Li Hui has been a sudden scene,It’s also a glimpse.。

“Laugh,Sleep well,Woke up, just fine.。”
Li Xiangqi wants to unlock the slang of the wrapped around him.。
But I found the tightness of the other party.,If it is too hard, I am afraid to hurt the little girl’s self。
“I do not,Lee brother,I like you,I really really like you.。”
Even if you drink wine, Yang Xiao smile,When I said this, I still feel a red ear.。
Li Hui Feng feels the breath of the ears.,The heart is also a sigh。
“Laugh,You are young,There are many things that you still don’t understand.。”
“You are not bigger than me.,I understand everything.。”
Said that her beautiful red lips took the initiative to get Li Hui’s lips.。
But Li Hui is the instinct to avoid it.。
“Laugh,Like is not love,You may really belong to it now.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Also gently put the slammed slammed arm on him.。
Yang Xiao smiled and heard that Li Hui Fenghua is also a glimpse.,Then, the eyes are full of water.。
“I have no impulsive,I was serious。”
“it is good,Then we agree,Don’t think about me now?,Things with me,First use academics,Waiting for your university graduated,At that time, you decided today that this thing is??”
“Besides,I actually have a girlfriend.,And more than one。”
Li Hui said that this is also a long loose gas.。
After all, some things can’t always conceal.。
But what did him didn’t expect that Yang Xiao smiled and was not angry.,But the tears in my eyes flash。
“I know,I have always known,But I also made this decision made after a long time.。”
“Forehead,Laugh,Some things will only regret after the impulse,I don’t want you to regret you??”
Li Hui Feng is from the heart.,He feels that a girl in each other has experienced those things.,Then there is a foreign abroad,These lonely situations have led to the other party’s favorite,Attachment to him。
“Lee brother,I do not regret。”
Say,Yang Xiao smiled again.。
Li Hui Feng faces Yang Xia laughing and awkward movements,I am also sigh in my heart.。
“Laugh,Waiting for you to wake up, say this again.,This situation is not responsible for you.,At the same time, you are not responsible for you.。”
Say this,Li Hui has directly pushed the other party directly,Let the other party rest,Then I ran directly.。
Yang Xiao smiled and wanted to reside。
But in the end, she still did not shout exit.。
Li Hui Hui, who walked out of the door,It is also a snoring。
Guan Yun is suddenly coming back from outside。
See Guan Yun,Li Hui is a bit wonderful asked:“Guan Da Ge, where is this??”
“Well, your child is very fast.,It’s so fast.?
I thought you would be overnight there tonight.!”
“Forehead,Guan big brother you think more,I just give her a glass of water.。”
Li Huihe heard the words of Guan Yun,I know that the other party misunderstood。
For Yang Xiao Xiao,He feels good to explain it.。

She Letian first said something that gave everyone hope,The next sentence made Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun despair:“But it’s enough to kill you at a half-innate level!”

“Half-step innate state!”
Hu Mazi and Guo Baojun trembled in their hearts,Congenital realm and acquired cultivation are completely different,A difference。
The acquired cultivation base is only to refine the blood qi in the body into true qi;And Xiantian is the night sky that absorbs the spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth into the body,Refining aura for your own use。
There is an invisible between heaven and earth、Intangible energy——Reiki。
This is also the foundation of the cultivator,Like the air of ordinary people、water、Food is as important! The reason why the earth tens of thousands of years ago appeared in the end of cultivation,It’s because the aura on the earth is exhausted,Those who are no longer fit to survive。
Therefore, the master with the highest cultivation level on the earth is only the master of the first-class peak.,There will be no masters above the Innate Realm,Because there is no aura。
At that time, the power on the earth found a new home in the vast universe——Primordial Continent,It also opened up immigration between the two planets。
She Letian is only a half-step innate state,Not yet?Is a complete innate body,But the existence of aura that can already be felt,Can use part of the aura as his offensive method,It’s no longer the match of acquired cultivators。
Hu Mazi and Guo Junbao looked at each other,in unison:“withdraw!”
The two are Qi Qizong jumping,Facing a half-step master of innate realm,It’s not ashamed to run away。
“Stay for me!”
“Ghost Claw!”
She Letian arms out,A transformed big claw is in the airiappear,It covered Hu Mazi’s heads。

