Xia Jian didn’t even read it:“Indicate their job position outside,Bring all to the meeting room to wait for the result。During this time,If someone leaves without authorization,I will increase the punishment。In addition,You call immediately to inform those who have not come to work,The township cadres meeting at 3 pm“

“Not present,I won’t use Donglin Township for work anymore“Xia Jian finished,Turn around and leave。
Feng Xiaowei chased up from behind,Whispered to Xia Jian:“Chief Xia is really thunderous,But what should these people do next?”
“Huang Shigui and the four of them are suspected of gambling,And also doing such ridiculous things in the conference room during work。Do you think Donglin Township can keep them??“Xia Jian asked Feng Xiaowei back。
Feng Xiaowei smiled and said:“I’m afraid of thunder,Rain drops。Snake will never die,But got wounded by a snake“
“Don’t worry,If the market still shows favoritism to Huang Shigui and others this time,Then I’ll leave immediately,Let them manage Donglin Township by themselves“Xia Jian said decisively。
Donglin Township Government Compound,Very clean by Li Manfu。When Xia Jian and Feng Xiaowei came out,Li Manfu is carrying a bucket to sprinkle water into the yard。When Zhao Chunling took Huang Shigui to the police station just now,It happened to be seen by Li Manfu。He is from Huang Shigui,This scared him。
Xia Jian still followed Feng Xiaowei to her office,Because he doesn’t even know,Do you have an office?。Feng Xiaowei is very smart,Her face from Xia Jian,I have seen Xia Jian’s meaning。
She smiled and said:“Chief Xia!You work in my office first,I asked someone to clean up the room for you“Feng Xiaowei greeted Xia Jian to her office,She turned and left。
First1839chapter Stabbed up
? Really funny,As the head of a village,He didn’t even have his own office。Doesn’t this word make people laugh out of their teeth?。
Xia Jian sat on Feng Xiaowei’s chair with cotton cushions,Took a long breath。Calm down,He immediately grabbed the phone on the desk。He wanted to call Qin Xiaomin,But I changed my mind,He called Chen Jiang again。
The phone is connected soon,When Chen Jiang heard this call Xia Jian called him,He asked a little surprised:“What’s the matter, Chief Xia?,You don’t mean you regret it,Don’t want to go to Donglin Township?“
“I have started to work in Donglin Township。I didn’t expect to go to work on the first day,Huang Shigui, director of Donglin Township People’s Congress, led a group of people to play mahjong in the conference room。Mayor Chen!What do you say about this?“Xia Jian on the phone,Said very angry。
Chen Jiangyi listen,Can’t help but curse loudly:“Bastard,Dare to play mahjong in the meeting room of the township government,How do you think about it?“Chen Jiang kicked the ball over soon。
“When we caught this group of people,Secretary to the mayor,And the Minister of Arms,In addition, the newly appointed deputy director of the police station, Zhao Chunling, is also there。It can be said that people get the money,And the amount of money on the table is two thousand four hundred yuan。Bad plot,Very bad influence。I have asked Deputy Director Zhao to detain them to the police station“Xia Jian said very strongly。
Chen Jiang sighed on the phone and said:“Chief Xia!This Huang Shigui is really disgusting。But in dealing with his affairs,Do you think about it?“