200 exquisite images show the "green water green hill" in the Qinghai Qinghai

The theme of this film exhibition is "National Park Provincial Ecological New Highland", exhibition, "green water Qingshan" "harmonious symbiosis" three sectors, 200 生 摄 作 作, concentrated on the construction of Qinghai Ecological civilization Achievements and national unity and create results show the biodiversity and ecological civilization landscape of Qinghai.

The Secretary of the Parties Parties and Chairman of the Qinghai Provincial Literature Art Authority said in a speech that the ecological civilized photography great exhibition aims to show the unique ecological value, ecological potential, biodiversity and ecological civilization landscape in the way of photography. The fruitful results of Qinghai ecological civilization construction and the creation of national unity and progress have promoted the construction of the national and international ecological civilization. "Qinghai has a wealth of wild animal and natural scenery humanistic photography resources. Qinghai’s ecological value, humanistic style, the spread of photographers, to the world, is more and more people know and recognize, their art Creation is a huge contribution to the ecological construction of Qinghai, national unity.

"The vice president of the Chinese Photographers Association said when he spent a speech. It is reported that the exhibition has been clicked nationwide from April 15th. The high of the Qinghai film exhibition.

After the General Secretary has repeatedly examined, what did Hebei ecological governance do?

In December 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping took the cold of zero and down, and went to Yuping County, Hebei Province.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he has visited Hebei, and has repeatedly adjusted structures, governance pollution, and repairing the ecology. Keep in keeping in the general secretary, what did Hebei do in ecological governance? Xinhua News Agency reporter has recently visited all over Hebei. Shijiazhuang Citizen Wang Yichun is a photography enthusiast.

Starting in 2014, I stood on the balcony every morning to give the sky, a habit of him, and the folder stored in the computer was named "Tracking Smog". He said that when pollution is serious, don’t say a distance, it is the opposite building.

But now, the grays in the photo is less and less, and the blue is getting more and more conspicuous. "I changed the name of the folder, called ‘Tracking Blue Sky’." "Sky Photo", witness the road of green development in Hebei. "The country’s 10 pollution, the most serious city, accounted for 7.

If you don’t want to adjust the structure, you can’t explain the history and people. " The one-in-one needle is pointed out, but also indicates the direction of effort.

Taking the courage to control the harm of pollution with the courage of "Strong Brothers", the pain of smog, Hebei has experienced a major change in development concepts and practices.

On December 17, 8 years ago, Hebei concentrated on demolition of 18 cement enterprises within a day. Pain in each time, vivid. Except for older. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the added value of Hebei high-tech industry increased, and the national high-tech enterprises increased more than 9,000 in 2020, and this year is expected to exceed 10,000. This year, the national air quality comprehensive index ranked ten cities, and 7 have been reduced by 2 in Hebei. According to Li Jinyu, the Director of the Ecological Environment Department of Hebei Province, the average concentration of the province fell by 104 micrograms / cubic meters in 2013 to 2020 micro / cubic meters, down by 57%. 11 months ago 2021, the number of excellent days in Hebei Province was 243 days, more than 11 days over the same period last year. "I wouldn’t eat food, I can’t eat sand!" Zhao Yanjie, secretary of the party branch of Saihanba Harry Village, said that the village has established nearly 200 plantation professional teams, and expanded nursery under the guidance of Saihanba mechanical forest farms. Planting the scale, hard is to plant all the thousands of "?". Harryha Village, "Looking up at the mountain bald, looking down in the river. The mountain is getting down the river and rushed away the trench.

The wind is difficult to blink, and a firewood is running away.

"Today’s Harrosha Village, raised the pluma deer, engaged in farmhouse music, village collective revenue from a poor two white to save 10 million yuan," green treasure gallery "bonus shared together. In" Flying birds do not don’t cover, Huang Sand cover the wilderness Creating Linhai 1.15 million mu, Saihanba, turned into the forest sea. In August 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that in Chengde in Hebei, it is necessary to inherit the spirit of Saihanba, deeply understand and implement the ecological civilization concept, and make persistent efforts, second time Entrepreneurship, re-establishment in the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle. Succession (drone photos) in the Saihanba National Forest Park, taken on June 27, 2021.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shizhen’s people around the surrounding area of ??Hedien Machinery forest, relying on hardworking hands, earning more than 600 million yuan from this vast forest. The person in charge of the forest said that by 2030, the local forest area will reach 1.2 million mu, and the forest coverage is increased to 86%. At the beginning of 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping was in Beijing, Hebei Province, presided over the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disapprove Olympics, and issued an important speech. It emphasized that it is necessary to highlight the green office, promote the development of sports. Construction combines.