The big formation under the blessing of the Holy Fire is many times stronger than before,And once the counterattack is activated,With the power of torch attack,Even sharper,The most important thing is,Whether it is normal operation,Still launch a counterattack,The spiritual power to be consumed is much less than before the Holy Fire blessing,This is undoubtedly great news for the Five Elements Island in trouble。

I’m secretly smacking my tongue after a short estimate from the cloud,The spirit stone that barely lasted for a month,Calculate according to new consumption,Has been exaggeratedly expanded to a year or more,As long as the holy flame does not cease,The effect of this blessing always exists,He knows,The two fireballs sent by him and the elders only supplement the lack of attributes,Just icing on the cake,It is precisely the three holy flames sacrificed by the teenagers that really play the role of pillars。
More than Liyun,Everyone once again looked at the boy’s eyes full of various complex emotions,doubt、Horrified、Surprise、In awe and so on,Even unabashed hatred and hatred,These uncoordinated eyes are mixed in the crowd,Just a short while,Disappeared。
But almost everyone thinks,It is because of the smooth holding of the sitting ceremony,The boy was very lucky to be recognized by the Hall of Five Elements,And this greedy young man may have absorbed the power accumulated in the hall for tens of thousands of years.,Otherwise, how could there be three sacred flames in his hand??
To put it bluntly,The teenager is just a lucky one,A mortal being caught,Itself a miracle,Encounter with Love Again,Lucky enough to explode,It’s a pity that none of the thousands of sages on the Five Elements Island can be so lucky,Even Lihuo doesn’t compare to it。
Everyone has mixed feelings,Today blessed the defense formation,This youth merit,But not infinite,Capable,I did not cultivate it myself,This move is more to reveal the ability and authority of the new palace owner。
I don’t care what everyone thinks,The teenager is now focusing on stimulating the holy fire,Strive to drive all the remains of the main hall to participate in a certain regular rotation,Looks very strenuous,But he keeps insisting,One third of the wreck lies in place,No one knows the role of the wreck,Only young people understand。
The boy inherited the earth fire and fire spirit one after another、All the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit of the Five Elements Temple、Memory and wisdom,Before leaving, the Holy Spirit handed over the three holy flames that had been preserved for many years to the teenager.,Plus the ground fire he already has,Only lack of sky fire,This is also the reason why the Holy Fire Temple has never been restored,The Holy Spirit repeatedly warned the young,Less than last resort,The four sacred flames cannot be fired,Otherwise there will be a disaster。
and so,The young man also kept a kind of rootless fire,Otherwise, the blessing of the big formation will be even more terrifying。
It’s a pity that young people haven’t systematically studied divine power,I don’t even know the spiritual power transfer method of getting started,Just communicate with the earth fire fire spirit、I learned a little bit in the quarrel,Combined with their chaotic memories,Can barely maintain the output of spiritual power,His qi sea dantian is like a vast lake with smoke,But the only channel for releasing water is a tube as thick as the mouth of the bowl。
Puff,The boy is already sitting on the ground,The left and right hands are always in touch with the three flames,After body quenching,These methods have no obstacles,The difficulty lies in the lack of spiritual support。
“I will help you!”Stop drinking,Wu Ju squeezed out of the crowd,He sees that the young man is weak,I have to help,Not only him,Many people can see。
My torch is not close to the teenager,Then there was a figure obliquely stopping him,It’s the elder of Hou Tu Temple,This person rushed to me with a smile,“If on spiritual power cultivation,You seem to be worse。”
“How are you?”I’m a rough one,Straightforward temperament,On weekdays, Huo Tianzun and Uncle Qiu are very caring for him,So the concept of hierarchy is very vague,Talking to Liyun is carefree,Not to mention the elders?And he doesn’t feel cold about the behavior of the elders of the Houtu Hall,Was suddenly blocked,Naturally unhappy。
“Help。”The elders of the Houtu Temple are not angry,Take two steps while responding,With both palms, you have to pat the boy’s heart。
A muffled bang,Another figure rushed out,Is also facing each other,Happened to stop the elder of the Houtu Hall,The person here is the elder of Yi Shui Hall,Both sides are equal,Under infuriating,The two took three steps to stabilize their figures。

