Stabilizing job skills to prevent unemployment policy "combined boxing"

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation recently issued the "Notice on Doing a Better Insurance Insurance Stable and Proporting Skills to Prevent unemployment" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), and give full play to the life of unemployment insurance insurance, prevent business, and promote employment. Functional effects help the stability of employment to protect people’s livelihood. Stable position: Tingling unemployment insurance for small and medium -sized enterprises is an important part of the social security system, and it is also an organic component of an active employment policy.

This year’s "Government Work Report" clearly required, continuing the reduction rate, continuing to implement the policy of stabilizing the job of unemployment insurance, using 100 billion yuan of unemployment insurance funds to support stabilization and training. Why does the stable return policy tilt to small and medium -sized enterprises? "Affected by factors such as the epidemic situation, the difficulties faced by small and medium -sized enterprises have increased. The" Notice "clearly that the affected small, medium and micro enterprises can enjoy the subsidy policy, which is an effective measure to help small and medium -sized enterprises get out of difficulties. Jobs are conducive to alleviating the current employment pressure. "Hu Qiuming, executive director of the Chinese Society of Social Security and a professor at the School of Public Management of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with the People’s Daily" strong observation "column. The "Notice" clearly refers to the proportion of small and medium -sized enterprises to a maximum of 90%from 60%, and at the same time, the channels return channels will be further unblocked.

"The proportion of returning small and medium -sized enterprises is up to 90%from 60%, which is basically equivalent to small and medium -sized enterprises without paying unemployment insurance premiums." Hu Qiuming further explained that the unemployment insurance premium was returned directly to the enterprise to pay at a rate of 90%. Social insurance account account, this move not only reduces the production and operation costs of small and medium -sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households with large and wide large -scale and widely large -sides, but also effectively improves the cash flow of market entities. To an important supporting role. "In addition to tilting to small and medium -sized enterprises, the return policy of the stable post is also reflected in the prominent" exemption is enjoying ‘,’ policy and funds’ actively find enterprises, and directly issue stable return funds to eligible enterprises. Small and medium -sized enterprises are dual support for economic and spiritual levels, "said Liu Yushu, director of the Macro Research Department of the Chongyang Financial Research Institute of Renmin University of China.

Skills: Continue to increase skills improvement subsidies "Notice" to further highlight the stabilization function of training in response to the epidemic.

Based on the three conventional policies, including the implementation of vocational training subsidies, skill improvement subsidies, and 7 provinces (cities) in the East, 3 provinces (cities), and three new policies were added, including the issuance of one -time reserved training subsidies, increasing occupations, increasing occupations Skills improvement of the scope of benefit of the subsidy policy of the Skills and Expansion of Skills.

Gui Yan, the director of the Unemployment Insurance Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said at the State Council’s policy blowout on the 12th that supporting workers to improve their skills is an important measure to stabilize employment and increase income. 2. Effective measures to implement the strategy of strong country. "Stabilizing employment must first prevent unemployment, and to prevent business first." Hu Qiuming said that employment protection is the basic function of the unemployment insurance system. To strengthen vocational education and skills training, and continue to improve the quality of workers, in order to better meet the needs of high -quality development and effectively prevent the risk of unemployment in scale. Risk prevention: The safety and sustainability of the "saving urgent money" fund of the people is the guarantee of various treatment and full -time distribution, which is related to social stability and the well -being of the people.

The "Notice" clearly pointed out that the risk of fund risks is effectively guarded. All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) shall closely monitor the operating status of unemployment insurance funds, strengthen the situation and work guidance of the situation, and ensure that the fund revenue and expenditure are balanced and safe.

There are many policies and strength of unemployment insurance companies to benefit the people. "To make good use of living unemployment insurance funds to effectively improve the guarantee efficiency of unemployment insurance funds, the primary prerequisite is to ensure the balance and safety of the fund’s income and expenditure.

"Hu Qiuming said that we must closely monitor the operation of the unemployment insurance fund, strengthen the research and judgment of the macroeconomic and employment situation, accelerate the provincial overall planning of unemployment insurance funds, and give full play to the role of provincial -level adjustment.

At the same time, it is necessary to improve the supervision mechanism of fund review, publicity, and allocation, strengthen technical defense, make full use of informationization methods to verify the qualification conditions, improve the treatment information comparison verification system, strictly prevent fraud, risks, and obtain risks, protect the people well people "Save urgent money".

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“this matter,No need to be so urgent。”

These,what’s going on?
Shen Xuan’s words,Let others be curious。
And next,Shen Xuan continued。
“In fact, it is now,Can’t tell you for a long time。”
“Just a little bit,Everyone wants to remember,Major martial art,In fact, I am completely in my eyes.。”
What is joking?,Shen Xuan’s current identity,The martial arts master。
Could it be that,Shen Xuan still worried that these people don’t listen to their own?
This,how can that be possible?
so,Shenxuan at this time,In fact, in the heart,But what I want, the more I feel good.。
And Shen Xuan is looking at the eyes,The corner of the mouth brought a slight smile。
“Next,You need to do it.,It is the investigation,Where is the headquarters they gathered?。”
“I suspect,Some people are chaling the departure,So I have to solve them directly.!”
At this time, Shen Xuan is falling in front of him.,It’s not a welcome to talk about it.。
despite this,But for the current,I should start from what angle begins.。
This kind of angry,In fact, it is really strict.,What is the found?。
These Warriors,Why don’t you understand??
So,Even in these people look,deep in the heart,Some somewhat eager to try。
“Since it is like this,So what are you tangled?,Directly according to the head collar,now it’s right。”
“Yes,This is of course,if not,Let’s continue here.,In fact, there is not much significance.。”
“This is of course,So now,I feel,Let’s follow,When you show your hair.。”
These Warriors,Before it is complete because these don’t know where to start starting to start, depressed。
Alert,I have used it recentlyapp, \\app \\ Android Apple mobile phone support!
Now,I finally have such a good opportunity.。
If they are now,Not big,That is just too depressed.。
So now they,In fact, for such things,The more I want it, the more I feel.,In fact, there is still this necessary to deal with it as soon as possible.。
if not,Continue to spend here,For them,In fact, it is also a tricky thing.。
So next case,How do you need to solve these?。
Most main point,Still need to rely on themselves.。

Northbound funds buying 6.301 billion yuan this month

Your location: >> Northbound funds buying 100 million yuan this month to buy a total of 100 million yuan this month.The monthly net purchase amount hit a new high for nearly three months.According to the statistics of the Securities Times data treasure, the Shanghai Index fell%this month.Essence(Data Bao) Northbound Capital this month’s transaction overview of the transaction date (100 million yuan) sales transaction turnover (100 million yuan) transactions (100 million yuan) net purchase (100 million yuan), April 1st, 6th day, 6th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8 Days, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8th, 8nd, 8 Days, 8th.On the 12th of the 12th of the month, the 12th, the 12th of the month, the 12th of the month, the 22nd, the 26th, 26th, 2nd day, 29th, 29th, 29th, 29th, 29th., Shanghai Stock Connect, Land and Port, Land Stock Connect, Interconnection, Foreign capital, Northern Fund, Northbound Fund, Sale, Net Buy, Repent Note: This article is a news report that does not constitute investment suggestions, and the stock market has risks.Investment needs to be cautious.

Blue,He really doesn’t want this happening on himself.。

Got,From now on, he does not comment.。
Lu Hao thought,Some things have to be faithful:“Han Yuxuan,Give you a year,This year,Kiki confirmed after the feelings of you,You have to get married,I don’t block。”
Blue Qiqi listened to this,Don’t dare to speak out,Dad makes this decision,It’s rare.,So fast a year。
Han Yuxuan excited open,Grateful:“Lu Shu,Aunt,You can rest assured,I won’t let you down.,This year I will try to get your recognition.。”
One year is not long,For him and Kiki,There is also a buffer,Let Kiki trust him more。
And this year,He can gradually grow his company.,Let Lu Uncle gives Kiki to him.。
Lu Haocheng looked deeply,Lips do not speak。
Can only stay for a year,The current girl is more than 30 years old.,In his eyes, Qiqi is still small.。
“Father,Thank you!”
Blue Qiqi smiled at Dad。
Lu Hao’s eyes watched her,Not talk,Looking at the blue Xin on the side,“Wife,I am tired.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“Yuxuan,Third floor room,Let Kiki take you away,Then you have a rest.。”
Han Yuxuan stood up,Laughing and polite:“Good,Lu Shu,Lu Ayi Good night!”
Lu Haocheng couples later,Only blue and sneer。
Blue and blue eyes look at Han Yuxuan。
Han Yuxuan laughed,“Two brother,What do you want to say??”
Blue and Blue Run a poke Han Yuxuan’s pain:“You are very fat when you are young.,Are you a whole?,Otherwise you can’t be so handsome.,We are powerful,Your dad can not have my father.。”
Han Yuxuan laughed,抿 抿,“I said that I didn’t have a whole pass??”
Blue and sorrowful shakehead,Envy him one meter eight eight,Although you are so high,I feel that I am a little bit.。
“Got,I don’t bother you.,You continue to talk,I want to take a break in the house.,That three should only have slept,I will go back to sleep, I shouldn’t be in trouble.。”
Blue and blue got up and went to your room,He is not afraid of him,I am afraid that I have three younger brother.,Because he is a star,Yesi,Three younger brothers often find him to sign by people in their school.。
Can sign in to hand every time,Every time he can avoid avoidance,I can’t avoid it.。
Only Lan Qi and Han Yuxuan are,The two smiles。
First2161Chapter Annual2
Han Yuxuan quickly took the blue 琪 in his arms,Silently say whispers in her ear:“Kiki,I didn’t expect that Lao God is helping us.,If you have the opportunity to see the mother-in-law,I will definitely thank her.。”
Lan Qi smiled nodded,Capacity Liu Hai is gently,She is smiling and gradually deepening:“I am afraid that we don’t have the blessing.,My mother has always had a blessing.,She has suffered a lot of injuries,There are also a lot of luck。”
Han Yuxuan looked down at her,The bottom is gentle:“Kiki ,We are also very lucky。
Kiki,Take me out to turn it.,Here is very big here,Very luxurious,But many people can’t live in their lives.。”
Wise,Choice!A Zhuang Tibet,A garden view。
Kiki’s grandfather chooses here to live,I heard that the wind is extremely good.。
Lan Qi:“Okay.,At this time, my grandparents slept.,Otherwise, my grandfather tells you the Feng Shui here.,My grandfather understands。
But there will be opportunities in the future.。
”Han Yuxuan also knows that Yi Tianqi is a great person.,These years,The Industry of the Chalk Group is spread all over the world.,Is true wind,The Lu Group is getting more and more。
“Let it go,Let’s go back in the villa.,My grandfather and grandmother live in the backyard,They are old,Like quiet,Likely,Backyard,They have a lot of vegetables,Home tomato,Leek,Mint,Onion,Coriander,These are themselves,Natural。”
Blue Qiqi is introducing。

One ATM machine in India seems to have a short circuit and ignite the 4 -story high -business residential building

  According to the "Indian Stan Times" reported on May 28, on the evening of the 27th local time, a ATM machine in Nortar, India was suspected to be in the short circuit after a short circuit, which ignited a 4 -story building. Firefighters rushed to the scene.Later, the fire was controlled, and the fire had no casualties.

  According to reports, the Indian newspaper Trust quoted the staff as saying that the fire occurred at around 22:00 on the day, and the fire was a four -story commercial and residential building in the Periger area with a dense population.

It is reported that a ATM machine suspected to be a short circuit and spread to other floors of the 4th floor.

  The Indian newspaper Trust quoted a firefighter: "Firefighters and fire trucks arrived at the scene quickly, and the fire was controlled within half an hour.