"One year a year, from spring sculpt from the winter", Beijing Winter Olympics snow project holds the land of Zhangjiakou, undertakes the heavy retention of water storage, blocking the sources.

In the past, due to the destruction of vegetation, some areas became a sate of sandstorm.

With the promotion of Beijing-Tianjin Shanyuan governance, the advancement of the construction of the three-north protective forest, the scene of "Huangsha Time" is not visible.

Zhangjiakou City Chongli District Forest is dense, Changchengling (photo on July 29, 2017). Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Shiyu took the Winter City Chongli, and the mountain layers of the mountain laminated forest.

In recent years, see the green and plant trees in the past. Yang Jianzhong, chief engineer of the Forest Herry Bureau of Chongli District, said that the forest coverage rate of Winter Olympics has exceeded 80%, which became a ski resort, outdoor sports heaven. Xiongan New District is a city with less history in the history of traditional Chinese buildings – ecological priority, blue-green dominant. In January 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping said in the Xiongan New District and said: "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, and Xiongan New District is to reflect value, increase attractive.

"Not long ago, the design was three seasons with flowers, evergreen in the four seasons, the total area of ??18 square kilometers, became the casual card of the local people. Lost soil, Chengcheng County, the peasant Liu Yuzhao, said, the first time I saw such a big Park, in Xiongan, very happiness. The first large reservoir in the Government of New China, the first large reservoir built in New China, was one of the main water supply water sources of Beijing. However, since the late 1980s, the reservoir is over-reclamation , The sewage of the sewage, the water in the reservoir area is severely polluted.

From Xinshenburg Village, Huailai County, I went around 500 meters south, I went to the entrance to the National Wetland Park of the National House Reservoir.

Huailai County has started construction of National Wetland Park in 2017, and Xinsburi Village will flow into the Wetland Park 3000 acres in the village. The villagers have a subsidy of 1,000 yuan per mu, and can work in the scenic spot. The villager Hou Jianjun, who was the security captain of the Wetland Park, said that the original five acres of land, remove the seeds, fertilizers these overhead, how much is it left a year.

Now he and the lover have more than 2,000 yuan per month, plus the subsidies of land circulation, and "turn over" in life.

"Slowly aware that how good is the main reservoir protection, how good is the development of.

Hou Jianjun said. Recently, Xingtai City, Baiquan, Dog Headquan and Heilongtan, etc.

After this, it is the effort of the underground water super mining comprehensive governance. In recent years, Hebei has reduced the groundwater over the groundwater, and more than two-thirds of super mining counties realize the groundwater level to stop recall.

Many squids that have been traced many years have now reappeared in Baiyang. Zhang Fuqing, the village cadres of Xia Zhangzhuang Village, Anxin County, from a small life in Baiyang, and began to serve as the village-level river in 2018.

He said that the squid has a high water quality, and it has once again proves that the white depth is getting better.

On February 23, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that in the investigation of Xiongan New District, the construction of Xionganfu District, must repair Baiyangqing and protect it.

Baiyangdian ushered in the largest systematic ecological governance ecological governance in history, water quality in 2017 is inferior V-class, most of the water has reached Class III after governance. The environment is not beautiful, the ecology is good, it is related to the happiness and sustainable development of the people.

At present, Hebei’s economic transformation and upgrading tasks are still arduous. The ecological environment is far away. In the critical period of climbing, rolling stone, the rock, will continue to force, for a long time, for a long time, to the modern economy, the beautiful Hebei continues to move.

8 second batch of cross-study platforms in Huairou Science City completed next year

Original title: 8 second batch of cross-study platforms next year, Huairou Science City, was completed next year (Reporter Sun Yunke) Yesterday, the reporter learned from the two sessions of Huairou District, and the construction of Guo Siji National Science Center will achieve new progress.

High-energy synchronous radiation light source, multimode span-scale biomedical imaging, etc.

  In the 29 scientific facilities projects currently built in Huairou Science City, 9 major scientific devices and cross-research platform projects such as integrated extreal conditions, Earth system numerical simulation, and middh projects, and cross-research platform projects have been completed. Install and debug and trial operation.

By the end of this year, there will be 9 scientific facilities and cross-research platform civil and construction projects.

  Yang Haotian, Director of the Innovation Service of Huairou Science, Innovation Service, In 2022, Huairou Comprehensive National Science Center will adhere to construction and operation and focus on ensuring comprehensive extreme conditional experimental devices, Earth system numerical simulation devices, middh projects second phase and advanced transport While the first batch of 5 cross-research platforms are efficiently running, ensure high-energy synchronous radiation source, multimode cross-scale biomedical imaging and other scientific facilities and other scientific facilities, etc. Completion and equipment installation and commissioning. Adhere to scientific research and conversion synchronization, innovate scientific and technological achievements conversion service model, strive to achieve side construction, operation, scientific research, and output.

  In addition, Huairou Science City will also promote the undergraduate entrance of the National University, further empower innovative entities, and cultivate more hard-study incubator accelerators. Strive to the Mechanical Research General Hospital Huairou Science and Technology Innovation Base, promote the construction of Beijing Separanda and Renewable Medicine Research Institute, actively build high-level talent highlands, build science and technology innovation ecosystem, and strengthen the support of scientific and technological innovation.

  In terms of supporting facilities, Huairou Science City will focus on building a beautiful life of "science + city", accelerate the construction of the city’s living room AB plots, and realize the land of Naterni Scientific Towns, launch Yanqi Bay, scientific light project planning, and upgrade the scientific city police. Business center.

At the same time, complete the renovation of the northern section of Yanshi East Road, realize the completion of the Youth Road, the Department of Science, Yongle North Street, etc. Safeguarding the life of scientific research staff, Huairou District will explore the establishment of a commuter transit efficient connection system, the area to promote rail transit, custom bus, self-driving, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences shuttle high-efficiency change linkage, the district built custom bus, existing bus, share the bus Sharing a bicycle multivariate connection guarantee system. At the same time, we will improve the classified housing security system, and realize the first phase of Yanqi International Community, Shui’an Yanchi delivery, accelerate the second phase of Yanqi International Community, National University Collective Dormitory and City Living Room C Plot Apartment Construction. Accelerate the supply of high quality public service resources.

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Beijing Daxing Housing and Construction Committee issued Daxing District Housing Leasing Risk Warning Tips

Today, the Beijing Daxing Housing and Construction Committee issued the "Daxing District Housing Rental Risk Warning Tips", the letter also announced the list of real estate intermediary risk warnings in Daxing District, 20021, Beijing Century Home Her Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd., Beijing 200 million Room Real Estate Broker Co., Ltd., Beijing Hongchuang Property Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiyang Real Estate Brooratrane Co., Ltd. "Daxing District Housing Lease Risk Warning Tips" Reminds the majority of residents to rent a house must be cautious, be sure to think twice before renting a house, do not listen to the words, rush to pay the gold, and grass sign contract. Daxing District Long Rent Apartment, Short-rent Housing Supervision Office introduced six points to choose intermediary companies, the first is to choose the intermediary company in the Housing and Construction Committee, the intermediary company’s record can pass the WeChat public in Beijing Query. The second is to choose a deposit hosting company, and the deposit hosted a successful tenant will receive a text message. The third is that choosing an intermediary company should not only look at the business license, otherwise it is likely to face the risk of rents, deposits, etc.

The fourth is that the house intermediary can only pre-receipt for 3 months, and the lessee may not pay long-term rent at one time.

The fifth is to be vigilant, the intermediary company (two houses) take high rent as bait, rent the home house to the hand; then sign the long-term lease contract with the lessee, thus defrauding rent, deposit Running. The homeowner, the tenant has to lose. The sixth is alert to the false commitment. No matter whether the house owner is still the tenant, don’t trust the oral commitment of the intermediary company, be sure to indicate in the contract. Text / Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter Li Tao.

De centrale overheid zal zich concentreren op de constructie van de rechtsstaat in Chongqing volgens de wet.

  Herfst, regen en regen van Chongqing.

Een dame en een paar vrienden in casual kleding dragen motregen en liepen naar het administratieve heroverwegen centrum van het district Yubei. Meer informatie over de administratieve heroverweging in het verkeersbeheer, antwoordde het personeel van het Centrum enthousiast: "Het veld van het Yubei-district is momenteel vereist om de gemeentelijke overheid te accepteren, u kunt ons aan ons aanvragen, zodat u zo snel mogelijk voor u kunt draaien, Ik heb je multi-run Road nodig.

"Het personeel biedt ook sjabloon en contact, wat aangeeft dat u op elk moment kunt raadplegen. Deze dame en haar vriend zijn lid van de centrale overheid om de zevende supervisor-groep te regeren in overeenstemming met de wet, in Chongqing door het advies, individueel gesprek, luister Naar rapporten, enz. Een verscheidenheid aan formulieren, gevallen verzamelen, kaarten en vormen een rapport.

  Sinds 12 oktober implementeert de centrale overheid een week van inspecties in de acht provincies en districten van het land, begrijpt de overheidsconstructie van de rechtsstaat en het oplossen van het probleem van uitstekende problemen op het gebied van de rechtsstaat. Leden van de inspecteurs waren van de centrale overheid, de centrale overheid, de Centrale Commissie voor discipline-inspectie, enz.

  Meer naar de frontlinie, luister naar de mensen. "Hallo, hier is het 12345 hotline callcenter van Chongqing, je weerspiegelt het probleem in het vorige moment, of het gesprek soepel is, of het is opgelost, is het tevreden met het resultaat?" Begrijp het callcenter om de massa’s op te lossen , en accepteer effectief de massa’s. Na uitgebreid toezicht selecteerden leden van de inspecteurgroep willekeurig verschillende gevallen voor het bezoek aan terug.

  Luisteren naar Hervorming en Voorstel van Chongqing en voorstel; Assauling The Yongchuan District Market Supervision Bureau, toegang tot 56 documenten en case-volumes; Onaangekondigd bezoek aan Yubei District Administrative Service Center, openbaar juridisch servicecentrum, en 18 Communisten, 10 regels bezoeken Changshou District Particuliere ondernemingen, interview 5 ondernemers; Volg de Wanzhou District Grassroots Wethandhavingsambtenaren aan de gezamenlijke wetshandhavingsplaats … 7 dagen, de inspectie-groep heeft het werk uitgebreid naar de eerste regel van de Grassroots om ervoor te zorgen dat de belangrijkste taak van "Puntregel" Is alle implementatie, "Praat over fonds" is veel werk, "Tijdseffect" Werkschaal is veilig. Chongqing City is verenigd om de preventie en controle van epidemie en economische en sociale ontwikkeling te bevorderen, en meer dan 600 speciale werkgroepen zijn diep geco?rdineerd om problemen op te lossen bij het invoeren van de bedrijfslijn; Yongchuan-district opende de "overheidsregel van de rechten microklasse" en bevorderde de training van Cadres Training; Yubei District Public Security Organs Neem een ??grote multinational Telecom Network Fraud Crime Gang, het bedrag dat bij de zaak betrokken is, is 100 miljoen; de mensen in het Hof, en de persoon die de leiding heeft over het hele gebied van Het hele gebied van 2020 is 100%. De voortdurende verbetering van de overheid van de regering volgens de wet heeft de constante verbeterde rechtsstaat veroorzaakt.

De meeste bezochte massa’s zijn van mening dat de overheid een hoge effici?ntie heeft, goede service; "flexibele wetshandhaving", die particuliere ondernemers maakt, zal over het algemeen het gevoel hebben dat de overheid beter is dan woorden, en het bedrijf is erg blij.

  Behandel de autoriteit van de rechtsstaat effectief en de rechten van mensen vrijwaren. Voor de kortheid van korte plaat in de ontdekking van de rechtsstaat, zijn de inspecteurs volledig be?nvloed, sommige mediaplatformen bieden ook aanwijzingen door de massa’s. "Bedankt voor alles wat je voor consumenten hebt gedaan." Ik heb informatie verzonden naar de inspecteurs van de kleine manier van het meisje (pseudoniem) in het district Yongchuan.

  In 2019 ging Xiautou naar een schoonheidswinkel in de wijk Yongchuan om naar de meeweg te gaan. De verdeling van medewerkers draaide zich om om zijn aankoop van maximaal 2.6800 yuan te overtuigen, waarvan 20.000 yuan voor de schoonheidssalon gerangschikt. Na gebruik 1, merkte ze dat er geen effect was en de huid ook een nieuw symptoom had en de resterende kosten werden geweigerd. Wanneer het tijd kost, klaagde de kleine manier vele malen aan de Consumer Association, slechts 21.000 yuan-terugbetaling.

  De inspecteurs ontdekten dat tientallen vergelijkbare gevallen werden gevonden in de Chongqing-enquête.

In het geval zijn niet alleen sommige van de schoonheidswinkels verdacht van valse propaganda, met behulp van producten met illegale ingredi?nten, maar ook ontdekten dat jonge vrouwen nodig zijn om naar de nachtclub te gaan "ook schulden" omdat ze zich niet kunnen veroorloven aan leningen.

Het probleem omvat veel afdelingen zoals markttoezicht, openbare veiligheid en Wei Jian, veel consumenten en kleine manieren, ik weet niet welke afdeling mijn legitieme rechten en interesses moet beschermen.

