Chu Deirers are also speechless,What about this,It seems that I have grabbed their Lingbi Palace.?
“Confused!can not tell,I am doing help you find a top beam post??Dodge a decade,I do this again, this is the land.!”Seat of a nursery rhyme,It’s really good,Actually explained a sentence。
“Teacher,I am still here.。”Chu Debans said that there is no expression。
You have to cross the river,Also carrying someone me??
When there is something,Lingbi Palace is my home,Nothing……“Are you a Lingbi Palace is your home?”?
“so what?Actually, it is not a responsibility.,But you want them to call you.‘Owner’?”Triants curiously ask。
Suddenly, Chu Deirers harvest a few days and ridicule。
“Do not,If the teacher is just worried about the security of the palace,In fact, I still have an idea.!I believe that the teacher is also known.,If the door is open today,Less than a year,There are two masters of the Tianmenmen.,In the future, the rivers and lakes are in place or have a large change,Teacher taking the liberty,I want to pick my head to set up a righteousness……”
The direction of the laughter comes,However, the four swords and others are innocent and looked at themselves.。
“We can set up a righteousness,Lingbi Palace can be one of the founders,At the time of alliances, the big truth is watching each other.,Both self-insurance,Also in the safe、Harmonious martial arts!”Chu Deirers are very powerful prospects。
“Zhengxia Mengyi?In addition to Lingbi Palace……There are also 36 holes、Those waste of seventy-two islands,Is there anyone else??”Nursery 不。
“Teacher is only this idea,But believe in the people of the teacher,At least the moon, god, and the floral hall,Should not refuse……Including those martial arts that are attached to the day and moon,Also antichel。Oh,correct,There is also the Murong Shi in Jiangnan that is likely to join.。”Chu Deirers are very confident.。
Does Murong Shi join,I want to see what Murongjiu is preparing to flicker God.。
As for the atriots,Temples are afraid to see。
Triary rhymes have a little quirky,Chu Deirers still think is not enough,So supplemented a sentence:“This time, the Emei is a harmonious situation.,Ming education is probably difficult to cope,If we can use to help,I believe that Mingjiao will also join!”
kindness,Don’t say something really,Listen to these names,A shaft is rushing。
“Then you have to be the respect of the Lingbi Palace.!Otherwise, I will send it now that the cat is three or two.,What is the use?What is the alliance of the righteousness,If there is no hand,Can they take gas??”The nursery rhymes agrees that the Chu Deirers’,But there is another plan。
“Neither,Teacher,He Die can do alliance,The teacher is planning to go to Wudang, ask Zhang Zhen people to host the situation.。”Chu Deiren said quickly。
“you……And Zhang Zhen people mentioned?”Trifami Rong Lift Zhang Zhen,Still very polite,After all, theory,When Zhang Zhen people became famous,She just born,When Zhang Zhen is defeated,,She will be introduced soon.。
“That is not yet,The teacher wants to coordinate all sent,A general shelf,Please ask Zhang Zhen people。”Chu Deirers are still very reliable,No, eight words, no one,Let people make white workers。
Triany shake:“I think……Zhang Zhen people should not agree。”
And not to say that Zhang Zhen is older,I didn’t want to involve this kind of thing.,and……Take these people you are looking for!
Chu Deiren heard,I also think of this possible,Some are somewhat hard in your heart.。
If Zhang Zhen does not want to go out,That’s a righteousness,I am afraid to build it all.、Or don’t be built。
After all, you can teach in the sun and moon.、Transfusion、Ming teacher、Murong Shijia, etc.,Call a sound“Degrees”,And it will not be too suspicious of seniors.,In addition to Zhang Zhen people,Chu Deirers also can’t think of the second person!
Zhang Zhen people do not do alliance,Who can anyone who can take advantage of??Just to teach the master and invite the moon,He can’t stand!
Although the main sister and yourself are a brother,Inviting the moon and secretly secretly,But the Chu Deirers feel that they have their character,Will not be too moved,Not don’t say, even if you are teaching、Murongjiu,Even if you don’t play,Also still uncomfortable。
See the Chu Deirent,The nursery rhymes are forcibly to jump up and play his head.,Remind:“No, there is you??”
“Neither,Where did I do the alliance?,I can only handle my own things.。”Chu Deiren shook his head,After all, it is so big.,He didn’t even have a small group.。
“When all the allies don’t need you to do?,Everyone can take advantage of you.!”Try rim is very experienced。
Chu Deirers thought about it.,seem……Nothing?It is not darent,At least everyone will not be too uncomfortable.?
And the alliance organized by the rivers and lakes,Not the alliance of the 18th road princes——Not see,In the original, Zhang Wuji did Mingjiao、Righteous spirit leader,Yuan Chengzhi did the seven provinces of martial arts……Can also not delay them everywhere。
Tany rhyme is the largest“Lambus”Hand a look,Although I am not willing,But since the nursery rhymes have been said,So……
“Meet the honor!”
Yu Po is a head,The leader of the other departments,Also worshiped:“Meet the honor……”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake