masters of the Tianmenmen.,In the future, the rivers and lakes are in place or have a large change,Teacher taking the liberty,I want to pick my head to set up a righteousness……”
The direction of the laughter comes,However, the four swords and others are innocent and looked at themselves.。
“We can set up a righteousness,Lingbi Palace can be one of the founders,At the time of alliances, the big truth is watching each other.,Both self-insurance,Also in the safe、Harmonious martial arts!”Chu Deirers are very powerful prospects。
“Zhengxia Mengyi?In addition to Lingbi Palace……There are also 36 holes、Those waste of seventy-two islands,Is there anyone else??”Nursery 不。
“Teacher is only this idea,But believe in the people of the teacher,At least the moon, god, and the floral hall,Should not refuse……Including those martial arts that are attached to the day and moon,Also antichel。Oh,correct,There is also the Murong Shi in Jiangnan that is likely to join.。”Chu Deirers are very confident.。
Does Murong Shi join,I want to see what Murongjiu is preparing to flicker God.。
As for the atriots,Temples are afraid to see。
Triary rhymes have a little quirky,Chu Deirers still think is not enough,So supplemented a sentence:“This time, the Emei is a harmonious situation.,Ming education is probably difficult to cope,If we can use to help,I believe that Mingjiao will also join!”
kindness,Don’t say something really,Listen to these names,A shaft is rushing。
“Then you have to be the respect of the Lingbi Palace.!Otherwise, I will send it now that the cat is three or two.,What is the use?What is the alliance of the righteousness,If there is no hand,Can they take gas??”The nursery rhymes agrees that the Chu Deirers’,But there is another plan。
“Neither,Teacher,He Die can do alliance,The teacher is planning to go to Wudang, ask Zhang Zhen people to host the situation.。”Chu Deiren said quickly。
“you……And Zhang Zhen people mentioned?”Trifami Rong Lift Zhang Zhen,Still very polite,After all, theory,When Zhang Zhen people became famous,She just born,When Zhang Zhen is defeated,,She will be introduced soon.。
“That is not yet,The teacher wants to coordinate all sent,A general shelf,Please ask Zhang Zhen people。”Chu Deirers are still very reliable,No, eight words, no one,Let people make white workers。
Triany shake:“I think……Zhang Zhen people should not agree。”
And not to say that Zhang Zhen is older,I didn’t want to involve this kind of thing.,and……Take these people you are looking for!
Chu Deiren heard,I also think of this possible,Some are somewhat hard in your heart.。
If Zhang Zhen does not want to go out,That’s a righteousness,I am afraid to build it all.、Or don’t be built。
After all, you can teach in the sun and moon.、Transfusion、Ming teacher、Murong Shijia, etc.,Call a sound“Degrees”,And it will not be too suspicious of seniors.,In addition to Zhang Zhen people,Chu Deirers also can’t think of the second person!
Zhang Zhen people do not do alliance,Who can anyone who can take advantage of??Just to teach the master and invite the moon,He can’t stand!
Although the main sister and yourself are a brother,Inviting the moon and secretly secretly,But the Chu Deirers feel that they have their character,Will not be too moved,Not don’t say, even if you are teaching、Murongjiu,Even if you don’t play,Also still uncomfortable。
See the Chu Deirent,The nursery rhymes are forcibly to jump up and play his head.,Remind:“No, there is you??”
“Neither,Where did I do the alliance?,I can only handle my own things.。”Chu Deiren shook his head,After all, it is so big.,He didn’t even have a small group.。
“When all the allies don’t need you to do?,Everyone can take advantage of you.!”Try rim is very experienced。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,seem……Nothing?It is not darent,At least everyone will not be too uncomfortable.?
And the alliance organized by the rivers and lakes,Not the alliance of the 18th road princes——Not see,In the original, Zhang Wuji did Mingjiao、Righteous spirit leader,Yuan Chengzhi did the seven provinces of martial arts……Can also not delay them everywhere。
Tany rhyme is the largest“Lambus”Hand a look,Although I am not willing,But since the nursery rhymes have been said,So……
“Meet the honor!”
Yu Po is a head,The leader of the other departments,Also worshiped:“Meet the honor……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“All right at home!”