  Nadat de inspecteurs worden overgedragen aan de bijbehorende aanwijzingen, handelen ze snel snel. Wijk Yongchuan Districtsorganisatie Gezondheid en gezondheids- en gezondheidscomité, districtsmarkt Supervisie Bureau, District Public Security Bureau voor speciale rectificatie in vele schoonheidsplaatsen in het district; de politie van het twee politiebureau in Yubei District verantwoordelijk voor de restitutie van de consumentenvergoeding, en vereist alle schoonheidswinkels in de jurisdictie die een verbintenisboek ondertekenen, dat ten strengste verboden is om een ??hoge consumptie van consumenten te induceren van het invoeren van de winkel met gratis of laag geprijsde "ervaring".

  Toen de deur van de Gemeenschap na diepe sloot is uitgegraven, was het niet tijdig constructie en gebrek aan beschermende maatregelen. De afdeling Public Security Traffic Control was onredelijk om de baan te bezetten toen het verkeersintensieve gebied on-site wetshandhaving was. Consumenten hadden een geschil tussen consumenten en gamebedrijven en universiteiten. De kwestie van de gevonden inspecteurs en een oplossing wordt één voor één ontwikkeld. Yan Zhizhi, het hoofd van de zevende supervisor van het Centraal-comité, zei dat de implementatie van overheidsconstructies, is om de verbetering van de markeringsproblemen die in de mensen weerspiegelen te bevorderen, en de gecentreerde ontwikkelingsdachten bevordert door het toezicht van alle delen van de mensen. Het doel van het waarborgen van de uitvoering van de rechten en belangen van mensen in overeenstemming met de wet op het hele proces van het regeren van het land in overeenstemming met de wet.

  (Xinhua News Agency, 1 november) (Editor-in: Cover Pure, Liu Zengen) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Approaching Winter Olympic Winter Olympic Village (Winter Revoca) to carry out "full factors" operation test

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing December 12 (Reporter Li Chunyu, Xie Wei) In Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Yanqing Division, the eastern part of the South District, Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) is built.

On the morning of the 11th, 30 delegations composed of approximately 360 people and 1 observance group have reached the Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Aoying Village) to carry out the "full factor" operation test. According to reports, this test includes delegation to dexterate service, accommodation service, catering service, commercial service, nucleic acid sampling, etc.

  The construction group of Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) compliant the mountain, the space is compact, has a certain drop, and has put forward higher requirements for the design and construction of barrier-free facilities. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) venue, the Secretary General of the Mun Team Reasonable connection, facilitates life in the village.

  It is understood that Yanqing Winterao Village (Winter Iow Village) consists of three parts: residential area, square area and operational district, with restaurant, integrated clinics, franchise retail store, fitness entertainment center, bank, cafe, flower shop, tradition Cultural exhibition areas, etc., strive to meet the needs of participants. At the time of the game, the Yanqing Division will hold a high mountain ski, snow, steel frame snowcots, sleigh and other competitions.

Yan Hao said: "Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) According to the characteristics of the Yanqing Division competition, the fitness center is divided into cardiovascular training area, free power training area, strength zone, stretching zone, together About 27 categories, 139 pieces of equipment.

More distribution power training equipment and the following limbs are all dominant, helping the athletes keep the body state. "Franchise retail store in the square area, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics theme slogan song" To the future "as a background music cycle, Winter Olympics is strong.

Badges, refrigerator stickers, "ice pier" and "snow-enhanced" dolls and other commemorative goods are popular, "exclusive" licensed "exclusive" with high mountain skiing, snow, steel frame snowcots, sleds, etc. Also become a big feature.

  At the main restaurant in Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Abuse Village), you can see the National Snow Sleigh Center "Snow" through the window.

World dining table, Asian dining table, Chinese dining table, clear geotette, halal table … all kinds of foods rich, Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou, Winter Olympics (Winter Iow Village) catering service standard, Time and content are exactly the same. Yan Hao said that this operational test has taken more than 70 sub-scenes. The next step will be based on test results and feedback, improve the operation process, optimize the emergency disposal plan, curing exercise experience, and to Yanqing Winter Olympic Village ( Winter disabled villages will lay a solid foundation.

  It is reported that Yanqing Winter Olympic Village is scheduled to pre-enrollment in the village on January 23, 2022, run 24 hours a day, running a total of 53 days until January 16, Yanqing Winter Iow Village. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Iow Village) will be used as a resort.

China’s economics research: pre-judgment 7.8% in the third quarter GDP growth

[] October 11th, China Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Social Sciences, "Chinaeconomist" released the results of "China Economist Hot Point Research" results in the third quarter of the 2021 show that economics pretends the growth rate of GDP growth in the third quarter of 2021, Pre-judgment 2021 year GDP growth rate is about%.