The bronze sword army has been scattered all over the city at this moment,For the time being to serve as the city’s stability maintenance officers and soldiers,Kill once it appears、grab、They will all appear bad behaviors such as fighting,And deal with it in time。

After all, it is a city that is about to degenerate into a city of sin,Do not control violence with violence,Can’t restore people’s livelihood at all。
“Santo、Female monarch。”
“Santo、Female monarch。”
Everyone in the Bronze Sword Army recognizes Zhu Minglang and his party,Members of the Bronze Knife Army on patrol saw them,Will salute respectfully。
Arrived at Mubang,It’s still overcrowded there。
There are a few acquaintances,It was the dragon shepherd hunter who was cleaned up by Zhu Minglang。
This time,They dare not clamor for Zhu Minglang to take down,Shared the three million bounty。
See Zhu Minglang coming,Everyone consciously let go,After these days of baptism,Now everyone knows who is in charge of this city,Make a living under other people’s turf,You have to be polite。
“What are you all discussing,Is there a higher price reward than me?”Zhu Minglang asked。
In the crowd,A man with a blue nose and swollen face stood up,Said pitifully:“Zhu Sanzhu,A large number of mourning dragons appeared in Lihuagou,The entire tribe of Lihuagou is trapped,May become food for the dragon at any time,They are already issuing rescue appointments to countries,But the dragon is fierce,Or social creatures,Not everyone dares to go。”
“Ugh,This land used to be the lair of the dragon,Finally got punished,I didn’t expect to resurrect now。”
“Sanglong is too cruel,And very hostile to us humans,I must bite when I see alive,Recently, the Sanglong began to wander the brown land,We hunters don’t dare to walk around casually。”
Mourning dragon。
I wish Minglang after entering Runyu City,I’ve heard this dragon species more than once。

Not ruled by wind and rain,There are still five emperors in the Storm Kingdom,Are the top special lives,By coincidence,But only one rose to the level of the Lord of the Holy City during the long years,Others are ordinary emperor level。

“Rushing~”Huge forest,Turned into a green bearded man with long green hair。
The bearded wind and rain dominates with a very special talent means,Thousands of trees can be planted in chaos。
Where there are these trees,Like the eyes of the wind and rain。He can naturally see many things。
“Taoist Qu Kui。”With the call of the wind and rain,A flame appeared in front of him。
This flame,It is a special life and the second special life in the kingdom of wind and rain。
On the Road,He is only a powerful Daoist,But as the top special life,Not only life level and《Holy Book of Thousand Body》Practitioner、Chaos Beast、Similar to ancient practitioners,Some special methods are even more terrifying。
Even said,He himself is a sacred fire,Not only can it explode a hundred times the limit of heaven。
Full burst,In a short period of time, his combat power can be comparable to top Daojun。
“Taoist Qu Kui,You go to the Tianqiong domain in the territory of the Dao League,Give this letter of mine to the new peak Daojun‘Ming Daojun’!”
First13chapter Six powers(under)
In the territory of the dark kingdom not too far away from the city of Chisang,A strange looking person,The big-headed old man with long blue hair like a fan has a gloomy face。
He is the leader of the dark kingdom‘Jun Wudijun’。

