“Your Royal Highness Huanhai is in trouble now!”The elderly Fu Wang opened his eyes,Said slowly。

King Ning’s eyes are gloomy,Staring at Wu Hao’s figure,The spiteful color in the eyes couldn’t be more obvious。
He has made up his mind,Wait for the game to end,Send someone to take Wu Hao the first time,Must take this artifact。
Wu Hao and Ningwang Mansion Have Enmity,Who dares to stop King Ning from showing off,Who is the life and death enemy of Prince Ning’s Mansion?!King Ning has made up his mind,No matter what the price,Must take this artifact。
not far away,Six Prince Mi Li squinted,Think about it,Commanded to the left and right:“Go and call in the wind。and also,Take my token,Transfer all the elites in the house,Ready to fight with King Ning’s Mansion。”
Princess Huanhai looked at the heroic Wuhao in front of him,The expression on his face is a little complicated。
Wu Hao has this superb white tiger tooth necklace,Has become a shadow over the head of the mage profession,There are such equipment that restrains the legal profession in the world,This is for the entire Fashen City,It’s quite bad news。
Well known,The power of the mage profession,Lies in the powerful magical lethality,And group attack range,Especially for the dark race,Has unparalleled lethality,But in the internal struggle of the gods,The mage profession has natural disadvantages,Neither as flexible as the Taoist profession,Can be suitable for various harsh environments,Not as rough and thick as the warrior profession,A steel body。
As long as you get close by a fighter of the same rank,The mage profession has extremely poor heads-up ability,With magic shield,Can still carry it a few times,If there is no magical position with magic shield,Only for the slaughter。
right now,The appearance of this superb tiger tooth necklace on Wu Hao,For the survival status of the mage profession,It’s just worse,How can Princess Huanhai not worry?!
Just like now,Her magic,For Wu Hao in front of you,Mostly failed,There are only a few specialized magic attacks left,Maybe it will work。
“Mr. Wu,This superb necklace on you,Can you sell it to me?”Princess Huanhai blurted out。
This remark,Her pretty face is reddish,Immediately realized that I was abrupt。
Equipment with such powerful attributes,Who would sell it easily?What’s more, the two are in a battle here,Unless Wu Hao’s head is broken,To do stupid things!
“Sell off?Do not,Do not,I certainly don’t sell!”Lu Menglin smiled。