  This survey period is a valid questionnaire feedback from September 16 to October 10. Participate in respondents, including colleges and universities, college students, enterprises, government agencies and subordinate research institutions, financial institutions, etc.

  According to the survey, economists pre-propelled economy overall stability.

An economist believes that the economic growth rate of the third quarter will rise year-on-year. At the same time,% of economic people believe that the economic growth rate of the third quarter is declined, and% of the economists believe that the economic growth rate in this quarter is basically basically Flat.

The economic boom index of China’s economics in this issue is 98, down 4 points in the previous quarter survey. In terms of foreign trade,% of economic people who participated in the survey considered that the exports in the third quarter will rise year-on-year, and at the same time,%,% of the economists believe that the export volume of the third quarter will rise and basically. The Chinese economist’s foreign trade boom index is 127, which has fallen by 14 points from the previous quarter.

This shows that economists pre- and trade in a good momentum. In terms of prices, economists pre-regain consumption prices rising pressure or mild, and the price level will remain smoothly.

There is a% of the economics believe that the price level of the third quarter has increased comparable to the same period of the previous year, and% of the economist believes that the price level will be basically flat, at the same time, at the same time,%,% economics believe that the three quarters The price level will rise and basically followed. The Chinese economist price index of China is 136, which has fallen by 8 points from the previous quarter. In terms of employment, economists pre-proportion of employment situation is generally stable, but should arise from relevant departments. An economist believes that the employment situation in the third quarter will become better than year, and% of economic people believe that the employment situation will be basically flat with the same period of the previous year.

The employment index of China’s economist in this issue is 98, which is 14 points lower than the previous quarter.

  In addition, the topic survey relates to the expectations of carbon neutralization. The results show that most economists recognize the importance of achieving carbon neutralization and willing to change consumption habits.

83% of economic people believe that carbon and achieve the quality of work life.

In order to achieve carbon neutralization, 87% of economics is willing to change consumption habits.

Economists are willing to achieve 4% of revenue for achieving carbon and payment, but their willingness will not be higher than the haze governance. Economists believe that the main factors restricting green products have higher prices, and the amount of carbon decrease is unknown. The green logo is not obvious.

In the view of economics, the supporting facilities such as charging piles are not perfect to become the primary factor for the promotion of electric vehicles, followed by the mileage.

Economists generally believe that the primary measure is to prevent the production of green low-carbon products in the division of industries, followed by measures such as ecological compensation, financial transfer, and workers’ rescue. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

De steun voor de voorlopige "wegenkaart" van koolstofneutralisatie komt eraan!

Originele titel: de ondersteuning voor de voorlopige "wegenkaart" van koolstofneutralisatie en ontwerp komt eraan! Hoe het doel van koolstof in koolstof 2060 te bereiken? "’Technologie is de koning’ zal volledig worden weerspiegeld, die naar voren zal komen, die het voordeel in de toekomstige internationale competitie zal bereiken.

"De academicus van de Chinese Academy of Sciences Ding Zhongli zei op de 30e dat in het midden van koolstof, de wetenschap en technologie van mijn land ver weg is.

Op de 7e academische jaarlijkse conferentie die op dezelfde dag wordt gehouden, heeft Ding Zhongli een speciaal verslag gemaakt in de titel van "China" Carbon en "Framework Road Map Research".

Ding Zhongli introduceerde dat de wetenschappelijke en technologische behoeften van koolstofneutralisatie, de China Academy of Sciences een groot consultatieproject opgericht "China Carbon Middle and Framework Roadmap Research", het doel is om een ??voorlopige routekaart te ontwerpen, terwijl u de "wegenkaart" implementeert, Voorstel Operationele niveau-suggesties.

Het project wordt georganiseerd volgens het afvoereinde, het koolstofuiteinde en de beleidseinden, het project is omgeven rond de toekomst van het toekomstige energieverbruik, de niet-koolstofe evenredige fase is verbeterd, en de niet-koolstof-energievoorspelling, niet -Carbon Energy Technology Development Herderbehoeften, Land Ecosystem Contrein Huidige situatie, Land Ecosystem Toekomstige koolstofpotentiaalanalyse, Carbon Collection and Dutching Seapying Technology Assessment, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau toonaangevende totale demonstratiezone suggestie, beleidstechnologie-analyse en onderzoek opgericht 9 onderwerpen. "Geef eerst een raamsaanbeveling voor discussies met wetenschap en technologie, fixeren en verbeteren.

