Li Hui has been a sudden scene,It’s also a glimpse.。

“Laugh,Sleep well,Woke up, just fine.。”
Li Xiangqi wants to unlock the slang of the wrapped around him.。
But I found the tightness of the other party.,If it is too hard, I am afraid to hurt the little girl’s self。
“I do not,Lee brother,I like you,I really really like you.。”
Even if you drink wine, Yang Xiao smile,When I said this, I still feel a red ear.。
Li Hui Feng feels the breath of the ears.,The heart is also a sigh。
“Laugh,You are young,There are many things that you still don’t understand.。”
“You are not bigger than me.,I understand everything.。”
Said that her beautiful red lips took the initiative to get Li Hui’s lips.。
But Li Hui is the instinct to avoid it.。
“Laugh,Like is not love,You may really belong to it now.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also gently put the slammed slammed arm on him.。
Yang Xiao smiled and heard that Li Hui Fenghua is also a glimpse.,Then, the eyes are full of water.。
“I have no impulsive,I was serious。”
“it is good,Then we agree,Don’t think about me now?,Things with me,First use academics,Waiting for your university graduated,At that time, you decided today that this thing is??”
“Besides,I actually have a girlfriend.,And more than one。”
Li Hui said that this is also a long loose gas.。
After all, some things can’t always conceal.。
But what did him didn’t expect that Yang Xiao smiled and was not angry.,But the tears in my eyes flash。
“I know,I have always known,But I also made this decision made after a long time.。”
“Forehead,Laugh,Some things will only regret after the impulse,I don’t want you to regret you??”
Li Hui Feng is from the heart.,He feels that a girl in each other has experienced those things.,Then there is a foreign abroad,These lonely situations have led to the other party’s favorite,Attachment to him。
“Lee brother,I do not regret。”
Say,Yang Xiao smiled again.。
Li Hui Feng faces Yang Xia laughing and awkward movements,I am also sigh in my heart.。
“Laugh,Waiting for you to wake up, say this again.,This situation is not responsible for you.,At the same time, you are not responsible for you.。”
Say this,Li Hui has directly pushed the other party directly,Let the other party rest,Then I ran directly.。
Yang Xiao smiled and wanted to reside。
But in the end, she still did not shout exit.。
Li Hui Hui, who walked out of the door,It is also a snoring。
Guan Yun is suddenly coming back from outside。
See Guan Yun,Li Hui is a bit wonderful asked:“Guan Da Ge, where is this??”
“Well, your child is very fast.,It’s so fast.?
I thought you would be overnight there tonight.!”
“Forehead,Guan big brother you think more,I just give her a glass of water.。”
Li Huihe heard the words of Guan Yun,I know that the other party misunderstood。
For Yang Xiao Xiao,He feels good to explain it.。