“Okay,The water in the village has run out,It’s muddy everywhere。Uncle Xia and Auntie have not slept,Don’t worry about them,Hurry to the next door to change your clothes”Zhao Hong said,He handed the clean pants and shoes to Xia Jian’s hands。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Where to go next door most of the night,Convert it right here,I won’t peek anyway”
Since other girls have said that,Xia Jian didn’t feel embarrassed,But when he opened the folded pants,I found that the careful Zhao Hong put a pair of panties inside for him。Not to mention,It’s really uncomfortable to wear this thing wet。
Xia Jian put on his pants and walked into the house next to him in the dark,Fortunately, the door is not locked。When Xia Jian comes out after getting dressed,Found that Zhao Hong and Ma Yan in the office were asleep on the table。
The burning candle is about to burn out,Make a flapping sound。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,It’s more than three in the middle of the night。Only the roaring Xichuan River outside the window,Besides,The whole Xiping Village is quiet。It seems everyone is tired from tossing。
Take a look at the sky full of Minxing,Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。It seems that God is just like people,This temper is good and bad。He thought about these questions,Down on the sofa,Fell asleep without knowing it。
A voice of speaking,Wake up Xia Jian。He opened his eyes and took a look,Zhao Hongzheng and Chen Erniu are discussing what。Ma Yan on the side is gone。
“wake up!Get up quickly,Let’s go see by the river”Zhao Hong said,Gave a long yawn。
Chen Erniu, who put on clean clothes, looks refreshed。He laughed and said:“I thought we would never see you again,Don’t you know,How high was the head of the river when Xichuan River came down last night?”
“So heavy rain,Can the head of the river be lowered??”Xia Jian moved around,Turned around and walked outside。
Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu hurriedly followed from behind。Chen Erniu took a breath and said:“As high as an eaves,With a rush, the waterproof embankment we pierced was gone.。Water recedes and knows,This waterproof dike with a length of more than ten meters was rushed into the village”
“what!It’s incredible!”Zhao Hong said silently。
Chen Erniu sighed and said:“We are indeed a little lucky。If this waterproof embankment ran into someone’s house,,The house will be knocked down。If you run into someone,Can that person live?So we are still a little lucky”
Sounds really scary,But Xia Jian still glared at Chen Erniu and said:“Not so much if。If I were the rain god,I will go to the island country in this crazy rainstorm”
Xia Jian’s joke is very good,Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu all laughed。
Xichuan River is like a wild horse running away,Has rushed out of the original river。Ramming wanton on the river bank,It looked a little shocking。The village head of Xiping Village,Because it’s closer to Xichuan River,The whole road is full of river water。
Xia Jian watched for a while,So he took off his shoes and put them aside,Then went barefoot into the cold water。Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu also imitated him,The two also took off their shoes,Caught up from behind。