"Ding Zhongli zei dat de academische gemeenschap van mijn land zich moet houden aan opening van attitudes, brede deelname, een verbeeldingskracht en creativiteit spelen, koolstofneutraliteit verwijst naar kooldioxide mensen tot emissies (fossiele brandstofgebruik, landgebruik, etc.) is menselijk actief (houtaccumulatie , Body Organic Carbon, Engineering Sea, enz.) En natuurlijke processen (oceaanabsorptie, erosie – depositieproces koolstof begraven, alkalische bodems koolstof, enz.) Om de netto-emissies te bereiken. Mijn land heeft toegewijd aan de wereld, streven naar het bereiken van 2030 koolstof Pieken, 2060 jaar geleden. Koolstofneutralisatie. Van koolstoppen tot koolstof, slechts 30 jaar, ver van de tijd inzet van ontwikkelde landen, is veel moeilijker dan ontwikkelde landen. (Dong Ruifeng) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Xu eerder.

Adhere to the people’s first hundred years of struggle to go to the road

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For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Zheng Shipeng (Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, Associate Persons, Vice President) The Sixth All Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of ChinaThe Sixth All Meeting Publication, vividly showed a Chinese Communist Party to lead the Chinese people’s own revitalization, and the system combed the experience of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle.Science experience revelation.

Adhere to the people’s first one is an important part of the party’s experience, and the Chinese Communist Party is deeply reflected in the vivid essence of the Marxist proletarian party. On the road to the second hundred years of struggle, we must adhere to the people’s supreme, further unite the people, rely on the people, and deliver satisfactory times to the people. I adhered to the people’s first, the party’s 20-year-old Tourism Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session received a new era project, that is, from the party’s 100-year struggle to see why we can succeed, how can we understand the future? Continue to succeed, and more determined, more consciously practiced the initial mission, and better adhere to the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

Research and cracking this magnificent historical topic, the times, the key is to clarify the fundamental status and role of the people in the process of the party’s struggle, focusing on dialectically understanding the logical relationship between the party’s 100-year development and the innovation creation of the people. "Adhere to the people" and interpret the party’s purpose and the initial mission.

Looking back at the history of the party’s hundred years, as a proletarian party established under the guidance of Marxism, the Chinese Communist Party always adheres to the inner unity of party spirit and people, and always follow the people’s thoughts in the historical material material of Marxism, always use the people as "reliable ", Restore the people’s main status as historical creators.

It is under the guidance of the people’s supreme development idea, the party is united to lead the Chinese people to create a miracle, and one fell swoop again and another "impossible" that was determined by the Western world, truly changed the fate of the country, created The happiness of the people, so that the people adhere to the valuable experience of the party has become a hundred years of struggle, and persistently guides the party to closely contact the masses, cherish the emotions of fish with the masses, and continue to create new great miracles with the people.

  I adhered to the people’s first reflection of the people’s value of the Communist Party of China, regardless of how the times change, no matter how the world, national conditions, and social situation change, the Chinese Communist Party will have the fundamental purpose of the people to serve the people, for the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation The initiative and mission of revival have not changed.

This is the vivid manifestation of the Pursuit of the Communist Party of China to the Pursuit of People’s First Value and highlights the most vivid political nature of the Communist Party of China.

Adhere to the people’s until the party group leads the Chinese people’s revolution, building and reform, in which the party has always been "thinking together, dry together". The party’s initiality and mission inspires the party to fight in order to achieve the benefits of the people, and the happiness of the people as the only reference system for struggle and results. The foundation of the Communist Party of China is in the people, blood in the people.

The party group leads the people to carry out revolution, construction, reform. The fundamental purpose is to let the people have lived a good day, no matter how big challenges and stress, this is always unswerving, and this is not shaken.

This has deepened the Chinese Communist Party to adhere to the highest value pursuit of the people, and vividly said the initial and mission of the Chinese Communist Party. Adhering to the people’s order not only in the form of the Chinese Communist Party’s psychological spectrum, but also in practice as the party’s fate and the national fate, the people’s destiny. Under the efforts of the party and the people, the Chinese nation stood up and riches, and the great leap that was strong, so that the great rejuvenation of the nation was closer to a big step. This great historic feat fully reflects the noble people’s value sentiment in the Communist Party of China, pointing to the value of the people and the value of the people, which is an excellent character that is not available in any part of the world. . Adhering to the people’s success in the new struggle for the benefit of the people through a series of hard struggles and efforts, the party and the people have completed the first hundred years of struggle, and they must be very close to the second hundred years of struggle. Adhere to the people, you must continue to benefit the people in new struggles.

Adhere to the people’s supreme, to respect and maintain the fundamental position of the people’s main status as the basic principles of the party’s leading people, the trust and support given the people to the source of the party’s self-confidence and strength. It is necessary to treat the people as the biggest gas of the party, regard the people’s heart as the greatest politics.