Because the fire is controlled outside the building, most of the buildings are removed from being burned.


“Leader,What should we do now??”

“otherwise,Let’s find someone,Take them!”
But Shen Xuan,But shake the head。
Now,No one knows no one,Even if you want to destroy,From what is beginning to start?
Not far from,A voice sounds:“Regarding this matter,We really know some。”
Chapter 133, these two,Insufficient
Su Yuhong and Huang Yue come back together.,Look,They seem to have experienced a battle。
“you,What’s wrong?”
Blue Skybloves two people,Curious asked。
After all, this is like this.,How to see,How to feel some sad reminder。
Huang Yue is put a hand,Very lightly。
“I just met a group of little thieves.,So directly clean up!”
Huang Yue said,It seems that it is completely not taken seriously.。
And Shen Xuan,Be able to feel,The kind of random brought by Huang Yue speaks。
But this matter will never be so simple.,http://www.shexiangge.cnat this point,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,It’s very clear。
So see these,Shenxuan at this time,It is a little smile.:“Susk,Is there any new discovery here??”
New discovery?
at this point,Huang Yue is very curious。
“what,What did you find??”
Huang Yue’s consciousness,This is the Su Yuhong around you.,Nodded slightly。
“really,Discovered,A little more。”
“and,I know,Who is going to us?。”
Huang Yue big eyes,See Su Yuhong。
How can this??
Huang Yue did a little sale,Extractically also have hands to explore information。
but,He did not have Su Yuhong to collect the speed of the intelligence.。
at this point,It’s a little unexpected.。
“These two,Li Jiahe Zhou Jia。”
“I am taking,They are very uncomfortable to the leader and Sun at home.,So the opportunity to plan to remove us!” It turned out to be like this。

Beijing Haidian Driving School Holds Teaching Service Model Commendation Conference

Recently, the Beijing Haidian Driving School held a commendation conference on the first quarter of 2022. The three -month comprehensive assessment ranking competition finally came to an end.

In the end, a total of 22 outstanding coaches were elected and won the title of Teaching Service Model this quarter. In this commendation conference, the winners wearing big red flowers with a symbol of honor and vitality appeared on the stage in turn, highlighting the practical work attitude and excellent service style of the sea driver, and gaining applause and cheers at the scene.

Yin Junjie, vice president of Haidian Driving School, and Liu Quanjie, Minister of Teaching Management, presented prizes to the winners.

On behalf of the leadership team of Haidian Driving School, Yin Junjie, deputy principal of Haidian Driving School, expressed warm congratulations to the commendable service menu and called on all employees to learn from them. He said: In 2022 Division of work and cooperation team spirit, strive to achieve refined management, refined services, refined teaching, providing students with high -quality curriculum guidance, and passing qualified drivers for safe and civilized in the society. Several excellent quarterly service balders in Haidian Driving School also used this commendation conference to share their experiences and service stories that they summarized in their work. Among them, the most mentioned is the deduction of thinking and enthusiasm, patience and carefulness to provide students with careful teaching and work attitude. Sea driver coaches are committed to allowing each student to master the solid motor vehicle driving skills in the professional car courses and comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of car learning to achieve safe driving and civilized driving.

Disclaimer: There is risks in the market, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling.


“Play this set with me,I really don’t know my Lord Ma has three eyes。Actually when he comes,I think there is a problem,But this person is too cunning,Everything is good,Do you think such a person can not attract my attention??”This is Liu Xiaocheng’s voice。