As long as this army is not,So,Except for the murder,I can’t turn any waves.。

fight,It is your own strengths and your job work。
then,Among the light of the light,Proven to Gao Biyi’s envision of ambush Gao Rui army,And the only place to be ambushed,It is an open area of the junction of the north shore of the Shuihe River and the junction of the water.。
There are countless times,Gao Huan and Lu Zhao are also hard。As long as the Gao Rui’s army has passed here,The next step is to block the enemy in the city of Yucheng.。
邺城 is very large,You don’t have a tens of thousands of people,It’s hard to keep the city。Sentence,The enemy siege can attack all over,You can also choose a little strong attack。
And the city wall of Yucheng is too long,The defenders want to take care of it is impossible.,If one is not careful,It is likely to be broken.。
So deceased light with Gao Baoyi,Decided“old place”Ambush Gao Rui。Because this is the way to go to the city,He can only go here,Other places,Unable to guarantee a suitable water source!
Gao Bao,Indeed……Additional part of the supplement。These secondary soldiers were originally prisoners of war in Xianbei Jinyang,Later, Gao Bao watched his high-rise.,These people pass“Complaint”,Inverted to high。
Continental family also migrated to the Western Workmanship,Waiting for next year。
Gao Bo Yi will make new paper armor,Distribute to these people,With a hundred people are independent units,Mixed with the gods“Army”。
And the truthfulness of the gods,Then the Light of Bandel,Always set up!Just waiting for the people of Gao Rui!
Fear of the galvitt,Gao Biyi also made a rhyndid of Three Thousand Defolds,Assisting the Skull and Guardian also monitors the skinny scenery and,Worried that it is cheap by Gao Rui。
Reduced meter,This is blinding。
Because of high expression,Goddess army went to the Yellow River Nan,So, in Yicheng, there is no soldier.,Just let Gao Rui take the soldiers to occupy the city,It’s just how it is。
did not expect,Although Gao Biyi did not count on the Yellow River,But he did not intend to use the troops in the south.,But the task of annihilation of the Gao Rui army,Hand it to the light!
In fact, the Robust is very much like reading.,When he said, he said to the battle of Chu and Han.,Han Xin’s martial arts said the words。
Which side is you?,So, while you will win。
If you fall back to the high,Help Gao Rui to win the city,So,Gao Bao is going to finish.。
The Raw World is what is going to try to test the light of the light?。I didn’t expect to go to Gao Bo Yi for the next day.。
Gao Boyi is better than Liu Bang,Take Gao Rui and Gao Yan more than Xiang Yu,Are they worth?This simple,Billow light is still calculated。
The most terrible thing in the world,Never never poisonous snake beast,It is a very difficult person。People scattered,The team is not good.。
NS1134chapter Destiny gear(4)
Just alarm light ordered the big army over the bridge,Then the array expand,Xu Xu time,Gao Rui is going to the direction of the city of the squid.。
Come to the North City,He found that the lights are clear,The city wall is all defensive soldiers!
Needless to say,This is the three thousand Shenmei army,Come through the ridge of the palace to the North City,And concentrated here。Mainly protects the Chu Wangfu of Gao Biyi!
Palace can do something,But Gao Biyi’s family can’t do something,This is a matter of war with Gao Bud’s letter to the Gao Bo Yi.。
If this is not done,He is not as good as。
Gao Rui saw Yan Bei City,The last hit in my heart is also shattered。Be right,He is intended to enter the family of the North City massacre Gao Biyi.,Then Yang。
I didn’t expect this little thing.,Gao Biyi considered,This idea is really a bit!
Gao Rui is dark in his heart,Looking back at not moving,I saw him, and the drum was frustrated.,Don’t mention others.。These people have not changed yet.,That is because everyone is in a difficult,No one can get the benefits,It’s even more dead.。
Otherwise they have already been here.。

