Xia Jian couldn’t help asking:“All right at home!”

“Okay,The water in the village has run out,It’s muddy everywhere。Uncle Xia and Auntie have not slept,Don’t worry about them,Hurry to the next door to change your clothes”Zhao Hong said,He handed the clean pants and shoes to Xia Jian’s hands。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Where to go next door most of the night,Convert it right here,I won’t peek anyway”
Since other girls have said that,Xia Jian didn’t feel embarrassed,But when he opened the folded pants,I found that the careful Zhao Hong put a pair of panties inside for him。Not to mention,It’s really uncomfortable to wear this thing wet。
Xia Jian put on his pants and walked into the house next to him in the dark,Fortunately, the door is not locked。When Xia Jian comes out after getting dressed,Found that Zhao Hong and Ma Yan in the office were asleep on the table。
The burning candle is about to burn out,Make a flapping sound。Xia Jian glanced at his watch,It’s more than three in the middle of the night。Only the roaring Xichuan River outside the window,Besides,The whole Xiping Village is quiet。It seems everyone is tired from tossing。
Take a look at the sky full of Minxing,Xia Jian shook his head helplessly。It seems that God is just like people,This temper is good and bad。He thought about these questions,Down on the sofa,Fell asleep without knowing it。
A voice of speaking,Wake up Xia Jian。He opened his eyes and took a look,Zhao Hongzheng and Chen Erniu are discussing what。Ma Yan on the side is gone。
“wake up!Get up quickly,Let’s go see by the river”Zhao Hong said,Gave a long yawn。
Chen Erniu, who put on clean clothes, looks refreshed。He laughed and said:“I thought we would never see you again,Don’t you know,How high was the head of the river when Xichuan River came down last night?”
“So heavy rain,Can the head of the river be lowered??”Xia Jian moved around,Turned around and walked outside。
Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu hurriedly followed from behind。Chen Erniu took a breath and said:“As high as an eaves,With a rush, the waterproof embankment we pierced was gone.。Water recedes and knows,This waterproof dike with a length of more than ten meters was rushed into the village”
“what!It’s incredible!”Zhao Hong said silently。
Chen Erniu sighed and said:“We are indeed a little lucky。If this waterproof embankment ran into someone’s house,,The house will be knocked down。If you run into someone,Can that person live?So we are still a little lucky”
Sounds really scary,But Xia Jian still glared at Chen Erniu and said:“Not so much if。If I were the rain god,I will go to the island country in this crazy rainstorm”
Xia Jian’s joke is very good,Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu all laughed。
Xichuan River is like a wild horse running away,Has rushed out of the original river。Ramming wanton on the river bank,It looked a little shocking。The village head of Xiping Village,Because it’s closer to Xichuan River,The whole road is full of river water。
Xia Jian watched for a while,So he took off his shoes and put them aside,Then went barefoot into the cold water。Zhao Hong and Chen Erniu also imitated him,The two also took off their shoes,Caught up from behind。