Smoothly catch the book that Han Zhili threw to me,And put it aside carefully,God knows if this old man can touch porcelain!

“Little Bunny,I can find your address in just one phone,You hide!Do you drop too much?”
Han Zhili gritted his teeth and looked at Xiang Chen,I want to regain my weapon,No matter how fast your hands are,Han Zhili is really not Xiang Chen’s opponent,His hand just moved,Xiang Chen has already put that thick dictionary elsewhere。
Old and young are chasing in the inn,Sometimes someone who lives in the store bumps into it,I would stop and watch the excitement for a while before leaving。
But if these people know who the old man is chasing young people,I believe they will record some small videos,And post it online。
“Principal Han,Don’t make trouble!”
About a quarter of an hour later,Han Zhili’s physical strength gradually can’t keep up with Xiang Chen’s rhythm,Xiang Chen deliberately slowed down to take care of Han Zhili and was misunderstood by the elderly,It also made Han Zhili’s blood pressure repeatedly record highs。
Seeing Han Zhili’s face abnormally ruddy,Xiangyang is really afraid of unfavorable factors that will affect her inheritance of the inn。
Found a space to stop Han Zhili,Then he gave Yan Xiaoyi a wink,The latter quickly understood Xiang Chen’s intentions,Bring tea。
Han Genji dispelled the spectators watching the excitement,Yao Yao also slapped the 100 yuan he lost in the bet in Mo Mo’s palm。
“What a useless old man!”
Mo Mo said what Yao Yao thought but he dared not say it。
Pocket money,Mo Mo is still a little curious,Who is this old man who can chase Xiang Chen and make Xiang Chen even want to fight back?。
“If there are 10,000 people in China who really study,Then one third of them will definitely be his students,The remaining two thirds,Are probably his admirers。”
Yao Yao briefly analyzed the background of Han Zhili for Mo Mo,Why doesn’t Xiang Chen dare to fight back?Han Zhili’s body is one aspect of worry,What’s more is that no matter how powerful Xiang Chen is, he can’t stop the scholar’s verbal criticism!
After listening to Yao Yao’s introduction,After drinking tea again,Xiang Chen and Han Zhili who started to sit down and talk quietly,Mo Mo curled his lips,Instinctively moved away from the two people in the distance。
After a series of exercises, the old and the young can also sit down,Talk to each other calmly about their thoughts。
“You really didn’t make my girl upset?”