This is still his first time in this school.。

Immediately climb up,Push up。
“Your grandfather,Bros,Copy!”
Luzi said one side,On the side of the stool, I went to Li’s head.。
Good student who plays with land on weekdays,Also put together the stool to join the war group。
Just Li Hui’s next thing,Let the people have a fierce breath。
I saw him in a punch.,At the same time, a throat of land repairs is one hand.。
“Do you dare to say anything about your name??”
“My grandfather!”
啪啪!A series of slaps directly let the land of the land are hot and swollen。
“Say it again!”
Just this time land repair is can’t say,Because he has been gasped by Li with the wind.。
See the other party,Li Hui is also a release of each other.。
Facing such students,He really doesn’t want to shoot,But it is too hot.。
Looking at the land that poured on the ground,Li Hui has no ignive。
But go to the podium,Faint road:“Today I am just a simple to inform you, I am your class teacher.,Ascending to teach you,Schools have not appointed,But what I want to say is,I hope everyone will study hard.,Even if you don’t study well,Give me a good man。”
“Of course, you can choose not to make people.,But I hope that when you don’t make people, don’t take others.,If I found it,I have any background behind you.,It is the background of Kao Laozi, I will let you get out of school.,Or more punishment。”
When I said this,Li Hui, looked at the girl near the window.,He suddenly understood why each other is like Qin Su.。
He looks like,appearance,Temperament is very like,But the black sputum on the earlobe is let him know that the root is not alone.。
However, as long as I can find Qin Su Ya’s clues from the other side.,He feels worth it.。
“okay,This door is today,Whoever wants to be a whole teacher?,Then the broken door is taken by the students of the whole teacher.。”
Say,Li Hui Li took the Yuan Dream to go out.。
When Yuan Meng did not expect that Li Hui Hui has just had such a brave scene.。
A punch to break the stool,This is only what you see on the TV,I didn’t expect to see in reality.。
“Teacher Yuan,What is the name of the student??
I see you before you seem to be yours.!”
“what!His name is Lu Zi,His father is a investor in our school.,And there is a pivotal position in the catering industry in Huashan City.,So the general teacher does not dare to sin him.。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng is also thinking about thinking。
“I just made him apologize.,As long as you stand there, you will do it.,Why not let me do it??”
“Teacher Li,You don’t understand these children,They may serve as your face,But behind you will give you more demise.。”

Xia Jian didn’t even read it:“Indicate their job position outside,Bring all to the meeting room to wait for the result。During this time,If someone leaves without authorization,I will increase the punishment。In addition,You call immediately to inform those who have not come to work,The township cadres meeting at 3 pm“

“Not present,I won’t use Donglin Township for work anymore“Xia Jian finished,Turn around and leave。
Feng Xiaowei chased up from behind,Whispered to Xia Jian:“Chief Xia is really thunderous,But what should these people do next?”
“Huang Shigui and the four of them are suspected of gambling,And also doing such ridiculous things in the conference room during work。Do you think Donglin Township can keep them??“Xia Jian asked Feng Xiaowei back。
Feng Xiaowei smiled and said:“I’m afraid of thunder,Rain drops。Snake will never die,But got wounded by a snake“
“Don’t worry,If the market still shows favoritism to Huang Shigui and others this time,Then I’ll leave immediately,Let them manage Donglin Township by themselves“Xia Jian said decisively。
Donglin Township Government Compound,Very clean by Li Manfu。When Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei came out,Li Manfu is carrying a bucket to sprinkle water into the yard。When Zhao Chunling took Huang Shigui to the police station just now,It happened to be seen by Li Manfu。He is from Huang Shigui,This scared him。
Xia Jian still followed Feng Xiaowei to her office,Because he doesn’t even know,Do you have an office?。Feng Xiaowei is very smart,Her face from Xia Jian,I have seen Xia Jian’s meaning。
She smiled and said:“Chief Xia!You work in my office first,I asked someone to clean up the room for you“Feng Xiaowei greeted Xia Jian to her office,She turned and left。
First1839chapter Stabbed up
? Really funny,As the head of a village,He didn’t even have his own office。Doesn’t this word make people laugh out of their teeth?。
Xia Jian sat on Feng Xiaowei’s chair with cotton cushions,Took a long breath。Calm down,He immediately grabbed the phone on the desk。He wanted to call Qin Xiaomin,But I changed my mind,He called Chen Jiang again。
The phone is connected soon,When Chen Jiang heard this call Xia Jian called him,He asked a little surprised:“What’s the matter, Chief Xia?,You don’t mean you regret it,Don’t want to go to Donglin Township?“
“I have started to work in Donglin Township。I didn’t expect to go to work on the first day,Huang Shigui, director of Donglin Township People’s Congress, led a group of people to play mahjong in the conference room。Mayor Chen!What do you say about this?“Xia Jian on the phone,Said very angry。
Chen Jiangyi listen,Can’t help but curse loudly:“Bastard,Dare to play mahjong in the meeting room of the township government,How do you think about it?“Chen Jiang kicked the ball over soon。
“When we caught this group of people,Secretary to the mayor,And the Minister of Arms,In addition, the newly appointed deputy director of the police station, Zhao Chunling, is also there。It can be said that people get the money,And the amount of money on the table is two thousand four hundred yuan。Bad plot,Very bad influence。I have asked Deputy Director Zhao to detain them to the police station“Xia Jian said very strongly。
Chen Jiang sighed on the phone and said:“Chief Xia!This Huang Shigui is really disgusting。But in dealing with his affairs,Do you think about it?“