Gigi Lai never……

“You are a star painting girl?”Zhu Minglang, although I don’t want to believe it,But looking at this woman’s temperament is completely different from Lai Yunzi,He had to ask this sentence。
“Ok。”The woman nodded,She helped the orchid,Then his eyes slowly lifted up,Take a look at Zhu Minglang。
Her eyes,Deep and blurred,Although equally beautiful,But gave Zhu Minglang a feeling of being insight。
Her eyes,As if you can see through your own surface,See my inner world,As if some thoughts in my mind,She will see through。
She just looked away,It seems to be out of a kind of original intention that does not want to insight into the hearts of others。
do not know why。
When Nan Lingsha talked about the prophet,,What Zhu Minglang thinks of is the old sacred sticks of street fortune tellers。
Can look at these eyes,Zhu Minglang began to believe what the prophet said。
“We will leave the capital tomorrow,I originally prepared some dragon and beast cars for Yunzi……”Zhu Minglang said。
“She won’t wake up temporarily,But don’t worry too much,She just needs rest。”The woman whispered。
“That’s good,The girl also looks weak,Rest early,Late at night,I won’t bother。”Zhu Minglang made a courtesy。
“later,I may be all the people who are awake。”Woman whispering。
“Oh,Yep,it is good。”Zhu Minglang don’t know how to reply for a while。
“Departure tomorrow,Can I leave the city from the imperial city in the north?”Li Xinghua asked。

Just when Meizi was about to pounce on Chen Gui,suddenly,Chen Gui punched Meizi’s head and waved past。His punch is accumulated for a long time,A punch that exhausted my strength。

When Chen Gui’s punch swept across Mei Zi’s head,This woman’s thin body,Like a kite with broken silk,Flew out sideways。
With a scream,Meizi leaped on the big kang,Can’t get up for a long time,She rolled her eyes,Gasping and cursing:“You are a thousand dollars,also……Dare to hit me”
“I am not only going to hit you today,And also beat you to death”
Chen Gui stepped forward,He grabbed Meizi’s long hair,Lifted her from the kang,Then the other hand is facing Meizi’s delicate face,Papa is two slaps。
Plum at this time,It’s like being helpless,Dying lamb。Except for her face of fear,The rest is panting。
“All right!Today, let go of the face of Wang Youcai and me!”
Xia Jian just stepped forward,Opened Chen Gui’s hand,Pushed him out of the house。
Wang Youcai glared at Meizi,Coldly cursed:“Deserve it!If this changes me,I have to mutilate her,Fight these two times”
Wang Youcai finished talking,Also walked out of the door。Thus,I even lost Xia Jian。Xia Jian wants to go too,Are they here for nothing tonight??
Xia Jian thought for a while,I twisted my butt and sat on the edge of the kang,He whispered:“plum!You can’t do this!You have parents,Have children,Who are you right?”
“do not talk,I don’t want to live anymore。I really have enough,Boring。Chen Gui dared to do something to me today”
Plum lying on the kang,Tears streaming down my cheeks。She at this moment,Looks really pitiful。But Xia Jian knew,He can’t be resigned to such a woman。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s easier to die than to live,But if you die, you can’t live forever。In our Xiping Village,Chen Gui’s family was considered a first-class family。Chen Gui was a village cadre at the time,And he has a beautiful wife,Do you think anyone in the village envy?”
“Back then,What are you doing?Time won’t go back,You see what our house looks like now?Is it still enviable??”
When Meizi said this,His face slowly became happy。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Chen Gui’s house is not bad now,He has a regular job in the cooperative,Two kids with someone,You live more comfortably than the queen,Then I really don’t understand,What are you messing about?I can tell you,Everyone will get old,You too。And a forty-year-old man Yizhihua,But a forty-year-old woman is tofu”

Really never expected,Dongsheng Group,Even eaten Xia Jian’s original venture group。For the current Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,The scale is quite amazing。From real estate to agricultural tourism。

To apple planting,Pepper planting,The other is Wang Youcai’s landscape forest planting。Don’t say it’s Hu Huiru,As a working Wang Youcai,He was a little bit enthusiastic when he heard all this。
After the meeting,Hu Huiru called Feng Yan and Wang Youcai to her office again。She asked Feng Yan with a serious face:“Manager Feng!What exactly is going on?Is something wrong in Donglin Township??”
“No!I just can’t figure it out,Why are you moving me away from Donglin Township at this time??”Feng Yan gritted her teeth,Speak out her heart。
Hu Huiru’s big beautiful eyes flickered twice and smiled:“You are acting stupid?Still don’t know?Ice and snow now,The management personnel on the construction site and various projects have been withdrawn,Where do you say I put you as a woman,How can i live?”
“Oh!I understand。This person who went today,Is to temporarily supervise each project office,Wait for the start of work next year,Where is Manager Feng still in charge?”Wang Youcai listened,He rushed to say。
Feng Yan asked in disbelief:“Is this true? Mr. Hu?”
“Sometimes your brain is really not as good as Wang Youcai’s。All right,There will be a car back to the provincial capital in a while,You go back with me,I went to the group to find Vice President Chen,Let her arrange a job for you Zengxin”Hu Huiru said,Haha laughed。
Wait for Feng Yan to leave,Wang Youcai quickly slapped Hu Huiru’s flattery。He smiled and said:“President Hu is really cowhide,Pingdu,But your world”
“Don’t talk nonsense about this。We are here to invest and do business,Everything is still flat,Do you understand?”Hu Huiru’s face straightened,Said seriously。
Only then did Wang Youcai know,I was wrong。He hurriedly smiled and said:“Pingdu Investment,You voted now,That’s okay!”
“Ugh!That’s right。I ask you,Several projects in Donglin Township,Have you seen it all?Is there really nothing tricky about Feng Yan??”Hu Huiru said,Suddenly lowered my voice。
“President Hu!Really not。Can we use people without doubt?,Suspicious?”Wang Youcai said with an unhappy expression。
Hu Huiru glanced at Wang Youcai,Think about it:“it is good!What you said is right,I’ll listen to you。Has your second brother been home recently??”Hu Huiru said,Turn the topic around。
Drunkard doesn’t mean wine,Wang Youcai had expected Hu Huiru to have such a trick。So he laughed and said:“People never come back,But he calls me whenever he is free,My second brother and I still have a deep relationship”
“Hey!Didn’t your second brother say that he has changed recently??”When Hu Huiru said this,,Put the sound extremely low。
Wang Youcai listened,Turning his eyes and asking:“change?He didn’t say!”Hu Huiru’s question,Make Wang Youcai surprised。

Li Tianchou hesitated and walked behind the Internet cafe,The long-awaited cabin has already fallen off half of its wall,Unoccupied and taken care of for many days,The hut looks dilapidated,There is nothing left in it。Poop everywhere,Smell bad,This has become a public toilet that no one cares about。

Remembering the days when he was recovering in the hut,Changed in the blink of an eye,Li Tianchou couldn’t help but feel a little sad,I don’t know how everyone is doing now。
He decided to go to the night market,Hong Mao doesn’t know where Uncle Geng is hiding,It’s good if you can find the captain。Li Tianchou firmly believes that this guy’s life should be able to survive,I just don’t know if the captain is still living in the Wang Po’s courtyard。
The night market is as lively as ever,Li Tianchou even saw it“Kwok Seafood BBQ”Stall。at this place,He and the captain used to be passionate about drinking,Beat up a bunch of gangsters,It can be regarded as Megatron City Village,It’s a pity that now it’s impossible to see a trace of that time,Li Tianchou passed quickly without looking back。
Noisy sound not far ahead,Wherever you look,Li Tianchou couldn’t help laughing。A Taoist person,Wearing a pair of tawny glasses,I don’t know if the goatee is on it,Shi Shiran sat on a dilapidated grandmaster chair,Shaking her head and talking to an elderly woman next to her,Full of air。All the people around listened to hold their breath。
The sign hanging next to this person stands out under a big light bulb,Letter“Disciples of Master Yunzhong,Head of Captain Astrology Theory Research Studio,Master of Excellence。”Below are densely packed small print:Luck road、Feng Shui、Study……
The shotgun has changed,Li Tianchou couldn’t help feeling a summary。I remember that when I met the captain, I was fortune-telling,It’s just that the scene is too embarrassing,I was exposed and beaten by people。This is only a few months,This guy is already called Master Zhuo Jue。Ha ha,It’s progressing so fast,It seems this guy has a lot of talent in this regard。
Li Tianchou stood calmly outside the circle of people,Quietly listening to the captain talking,Haven’t seen for many days,This guy seems to have gained a little weight,It seems business is booming。
“I always only apply this method to people who are destined,Peek into the open air machine,That’s to save your life。Bring your left hand over and show the poor Dao。”
“Isn’t fortune telling male left and female right?。”A middle-aged man next to me is puzzled,Can’t help but interrupt。
The captain’s eyes rolled,Chong that humane,“Ordinary!How can you understand the means of being poor?What you said is an ordinary bluffing trick,Heaven and earth,No phase reincarnation,How can the so-called male left and female right be generalized??”Talking,The captain grabbed the woman’s left hand forcibly。
The captain’s nonsense made the interrupted middle-aged man blush,I got a lot of people’s eyes,I had to shut my mouth quietly。
Li Tianchou couldn’t stop laughing,The captain is not only thick-skinned,And the courage is getting bigger and bigger,I wanted to find the fault immediately and let him close the stall,But suddenly felt quite interesting,So I stood there and watched the performance。
Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Six Riding a tiger
I saw the captain hold the woman’s hand tightly,Eyes slightly closed,Have words in your mouth。A breeze blowing,Three strands of goat beards under the jaws sway in the wind,A look like a fairy tale bone,As if that room has already soared to the fairy world。Everyone stood very quietly,Waiting for the master to return from the fairy world。
Toss like this for a while,Li Tianchou is a little impatient。suddenly,The captain’s eyes wide open,Blue veins on forehead skyrocket,Shouted,“Wu Na Demon!Why rob me and rule the people?audacious in the extreme,Kneel down and recruit?”This voice frightened everyone onlookers,Weng spread out to the sides。
The old woman who was caught by her hand turned green with fright,Helpless。Look at the captain,Drew a small mahogany sword from the chair,Quickly released the woman’s hand,Get up and stride towards the void ahead,“See where you run?”
The mahogany sword suddenly stopped in the air,Because under the tip of the sword is Li Tianchou’s head,Although it won’t hurt people,But not so good after all。The captain is a bit embarrassed,I thought it was a big show,The onlookers have to retreat no matter what,But the countryman in front of him who wears a toad mirror like him doesn’t move。
Nima’s,Horrible,Where did such a turtle destroy the plot?Forget it,Although the action is not chic and perfect,I had to make do with it,Lao Tzu is just to make ends meet,Don’t make trouble。Looking at this guy in front of me is a desperate eye,It’s better not to touch。The captain sighed deliberately,Take back the peach wood sword,Turned back and sat on the chair。

That is in the heaven,A canyon called Fengshen Valley。

The vast vortex of chaos descends,The divine body of an ancestor god is constantly changing。
Three Realms,Three eyes were cast here, including Li Ming。
“Wind Demon,congratulations!”Sanqing chaotic fairy expresses congratulation。
“My Three Realms also gave birth to the fourth world power。”Sui Ren’s heartfelt blessings。
“And break through the refining air flow and the gods and demon refining body flow in one breath,It seems that your accumulation is very solid!”Li Ming is also smiling and transmitting。
Three Realms,The Lord of Wind Demon Steps into the World!Become the fourth world power of the Three Realms,Also the second world god—Sanqing Chaos Immortal has not yet cultivated the ancestral god body to perfection。
And Li Ming can predict,In the next hundreds of millions of years,I am afraid that the world of the birth of the Three Realms will soon exceed ten!
Whether it is these fairy demon standing at the top,Or the development of Samsara Palace,Will usher in the best era。
“Brother Wuzhen,Come,have a drink!”In the colorful bird palace of the Thousand Saints,A woman in a gorgeous feather coat,With a smile on his face, he pulled a seemingly dull man to drink。
Of a thousand saints‘Chaos Fairy’Hosted a banquet to entertain the life and death friends she met outside。
As a top big sect disciple presided over by the emperor,The status of Caique Chaos Immortal is quite high in the sect,Is among the top 100 practitioners in the world of Thousand Sages,It is even more promising。
In her palace,There are also a large number of followers of ancestor gods,All beautiful women,More commensurate with sisters。
She has a banquet,These many sisters naturally accompany。
And the god of the world,Is a famous lone world god,But a bit dull,Caique Chaos Fairy likes to tease this friend。