Discover WeChat public platform to disrupt network propagation order issues, netizens can report

The reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Net Letter Office that the socially reflected commercial website platform and "self-media" disrupts the network communication order, the National Net Letter Office has carried out national centralized rectification from July 24.

Among them, the WeChat public platform that is concerned by the majority of netizens will work from four aspects. First, the illegal editors release Internet news information, reprint the problem of non-contributed source, and severely crack down on "headline party", malicious marketing, and burst into a scavenging rumor, clues suspected of illegal crime will report to the competent authority; And the upgrade platform operation rules, management methods, the malicious account, main body, the subject, the subject, the main body, and the three, the establishment of a good ecology, the content of the content, "not speculating"; four is perfect Content protection and report complaint mechanisms, protecting quality content creators are not infringed, helping positive energy content, and will be accepted for the first time for report complaints.

Heilongjiang Provincial Net Letter Office reminds users, reports to click on the upper right corner of the illegal article "…" to choose "Complaint", choose the cause of the complaint and complain, Tencent will handle it according to regulations. The following steps are example first: click "…" in the upper right corner.