But this is the division of Tao,Not strength。

During the one or two steps of the Taoist,His own divine body also accounts for strength。
Take the fourth-class route(The most common road line)Practiced《Tao Wu eighteen gods and demons》One step,There is no pressure to fight against the ordinary gods who follow the third-class route.。
of course,If you get to the edge of Hedao,In strength‘Tao’A huge proportion。
Unless it’s the top few gods,such as《Holy Book of Thousand Body》,Such as chaos beast,Their powerful divine body coupled with top supernatural powers,To influence this level of strength。
If you reach the emperor level,The influence of the divine body is even less。
At the edge of Hedao,With four different levels of Tao,Daojun’s strength is divided into four grades。
ordinary(Edge of the road)Taoist,Powerful Daoist,Top Taoist,And the peak Taoist。
And the refined puppet,If and ordinary Taoist、Comparable to powerful Taoists,Can be called a king-level puppet!
If it can be compared to the top Daoist and even the pinnacle Daoist,That’s the emperor puppet!
Not to mention the emperor puppet,King-level puppets are very expensive,Most Hedao Marginal Taoists can’t afford。
Because the Taoist has a limit,Puppet but not!
Taoist puppet,Although it will be controlled after being refined,Not free,Can have an endless life,Standing shoulder to shoulder with the emperors。
Tianqiong Clan,There are three king-level puppets,It was made by the ancestor of Tianqiong。
Although the starting price‘only’130 million cubic meters of Chaos Essence,But the price easily soared to 200 million cubic meters of Chaos Spirit Liquid,Even rising。

Li Hui has been a sudden scene,It’s also a glimpse.。

“Laugh,Sleep well,Woke up, just fine.。”
Li Xiangqi wants to unlock the slang of the wrapped around him.。
But I found the tightness of the other party.,If it is too hard, I am afraid to hurt the little girl’s self。
“I do not,Lee brother,I like you,I really really like you.。”
Even if you drink wine, Yang Xiao smile,When I said this, I still feel a red ear.。
Li Hui Feng feels the breath of the ears.,The heart is also a sigh。
“Laugh,You are young,There are many things that you still don’t understand.。”
“You are not bigger than me.,I understand everything.。”
Said that her beautiful red lips took the initiative to get Li Hui’s lips.。
But Li Hui is the instinct to avoid it.。
“Laugh,Like is not love,You may really belong to it now.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also gently put the slammed slammed arm on him.。
Yang Xiao smiled and heard that Li Hui Fenghua is also a glimpse.,Then, the eyes are full of water.。
“I have no impulsive,I was serious。”
“it is good,Then we agree,Don’t think about me now?,Things with me,First use academics,Waiting for your university graduated,At that time, you decided today that this thing is??”
“Besides,I actually have a girlfriend.,And more than one。”
Li Hui said that this is also a long loose gas.。
After all, some things can’t always conceal.。
But what did him didn’t expect that Yang Xiao smiled and was not angry.,But the tears in my eyes flash。
“I know,I have always known,But I also made this decision made after a long time.。”
“Forehead,Laugh,Some things will only regret after the impulse,I don’t want you to regret you??”
Li Hui Feng is from the heart.,He feels that a girl in each other has experienced those things.,Then there is a foreign abroad,These lonely situations have led to the other party’s favorite,Attachment to him。
“Lee brother,I do not regret。”
Say,Yang Xiao smiled again.。
Li Hui Feng faces Yang Xia laughing and awkward movements,I am also sigh in my heart.。
“Laugh,Waiting for you to wake up, say this again.,This situation is not responsible for you.,At the same time, you are not responsible for you.。”
Say this,Li Hui has directly pushed the other party directly,Let the other party rest,Then I ran directly.。
Yang Xiao smiled and wanted to reside。
But in the end, she still did not shout exit.。
Li Hui Hui, who walked out of the door,It is also a snoring。
Guan Yun is suddenly coming back from outside。
See Guan Yun,Li Hui is a bit wonderful asked:“Guan Da Ge, where is this??”
“Well, your child is very fast.,It’s so fast.?
I thought you would be overnight there tonight.!”
“Forehead,Guan big brother you think more,I just give her a glass of water.。”
Li Huihe heard the words of Guan Yun,I know that the other party misunderstood。
For Yang Xiao Xiao,He feels good to explain it.。