“Boss,I’m a reporter, okay?!You have to give me credit”This is Xu Liang’s voice。
Just listen to Liu Xiaocheng laughing and saying:“Not bad,As long as they dare to do anything tomorrow,Then our contribution will be great。Boss in order to cooperate with our actions,Went to the city tonight”
“Isn’t it!The boss went to open the room with Chen Ping, right?!You said we have a lot of beautiful women here,Why does the boss always like which Chen Ping。You say that a woman has no face,Even the chest is an international airport”It’s another man’s voice。
“You know a fart,Such a woman can have her skills in bed,Or the boss is so obsessed with her”Liu Xiaocheng said,Made a slutty laugh。
Xia Jian never thought,If you put your ears close to this inconspicuous hole,I can hear the voice in the next room,And not particularly clear。No wonder they lowered their voices when they spoke,Xu Liang next door can still hear。
“Boss,Do you want to put the wiretap over to monitor tonight?”Xia Jian heard this,I couldn’t help but tremble。He thought it was Xu Liang who put his ear on this small hole like him,It turns out that people use high-tech,It’s no wonder。
Just listen to Liu Xiaocheng smiling:”forget it!Still sleep well,Don’t worry about it。The two of them originally pretended,Even if I sleep on the same bed,You can’t hear what you want“
“Is this Xia Jian no good?,How to face such a beautiful girl,There is no movement at all“Xu Liang sighed,Seems to turn off the light in the room,Because looking through the hole,It’s already dark。
Xia Jian did not move under the bed,His mood can’t be calm for a long time。Fortunately, I didn’t believe this Xu Liang,Otherwise they will all be finished tomorrow,Even Li Fengzhu is not immune。
Xia Jian took out a wad of toilet paper from his pocket,Which small hole in the wall was tightly sealed,Thus,At least there is something happening here,Which side will not be easily heard。
Xia Jian got out from under the bed,Gently put his bag on the bed,Then groping for a while,Found my phone。He quickly turned on the machine,It’s already past twelve o’clock at night,But he didn’t hear the sound of rain。
But the air is very dull,With an irritating sultry feeling。Zhao Chunling was obviously not asleep,She kept tossing in bed,Suddenly she sat up suddenly。

First -line battle epidemic · Xianxia Street | The three brothers of Qiu family, the "epidemic" line is a good man!

Qiu Hailong’s three brothers in the delivery courier Qiu family are volunteers of the five -three residential districts of Xianxia Xincun Street. All three live in the Tianshan Wulu Village Community. Their jobs are courier.

After the epidemic, the three brothers joined the volunteer team of the five -three communities together to be responsible for the express delivery tasks of all buildings in the community. Receive, eliminate disinfecting, sorting, photography, delivery … In simple and repeated work, they use their own specialties to carefully do each volunteer service, which has been well received by residents.

"Around April 1st, the neighborhood committee called and said that there were fewer volunteers at that time, and there were few people responsible for express delivery management. I asked me if I would like to be volunteers.

As a party member, I accepted this task at the time. Qiu Hailong said that after hanging up the phone, he told the cousin Qiu Yanbing and Qiu Jingshuai after hanging up the phone. I did not expect that the two of them also supported the cousin’s decision.

The next day, the three brothers of the Qiu family came to the neighborhood committee to register. So far, they have worked in the five -three residential districts for nearly two months.

It is understood that the five -three residential areas are traditional old -fashioned public houses, which have 69 to 110 buildings. The express delivery and takeaway delivery of thousands of residents are not easy for the Qiu family. "Every morning, they must keep it. At the south gate of the community, watching the courier came over, and then sorted them out to the door of the residents’ house.

Every time they get the courier, after doing a good job of eliminating the static, they immediately ride a battery car to the residents. They come back and forth dozens of times a day. They said that the residents were anxious and could not allow the courier to accumulate at the door. "The staff of the five -three residential district said.

“The priority of the magic cloud is humble。”Ancient laughter:“I don’t know what opinion on this proposal for this proposal.?”