Do your best, you should have to protect the political rights and status of the people, adhere to the development of the whole process of people’s democracy, always insist on and improve the people of the people.

Always meet the interests of the people as the highest standards for measuring all the work of the party.

Fully mobilize and stimulate the first spirit of the broad masses of the people, and constantly condense the endogenous power of the people. On the forward road of the second hundred years of struggle, we will play the fundamental power of the people to promote social development and era. To constantly build the foundation of the party’s work, call and motivate the people to participate in the specific practice of social development and national construction, people are the truth of historical creators to fully highlight the new era of the party’s leadership. Chinese characteristics Socialism construction practice, insist on relying on the people to create a business, relying on the people to solve the problem, relying on the people to the future. It is necessary to strike the challenge, to meet the challenges, to meet the challenges. Keep the flesh and blood in the party and the people, taking measures to improve people’s livelihood, so that the people have harvested the real benefits, so that the people will have a good response and satisfaction of the yearning for a better life, so as to work with the people to achieve the second The bright future of the goal of the century.

Chengdu Xindu District completed the risk of risk census survey

As of October 26 this year, Chengdu Xinshu District took the lead in completing the family disaster reduction capacity of the regional risk census system. The new capital emergency system risk census survey stage fill the rate, quality inspection rate, and audit rates are 100%, and in time, the census data is reported, followed by provincial and municipal requirements and standards, and all work indicators are in the forefront of the city. On February 20 this year, the relevant notice was issued in the new capital, and the regional risk census leadership team confirmed the work requirements and job responsibilities of participants, and prepared the first national natural disaster comprehensive risk census in the new capital. Solutions and implementations. The Census Leading Group requested that all relevant units clearly referred to the disaster risk and hidden risks in the district, and identified key regions and disaster relief. Risk census is mainly divided into two works in work.

The industry is mainly through organizing industry departments, town (street), villages (communities) and filling the unit staff training, opening adjustment, progress, access archives, telephone query Q & A, sending letter, data quality inspection, computer-end data entry And the stamp data is organized, etc .; the maintenance work mainly includes the use of mobile app to conduct on-site fill in the unit space zoning editorial verification and positioning, unit information on-site verification, field advocacy, on-site guidance training. At the same time, members of the regional risk census leading group actively participated in the national risk census technical regulations for the national and Chengdu Census Office, grasping national requirements and standards, and correcting working ideas and methods in a timely manner, clarifying responsibility, division of labor, and The time node ensures that the census investigation is solid and orderly.

At present, the Xinzu District Census Office has completed 468 investigations, total collection data 11555, involving schools, medical institutions, public cultural places, A-level tourist scenic spots, etc .; completing 335 surveys of government disaster reduction capacity, total collection 5122 data, involving 9 government disaster management capabilities (involving 9 industries), government full-time and enterprise firefighting teams and 5 equipment, disaster relief materials reserves (points), 123 emergency refuge places, social organizations Ability of 5 disaster reduction capacity data and community (village) disaster reduction capacity data and community (village) disaster reduction ability; 1417 household disaster reduction capacity investigations involving 29 communities (villages), and completed 3,8070 filled data.

In terms of historical natural disasters, the 1981-2020 flood disasters, earthquakes, etc. in the national prefabricated new capital, the seismic disaster information, etc. The way, independently fills 713 surveys of historical disasters during the period of 1978 and 2020, including 130 general information, involving the drought, floods, typhoon, wind, low temperature frozen disasters, earthquakes, etc. 9269 . In terms of work in the work, 22 harvesting companies, 73 refueling stations, 123 emergency refuge sites, including data confirmation, geographic space graphics, and on-site, line, facing calibration, Relevant information on major hazardous sources in the region is verified.

Assist industry departments to lay out on field findings, including 20 schools, more than 20 hospitals, 5 commercial complexes.

In order to improve the risk management capabilities of the disaster in the disaster, the district generally combined with wind prevention and mitigation publicity work, through the interpretation of the household, hanging publicity banners, publicity manuals, postparts posters, etc. Citizens publicize earthquake, floods, heavy rains and other disasters and self-help mutual rescue basic knowledge, leading to the main methods of natural disasters, grasp emergency risk, and improve the risk of natural disasters.

The new capital risk census leadership team is required to actively create a good disaster prevention and mitigation atmosphere, innovate the national risk census investigation work in the new capital, popularize the promotion of national disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge and disaster relief skills, and create a good atmosphere of national participation, Improve residents’ disaster risk prevention awareness and ability.

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