Not waiting for Wang You to speak,The second king Youdao coldly snorted:“Everyone knows that our old Wang family has a family background,Don’t get cheap and sell well”

For this reason,Wang Youcai finally figured it out。It turns out that his two brothers thought so in their hearts。I thought this happened once,It’s over,I didn’t expect the two brothers to still remember this,This makes Wang Youcai very angry。
“mom!You hear it now,How much did you give me?Speak clearly in front of them today,Otherwise I would really be wronged by them”Wang Youcai looked at his mother Chen Yueqin for help。
Chen Yueqin shook her head and said:“How can you two think like this??If the family is really rich,Will share it with everyone,You are all our children,I told your dad nothing to let you have the fortune alone”
“Don’t pretend here,There is no truth at this point。Relying on his wealth,Can make so much money?Which building in the city is also paid by the family?!”Wang Youfa gets more and more ridiculous。Forcing Chen Yueqin to cry。
Because of this kind of vain thing,It’s really difficult to say it clearly。Wang Youfa saw that Chen Yueqin stopped talking,Thought he was right,He started talking nonsense even more。
Wang Youdao on the side will add two sentences from time to time,Like adding fuel to the fire。
There is a quarrel here,Song Fang is like an outsider standing outside。Although Yao Chunni in the house is very anxious,But he couldn’t get in a word。
But everyone ignored one person,That is Wang Degui who has not spoken。Because some sons treated him as a patient,So no one cares how he feels。
suddenly,With the sound of an ashtray hitting the ground。Wang Degui slowly moved his body from the Kang,Got off the kang,Still standing on the ground。
This scene,Let everyone in the house open their eyes。A patient returning in a wheelchair,How can you stand on the ground,Is there hallucination in everyone’s eyes??
Yao Chunni reacted a little faster,She quickly took Wang Degui’s cloth shoes,Then after Wang Degui put his foot in,Helped him sit on the chair again。
“Noisy!Noisy!You have the right to be me dead”Wang Degui gritted his teeth,Coldly scolded。His appearance is indescribably terrifying。
Wang Youdao was the first to lower his head,He dare not say a word。I saw the second one,The old man Youfa also quickly turned his head to the side,He dare not look directly at his father Wang Degui。
But Wang Youcai has a clear conscience。He knew since yesterday that Dad was a bit pretending to be lying in the hospital bed,It’s just that he is embarrassed to click it。Now he finally understands,It turns out that dad did this,I just want to watch the two brothers perform。

To know,Zhang Chong shows this talent,It was shown long before Nirvana,There were news reports when I was over four years old。Say there is a child‘Worm God Reincarnation’,Many butterflies, bees and ants like to play with this kid。