“I totally agree,Ancients have such a heart,He is not a big event,In fact, no matter what the magic river is,Or is there a residency or a cold domain?,Still other domains hope to have a strong leader to lead,For their sputum!”Magic cloud laughs:“Ancient less suitable for this leader,young,Recovery,Condensation,The arrogance of the days in our nine domain!”
“Don’t say this in my predecessors,The former is the middle of our future.!”Ancient laughs。
“I am so happy to talk.。”Just then sounded a sound again.,A road came out from the void。
These figure is divided into,The most important person of the sacred person,Several breath and the power of the head are not under the magic cloud。
Total seven forces。
The leader of the first forces is a white hair shawl,Skille,The middle-aged man in the eyes is coming out.。
The man follows a respectful saint,There is no misconductor.。
The headed white hair shawl is a half-step, a half-step family.,Did not resuscitation,Divided under the magic cloud,Ice。
The second potential leader is high,Wearing a beast,Shirtless,The muscles on the body are like a stone.,Holding a stone ax in his hand,Ugly,A face texture make up,distortion,Evil white rays,A pair of scorpions。
This ugly man is the character of a half-step ganglion,Not under ice,Even the combat power is still strong,Named,Behind the end of the world, followed by there is no misconductor.。
The leader of the third power is a man with wings.,This man is handsome,Wings show red gold,Foot, seven pairs of wings,Every pair of horrible power。
The man is the strongman of the bird magic.,Named bird。
According to legend, the bird magician ancestor is in a long time.,It is the combination of the Suzaki family and the Mo.,So this race is very powerful。
The leader of the fourth forces is a man who is a fierce, long-term phase.,Men’s eyes green light,Face with wolf hair,insidious,All kinds of complicated feelings such as desertes are full of their eyes.。
This middle-aged man is a half-step holy, a wolf magic.,Wolf can’t,Wolf can’t look indifferent,Shock to show cruel smile。
The leader of the fifth forces is a beautiful woman.,Women’s body is hot,Wearing a crimson armor,Beautiful humiliation,Passing a horrible breath,The woman is a half-step holy, a half-step holy, a flying fish.。
The cold in the cold is a broad sea.,Flying fish sea,Hosting a flying fish,Flying fish sea, also known as flying fish domain。
This woman is famous for fish!
The sixth perspective leader is a bright middle-aged man.,Middle-aged man wearing bronze ancient warfare,Handheld bronze long gun,Men’s eyes,The eyebrow has a demon mark。
This print is a bloody。
This middle-aged man is the half-step god of the moon.,Monthly blood day,Wang Yue family occupies the moon,Men’s face with wolf hair,It has a common ancestor with a common ancestors of the moon and the wolf.。
The seventh power leader is a woman in a dark clothes.,The woman is dark as ink,It’s like the king in the night.。
She is a beautiful。
But the half-step god of the night domain,Dark night domain living in a dark night,The ancestors of the secret night are the descendants of the candlelon and some of the souls.,Women named dark cold thorn。
Secretary and puncturing,Many masters of many levels are jealous。
Gu He Dynasty looked at the seven leadership face showed a smile.,His figure welcomed the road:“Seniors,Please!”
His figure is sitting in the knee,Many saints behind them are also sitting behind him.。
Ice,Remains,Birds day,Wolf can’t,Dark cold thorn,Fishy,The monthly blood of the month, the big holy, the strong people have been smiling.。
The figure of the seven strong people also sit in the void,Many saints are sitting behind them。
Half-step Taoist Templand in the magic river field is also sitting in the knees,Several saints sit behind him。
“Allocate,I want to use the nine domain,Basically, the general trend。”Guheng Dynasty looked at eight stars and laughing:“This way we can not be insulting,Do not be used as cannon gray。”
“young people,What you said is good!”Wolf can’t laugh:“I agree,They also agree,But how is it in one??Interest allocation is key!”
“Yes,Interest allocation is key,Ancient,You young,Condensation,In the future, this nine domain,I am afraid you are the first master,How do you say how!”Birds, one needle, the blood, pointed out the key:“Be said to be just,But the nine domain combined is unfair。”
“good,The bird is good.,This is also our worried。”Monthly blood day,The people who have the longevity of the world have laughed:“Can you solve this??”
“Of course to solve this。”Ancient laughter:“I said that,Jiulu leader is separated from a period of time,Change,I can’t make this leader forever.,Always give some opportunities to others。”