And Li Ming’s investigation5Ancient Civilization Remains,When passing through the base city of Cloud City,I specifically probed this young man。
The result surprised him,The talent of this boy is very special,Very suitable for taming animals。Although in1Look at the information recorded in the light brain,The method of taming beasts is relatively partial in the universe,It’s better to control the mind-power weapon‘controller’And specializing in soul‘Illusionist’。But there are special circumstances on earth,The earth is full of monsters suitable for tame。
My current strength is only the pinnacle warrior of elementary warriors,Spiritual teacher,But Zhang Chong can already command the beast(ELevel toCMonster)Class bug monster。
Personal force is only the middle and low end of warriors,But in fact, Zhang Chong always carries a small army of insect monsters.。
About the size of a human fist,Flap the wings extremely fastHMonster‘Thorn wasp’Fifteen。
Have adult arm length,Can’t fly but has sharp mouthparts,Solid carapaceFMonster‘Iron Ant’Twenty one。
One meter tall at both ends,With a pair of big swordsEMonster‘Flying Man with Iron Sword’。
There is also a body that is three meters long,Head shell is lavender,Has thousands of pairs of sharp limbs,Extremely toxicCMonster‘Titan Giant Centipede’。
Of course these monsters are usually acquainted with Zhang Chong,Very harmonious。It’s not that any worm monster Zhang Chong can instigate,At best he will not attack him actively。But even so,This little army of insect monsters,It can crush almost all warriors below the god of war,Or a spiritual teacher below the high general level。
After mentioning Zhang Chong’s spiritual power and martial arts practice,Li Ming let him practice。After all, Zhang Chong is still in the early stages of cultivation,Rapid progress。Don’t look at the strength of these monsters,Maybe it will have no effect on Zhang Chong after one or two years。
Of course the stronger Zhang Chong,Naturally, we can also find a way to conquer stronger insect monsters。
“Say,My big disciple is going to become the Pokemon King of the insect system.。”Li Ming thought of a chronological stalk,Then lay down on my own bed and fell asleep deeply。

General Hui Lei who broke through two steps,The realm is comparable to the colorless Daojun,The overall strength reaches the level of the threshold of the three-step road,In addition, Li Ming’s many clones have joined forces to assist,Can also match the colorless Daojun。

The two sides fought several times,But it’s on par,It can only be said that the five-color Taoist has the upper hand。
But no one knows,In battle after battle,Because of being often killed,Li Ming attaches great importance to defense,It often centers on Liangyi formation,Many clones form a formation against the enemy。
at last,Li Ming played against the colorless Taoist for the seventeenth time,Take a complete step,Enlighten the Liangyi Formation。Realized the third strongest way。
Logically,Even if he realizes the strongest way,The increase in strength will not be exaggerated。
after all,He realized the strongest way。One more liangyi formation,At most, it makes up for the shortcomings in defense。
But did not expect,The Liangyi Formation Dao seems to play a role as a link between the three strongest paths he has understood.。
Chaos and Liangyi,Is in a state of differentiation and evolution。
A combination of both,It’s a matter of course。
Daoshengyi,Life two!
Attack the crushed chaotic array,Two Arrays of Defense,The combination of the two has produced a qualitative change,It also made Li Ming’s strength soar!
Any of his clones,The strength is comparable to the peak of the second trail king。
There are nearly a hundred avatars that are comparable to the peak of the second footpath.,Combine and perform tricks,Even more united back to Lord Lei Dao,Finally killed the colorless Daojun。
With the death of the colorless Daojun,The war between the two sides has entered the final stage!
First2chapter Leave the wilderness
In the final stage,The top combat power of both sides broke out completely。
The relationship between the two sects,Also changed from hostility to immortality!
Desolate God Taoist took the lead in sneak attack,Easily killed Li Ming’s one hundred clones,Kill the second soul of Daojun Hui Lei fighting outside,More shots to hunt down Elder Fu。